A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Saturday, March 17, 2018

HILARIOUS - TUCKER CARLSON tells of his worst ever moment as a father - Also watch Tucker's videos on AMERICAN MEN IN CRISIS, and how men have been sacrificed to automation, migration, and feminism

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I'm a fan of Tucker Carlson.  I find him adorable, and on this video he reveals another side of himself as a very funny storyteller.  

VIDEO - "My WORST MOMENT as a Father" Tucker Tells a Personal Parenting Story

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Monday, March 12, 2018

LIBERALS ARE SHOCKED - OUR EMPATHY IS DETERMINED BY OUR GENES, not just the environment, says new study - Again science proves the partially genetic origin for the way we feel and behave

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Matthew, who is not yet two, shown gently patting the face of a long-haired St Bernard named Misha that wighs 15 stone and is 92 centimetres tall

Today I found this little gem on the usually hyper-politically-correct BBC webpage, and I'm sharing it with you because its implications are nothing less than enormous.    

BBC - Genes have a role in empathy, study saysIt helps us to make close connections with people, and influences how we behave in a range of situations, from the workplace to a party. Now scientists say empathy is not just something we develop through our upbringing and life experiences - it is also partly inherited. A study of 46,000 people found evidence for the first time that genes have a role in how empathetic we are. And it also found that women are generally more empathetic than men.  (Read full article further down this page.)

It's very puzzling the BBC published it at all since it contradicts the long-held liberal dogma that all races are genetically the same, and that intellectual and emotional differences are the result of nurture, not nature.   All statements to the contrary, according to liberals, are racist - never mind the science.  

The study also indicates that this genetic difference proves women are more empathetic, another contradiction of liberal dogma that presumes men and women have exactly the same capabilities.  These days even universities are discarding the science of the sexes and imposing radical feminist doctrine in their teachings, which asserts that gender is a choice, not a biological reality.
NO EMPATHY HERE - Time and time again I have posted shocking reports of  how people in Asian countries such as China, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, and others, skin and cook dogs, cats and other small animals ALIVE because they believe the stress hormones caused by torture make the meat taste better. 
A dog, most likely a stolen family pet, is burned alive for his meat.  Image via Ricky Gervais/Facebook.
Torched alive in China and in other Asian countries - A culinary tradition you can witness in public food markets
In this part of the world the perpetrator would be charged with a crime.  He could also be found to be suffering from a serious mental illness.  In Asia doing this is not only normal, but legal. 
We wonder what kind of human being can routinely perpetrate such pain on a sentient creature and NOT feel any sort of empathy.  However, after thousands of years of practicing torture on animals as part of their culinary traditions, this lack of empathy is now part of their genetic makeup.  When confronted with their cruelty, they are puzzled and can't understand our concerns.  A new Asian movement against dog meat may be driven by national embarrassment rather than by genuine compassion for these animals.
Aside from traditional genetics itself, the new field of epigenetics demonstrates how our genes are affected by our experiences, and how such genetic modification can be inherited by our descendants.   This happens within one generation, and is reinforced over generations. 
Author  Nicholas Wade wrote A Troublesome Inheritance - a courageous book on the touchy subject of race and culture.  He explains how, why, and where different populations acquired their genetic attributes.  See links to related articles on this page.
The recent cultural shock of transplanting millions of people from the Middle East and Africa into Europe is much deeper and complex than the liberal promise of happy cultural enrichment. 


Thursday, March 8, 2018

ON INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY American men are in crisis and nobody cares - The facts and stats on how American men are being emasculated by the dominant feminist culture

