A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Saturday, May 27, 2017

THE SURRENDER OF BRITAIN - School children told to respect terrorists and to write them letters so as to understand their idealistic motives

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*  Western countries' youth has been indoctrinated for decades by leftist educators. 
*  This partly explains the lack of reaction to the millions of African and Middle Eastern migrants invading Europe, living on benefits, engaging in crime, raping women and children, and committing acts of terror.   
*  You cannot fight a war if you're not allowed to even name your enemy.  Authorities keep stressing this has nothing to do with Islam.
*  This is not a war, it is the conditioning of the population to accept carnage and hate by people they imported in the name of diversity.  Authorities have been nothing less than traitors.
*  Activists who call on their compatriots to wake up and put a stop to this demographic suicide are wasting their time.  There will be no defense of people, land or culture, and no instinct of survival.  Europe is dying.  Western civilization has surrendered.
UK home to 23,000 JIHADISTS
Britons told to carry on as usual
  • UK Children are being  told to ‘respect’ killers in new teaching aid for schools
  • A NEW teaching aid that recommends schoolchildren as young as seven “write a letter to a terrorist” to help understand their motives has been condemned as “dangerous and misguided”.
  • It tells primary age children that terrorists kill people because they believe they are being treated “unfairly and not shown respect”.
  • This a crackpot idea based on the misguided notion that primary school children must engage with, and show 'respect' for, religious fanatics who are seeking to kill them. said Chris McGovern - Campaign for Real Education chairman
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AMOROUS BULL AND COW PHOTOBOMB FARM COUPLE'S WEDDING PICTURE - Animals get started on their own honeymoon

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Couple's wedding photos are ruined by a pair of photobombing cows in Canada who look like they've already started their honeymoon 
Couple's photo ruined by photobombing cows making love

Jenessa and Brad McKillen had their wedding photo-shoot photobombed by two cows in the act of making love behind them on a farm in Ontario, Canada. The couple decided to partake in a shoot at the bride's family farm when during the session, photographer Rebecca Sprau suggested that the pair pose in front of the cows, adding a hint of variety to the shoot. As Rebecca started to shoot the couple, though, she burst out laughing as she witnessed the frisky cows' sudden antics.

Friday, May 26, 2017

IS PEACE BETWEEEN ISRAEL AND THE ARABS POSSIBLE? - Are Palestinians different from ISIS? Read comparison chart

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Recently president Trump visited the Middle East and his message to Arab countries was "DRIVE OUT THE TERRORISTS".    His message to Israel was "GIVE THEM A STATE". 
The incongruity and unfairness of Trump's position have not been properly exposed because so much of the public has been literally brainwashed by years of pro-Palestinian propaganda and the acceptance of their myths as "facts".
One of those myths concerns ownership of the land.  Although Jews have a  3,000 year history in Israel - including established Jewish kingdoms - it is the Muslim invader's claim to the land that is regarded as legitimate, relegating Jews to the role of "occupiers".    This lie, repeated long enough, has become an established 'fact'. 
A second myth characterizes Israelis as 'Nazis' and Palestinians as innocent victims of genocide.   In fact, Palestinians were close allies of the Nazis during World War II, and their leader, the Mufti of Jerusalem, worked with Hitler to include the slaughter of Middle Eastern Jews in the Holocaust.   The Nazi ideology is strong among Palestinians to this day.  Germans were vilified after the war, but their accomplices, the Palestinians, have been pampered by the West and promised a state of their own on Jewish land.
 VIDEO - The Nazis and the Palestinian Movement
The Palestinian active role in the Holocaust.
Another myth is that of apartheid in Israel.  Arabs with Israeli citizenship enjoy the same rights as Israeli Jews.  They are free to live and go anywhere they want.  They are entitled to the same kinds of government services.  They have jobs such as judges, police officers, professors, journalists, members of parliament ....   Arab women have more freedoms than in Muslim countries. 
And the biggest myth of all is that land for peace is possible.  It is part of Muslim ideology that once a land is conquered by Islam, it belongs to them forever.  If it is lost in battle, then it is the duty of every Muslim to reconquer it. 
Thus you hear of the Muslim goal of reconquering Spain and other parts of Europe that were once part of the Caliphate.   Unable to do it militarily, Muslims are simply resettling these lands by the millions, thanks to the Europeans willing acceptance of this peaceful invasion.

