A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Monday, November 30, 2015

FRENCH CITIZENS THINK THEY CAN DEFEAT TERROR WITH SONGS AND FLOWERS - Sensing this state of mind, far right National Front leader MARINE LE PEN has mellowed her message turning it into a contradictory and unworkable mix - Watch her video berating Muslim fundamentalism, while extending a hand in friendship to IRAN, of all places, just because it fights ISIS, although IRAN is a sponsor of terror too

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FRENCH CITIZENS FIGHT MUSLIM TERROR BY PLAYING JOHN LENON'S "IMAGINE" (a world with no borders), by swearing that they will continue with their laid back French way of life as if nothing had happened, by singing the national anthem, and by crying and laying flowers for the victims.
What if the world had reacted the same thing in face of Nazi terror?  Bombing a few ISIS sites in the Mideast will do nothing as long as the enemy is already INSIDE Europe. 
Pianist plays "Imagine" in a Parisian street, as a response to the Muslim slaughter of French citizens.  Something wrong with this picture?
National Front leader Marine Le Pen reacts.  Sensing this suicidal state of mind among the French and Europe in general, the leader of the formerly far-right National Front has mellowed her message too.  

She now makes the false distinction between radical and moderate Islam, and extends a hand in friendship to Muslim countries notorious for their abuse of human rights. 
But as Turkey's president Erdogan has said, there is no  such thing as moderate Islam, there is only Islam.  You either believe in what the Koran says, or you don't, and if you don't, you are not a true Muslim. 
On the following video she blames the Paris attacks not on "terrorism" - which she calls the murderer's weapon - but on the assassin, Islam's fundamentalism.  
VIDEO:  Marine Le Pen
 at the European Parliament on Islam and terror.

She says that up until now French politicians have avoided naming the enemy, and until they do, they will be unable to fight it.   
Perhaps you are embarrassed to name the enemy, she says, because of your close friendships and alliances with the enemy - such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar (well known sponsors of international terrorism) - or look closely at Turkey's ambiguity in dealing with ISIS.    These friendships and alliances, she adds, make France an ally of Islamist fundamentalism, rather than its enemy.

Next she proposes that France must change its alliances, making all those who fight Islamic fundamentalism its allies without any reservations.  But then she names these countries that according to her should be France's allies, including Muslim countries such as EGYPT, THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, and IRAN. 

IRAN?  IRAN, Madame Le Pen?  Watch 2.16 minutes into the video and shake your head in astonishment.  Iran is one of the most fundamentalist and bellicose countries in the world.  It has been behind many acts of mass terror in the West, and its leaders routinely vow to annihilate Israel, while mobs of hundreds of thousands call for Death to America, Death to Israel.  

To say nothing of Iran state's fundamentalism that perpetrates mass beheadings and denies basic human rights to women, minorities, and the population in general.  That oppressive country Marine Le Pen deems worthy of being an ally of France.  And although she names Russia as a country fighting fundamentalist terror, she is careful not to mention ISRAEL, which has been bearing the brunt of it for decades with thousands of Israelis killed and maimed in the name of Allah.  

Next Marine Le Pen attacks France's "imbecile politics" of mass Muslim immigration that have brought communitarianism/sectarianism into the country - a fertile ground for Islamic fundamentalism recruiting.  She makes clear she does not accuse all migrants of being terrorists, but only those extremists who have infiltrated the immigrant community.  

