A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Saturday, April 28, 2018

NEW STUDY SHOWS HOW LANDSCAPES CAN REMEMBER THEIR ANCIENT FORMS - Rivers are known to flood in order to return to their ancient paths

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Image result for PARIS FLOODED RIVER SEINE
The effects of a river flood in the city of Paris.

One of the most intriguing cases of a river with a 'memory' is the Seine in Paris.  Its original meandering route was altered by engineers to accommodate the city's needs.  However the Seine never forgot and once in a while it angrily floods entire neighborhoods trying to reclaim its old path, creating havoc and much distress among Parisians. 

The following article by Science Daily explains how geological features can retain a memory of their ancient shapes, giving clues to their history.  A group of mathematicians used hard candy material in an experiment to replicate erosion of surfaces and to discover under what conditions landforms remember their original shapes or forget about them.

"Candy in water may seem like a far cry from geology, but there are in fact whole landscapes carved from minerals dissolving in water, their shapes revealed later when the water table recedes. Caves, sinkholes, stone pillars and other types of craggy terrain are born this way," explained one of the scientists. 

How landscapes and landforms 'remember' or 'forget' their initial formations

New laboratory findings point to what affects the development of nature's shapes.  Crescent dunes and meandering rivers can 'forget' their initial shapes as they are carved and reshaped by wind and water while other landforms keep a memory of their past shape, suggests a new laboratory analysis by a team of mathematicians.

"Asking how these natural sculptures come to be is more than mere curiosity because locked in their shapes are clues to the history of an environment," explains Leif Ristroph, an assistant professor at New York University's Courant Institute and the senior author of the paper, which appears in the journal Physical Review Fluids.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

BEWARE OF TOXIC AQUARIUM CORAL - Family made deadly ill by toxic mist emitted by a popular aquarium coral

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  • Nature is NOT benevolent.  That peaceful and idyllic landscape that inspires you to write poetry is a bloody battlefield once you look at it at a microscopic scale, with creatures battling each other for territory and eating each other.   
  • We humans live our entire lives under relentless siege by pathogens, so our immune system has powerful and ruthless armies of cells dedicated to fight them.  
  • A state of war is pervasive and intrinsic to nature and life's survival.  Pro-disarmament and anti-gun folks dwell in an imaginary world.  We need to be prepared as individuals and as a country.  
  • Here is the story of a nature-loving family attacked by the toxic mist emitted by an aquarium coral.
Zoanthid coral can contain a substance called palytoxin, which when ingested or breathed in can cause symptoms from vomiting and seizures to respiratory failure resulting in death.  Just cleaning the coral or scrubbing the tank can help release this poison into the air as a mist. 

-  Corals are animals because they do not make their own food, as plants do.
-  Corals have tiny, tentacle-like arms that they use to capture their food from the water and sweep into their inscrutable mouths. 
-  Most corals are made up of hundreds to thousands of tiny coral creatures called polyps.
-  Each soft-bodied polyp—most no thicker than a nickel—secretes a hard outer skeleton of limestone (calcium carbonate) that attaches either to rock or the dead skeletons of other polyps. 
-  Most corals contain algae which are plant-like organisms. Residing within the coral's tissues, the microscopic algae are well protected and make use of the coral's metabolic waste products for photosynthesis, the process by which plants make their own food.
-  The corals benefit, in turn, as the algae produce oxygen, remove wastes, and supply the organic products of photosynthesis that corals need to grow, thrive, and build up the reef.

