A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


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Frantic Daniela Tursini told fire crews: 'I beg you, find my cat, she's all I have left'
 In the video the two uniformed men gently tip a plastic water bottle into the weak and dehydrated kitten's mouth as it eagerly laps up the liquid

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and watch VIDEOS of her rescue by firefighters

Monday, August 29, 2016

URGENT: IN ONE MONTH OBAMA SURRENDERS THE INTERNET TO ISLAM VIA THE CORRUPT UN with its powerful 56-member Org.of Islamic Cooperation - This giveaway of something he does NOT own VIOLATES THE US CONSTITUTION - Will the pusillanimous US Congress allow it? Will the American public allow it?

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More Videos by Black Pigeon

Tell your representatives to stop Obama's unilateral surrender of control of the internet to the UN and 56-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation.
Obama has NO right to do this. Obama does not own the internet even though America invented it.   Unless Congress stops him before October 1st, foreign governments will control the internet and have the ability to censor free speech. This could be regarded as akin to treason.

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PARIS TOURISM INCOME DOWN, MUSLIM VIOLENCE AND ANTI-TERROR BUDGET UP ~~~ Paris looks a lot better in old Hollywood movies now

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Nobody sings "I Love Paris" anymore.  The magic is gone. 

The City of Love has morphed into the City of Muslim Hate and Terror 

VIDEO - Paris at war
What the media won't tell you  

CALIFORNIA, What are you waiting for? On August 1st, 2016, California Assembly members proclaimed August to be “Muslim Awareness and Appreciation Month” introduced by Assemblyman Bill Quirk with 61 co-authors. Quirk thought it would be a great idea if cities around the world like Paris would consider having their own Muslim Appreciation Month, but for some reason, they declined.
Source -

A WAR ZONE - The Paris regional tourism office reported figures for the first half of 2016 showing that the drop was especially high among Japanese, Russian and Chinese visitors. 

Other French regions have not been as hard hit as Paris, though French Riviera tourism was shaken by a truck attack in Nice last month that killed 86. Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has called a meeting for early September to find ways to revive tourism, which represents about 7 percent of the French economy. 

The Two States Solution

The Israeli PM gives sound advice
 to the beleaguered French President  


WOMAN ON TRIAL FOR GIVING WATER TO PIGS ON THEIR WAY TO SLAUGHTERHOUSE - CANADA has the most inhumane standards for livestock transportation in the western world - Pigs, cattle and other animals are LAWFULLY transported for several days in extreme heat or cold and without rest, water, or food