Abu Yehuda writes:
As long as there is Jewish sovereignty over what is seen as Muslim land, there will be an obligation for Muslims to pursue jihad to re-impose Islamic domination and Islamic law over it. Not all Muslim Arabs are prepared to engage in violent jihad, but many are.   The Palestinians have shown, over and over, that they are prepared to kill and die for their perceived honor and their religion. The combination of the ideology of Palestinism with the religion of Islam and the honor-shame Arab culture has closed the door to a negotiated compromise solution.
That is why the creation of a Palestinian state is bound to unleash a catastrophe for Israel.  From the Muslim perspective, there can be no peace until the last Jew has been murdered or driven out and the land of Israel is fully Islamic.  All interim agreements in the name of peace are simply steps towards that goal.  Palestinians have rejected many offers of a state so far. What they want is ALL of Israel.   
Israelis emptied Gaza of Jews and handed the land over to Palestinians, who were not interested in building up a prosperous state but in using it as a platform for terror.  They promptly elected a Hamas government and showered Israel with rockets and other acts of violence - to say nothing of the anti-Israel propaganda value of each military reprisal by Israel.  
Israel handed the Sinai over to Egypt in exchange for a piece of paper.  Just before the Arab Spring the Egyptian government was actively seeking to amend, or rather abrogate, that peace treaty.   Today Egypt has lost control over the Sinai, which is in the hands of an assortment of terror groups, including ISIS.
The Arab Spring interrupted secret negotiations by the Israeli government to surrender the Golan Heights to Syria.  Had they done so, ISIS would be threatening the north of Israel.   
The 1993 Oslo Accords created the Palestinian Authority, which gave the Palestinians control over much of Judea and Samaria (West Bank).  There they have established a corrupt, oppressive, and undemocratic regime, while billions of dollars and euros pour in to keep them afloat.  They use some of that money to pay salaries to terrorists who kill and maim Jews.  During these years they have driven out almost all Christians from that area.  Bethlehem is now a Muslim town.
A Palestinian state on the ancient Jewish land of Judea and Samaria would become a launching pad for relentless war of attrition against Israel.   
With Arab communities just meters away from Jewish ones along the border, they would dig tunnels to murder and terrorize Israelis.  They would use snipers to kill children.  They would launch rockets.  They would use the Arab-Israeli population as a fifth column to attack from within.  All that is already part of the MO of Arab 'resistance'. 
They would use their sovereignty to establish treaties with well-armed Muslim states, such as Iran (which is very close to developing nuclear weapons).  International pressure would prevent Israel from properly defending itself. 
There would be no peace between Jews and Muslims - only an intolerable and permanent state of war, until the state of Israel is eventually dismantled.
Abu Yehuda: 
There aren’t technical solutions for the contradiction between Palestinian desires and the survival of a Jewish state. There is no deal here. And yet, Trump  insists that there is, opening the way for the Palestinian extortion that has characterized the phony “peace process” to continue. There is no benefit for Israel that can come out of Trump’s dealmaking. We can only try to control the damage. 
A distinction without a difference.   The following charts by Edgar Davidson debunk the ongoing myth that Palestinian terrorists are not like ISIS.   Their ideology, their religious beliefs, their goals and their tactics are the same. The reason why Palestinian terror is somewhat limited is that Israel still has control over the land.  
Palestinians butcher Jewish children, they have engaged in cannibalism (the 2000 capture of two Israeli men), and propagate a genocidal ideology.   The only difference is that Palestinians kill Jews, an activity that Europe and the US State Department do not regard as objectionable at all. 
A reminder about the difference between ISIS terrorists and 'Palestinian militants'
For those of  you wondering why the media and politicians make such a big differentiation between ISIS terrorists and 'Palestinians militants' (especially their child victims) the following chart explains very clearly why. You see ISIS and the Palestinian terrorists have absolutely nothing in common!!!!
Public reaction to ISIS and Palestinians: 

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

TERRORISM PERSISTS BECAUSE IT WORKS - The west's long history of rewarding Palestinian terror.

