A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

FEMINISTS VERY SILENT AS IT IS MEN WHO DO THE RESCUE AND HEAVY LIFTING during Hurricane Harvey - Women who disparage and hate men now quietly accept their help - LET'S THANK THE HEROES!

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VIDEO - HEROES rescue stranded victims of Hurricane Harvey:
  • Sometimes it's their own husbands or fathers doing the rescue, more often than not it's unknown men who have volunteered their effort, their time, and their boats to help save lives. 
  • It's not only the professional first responders who, at risk to their own lives, are always ready to help.   It's also the average guy who has joined the so-called Cajun Navy - a loose organization of watercraft owners - to volunteer in the continuing rescue of entire families. 
  • Will there be a special THANKS for all the MEN who have selflessly helped women, children, and the elderly, as they are expected to do by a society that unfortunately also disparages men and masculinity? 
  • Men and women are different - biologically and mentally.  And men are naturally more heroic than women, especially when it comes to helping strangers and their entire communities.  That's the way it has always been, even now when women characterize masculinity as "toxic", and try to turn men into feminized entities. 
  • What good can there be in feminizing men?  Who will be there when you really need someone strong and brave to save your life in case of fire, or flood, or in countless other life-threatening situations? 
  • CNN yesterday criticized president Trump for not showing more emotion and 'empathy'.  Trump was there, in Texas, offering all kinds of help to millions of victims, but that's not enough for CNN and its guests because Trump did not get misty eyed, because he did not hug anyone, and because - in other words - he did not behave like a woman!   The country elected an Alpha Male to the highest office, and the feminized men of the media can't get over that. 
  • So feminists watch on TV the ongoing rescue and what they see is GASP! men doing the heroic work, while feminists sit at home and discuss all those little things that men, those horrible creatures, do to annoy them.
  • PS - Your blogger is a woman.
NO MORE FATHER'S DAY COMING TO A SCHOOL NEAR YOU?  Schools and other institutions are doing away with FATHER'S DAY, naming it "Special Persons Day" - Australian academic Red Ruby Scarlet, convenor of the Social Justice in Early Childhood Activist Group told todaytonight's host that scrapping Father’s Day in favour of a non-specific ‘Special Person’s Day’ was not political correctness, but about “rights”. 
“Why are they calling this political correctness when it’s in fact about our rights?” said Dr. Scarlet.   She claimed that “shifting the language around emotive days” makes school more “inclusive” to children from “special communities” including single parent families and same-sex parent families. 
Host Rosanna Mangiarelli noted that a “growing number” of politically correct schools and kindergartens were adopting the move and asked the childhood activist what kind of feedback she was getting from parents and teachers.
The activist dismissed the backlash from parents who support traditional days honouring mothers and fathers saying: “[There has] not [been] a backlash from people in those [special] communities. 

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

HURRICANE HARVEY VICTIM TELLS CNN to get their microphone off her face. - Are CNN and other media crossing the line into DISASTER PORN with their INTRUSIVE COVERAGE of people's tragedy and distress during Hurricane Harvey?

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Conservative Review:  There is a delicate balance between covering a natural disaster and turning that coverage into disaster porn. The media is an invaluable tool in keeping people informed as danger approaches and during crisis. There is also value in the human interest stories of victims, especially when those stories are of heroism in the face of adversity. Knowing where the line is between that and exploitation is a tough balancing act. In one mother's estimation, CNN crossed the line, and she gave them a piece of her mind. 

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Monday, August 28, 2017


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INDIGENOUS BRITISH CITIZENS now officially second class when it comes to getting policing service, says the Deputy Commissioner of Scotland Yard.  Non-English speaking people will have priority over old stock Brits.  And white Christian children can be placed with a Muslim foster family. 

A white, Christian, five-year-old girl has been forced to live with Muslim foster carers who removed her cross, encouraged her to learn Arabic, and disparaged English women and Christian traditions.  Her carers are completely covered by black burkas.  