become a vegetarian
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  • During World War II the Nazi regime transported millions of Jews for many days at the time in cattle cars without food or water on their way to slaughter.  Many died on the way.    
  • As those trains passed towns and villages, people got a glimpse of human beings crammed inside moaning with hunger and thirst, but looked the other way not because they were afraid of authorities, but because they simply did not care.  They regarded Jews as inferior beings not worthy of their time.    
  • This attitude towards what they considered "lesser beings" was not exclusive to Germans or to Nazi sympathizers.  It is part of human nature, and today we see it reflected in our indifference to the inhumane way animals are raised and transported to slaughter.  We really don't care.   
  • This article is about the torture suffered by pigs in Canada.  But livestock are abused all over the world, even in Europe and the United States, as you can see in the following video:.
The systematic and often LEGAL torture of animals at industrial farms.
  • Although the standards are higher in the west, that does not mean that they are always adhered to.  Hidden cameras keep exposing sadistic behavior towards food animals even in the most advanced farms. 
  • Secretly filming animal abuse at industrial farms is now being regarded as a crime.   Not the abuse itself, but exposing this abuse.  The so-called AG-GAG laws (such as in Idaho) make it a crime to secretly film farm animal abuse.
  • On the following hidden-camera video workers reveal how pigs freeze solid to the trucks, as they are transported in sub-zero weather for days at the time. 
  • In sweltering temperatures pigs suffer from dehydration, heat stroke, heart attacks, and death. 
  • You will also see how pigs are mutilated and sadistically beaten up prior to being loaded up into trucks.  Government inspectors fail to prevent all this torture.   
HIDDEN CAMERA VIDEO - What the media covering this trial in Canada don't dare to tell you:  The sadistic torture of pigs prior and during transport to slaughter.
CAUTION:  scenes of extreme cruelty
  • If we cared about this abuse the meat industry would not get away with the WORST AND MOST INHUMANE STANDARDS in the Western world for the transportation of livestock to slaughter. 
  • Canadian regulations governing the transportation of farmed animals date back to 1975.
  • They currently allow for cattle to be in transit for 52 hours without access to food or water, while the maximum for pigs and chickens is 36 hours. 
  • In the United States, livestock can only be on a truck for 28 hours, at which point they must be off-loaded and rested. 
  • In Europe, animals such as sheep and cattle can be in transit for 14 hours before they need to be rested and given water, while pigs don’t have to be off-loaded for 24 hours if they have access to water at all times. 
  • Ontario animal activist Anita Krajnc often gives water to pigs in distress during truck stops on their way to slaughter. 
  • For this compassionate act she now faces a maximum of six months in jail or a $5,000 fine if convicted.  She has pleaded not guilty. 
  • Toronto Pig Save, which Krajnc founded, regularly holds "vigils" in front of local slaughterhouses to "bear witness" to the animals' final moments
Watch VIDEO of the confrontation between Anita and the truck driver:
  • Animal welfare expert Armaiti May testified in court that the pigs "in all likelihood were in severe distress."
  • Anita Krajnc told reporters that this trial is about "putting pigs in the spotlight. ... We want people to see them as individuals and not property." 
  • She told The Washington Post that her defense lawyers will argue she was not breaking the law but acting in the public good.
  • Hidden camera video scenes
    Forcing injured, dying animals to move
    The driver, Jeffrey Veldjesgraaf testified that "his main concern was over what was in the water that Krajnc's group gave the pigs, and whether it might contaminate the livestock," CBC reported.
  • The case has attracted the attention of other animal rights activists, who are tweeting messages of support using the hashtags #PigTrial and #StandWithAnita.
  • In an interview with The Canadian Press last year, the farm's owner, Eric Van Boekel, said he didn't have a problem with Anita’s protesting; he just didn't want her to touch his "stuff.''
  • Mercy for Animals Joe Loria wrote: Animals are not stuff. They are living, feeling beings. In fact, pigs are complex creatures who vocalize emotions. They are even reported to have higher IQs than dogs, chimpanzees, and even three-year-old humans.  
   Canada's livestock transportation rules 'worst in the Western world': advocate
By Michael Shulman, CTV News, Canada
March 17, 2016

Thousands of farm animals are transported across Canada every week. But the conditions they experience are regulated by rules that are decades old, and according to many, inhumane.
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Saturday, August 27, 2016

BERLIN A FAILED CITY says German national newspaper - VIDEO: LIVING IN MULTICULTURAL GERMANY as Merkel's government warns citizens to stockpile emergency supplies and prepare for catastrophe - VIDEO: Intolerable Muslim violence in German schools

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FOR DECADES GERMANY and other European countries have been generously funding Muslim Palestinian insurrection, racism, and terror in ISRAEL - under the guise of "humanitarianism". 
POETIC JUSTICE:  Now it's time for Germans to experience personally some of the fear and terror that Israeli Jews have been enduring for so long.  
The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 ended decades of tensions in Germany during the Cold War
 November 9, 1989 - A time of hope.  Germany squandered the last opportunity to remake itself into a prosperous, democratic, peaceful state, by importing millions of intolerant Muslim migrants who hate Europeans and their values.
In only a handful of years Germans have plunged from a mood of optimism and prosperity into a state where they can already see the end of the German nation. 
MUST WATCH VIDEO - Merkel's Migrant Crisis One Year on - The horrors after only ONE YEAR of Merkel's Open Borders - Will Germany survive? -
Must watch because what it's happening in Europe,
is beginning to happen in America
Back in 2014, before the explosion of Merkel's migrant invasion, before the epidemic of rapes by migrants, before acts of Muslim terror against the population, Die Welt, one of the top newspapers in Germany, called Berlin a "failed city". 
Things have gone from bad to worst since then, not only for Berlin but for the rest of Germany.  If history teaches us anything is: Beware of unhappy Germans, they are capable of anything to try to put things right again.
And even the German government has recently warned citizens to stock pile food, water, money, medicine "in case of attack or catastrophe" -  meaning both a major terror attack when people have to hunker down in their homes, or outright civil war.  Another reason, some observers note, could be the instability of major German banks.  A crisis could prevent people from accessing their accounts.

