A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Monday, October 1, 2018

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I hit the pause button because I simply stopped caring anymore....
We are heading into the new DARK AGES, and there will never be another Renaissance or rebirth anymore - because western civilization has chosen to commit cultural and demographic suicide. 

We can still choose to ignore the signs, but by the end of the century the West will be unrecognizable, and much of what is good about it will be forever lost, drowned by religious extremism, intolerance, and gruesome violence imported from elsewhere.

Image result for IMAGES otters and science news blogspot otters fightingFor a preview, take a look at what some European neighborhoods, and even entire cities, are morphing into these days.  Heavily armed military in the streets, no-go zones, crime and squalor on beautiful areas that used to be tourist magnets.

For many years I have watched my world unfold in a  manner that does not make any sense.
Let's take an arbitrary date to start, say, September 11, 2001.  You might have expected logic and reason to prevail in our reaction to this attack.  But no.  On the ashes of more than 3000 American lives, our governments have bizarrely turned Islam into a protected ideology, and we have gone along with it.
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Not only is criticism of Islam frowned upon in the West, but censorship is being consolidated in bodies of legislation to silence and even incarcerate those who dare to question the tenets of Islam and the behavior of its followers.   Even exposing historical facts that show this ideology in an unfavorable light is now being censored online.  Normal intellectual discussion on Islam is now characterized as hate, and subject to professional ostracism and even prosecution.
Schools actively promote Islam to a degree that borders on outright indoctrination.    Why would leftist educators be so fond and protective of Islam, a doctrine that opposes everything leftists hold dear?  Because they regard Islam as a tool to destroy western civilization.  Leftist hatred of western civilization and traditional conservative values is stronger than their sense of self-preservation. 

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In spite of all our faults, in the past at least we were able to identify our enemies. to name them, and in some  instances to fight them as well.  Today we invite the enemy to settle on our shores, all financed by taxpayers. 
The case of Israel is stunning.  Underneath the appearance of a government that fights terrorism and celebrates Jewish nationhood, there is an undercurrent akin to treason. 
Ever since the 1967 victory the leftist Israeli elite in government, business, media, education and other areas of influence is actively undermining the country. 
Several times Israeli governments have offered the Arabs a state on historically Jewish land, and every time the Arabs have rejected it.   Ironically, it's Arab intransigence that has saved Israel from partition and obliteration (imagine trying to defend an Israel as narrow as 9 miles wide.).  
In the meantime, in spite of all the Israeli rhetoric and choreography of IDF military response to relentless terror, the Israeli elite continues to empower the Arabs.....

In spite of several Arab attempts to exterminate the Jews of Israel (with their leader, the Mufti of Jerusalem, close collaboration with Hitler, then with the genocidal Arab invasions of 1948, 1967 and 1973, Israelis are still willing to share their heritage land with them. 

Never mind that the Arab occupation of Israel exists as a result of the 7th century Muslim invasion of the Holy Land - the same conquest that devoured the rest of the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Europe.  

While Germans have been vilified for their killing of Jews, the Arabs - Nazi accomplices during the Holocaust and Nazi admirers today -  are to be rewarded with another Muslim state on Jewish land (Jordan is the other one).  

The endemic Jewish passivity in face of recurrent carnage of Jewish men, women and children at the hands of Arab terrorists is a disgrace.  What the treasonous political ruling class in Israel does is to contain terror, at best, rather than to truly protect the Jewish population and the viability of the State of Israel.  And the Israeli population is still duped as to the true intentions of their political class.  

The Mufti of Jerusalem, Palestinian Arab leader Amin Al-Husseini, meets with Hitler prior to planning with Hitler's henchmen for the complete extermination of Middle Eastern Jews.     Al-Husseini's Nazi SS Waffen Division made up of Bosnian Muslims committed gruesome war crimes in Eastern Euope.

For an astute insight into the State of Israel's present reality, read Dr Martin Sherman's columns on Israel National News.

Jews are mostly liberal and leftists, and so they stubbornly support open borders and limitless migration of Muslims into the West, regardless of consequences.  And among those consequences is the alarming spike in anti-Semitic attacks by Muslims in Europe.  European Jews have been beaten up, tortured, and murdered by Muslims following the directions of the Koran to hate and kill Jews. 