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  • While women denounce the vile "patriarchy," American men are struggling and failing in every aspect of life and society.  
  • The following 8-minute MEN IN AMERICA VIDEO by Tucker Carlson -  the first in a series - gives the shocking facts and figures of how American men are failing in education, jobs, health, life expectancy, sperm count, testosterone level, physical fitness, marriage, personal independence, and much more. They have a disproportionately higher level of addiction, violence, incarceration and suicide. 
  • As a woman I'm disgusted at the hateful nature of modern feminism.  It's not about equality of rights and opportunity for men and women - it is  about destroying masculinity.  Such virulent hatred has an effect on their sons, other men in their lives, and society itself.   
  • There is now a perverse attempt both at home and in schools to feminize boys since toddlerhood.  Little boys are emasculated and encouraged to wear dresses and play with dolls, because, as feminists say, gender is cultural, not biological.  The notion of traditional masculinity is being obliterated and defined as toxic. 
  • And if you notice that men are becoming less masculine, this is scientifically true:
Sperm count is down 60% since the 1970s
-  Testosterone has declined by 30% in 40 year old males.
-  In the latest Oscar celebration Jimmy Kimmel defined the Oscar figure as the ideal man:  he has no penis.  Oscars: Jimmy Kimmel Says Penis-Free Oscar Statue Is Hollywood’s Ideal Man

Image result for images triumph of the beta male
Hollywood Reporter's front cover of the cast of HBO’s “Silicon Valley”. What passes for men stand in a line, hands in one another’s pockets.  This is what European men already have become, and accordingly, they are incapable of protecting women and children from a rising tide of predators and criminals.  Today European women stand on their own.  By discarding alpha males as "toxic" - is this what American feminists expect of their men? 

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

THE GREATEST DANGER TO THE USA - Not climate change but an EMP attack - Millions would perish - But Congress is doing absolutely nothing to protect us - VIDEO

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An EMP event (electromagnetic pulse caused by a giant solar flare or an atmospheric atomic detonation) would fry the electric grid and all electronics, and the USA would turn within hours and days into a place of scarcity, savagery, and millions of casualties from violence and starvation. 
Our entire lives now depend on computers, and once they are permanently out of commission there can be no transportation, no distribution of food, no hospital technology, no communication systems at all, other than smoke signals....
A CONGRESSIONAL REPORT concluded:  An EMP attack would cause mass U.S. starvation and kill 9 in 10 Americans (see full article further down this page)

  • The noise about climate change, Trump and the Russians, gun control, the feminist #MeToo movement - all that and more - has been deafening. 
  • However, the most deadly threat to all Americans and their civilization has gone ignored for decades.  It is called EMP, or electromagnetic pulse. 
  • An EMP can precipitate the destruction of the entire USA and Canada, and kill most of the population by destroying the electric grid and all electronics.
  • We are so dependent on this kind of technology that just one day without it would cause chaos.  A week or month without it would be catastrophic.  Rebuilding the electric grid would take months, or even years.  By then not much would be left of the USA as a civilized society.
  • Nuclear power plants would go into meltdown, as they need electrical power to run their coolants.   Millions of people would be affected by the resulting radioactive contamination. (Read more further on.)
  • Preparing for an EMP would be relatively inexpensive for the US government and yet, despite recurrent calls for action, Congress has done NOTHING. 
How does an EMP event strike?
  • 1)  By the detonation of one or more atomic bombs in the atmosphere above the USA by a hostile state such as North Korea or Iran, or by an anonymous terrorist.   These atomic devices are not hard to obtain. 
  • 2)  By a NOT-IF-BUT-WHEN giant solar flare headed in our direction.  It happened before we had electricity and high technology, and the effects were hardly noticed.    The sun emits these deadly solar flares all the time, but since 1859 none has headed straight in our direction.  In as recent as 2012 we  were almost hit.

The U.S. government are preparing for a catastrophic solar flare (pictured is a flare in March 2010) which could wipe out power across the world for monthsWikipedia:  The 1859 Carrington Event was a powerful geomagnetic solar storm). A giant solar coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth's magnetosphere and induced one of the largest geomagnetic storms on record, September 1–2, 1859.   The associated "white light flare" in the solar photosphere was observed and recorded by astronomers
A solar storm of this magnitude occurring today would cause widespread damage to a technology-dependent society. The solar storm of 2012 was of similar magnitude, but it passed Earth's orbit without striking the planet.
  • It would take years to rebuild the electric grid.  Congress so far has refused to deal with this threat and the moderate financial cost involved.   (See link to EMP related article on this page.) 
  • Congress and previous presidents have been more interested in sending trillions of taxpayers' money to Afghanistan, Palestinian terrorists, and other dysfunctional and violent nations all over the world - but have neglected to prevent the collapse of the American civilization by an EMP strike.  
 The following short video by author Dick Morris outlines our lack of preparedness and Congress' dereliction of duty, but skips the real and gruesome picture of what an EMP would do to our civilization.    To learn more about it read the article at the bottom of this page.