Merkel and the Flag
The German Flag Strikes Back
The following is an article by The Local - Germany.  As with most German media, it tiptoes around the big gorilla in the room:  the out-of-control Muslim migration that has resulted in rising welfare costs, and extra billions in police costs to try to control the Muslim wave of criminality and terror.
Muslims have brought back open and virulent anti-Semitism.  Jews are fleeing Germany once again, fearing for their lives.   Authorities look the other way.
Muslim migrants have not become Germans.  Not even third generation Turks have become true Germans.  Their loyalties are with Turkey and with Islam, and they say so openly. 
Weeks ago thousands of Turks waiving huge Turkish flags demonstrated all over Germany in support of tyrannical president Tayyip Erdogan who, since attaining power, has endeavored crush the opposition.  He has actively eroded the secular nature of that country to replace it with Sharia law and dreams of a Caliphate. 
This is what Turks, most of them with a German education, love.  Not democracy, not secularism, not equal rights for all.  They want an Islamic dictatorship in Turkey.   Recently arrived Muslims from other areas of the Middle East are even more radical, and that's why jihad thrives in Germany.
Turks living in Germany did not have the privilege of citizenship until rather recently, so they tended to behave themselves.   This has changed now, and Muslims in Germany are engaging in an orgy of lawlessness and violence.   No German is safe anymore.
Muslims in Germany, and in much of Europe, are not equal to others.  They are more equal than others and have become a government-protected and privileged class. 
They enjoy privileges that indigenous Europeans don't.  They can engage in crime and receive at most a slap on the wrist.  They express racial hatred, particularly a virulent type of antisemitism, and that too is tolerated.  And they get benefits that are denied to white Europeans.  Most of them live on generous welfare payments. 
Some of them can't resist supplementing those payments with criminal activities.  Why not, since police turns a blind eye to Muslim crime.  Most criminal gangs in Germany are now Muslim.

ARAB CLANS NOW IN CHARGE OF BERLIN CRIMINAL UNDERWORLD SAYS REPORT, while North Africans turn BERLIN's Kreutzberg Kottbusser Tor into a NO-GO ZONE filled with crime 
Die Welt:  Berlin Now a Failed City.
By Max Bringmann and Verity Middleton, The Local
BERLIN is struggling with poverty, unemployment, poor infrastructure, a floundering education system, debt, and the refugee crisis and crime.  Its chronic problems led national newspaper Die Welt to label it a “failed state” in 2014. Here are a few reasons why Berlin has earned this uncomfortable moniker.
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HILARIOUS ANIMAL PICTURES IN THE COMEDY WILDLIFE PHOTO AWARDS competition 2016 - These are some of the funniest entries

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A puffin has some fun on the Farne Islands, looking like it's been trained at the Ministry of Silly Walks
A puffin has some fun on the Farne Islands, looking like it's been trained at the Ministry of Silly Walks
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Friday, August 26, 2016

THE FAKE WAR AGAINST SHARIA - The BURKINI BAN and other distractions - A month of MULTICULTURAL RAPES AND TERROR in Europe - July 2016

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By Zbiegniew Zwgstkstwig
Afraid of an electoral backlash, the political elites try to appease the native population by taking measures that appear to be protecting them from Islamization, such as the burkini ban, when in fact these issues are mere distractions

A French court has overturned a ban against the burkini - a Muslim swimming garment that covers women from head to toe.
France has been one of the most Islam-welcoming nations in Europe.  This as authorities have known for decades that Islam is incompatible with French values and way of life.  The same goes for other European countries, America, Canada, Australia, and so on.
So in spite of recurring - in fact daily - acts of Muslim violence and terror against non-Muslims in the West, government authorities and the media keep repeating the mantra that terror has nothing to do with Islam.  So the gates stay open for millions of migrants from Muslim countries, people who hate the West and who, if not engaging in terror themselves, tacitly approve of it.  
For Muslims their migration to the West is not aimed at integrating and enjoying the opportunities for work and study that the West has to offer.    Their ultimate and sacred goal is the  demographic tipping point when the Islamization of the West will be irreversible.  It's an invasion.