Imams routinely preach genocidal and anti-Semitic incitement from their mosques in the West.  There are video recordings of some of these instances as evidence, but authorities choose to persecute criticism of Islam instead.  For additional evidence of how the West is importing genocidal anti-Semitism one has only to read parts of the Koran, and how it demonizes Jews and other non-Muslims. 

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Then there is the undermining of traditional values.  I belong to a generation that had a real childhood.  Today children's minds are being warped by indoctrination on sexual deviancy, even as early as first grade, under the rubric of sex-ed.   Just another weapon to destroy society.   The scientific basis for sex and genetics is being ignored in the name of 'tolerance'.

Social media have enslaved too many of us.  These media use dark psychological methods to manipulate users' thoughts and emotions, and to harvest personal information, which they weaponize to remodel society on a grand scale.  It is a sinister agenda, and although aware of it, people continue to submit to their addiction. 

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Which leads me to what is the last straw for this blogger:  Our passivity.  No matter what terrible act of terror or government censorship occurs, we can accurately predict a passive and incongruent social reaction.

After the 9/11 attack you would have expected a steady campaign of information on what Islam really is.  Instead we were told to repeat the mantra of Islam as a religion of peace. 

After Europe became flooded with millions of migrants from Africa and the Middle East followed by a sharp spike in violent crime you would have expected some reaction.... any reaction of opposition.  But there was nothing but timid murmurs of disapproval, afraid of being called racists.   Angela Merkel and her cohorts are still in power perpetrating the destruction of European civilization ... 

Image result for IMAGES otters and science news blogspot otters fightingAfter decades of genocidal Arab terror against the Jewish nation you would expect Israelis to have a long-term plan to legally secure the land.  But no.  The rule for the Israeli government is to appease, to appease, and to appease some more.  No other country would regard heritage land as a commodity to be given away in exchange for a piece of paper.   But corruption runs deep among the Israeli elite. 

So in view of all of the above and much more, all I can say is that I've given up - and although I keep up with the news, I do it now with a great sense of detachment.  I'm watching the dismantlement of Western civilization - and if millions of those directly affected don't care, I won't either.

Hey! This Is Not the Creamy, Cooling Treat I Thought It Was!
I will probably post again, most likely on the subject of science.  But I need a break.  In the meantime I wish you visitors the best.  Enjoy life. 

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CONTINUE READING - including UPDATES on Diversity

The approaching new Dark Ages .... 

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Imported cultural enrichment in Europe.

WHEN I SAID WE WERE ENTERING A DARK AGE, it was not just a figure of speech.  The West has been duped by our leaders' use of slogans such as "diversity makes us strong" while putting western civilization in extreme peril. 
This imported culture is extremely fanatical in its designation of what is acceptable as literature, art, science, philosophy, and general cultural expressions.  It is already imposing its standards on the rest of us, thanks to the treasonous collaboration of the political leadership.
Saudi Arabia has everything money can buy (in the West), but they decapitate citizens  in public squares every week if they were charged with violating the laws of the kingdom. 
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 THE GUARDIAN:  Saudi Arabia criticised for 48 beheadings in four months of 2018
Saudi Arabia has executed 48 people in the past four months, half of them on non-violent drug charges, Human Rights Watch has said.
The US-based group urged the kingdom to improve what it called a “notoriously unfair criminal justice system”.
Saudi Arabia has one of the world’s highest rates of execution: suspects convicted of terrorism, homicide, rape, armed robbery and drug trafficking face the death penalty.
Rights experts have repeatedly raised concerns about the fairness of trials in the kingdom, which is governed by a strict form of Islamic law. The government says the death penalty is a deterrent for further crime.



Imported intolerance and violence.  African tribes settle their differences on the streets of Paris.

Bulletproof glass around the Eiffel Tower
THE NEW ANTI-TERROR FENCE around the Eiffel Tower. 
Set to be completed in mid-July, the fences cost nearly €35 million ($40.1m; £30.1m).   More than 240 people have died in terror attacks in France since 2015. Glass walls measuring 6.5cm (2.5in) thick will form two sides of the square, with the other two blocked off by 3.24m (10.6ft) high metal barriers, exactly one-hundredth the height of the tower. To prevent vehicle attacks, 420 blocks will be placed in front of the glass walls as an added protection.
VIA James Woods on Twitter

(But Israel continues to be vilified
for building anti-terror walls and fences.) 

