A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

AMAZING UNDERWATER PICTURES OF SHARKS, DOLPHINS, WHALES, AND STINGRAYS - all bravely and beautifully photographed in close ups by Alex Voyer and Alex Roubaud

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Two French freedivers and photographers have taken an incredible selection of photos while diving with underwater wildlife.  Alex Voyer and Alex Roubaud have been free diving for over 10 years, getting up close and personal with ocean creatures.
Mr Rouband says freediving is 'probably the most environmentally friendly and most discreet way to get in the water'
See more awesome large ocean animals in close ups

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

PUBLIC TRUST IN THE MEDIA AT AN ALL TIME LOW - AP headline confuses baseball legend YOGI BERRA with cartoon YOGI BEAR - Aside from mistakes, the liberal media routinely mislead the public and censor news contrary to its ideological agenda - Former AP correspondent exposes AP and media bias

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 Yogi Bear (who's believed to have been named after Yogi Berra) appeared in many comic books and animated shows after his regular segment on Hanna-Barbera productions' The Huckleberry Hound Show starting in 1958.  


AP headline confuses Yankees Hall of Fame Yogi Berra with cartoon character Yogi Bear.

According to an Associated Press news alert Wednesday morning, cartoon character Yogi Bear is no more, having mistakenly identified baseball legend Yogi Berra as the famous cartoon character.
An AP wire alert sent Wednesday morning stated, "New York Yankees Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Bear has died. He was 90." AP later updated the alert with the correct name.

Public trust in the media at an all time low
NEW GALLUP POLL - Just four in 10 Americans say they have a “great deal” or a “fair amount” of trust in the media to report the news fairly and accurately.
And while Republicans trust the media less than Democrats do, the numbers across all party affiliations are in rapid decline from even a decade ago. 

We are talking about Associated Press, an organization with decades of journalistic experience and, fairly or not, regarded as more or less reliable.
The mainstream media has chosen to align itself with the liberal and corporate agendas, thereby discrediting itself to an ever more wary public.  
The mainstream media openly - and often quite actively - takes sides instead of performing its mandate of informing the public as impartially and as completely as possibly. 
What the mainstream media is hiding from you:
Pat Condell:  The Invasion of Europe and the Muslim culture of rape
By allowing unfettered ILLEGAL immigration
 the European Union is breaking the law
Continue reading, including a former AP correspondent denunciation of outright bias in AP and other media, and how three major scandalous current news items have been played down or censored by the media.

Monday, September 28, 2015

NASA ANNOUNCES THERE IS WATER ON MARS - Where there is water there is life - Not a reason to rejoice, though. - Human explorers will leave litter on Mars, as they have done in outer space. - And if there are tiny living creatures, they'll be mistreated as our own wonderful animals

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In the study, the researchers said: 'Here we analyse spectral data [and] find evidence for hydrated salts at all four locations in the seasons when [flows] are most extensive, which suggests that the source of hydration is RSL activity. Our findings strongly support the hypothesis that  RSL form as a result of water activity on Mars'Well, since we are running out of places to pillage and pollute on this Earth, here is an opportunity to start anew.  If there are any living creatures on Mars, we'll enslave them, study them, torture them, kill them. 
If there is mining or any other profitable activity to do on Mars, we can always dump toxic garbage into the water or bury it underground. 
Wherever man goes - including outer space - he leaves a trail of litter and pollution behind.  Why should the exploration and exploitation of Mars be any different?
Mars mystery SOLVED:
Nasa confirms bizarre 'dark finger' marks on the red planet ARE signs of water flowing beneath its surface  

Nasa has confirmed it has found evidence of flowing water on Mars by studying marks lefts in gullies on the planet. The marks, or seasonal flows, were spotted in 2011 in Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter images and were later found to lengthen and darken on rocky slopes from late spring to early autumn (as seen in this animation) MY 29 and MY 30 stand for Mars year 29 and 30 and refer to 2008 until April 2011