VIDEO ALERT:  The Lethal EMP Threat To America Just Got Worse! - Dick Morris TV 
VIA Whatfinger - recommended website with large compilation of latest news headlines  - 
More videos by Dick Morris
Dick Morris on Twitter -

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

NEWS IN CARTOONS - March 1, 2018 - The Florida school shooting that the FBI and local authorities DID NOT try to stop - Results of the massacre: advances for anti-gun movement and greater profits for media

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Smile with more of the best of political cartoons ...

Thursday, February 22, 2018

#NeverAgain hashtag - The irony is lost among anti-gun activists - NEVER AGAIN originated with Holocaust survivors who swore they would never be caught unarmed and helpless again

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Image result for images NEVER AGAIN HOLOCAUST
  • When Hitler took over Germany, he confiscated guns belonging to the Jewish population. 
  • As Nazi goons, police, and soldiers attacked, rounded up, and killed Jews, the victims were completely helpless and unable to defend themselves.
  • In 1943 some of the last survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto decided to confront the Nazis, and to die fighting if necessary.  The problem was that they had no guns.  The Polish resistance sold them a few handguns at a very high price, so the Jewish fighters had to manufacture their own Molotov cocktails.
  • For several weeks a bunch of starving and badly armed Jews managed to resist against the powerful German army while the ghetto burned.  Approximately 300 Nazis and 7,000 Jews were killed in the Warsaw ghetto Jewish uprising.  
 Image result for images warsaw ghetto uprising
  • In the wake of the latest school massacre we watch the pathetic image of American youth calling on the US government to disarm Americans, leaving them helpless.
  • Just a few weeks ago, when Florida was flooded by hurricanes, people had to confront gangs of looters.  Only owners with guns kept criminals at bay.  This situation is bound to reoccur, as police are not capable of protecting everyone all the time. 
  • In the meantime criminal elements buy their arsenal in the black market.  No gun laws apply to them. 
  • The hysteria against guns has quelled all talk about the FBI's epic failure to prevent the Florida school massacre, in spite of at least two clear and specific warnings given to them by the public.
  • To add to the absurdity of the anti-gun lobby, most American Jews routinely side with the Democrat agenda, so now they are at the forefront of the war against  the Second Amendment - the right to bear arms. 
  • The method anti-gun activists use is to chip away one gun right at the time.  Not all guns at the same time - only assault weapons to be banned now.  Then they'll go for the rest.
  • And, incidentally, the super rich, celebrities, and politicians advocating against private gun ownership have ARMED GUARDS protecting them and their families. 
Image result for images florida school massacre kids ask to be disarmed
PATHETIC:  PLEASE,  DISARM  ALL CIVILIANS!  So that we'll feel safe.
  • The media, along with powerful donors such as George Soros, are orchestrating the youth anti-gun movement.  Only anti-gun voices are given a platform, as you will read on the following articles.  

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Monday, February 19, 2018

THE FBI DISTURBING RECORD OF IGNORING INFORMATION ON TERROR AND MASSACRE PLOTS - Judge Jeanine Pirro's scathing indictment of the FBI - The bizarre case of the Garland plot against freedom of speech demonstrators, where the FBI encouraged jihadis and then did nothing to stop the attack

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The following video by Judge Jeanine Pirro is a scathing indictment of the FBI's repeated failures to protect US citizens from terror and massacres, even in cases when it has plenty of information available to prevent the attack.
VIDEO - Judge Jeanine Pirro:
The FBI needs a complete overhaul

A few months ago this blog published the astonishing case of how the FBI got involved in a plot to murder activists at a freedom of speech rally in Garland, Texas.  An FBI agent even drove to the site where a jihadist attack was to occur - and waited for it to take place.  The attack was thwarted by two alert local policemen - while the FBI agent looked on.  This is even more bizarre than it sounds, once you learn the details.   

