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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Sunday, July 3, 2016

SCHOOL INFLICTS SOUL-DESTROYING RACIAL ABUSE ON SIX YEAR OLDS IN NEW YORK CITY - The vile Democrat agenda of anti-white hate, abuse, and racism

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Building a future of racial hatred in America - with your tax dollars:  Bank Street School in New York City Isolates 6 Year-Old White Kids from Rest of Class – Tells Them They’re Racist and Privileged - Children come home crying.
Thanks to Democrats the left has institutionalized hatred and abuse against white children…  An “elite” New York School for children is separating white children as young as 6 and telling them they’re privileged and racist.

Liberals and non-white activists want to turn American whites into the same self-hating population with no dignity and no sense of self-preservation as Europeans. 

Indigenous Europeans allow migrants to run rampant in their cities, rape their women and children, and commit all kinds of crimes, because merely calling attention to such behavior has been deemed by the ruling leftist elite to be "racist".   
The New York Post reported:  At the Bank Street School for Children they’re teaching 6 year-olds they’re racist!   This is child abuse!
An elite Manhattan school is teaching white students as young as 6 that they’re born racist and should feel guilty benefiting from “white privilege,” while heaping praise and cupcakes on their black peers.

The question remains:  why are white parents still sending their kids to a school that is going to damage them emotionally and mentally, and that is in essence practicing racism?
Continue reading this and related articles on anti-white and anti-Jewish racism by Afro-Americans

Administrators at the Bank Street School for Children on the Upper West Side claim it’s a novel approach to fighting discrimination, and that several other private New York schools are doing it, but even liberal parents aren’t buying it.

So in response to parents' concern, administrators at the school claim that several other New York private schools, such as Riverdale Country School, Brooklyn Friends School and Little Red School House, are teaching a similar thing.
The teaching is applied to the K-8 school of 430 kids but parents say it 'deliberately instills in white children a strong sense of guilt', with some children reportedly coming home in tears saying they feel like a 'bad person'. 
A parent said: 'One hundred per cent of the curriculum is what whites have done to other races. They offer nothing that would balance the story.' 
They complain the K-8 school of 430 kids is separating whites in classes where they’re made to feel awful about their “whiteness,” and all the “kids of color” in other rooms where they’re taught to feel proud about their race and are rewarded with treats and other privileges.
bank street kids“Ever since Ferguson, the school has been increasing anti-white propaganda in its curriculum,” said a parent who requested anonymity because he has children currently enrolled in the school.
Bank Street has created a “dedicated space” in the school for “kids of color,” where they’re “embraced” by minority instructors and encouraged to “voice their feelings” and “share experiences about being a kid of color,” according to school presentation slides obtained by The Post.




U.S. Worries About Race Relations
 Reach a New High
U.S. Worries About Race Relations Reach a New High
 WASHINGTON, D.C. -- More than a third (35%) of Americans now say they are worried "a great deal" about race relations in the U.S. -- which is higher than at any time since Gallup first asked the question in 2001. The percentage who are worried a great deal rose seven percentage points in the past year and has more than doubled in the past two years. 
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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

he 4-minute, 28-second clip shows  McKnight getting into an altercation with a group of young black men next to a bus parked at Government SquareTHE BLACK-AGAINST-WHITE VIOLENCE in the USA cover up - Brutal assaults against whites in the first week of July 2015 - Crime statistics debunk the view of blacks as innocent victims of racism. - And whites are more likely to be killed by police than blacks.



VIRULENT ANTI-SEMITIC BLACK SOUTH AFRICA NOW EXPOSED FOR ITS VIOLENCE AGAINST FOREIGN MIGRANTS - Apartheid against foreigners by blacks thrives in South Africa, as well as the ongoing genocide against white farmers

Since the end of Apartheid, there has been a sharp surge in violent crime in South Africa, with an unprecedented rise in attacks against migrants and women. 

Perhaps the most important lesson that Africa has to offer America now is to show how viciously blacks treat other blacks and minorities in that continent, and how corrupt and inept are their ways of governing themselves. 
This lesson has gone unheeded by US blacks and by the liberal class, that invariably blame every single problem in the black community  - from crime to other social issues - on "white racism". 

