A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


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Amateur snapper Martin Docker, 47, from Isle of Dogs, east London, spotted this pair of squirrels going toe-to-toe in his back garden and grabbed his camera to capture the titanic tussle
They must be nuts! 'Ninja' squirrels swap martial arts moves as they fight it out in photographer's garden

  • Amateur photographer Martin Docker spotted the pair going toe-to-toe in his back garden and grabbed his camera
  • The 47-year-old captured the duo landing spinning kicks, wrestling-style spear moves and judo-esque throws
  • Martin, from the Isle of Dogs, London, shared images online and said reaction had given him plenty of kicks
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THE SIBERIAN GLASS BEACH WHERE NATURE TURNED POLLUTION INTO BEAUTY - A former dumping ground for old bottles has been reclaimed by ocean waves into a beach of beautiful glass pebbles

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The beach used to be too dangerous for locals to walk across. But over the decades, the waves have eroded the glass away to form beautiful smooth stones

The beach where nature has transformed a Russian dumping ground for old vodka bottles into a place of beauty because waves have smoothed broken glass into ‘pebbles’ .  Glass originally comes from silica, or sand.
  • Glass Beach on Ussuri Bay, near Vladivostok, was a Soviet dump for old bottles
  • Over time, the jagged glass smoothed into kaleidoscopic pebbles
  • The area is now called Glass Beach and is protected by Russian authorities
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Monday, January 30, 2017

VIDEOS - WHAT THE MEDIA ARE NOT TELLING YOU ABOUT TRUMP'S POLICY ON IMMIGRATION - And the nefarious alliance between the Left and Islam for the destruction of western society

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Perhaps the silver lining of the relentless display of hate, rage, and violence by anti-Trump activists and rioters is that they themselves are removing all doubt about their deceptiveness and nation-destroying agenda.   

Mainstream media malpractice goes on with repeated false reporting and shameless  hostility against Trump, and thus they have lost all remnants of credibility and much of their audience.  

They, the Democrats, anti-Trump activists, and the media keep on digging an ever deeper hole for themselves.

The following is a video exposing how the media distorts and withholds IMPORTANT FACTS about Trump's policy on immigration.


VIDEO - The Truth About Trump's 'Muslim Ban'
By Paul Joseph Watson
More Videos by Paul Joseph Watson
Gang of Iraqi refugees rapes American woman, leaves her in a coma.

Recent leftist violence:
Donald Trump-supporting preacher was knocked out at the Portland, Oregon, airport on Sunday, with video capturing the dramatic attack during protests of Trump’s controversial immigration ban.PRO AMERICAN MARTIAL ARTISTS,USE AS FIELD TRAINING

(Afro-American) SHERIFF CLARKE  tired of one-percenters such as Zuckerberg telling us WHO WE ARE

Imam curses Christians and Jews at Trump's interfaith service
Wow! Imam Curses Christians And Jews At Trump-Attended Interfaith Service In D.C. (VIDEO)

If you don't like your job rules, sue
U.S. Muslims make up only one percent of the population, but file 40% of workplace discrimination complaints

Activists target Trump's Muslim travel ban
 - Or ARAB persecution and ethnic cleansing of Jews?

VIDEO - The left and Islam Unholy Alliance
Paul Joseph Watson
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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Activists target Trump's Muslim travel ban - BUT WHERE ARE THE PROTESTS AGAISNT MUSLIM COUNTRIES THAT BAN TRAVEL FROM ISRAEL? - Or ARAB persecution and ethnic cleansing of Jews? - MYTHS AND FACTS OF MUSLIM ANTI-SEMITISM

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One of the unspoken results of Muslim immigration into the West is a dramatic rise in anti-Semitism and violent crimes against Jews.  This is particularly clear in the case of Europe, where tens of thousands of Jews - some of them descendants of Holocaust survivors - have been forced to emigrate in order to save their lives and those of their children. 
There have already been many cases of torture and murder of Jews at the hands of Muslims in Europe.  Muslims have been massacring Jews since the inception of Islam in the seventh century.   IN THE NAME OF TOLERANCE the west is importing an ideology that promotes and sanctions virulent and violent anti-Semitism.

