A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Friday, November 20, 2015

POLICE DOG DIESEL KILLED BY MUSLIM TERRORISTS DID NOT VOLUNTEER FOR THE JOB - BETRAYED AND SACRIFICED FOR NOTHING because jihadists are still allowed to flood into Europe - See INFOGRAPHIC showing where and when DIESEL was killed. - We honor Diesel's memory and that of so many other K-9s killed by terrorists and criminals - Read article by Daniel Greenfield on why Muslims hate dogs.

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Much as we admire police dogs for their selfless work and sacrifice in the line of duty, these animals never volunteered for the job.  They do it out of loyalty and love for their handlers.  THEY DO NOT DESERVE to be sacrificed this way. 
Diesel, a seven-year-old Belgian shepherd, was a member of the SWAT team which stormed an apartment block in the Parisian suburb of St-Denis yesterday morning during an anti-terror raid
 Final moments: Diesel (centre)  is seen being led towards the flat to sniff out booby traps minutes before she was killed by a jihadi bride who came out firing an AK-47 at police then detonated her suicide vest
 Diesel trustingly walks to her death at the time of the raid.

Five thousand bullets were shot in the raid against a Muslim terrorist den in St. Denis, just outside Paris.  Why take a dog to such a violent confrontation?  What use can a frightened dog be - no matter how well trained - in such a situation?
Now the web is full of sentimental tributes to this poor animal.  But she did not die for her country, or for freedom, or anything like that.  She was recruited with love only to be BETRAYED AND SACRIFICED FOR NOTHING. 
In spite of constant threats and acts of Muslim terror, European governments are STILL flooding the continent with more and more jihadists and potential jihadists disguised as migrants and asylum seekers.  
DIESEL died for nothing. 
Continue reading, see pet dog online tributes to Diesel, an infographic explaining the raid where Diesel died, touching images of US soldiers serving overseas and their loving friendships with local dogs in times of war, as well as an article by Daniel Greenfield on why Muslims hate dogs.

Many shared messages praising Diesel's loyalty, while some posted pictures of their own dogs in solidarity