Toxic coral in home aquarium blamed for making Canadian family sick

Seven members of a Gatineau, Que., family, including a pregnant woman and three small children, fell ill on Sunday while setting up a large aquarium. They blame toxins released by coral for landing them in hospital and driving them from their home, which is now contaminated.
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Friday, April 20, 2018

ISRAEL'S PARADOX: CELEBRATES 70th birthday, and discovers JEWISH COINS from 2000 years ago, from the time of the Jewish Revolt against the Romans in 66-67 CE

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Dry Bones cartoon, Israel,Yom Ha'Atzmaut, Israeli Independence day, David Ben Gurion, Nakba, mug,Jewish calendar, Gregorian calendar,

A stash of extremely rare bronze coins from the time of the Jewish Revolt against the Romans has been unearthed in a cave close to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The bronze coins, which were discovered at the Ophel excavations by Hebrew University archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar, were hidden in the cave during the siege of Jerusalem in the Second Temple era in 66-70CE, according to a press release from the Hebrew University.
He said the cave was untouched since that time, essentially making it a "time capsule" of Jewish life during the revolt. Other artifacts including pottery jars and pots were also found in the cave.

The majority of the trove date back to the failed revolt’s final year, known as Year Four (69-70 CE) and are embedded with Jewish symbols, including the four plant species associated with the holiday of Sukkot:  palm, myrtle, citron and willow, and a picture of the goblet used in the Temple service.  The Hebrew inscription reads "For the Freedom of Zion" from the earlier coins and "For the Redemption of Zion" on those from Year Four.


Computer-generated image of the Jewish Second Temple in Jerusalem, destroyed by the Romans

The same area today.  The golden dome is a mosque used by Muslim occupiers.


  • Israel is one of a  handful of countries that have remained a distinct nation living in the same territory, with the same people, and revering the same traditions for thousands of years. 
  • In addition Israeli Jews observe the same religion they did in antiquity, and they officially use the ancient Hebrew language and alphabet.  
  • Between the ancient Biblical kingdoms of Israel and the 1948 Declaration of Independence, Israel was occupied by the Romans (who renamed it Palestine), and starting in the 7th century by Muslim invaders. 
  • While many lived in exile, other Jews continued to live in Israel all along.  They and Jewish immigrants in the late 19th century and 20th century managed to reclaim deserts and swamps, thereby creating modern Israel.
  • And yet, in spite of Jewish proven history and  continuous presence in Israel, the country is relentlessly singled out for vilification and delegitimization, especially by the United Nations, Muslim countries, and the Left everywhere. 
  • Europe and the USA, although using more diplomatic language, also call for Israel's partition of its ancient land to create yet another terrorist Arab country.
  • Modern Israel is now celebrating its 70th birthday - a big accomplishment considering that on each of those years - each day, actually - the Jews of Israel are being attacked verbally and physically in one way or another.  
  • We are all familiar with the daily instances of Arab terror against Jewish civilians.  Terrorists use knives, vehicles, guns, firebombs, and rocks.  Gazans use rockets and terror tunnels.   
  • Iran's Hezbollah militia in Lebanon has more than 150,000 rockets aimed at Israel - more than those of 27 NATO countries combined. 
  • Iran's reason for arming itself with nuclear bombs is its declared goal of completely obliterating Israel some day.
  • Intending a second Holocaust, Arab countries have already attacked Israel in three major wars:  1948, 1967 and 1973.  Only their current internal problems prevent them from making another attempt.  Their hatred against Jews and Israel is deep, pervasive, and mandated by their sacred religious texts. 
  • Those are all fanatical and bloodthirsty enemies.  However, Israel's worst enemies are leftist Jews who have undermined the country from the beginning in their efforts to implement leftist pro-Arab policies.
  • Jewish leftist ideology is not only deadly for Israel but also for other western countries.   Leftist Jews are at the vanguard of multiculturalism, open borders, and the dissolution of nation states.  
  • In Israel they control most national institutions, including the Supreme Court, which has the right to veto legislation passed by Parliament.
  • From their influential posts in international media, academia, entertainment, politics, and pro-refugee organizations leftist Jews weaken the traditional social and political values of nation states.  And this is producing an ever increasing, simmering, and very bitter  backlash with anti-Semitic undertones. 
  • All you have to do is glance at readers' comments to news stories about migration to realize how much Jews are being blamed - a convenient target after 2000 years of anti-Semitism.  Even readers of Breitbart - a pro-Israel and conservative website - express much vitriol against liberal pro-immigration Jews.
  • History does not repeat itself, but human nature will produce similar patterns under similar circumstances. 
  • In the first half of the 20th century many Jews were at the vanguard of Bolshevism.  They were blamed for Communist revolts and disruptions.  Opponents saw them as a threat to their property and way of life.  Then came the Second World War and those same critics became complicit with the Holocaust because they hated the Jews and Communism. 
  • Today the hateful anti-Jewish rhetoric is rising.    People are blaming Jews for promoting forced diversity, mass migration, and the dissolution of nation states through open borders. 
  • Most US Jews vote Democrat, a party that pursues open borders and legal and illegal mass migration.  And as they court the domestic Arab vote, Democrats are also notorious for their harsher stand against Israel. 
  • The election of Donald Trump shows a strong increase of populism in the USA. 
  • Former Soviet satellites such as Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic are resisting European Union onslaughts  that force mass migration and open borders, and the conflict is headed for a showdown.     
  • Even in Germany and France, where populism is still unorganized, there is growing anti-migration sentiment because of imported crime and violence.  Jews are being blamed for this mass migration and its consequences.
  • THE SAD IRONY is that leftist Jews are strong supporters of Muslim immigration, in spite of the fact that Muslims are attacking and killing Jews in Europe just for  being Jews. 
  • One of the latest crimes was the murder of a Holocaust survivor in Paris.  This elderly lady was stabbed by a Muslim, and then her body set on fire.  
  • Murders of Jews by Muslims are now a too frequent occurrence in Europe.  Children are particularly targeted.
  • Jews have been fleeing Europe in the past few years, terrified of this new persecution.  However, leftist Jewish activists continue undeterred to promote more Muslim immigration into the West. 
  • Little Israel is also suffering because of ongoing Jewish leftist policies.  It is leftists who promote open borders to welcome more African infiltrators, more Arab empowerment, and the partition of Israel in fraudulent land-for-peace deals.  The left's INSIDIOUS work erodes Israel's chances for survival one bit at the time.
  • Israeli Jews who defend the Jewish right to the land are disparaged as fanatics by leftist Jews siding with the descendants of Arab invaders.  
  • Leftist Jews are not only betraying Israel, but are complicit with the possible demise of Israel and a new Holocaust.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