  • The 'dark finger-style' marks were first spotted in 2011 using images taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
  • The streaks lengthen and darken on rocky slopes in various locations on Mars from late spring to early autumn
  • Nasa has confirmed these so-called seasonal flows are likely made by flowing water on, or beneath, the surface
  • This is the first evidence of its kind found on another planet and may suggest an ocean lies under Mars' icy exterior
By studying the infrared wavelengths from these flows, the researchers believe the marks are likely made by flowing water due to the presence of hydrated salts. This is the first evidence of its kind to be found on another planet and could even suggest there is an ocean beneath Mars’ icy desert surface (Hale crater pictured)By studying the infrared wavelengths from these flows, the researchers believe the marks are likely made by flowing water due to the presence of hydrated salts. This is the first evidence of its kind to be found on another planet and could even suggest there is an ocean beneath Mars’ icy desert surface (Hale crater pictured)

Continue reading and see more amazing images of MARS

DOGS BURNED TO DEATH WHEN ARSONISTS SET FIRE TO SHELTER IN ARAB TOWN IN ISRAEL - Islam regards dogs as impure and are often the subject of severe abuse

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Arsonists entered a "Let the animals live" dog shelter in the northern Arab town of Sachnin, in Israel, and set fire to the establishment on Sunday night.  Two dogs died, 13 suffered serious burns.
One of wounded dogs (Photo: Bashir Amin)
Fireman with a wounded survivor
Three fire crews from the Galilee branch arrived on the scene. Upon arrival the crews spotted a central fire within the area in which the dogs were housed before being adopted.   

The fire captain, Lahav Mahudi Shaalan said that four of the dogs were rescued after being exposed to smoke.  However, according to him, two dogs died in the flames.

The organization had said that 13 dogs suffered serious burns and injuries as a result of the fire, with one dog having fled the compound, yet to be found.

All the dogs that were found in the compound after the fire have been transferred to "Let the animals live" ambulances, which are now treating them on the scene according to the organization. The majority of the animals will spend the night in a different animal shelter. 

A representative from the organization had also said that the site was secured, but that the assailants managed to somehow make their way into the compound and later fled the scene.  A police report has been filed, and an investigation into the arson has been opened.
The compound has previously come under attack by vandals who have attempted to break in, or destroy elements of the property.


About the Arab town of Sakhnin (or Sachnin): 

Located in the Lower Galilee, its population of 25,100 is Arab, mostly Muslim, with a sizable Christian Arab minority.  The town dates back several thousand years to the Jewish Biblical era.  (Wikipedia.)   Its Muslim population is the result of the Muslim invasion and conquest in the 7th century.
No Jews live in Sakhnin now.  Jews are forced to stay clear out of Arab-populated towns and neighborhoods in Israel due to anti-Semitic violence.  Even an arranged visit can turn deadly.
On this page:
  • Residents of Sakhar stone Jewish students who had been invited to visit a school.
  • Residents of Sakhar stone Jewish soccer fans after a game
  • Palestinians shooting dogs and throwing the agonizing animals into garbage cans
  • Palestinians throw bagged live puppies at IDF over a wall
  • Bedouin children of Arab town of Rahat mutilate and burn dogs for fun - Police do nothing because it's part of the culture.
  • Palestinians torture cattle in Gaza.  Australia suspends exports.
  • Islamic dog hatred and cruelty and animal rights activists' silence.
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Sunday, September 27, 2015

VOLKSWAGEN'S DARK NAZI PAST - WHEN VW USED SLAVE LABOR along with other now popular German companies - They also enriched themselves by acquiring stolen Jewish property - The current VW MASSIVE FRAUD scandal involving millions of vehicles hiding toxic emissions that poison all of us - ANGELA MERKEL is alleged to have known all about it

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What was Volkswagen caught doing this time? 
Volkswagen sold nearly 600,000 cars in the United States last year, around 6 percent of its 9.5 million global salesVW has admitted using software that allowed its diesel cars to fool U.S. emissions tests, releasing fewer smog-causing NOx during the tests than in real-world driving conditions. 
Diesel vehicles are more efficient than those powered by regular gas but emit higher levels of nitrogen oxides, or NOx, which can contribute to ozone buildup and respiratory illnesses.
Volkswagen's even darker past

The recent Volkswagen scandal has revealed how the company, and very likely the German government itself, were involved in defrauding millions of car owners.   But there is more to Volkswagen than its now failed reputation for quality and trustworthiness. 