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Arch-terrorist and inciter to genocide Mahmoud Abbas, chief of the Palestinian Authority, and financial mastermind of the Munich Olympics massacre of Israeli athletes, is the darling of Europe.  Here he is sharing a moment with former French president Hollande.  Terror has worked wonders for his movement.
Key notions:
  • While president Trump tells Arab leaders to "DRIVE OUT THE TERRORISTS," he tells Israel to give them a state, and countless concessions in the meantime.
  • Many terrorists, such as those who participated in the 9/11 attacks, were educated, well-off, mobile and even successful. They made a rational cost-benefit decision to murder innocent civilians for one simple reason: they believe that terrorism works.
  • And tragically they are right. The international community has rewarded terrorism while punishing those who try to fight it by reasonable means, such as Israel.  
  • It all began with a decision by Yasser Arafat and other Palestinian terrorist groups to employ the tactic of terrorism as a primary means of bringing the Palestinian issue to the forefront of world concern.
  • There are many groups that have legitimate territorial grievances, such as Tibetans and Kurds, but since they don't use terror against the west as a weapon, they are ignored. 
  • Europe and the USA spend billions of dollars to support the Palestinians, while they in turn use that money to pay salaries to terrorists, to indoctrinate children with a genocidal ideology, and to maintain high levels of corruption at the highest levels.   
  • If the Mafia offered bounties to kill its opponents, no one would sympathize with those who made the offer. Yet the Palestinian leadership that does the same thing is welcomed and honored throughout the world.
  • Palestinians are descendants of Muslims who invaded Israel in the 7th century, and yet, it is the Jews - who have a 3000 year old history in Israel - who are called occupiers.
  • The United Nations glorifies terrorism by placing countries that support terrorism in high positions of authority and honor and by welcoming with open arms the promoters of terrorism.
  • Promoters of terrorism are treated better at the United Nations than opponents of terrorism. The boycott divestment tactic (BDS) is directed only against Israel and not against the many nations that support terrorism.
A tender moment between Mahmoud Abbas and Angela Merkel at the anti-terror march in Paris, January 2016.  Europe does not regard the killing of Jews as terror.
Terrorism Persists
Because It Works
By Alan Dershowitz

Every time a horrendous terrorist attack victimizes innocent victims we wring our hands and promise to increase security and take other necessary preventive measures. But we fail to recognize how friends and allies play such an important role in encouraging, incentivizing, and inciting terrorism.
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VIDEO - ARIANA GRANDE WAS ONCE OUTRAGED BY TRUMP'S MUSLIM BAN - That was before her fans were blown up to pieces by a terrorist - Ariana said that the Trump years would be VERY DARK YEARS AHEAD because of his conservative agenda

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  • While celebrities are passionate and generous in their support for unlimited Muslim migration into the west, they live in gated communities away from migrant populations, and have the money to pay for bodyguards to protect them
  • They send their children to posh private schools instead of regular schools where kids have to contend with incredible ethnic violence. 
  • They would never consider sharing their vast homes with migrants. 
  • These celebrities indulging in virtue signaling never really have to bear the consequences of this African and Middle Eastern migration. 
  • Unless they happen to give a concert where a terrorist blows up their young fans to pieces with a bomb full of nails.   
VIDEO IRONY: Outraged by Muslim Ban, Ariana Grande’s Anti-Trump Rant After Election Warned Her Fans of “Very Dark Years”
Weeks later, a Muslim terrorist suicide bomber murders 22 victims (several more are unaccounted for so far), all of them Ariana Grande's fans attending her concert, and injures dozens of others
TRUE PUNDIT writes:  Liberal irony. When you rant about a man proposing to tighten immigration to enhance national security and a Muslim ISIS-backed suicide bomber — in a country with no immigration controls — kills your fans and injures dozens more at your concert months later.

Ariana Grande. London. Liberal logic. Perfect together.

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When bombs filled with nails are detonated by Palestinians in Israel, the world shrugs and excuses the act as one of 'justified resistance'.  The terror that has besieged Israelis for decades has now come to Europe and it's killing the children of those who fund and sympathize with Arabs who kill Jews.   Britain is a top funder of Palestinian terror.
UPDATE  -  The number of murdered victims has climbed to 22.  The dozens who survive their injuries may suffer life-long disability and pain. 

London Muslim mayor has called for
unlimited immigration from Muslim countries into Britain.

VIDEO - 8 MINUTE VIDEO BY STEFAN MOLYNEUX on the Terrorist Attack at the Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester, England
More videos by Stefan Molyneux
Continue reading about the Manchester attack, and about Britain's funding of Palestinian terror.