A CAT'S POEM Unauthorized duplication of this blog's material is prohibited.   Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full credit and link is given to Otters and Science News Blogspot.  Link to this post:   - Thank you for visiting my blog.


TO SONJA TIGER, with all my love
Cat playing on the floor
Soft paws, little tiger
soft paws
jump onto my lap, little tiger
and tell me what you want

Another hug, mom,
another hug

We're inside a music cloud,
you and me,
the sound of soft purring little tiger,
and soft paws

Your heart beats your rhythm
and your purrs sing a song

By MW - July 31, 2007

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

THE NEWS IN CARTOONS - APRIL 10, 2018 - FACEBOOK, GUNS, A PORN STAR, NORTH KOREA, TRUMP, and the daily drama in the White House

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Thursday, April 5, 2018


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  • What started out as policies to facilitate access by non-whites into the professions, higher education, and politics, has degenerated into a case of reverse discrimination where white males, and whites in general, Asians, and conservatives are often left out of universities and of job openings - all in the name of Diversity. 
  • The notion of merit is now regarded as racist, as if being white or Asian and having higher grades or better qualifications for a job are in themselves crimes against other races.
  • From anti-white discrimination now we are moving into outright persecution, as whites are hounded at universities and humiliated to atone for their being white. 
  • With my olive skin I'm not considered white, but I would not want to get a job based on the tone of my skin, while a more qualified white person is unfairly treated.
  • If you need the best possible surgeon for a life-saving operation, wouldn't you rather know that he was hired on the basis of merit rather than diversity, and that he has a degree from a reputable US university rather than some Caribbean medical school?
  • And if you have a child, wouldn't you rather know that he judges people based on their character rather than the color of their skin? 
  • After such a long and difficult struggle to establish human rights for  all, why are we regressing into a tribalism that in the case of non-whites and their self-hating white liberal allies is taking a tone that is viciously anti-white?
  • The following video by Tucker Carlson briefly touches on several issues that most media do not want to discuss, such as anti-white hate, massive demographic change forced on small US communities, and the hypocrisy of liberals promoting open borders while they themselves reside in well-protected gated communities far from the disturbing sight of poor migrants and homeless people.
  • Ironically the black community continues to parrot the Democrat gospel that open borders are good (more voters for the Democrats), while blacks lose their jobs to a less qualified but cheaper workforce from across the border. 
    VIDEO - "Education" Group Caught SHAMING White Members - Tucker Isn't Surprised


