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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Thursday, September 17, 2015

ARAB ROCK THROWERS MURDER ANOTHER JEW IN ISRAEL - Government promises to get tough - Then police arrests Jews for peaceful protest against terror and for quietly praying at Temple Mount - In the meantime Arab gangs run rampant throwing rocks and firebombs with impunity - Israeli authorities are ENABLING THE ARAB TAKEOVER OF JERUSALEM by violence and by illegal construction, in order to facilitate its eventual partition

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Arab rock throwing terrorists (file)
The timidity with which police deal - or fail to deal - with Muslim terror in Europe exists also in Israel, in a much larger proportion.  
Murderous attacks on Jews occur not just daily but many times during the day, brazenly and in public areas, while police do nothing. 
Sometimes police are present but they have explicit orders not to make arrests or  shoot at those who try to murder police or civilians.  
Jewish motorist Alexander Levlovitz (64) lost control of his car after Arab terrorists hurled a rock into it, and died in the ensuing crash during the Jewish New Year which ended on Tuesday night.  

Just days after this murder, another Jerusalem Jew was wounded in a terror attack when  Arabs threw a rock at his car, causing heavy damage to the windshield

Photo: Jerusalem Fire and Rescue Services
Alexander Levlovitz' car
after his murder
The driver was lightly wounded and suffered from shock, but fortunately he did not lose control of the vehicle and thereby avoided possibly life-threatening injury.

Many other Jews have been seriously injured or killed as a result of rock throwing attacks.  
These activities are nothing less than attempted murder, and yet they are IGNORED or dealt with lightly by authorities because of fear of provoking more Arab violence, or because of secret sympathy with the Arabs.  The left is powerful in Israel. 

Treason has always existed in that country.

Toddler Adele Biton
severely brain injured by
rock throwers. She later died.
Politicians often make strong statements against Arab terror, but they do nothing.  After the latest murder of a Jewish motorist, Israeli PM Netanyahu promised to get tough.   So after many YEARS of daily rock attacks and terror that have victimized thousands of Jews,  the PM now promises to get tough.
Despite promises by government, Israelis continue to be on their own when it comes to rampant Arab terror.
To test the sincerity of the PM declaration,  Jerusalem councilman Aryeh King made a tour of the most threatening spots for Jews in the city and there was NOT A SINGLE POLICEMAN IN SIGHT.  Aryeh King reported on Facebook:
Jerusalem Councilman
Aryeh King
"It seems that Netanyahu is continuing to wave slogans and make declarations, while in practice he's disengaging from eastern Jerusalem (Biblical Jerusalem) as he has done for the last five years."
King has long warned that Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat's policies of allowing rampant illegal Arab construction, expanding Arab neighborhoods, neglecting law enforcement and freezing Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem are leading to a de facto division of the capital.
An ongoing government policy of appeasing and even empowering Arabs allows them to legally and illegally expand construction and assert Palestinian Authority control over key areas of Jerusalem. 
A year ago Aryeh King denounced how Netanyahu forbade Jews from entering eight Jerusalem neighborhoods, and allowed Palestinian Authority (PA) construction in the city, thus expanding its area of control.  

Willful blindness
At the same time PM Netanyahu has been instituting a Jewish building freeze and forbidding police from escorting Jerusalem building inspectors in eastern Jerusalem, revealed King, allowing local Arab residents to turn it into the "wild west" in terms of rampant building abuses.
"Netanyahu is doing what Arik Sharon did in Gush Katif," said King, recalling how Sharon destroyed Jewish communities in Gaza and expelled its residents - thus unleashing years of  Gazan terror against Israelis.  Aryeh elaborated that Netanyahu is doing as Sharon, who "didn't talk or negotiate - he just abandoned the land."
Jerusalem mayor gives the OK for a new Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem, raises permits by 50% in two years - while Jewish construction remains frozen.  Arab majority by 2030. 

Binyamin Netanyahu, Nir Barkat
PM Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Barkat
Partners in the empowering of Arabs
 and the Arabization of Jerusalem
aimed at the future partition of the city.
Included in the roughly 10,000 housing units in the plan, are 2,800 illegal Arab housing units already on the ground that are legalized.
King remarked that in 2014 Barkat destroyed only around 20 illegal Arab out of a total of roughly 40,000 illegal housing units.

"Between the years 2012-2014 there is a rise of 50% in building permits for Arabs in the east of the city," notes King. "And that's opposed to the continued freeze on Jews that Netanyahu and Barkat are leading in Jerusalem."