Monday, May 22, 2017


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Awkward moment Melania Trump slaps away Donald Trump's hand on Israel visit
DONALD TRUMP suffered an embarrassing moment when wife Melania Trump shunned his offer to hold hands as they landed in Tel Aviv as part of their visit to Israel.


TRUMP TO ARABS: DRIVE OUT THE TERRORISTS --- TRUMP TO ISRAEL: GIVE THEM A STATE - Billions of dollars in weapons sales for Saudi Arabia, but only additional US pressure for Israel

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  • Character is fate, and Donald Trump's character will be his undoing.  Furthermore, no Arab or Jewish leader will respect a man who breaks fundamental promises, as Trump has done regarding Israel since he took office. 
  • Americans who still support Trump are actually backing his agenda, not the very flawed man whose erratic behavior in office has turned a great opportunity for the American people into a messy and heartbreaking series of crises.
  • Trump's huge arms deal with Saudi Arabia puts Israeli and Mideast security in even greater jeopardy.  With it Trump has only added gasoline to a combustible region.  
  • Trump is obsequious and generous to Arab countries that trample on human rights and fund terrorists who kills Americans, while he pressures Jews to make major concessions to terrorists. 
  • He tells the Arabs to "drive Islamists out of this earth" (meaning, kill them), while he tells the Jews to surrender their ancient land of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem to create a terror Arab state whose only purpose will be the annihilation of Israel! 
President Trump's words to the Arab summit in Saudi Arabia:

But the nations of the Middle East cannot wait for American power to crush this enemy for them. The nations of the Middle East will have to decide what kind of future they want for themselves, for their countries, and for their children.  It is a choice between two futures – and it is a choice America CANNOT make for you.     A better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and extremists. Drive. Them. Out.

DRIVE THEM OUT of your places of worship.

DRIVE THEM OUT of your communities.

DRIVE THEM OUT of your holy land, and


President's Trump message to Israel has been quite different since he won the election, breaking many promises made to Jewish voters and the world.  His new agenda for Israel:  
  • Give Arab terrorists half of your land for the creation of a terror state that will be a launching pad for relentless attacks on the Jewish people.   
  • No to moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. 
  • No to recognizing the Temple Mount - the most sacred site in Judaism - as belonging to Israel. 
  • No to allowing Israeli officials to be present during Trump's visit to the Western Wall, so as not to imply Israel's ownership.   
  • No to making pre-visit demands to the genocidal Palestinians.   
  • But plenty of pre-visit demands to the victims of terror, the Jews of Israel:  Give terrorists more and more concessions and facts on the ground before he even arrives in Israel, in order to prepare the ground for the eventual surrender of Jewish land  for the creation of a terror state.  

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

SEA LION DRAGS LITTLE GIRL INTO THE WATER - Saved by a man who promptly jumped in and brought her to safety - It was the sea lion's second attempt at grabbing that same little girl

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A male California sea lion grabbed a young girl by her dress and pulled her into the water off Steveston's docks on Saturday, May 20. Marine mammal experts say the animal most likely mistook the dress for food.

Family slammed for 'reckless behaviour' after sea lion drags girl into water in Richmond, B.C.

Port officials are lambasting the family of a young girl for "reckless behaviour" after she was dragged into the water by a sea lion off a dock at Steveston in Richmond, B.C. 
Robert Kiesman, chair of the Steveston Harbour Authority, said there are several signs posted at the popular tourist destination warning people not to feed the sea mammals that frequent the area. 
"You wouldn't go up to a grizzly bear in the bush and hand him a ham sandwich, so you shouldn't be handing a thousand-pound wild mammal in the water slices of bread," Kiesman said. 
"And you certainly shouldn't be letting your little girl sit on the edge of the dock with her dress hanging down after the sea lion has already snapped at her once. Just totally reckless behaviour."
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Thursday, May 18, 2017

TRUMP BOWS TO SAUDI ARABIA - Will sell them hundreds of billions in sophisticated weapons and military technology, helping them become a superpower and a major threat to ISRAEL - TRUMP also gave Saudis OWNERSHIP OF USA LARGEST REFINERY