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

BLACK PANTHER HERO IS TRUMP, his nationalism is the same as Trump's, and the movie villain is Black Lives Matter, says movie reviewer

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Image result for images Black Panther movie
  • Identity politics is toxic, and getting increasingly vicious as a variety of racial, national, religious, and gender interests fight to topple the white race and white culture from their primacy.
  • The hatred against whites and the patriarchy is so blind that women and minorities vociferously support Democrat policies that are inimical to their best interests. 
  • Example: Blacks and Hispanics support open borders, although low-skill migrants contribute to unemployment and lowering of wages.  
  • Example:  Women support more Muslim immigration, although Islam cites religious reasons for subjugating women, and Muslims in general feel profound contempt for western liberal customs and liberated women.
  • Incidentally, the Black Panther comic book character was created by two Jewish guys:  Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.  Many other superheroes, such as Superman, were also created by Jewish artists.  Even cute Curious George is the product of two European Jews. 
  • There is much good in western culture, and intellectual honesty demands that if it's going to be rejected, such rejection should include everything that whites have contributed to civilization - from indoor plumbing to computers.
  • And have feminists stopped to think where would civilization be without men's creativity, engineering, building, and heroism?  Men are physically stronger and most heroic and creative because nature designed it that way for the survival of the human race.  The current trend to feminize men is horrendous. 
  • Sometimes identity politics efforts backfire in an unintended ironic way, as in the film Black Panther.  ------  Or, was there a deliberate Trumpist message cryptically embedded in the movie?
  • John Nolte's movie review is interesting for its analysis, and has already 'triggered' the Hollywood elite.   
The Black Panther movie hero is Trump
- the villain is Black Lives Matter

by John Nolte  -  Breitbart 

Black Panther is set in the fictional Wakanda, an idyllic country hidden in the heart Africa thanks to an alien metal called vibranium. This resource (delivered eons ago by way of a meteor) not only gives Wakanda the ability to disguise itself as a third-world country (and therefore remain blissfully ignored by the outside world), but to enjoy an extraordinary standard of living through the miracles of technology and science.

The real Wakanda looks like an African country — open markets, vibrant colors, the architecture, the love of long-held traditions… But if you look closer, everyone enjoys the lifestyle of a Silicon Valley billionaire.

Wakanda is ruled by King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), who is also known as the Black Panther.   T’Challa is big on border security, believes Wakanda and Wakandans should come first, and fiercely protects his country’s culture from outsiders, including refugees.
Image result for images Black Panther is Trump 
If this is all starting to sound familiar, it should.  

Also like President Donald Trump, T’Challa’s beliefs are not based on race. This is not a “black thing.” This is a culture/survival thing.
Even the progressive Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) — a more-than-capable spy and the woman T’Challa still carries a torch for (can you blame him?) — does not argue for open borders, liberal immigration policies, and a massive influx of refugees. She merely wants to export vibranium to help mankind.

Continue reading this, and an additional article on how this review triggered the Hollywood elite.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


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  • Before Barak Hussein Obama became a presidential candidate he and his wife attended for many years the church of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, well known for cursing America and for being a vicious hater of whites and Jews.  It was only when  Obama was about to become president that he felt obliged to disavow his former friend and mentor. 
  • Obama's love for Islam indirectly endorses that ideology's hate for Infidels, particularly of Jews.  Decapitation is the religiously correct way for Muslims to get rid of Infidels and to punish lawbreakers.
  • Now it turns up that the painter Obama chose for a very important portrait is well known for portraying black women with the decapitated and bloody heads of white women. 
  • This is not just artistic imagination, it is reality.  In now black-ruled South Africa there are daily attacks on white farmers, and thousands of them have been tortured and killed.  Is this the future for the dwindling white race?  Watch video further down this page.
  • And as anti-white rhetoric is normalized in America, the former president's choices speak louder than words. 