The little girl begs to live with her own family, but authorities have refused to do what is best for the child.  If she feels sick, or is in any kind of trouble, how can she communicate with these adults?
The five-year-old girl was put into the foster care system by scandal-ridden Tower Hamlets borough council, and has spent six months in two Muslim households against the parents’ wishes, reports The Times.
In local authority reports seen by the newspaper, a social services worker describes the sobbing child begging to not be returned to the foster home, saying “they don’t speak English”.
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US Civil Rights Commission condemns right wing violence but REFUSES TO CONDEMN LEFTIST VIOLENCE - And why the establishment now sides with ANTIFA, a common enemy of Trump - Berkeley police ordered not to intervene when leftists attacked peaceful conservative demonstrators

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Ideological divisions in the USA are reaching very disturbing levels.  Attitudes will begin to harden among folks who until now had been very tolerant of progressive change.  They voted for Obama twice, after all.  But when the same people see their personal safety in jeopardy, their survival instinct will start to kick in.  It is the extreme left and a Democratic Party obsessed with identity politics that will give rise to a movement of racists and extreme right wingers in America.  Get ready for very interesting times ahead.

VIDEO - Tucker Carlson on why ANTIFA violence is not being condemned

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights was quick to condemn the white supremacists involved in the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, but they voted down a proposal to also condemn violence from the the far-left group Antifa.  In a vote to include Antifa in the official commission statement, four Democratic commissioners voted “no.” The Republican who proposed it, Gail Heriot, and the Republican who seconded the proposal, Peter Kirsanow, were the only two who voted “yes.”

“Though we support peaceful protest and note that most of the counter-demonstrators were peaceful, we condemn violence by anyone, including violence by so-called Antifa demonstrators,” Heriot proposed, according to the Washington ExaminerOn “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Kirsanow said the commission unanimously agreed that white nationalists and neo-Nazis should be condemned for their role in the violence, but the Democratic commissioners resisted including Antifa in the resolution because of their own political leanings.
POLICE ORDERED TO FACILITATE LEFTIST VIOLENCE - The following report is reminiscent of the riot in Charlottesville, where police deliberately channeled the Alt-Right demonstrators along a path were they were surely going to be attacked by AntiFa.

Berkeley Police Allowed Antifa to Jump Barricades, Assault Demonstrators
Berkeley police deliberately allowed masked “Antifa” anarchists to jump a barricade and attack a demonstration by a peaceful right-wing group on Sunday, leading to five assaults, including on Patriot Prayer group leader Joey Gibson.   The counter-demonstration had reportedly been “largely peaceful” until that point.   The police later defended their decision by arguing that keeping the anarchists out would have led to greater violence.
The original “No to Marxism” protest had been denied a permit by the city, but a small group of protesters showed up anyway, as did 2,000 “largely peaceful” counter-demonstrators, the Mercury News reported. reported that there were 400 police on hand to prevent violence. But they stepped aside, the Mercury News reported, when over 100 masked anarchists “busted through police lines, avoiding security checks by officers to take away possible weapons.”
The result was several severe beatings of those who had gathered to protest against Marxism. Thirteen of the anarchists were arrested, the Chronicle reported.
Mercury News report, citing Berkeley law enforcement authorities directly, made it clear that police knew that “Antifa” intended to cause violence, and allowed it to happen:
Berkeley police chief Andrew Greenwood defended how police handled the protest, saying they made a strategic decision to let the anarchists enter to avoid more violence.
Greenwood said “the potential use of force became very problematic” given the thousands of peaceful protesters in the park. Once anarchists arrived, it was clear there would not be dueling protests between left and right so he ordered his officers out of the park and allowed the anarchists to march in.
The Associated Press corroborated that report: “Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood said officers were told not to actively confront the anarchists. He applauded officers’ restraint, saying it forestalled greater violence.”