More videos by Pat Condell

The following article VIA Bare Naked Islam 
At least six out of the seven countries targeted by President Donald Trump’s latest executive order have entry policies that discriminate against Israel. 

Trump signed an executive order Friday temporarily prohibiting citizens from seven majority Muslim countries — specifically Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen — from entering the U.S.
Of that group, Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Sudan refuse entry to foreign travelers holding passports or travel documents indicating that they have been to or are affiliated in some way with Israel.
Israeli nationals are not permitted to transit through Iraq, IranLibya, Yemen, Syria, or Sudan, even in situations where the traveler does not intend to leave the aircraft.  In Syria, individuals suspected of having affiliations with Israel have been detained for questioning.
These discriminatory entry policies are religiously motivated. Some have arrived at similar conclusions about Trump’s latest executive order, declaring the move a “Muslim ban,” but the order only restricts entry for travelers from a few predominantly-Muslim countries, not all of them.  For instance, the new policies do not apply to citizens of Indonesia, which has the world’s largest Muslim population.
The ethnic cleansing of Jews in Muslim countries.  A million Jews were expelled from Arab countries in 1948.  They lost everything but found refuge in Israel.  More than half of Israelis have roots in the Middle East, not in Europe. 
The primary focus of Trump’s policies is combating Islamic terrorism.  “We want to ensure that we are not admitting into our countries the very threats that our soldiers are fighting overseas,” Trump said Friday. He stressed that his latest order is designed to “keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States of America” and “to protect the American people.”
The order aims to eliminate threats to the American populace. Temporarily restricting travel from certain terror-prone countries gives the administration time to establish an improved screening process.  The order states that “the United States must be vigilant during the visa-issuance process to ensure that those approved for admission do not intend to harm Americans and that they have no ties to terrorism.”


“Arabs cannot possibly be anti-Semitic as they are themselves Semites.”


The term “anti-Semite” was coined in Germany in 1879 by Wilhelm Marr to refer to the anti-Jewish manifestations of the period and to give Jew-hatred a more scientific sounding name.1 “Anti-Semitism” has been accepted and understood to mean hatred of the Jewish people. Dictionaries define the term as: “Theory, action, or practice directed against the Jews” and “Hostility towards Jews as a religious or racial minority group, often accompanied by social, economic and political discrimination.”2 
The claim that Arabs as “Semites” cannot possibly be anti-Semitic is a semantic distortion that ignores the reality of Arab discrimination and hostility toward Jews. Arabs, like any other people, can indeed be anti-Semitic.
“The Arab world is the last bastion of unbridled, unashamed, unhidden and unbelievable anti-Semitism. Hitlerian myths get published in the popular press as incontrovertible truths. The Holocaust either gets minimized or denied....How the Arab world will ever come to terms with Israel when Israelis are portrayed as the devil incarnate is hard to figure out.”
— Columnist Richard Cohen3



Friday, January 27, 2017

NEWS IN CARTOONS - January 27, 2017 - The Democrat globalist war against Trump intensifies

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Women’s March organizer Muslim Linda Sarsour is pro-Sharia law (which regards women as men's property), has family ties to terrorist group Hamas, recently met former Hamas financier, is a member of American Muslims for Palestine.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


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Shayne said: 'Normally this would never happen and this is something I have never seen before as long as I have been around polar bears' 

Winter waltz: Photographer captures young polar bears dancing in the snow and even sharing a KISS as they show affection to one another
  • Two polar bear cubs, aged one and three years old, looked to be dancing hand-in-hand and then shared a kiss
  • The cubs were passing time while their mothers were hunting. After a few minutes she returned with food 
  • Photographer Shayne McGuire caught the images in Alaska and said their movements mirrored each other 
  • When food is scarce, usually in the summer, larger polar bears have been known to kill and eat their own kind  
See more pictures of these bears making what appears to be very cool dance moves and gestures of affection