In face of the ongoing raping and killing of white farmers, attacks on Chinese storekeepers, and the beating up and killing of African migrants, isn't this a time to boycott South Africa for perpetrating a new apartheid, asks writer Daniel Greenfield.   



The History of Black Anti-Semitism in America
Anti-Semitism has had a long history among African Americans. In the 1920s, for instance, the “buy-black” campaign of the black-nationalist leader Marcus Garvey was explicitly targeted against Jews, and Garvey later spoke admiringly of Adolf Hitler.

In February 1948 the black writer James Baldwin acknowledged how widespread anti-Semitism was in his community, writing: “Georgia has the Negro and Harlem has the Jew.”

The black pogrom against Jews in Brooklyn - Civil rights activist Al Sharpton is another prominent African American whose anti-Semitism has frequently been on public display.

In 1991, for instance, after anti-Semitic riots in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights section had erupted in response to a Hasidic Jew's accidental vehicular homicide of a black child, Sharpton organized angry demonstrations and challenged local Jews –– whom he derisively called "diamond merchants" –– to “pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house” to settle the score.
Stirred in part by such rhetoric, hundreds of Crown Heights blacks continued rioting for three days and nights, killing an innocent rabbinical student named Yankel Rosenbaum in the process.

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Black Crime Facts That
The White Liberal Media Daren’t Talk About
Police brutality targeting blacks will not subside until this becomes part of the national conversation. 
By Paul Joseph Watson
Despite the revelation that half of the officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray – the incident that led to the Baltimore riots – are black, the narrative that black people are being disproportionately and unfairly targeted by predominantly white police officers and a racist criminal justice system in the United States continues to dominate.
This has led to the growth of a divisive movement – ‘Black Lives Matter’ – which has only served to further polarize America down racial lines, obsessing on skin color and invoking white guilt, while ignoring the true causes of and solutions to police brutality.
Until the following facts become part of the conversation, we’re never going to see a real reduction in the number of violent confrontations involving black people and police officers. But the mainstream media, political leaders and white people in general are afraid to even mention these facts for fear of being labeled racist.
I’m not here to win any popularity contests. I genuinely care about less black people and less police officers dying in the streets. So I’m going to give it to you straight.
Black people in the United States are more likely to be victims of violent confrontations with police officers than whites because they commit more violent crimes than whites per capita.
FACT: Despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks commit around half of homicides in the United States. DOJ statistics show that between 1980 and 2008, blacks committed 52% of homicides, compared to 45% of homicides committed by whites.
More up to date FBI statistics tell a similar story. In 2013, black criminals carried out 38% of murders, compared to 31.1% for whites, again despite the fact that there are five times more white people in the U.S.
FACT: From 2011 to 2013, 38.5 per cent of people arrested for murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault were black. This figure is three times higher than the 13% black population figure.
When you account for the fact that black males aged 15-34, who account for around 3% of the population, are responsible for the vast majority of these crimes, the figures are even more staggering.
FACT: Despite the fact that black people commit an equal or greater number of violent crimes than whites, whites are almost TWICE as likely to be killed by police officers.
According to data from the Centers for Disease Control, between 1999 and 2011, 2,151 whites died as a result of being shot by police compared to 1,130 blacks.
Critics argue that black people are overrepresented in these figures because they only represent 13% of the population, but they are underrepresented if you factor in violent crime offenders.
In other words, you would expect the number of blacks and whites killed by police to be roughly equal given that they commit a roughly equal number of violent crimes, but that’s not the case. Whites are nearly 100% more likely to be victims.
And what about black on white violence in general?
FACT: Despite being outnumbered by whites five to one, blacks commit eight times more crimes against whites than vice-versa, according to FBI statistics from 2007.
A black male is 40 times as likely to assault a white person as the reverse. These figures also show that interracial rape is almost exclusively black on white.
“Even allowing for the existence of discrimination in the criminal justice system, the higher rates of crime among black Americans cannot be denied,” wrote James Q. Wilson and Richard Herrnstein in their widely cited 1985 study, “Crime and Human Nature.”
“Every study of crime using official data shows blacks to be overrepresented among persons arrested, convicted, and imprisoned for street crimes.”
It’s clear that the greater propensity for black people to commit violent crimes is a driving factor as to why blacks are becoming involved in more violent confrontations with police than their 13% population figure suggests they should be.
If the 911 calls are coming from black areas and are related to black people committing violent crimes, then of course black people are more likely to be involved in violent confrontations with cops.
Does that justify police brutality in cases such as Freddie Gray, Walter Scott or Eric Garner? No. But it does demolish the ‘Black Lives Matter’ narrative that the general trend of black people being victims of violent encounters with police is solely down to the fact that cops are racist towards black people.
Racism is a factor, but the statistics clearly show that it’s by no means the only factor, and some would argue not even the dominant factor.
But aren’t all these statistics undermined by the fact that black people are unfairly targeted and framed for crimes by police officers in the first place? Don’t higher arrest and conviction rates of blacks merely prove that police are racist?
This argument is debunked by looking at the proportion of offenders identified – not by police – but by victims – as black. The National Crime Victimization Survey shows that the number of blacks arrested generally correlates with the number of offenders identified as black by victims.
Studies suggest that the reasons behind blacks being more likely to commit violent crimes are the dual issues of poverty (which exacerbates family breakdown) and a sub-culture amongst the black community that is tolerant of and glamorizes crime and violence.
In the aftermath of the Ferguson and Baltimore riots, we saw the white metropolitan liberal media further legitimize this violence by openly justifying and even endorsing violent unrest that targeted mainly black-owned businesses.
This is true racism – by encouraging blacks to loot and riot, the white liberal media is helping to keep black communities in a cycle of destructive behavior that will lead to more police brutality targeted against black people.
Police brutality is a huge problem within the United States, and anyone that denies that fact is a part of the problem. But until we acknowledge and address the equally important issue of violent criminality within the black community, and until that becomes part of the national conversation, the issue is never going to be resolved.
And by failing to make these facts part of the conversation, black political leaders, protest organizers, and the white liberal media is complicit in perpetuating the chain reaction of violence that makes more police brutality against black people an inevitable outcome.
3 Out of 4 Racist Murders in America are Anti-White
By Daniel Greenfield
Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center,
is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.
Obama with his friend of many years, arch-anti-white, anti-America and anti-Semitic pastor Jeremiah Wright.  The president listened to his hate-filled sermons for years, and must have liked them because he kept coming back.
December 12, 2015 -  Frontpage magazine - An interesting note from the FBI hate crime statistics. In this case 3 out of 4 is literally true because there are 4 murders as bias crimes, 3 of them were Anti-White, only 1 was Anti-Black.
This is interesting because obvious murder is the top tier of crime and bias crime murders are fairly rare. There were only four total this year. Most of the victims were white.