For some reason we have come to associate German manufacturing with quality and integrity, and chosen to turn a page on their macabre past of only a couple of generations ago.
Business companies as well as  countries carry with them a historical continuum and an ethos that can't be ignored. 

Although Germany is trying very hard to play the role of a born-again compassionate and humane nation, while hiding a darkness beneath that not many want to acknowledge. 
The current migrant crisis will end badly for Europe and for the migrants.  Europe's long-suppressed darkness will erupt and sweep the continent in one more ugly episode of violence.  Racial strife will explode.  The migrants come from places with a culture of hate and violence, so they will fight back.  It's only a matter of time.

The following article from 2014 throws light on Volkswagen's and other current German companies' shameful past.  It's the right time to focus on them.
The Daily Mail:  How the Nazis helped German companies Bosch, Mercedes, Deutsche Bank and VW get VERY rich using 300,000 concentration camp slaves 

Slave labour: Jewish slave workers in striped uniforms work in a Nazi ammunition factory near Dachau concentration camp during World War II. WirtschaftsWoche has published a league table illustrating the Nazi past of top German firms like Bosch, Mercedes, Deutsche Bank, VW and many others, which involved the use of almost 300,000 slaves
Slave labour: Jewish slave workers in striped uniforms work in a Nazi ammunition factory near Dachau concentration camp during World War II. WirtschaftsWoche has published a league table illustrating the Nazi past of top German firms like Bosch, Mercedes, Deutsche Bank, VW and many others, which involved the use of almost 300,000 slaves
  • List of tarnished companies is a 'Who's Who' of modern German industry
  • Over two million people were brought to Nazi Germany from conquered lands to work for the new master race.
  • Slaves were replaced as they died, or as they became too weak or injured which resulted in them being sent to death camps.
  • Some companies still to come clean with their business dealings
  • German companies enriched themselves by acquiring confiscated Jewish property and by using slave labor.
  • Bayer used 20,000 slaves but official history brushes Nazi period
  • Deutsche and others enriched themselves seizing Jewish businesses
  • Daimler, BMW, Audi, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Adidas, BASF, Bertelsmann publishers, all implicated 
  • BASF built a plant at Auschwitz to produce synthetic rubber and inmates there had a life expectancy measured in weeks.
  • Soviet PoWs conscripted to work in Nazi industrial plants suffered death rates of between 90 and 97 per cent.
  • VW had something called the ‘dying room’  where female forced labourers who gave birth had to leave their newborns to die.
  • BMW Hannover had an execution area to murder those who displeased their masters

  • Continue reading:

    Friday, September 25, 2015

    IT'S 2015 SEA OTTER AWARENESS WEEK - Otters are good for the environment. They protect sea kelp forests by eating urchins, which allows a variety of other marine life to thrive

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    Pup 696 getting lots of TLC from Monterey Bay Aquarium staffers.
    Sea otter mother and pup in the Great Tidepool at Monterey Bay Aquarium
     Otters are excellent mothers to their adorable pups

    Picture of sea otter
    Continue reading and see more images of these wonderful creatures

    Wednesday, September 23, 2015


    PERPLEXED OTTER© Unauthorized duplication of this blog's material is prohibited.   Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full credit and link is given to Otters and Science News Blogspot.  Link to this post: - Thank you for visiting my blog.