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Beauty in the ordinary: The stunning cloud formation that appeared over the Southern California sky this weekend adds another dimension to a parking lot
'It's the portal to the upside down world!' Southern California residents react to a unique cloud formation that appeared this weekend
  • Rare phenomenon is bizarre cloud formation called fallstreak or hole-punch cloud
  • Fallstreaks form in clouds of supercooled water droplets 
  • Aircraft punching through this cloud layer can cause air to expand and cool as it passes over the aircraft, creating the hole
See more images of this weekend's bizarre clouds

Monday, January 23, 2017

ARAB AND JEWISH DNA - The surprising results of a National Geographic DNA study

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Arab-conquered lands are shown in green. 
Israel is a small sliver in red.

The following article from EOZ is based on the results of a National Geographic DNA study of Middle East populations. They have to be taken with some skepticism for a variety of reasons, one of them being the unscientific collection of data.  People were invited to voluntarily submit their DNA.   
What is key to understand is that Muslim Arabs invaded and conquered the Middle East in the seventh century.  Rape, slavery, and wives taken from forcibly converted populations added to the DNA mix.   The same scenario afflicted Africa, much of the rest of Asia, and even parts of Europe, as Arabs conquered new lands. 
Continue reading, see charts indicating racial origin of Arab and Jewish populations, and watch video.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

DONALD TRUMP'S REVOLUTION - VIDEO and transcript of speech where he makes it clear it was a victory of the people, not of the GOP establishment - His populism inspires similar movements in Europe and other parts of the world - PHOTOS of the Inauguration

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The message is clear - Trump pledges to put America first in brutally uncompromising first speech as POTUS 45 in full frontal assault on elites at home and with a warning for rivals abroad (UK Daily Mail)

Many of us had reservations about candidate Donald Trump's qualifications for the presidency. However, he managed to evolve as a candidate and a person and, most importantly, he sharpened his own political philosophy to the point of launching a brand new revolutionary political movement that is now inspiring people all over the western world.

We underestimated this tycoon not afraid to offend people with his outrageous comments.  
But it was not his comments or his behavior with women that were the greatest problem. His sins were not disqualifying.

The Clintons, Obama, and other politicians have a much darker personal and political record which has been hidden by the mainstream media for decades. Just go to alternative media and you will find plenty of shocking material.
Indeed it says a lot about US politics that people like  Obama, and particularly the Clintons, rose to the presidency and other top posts of public service in spite of their record.  The corrupt mainstream media has been a willing and full accomplice. 

What was disturbing about Trump was his apparent carelessness in making enemies along the way. This character flaw came to haunt him during the campaign, and will continue to do so as his adversaries recruit people with grudges to continue to smear his reputation with the hope of eventually impeaching him.

Trump's Inaugural Speech - A shock to the US political establishment
President Trump's inaugural address on Friday focused on the populist messages that dominated the second half of his campaign
His speech is historical. It is the blueprint for a second American Revolution. His victory wrests power away from the Democrat and Republican corrupt political elite, and returns it to the American people.

While other new presidents would have celebrated their party's victory, Donald Trump's speech ignored the GOP - the party that has fought Trump every step of the way - and made it perfectly clear that the victory belonged to the American people, with him just the messenger.

What he implied was that if Democrats or Republicans obstruct his agenda and thwart the will of the people, they will have to answer to them.
FULL VIDEO - President Donald Trump's Swearing In Ceremony and Inauguration Speech

TRANSCRIPT of President Donald J. Trump's Inaugural Address, January 20, 2017
Chief Justice Roberts, President Carter, President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, fellow Americans, and people of the world: thank you.

We, the citizens of America, are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country and to restore its promise for all of our people.

Together, we will determine the course of America and the world for years to come.