Arabs routinely gather an arsenal of rocks to attack Jewish worshipers at Temple Mount -  a daily occurrence. 
Israeli police arrests Jews for praying at their most sacred site (where the Jewish Temple used to be before it was razed by the Romans).  
Both Jewish prayer and the very presence of Jews offends and enrages Arabs. 
As per Israeli government policy of appeasement, police allows Arabs to harass, insult, and assault Jews with impunity.

For government to get tough means police harassing, intimidating and arresting peaceful Jews  

Police arrest victim of terror for peacefully protesting against terror, while stone-throwing gangs run rampant all over the city.

Residents of Jerusalem's Armon Hanatziv neighborhood protest at the traffic circle at the entrance Tzur Baher, where Alexander Levlovitz was murdered by Arab terrorists.
Peaceful Jews,
easy and frequent targets for police
A 61-year-old man from Jerusalem, a victim of previous Arab terror,  was arrested on charges that he was one of the organizers of an illegal, but non-violent, anti-terrorism rally held in response to ongoing Arab attacks.

Six protesters were arrested from dozens who participated in the protest that began after the funeral for Alexander Levlovitz, who was murdered on Rosh Hashana eve by Arab terrorists who stoned his car.

That is not all.  A Yeshiva student was arrested FOR blasting a Jewish prayer on a loudspeaker as a response to Arabs throwing rocks. 

A Beit Orot yeshiva [Torah academy] student was arrested in Jerusalem on Tuesday night, after its students retaliated against a steady stream of Arab attacks by blasting the "Shema Yisrael" prayer over a loudspeaker.  Reason:  it might agitate Arabs.

Border Police arrest Jews for non-violent protest
Dozens of Arab rioters set off fireworks and threw rocks at Border Police near the yeshiva. After half an hour of clashes, students retaliated by blasting the prayer in a non-violent response. 

Shockingly, instead of Border Police arresting the rioters, they broke into the school, and threatened to arrest students for "agitating Arabs." 

The student who was arrested, a discharged soldier who until recently was a commander in a combat unit, was detained for noting to the officers that they had no legal grounds to ban the song.

In addition, police officers attacked a student who documented the arrest.

Continue reading, including many links to references on the subject of treason, the Israeli left's grip on the country, and much more.

The student was taken away and taken to the police station with his hands cuffed behind his back. He said he was put in a room without air conditioning, was placed in a corner facing the wall and was left for a long time.

Only after attorney Rehavia Pilz from the Honenu legal rights organization came to the police station did the officers agree to release him and handcuff him with his hands in front.

He was questioned on suspicion of assaulting a police officer and disturbing the public, denied the allegations and was released around 2:00 am - and only under supervision. Police also returned the speakers to the yeshiva overnight. 

Honenu responded Wednesday that the incident is a scandal.  "Rather than act decisively against Arab rioters and terrorists hurting Jews in Jerusalem regularly, police officers act rather decisively against Jewish residents," Honenu fumed. "Why?"

"We will consider a lawsuit against the police officers with respect to the student's false arrest," it added.

Honenu is an organization that helps victims of abuses by police, the courts,  and other authorities against Jews in Israel.  Visit their webpage and click on the Current News tab.  Read the absurdities that occur in the Israeli police and justice system for the sake of appeasing Arabs and intimidating Jews.


September 8, 2015: Jew detained for reciting blessing on Temple Mount

August 9, 2015: Despite holding license, Adei Ad resident detained for possession of weapon

July 30, 2015: Bride detained on Temple Mount on suspicion of praying

July 9, 2015: Temple Mount policies discriminate against Jews

A typical attack on a Jew. 
While police did nothing.

Young man attacked by Arabs
 Police did not bother to investigate,
although they had CCTV evidence.
Without evidence they would most likely
have charged the Jew with provoking
the assault.
Yeshiva student Yisrael Meir Netay  reports a recent incident:  "As I was walking down the street which leads towards the Western Wall and the Temple Mount, one Arab threw a water bottle at me, another Arab threw something else, they started kicking me.

"I started running away and more Arabs joined, they pushed me down to the ground at least twice, injured me. I then went to the hospital, my shoulder was broken. I couldn’t sleep the entire holiday,”

Asked whether he called the police, Nitay said that while he indeed filed a complaint with the police, “they didn’t even write that it was of a nationalistic background.”