    I posted this article on September 23.  I have updated it so that you can watch these videos where CONSCIOUS DOGS ARE BLOWTORCHED ALIVE.
    Unless people can actually see with their own eyes the excruciating torture these angelic animals endure at the hands of humans in Asia, there cannot be enough OUTRAGE to stop it.  Tourists are still flocking to those countries, and we are still doing business with them.  
    SIGN the petition but only as a starting point for more effective action. 
    Online petitions alone are often ignored and sometimes used to divert public outrage towards something harmless to the countries involved.  You think you are doing something, but you are in fact being duped into doing nothing. 
    Talk to your government representatives and international animal welfare organizations. Respectfully write to embassies of countries that engage in this practice. 
    Something more needs to be done, perhaps in the area of international trade to make those governments pay attention.
    Click on Read More further on and watch those censored videos.

    Burned alive: Horrifying footage and images taken this week show dogs being burned with a blowtorch while they are still alive 
    Cultural Asian tradition:  Skinned and then blowtorched alive in INDONESIA  - According to Asian tradition they taste better that way because the stress hormones released during torture add to the flavor.
    Look at the way customers leisurely shop in the background, indifferent to the suffering going on just a few steps away

    Cultural and moral relativists tell us that we have no right to criticize other cultures, that there is no good or bad culture, that it's all relative, and that judging other countries' customs is a sign of bias, racism, and worse.
    Continue reading and learn more about the torture of cats and dogs at food markets in Asia.

    FACING A MUSLIM INVASION EUROPE AND THE WEST APPEAR TO HAVE LOST THE WILL TO SURVIVE - Liberals invoke the Holocaust to weaken resistance, although Palestinian Muslims collaborated with Hitler in the extermination of Jews - The migrants' rape epidemic and media coverup - The truth about the "refugee crisis"

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    Millions of Muslims already packing their bags to migrate to Europe.
    Photo -
    Map of Europe
    Look at this map once again.  There are no natural borders between Europe and Asia.  The Mediterranean looks more like a big lake.  The process of transformation of Europe into a cultural and demographic extension of Asia has begun.  
    The indigenous European population is shrinking, and the Muslim Asian and African population is growing exponentially.  Math does not lie.  Europe will become a Muslim territory.  To begin with, Muslims don't need a 51% majority yet to rule.  They already control certain cities, and influence elections through their numbers, money, and intimidation.
    In spite of its bloody history, Europe has contributed to the best of civilization in terms of science, technology, philosophy, art, and much more.  Some European political ideas (often picked up from their descendants in America) have defined our current notions of democracy, tolerance, and humanitarian compassion.   
    Its historical record has been far from perfect, but there is enough in Western civilization that is worth protecting and salvaging for future generations. 
    Unfortunately present demographic tendencies and a general malaise in European and Western populations seem to point towards the extinguishing of a light that held much promise.
    Dutch MEP Geert Wilders holds press conference in London
     This is not a regular migration.  It is colonization and conquest.

    For those affected by terminal political correctness and who are passively resigned to Islam's demographic takeover of the West and the inevitable cultural regression and rising violence that is already happening, think for a moment of how the latest in western high-tech and science might be misused at the hands of Islam - to say nothing of the already existing nuclear facilities. 
    No horror movie could ever convey the nightmare that lies ahead. 