She says Europe is now incapable of stopping or controlling the flood of migrants at this moments, and of checking their true identities, because the European Union has imposed austerity measures so severe on the continent that countries have been forced to cut down on police, border guards, and armed forces  - rendering them incapable of protecting national borders or dealing with terror.  The passports that migrants bring with them are not fake, as it has been suggested. They are legitimate and issued by none other than ISIS in Syria.    
She says that France has had enough of the EU bureaucracy telling citizens what to do, and that France must regain its sovereignty.  Those actions by the EU she regards as "criminal". 
French President Francois Hollande welcomes Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at the Elysee Palace before attending a unity rally “Marche Republicaine” on January 11, 2015 in Paris in tribute to the 17 victims of a three-day killing spree by homegrown Islamists. (Photo credit: AFP/ DOMINIQUE FAGET
French president Hollande fights terror by embracing arch-terrorist, Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas, the financial mastermind of the Munich Olympics massacre of Israeli athletes, and inveterate inciter to terror against Jews.  The encounter took place at an anti-terror march organized after the Muslim terrorist attack on French Jews and Charlie Hebdo cartoonists last January.  Most probably Marine Le Pen also thinks that killing Jews is not terror.
France’s ambassador to US: Paris jihad terrorists first hit “Jews,” then “ordinary citizens”

According to the French government's view, as long as terrorists hit Jews, that's no big deal and they may even deserve it 

It's only when Muslim terrorists hit non-Jewish French citizens that the act officially becomes "terror". 

Last week, French citizens residing in America received a letter from Gérard Araud, France’s ambassador to the US, responding to the tragic event in Paris on November 13.

The letter expressed horror in the face of the coordinated ISIS attacks on innocent people, without mentioning the name of the terrorist organization, and an appeal for unity and solidarity during these trying times.
After expressing solidarity with the people of France and praising the United States and President Obama for “being on our side in the fight against extremism and terrorism,” Araud wrote:
“These are the foundations of our model of society that the terrorists seek to destroy: Yesterday journalists and Jews; now ordinary citizens whose only crime was to enjoy life on a Friday night in Paris.” 

The implication is that the journalists provoked the attack by drawing Muhammad, and the Jews provoked the attack just by being Jews.  Ordinary citizens, however, did not deserve it.  
EUROPE FIGHTS MUSLIM TERROR by boycotting Jewish goods from Israel

EUROPE DECIDES TO LABEL AND BOYCOTT JEWISH GOODS from Israeli Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem on the anniversary of KRISTALLNACHT, the Nazi pogrom against German Jews of November 9, 1938.
In the following video journalist Paul Joseph Watson agrees with Turkey's president Erdogan.  There is no such thing as moderate Islam.  And he tells you why.
Continue reading and see references

Sunday, November 29, 2015


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ISIS - a geographically and ideologically expanding Muslim terrorist army - has been wrecking havoc for years, and yet the mightiest military power in the world, the USA, has been hesitant to wipe it out.  Why?
ISIS Toyota
There is much the US could have done to weaken them into insignificance, but it has chosen not to.   The world looks on with astonishment as until recently 75% of US planes came back from bombing runs into ISIS-controlled territory without dropping a single bomb
And when American pilots do bomb ISIS these days - shamed by Russia - the White House makes sure ISIS receives leaflets with advance notice so that no ISIS fighter (called 'civilians' by the White House) is injured.
Hezbollah terrorist with missile
Hezbullah missile
Incidentally, Putin is no hero in fighting ISIS.  His main interest is to carve out a Middle East area of influence for Russia by preserving the rule of Syria's president Assad.
Putin's actions will ensure the further empowerment of Assad's two other allies:  Iran and Hezbullah.
Neither Iran nor Hezbullah are friendly to the West.  Iran with its nuclear bombs in the making, often calls for death to America, and threatens Israel with complete annihilation.  And the Lebanon-based Shiite terror army Hezbullah has 150,000 rockets aimed at Israel alone.   
Muslim Nazi Hezbullah army - President Assad's ally
There are no good guys in this conflict. 
ISIS and assorted Jihadists on one side, and Hezbullah and Iran on the other.  All of them with genocidal intentions against the West and Israel.  
There are no perfect solutions either.  As long as there is Islam there will be war between Shia and Sunni Muslims (each thinks the other is illegitimate), and between Muslims and everyone else - because the Koran and Hadith mandate good Muslims to conquer the world by jihad and slaughter the Infidel. 
What Russia is getting out of meddling into this conflict is a temporary role of influence in the Middle East.  Just temporary.  The ME is always in flux.  All western powers who thought they were manipulating Muslims for their own advantage have been proved wrong, and their efforts have invariably backfired.
The Golan Heights
Western political elites' insane manipulative schemes can be best illustrated by the fact that the White House still pursues the handing over of the Israeli Golan Heights to Syria. 
This area that was liberated from Syria by Israel in the defensive war of 1967 would - according to US and EU policies - be better off in the hands of assorted Jihadi groups that dominate Syria, than under Israel's sovereignty. 
The Israeli Golan is an island of peace and civilization for Jews and Arabs living there, while acts of war and terror explode every single day across the border with Syria.   
Golan is the area in blue on the map. The grey diagonal lines are an area of separation.  If Muslims were to control the Israeli Golan, they could have extraordinarily easy access to Israel by land and by water (Sea of Galilee).  A Muslim Golan is what the White House envisions if it can bully Israel into surrendering it.   
As you read the following analysis by Prof. Gil-White, please keep in mind the wider context:  how the political elites in the European Union and in the White House are facilitating the empowering of Islam in the West (under the cover of tolerance and multiculturalism), AND the Muslim invasion of the West (under the cover of compassion for "refugees").   