The victim of the
attack in Jerusalem
“They didn’t do anything. I know of at least two other people who were attacked and complained to the police and the police didn’t do anything. Someone said they should at least block the street. They didn’t listen,” he added.
When police was asked about CCTV footage of the attack, they said the incident WAS nationalistic (terror, racist), and so they were not releasing it.
The victim's attorney, Honeu legal rights organization representative Itamar Ben-Gvir, fumed Wednesday that the Israel Police are stalling proceedings.
"If police wanted to, within an hour all of the rioters shown on camera could be arrested, but neither police nor the prosecution is willing to address the issue," Ben-Gvir stated. "The fact is that, three days later, there has not been one arrest." 

Read more

Photo of student on the ground, and video of the attack:



Jew is attacked by Arabs. 
If police are called, Arabs say the Jew attacked them first. Then police arrests the Jew and lets the Arabs go.  Works every time.


Elderly Jewish motorist murdered by rock and firebomb throwers
Public protest  over the deteriorating security situation in their neighborhood frequented by Arabs with nefarious intents.

Just days later, another Jew is wounded in an Arab rock throwing attack

Jerusalem Councilman Aryeh King accuses PM of having a secret agenda of empowering Arabs for the abandoning of Jerusalem by Israel. 
A year ago Aryeh King denounced PM Netanyahu de-facto empowering of Arabs at the expense of Israel in Jerusalem.

Left wing Jerusalem mayor OKs Arab construction, allows extensive illegal Arab construction, while restricting Jewish presence in Jerusalem.

Police gets tough - arrests victim of terror for organizing peaceful protest and five others for participating - While Arabs are allowed to riot and murder.

Police gets tough again:  arrests religious student for playing music in response to rock attacks because the music might agitate rock throwers

A typical attack on a pedestrian.  Police did nothing.


PM announces the use of snipers against rock throwers. 

Netanyahu on Highway 443
PM Netanyahu - Concerned
  • This means no arrests, and no actual police presence on the ground to deter terrorists. 
  • And this policy must be so full of caveats as to make it inoperable. 
  • Call it pure propaganda to appease the indignant Jerusalem public. 
  • Every time a soldier or police kills a terrorist, he must go intense debriefing and oftentimes he risks a jail sentence if his actions don't meet a full criteria of when and how and under what circumstances shooting at Arabs is allowed.  
  • Police and IDF have opted for doing nothing in face of terror, so as not to risk imprisonment.
  • The IDF has been fully neutered.  Soldiers endure all kinds of violence and humiliation at the hands of Arabs because they are afraid to respond and face court martial.

European anti-Semites and Muslims funding pseudo-human rights organizations in Israel.  And the government allows them to operate.

Attorney Avigdor Feldman (photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)Leftist Israeli Jewish activist Avigdor Feldman admits it:  We are all on the payroll

In a Hebrew language post at the "Eretz HaEmori" blog, Feldman says that in his life, he has witnessed how Israel's "human rights movement" became a source of income for its activists. He relates how his father's old Subaru "gradually turned" into a BMW, and how the family moved from a rented apartment in Yafo to a spacious Tel Aviv apartment.


August 2015 - New open fire instructions: 
 shoot in the air only
Soldiers, Arab rioters
IDF soldiers are routinely harassed, humiliated, and even attacked by firebombers and rock throwers.  But having been neutered by appeasing Israeli authorities, they must submit without reacting.  Part of the job.
IDF warriors are told even lower limbs of terrorists are not legitimate targets, except in immediate threat to life.
The IDF has changed its open-fire instructions for warriors serving in Judea and Samaria, making it even more difficult for them to fire at terrorists. The new instructions determine that only in cases of real danger to life may the soldier fire at the terrorist's lower limbs.

This is a radical change in the longstanding open-fire instructions that call for a soldier to call out warnings to terrorists, then fire in the air several times. If a terrorist ignores these warnings, the soldier was instructed to fire at the terrorist's lower extremities.

The new instructions appear to mean that terrorists can escape the IDF without fear of being shot, after mounting attacks. They also appear to mean that soldiers may not even fire at suspicious approaching figures, even if they continue to approach after having been warned.

The IDF said that “in view of the situation assessment, a temporary order has been disseminated, clarifying the way the forces are to confront threats that do not constitute actual and immediate threat to life.”
In May, it was reported that IDF soldiers have been instructed by their commanders to avoid killing terrorists, even if they spot them as they are about to throw a firebomb or rock at a car. The only time soldiers may shoot to kill are when there is “real danger of loss of life” – but the parameters of this situation were not clearly defined.
The newspaper Makor Rishon cited S., a combat soldier who was stationed near Ramallah, as saying that rocks are not necessarily defined as life-threatening weapons in IDF orders. If the rocks are being thrown at Israeli cars on a main road, soldiers may fire at the legs of the terrorists, and only with the approval of a company commander, he said. In other cases, the company commander is only allowed to authorize firing rubber-coated bullets.