We will face challenges. We will confront hardships. But we will get the job done.

Continue reading, and see pictures of Inauguration Day, including the President having fall at the Inauguration Ball, and related cartoons

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


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Sometimes political causes are pushed by individuals with a hidden agenda, and then packaged and sold for popular consumption with labels such as 'justice', 'peace', 'freedom', 'democracy', and so on.  But just like the failed Arab Spring, those labels are nothing but false advertising for a very toxic and lethal product.
Take the notion of creating a Palestinian state.  It is based on several falsehoods.  Three examples:
(1)  Are Jews the real occupiers in Israel? 
  • In fact Israel is Jewish, and has been so for thousands of years, while Arabs arrived as invaders in the 7th century. 
  • In antiquity there were Jewish kingdoms on that same land, and Jews continued to live there in spite of the Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Ottoman, and British occupations.   When Israel liberated its Biblical heartland in 1967, it was simply liberating it from Muslim occupation.   
(2)  Would the creation of another Arab state bring peace between Muslims and Jews?
  • An honest look at the map will reveal that there is not a single Muslim country that is living in peace today, unless - like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and all the rest - a tyrannical and bloody despot keeps tight control over the population.
  • Furthermore, all countries with a Muslim minority are in turmoil, with Muslims resorting to violence and terror to advance their hegemonic agenda.
  • Africa and Asia used to have their own indigenous religions.  The Middle East used to be Christian.  Islamic Holy War changed all that, and today Islam controls vast swaths of land in those continents. 
  • Israel gave up the Sinai and Gaza for peace, but both territories are now in the hands of jihadis.  Israel was left with no land and no peace.
(3)  Are settlements an obstacle for peace?
  • The sad truth is that Muslims have been mass slaughtering Jews since the 7th century, long before Israel's independence in 1948, long before Arabs could accuse Jews of occupation, long before Arabs rebranded themselves as "Palestinians".  Killing is what Muslims do.  They slaughter the infidel.

All those countries in green are Muslim occupied, conquered by jihad centuries ago, except for Saudi Arabia, which is where Islam originates from.  Israel is that tiny sliver of land in red.  Muslims want it too.
Almost forgotten historical facts about Israel and the Palestinians in a 15 minute-video 
By Professor Francisco Gil-White

The following article by Dr. Martin Sherman, a scholar and expert on the matter.  It shows in very clear and practical terms and images how a sovereign Muslim state on Jewish land would mean not only chaos for the entire region, but it would result in the end of Israel. 
Israelis may have nukes, but their defense capabilities are extremely limited when dealing with an enemy that operates just meters away among a civilian population, launching rockets, digging terror tunnels, infiltrating the regular population to commit acts of terror.  
Furthermore, Israel would not be just dealing with the Islamic State of Palestine, but with its allies as well:  a nuclear Iran, other Arab countries, maybe even Russia.  The question is obvious:  why is the world so keen to turn a relatively simple situation into one that could be catastrophic?  Not because the world wants peace.  What it wants is the end of Israel.