Historical and Investigative Research
(research assistance:
Ricardo Sánchez Ambrosi & Arnulfo Quintero)
ISIS attacks Paris, all eyes on ISIS: a gang of terrorists that lord a chunk of the Middle East and claim to be ‘a State.’  Out of nowhere they came, it seems.   But any hat trick needs misdirection — the magician’s trade. Now you see it, now you don’t.   Case in point: strike terror in Paris, capture the attention, erase history.

ISIS was US policy. It was brewing since 2003, when the US invaded Iraq and ‘gifted’ Iraqis with jihadist terrorism that set the US-military prison system to overflowing, becoming a “jihadi university,” as the general in charge called it.
When “jihadi university” graduates produced ISIS, and ISIS produced the Syrian Civil War, the US helped them again.

Pay attention, or you won’t see the next trick coming.  After ISIS claimed responsibility for a massive terror attack in Paris, Margot Wallstrom, on Swedish television, explained the radicalization of European Muslims thus: “Palestinians see that there isn’t a future.”[1]
A conditioned response, as old as the West. Something bad happened? Blame a Jew. And don’t you worry about making sense.  Wallstrom can do better. It is her job to do better: she is the Swedish foreign minister. If she would only deputize someone from her staff to do a few hours research she would find—in the publicly available sources—the real cause of ISIS and its violence. (But perhaps she’s done that already…)
How the US created ISIS
I shall here briefly summarize what a few hours of research taught me: 
Continue reading, including updates including Congressional Benghazi commission results pointing to the White House secret gun-running operation in Libya - all to ISIS benefit.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

ADORABLE PLUMPED-UP SQUIRRELS - Have been busy fattening up for the winter

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Jim Middelton, North Bay, Ontario

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Friday, November 27, 2015

STUDY: TABLE SALT CONTAMINATED BY PLASTIC MICROBEADS - Sea salt is the worst, but even lake and rock salt and well salt are contaminated by processing machinery - Fragments can penetrate cells and cause tissue damage - Plastic microbeads are also poisoning sea creatures, including the fish you eat