More videos by Tucker Carlson

Refugee Resettlement Watch

EUROPE PAYS MILLIONS TO ARAB TERRORISTS WHO KILL JEWS - European moral values have been subverted by an elite with a nefarious agenda while the population passively submits

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The following illustration summarizes the malevolent EU policy of funding and supporting Islamic terrorists, as long as they kill Jews and threaten Israel's existence.

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Monday, April 2, 2018


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Image result for images when hitler announced a firearms ban surrounded by children

Image result for images hitler's youth 
  • The sight of hordes of young demonstrators is chilling - no matter how noble their cause.  It elicits historical images of Hitler Youth led by the powerful call of an idealistic, yet brutal and oppressive ideology.    
  • The Democrats lost the 2016 presidential election and a Congressional majority.   Lacking a credible leader and a platform for the midterm election, they are using every trick in the book to advance their agenda by relentlessly demonizing the present administration, and now by using a school massacre to seize emotional control over tens of thousands of school kids.    
  • Without new voters, whether migrants or fired-up 18 year olds, the Democrats' chances would be dim.    
  • Journalist Daniel Greenfield investigated the source of funding and organization of this children's army, and the results will surprise you.

By Daniel Greenfield
Follow the money.   It’s a strange political fact, but nearly every major anti-gun group has been a front group.   
March for Our Lives is funded by Hollywood celebs, it’s led by a Hollywood producer and its finances are routed through an obscure tax firm in the Valley.   Its treasurer and secretary are Washington D.C. pros. And a top funder of gun control agendas is also one of its directors. None of this has much to do with Parkland. The mass shooting by a mentally ill man who should have been committed and arrested long before he carried out his massacre was a political opportunity.  
Continue reading and watch VIDEO of Parkland father whose daughter was massacred, questioning the anti-gun movement.  His voice and others like his have been silenced by the media.


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WATCH VIDEO - A Millennial Job Interview
VIA  Citizen Free Press (recommended website)

Sunday, April 1, 2018

WOULD WAR WITH SYRIA MAKE US SAFER, asks Tucker Carlson - Brilliant and short VIDEO analysis of USA politicians' self-deluded attitudes regarding regime change in the Middle East and US military involvement

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  • An inconvenient truth in Middle East politics is that only strong regimes - no matter how ruthless - can keep the masses of Shiite and Sunni factions from slaughtering each other and under relative control.  
  • The best we can hope for in that part of the world is a secular, authoritarian regime.  The more religious their rulers are, the greater their inclination to prepare for all out war.  Iran is one of the best examples of religious fanaticism.   
  • Unfortunately the Obama administration decided to topple several secular tyrants in order to install religious fanatics, particularly from the Muslim Brotherhood.  This Arab Spring regime-change unleashed civil wars and all kinds of extreme abuses of human rights.  Hundreds of thousands have died and the carnage continues, spilling over into Europe and the USA. 
  • Syria's Assad is the last surviving secular tyrant, thanks to help from Russia and Iran.  Political forces in the USA continue to push for his removal, knowing full well that the country would fall into chaos and be taken over by much worse extremists - after the "rebel" factions fight each other for supremacy.  And let's not forget that Iran and Russia are already there!
  • A parallel situation of American self-delusion exists with the decades-old obsession to create a Palestinian State.  We have all seen the gruesome violence and widespread corruption among Palestinians.  How can anyone even suggest that they are ready for statehood and for living side by side and in peace with Israel, as the fraudulent land-for-peace slogan says?
  • The truly biggest problems are now a nuclear Iran, and how Arab countries like Saudi Arabia will try to match that country's nuclear capabilities.  In a region plagued by anger management issues, Obama's facilitating Iran's nuclearization was a recipe for disaster.  SEE RELATED ARTICLE ON OBAMA AND SYRIA BELOW.
  • The following analysis by Tucker Carlson is brilliant.  In only seven minutes he clears up the Washington fog of confusion regarding Syria and US military involvement in that area. 
More videos by Tucker Carlson
FOX News Tucker Carlson Tonight
At Liberty Hound