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 The Saudis' new deals with Trump turned out to be much sweeter than they had ever dreamed of.  Trump's reputation as a shrewd businessman and supporter of Israel is shattered, as he adds more gasoline to the Mideast fire and Saudi sponsored fanaticism and terror.  There is evidence that Saudi Arabia was behind the 9/11 terror attacks, it's a sponsor of terror, and a cruel and violent oppressor of women, minorities, and dissenters. 
  • The largest oil refinery in America — and the 600,000 barrels processed per day in Texas — is now officially owned by Saudi Aramco
  • Saudis unexpected success
    The Gulf Coast refinery deal comes less than two months after President Trump met with Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the White House. 
  • Saudi Arabia “is hoping the Aramco IPO [in 2018] will be valued at a stunning $2 trillion
  • At the same time Trump is aiming to build up what he calls an Arab NATO, although there is already such an organization in place called the Arab League with 22 members.
  • The arms deal could be worth as much as $350 billion over 10 years, and would include sales of ships, armored personnel carriers, missiles, bombs and munitions for the Saudi army and navy. 
  • It would be one of the largest deals of its kind in US history.  The intermediary in this deal is Jared Kushner, Trump's son in law, and notorious New York Democrat and former supporter of the Clintons. 
  • The sales include huge upgrades for the Saudi army and navy to include Littoral Combat Ships and THAAD missile defense systems.  
  • The Saudis and the US military industry will undoubtedly benefit from this deal - to the detriment of world peace. 
  • The deal is made even sweeter by locating some production and assembly in Saudi Arabia itself - in other words, giving them US technology to attack other Arab countries and ISRAEL.
  • There is a good probability that these weapons and military technology will one day soon pass into the hands of radical Islamists, as Saudi royalty are in peril of eventually being toppled by insurgents.
  • Saudi Arabia's adversary, Iran, is now close to developing nuclear bombs, thanks to president Barack Hussein Obama's infamous deal.   The Trump administration has expressed there will be no renegotiation of that deal.
  • In the meantime the Israeli military continues to slide downward, with top brass appointed from among liberal and globalists officers, and a comparatively inferior strength.
  • There is incontrovertible evidence that Saudi Arabia was connected to the 9/11 attacks on the US.   Much of this evidence was covered up by the US government because of politics and shady alliances between American politicians and the Saudis.
Saudi oil giant takes full command of largest U.S. oil refinery, worth trillions of dollars, after Saudi meeting with Trump

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

STUDY: YES, DOGS KNOW HOW TO TALK TO HUMANS - And also there is scientific proof that dogs understand human language

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Matthew, who is not yet two, shown gently patting the face of a long-haired St Bernard named Misha that wighs 15 stone and is 92 centimetres tall
  • Not only dogs.  Cats too make an effort to understand you, and to communicate with you.
  • Cats modulate their vocalizations to express themselves. 
  • OK, pets don't have an extensive vocabulary, but half a dozen words in 'cattish' or 'doggish' help pets get what they want, be it a specific food or treat or other needs.  
  • Talk to your cat or dog as you would talk to a toddler.  Make sentences very short and clear, and repeat them daily.  You will see how he will quickly learn their meaning, and how to respond to you or to make requests of his own. 
  • Some cats are very talkative.  The following video has been around for a while but it's worth watching again.  It shows two cats carrying on a conversation.  Absolutely adorable.
  • Time Magazine - Researchers in Hungary have investigated and recorded the brain activity of dogs, confirming that they not only understand the words we speak, but also how we say them.
  • In another study 40 volunteers listened to different growls recorded from 18 dogs.  Overall, participants correctly classified 63 per cent of the growl samples.
  • Women were better than men at recognising when a dog was being playful or threatening, or feeling fear, scientists discovered. 
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

THE WIKILEAKS MURDER - DNC STAFFER SETH RICH LEAKED THOUSANDS OF EMAILS TO WIKILEAKS, THEN HE WAS MURDERED - The Russian hacking of DNC emails story begins to unravel as private investigator says the FBI or DC Police have Seth's computer with evidence of emails between Seth Rich and Wikileaks