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What the following article from the Daily Mail fails to mention is that the US, Britain, Russia, and other countries have been dumping RADIOACTIVE WASTE into the ocean for decades. 
Japan continues to flush highly contaminated nuclear waste from the damaged Fukushima nuclear reactor into the sea.  Ocean currents are spreading that poison all over the Pacific and beyond. 
Sea salt collected from the Mediterranean coast or the French Atlantic coast, among many other places, could be contaminated by radioactive particles as well.  See references at the end of this page.
The hidden PLASTIC lurking in your food: Hundreds of tiny micro beads have been found in sea salt - and we swallow 1,000 every year
  • Plastic particles polluting the oceans are found in sea salt for the first time 
  • Tiny beads are formed from waste plastic, facial scrubs and exfoliants 
  • Plastic beads are also found in rock salt processed in sea salt factories
  • Even well, lake, and rock salts are contaminated with plastic beads by processing machinery. 
  • Scientists also found a new type of sedimentary rock is forming from the plastic mixing with sand and other materials on beaches.
  • Some lab tests have shown that nano-sized plastic fragments can even enter cells and cause tissue damage. 
  • There is an ongoing campaign to BAN MICROBEADS from consumer products

  • Waste plastic in the oceans has reached such a level that it is even contaminating sea salt, according to American scientists. A stock image of workers collecting sea salt from the dry ponds in Thailand is shown
    Waste plastic in the oceans has reached such a level that it is even contaminating sea salt, according to American scientists. A stock image of workers collecting sea salt from the dry ponds in Thailand is shown
    Almost five million tons of plastic is thought to be dumped in the oceans every year and now the waste is even contaminating sea salt, scientists claim.
    Studying salt manufactured in China, the researchers discovered hundreds of microscopic plastic particles in every kilogram of salt.  This means the average consumer swallows around a thousand tiny plastic beads every year.

    Continue reading, and learn about campaign to ban microbeads

    Thursday, November 26, 2015

    PALESTINIAN POET ASHRAF FAYADH SENTENCED TO DEATH by Saudi Arabia for abandoning Islam - Now Saudis sue TWITTER user for saying they are like ISIS - APOSTASY, or abandoning Islam, is punishable by death according to the Koran - Saudis fund radical mosques in the West - Saudis are the third largest donor to Clinton Foundation, according to book. ----- UPDATE ----- A BELGIAN-SAUDI DEAL may have led to terror attacks in Paris and in other parts of Europe

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  • Ashraf Fayadh has been convicted of apostasy over poems he published
  • A complaint was made against the poet to Saudi Arabia's religious police
  • Prosecutors managed to secure the death penalty following a second trial
  • Fayadh is a Palestinian poet living in Saudi Arabia
  • Now Saudi authorities are hunting a Twitter user who criticised the harsh sentence  
  • By June Saudi authorities had decapitated over 100 people  this year alone. 
  • Saudi Arabia is considered a MODERATE Islamic state, and has been regarded as a CLOSE ALLY OF US presidents Bush and Obama.
  • UPDATE - How Saudi Arabia's influence unleashed the terror attack in Paris  - What a deal between a Belgian king and the Saudi royals brought into Europe.

  • Embedded image permalink

     BEHEADINGS IN SAUDI ARABIA are a weekly spectacle at public squares, where the public, including children, are encouraged to attend. Saudi Arabia is regarded as a "moderate" Muslim state by the US and EU governments.
    The Saudi Arabian government is planning to sue a Twitter user who compared the Kingdom to ISIS over plans to execute a Palestinian poet who abandoned his Muslim faith. 
    Palestinian artist Ashraf Fayadh is facing the death penalty in Saudi Arabia after he was accused of abandoning his Muslim faith following a complaint to the country's religious police who looked at his poetry
    Saudi justice officials have not officially said what they want to do to the social media user who was outraged over plans to kill Ashraf Fayadh.
    Local newspaper Al-Riyadh quoted a government source who said: 'The justice ministry will sue the person who described ... the sentencing of a man to death for apostasy as being "ISIS-like".'
    However, criticising the Saudi regime within the Kingdom is particularly dangerous as it is regarded as a serious criminal offence with especially harsh penalties. 

    The un-named Twitter user was commenting on the death sentence handed down to Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh who was arrested by the country's religious police in 2013 in Abha, south west Saudi Arabia.  