Anti-Black hate crimes are highest where they involve various versions of assaults, what one might call street confrontations. Anti-White bias crimes are highest in more traditional areas of crime, such as theft, robbery.

It's been widely reported that the stats list anti-Semitic attacks as being a far more common problem than anti-Muslim attacks. What is also interesting is that if you dig into the numbers, the Islamophobia reports are dominated by the "Intimidation" category.

64 out of 178 anti-Muslim hate crimes involve "Intimidation". Most of the rest are categorized as "Vandalism". Bias Intimidation is a fairly slippery and subjective category. Which is also why it's one of the more common. Less than a sixth of anti-Semitic attacks are classified as Intimidation, but over a third of anti-Muslim attacks are.

If a prosecutor is being leaned on to fight the scourge of bigotry, he'll find some crimes where he can attach Intimidation. And Intimidation is the single highest category for anti-Muslim crimes.
NJ is one of the worst offenders when it comes to overprosecuting "Intimidation". It got so bad that the law was trashed by the NJ Supreme Court.
The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that the state’s unusual bias-intimidation law was unconstitutional, dealing a potential reversal to one of the most well-known hate crime prosecutions in recent history. 
The state’s statute on bias intimidation was the only one of its kind in the nation in saying that defendants can be convicted of bias intimidation if their victims “reasonably believed” they were harassed or intimidated because of their race, color, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. 
The court, the state’s highest, unanimously ruled that the 2001 statute was “unconstitutionally vague,” because it does not give defendants fair notice of when they are crossing the line to commit a crime.
This is scary stuff because it tosses out basic criminal justice standards and allows crimes to be defined based on what the victim thought. You can see how this was a boon to bringing a lot of false charges.

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