 London has fallen:  It already has a non-white majority and a mayor of Pakistani ancestry with links to fanatical Islamic ideologues.  Marseilles is now a mostly Arab city.  Muslim enclaves called No-Go Zones keep spreading all over Europe. The takeover is real.

While strongly muzzled by political correctness, and by authorities that can put citizens in jail for expressing criticism of Islam, people in Europe are unhappy about the situation and may say so in future elections, if a Trump-like candidate is allowed to run. 

Afraid of an electoral backlash, the political elites try to appease the native population by taking measures that appear to be protecting the country from Islamization, such as the burkini ban, when in fact they are mere distractions.
Anti-Sharia activists too fall into the trap of going against marginal issues such as the burkini, the hijab, and the construction of new mosques, instead of confronting the central problem head on. 
The problem is Muslim migration in itself.  Donald Trump tried to call attention to that fact, only to be demonized by everybody in the media and the political establishment - from right to left.  

Continue reading, including article with list summarizing July - ONE MONTH OF MUSLIM RAPES AND TERROR in Germany


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  • Did you know that almost ALL vitamins and dietary supplements sold in North America are manufactured in China? 
  • While vitamins are good for you, they may have been made in factories where standards are not as exacting as those in the US and Canada. 
  • We really do not know the true quality of the listed ingredients, or what else is there.  Your best bet is to get vitamins directly from the foods you eat. 
  • When Canadians ask for the origin of a particular food in the bulk section of their supermarket they will told that it comes from the United States.  Not exactly. 
  • If you do a little research on your own you will discover that, although it has been IMPORTED FROM the United States, it has been GROWN elsewhere. 
  • There are large food importing companies that buy products from China, Vietnam, India, and other Asian and African countries, and then resell them to food markets in the US and Canada.   
  • The label "organic" for Chinese food has to be taken on faith because that country does not allow western associations of organic products to check the conditions under which those foods are grown, irrigated, and harvested.  For all you know, they could be irrigated with river water downstream from heavily polluting manufacturing plants.   
  • Unfortunately, even when organic food is indeed grown in the United States, it may have been irrigated with toxic fracking water.  Read more about it here: 

'Organic' from China exposed: The shocking truth about 'organic' foods grown in the world's worst environmental cesspool

By Mike Adams, Natural News

USDA organic standards place no limits on how much mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic and aluminium is allowed in so-called “organic” products imported from China.

Even further, there is no limit on the contamination of PCBs, BPA and other synthetic chemicals that’s allowed in certified organic foods, superfoods and supplements.

At this point, you’re probably shaking your head in disbelief and thinking, “No, that can’t be true. Organic standards must check for heavy metals and chemical contamination, right?”
No! “Organic” certifies a process of how food is grown or produced. It certifies that the farmer doesn’t add pesticides, herbicides, petroleum-based fertilizer, metals or synthetic chemicals to the crop (among other things), and it certifies that the soil must be free from such things for a certain number of years before organic certification is approved.
But organic certification does nothing to address environmental sources of pollution such as chemtrails, contaminated irrigation water, and fallout from industrial or chemical factories that might be nearby.  A certified organic farmer can use polluted water on their crops and still have the crops labeled “organic.”
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Thursday, August 25, 2016

ANIMAL SURVIVORS FROM WORLD'S WORST ZOO IN GAZA ARE RESCUED by Four Paws UK animal charity - Almost a hundred animals were allowed to starve, their mummified carcases later put on display - Palestinian sadistic cruelty against animals documented