By Dr. Martin Sherman 


If a Palestinian state is established, it will be armed to the teeth. Within it there will be bases of the most  extreme terrorist forces, equipped with anti-tank and anti-aircraft shoulder-launched rockets, which will endanger not only random passers-by, but every airplane and helicopter taking off in the  skies of Israel and every vehicle traveling along the major traffic routes in the coastal plain…
[T]he frontiers  of the Palestinian state will constitute an excellent staging point for mobile forces to mount attacks on  infrastructure installations vital for Israel’s existence, to impede the freedom of action of the Israeli  air-force in the skies over Israel, and to cause bloodshed among the population…in areas adjacent to the  frontier-line… (Shimon Peres, “Tomorrow is Now” (Keter publishers),  pp. 232, 255)
…Israel, small and exposed, will neither be able to exist nor to prosper if its urban centers, its vulnerable airport and its narrow winding roads, are shelled.  This is the fundamental difference between them and us, this is the terrible danger involved in the establishment of a third independent sovereign state between us and the Jordan River. – (Amnon Rubinstein, ‘The Pitfall of a Third State’, Haaretz, Aug 8, 1976)
Dr Martin Sherman
These two citations encapsulate, with chilling accuracy, the deadly dangers to which Israel would be exposed if a Palestinian state were to be established on the commanding hills overlooking the country’s heavily populated coastal plain, in which about 80% of the country’s civilian population and commercial activity, are located.
The recent Paris conference was designed to foist a two-state reality on Israel, draws closer, it is vital that the public, both in Israel and abroad, understand just how precarious Israel’s situation is liable to be if such a perilous prescription be adopted.
These dire dangers are graphically conveyed by the following series of photographs taken from sites inside the territory designated for any future Palestinian state. They demonstrate dramatically how vulnerable and exposed Israel would appear through the binoculars of a Palestinian “intelligence officer” (a.k.a. terrorist).
Greater Tel Aviv sky-line – as seen from “Palestine”: 
Azrieli Towers Complex
The clearly visible Azrieli Towers complex, an iconic feature of the central Tel Aviv skyline, houses a three-story shopping mall and recreation area, a thirteen-floor luxury hotel, and numerous prestigious commercial companies, including many of the country’s leading law firms.  And, oh yes, it is adjacent to the compound (known as “Camp Rabin”, named after the late Yitzhak Rabin) that comprises Israel’s Defense Ministry and the headquarters of the IDF General Staff…
Continue reading and see more photos of Israeli key infrastructure and urban areas as seen from what would be the Islamic Palestinian State.

THE CAMPUS FASCIST WAR ON FREE SPEECH, the leftist alliance with Islam, and its collaboration with capitalists to implement the globalist agenda of opening borders to mass migration and ending nation states' sovereignty

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The Soviet regime dictated harsh rules and established censorship. However people remained normal human beings. They laughed at authorities, composed jokes about Brezhnev, made satirical films in spite of the censorship, and learned to read newspapers between the lines. This primarily referred to intellectuals.  Western cultural totalitarianism succeeded in doing much more. It turned people into sterile zombies, brainwashed them, perverted the minds of men and women, and subdued intellectuals that have responsibility for the future of their people.  (Alexander Maistrovoy)
This post includes a column by former Soviet citizen Alex Maistrovoy, and one by Daniel Greenfield.  They both call attention to alarming trends in western society to muzzle free speech, and to dismantle basic notions of morality and human rights.  Universities are now at the forefront of these trends.
All our lives we have perceived political differences along a left-right divide.  We put liberals, anarchists, progressives, socialists, and Communists on the left, and freedom-loving people and conservatives on the right.  If you happen to support the left, you could add racists, capitalists, and fascists on the right, 
That was a convenient formula to simplify our world view.  But this divide has been profoundly deceptive.  The truth is that there was always a blending of the extremes, and a common ground in the middle.  One salient example is the case of China, where Communism, capitalism, and plain tyranny combine in a single system ruling over almost one and a half billion people.
While the left purports to uphold ideals of democracy, equality, compassion, justice, and so on - today it has wholeheartedly allied itself with the most cruel and repressive ideology in the world:  Islam. 
Leftists denounce western nations' crimes, but are silent about the 270 million non-Muslims killed by Islam 's holy wars since the 7th century, with the victims being mostly Hindu and African.  Details here:
This leftist alliance with tyrannical regimes is nothing new.  For decades the left allied itself with the Soviet regime, although it was engaged in atrocious oppression, persecution and genocide. 
Following the Soviet example, the left now supports Muslim Palestinian terrorists, while waging a vicious propaganda war against the more democratic and tolerant Israel.  The left also agitates for increased Muslim migration into the west, in spite of nefarious consequences for the general population, as it is very clear from the European experience.  
The hypocrisy of the left is dramatically exposed in their blaming capitalism alone for depredations against the environment, while they turn a blind eye to the much worse effects of Communism. 
The Soviet regime left a trail of environmental disasters in its wake, and China is to this day engaged in the industrial poisoning of air, water, and land.  We see recurrent images of crowds wearing surgical masks wading through thick clouds of poisonous smog in Chinese cities where air pollution is completely out of control.
The  conservative brand has been seriously fraying, as left and right are in cahoots in western parliaments for the promotion of the same agenda:  increased Muslim immigration, greater restrictions of basic human rights, and the expansion of globalism through trade agreements and elimination of national borders. 
In Europe left and right are behind Angela Merkel's replacement of the native European population with millions of imported migrants from the Middle East and Africa. 
In the United States the Republican establishment, or RINOS (Republicans In Name Only), oppose Donald Trump's plan to curtail immigration from Muslim countries and from south of the border.  These powerful Republican politicians have worked hand in hand with Democrats in eroding immigration laws and the security of the country.
So it is time to take a fresh look at politics and ideologies, and see beyond  political parties' self-identification and slogans, in order to expose their true agendas.

