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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Friday, July 8, 2016

DEMOCRATS LEGACY OF RACIAL HATE - COPS MURDERED IN DALLAS - Problem of black racism and violence is endemic in AFRICA, where millions have died in genocides since independence

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Convenience store looted after attack...

Daily Mail:    'He wanted to kill white people, especially white officers': Police kill sniper after twelve cops were shot - and FIVE killed - during furious nationwide protests over U.S. police shootings of two black men that ended in a four hour stand-off 
Black Lives Jihad
Muslims behind the Black Lives Matter movement
to destabilize America
More videos by Wild Bill for America

Black Lives Matter founder is a Muslim

VIDEO - Paul Joseph Watson:
Evidence that Black Lives Matter is a racist terrorist organization
And how the White House and media have legitimized BLM

Perhaps the most important lesson that Africa has to offer America is to show how viciously blacks treat other blacks and minorities in that continent, and how corrupt and inept are their ways of governing themselves. 
This lesson has gone unheeded by US blacks and by the liberal class, that invariably blame every single problem in the black community  - from crime to other social issues - on "white racism". 

The case of South Africa:  There has been an ongoing persecution and murder of migrant workers from other African countries.  There is also  violence and murder against South African white farmers.  The mainstream media is silent about it.  An investigation found that black South Africans not only murder white farmers, but they subject them to gruesome torture:
Some have boiling water poured down their throats, some are burned with hot pokers, and some are hacked to death with machetes, or disemboweled. Several others have been tied to their own cars and dragged for miles.  (Read more on South African xenophobic violence further down this page.)
Africa has also been beset by black on black genocide since independence from colonial powers.  Millions have been massacred, and the killings and displacement of people go on to this day.  (More further down this page.)

It pays to incite anti-white racism in America 
The American left, which has been losing voter support in the past decades, has been struggling for extra votes in two ways:  by importing minorities that will be dependent on government assistance (Mexicans, Muslims), and by riling up the black community with an increased sense of victimhood and hate.
Modern times USA has never been so ethnically divided along its white/non-white lines as during the Obama administration. 
Minorities - from Mexicans to Muslims to Afro-Americans - have never been so openly racist and hateful in their activism - directly or indirectly encouraged by Democrats.  Symbols of nationhood such as the American flag and the Constitution have become "offensive" to minorities.
Think back to 2008, when the entire country, regardless of political affiliation, felt proud to have a black president.  Whites felt genuine good will towards president Obama and his family.
All that good feeling has been squandered away by relentless race baiting by Democrats and other leftists, who have encouraged groups with protected minority status, such as Muslims and Black Supremacists (Black Lives Matter movement), to go on an ever rising  anti-white hate campaign. 
The notion of personal responsibility has gone out the window to be replaced by racial victimhood and the demonization of white people.  A country cannot survive when divided by hate. 
2015 -African migrant worker
burned alive in one of many
 xenophobic attacks
by South African blacks
Police just stand and watch
Something that is NEVER mentioned is that African people are living under much worse conditions while ruled by their own race.  Their countries are beset by endemic tribal and religious strife that have resulted in MILLIONS of victims in the past decades. 
Slavery still exists in Muslim-ruled countries in Africa.  Abuse, exploitation, and mass murder are being perpetrated by Africans on other Africans.   They cannot blame all this on whites.  It is part of their own character and culture and goes back hundreds, thousands of years. 
Now they are inciting racial strife in America.  It is not just ghetto riots where they burn anything in sight.  This is more profound.  The fire of racial hatred against whites has been ignited deep within their souls, and won't be doused by appeasement.  On the contrary.  Appeasement will only reinforce and validate their sense of victimhood. 
Sometimes police seem to have a problem when handling suspects.  This may be due more to lack of training and inadequate selection of individuals for police work than with racism.  Many  victims of police violence are white.  So police will have to do their own reassessment of selection and practices.  An end to tickets given to fulfill police department quotas  would help too, since they result in a perception of harassment by the population. 
But there also needs to be soul searching in the black community, and a new sense of personal responsibility and appreciation for their country.  Whites cannot be perpetually blamed for all their shortcomings. 
No nation is perfect, but life for black people in America is far better than in any African country.   
Genocide and ethnic cleansing,
an everyday occurrence in Africa
1972  -  On 4 August 1972, then President of Uganda, Idi Amin, ordered the expulsion of his country's Asian minority, giving them 90 days to leave Uganda. Amin said that he had a dream in which Allah told him to order the expulsion. 