"They want us to hit a knee or two, to achieve deterrence,” S. summed up.

IDF Soldiers:  We have capitulated

A report by a political activist and reservist combat soldier claims the IDF has effectively capitulated in the face of Arab rock and firebomb attacks.
 Writing in the web magazine Mida, Erez Tadmor says that in the past week, since the grave injury of Yaakov Zlatkin at the hands of an Arab mob, he has spoken with dozens of officers and soldiers who all said the same thing: The health and security of Jews who live in Judea and Samaria, as well as those of the soldiers who are supposed to guard them, have been left to the mercy of the enemy.
The data show a sharp rise in the number of rock and fire bomb attacks, possibly in the hundreds of percentage points, writes Tadmor, and a growing number of soldiers have suffered injuries to the limbs and face in the past few weeks. "But most serious of all is the fact that IDF soldiers are operating without motivation to strive for contact with the enemy and refrain from any proper response to the threats to their lives and those of the civilians.
"Central Command and the Judea and Samaria theater have turned into a Russian roulette in the last few months, in which the lives, health and dignity of soldier and civilians hang in the balance, while Palestinian marauders enjoy near complete immunity in what an only be described as operational recklessness."
Tadmor explained that Zlatkin was gravely injured by Arabs in the course of a protest by residents of Talmon and Neria, despite the presence of four armed soldiers. The soldiers' presence does not guarantee the safety of civilians, he said, "especially when they are afraid to exit their rock-proofed vehicle, for fear that they will have to open fire and will face the real threat: the possibility of being put on trial."
Two days before that attack, he writes, dozens of marauding Arabs attacked vehicles in the same area, at the Bitilu junction. The first vehicle attacked by a mob hurling rocks and metal bars was a military one with five soldiers inside, but they escaped without responding and did not even warn other vehicles of the ambush they were about to enter.
Tadmor quotes a soldier who says that he and other soldiers were ordered not to pursue an Arab who had just thrown a fire bomb at their position near Kiryat Netafim. "For 15 minutes he stood there and cursed us and we could not give chase," the soldier said.
"The orders in this case are clear: throwing a fire bomb at a pillbox is not considered a life-threatening action," the soldier said. "Inside the pillbox compound there is a genderator, and next to it there is a gasoline container, and above this there is a net for shade hanging on the side, it is all completely flammable. Now, can someone honestly say that a firebomb on the gasoline container is not life threatening?"
The accompanying video shows an Arab riot as videotaped from inside an IDF position. The red flash at the end is a fire bomb exploding.
Watch  video here

It's always safe to abuse Jews in Israel
Whether you are an Arab or Israeli police
Police arrest a Jewish protester (file)
 Police arresting Jewish kid for wearing a scarf
He might have wanted to cover his face and do something bad.
 The teen was wearing a neck warmer, or ham tzavar on the chilly night, a common winter accessory for Israelis which is also typically given as part of the IDF standard issue uniform. 
However, police arrested the teen after he ran from police, who chased after him after he was spotted loitering with four friends near the Kiryat Moshe light rail station at roughly 11:00 pm. 
Read more: 
Read more


March 2015:
Columnist denounces both prime ministers for their anti-Jewish policies
- The unshakeable grip of leftist pro-Arab authorities on Israel
 - The pogrom by Israeli police against Jews in Amona during the government of Ehud Olmert (now charged with corruption), and the ongoing war by the Israeli left against the Jews.
 - Videos exposing the truth behind the leftist pro-Arab agenda.
Police attacking a teen named Nili in Amona. 
The violent action was nothing short of a pogrom.
There were many young people injured. 
This picture won a Pulitzer Prize.
Nili was subsequently attacked and injured by Israeli police.
Nili, the Jewish girl in the previous pictures.
She is what the government of Israel considers the enemy,
because she stands for the Land of Israel.
The town's inhabitants were evicted,
and defenders were brutally treated. 
READ MORE about PM Netanyahu, the treasonous Israeli left, and watch videos


How the Israeli left undermines Israel's survival by agitating for further Land For Peace withdrawals - where Israel gets neither land nor peace - The discredited Israeli Left and their disproportionate and fatal influence in government.
And how it undermines the security and the very existence of Israel

Martin Sherman:  Israel’s Left:   Ludicrous, loathsome and lethal
Originally published on the Jerusalem Post,

Martin Sherman:  Can Israel survive the (leftist) Jews in power?
The vindictive, borderline treasonous malevolence of the Left and the inept, borderline imbecilic impotence of the Right are emerging as the gravest threat to the sustainability of Jewish political independence.
Read more of this article as it deals with particular individuals in the Israeli Jewish elite that are undermining the very existence of Israel.  It may be a bit detailed for those not familiar with Israeli politics, but it is lucid and factual, and by one of Israel's top thinkers.