    By Zbigniew Zwgstkstwig
    The suicide of the West
    There were symptoms of European suicidal tendencies during Hitler's invasion of Europe evidenced by the passivity with which many Western European countries surrendered, and the quickness with which the French army raised the white flag. 
    Those cultural suicidal tendencies were also obvious in the European eagerness to embrace fascism at that time.  Devoid of a strong fighting spirit, they accepted tyranny as an easy way to be taken care of by the state, and letting government do the thinking for them.
    Saved from the deranged Nazi regime by Soviet and American armies, Europeans meekly resigned themselves to be taken care of by the new conquerors.  The Americans generously provided the Marshall plan and went home.   The Soviets sucked Germany dry of resources and stayed, at least in the central and eastern part of the continent. 
    Years passed.  Western Europeans, like well-fed and pampered teenagers, decided to flirt with the left and to riot and throw tantrums at the way adults were running things.   As they grew up, they continued to make further demands.  Often they elected leftist governments that promised to take care of their needs with plenty of benefits. 
    Europeans stopped having enough children.  Too much trouble taking care of them.  Besides, women had to realize their full potential and motherhood was inconvenient.
    So Germany imported Muslims from Turkey to fill the gap that war and fewer babies left in the working force.  Other European countries too invited Muslim migrants and asylum seekers.
    And Britain allowed the Labour Party to throw the doors wide open to millions of migrants from Asia and Africa, no questions asked.  For the sake of diversity, they said.    
    Scandinavia found that giving asylum to people of color assuaged their white guilt.  Sweden then imported leftist Chileans fleeing the right wing dictatorship they themselves had unleashed with their own Marxist excesses during the Salvador Allende rule.  
    Chileans integrated well.  They intermarried.  They became Swedish.  So Sweden  said the more the merrier.  With no more Chileans on their waiting list, they decided to invite Muslims.  Big mistake.  
    Muslims brought a supremacist ideology from 7th century Arabia with them, and things have not been the same since for Sweden and other Western European countries with Muslim minorities.  In the meantime the European Muslim population grew exponentially, and with them problems with crime, rape, and general violence. 
    Europeans have been conditioned by their governments to accept the Muslim influx - now a flood - into their countries.  Governments and leftists have exploited European guilt for the Holocaust to throw accusations of 'racism' at anyone who opposes the Muslim invasion.

    Image result for al husseini with hitler images
    Palestinian chief Al-Husseini with Hitler
    deliberating on the most efficient way
    to destroy all Jews
    Invoking the Holocaust to make Europeans feel guilty and accept the Muslim invasion is rather ironic because Nazis and Muslims were very close collaborators in the Holocaust, and share a visceral hatred against Jews and their need to kill them. 
    Further on this page read the details of how the Palestinian leader at that time,  Mohammed Amin Al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, lived in Berlin for years as a close advisor to Hitler on expediting the extermination of Jews.  
    Image result for al husseini with hitler images
    Palestinian leader Al-Husseini
    with his SS Nazi Muslim troops,
    guilty of crimes against humanity
    Al-Husseini also created an SS Division of Bosnian Muslims that perpetrated gruesome crimes in eastern Europe.   Even the German Nazis were shocked by their brutality.
    Although Hitler initially wanted Jews to leave Germany, it was Al-Husseini who persuaded him that wiping out all the Jews was the best option for both Germans and Arabs.  Arabs wanted to keep Jews from returning to their ancestral land of Israel and wanted no survivors.
    After the war many top Nazi criminals found shelter in Arab countries.  Al Husseini escaped a trial for crimes against humanity by fleeing to the Mideast, where he trained and indoctrinated the likes of Yasser Arafat (his nephew), and current Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas.
    Today the Nazi ideology is alive and well among European and Palestinian Muslims.  Jews are leaving Europe in droves scared by the frequent murders of Jews at the hands of European Muslims. 
    So whenever leftists invoke the tragedy of the Holocaust to convince Europeans that they are morally bound to take in Muslims, what they are really asking them is to embrace Hitler's allies.
    The Nazis and the Palestinian Movement
    hamassaluteRead more about Palestinian collaboration with Nazi Germany, and their ongoing Nazi ideology.
    Palestinian Arabs -
    Nazis then, Nazis now
    And here: 
    It is mandated by Islam's scriptures.  They don't just hate Israelis. 
    They have hated Jews since the 7th century.

    More by politically incorrect Pat Condell

    On this blog:  Muslim anti-Semitism

    CONTINUE READING, and see informative videos and summaries exposing the truth behind the media coverup of what the Muslim invasion of the West really means.