    Continue reading, and see related articles

    Tuesday, November 24, 2015

    GERMAN SHEPHERDS AND SIBERIAN TIGERS - BEST FRIENDS at a Slovakian animal sanctuary - Siberian tigers are endangered and facing extinction due to hunting in Russia

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    Suria the Siberian tiger was bred at the wildlife sanctuary and has grown up alongside Jenny the German shepherd, right
    Best friends forever.

  • Suria the Siberian tiger lives at a Slovakian wildlife sanctuary along with her four-month-old cub, Sunny 
  • The two-year-old tiger is close friends with a pack of three German shepherds called Blacky, Hugo and Jenny
  • The animals were all born at the Oasis wildlife sanctuary in Senec, Slovakia run by big cat expert Yveta Irsova
  • According to volunteers, the sanctuary is part of a breeding programme to help save the Siberian Tiger  
  • The oasis opened in 1999 and houses 28 tigers, 23 of which were born there
  • The Siberian tiger is facing extinction because of hunting and a loss of its natural habitat in its native home in far eastern Russia

  • See more delightful images of these animals at play

    Monday, November 23, 2015


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    Western countries swear that all they need to do to be safe is to thoroughly vet their immigrants for possible links to terror.
    What they still don't want to admit, however, is that no matter how clean the record of Muslim immigrants is, there is a very high possibility that their children will be radicalized and will murder the same people that gave them asylum.  That is the problem.  Most of the latest Muslim terrorist operating in Europe now are EUROPEAN BORN. 
    An almost empty Grand Place central square in Brussels shows the impact of the security crisis which has gripped Belgium
    An almost empty Grand Place central square in Brussels shows the impact of the security crisis which has gripped Belgium
    For many years Europeans seemed indifferent to the many acts of Muslim terror against Jews.  Jews still don't matter in Europe.   But now NON-JEWS are the target, and they're scared. 
    Following are pictures of Brussels terrified into silence and cowering in their homes because of Muslim terror.   European cities have become WAR ZONES  -  a self inflicted situation brought about by the EU policy of open borders and welcome mat for millions of Muslim migrants.  The enemy is already inside, armed and dangerous. 
    Don't be fooled by the appearance of a large and ubiquitous presence of armed forces.   Belgium, like the rest of Europe, continues to welcome Muslim migrants with open arms and to give them free rein in their neighborhood enclaves, while political leaders still repeat their mantra that terror has nothing to do with true Islam.  Behind the tough anti-terror talk and impressive military display, there is still a hidden political agenda to replace the indigenous European population with a Muslim one.
    Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said the decision to keep Brussels on lockdown was based on 'quite precise information about the risk of an attack like the one that happened in Paris'
    Shopping mall empty of customers.  The economy and tourism will be collateral damage from this latest wave of Muslim terror in EuropeMUSLIMS KILL EUROPEANS, EUROPE BOYCOTTS THE JEWS  This at a time when the European Union, headquartered in Brussels, has decided to label and boycott Jewish goods coming from Biblical areas in Israel, in solidarity with Muslim Arab terrorists in that country.  
    Daily Mail - Ghost town Brussels: Schools shut, shops deserted and metro closed as Belgium remains on lockdown after 21 are arrested in hunt for world's most wanted - who is seen 'heading towards Germany in a BMW'
  • Belgium's terror threat alert was raised to its highest level and troops were deployed to the capitals' streets
  • Anti-terror police and soldiers last night carried out raids, leading to 21 arrests at 22 properties in Brussels 
  • Fears remain that Paris-style terror attack is 'imminent' in the city, resulting in the shutting of metro and schools
  • Authorities have stepped up hunt for Paris jihadi Salah Abdeslam, who is spotted 'heading to Germany in BMW'

  • See more images, and read column by Mark Langfan on how Europe rewards terror, and one by Giulio Meotti on the EU blaming Israel for Muslim terror.