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  • Although demanding an Islamic state of their own, Palestinians haven't even cared for caged animals living in extremely abusive conditions at a zoo in Gaza.  Almost a hundred animals have already died from starvation and other mistreatments at just one particular zoo. 
  • Showing complete lack of empathy and brazen disregard for the welfare of animals, the zoo still sold tickets to the public to see the mummified remains of animals who had starved to death.
  • The Four Paws animal welfare organization engaged in protracted and difficult negotiations with Palestinians in order to save the survivors. 
  • This wasn't easy, since those remaining animals were still a source of profit.
  • Four Paws characterized the Palestinian zoo at  Khan Younis as the "WORST ZOO IN THE WORLD"
  • Khan Younis is not far from the border with Egypt. 
  • Contrary to propaganda, there is no blockade of ordinary products going into Gaza.  
  • Tiger LAZIZ rescued just in time
    Israel blocks the importation of weaponry and of material that could be used to manufacture weapons.  They don't blockade animal feed.  Hundreds of trucks make it across from Israel every day.
  • In addition, the Raffa crossing into Egypt is open.  Palestinians can freely travel to Egypt and shop. 
  • There are also multiple smuggling tunnels across the border with Egypt, which is how precious wildlife got into Gaza in the first place.  Two baby elephants died while being smuggled through a tunnel.
  • Mohammed Awada opened South Forest Park in 2007 but lost a number of animals during the Israeli attacks against Hamas which began a year later
    Gruesome:  Owner sold tickets for 
    display of mummified animals
    he had allowed to starve to death
    The zoo, which opened in 2007, had more than one hundred animals on display at some point.  Now there were only 15 survivors. 
  • The owner did not feed them due to shortage of funds, and animal welfare laws are non-existent in Gaza.
  • There is no much concern for animals in Palestinian culture, so nothing could be done privately to save them.  They just let them starve to death.
  • Muslim, and in particular Palestinian, cruelty and lack of empathy towards animals stem from two main sources:
  • Fun torturing and slaughtering
    cattle during Gaza Muslim EID Festival
    (1) The Koran itself, where animals are regarded with utter contempt.  Pigs are of course banned.  Animals such as dogs are regarded as impure, and often the subject of sadistic abuse.
  • (2) The systematic brutalization of children through indoctrination and also by desensitization to violence at all levels (especially within the family itself)  which is reaching truly pathological levels. 
  • Even little kids are indoctrinated to dehumanize their enemies, particularly the Jews. 
  • Arabs-waving-entrails-of-butchered-Israelis-in-Ramallah (1)
    Ritualistic eating of internal
    organs of two young Israelis
    they lynched in Ramallah
    in 2000.
    To Muslims Jews rank lower than animals, and whenever they have the chance to murder them, they engage in gruesome and sadistic acts that reveal a level of depravity that in other parts of the world fall into the category of psychopathy. 
  • These acts have included torture, dismemberment, and ritual cannibalism.  See related articles further on this page. 
  • We hear about ISIS gruesome punishments.  Similar acts perpetrated by "moderate" Arabs are covered up by the sympathetic media.
  • Palestinian abuse of animals is well documented.  
  • Children burn dogs alive for entertainment, they weaponize animals by using them as remotely-controlled bombers.
  • They puncture cattle's eyes prior to slaughter in order to subdue them, and they inflict unimaginable cruelty on food animals, particularly during the yearly EID celebration  when ordinary Palestinians butcher animals in sacrifice.  
  • Muslims are not the only perpetrators of animal cruelty on the world, but animal rights organizations make efforts to cover up their depredations.  You won't see Muslim -  in particular Palestinian -  animal cruelty exposed by major animal rights organization or the mainstream media.
  • Why aren't Palestinians boycotted, if only for their extreme abuse of wildlife and cattle?
VIDEO:  PALESTINIANS sadistically torture captured hyena  -  The injured animal was rescued by Israeli soldiers
They stone to death a defenseless animal
and proudly post the video online
Palestinian men succeed in cornering the hyena - possibly striking it with a car as well - at which point they mercilessly pelt the helpless animal with boulders, rocks and other projectiles.  After a long and agonizing ordeal, the animal finally lies dead or fatally injured on the ground.  Striped hyenas are an endangered species in Israel, and hunting them is illegal.
More videos by Wild Bill for America

Many animals in a Gaza zoo have died from neglect and starvation since the start of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Mummified animals who were allowed to starve to death
- In display for profit at the Gaza Khan Yunis Zoo
"Khan Yunis Zoo has been known as the 'worst zoo in the world' since it became public last year that the zoo was crudely mummifying the animals that died in their care and displaying them," the UK charity Four Paws says on its website.