Pro-Arab and anti-Jewish bias among leftist authorities - 
Influence from foreign governments - 
Recurrent cases of corruption.
How corruption is alleged to have been behind Ariel Sharon Disengagement from Gaza

THE "PEACE" HOAX - THE LIES THAT ISRAELI POLITICIANS TELL THE COUNTRY - Policies based on those lies cost Israeli lives and put the country's survival in jeopardy - Nixon got kicked out for much less.

A scene from "The Eternal Jew" video produced by the Samaria Settlers' Committee. (YouTube screenshot)
THE ETERNAL JEW - Controversial cartoon video made by Israelis denounces TREASON by Jewish leftists who are paid by Germans and Europeans to lie, to denigrate Jews, and to undermine the State of Israel - Watch stinging video that the Jewish left wants banned.   The character carries a saw.  Jewish leftist traitors, along with Arabs, frequently cut down Arab trees to blame the Jews and then tell the media about it.  They have been caught on camera doing just that.

Pro-Arab Jewish activist confesses:  We are all on the payroll (of the Europeans, the same ones who murdered 6 million Jews).


and the Israeli government ongoing war against Jews 

Girl subject of a Pulitzer Prize photo was beaten just minutes after the photo was taken
Read more about the Amona Pogrom

Photos of the Amona Pogrom

Amona police brutality - Photos, Video, text

Demolishing Jewish homes - an ongoing occurrence

2015:  Decorated soldier's home to be demolished

Arabs keep building - legally and illegally. 
Illegal Arab construction is almost never demolished.
Jerusalem Jewish Mayor Barkat's Arab Building Spree Exposed

Israeli government turns blind eye to widespread illegal Arab construction, much of it facilitated by the European Union. 

Hundreds of illegal Arab buildings went up in 2014 alone.  Israeli authorities look the other way.

Discrimination against Jewish building exposed by Regavim:
"Arabs have built thousands of illegal structures that the Civil Administration has ignored, despite the fact that these buildings have no permits. The group has filed numerous lawsuits demanding that the Civil Administration fulfill its obligation not only when it comes to illegal Jewish building, but to illegal Arab building as well."

MIRACLES IN TIME OF WARThe tragedy of the loss of Temple Mount
Liberated in 1967, at the cost of so much Jewish sacrifice,
the Israeli government at that time simply gave it away to the Arabs.



Same genocidal ideology, same symbols, same goals
Read more about the historical connection between Nazi Germans and Nazi Arabs
PHOTO - Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al Husseini with Adolf Hitler - allies in the Holocaust

Moderate Fatah boasts on their official Facebook page of having murdered 11,000 Israelis

Read Fatah and Hamas charters here  -  No difference between 'moderate' and 'extremist'

'Moderate' Palestinian Authority denies Israel's right to exist - In their own words

More on what Palestinian officials say about Israel and the Jews - in their own words
September 2014  -  Hamas an Islamic Nazi party -


Read more 


The historical record - By Prof. Francisco Gil White




The League of Nations Mandate for Palestine
How the British violated this mandate
How the land was internationally recognized as the Jewish Homeland
The United States, the United Nations and Israeli leaders themselves are BREAKING THE LAW

Jordan too was part of the Jewish Homeland under the Mandate for Palestine. 
There is no ancient Jordan.  Jordan was created by the British on Jewish land. 
It's now occupied by a large number of "Palestinians".  Many have suggested that the obvious solution would be to turn Jordan officially into the Palestinian state, and repatriate Palestinians - many of whom used to have Jordanian citizenship - back to Jordan.

And the corrupt motives that may have led Israeli PM Ariel Sharon to surrender Gaza to terrorists in 2005
Archive on shocking anti-Jewish discrimination in Israel
It goes unreported on the mainstream media 
More articles on the treasonous depredations
of the pro-Arab Israeli left


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