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  • For months it has been suggested that the true source of the DNC leaks to Wikileaks was not the Russians but DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was gunned down in Washington DC as he walked home from a bar 
  • DC police claimed the DNC data analyst, 27, was killed in a 'botched robbery' but nothing appeared to be missing from his person when found by police.
  • Rod Wheeler, a private investigator working on the case, claims Mr Rich was in email contact with Wikileaks before being murdered
  • The official investigation has dragged on for months, and it is believed police and the FBI were ordered by higher authorities to stand down and do nothing.
  • Wheeler believes his death is being covered up and that authorities have been ordered to drop the investigation 
  • Investigator Wheeler's services were offered to the family and paid for by a third party 
  • Seth's computer and evidence of his emails to Wikileaks are in possession of the DC police or the FBI, says Wheeler.
  • Wikileaks's boss Julian Assange has never denied Seth Rich was the source of the DNC email leaks, but he has been firm in denying it was the Russians.
  • Releasing evidence of Seth Rich's DNC leaks to Wikileaks would weaken or put an end to the current narrative of blaming the Russians for the hacking.
  • The mainstream media have been silent regarding these developments.

  • Malia Zimmerman of Fox News writes that murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich “leaked thousands of internal [DNC] emails to WikiLeaks” and that the FBI is in possession of their correspondence.
    WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange has stopped short of identifying Rich as the source of the emails, but has taken a keen interest in the case, and has not denied working with Rich.
    From Fox NewsThe Democratic National Committee staffer who was gunned down on July 10 on a Washington, D.C., street last July just steps from his home had leaked thousands of internal emails to WikiLeaks, law enforcement sources told Fox News.

    A federal investigator who reviewed an FBI forensic report detailing the contents of DNC staffer Seth Rich’s computer generated within 96 hours after his murder, said Rich made contact with Wikileaks through Gavin MacFadyen, a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and director of WikiLeaks who was living in London at the time.  “I have seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and Wikileaks,” the federal investigator told Fox News, confirming the MacFadyen connection. He said the emails are in possession of the FBI, while the stalled case is in the hands of the Washington Police Department. 


    VIDEOWho gave the order ? Hannity and Limbaugh discuss Seth Rich murder

    Continue reading and watch additional video by Stefan Molyneux

    Monday, May 15, 2017

    STUDY: CARTOONS ARE MORE EFFECTIVE THAN PHOTOS IN PERSUADING THE PUBLIC - Global warming advocates hope to use cartoons to manipulate the public with discredited arguments

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    • This blog loves good political cartoons.  A scientific study found that they are more persuasive than photos in helping you understand a point of view and make up your mind. 
    • The reason is that a good political cartoon, such as the dozens published regularly here on  THE NEWS IN CARTOONS  can powerfully summarize in a single image a message that a photograph alone cannot. 
    • A cartoon more than a photo will go straight to our heart and our mind.   And then there is the irresistible element of good quality humor, which we love. 
    • Of course this is a communication method that can be used for good or for evil.  The National Socialist Party of Germany - AKA Nazis - used cartoons to incite racial hatred and violence.  
    • On the other side of the pond American cartoonists availed themselves of cartoons to inspire patriotism and the need to fight tyranny and genocide in Europe. 
    • Leftist ideologues desperate to persuade the increasingly skeptical public about global warming and climate change were the instigators of this study.
    • A cartoon can become a medium for flawed or misleading scientific messages such as many of those advocated by the left.  Leftists defend wind farms in spite of the fact that they kill millions of birds and make people who live in the vicinity very sick.
    • The same environmentalists have remained completely silent at the scourge of nuclear power plants, although nuclear waste and nuclear meltdowns are more dangerous to life on the planet than anything climate change may do in the next thousand years.
    • In the end, all is fair in love and war.  It is up to us to be skeptical of what the media are selling.

    The left wants to learn more about mind manipulation through cartoons 

    SCIENCE DAILY - If you're creating a message to educate, inform, or persuade, don't underestimate the power of a well-executed cartoon. A new study suggests if you're trying to convince the public to change their stance on a topic, you may be more successful if you use a cartoon rather than a photograph.   Source:  University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES).  

    "Photographs were shown to be more credible, but cartoons were more likely to change behavior," says U of I agricultural communications professor Lulu Rodriguez who led the study.  "    Participants in the study said the content was better in the cartoon brochures (even though the text was identical), but the credibility was lower than the brochures using photographs.

    A cartoon grabs people's attention long enough to deliver the message. That's what you need in today's message-heavy atmosphere. Why not use a tool that has proven ability to cut through the others and inform people in a way that actually works?"   "It may be because of the more light-hearted approach of cartoons," Rodriquez says.
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