Parisians are known to march and demonstrate for all kinds of reasons.  However, they have been silent regarding the destruction of their city and the eventual takeover of Europe by millions of migrants from Africa and the Middle East.  In the latest national election they elected Emmanuel Macron, who promised to pursue the very same migration policies as his predecessors.   

Demographic studies demonstrate that indigenous Europeans will become a minority in only a few decades.  Their reproductive rate is extremely low, while that of these new migrants is extremely high.  It's all about math, in the end, and about Europeans' own fatalistic surrender to their own demise.
There is opposition but it is restrained and ineffective.  The European elite rules with an iron fist to silence anti-migration dissent.

More Than 1,000 Europeans Murdered, Maimed in Attacks by Islamist Asylum Seekers Since 2014
Analysis by the Heritage Foundation  found that asylum seekers were involved in 32 of 194 Islamist plots that have targeted Europe over the past four years, resulting in 357 deaths and 1,678 injuries. 
Between January 2014 and December 2017, the attacks involving migrants who were seeking asylum accounted for 182 of the fatalities and 814 injuries, according to the Daily Mail.
Noting that the terror threat on the continent has soared since 2016, when German chancellor Angela Merkel opened Europe’s borders, the the U.S. think tank warned that mass migration from the Global South made it “disturbingly simple” for Islamic extremists to enter EU nations. 
“While only a minority of asylum seekers pose a security risk, the plots carried out by those exploiting migrant routes – in Paris, London, Berlin, Stockholm and elsewhere across Europe – demonstrate that even a low number of extremists can still cause huge amounts of damage,” said the report.

The above does not mention the billions of Euros spent in policing hundreds of thousands of migrants with Islamic background, the social damage done by migrant criminal gangs controlling parts of European cities, plus the ever rising welfare payments to a population that is over 90% unemployed and unemployable. 

CHILLING:   Former French president Sarkozy tells French citizens to interbreed with migrants from the Middle East and Africa, and to integrate them into business and society in general... OR ELSE ..... 
At another occasion he goes out of his way to reassure Arab countries that the West does not intend to interfere in their affairs and their culture.  Nothing is more dangerous, he says, than an injured and humiliated national identity. 
VIDEO - Sarkozy: Challenge of the 21st Century:
Racial Interbreeding 
(with English subtitles)
Video Source

Is the United Kingdom an Islamist Colony?

By Gatestone Institute

The United Kingdom, once an imperial power, now sounds more like a colonial vassal. The actions of British government officials suggest that the will of the government has collapsed in the face of terrorist and ideological assaults by the forces of political Islam.
The ideology is being spread by, among others, the Muslims Brotherhood, according to a major report of the British government itself.
The problem has become so widespread, it can now be asked if the British government has moved into a colonial mindset. In other words, the UK now appears to have the status of a dhimmi: those who live in Islamist conquered lands but through submission are allowed to keep their original faith.
The British government appears more willing to respond to the demands of the Islamist ideological offensive than it does to protecting its own subjects against mass rapes, honour killings, Female Genital Mutilation, terrorist attacks and the generalized oppression of women by Sharia councils (courts).
Read full article
Murders in London Overtake New York for First Time Since 1800 Under Sadiq Khan
London has now a non-white majority, and has elected a Pakistani Muslim as major.  Crime statistics are soaring. But it's not just terror and murder that afflict residents, but also acid attacks, knife attacks, and violent physical assaults in the pursuit of a crime. 

London has overtaken New York City for number of murders for the first time in over 200 years under the mayoralty of Labour’s Sadiq Khan


Police Say Britain Now a Global Capital
 for Acid Attacks

Police have revealed that Britain is one of the world’s worst countries for acid attacks, with more than 800 now recorded each year.
In the six months to April, more than 400 assaults using acid and other corrosive substances were reported — an average of two a day — but officers say this figure is likely just a fraction of the total number of acid attacks really taking place on Britain’s streets.





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