1962 - As the FLN fought for the independence of Algeria from France, it expelled the pied-noir population of European descent and Jews; most fled to France, where they had citizenship. In just a few months in 1962, 900,000 of these European descendants and native Jewish people left the country

1966 - The 1966 anti-Igbo genocide was a series of massacres directed at Igbo and other people of southern Nigerian origin living in northern Nigeria starting in May 1966 and reaching a peak after 29 September 1966.  During this period 30,000-50,000 Igbo civilians were murdered throughout northern Nigeria by Hausa-Fulani soldiers and civilians. These events led to the secession of the eastern Nigerian region and the declaration of the Republic of Biafra, which ultimately led to the Nigeria-Biafra war.   
1994 - Rwanda - 1,000,000 murdered
The 1994 massacre of nearly ONE MILLION Tutsis by Hutus, known as the Rwandan Genocide
Since 2003, Sudan has been accused of carrying out a campaign against several black ethnic groups in Darfur, in response to a rebellion by Africans alleging mistreatment. 
Sudanese irregular militia known as the Janjaweed and Sudanese military and police forces have killed an estimated 450,000, expelled around two million, and burned 800 villages.
In October 2006, Niger announced that it would deport Arabs living in the Diffa region of eastern Niger to Chad.[ This population numbered about 150,000.

Civil unrest in Kenya erupted in December 2007.  By January 28, 2008, the death toll from violence was around 800.  The UN estimated that as many as 600,00- people were displaced.

CONTINUE READING this and see RELATED ARTICLES on subjects that are deliberately ignored by the mainstream media

2011 - South Africa Ethnic Cleansing erupted on May 11, 2008.  Within three weeks there were 80,000 displaced.  The death toll was 62 with 670 injured.  The xenophobic riots targeted foreign workers from other African countries.

Central African Republic conflict - 2012 to present.  More than 1 million have been displaced.

South Sudan conflict - 2013 till present.  More than 700,000 have been displaced. 
LIST OF ETHNIC GROUPS in Africa  -  Hating "the other" has led to millions killed. 

Obama's Department of Justice (DOJ) - Words matter too.

  • Africans have massacred millions of fellow Africans in ongoing ethnic wars since independence from colonial powers.
  • Africans were traditionally engaged in capturing and enslaving other Africans.  During the Slave Trade they sold them to Muslim Arab slave traders.  That is how Africans ended up in America.
  • Muslim Africans are still enslaving other Africans.  In Mauritania, for example.
  • Afro-Americans continue to kill and victimize other Afro-Americans in their own communities. 
  • Black racism is also endemic throughout the world. 
  • Black anti-Semitism goes way back.  A safe way for them to be racist without repercussions. 
  • And anti-white racism is rising exponentially, in spite of whites having elected a black president, and extreme efforts to integrate blacks through affirmative action policies that openly discriminate against whites (such as college admissions, for example).  
Look at Africa
Afro-Americans blame whites for everything, but Africa itself has been constantly beset by genocide IN OUR TIME, long after they could blame it on colonial powers.  And genocidal tribal wars occurred long before the white man ever set foot in that continent.
War has been endemic to Africa since the dawn of time.  War was used to slaughter the enemy and to take captives as slaves. 

The Arab slave trade thrived because certain tribes would sell their captives to the Arabs.  Muslims also did their rounding up of men and women destined for slavery, but in many instances they did not need to bother because Africans themselves were eager to sell their captives into slavery.
Slavery - a tragic word in US history - has a much longer history in Africa.  Worse:  it is practiced to this day in Muslim-ruled countries in the continent, such as Mauritania.  Such slaves are raised like cattle.  Slavery is inherited from parent to child.  There is always a supply of slaves.
In our own time we have continuously read about ethnic conflicts in Africa that result in the death of millions.  This as our Afro-American neighbors decry racism in America.  African conflicts are not about a racist cop here and there.  They are mass slaughters that target entire communities - either religiously or ethnically motivated. 
Lately Muslims have raised the level of violence to their own particular standard of brutality, with groups such as ISIS and Boko Haram specializing in mass murder in the most gruesome manner possible.  Africans against Africans.
In addition, since independence from colonialism, Africans have launched themselves into recurrent orgies of ethnic killings targeting Africans, whites, and other minorities, such as Indians. 
South Africa, now that whites are no longer in charge, has become even more violent.  It is regarded as the rape capital of the world.  Whites, particularly white farmers, have been targeted for crimes that range from rape to gruesome slaughter. (See article on this page.)


BBC: In just 100 days in 1994, some 800,000 people were slaughtered in Rwanda by ethnic Hutu extremists. They were targeting members of the minority Tutsi community, as well as their political opponents, irrespective of their ethnic origin. 