    Tuesday, September 22, 2015

    DEAR ANNE COULTER - Where we stand regarding Israel and anti-Semitism is a LITMUS TEST FOR MORALITY - When silence about the Jews was national policy: The US media and White House deliberate conspiracy of silence about the Holocaust during WW2

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    By Zbigniew Zwgstkstwig
    Ann Coulter's recent unrepentant tweets complaining that there was too much talk about the "f---ing Jews" in the presidential debates shocked many pro-Israel Americans. 
    While the usually anti-Israel left and other anti-Semites relished the controversy, pro-Israel Americans were aghast.  But  why the shock?
    The candidates' traditional pilgrimage to Israel

    Israelis are the first to be amazed at the US presidential candidates tradition of flocking to Israel for a photo-op and to establish evidence of their pro-Israel bona fides. 
    Neither Israel nor US Jews demand it or expect it.  So, why do they do it?  Because being pro-Israel is STILL A MUST in any US presidential campaign, a sign that the candidate stands for what is morally right. 
    Even those who dislike or even hate Israel make the required  pilgrimage during their campaign.  Once in office they show their true colors.

    Prayer_500Left:  Candidate Obama visiting Jerusalem's Western Wall during his 2008 presidential campaign. 
    As president he went on to repeatedly reject Israel's right to Jerusalem, a city that was already part of Jewish civilization thousands of years ago, when North America was populated only by Aboriginals, and Africa was in the Stone Age. 

    Because of Obama US citizens born in Jerusalem cannot list Israel as their country of birth on their passports.  Obama has also engaged in a still ongoing diplomatic and propaganda war against PM Netanyahu, and has downplayed basic notions of Israeli security.