The Establishment And Antifa Go Hand In Hand
By Scott Greer, Deputy Editor The Daily Caller,
author of No Campus for White Men

 Excerpts, followed by full article:
  • In a interview with the Financial Times, Gary Cohn, a former Goldman Sachs executive and current White House economic adviser, publicly rebuked his boss Donald Trump’s response to the Charlottesville violence that both sides were at fault. He also praised Antifa as a force for good.
  • Antifa are pretty open about not liking these freedoms, as evidenced by their actions in Berkeley. So it’s hard to say they’re fighting for liberty — especially when they continually attack average Americans who support the president you work for.
  • What’s even more bizarre is for a Wall Street power player to stand with guys who fantasize about murdering bankers. Cohn is effectively defending people who see him as an evil monster who deserves violence as much as Nazis do.
  • The leftsts wish to tear down the whole financial system that Cohn has worked his whole life upholding, so why is he praising them?
  • As long as they don’t disrupt any Democratic Party events or Goldman Sachs meetings, they’ll still be heroes fighting for equality and freedom in the eyes of the elite.
  • This enabling will lead to more violence and embolden the black-clad thugs to continue their crusade against anyone they deem a Nazi. It’s doubtful that they will rethink their actions in light of receiving praise from Wall Street giants and Mitt Romney. 
  • Legend has Vladimir Lenin stating, “We will hang the capitalists with the rope that they sell us.”
  • Today’s Bolshevik wannabes likely see their new, powerful allies in the same light.
  • The capitalists of our age certainly don’t think they are a threat to the establishment, but that might change if the leftists are further emboldened.
  • When given the blank check to attack all Nazis, things might dramatically change when banks are singled out as havens of fascism.
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Sunday, August 27, 2017

HAWK FLEES HURRICANE HARVEY IN TEXAS AND SEEKS REFUGE IN A TAXI - Hawk refuses to leave and makes himself at home in William Brusso's place - Watch VIDEOS

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Animals sense upcoming catastrophes and this very intelligent hawk, perhaps with some physical injury, thought the best way to hunker  down during Hurricane Harvey was in a cozy place, such as William Brusso's taxi cab, and then his home.  Brusso is an animal lover, so this bird may have sensed he was the kind of person to ask for help.
William Bruso filmed the moment a hawk wouldn't budge from his taxi cab as Hurricane Harvey barreled towards Houston, Texas on Friday 

Take cover! The moment a hawk flew into a taxi and refused to get out as hurricane Harvey barreled towards Texas

  • William Bruso was buying food before Hurricane Harvey hit Houston on Friday
  • He returned to his taxi cab and a hawk jumped into the passenger seat
  • Bruso said the bird looked scared with its wings tucked close to its side
  • The man filmed the strange interaction and posted the video to Facebook
  • Bruso named the animal Harvey the Hurricane Hawk and kept it at his home
  • The Houston man handed the bird over to Texas Wildlife Rescue Center Saturday

  • A man filmed the moment a hawk wouldn't budge from his taxi cab as Hurricane Harvey barreled towards Texas.  As thousands evacuated the Houston area ahead of the Category 4 hurricane and others hunkered down, one hawk sought refuge in a car in Houston on Friday. 
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    Friday, August 25, 2017


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    In my opinion felines are the most perfect creatures in the world.  What's impressive is not just their physical beauty but that of their soul as well.  Whoever has had the privilege of sharing his life with a pet cat also knows about cats' high intelligence, gentleness, and their immense capacity for love.  

    • This is the heartwarming moment two rescued lions went crazy when they came face to face with the woman who helped raise them at a cat rescue centre in Slovakia.
    • Malkia and Adelle were rejected by their mother when they were cubs.
    • They grew up with humans as their parents and now an adorable clip shows the pair's reaction when they see Michaela Zimanova, their godmother, for the first time in weeks.
    • Bounding up to her, the duo are overcome with excitement in the YouTube video which has amassed tens of thousands of views so far.
    See more images and watch VIDEO of the encounter

    Thursday, August 24, 2017


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    ACLU Apologizes for ‘White Supremacy’ after Tweeting Picture of Toddler Holding an American Flag

    • The American Civil Liberties Union’s Twitter account triggered a digital uproar among its own followers Wednesday for promoting its child clothing line with an admitted “white supremacy” message.  
    • The troublesome tweet contained the image of a blond toddler wearing an ACLU "FREE SPEECH" onesie, and holding a small American flag and a plush animal. 
    • A flurry of tweets from ACLU's followers slammed the group, suggesting it was being racially insensitive, and even likening the post to pro-Nazi commentary.  They accused the left-wing organization of pining for a future with (GASP!!!)  more patriotic white children. 
    • Subsequently the ACLU deeply apologized, admitting that the blowback was justified and that it served as a reminder that “white supremacy is everywhere.”  (White supremacy?  A child with an American flag?)