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  • Zeus the Pit Bull Terrier stood by the side of his companion Athena
  • She got her paw trapped on fence in Fulton County, Georgia
  • Zeus barked incessantly for two days, and managed to attract rescuers
  • The two have proved inseparable in an animal shelter, where they are up for adoption 
  • Loyalty: Zeus the Pit Bull Terrier is circled, waiting with his 'girlfriend', Athena, who got her back right paw caught on this chain link fence
    She was just tall enough to stand on her forepaws while dangling in agony in a rural part of Fulton County, Georgia.
    Recovering: Athena is pictured at the Atlanta LifeLine Animal Project, where she and Zeus are up for adoption
    She was saved by animal rescuers, but only because Zeus stayed by her through the ordeal and attracted their attention with his incessant barking.  The two terriers were taken in by a local animal shelter and have been inseparable while Athena recovers.
    A spokesman for the Atlanta LifeLine Animal Project, which named the two dogs after Greek deities, said: 'We received a call from someone saying there was a dog hanging by her toe on a fence and that she had been there for two days.
    'They knew this because someone had mentioned seeing them two days prior, but didn't tell the caller until the day they called us.  'Standing by the dog we named Athena was a boy we named Zeus.'
    'Zeus barked nonstop for help until someone finally found out about them and called us.  Zeus did not want Athena out of his sight. He cried and barked so loudly when we took her back to the vet trailer for treatment, that we had to bring him back and put him in the cage beside her. Athena also couldn't be taken outdoors to the play yard without Zeus.
    Continue reading

    Saturday, November 21, 2015

    CHRISTIAN TRIBAL CONFLICTS IN EUROPE STILL SIMMER, and now we add ISLAM to the mix - The unresolved Christian tribal disputes in Belgium, Spain, the UK, and the rest of Europe - But ANGELA MERKEL assures us that Muslims can integrate well into their European societies, in spite of already existing NO-GO ZONES under Sharia law, and recurrent acts of MUSLIM TERROR

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    The other day a small news item caught my attention because it is relevant to the current situation in Europe, under a steady flood of Muslims into the continent, and the ongoing Muslim terror wave that has shocked us all. 
    All this while European governments swear that the new migrants will eventually integrate peacefully and productively into the larger Christian community. 
    But European history disproves such idealistic - or shall we say outright DECEPTIVE - notion.  There are countless issues of conflict among Christian ethnic groups within Europe - and some of them have reached notoriety for their violence, such as the Basques and the Irish. 
    Italy's South Tyrol: where an identity crisis lingers
    Italy's South Tyrol: where an identity crisis lingers
    The stunning mountainous region of South Tyrol, or Alto Adige, has been part of Italy for almost 100 years. 

    But many of those among the population of 511,000 still don’t feel Italian. In fact, identity is a delicate talking point, as The Local discovers.
    It’s easy to feel disorientated when arriving in the country’s richest region, which was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until it was annexed by Italy after the First World War, as part of Rome's reward for entering the conflict on the winning side.  Although the area is officially bilingual, 75 percent of the population speak German, and people seem uncomfortable conversing in Italian.
    People tend to cling to their ethnic roots, and no amount of government propaganda or the redrawing of borders can shift their loyalties.   How can anyone argue that Muslims will experience a sudden new sense of loyalty and attachment to their European countries, particularly considering the history of bloody conflict between Europe and Islam. 
    Here are some examples of lingering conflict between Christian tribes in Europe:  