    As US demographics change and Muslims continue to pour money into American institutions - and into US politicians' pockets - future presidential candidates' required pilgrimage may no longer be to Jerusalem but to Qatar, or Iran, or Saudi Arabia.
    For the time being the most obvious reason for this pandering to Jews is simply the candidates' desperate need for money, although one must hope that some of them may feel a sincere solidarity with the State of Israel. 
    But a full presidential campaign requires hundreds of millions of dollars in donations, and money is blood for a candidate.  Not enough money, and the dreams of sitting in the Oval Office are dashed.
    Illustration above:  To put some hard numbers on what it takes to get through the first four states, Fortune magazine surveyed leading party strategists, fundraisers, media consultants, and the historical record. This illustration outlines the cost of the Republican presidential slugfest’s opening round. 
    Many Jewish donors not only have big pockets but a generous heart as well, and they have been an important source of revenue for candidates - usually for Democrats because the majority of US Jews vote Democrat. 
    Quite frankly, many of these Jewish donors and supporters expect their candidate to make an unequivocal statement of support for the State of Israel, and then once in office he can tear Israel's security to shreds, for all they care.
    The Obama administration has promoted an Iran Deal that facilitates the development of nuclear bombs by that terror-sponsoring country, unleashes a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, and rises considerably the constant threat of nuclear annihilation for Israel.  But most Democrats, including Jewish Democrats, continue to chant "My Obama right or wrong".
    Ann Coulter could have denounced this hypocritical and mercenary pandering to US Jewish donors, when candidates pretend to care for Israel, only to throw it under the bus once they get elected.  But instead she exposed her prejudices by using the term "f---ing Jews". 
    Candidates pander to all sorts of ethnic groups and interests.  It's part of their job.  But in her view, only the Jews can be referred to using such gutter language.  She would have never used it with Hispanics, Afro-Americans, homosexuals, or any other group that politicians consider worthy of pandering to.  But it's not all her fault. 
    First of all, she grew up in a world where Jews are still a convenient and easy target to blame for everything. 
    Whether you hate capitalism, Marxism, religion, atheism, or anything at all, you can safely blame the Jews with no repercussions whatsoever.  No fear of Muslim Fatwas, or violent revenge, or even the threat of a lawsuit for defamation.  Jews are fair game and have been taking it for two thousand years.
    FILE - This Feb. 10, 2012 file photo shows conservative commentator Ann Coulter gesturing while speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington. The Fox Nation web site has removed a column by conservative commentator Ann Coulter because it had a reference to killing the daughter of Sen. John McCain. Fox said Thursday, April 11, 2013, the column, posted Wednesday night, was deemed offensive. Coulter wrote that MSNBC's Martin Bashir suggested Republican senators need to have a member of their family killed before they would support stronger gun control legislation. She wrote: “Let's start with Meghan McCain!”  (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, file)
    Right wing icon
    Second, Ann Coulter has been a right wing favorite enjoying unconditional support from her fans who overlook her often bizarre, absurd, offensive, and uninformed opinions.  She counts on her immunity from right wing criticism.
    Take for example her views on the dangers of radiation.  As the damaged Fukushima power plant unleashed its deadly radiation all around and into the ocean, Ann Coulter has this to say: 
    With the terrible earthquake and resulting tsunami that have devastated Japan, the only good news is that anyone exposed to excess radiation from the nuclear power plants is now probably much less likely to get cancer.  ...excess radiation operates as a sort of cancer vaccine.   
    And she had this to day about fat people and the disabled:
    she told Breitbart that she would refuse to allow overweight girls in if she were in charge of immigration. .... Coulter implied in an interview that her ban would also extend to the blind and those who require wheelchairs. 
    Stephen Hawking, don't even bother to apply for US citizenship in Ann Coulter's ideal America. 
    She did not even spare the 9/11 widows: 
    Cartoon by Steve Sack
    Coulter writes in her book, "Godless: The Church of Liberalism," that a group of New Jersey widows whose husbands perished in the World Trade Center act "as if the terrorist attacks happened only to them."  
    She also wrote, "I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much." 
    The time when talking too much about the fate of the Jews was deliberately avoided.
    The following may seem unrelated to 21st century US politics, but once you get down to the real issue behind this controversy, there is a parallel with another time when the fate of the Jews was also silenced.
    As information about the Holocaust began to come in to Jewish organizations AND the White House during World War II,  there was a complicity of silence about the extermination of Jews in Europe. 
    Even American Jews - for their own reasons - were key participants in this deliberate censoring of information.
    Just as the media today chooses what news to publish and which ones to cover up, during WW2 even top newspapers such as the New York Times decided to hide incontrovertible information of the mass murder of Jews in Nazi Europe. 
    Nothing was said.  And so it came as a surprise for GIs to find Jews that looked like skeletons in Nazi death camps, and piles and piles of corpses.  They were shocked because it had been White House and Allies policy to hide the truth. 
    In private conversations the Allies acknowledged that they did not want to deal with "too many survivors" after the war, so not only they refused to expose the mass gassing and incineration of European Jews, but they REFUSED to bomb the Nazi gas chambers and the railroads leading to them - even though they bombed other targets not far from them.
    Today Israel is being threatened daily.  While other countries can afford to lose wars and then recover from their defeats - if Israel loses just ONE war its population will be exterminated in another Holocaust.  This is the difference between Israel and all other countries in turmoil, and this is why it is important to speak out about Israel's security, particularly during a US presidential campaign.   
    Iran constantly threatens Israel  with extermination, while the Obama administration continues to defend a deal that allows Iran to develop nuclear weapons. 
    Arab countries are just biding their time till the moment when they can ONCE AGAIN attack and invade Israel.  They don't just plan to occupy it.  They want to slaughter its Jewish population. 
    And in spite of their open belligerent racism and threats, the United States government has continued  to sell Arab countries state-of-the-art weapons and war planes to be used against what they consider their only true enemy:  Israel.  
    So dear Ann Coulter and everyone who thinks American politicians should not even mention Israel - you are wrong.
    Where standing regarding Israel is the litmus test for the morality of individuals and countries. 
    Those who dismiss the precarious situation of Jews in Israel, and choose to forget the 2000 year old history of persecution and genocide that culminated in the Holocaust merely 70 years ago,  are showing their true human values or lack of them.
    And Ann Coulter - after a long career built on offending everyone - has finally showed where all that vitriol comes from.  Not from a refreshing and rational criticism of political correctness, but most likely from a darker place.
    Continue reading