Muslims despise, hate, and mistreat dogs
because their religion tells them to

By Daniel Greenfield
Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center,
New York writer focusing on radical Islam.
Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, hated Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims. He also hated a long list of animals. Including dogs. In a rabid fit of Dogophobia, he even ordered his crazed murderous followers to kill all dogs. Or all black dogs.
So it's only fitting that dogs are on the front lines in the war against Muslim terrorism. Now a French anti-terror police dog was killed by a Muslim suicide bomber during the raids.
An anti-terror police dog has died after being blown up by a female suicide bomber during a firefight with suspected ISIS militants behind the Paris massacre.
How Diesel died.  The seven-year-old Belgian Shepherd named Diesel was killed during a raid by up to 100 police and soldiers on a flat in the French capital this morning.
Diesel was sent in to the building to sniff out booby traps but was blown to pieces when a jihadi bride came out firing her AK-47 at police before detonating her suicide vest.
Diesel honored online.  Tributes quickly poured in to the decorated canine, with one police handler saying: 'It's a little like losing one of our colleagues.'
One Twitter user said Diesel had 'died to defend our colours'.
The official profile for Police Nationale tweeted that Diesel 'was killed by terrorists in the current operation in Saint-Denis'.
Details of the raid.  The gunfight started at 4.30am when SWAT teams and special forces surrounded the building believing the architect of the massacres that killed 129 people, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 27, was inside. It is not known if he is dead or alive.
In their sights: Police move in on the apartment where the female suicide bomber blew herself up after firing an AK-47 machine at officers. At least one other jihadi is also dead since the stand-off started at dawn
Officers during the raid
A woman 'with long blonde hair' who may be Abaaoud's jihadi bride is said to have fired her AK-47 at police before blowing herself up as an assault squad first stormed the apartment block.
Survivors of the Bataclan massacre where 89 people died insisted there was a female shooter. 
Diesel died a hero helping save lives. The terrorist that blew herself died trying to take lives because she was following the hateful words of a 7th century warlord. (Considering that Muslim men get 72 virgins, I'm not sure what she was expecting to get.)
One of Islam's worst insult is the word KALB, or dog.  Call a man Kalb or Kalb ibn Kalb, if you want the knives to come out. In Afghanistan, those who fled the Taliban and returned to help the Coalition rebuild the country are called "Sag shouey" or "Dog washers" since Americans are infidel dogs and the Afghans who cooperate with Americans are menial servants of the dogs.
After Osama bin Laden's execution, an imam of the Al-Aqsa mosque castigated the "Western dogs" who had done it. And as it turned out a dog actually did accompany the SEAL team that took down Osama. Unlike the billions spent on trying to win over Pakistanis and Afghans, who went on aiding terrorists anyway-- the dogs remained true and loyal friends.
The canine heroes of September 11.  On September 11th, among the first responders were our four footed friends who risked their lives clambering around the smoking rubble in search of survivors.
Muslims believe that an angel cannot enter a home when a dog is inside. But after the Muslims had killed thousands of Americans, it was the dogs who acted as the angels finding the bodies where they could and helping give the families of the dead something to bury.
Dogs in the war against terror.  When Muslims plot terrorist attacks, it is the bomb sniffing dogs who serve as the front line of defense against them. Military dogs walk the front lines searching out Taliban explosives and have become primary targets of enemy snipers.
At airports, we would do much better to fire the TSA's gropers and luggage thieves, and dump the naked scanners, and replace them with dogs. The enemy may fool our politicians, our clergy and our law enforcement-- but they will never fool a dog.
Dogs are good judges of character.  How can a dog tell the difference between a Muslim and a non-Muslim even when there are no racial or ethnic differences?
There may be no physical differences, but there are moral ones. It may be the casual cruelty that Islam inculcates in its followers that is as visible in the body language and attitude to a sensitive animal-- as a gun is to an airport metal detector.
In Iran, visitors tell of dogs who could distinguish between Zoroastrians and Muslims; "In Sharifabad the dogs distinguished clearly between Moslem and Zoroastrian, and were prepared to go…full of hope, into a crowded Zoroastrian assembly, or to fall asleep trustfully in a Zoroastrian lane, but would flee as before Satan from a group of Moslem boys."
Dogs are good judges of character. So you can see why a monster like Mohammed hated them. He could fool his followers into thinking that he was a good man. But he couldn't fool a dog.



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This infographic shows the time and place Diesel was killed.

Infographic by Daily Mail


Caninophobic Muslim Suicide Bomber Blows Up Hero Police Dog

Hero police dog walks to her death in Paris siege...




Russians send puppy
 to replace (they say) Diesel

Solidarity: Russia has sent puppy Dobrynia to the French police after they lost dog Diesel in the raid on the Parisian apartment block where Abdelhamid Abaaoud was hiding out following Friday's attacks
 Little Dobrynia donated by Russia
as a sign of solidarity to replace hero canine killed by suicide jihadi


Hero: Louise Hastie, a former British soldier, runs the UK-registered Nowzad charity in  Kabul, AfghanistanAFGHANISTAN CLINIC NURSES CATS AND DOGS BACK TO HEALTH amid daily security threats

- The charity was founded by an ex UK marine and is now run by a former UK soldier

- Animals are then sent abroad for adoption

In the seven years it has been operating since being founded by ex-Royal Marine Commando Pen Farthing, Nowzad has helped send more than a 1,000 dogs – the majority to UK and the US – to live with service men and women

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These tender images reflect the healing power of animals, particularly in times of war

Soldier And A Cat
US soldier during the Korean war nursing an orphan kitten with a medicine dropper.

Soldier With His Rescued Puppy

My Friend Rescuing A Dog In The Streets Of Afghanistan
Soldier rescuing a dog in the streets of Afghanistan

Soldier Feeding Puppies In Need
Feeding hungry puppies in Afghanistan

Tired Soldier And A Puppy

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