French troops driving past Hutu militiamenOn the night of 6 April 1994 a plane carrying then President Juvenal Habyarimana, and his counterpart Cyprien Ntaryamira of Burundi - both Hutus - was shot down, killing everyone on board. Hutu extremists blamed the RPF and immediately started a well-organised campaign of slaughter. The Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) said the plane had been shot down by Hutus to provide an excuse for the genocide.

The Hutu extremists set up radio stations and newspapers which broadcast hate propaganda, urging people to "weed out the cockroaches" meaning kill the Tutsis. The names of those to be killed were read out on radio. Even priests and nuns have been convicted of killing people, including some who sought shelter in churches.

The genocide in Rwanda has directly led to two decades of unrest in DR Congo, which have cost the lives of an estimated five million people. 

Rwanda's government, now run by the RPF, has twice invaded DR Congo, accusing its much larger neighbour of letting the Hutu militias operate on its territory. Rwanda has also armed local Congolese Tutsi forces. In response, some locals have formed self-defence groups and the civilians of eastern DR Congo have paid the price.



South African blacks persecute and murder black migrant workers from other African countries, and perpetrate gruesome crimes against remaining white farmers
April 17, 1915  Xenophobic Attacks:   More than fifty foreign Africans killed or burnt alive by blacks South Africans

For the past few days more than fifty or more Africans have been killed or burnt alive by South Africans in South Africa because they don’t want to accommodate Africans from other regions of Africa in their land.   South African blacks also burned and looted businesses belonging to foreigners.  The South African Police stood and watched as lives were taken and properties destroyed.


The Gruesome Reality of Black South Africa
In July of 2012, Dr. Gregory Stanton, head of the nonprofit group Genocide Watch, conducted a fact-finding mission in South Africa.   He concluded that there is a coordinated campaign of genocide being conducted against white farmers, known as Boers.
 “The farm murders, we have become convinced, are not accidental,” Stanton contended.  "It was very clear that the massacres were not common crimes," he added -- especially because of the absolute barbarity used against the victims.
"We don’t know exactly who is planning them yet, but what we are calling for is an international investigation,” he added.  The number of farm murders, or "plaasmoorde" as it is called in Afrikaans, is staggering.
Over the last decade, it is estimated that at least 3000 Boers (2012 figures) have been killed. Estimating the number of murders is necessary because the ANC has banned crime statistics from being compiled, claiming they scare off foreign investment.
Moreover, the world knows little about the savagery that accompanies those killings. Many victims, including women and infant children, are raped or tortured before they are killed.
Some have boiling water poured down their throats, some are burned with hot pokers, and some are hacked to death with machetes, or disemboweled. Several others have been tied to their own cars and dragged for miles.

Read more
The media are not reporting it.  If you want to learn about it, unfortunately, you have to go to white supremacist websites, which also include pictures of white farmers (men, women, and children) tortured and murdered by black South Africans.  The mainstream media systematically censors all these reports. 
Random images of whites murdered by South African blacks can be seen here:  GOOGLE
Following is an example of how The Telegraph tiptoes on this unusually rare and restrained news report on the subject:
Spike in the number of killings of white South African farmers
"We are releasing the statistics because the government, particularly the police department, has been refusing to release any information about farm attacks since 2007," Ernst Roets, the deputy CEO of AfriForum, which represents mainly white commercial farmers, said.
The number of farm murders rose to 67 in 2014 from 62 the previous year.
Chris van Zyl, of Afriforum and the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU), said the majority of those attacked were white.
"We don't want to racialise it," he said. "All we are saying is that the vast majority of murder victims in the country are farmers. If we analyse the victims, the majority are white farmers."
The latest statistics come days after Afriforum set up a 24-hour phone line for farmers who complain the police often ignore their calls for help.
Also here:


5 December 2014
Dr. Greg Stanton of Genocide Watch Warns of Crime in South Africa
At a press conference at the Transvaal Agricultural Union today, Dr. Gregory Stanton, Founding President of Genocide Watch, warned that early warnings of genocide are still deep in South African society, though genocide has not begun.
.... Genocide Watch was the first international human rights organization to protest the murders and hate crimes committed against farmers in South Africa. 
Since his research trip in July 2012, Dr. Stanton said that hate crimes against Afrikaner farmers have not declined. 
The murder rate of the whole South African population remains at over 31 per 100,000. The murder rate of farmers, including Afrikaner farmers, is four times as high. 
The Institute of Security Studies estimated the farm murder rate at 120 per 100,000 in 2013, and the Transvaal Agricultural Union, using verified names of victims, placed the figure at 130 per 100,000 in 2013, one of the highest murder rates in the world.
Since 2007, the South African government has denied and covered up the crisis by not releasing any breakdown of how murders are distributed among ethnic groups in South Africa.  American and European governments have remained silent about the problem, reinforcing the campaign of denial.
The conviction rate has dropped from 32 percent ten years ago to about 22 percent today. 
The South African government must make stopping farm murders a priority.  30,000 commercial farmers supply most of South Africa’s food.  South Africa cannot afford to lose their long experience in management.  Training people once excluded from management will take several generations, not just a few years.
Read full text
THE ONGOING MUSLIM ARAB AFRICAN SLAVE TRADE and the ABSURD alliance of Afro-Americans with Muslims
- ISLAM sanctions slavery
- Muslims, particularly ARABS, still own African slaves
- Also: WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT "BLACK LIVES MATTER" now allied with MUSLIM organization CAIR
- A co-founder of BLM is a black Muslim woman who publicly expresses her desire to kill whites
Fighting back: Immigrants carrying machetes have clashed with police in a search for locals that attacked foreign shop owners in Durban
Apartheid against black foreigners by SA blacks thrives, as well as the ongoing genocide against white farmers