    South Tyrol is not a unique case.  European borders have been drawn and redrawn many times through history, most often after bloody conflicts where the local populations had no say whatsoever. 
    But some of the centuries-old tribal attachments are strong and still linger and simmer in resentment at being forced to be part of a different national identity.  
    The European Union was not a solution.  The EU - aside from its economic agenda - was intended to prevent more wars.  However, the EU has morphed into a tyranny where individual countries have no say, and much of their life and fate are decided by an unelected bureaucracy in Brussels, Belgium.
    The case of Belgium.  Curiously enough, Belgium itself suffers from chronic tribal conflict, as the two main ethnic groups there, the Flemish and the French, speak separate languages, do not like each other, and would like to divorce.  However they find themselves trapped in a marriage they both hate. 
     Northern Ireland terrorists.
    The case of Northern Ireland.  The UK was rocked by bombs and repeated acts of carnage until just recently, with Northern Ireland's violent resistance to English domination. 
    Although both tribes are Christians, one is Catholic, the other Protestant, and both have a long history of brutal war between them.  Their mutual animosity remains unresolved.
    The case of Scotland.  Scots are agitating to separate from the United Kingdom and to exercise full sovereignty over their land.  The separatist movement is strong and may soon succeed in achieving its goal.
    The case of Spain.  The Spanish government is now struggling to suppress the partition of the country, as the Catalonians have already voted to separate from Spain to form their own independent country.
    ETA terror
    The case of the Basque nation.  Straddling both Spain and France, the Basques are a distinct ethnic group. 
    According to Wikipedia, the Basque separatist movement ETA has murdered 821 people since 1968.
    The image on the right is a propagandistic poster for the Basque ETA separatist movement.
    The case of Central and Eastern Europe would fill pages with the many unresolved conflicts derived from border changes, forced absorption of different populations into nation states, and the ongoing resentments by local minorities caught within.
    The aftermath of World War II precipitated one of the most radical border changes in history, mostly to punish Germans, but many other groups were affected.  
    Love your neighbor as yourself is one of the basic tenets of Christianity.  However, the European populations that have been hating and slaughtering each other for centuries are Christian, or at least have a Christianity-derived culture dating back more than a thousand years. 
    Barely at peace, Europe invites terror along with the most bellicose religious group in the world - Islam - into their midst.
    Adding to this powder keg of internecine European conflict, the EU has now added the Muslim ingredient - fully aware that Muslims have a history of brutal and bloody violence since the inception of Islam in the Arabian peninsula in the seventh century.
    Source: Dr.. Bill Warner - Tears of Jihad -
    This Muslim ethos of violence and intolerance is fully illustrated by the current conflagration in the Middle East, by decades of terror against Israel, by fourteen centuries of genocide against non-Muslim populations in Asia and Africa, and by carnage still being inflicted against each other in Shiite-Sunni factional war of succession dating back to the death of Mohammed.
    Muslim Europe is already here.  There are parts of Europe that are not accessible to the forces of order, having become Muslim enclaves run by sharia law. 
    Marseille is already a Muslim city, and Sweden is rapidly surrendering to Islam.  The Swedish city of Malmo has a Muslim majority. 
    Entire Muslim-populated suburbs of Paris and other French cities are off-limits to police and non-Muslims.  They are called No-Go Zones (Zones de securite prioritiaires). 
    Carte des zones de sécurité prioritaires ZSP en France. ©
    They keep adding new zones (red).  Old ones are in purple. This map is recent,
    but it is missing the port of Calais, where migrants rule "the Jungle"
     where thousands camp while waiting to cross into Britain.
    Hitler was allowed to rise to power and wreak havoc because of the weakness, stupidity, and miscalculations of Britain, France, and other European countries.  Western ruling elites saw Nazism as a useful tool to stop the influence of Communism in Europe. 
    By the time they realized what they had done, it was too late and the Nazi machine was unstoppable.  It took millions of lives - Allied, German, and the victimized populations (six million Jews among them) - before his Third Reich came to an end. 
    What could possibly go wrong now?  Muslims are being invited to Europe to replace the shrinking indigenous population.  It will be good for the economy, Angela Merkel and her cohorts assure us. 
    With approximately 53 million Muslims in Europe already, thousands pouring in every day, and producing large number of children who feel alienated and hate Western culture, what could possibly go wrong ...
    In the following short video watch the fascinating change of borders through the centuries.  See how entire areas are gobbled up by one country or another, again and again.   See how Poland suffers the brunt of these changes, sometimes disappearing altogether.
    FROM 1000 AD to present
    Continue reading, see more videos, related articles, and references