After centuries of fighting each other, the two apparent opposites have finally and openly come together to promote common goals.
They include:
-  the weakening and eventual disappearance of nation states for the formation of multinational blocks that can be more easily controlled (such as the European Union),
-  the active replacement of European civilization and races with the imported values from backward nations under the cover of 'diversity',  and
-  the government-imposed suppression of free speech under the rubric of 'political correctness' and anti-racism.  While the globalists' intolerant allies enjoy official protection, their victims are not only sacrificed but demonized as well. 
Those opposing the globalist agenda have been characterized as populist, racists, fascists, and other epithets that demonize them to the point where calls for their assassination have become mainstream and well tolerated by social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter.
I have posted a column by author Alexander Maistrovoy, a former citizen of the Soviet Union now living in the west.  He knows first hand what is like to endure tyranny, fear, self-censorship, and the constant threat of arrest.  But he finds the current cultural tyranny in the US and Europe much worse for society than the Soviet political dictatorship.  
I have also posted one by columnist Daniel Greenfield, who exposes the degree of censorship being imposed on US university students.  Institutions that used to allow the free flow of ideas now are at the forefront of censorship and mind control. 
But before you read those interesting columns, watch this video where average New Yorkers express their full support for the notion that living under US martial law is better than allowing Trump to become president. 
This informal poll of people passing by Times Square shows how uninformed and vulnerable to globalists' emotional manipulations they are.  The Orwellian Trump-Bad/Hillary-Good slogan was swallowed whole by millions of even university-educated citizens.   

VIDEO - AFDI ON THE STREET: New Yorkers Prefer Martial Law to Trump, Agree with Rosie O'Donnell  

Rosie O’Donnell recently called for Obama to impose martial law and postpone the inauguration of Donald Trump until the president-elect could be prosecuted for crimes she did not name

More videos by AFDI (American Freedom Defense Initiative)

Comedy of Terrors - Western Progressive Thinking Against Nature and Man     

Want to see Anti-Utopia? Look at the stand of mind of the Western establishment.
By Alexander Maistrovoy
Author of recently published “Agony of Hercules
 or a Farewell to  Democracy" (Notes of a Stranger)

After Trump’s  win, a huge part of enlightened America was plunged into mourning. Students were crying, teachers canceled lectures to calm them down, a “hotline” started working to help desperate people. 

In the USSR such mass hysteria happened only after Stalin’s death, when people cried thinking that it was the end of the world.  What brought American students to such despair? They are unlikely to be able to explain it, but it’s a very dangerous syndrome of mass insanity.

It’s a symptom that the cultural totalitarianism of the West is firstly far more effective than the Soviet political totalitarianism and secondly – it is much more deadly and poisonous. It has suppressed the will, consciousness and emotions of people – what Soviet party members didn’t achieve.

Continue reading