    VIDEO - "HOW is This Picture RACIST??" Tucker Carlson, Dana Loesch React to ACLU Tweet Outrage
    By Zbiegniew Zwgstkstwig
    The country has lost its way, and while every race and sexual anomaly expresses pride in itself and demands preferential treatment, whites are expected to apologize for the color of their skin, for historical transgressions against people of color, and for having produced societies with high scientific and technological advancements, as well as greater personal success and freedom.
    The idea that racism is part of being white - aside from being racist in itself - ignores the scientific and historical fact that countries populated by other races are rife with racism, tribalism, and genocide.    The greatest genocides since World War II have been perpetrated by Africans and Asians, and their depredations go back thousands of years. 
    1994 - Rwanda - 1,000,000 Africans murdered by other Africans.
    Intertribal and interreligious genocide continues to this day in Africa.  Black South Africans perpetrate gruesome violence against African migrants from neighboring countries.  They abuse their own women and South Africa is today the rape capital of the world.   They have tortured and murdered thousands of white farmers who - inexplicably - still cling to their farms.   
    Even a poor black American man or woman lives a life of privilege compared to the average standard of living of his African counterpart. 
    Trillions of dollars in aid and assistance of every kind have been provided to the African continent over several decades now, but to this day it is a basket case of backwardness, corruption and violence.  

    The same goes for Afro-American ghettos in the USA.  African Americans are killing each other and committing high levels of violent crime completely disproportionate to their numbers.  Their school dropout rate is staggering. 
    In the meantime immigrants from Korea, Vietnam, and other Asian countries arrive in utter poverty but they manage to open up a store, live frugally, save money, and educate their children.   
    The second generation of Asian migrants USED to easily graduate from the best universities and attain the American dream.    Now universities are blocking brilliant Asian students to make room for black and brown students regardless of their potential for academic success.  Universities call it 'diversity' but it is racial quotas and racism by another name.  
    Some black leaders have admitted that most black American underachievement and high criminality are due to cultural reasons, not just white racism.  Would it be too much to ask black nationalists to name just ONE African country that would serve as a model of tolerance and justice for American society?

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    Wednesday, August 23, 2017


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    *  Mysterious, unknown creatures live inside of us....  This is not a horror film script, but the result of a scientific study.
    *  And when you think of how bacteria (particularly gut bacteria) influence our brain and emotions, then we have ask the disturbing question:  Who is in charge of us?
    Stanford University:  A survey of DNA fragments circulating in the blood suggests the microbes living within us are vastly more diverse than previously known. In fact, 99 percent of that DNA has never been seen before.

    A great deal of mystery DNA has been found in the human gut. Of all the non-human DNA fragments the team gathered, 99 percent of them failed to match anything in existing genetic databases.
    A new survey of DNA fragments circulating in human blood suggests our bodies contain vastly more diverse microbes than anyone previously understood. What's more, the overwhelming majority of those microbes have never been seen before, let alone classified and named, Stanford researchers report August 22 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
    Continue reading this article and one on how gut bacteria affect the brain, including the incidence of AUTISM

    Monday, August 21, 2017

    LOYAL MICHAEL SAVAGE TURNS ON TRUMP FOR HIS BETRAYALS - Accuses him of catering to the left and globalists and abandoning his agenda