Continue reading and see images of the rescued animals, and those who were mummified and displayed by the Gaza Zoo, and other related articles

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


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VIRUSES ARE AWESOME.  Some are life-threatening, others help us get well.  If you want to study a truly mysterious life form you don't need to travel to distant planets.  Just focus on viruses.  They are ancient, they are incredibly varied and always rapidly evolving.  And they are part of us. 

VirolutionI first became aware of the importance of the viral origin of some of our human DNA when reading the fascinating book VIROLUTION by Dr. Frank Ryan. 
The book is rich in information and will keep you riveted.  It's addressed to the non-scientific reader, and I highly recommend it. 
The author makes two key points about scientists' lack of knowledge regarding the positive role of viruses in human DNA: 
The perplexing beauty
 of viruses
(1)  The subject is never addressed in medical schools.  According to Dr. Ryan, physicians and scientists had never heard about viruses living in symbiosis with humans prior to attending his lectures.   
(2)  DNA specialists have DELIBERATELY disregarded this viral DNA in the human genome.  They ignore it because they can't explain it, thus distorting their DNA-related results. 
Page 217, Virolution:  All too many scientists fail to grasp the omnipresent nature of viral symbiosis (between viruses and vertebrates in our human DNA), and we witness the same lack of understanding in he design of the genetic chips and screening software, which all too often exclude viral elements and control sequences as part of a deliberate policy.  Inevitably this blinkers investigators working on oncology (cancer studies), and on other disease causation 
Frank   Ryan
Due to Dr Frank Ryan's work and that of other similarly-minded scientists, the truth about the positive role played by the symbiosis between virus and vertebrate DNA and their role in human evolution, is finally starting to become mainstream.
Further on this page see link to an article that explain how human life and that of other mammals would not be possible without a virus that is essential for the existence of the placenta, on which mammals depend to reproduce.  
There has been evidence for some time that some viral DNA living in symbiosis with vertebrate DNA in the human genome plays a protective role in our immune system.  The following article expands on one particular instance. 

  • EIGHT PERCENT of our DNA is of viral origin, the remnants of ancient infections. 
  • They started out as aggressors, according to their viral nature. 
  • Then they stayed as part of a mutual interest symbiotic relationship.
  • They are an integral part of our DNA and immune system.
  • They are on our team and help us fight other viral invaders 

Study by scientists at the University of Utah School of Medicine show that evolution has repurposed some of these viral remains into weapons against its own kind.
The scientists found bits of viral DNA embedded in our genome are actually regulating genes that are integral components of our innate immune system - which is the first line of defense against pathogens, including viruses. 
The so-called endogenous viruses were thought to be just an oddity - but, a new study claims that evolution has repurposed them to fight off modern diseases (stock virus image shown)
When some of these bits of foreign code are removed experimentally, the defense system becomes crippled.
'We show that some of these endogenous viruses have shaped our biology,' says C├ędric Feschotte, Ph.D., co-senior author and associate professor of human genetics. 
Within mammalian genomes are reservoirs of viral DNA that have fueled innovation of the innate immune system.'  The human innate immune system's ability to defeat foreign invaders depends on a well-coordinated response. 
Upon infection, cells dispatch a silent alarm by releasing interferons, a molecular signal that triggers nearby cells to activate an arsenal of hundreds of genes that fight off intruders. 
By analysing publicly available genomic datasets from human cells, the authors discovered thousands of endogenous retroviruses that appeared to be activated by interferons. 
However, because these retroviruses crash-landed into our genomes many millions of years ago, they have long lost the ability to produce infectious particles. 

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