By Daniel Greenfield 

Obama owns the disaster in Syria in a way that no one else does. Three of his policies intersected to cause the bloodshed, devastation and horrors there. 

  1. The Iraq Withdrawal
  2. The Arab Spring
  3. The Iran Deal


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Related image
  • The American public is so polarized that yesterday's irony was lost on them.  
  • On April 10 Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified in Congress after it was revealed that tens of millions of subscribers had their personal information harvested and sold by Facebook, not only for targeted ads but for nefarious political ends. 
  • Just hours earlier it was revealed that the FBI - at the instigation of Bob Mueller - had raided the office and home of the President of the United States' private lawyer. 
  • The general public was directly victimized by Facebook, a deceitful social medium. 
  • The US president and the office of the president itself were victimized by an outrageous act that is part of an ongoing campaign to topple him from office.  This campaign is headed by Democrats and Never-Trumpers, and abetted by Swamp Republicans. 
  • Following is the opinion of one of the best lawyers in the country, Alan Dershowitz. 
  • He says that with this FBI raid, the long-held right to confidentiality between lawyer and client has been irretrievably damaged.  Anyone could be next. 
  • By the way, the FBI was not looking for signs or treason or major crimes against the nation.  They were looking for salacious information regarding Trump's extramarital affairs and his efforts to cover them up.  That's their official story, anyway.  Unofficially, they will be looking for ANYTHING whatsoever that can be used to throw Trump out of office.
  • You can say that along with the loss of lawyer-client privilege, democracy itself and the right of citizens to elect the president of their choice have also suffered a blow.  It is the swamp and Deepstate using all kinds of dirty tricks that continue to be in charge.  Your vote is a mere symbolic gesture meaning nothing.  
Why the FBI raid on Trump's lawyer hurts all of us

By Alan Dershowitz 
Alan M. Dershowitz is Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Emeritus, at Harvard Law School and author of, "Trumped Up! How Criminalization of Political Differences Endangers Democracy," which is now available. Twitter: @AlanDersh   Facebook: @AlanMDershowitz.
Many TV pundits are telling viewers not to worry about the government’s intrusion into possible lawyer-client privileged communications between President Trump and his lawyer, Michael Cohen.
The pundits say that since prosecutors won’t get to see or use any privileged material taken when FBI agents raided and searched Cohen’s law office, home and hotel room Monday the intrusion will not be a problem. This is because prosecutors and FBI agents create firewalls and taint teams to preclude privileged information from being used against the client in a criminal case.
But this analysis completely misses the point and ignores the distinction between the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution on the one hand, and the Fourth and Sixth Amendments on the other.
The Fifth Amendment is an exclusionary rule. By its terms, it prevents material obtained in violation of the privilege of self-incrimination from being used to incriminate a defendant – that is, to convict him or her of a crime.
But the Fourth and Sixth Amendments provide far broader protections: they prohibit government officials from in any way intruding on the privacy of lawyer-client confidential rights of citizens.
In other words, if the government improperly seizes private or privileged material, the violation has already occurred, even if the government never uses the material from the person from whom it was seized.
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