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    MICHAEL SAVAGE:   "The left-wing mob, caught up in mass hysteria did not defeat Nazism.   These self-righteous anti-nationalists defeated free speech itself.   Let me remind them, the First Amendment was not written to protect polite speech; it was written to defend offensive speech.”
    • Fired by Trump, Steve Bannon was back at his home base at Breitbart News for only a few hours before he launched his promised offensive against globalists and liberals in the White House. 
    • Breitbart News has ramped up its reporting exposing the machinations around the president, including not only National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster but now the Kushners as well, and it couldn't be too soon.   
    • The Kushners have been spared the right wing's wrath so far in deference to the fact that Ivanka is Trump's daughter, but it's no secret that Jared Kushner and his wife and Ivanka are life-long Democrats pushing for a globalist agenda inside the White House contrary to the one that got Trump elected. 
    • The Kushners, McMaster, and hundreds of Obama holdovers in positions of influence all over the administration, are trying to implement another Democrat administration. 
    • Trump himself is to blame for  his failure to fulfill his agenda, mainly because of (1) bringing in establishment Republicans and globalists into his inner circle; and (2) for grossly underestimating the dark powers of the Deep State, or the Swamp, as he used to call it.   
    • Also, he never realized that his casual way of talking about controversial issues could be seized upon by his enemies and turned into a deadly weapon against his presidency.  
    • Now Trump is all alone in the White House, without a true ally beside him.  The Democrats, the Republicans, the intelligence agencies, the media, his cabinet, the Obama holdovers at the administration, the politically correct establishment, they have all ganged up against him and the voters who elected him, and actively trying to kill his agenda.  
    • How long will he be able to stand up to the relentless barrage of personal attacks?  He is a 70 year old man.  He did not sign up for relentless harassment and bullying.  At some point he will have to say The hell with it, and then resign to enjoy the years he still has ahead of him.  His supporters were hoping that he would never stop fighting, but his now increasing instances of surrender to the Swamp do not bode well. 
    • If Trump fails to fulfill his agenda, the USA will become the demographic and security disaster that the globalist and terminally-politically-correct European Union already is, with its out-of-control immigration, and increasing acts of crime, violence, rape, and terror.  That's what Hillary and the Democrats had promised to America:  open borders, and catering to terrorists and criminals out of political correctness.
    • If Trump fails, so does America.  Supporting Donald Trump is not something Americans do because they like him personally - he is a very flawed individual, after all.  What they see in him is their last chance to save the United States of America.  
    BREITBART EXCLUSIVE – Michael Savage Scolds Trump, Blasts Boston Leftists: ‘Trump Has Buckled to the Mob’

    Author and radio host Michael Savage scolded President Trump and left-wing “Antifa” protesters in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News Sunday  — accusing President Trump of having “buckled to the mob” in Boston and warning that if Trump keeps kowtowing to Antifa and other leftist groups, “it’s all over.”

    Savage was referring to a tweet from Trump sent Saturday, in which the president said he “applauds” the Antifa counter-protesters who showed up in the thousands to protest a free speech march of a few hundred people. The left-wing protesters are reported to have thrown rocks, and Boston police requested they not throw bottles of urine at officers.
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    Saturday, August 19, 2017

    DO THESE MAGNIFICENT WORLD MONUMENTS NEED TO BE DESTROYED TOO? They are also associated with slavery and gruesome crimes, although NOT perpetrated by white men