Irony:  Notice the culturally appropriated straight hair and European medieval dress.  At the heart of anti-white hatred lies a deep, deep sense of envy.

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

KOREANS TORTURE AND EAT PUPPIES AND CATS, SOMETIMES BOILING THEM ALIVE FOR BETTER FLAVOR - The Chinese and other SE Asians also engage in this cruel practice - And yet we continue to celebrate their cultures and let Koreans host the Olympics

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Ripped from their mothers while barely weened these bundles of soft fur are sold for just $9.20 or £6.50 out of metal crates and cardboard boxes. Crying kittens are tied together by the neck with rough twine

DAILY MAIL EXCLUSIVE: The trade in dog meat South Korea doesn't want Olympics tourists to see is exposed at market where they are slaughtered, chopped up and served in bubbling red broth for just $8 a bowl 

  • The United States has spent one trillion dollars in Afghanistan over the years, a country where it is part of the cultural tradition for men to rape little boys.  The US and Canadian military brass have ordered their people to look the other way and not to intervene. 
  • The United states and other countries in the world happily trade with China, and utter words of admiration for its culture, although they are fully aware that the Chinese government has been engaged for years in the human organ transplant, using the bodies of dissidents for an industry that brings millions. 
  • And we also look away from the South East Asian barbaric custom of not just eating cats and dogs, but of boiling them or blow-torching them alive because those people believe that the stress hormones released during torture makes the animal meat taste better.   
  • All of the above has been repeatedly and fully documented.    But here we go again, celebrating the Olympic games in South Korea, not long after president Trump threatened to go to war to protect those people. 
  • The ongoing torture and consumption of dogs and cats in Korea and other SE Asian countries happens as we increasingly realize the spiritual value of cats and dogs, and use them not just as companions but as therapy animals for people who are physically and emotionally broken.  
  • South Koreans don't see this, and they raise dogs and cats in the most cruel conditions, taking them to market after a few months of life in misery, cold, hunger and thirst in their filthy cages. 
  • Our western university 'snowflakes' who get hysterical whenever an image or a word makes them feel "unsafe," and who rant against western culture every chance they get, could better use their time and energy organizing against the mistreatment of cats and dogs in Asia and everywhere.    ANIMAL LIVES MATTER.
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Saturday, February 3, 2018

THOUSAND TIMES WORSE THAN WATERGATE - THE SEDICIOUS GOVERNMENT PLOT to prevent or to overturn TRUMP'S ELECTION - THE MEMO - clearly explained on short video

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  • Remember back in 2001 when we were told that we failed to "connect the dots" leading to the 9/11 Muslim terror attacks? 
  • Failing to connect the dots can be done inadvertently or by design.
  • As the media is currently flooded with news and opinions related to the FBI scandal, we need to connect the dots that lead to nothing less than a plot involving sedition by top government officials sympathetic to the Democrats.  
  • Their illegal and unethical acts are spun and excused by media and politicians because they favored the Democrats.  But these abuses could also be perpetrated in the future by Republicans against Democrats. 
  • Thus, this plot needs to be thoroughly investigated, and strict measures implemented to prevent any similar reoccurrence. 
  • It will be an arduous task, since the media, top intelligence officials, and Democrats have closed ranks to counterattack the current Congressional investigation.   
  • We need to understand the tortuous path of this plot aimed at preventing the American people from electing Donald Trump as president, and - if that failed - at facilitating his impeachment once in office. 
  • Here are two excellent short videos that clearly explain it.  And remember, the evidence so far is just the tip of the iceberg.  Much, much more, will be revealed in the coming weeks and months, none of it good for former Obama administration officials. 
VIDEO - HANNITY:  This is one thousand times bigger than Watergate - THE MEMO SHOWS how the FBI purposely deceived a federal court
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