The History of Black Anti-Semitism in America
Anti-Semitism has had a long history among African Americans. In the 1920s, for instance, the “buy-black” campaign of the black-nationalist leader Marcus Garvey was explicitly targeted against Jews, and Garvey later spoke admiringly of Adolf Hitler.

In February 1948 the black writer James Baldwin acknowledged how widespread anti-Semitism was in his community, writing: “Georgia has the Negro and Harlem has the Jew.”
Read more
Mississippi KKK Conspiracy Murders June 21 1964 Victims Chaney Goodman Schwerner.jpgJews were at the forefront of the struggle for black civil rights.  They even died in the process. 
Photo of the two murdered Jews and a black friend.
Fifty years ago two Jewish young men were murdered by the KKK while campaigning for black civil rights in the South. 
In spite of historic Jewish pro-black activism, blacks have turned viciously against Jews.
Even the NAACP has erased the name of its Jewish founder .
BLACK AMERICAN ANTI-SEMITISM, INGRATITUDE AND BETRAYAL - Writer who fought along with many other Jews for Afro-American civil rights looks back feeling betrayed - Although quick to denounce "racism", blacks have a long history of anti-Semitism in America.
A much heavier Alan Sharpton led a pogrom against Jews in New York in 1991 that lasted for days.  Attacks by Afro-Americans against Jews continue to this day.
Read more
  • Twelve police officers were shot - and five killed - during a Dallas, Texas Black Lives Matter protest Thursday night
  • Police killed one suspect with a robotic bomb, after a four-hour standoff at a nearby college 
  • Before he died, suspect Micah Xavier Johnson told a hostage negotiator that he acted alone, was upset about the recent police-shootings of two black men and wanted to kill white people - 'especially white officers'
  • Seven other officers (including two female cops) and two bystanders are among the injured 
  • Gunfire broke out just before 9pm Central Time as protesters marched against the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile this week
  • One or multiple gunmen fired from an 'elevated position', picking off officers 'ambush style'
  • Gruesome footage shows a cop being shot execution-style by a gunman as he rampaged through city
  • Three other suspects - in addition to Johnson  - were taken into custody 
  • Two of them are being questioned after speeding away from the scene in a black Mercedes

    7pm: Crowd of protesters gather at Belo Garden off Main Street in downtown Dallas 
    8:59pm: Just before 9pm, the first shots are heard and protesters flee the scene
    9:05pm: Video captures gunshots ringing out and officers yelling 'active shooter' around the area of San Jacinto and Griffin streets
    9:35pm: First officer is reported down.
    9:40pm: Two officers down.
    10:23pm: DART police reports four of their officers were shot, including one who died, Brent Thompson.
    10:29pm: Chief David Brown reports 10 officers were shot by two snipers and that three of those officers died
    10:53pm: Authorities raise number of officers shot to 11.
    11:10pm: Shots fired at El Centro College parking garage in stand-off between police and a suspect.
    11:13pm: Dallas police announce that a fourth officer has died.
    11:27pm: Police say a female suspect has been taken into custody.
    1:35am: Police flash-bang device goes off at the scene of the stand-off at El Centro College.
    1:47am: Fifth officer reported down.
    3:06am: Suspect in stand-off is confirmed dead.
    The shooting started at 8.45pm as hundreds of protesters marched through Dallas demanding justice for two black men shot dead by police earlier this week 
    It is  the deadliest day for U.S. law enforcement since the 9/11 attacks. Officers have shown respect to their slain colleagues with a salute outside Parkland Hospital

    Dallas cop killed in attack survived three tours in Iraq
    Dallas Police Officer Patrick Zamarripa, a married father of a 2-year-old daughter, survived three combat tours of Iraq — but was gunned down in his city during the bloody assault on law enforcement.

    News source on the Dallas shooting 

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