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    VIDEO by Ethiopian-Canadian journalist Jay Fayza - Whites aren't the most racist people - Facts show that they are the most tolerant in the world
    • There is a frenzy now to erase and destroy anything connected to slavery and racial discrimination in the USA, even the name of the nation's capital because George Washington owned slaves. 
    • However, slavery is not only part of the history of almost all nations, but the practice of slavery is going on RIGHT NOW in Africa, Asia, and particularly in some Muslim nations, as sanctioned by the Koran. 
    • VIDEOS posted on  this article show the history of the Arab slave trade in Africa (where millions were killed), and how it still goes on in Muslim countries such as Muslim Mauritania.  
    • If we are going to ban everything connected to slavery, intellectual honesty demands that we denounce ALL monuments and individuals connected to slavery, regardless of their race and nationality. 
    • The following article by a Breitbart News reporter was written in a sarcastic tone, so please don't take the writer's call to destroy these monuments literally.  
    by Allum Bokhari - Breitbart News
    We have been informed by our moral superiors that President Trump is a monster for suggesting that Confederate monuments ought to be preserved. They say Confederate monuments are associated with slavery, tyranny, and oppression. But what happens when we take this logic to its natural conclusion?
    Earlier this week, Trump asked if campaigns to remove monuments to Washington and Jefferson would follow on the heels of the removal of statues to Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and other Confederate monuments.
    Al Sharpton was quick out of the gate with an answer for the President: yes, yes they would.   Sharpton argues that the Jefferson memorial must go because of Jefferson’s association with the institution of slavery.
    The Baltimore Sun, meanwhile, calls confederate monuments legacies of “racism” and “state-sponsored oppression.”
    These are big, moral words that only evil bad thinkers would disagree with. But I’ve spotted a problem with them: they’re far too Anglocentric in their focus, and being Anglocentric is almost as bad as being a racist. I’ve therefore taken it upon myself to expand the flawless logic of the statue-smashers worldwide, because it’s not just America that harbors symbols of oppression and slavery within her borders.
    On the following list, you’ll find one example from America, and five from beyond her borders. Perhaps one day, when the tyranny of Trump is ended and the neoconservatives (who, as we’ve seen over the past few days, agree with the left about everything) are restored to their rightful place in the Oval Office, America will liberate all these deeply oppressed foreign folk from their glorious monuments.
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    Wednesday, August 16, 2017

    DONALD TRUMP: WHERE DOES IT STOP? - SHOULD THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY BE DISMANTLED FOR SUPPORTING SLAVERY IN THE CIVIL WAR (while Republicans such as Lincoln fought against it) - History is full of slave owners, such as the prophet Muhammad and American Indians

    © Unauthorized duplication of this blog's material is prohibited.   Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full credit and link is given to Otters and Science News Blogspot.  Link to this post: - Thank you for visiting my blog.
    • Donald Trump challenged proponents of the destruction of monuments of notable Americans with links to slavery to say where will they stop?  Will monuments of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson be next?
    • Identity politics has a hidden agenda that is not meant to redress present or past injustices, but to stir up hatred between groups and to benefit from it out of political opportunism.   
    • Making historical slavery in America an issue can be manipulative and very convenient because it elicits immediate feelings of guilt in a white population that has never owned slaves.   
    • Black and brown Americans and their white liberal friends, who are so outraged by a past of slavery in the USA, should take a good look at slavery as it is practiced TODAY in some Muslim countries, especially in Africa.
    • After all, Muhammad owned slaves, and the slavery of non-Muslims is sanctioned and encouraged by the Koran.  
    • Furthermore, Muslim Arabs were key participants in the old slave trade that captured and sold slaves to the British and to the American colonies.   If white Americans are expected to feel guilty, why not Muslims?    
    • Black Lives Matter (BLM) is closely associated with Muslim political groups in America.  It does not seem to matter to white-loathing and Islam-loving BLM that Islam not only captured and killed millions of Africans, but that to this day Muslims own African slaves.   
    • Now, what about the Democratic Party itself, which was pro-slavery during the Civil War and anti-civil rights for blacks for even longer than that?  Should it be completely dismantled to purify its members from their offensive historical association with slavery? 
    • The following VIDEO by Tucker Carlson briefly outlines how complicated it is to find American historical figures and ethnic groups that are completely pure and free from association with slavery and other racial crimes.
    VIDEO  "George Washington Was Racist!!" Tucker Carlson OWNS Al Sharpton, CNN on Statue Debate
    More videos with Tucker Carlson
    The Democratic Party defended slavery, started the Civil War, opposed Reconstruction, funded the Ku Klux Klan, imposed segregation, perpetrated lynchings, and fought against Civil Rights Acts of the 1950s and 1960s.  In contrast the Republican Party was funded as an anti-slavery party.    
    Old political poster that summarizes the true agendas of the Democratic and Republican platforms
    VIDEO The Inconvenient Truth about the Democratic Party - the Party of Slavery

    More videos by Prager University

    VIDEO -  Why Did the Democratic South Become Republican?

    Short Video about today's Muslim practice of slavery in Mauritania

    EXTENDED VIDEO - The Untold Story of
    Arab Slave Trade of Africans 
    This Muslim slave trade goes on to this day.