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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

PALESTINIAN CULTURE OF DEATH AND HATE PERVADES THEIR CHILD REARING TOO - Man seals his crying toddler inside a bucket to take her to the butcher. Caught on camera, he later says it was a form of discipline - READ how Palestinians abuse women and children, and raise children to become martyrs

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Hair-raising video footage was released by Israeli media on Monday morning, showing an Arab citizen of Israel in the city of Abu Gosh to the west of Jerusalem cruelly sealing his crying infant daughter in a plastic bucket.
Screaming: The tiny infant was picked up by her father, in the footage filmed in the Israeli city of Abu Gosh, west of Jerusalem, before being forced into a bucket
The potentially suffocating act of severe abuse was recorded on video and revealed by Walla on Sunday. (Link to video further down this page).
The abusive father, who hails from a well known family in Abu Gosh, claimed that his potentially lethal action was meant to be "educational."
Punishment: The tiny child is squashed by her father into the plastic bucket as a young boy watches on 
In the video, he can be heard telling his daughter that he's "taking her to the butcher shop because he gave up on her," before locking her in the bucket and carrying it around the city.
No oxygen: The little child's head disappears from view as the father seals the air-tight lid on the plastic bucketAfter the video reached the hands of the police, it was decided to summon the abusive father to an investigation, at the end of which he was arrested for abusing a minor.  "This is one of the most shocking pieces of footage we've received," said the police.

On this page:
  • Islamic culture is about using threats and violence to impose a point of view.
  • Palestinian summer camps where the very young are taught to hate and kill Jews.
  • Palestinian media, such as children TV shows and cartoons, promote anti-Semitism,  jihad and martyrdom.
  • Palestinian cleric endorses the murder of Jewish children and women.
  • Palestinian mother pulls out knife during media interview to support her own plan for jihad.
  • The same mother celebrates the death of her son during the stabbing of a Jew.
  • Violence against their own women is part of their culture, admits Palestinian expert.  It is in fact sanctioned by Islam's sacred texts in the Koran and hadith.
  • Muslim massacres of Jews have also been dictated and sanctioned by Muslim sacred texts.  It was their prophet Mohammad who started it by massacring thousands of Jews.  He is their example for today's hate and violence.
  • Palestinians had a key role in the Holocaust, having been close allies of Hitler and encouraged him to exterminate not only European Jews but Middle East Jews as well.  Read about the historical record for this Nazi-Muslim partnership and commonality of goals that endures to this day.
  • READ UPDATE on the epidemic of Palestinians raping children in Gaza
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Islamic culture in action where the underlying belief is that you create obedience by threats, violence, and instilling fear in another.

Imagine what this little toddler has gone through and how vulnerable she must feel.
She can’t defend herself. She is barely old enough to walk or control her limbs. She is so young yet she is not even safe from her own father. She is taught to feel fear around her own parents.
Police probe: The unknown man has been arrested and is being investigated by police in the Israeli city
She is taught that violence, threats and aggression is the normal mode of punishment.
When she becomes a mother she will teach her children to be violent, threatening and aggressive.
It’s a vicious circle. How can she ever grow up to be a normal, sane woman? She can’t. She’s indoctrinated to be a womb of hate and violence.
This petrified fear follows Muslims like a shadow their entire life, and is one of the fundamental causes to their constant and violent outbursts and aggression.
And this child rearing built on threats and aggression all originates from Islam.

7th century tribal culture perpetuated by Islam's ideology
The usual argument amongst Muslims for this kind of behavior is that the people are ‘tribals’. To some extent this argument is true.
There are many forms of tribals amongst Muslims and they indeed are primitive and medieval.
However, this man is pretty well off. Look at the surroundings of where he lives. In other words, he is well educated and probably holds a good job.
But is he devoid of tribal behavior? No, and he cannot be devoid of tribal conduct because Islam represents the tribal beliefs of desert Arabs in the 7th century, setting an ideology that guides not only their own personal lives but that of the tribe itself:  Islam mandates to conquer territory, impose Islam under the threat of death, and enslave, rape, or kill non-believers. 
It is through brutality, like ISIS today, that Islam got to propagate beyond the Arabian peninsula and into the Middle East (including the Land of Israel,) other parts of Asia, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, and even into European lands (France, Spain, the Balkans, Sicily, and other places) centuries ago. 

Sources and video:

"... We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children.... We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us."

Golda Meir, former Israeli Prime Minister, 1972
Palestinian children in training to kill and be killed
Palestinian society abuses its children, teaching them to hate and kill themselves to kill others
Under self-rule on the West Bank and Gaza, child sacrifice has turned into a normative part of the socialization process as the phenomenon of suicide bombers has escalated to epidemic proportions.6\
From an early age, children are fed anti-Zionist, anti-Jewish and anti-Western hate propaganda. Mosques, schools, summer camps, and even children’s television programs are exploited to encourage children to become martyrs in an act that will bring them respect and parental pride:
  • In Hamas-run kindergartens, signs on the walls read: “The children of the kindergarten are the shahids (holy martyrs) of tomorrow.”7
  • A television show called “The Children’s Club” shows a young Palestinian, age 9 or 10 proclaiming, “When I wander into Jerusalem, I will become a suicide bomber.”8
  • The Palestinian Authority-controlled television,9 broadcasts MTV-style videos for teens that glorify suicide bombing and martyrdom.
  • A 6th grade Palestinian textbook, Our Beautiful Language, includes the “Shahid Song” that encourages death in war as a shahid or martyr. Other textbooks carry similar messages.
  • At a Palestine Authority summer camp, 25,000 children were trained in how to make firebombs, use firearms, and ambush and kidnap targeted enemies.10
  • An Islamic Jihad summer school massages the libidos of teenage boys by telling them they will “liberate Palestine from the Jews” by becoming martyrs, and promise the boys that they will be greeted by 72 virgins.11
  • Kindergartens, schools, summer camps, and school sports tournaments (and other institutions) are named after terrorists and young suicide bombers, who are used as pedagogic role models.12
Read article in full here:
Palestinian Child Abuse in Summer Camps 
  • More than 500 Hamas members of Hamas's armed wing, Ezaddin al-Qassam, are supervising the military training and religious education in the camps to train future jihadis in the war against Israel. Hamas's religious education is aimed at teaching the children about Islam and its sharia laws. They are also being taught that making peace with the "infidels" is prohibited under the teachings of Islam
  • It is disturbing to see how international and Palestinian human rights organizations, especially those claiming to defend children's rights, are turning a blind eye to this large-scale child abuse by Hamas. These organizations only care about children's rights when there is a way to throw all the blame on Israel.
  • The Palestinian Authority and its president, Mahmoud Abbas, are also poisoning the hearts and minds of their people by constantly inciting them against Israel. These children will never accept the two-state solution that Abbas is talking about. Nor will they ever recognize Israel's right to exist in this part of the world.
  • "Teach your children how to play, how to smile... Build for them an institution...on the love of Palestine and not how to get themselves killed." — Palestinian activist Eyad al-Atal, criticizing Hamas for "depriving an entire generation of Palestinians of their childhood."
Read more of this article written by an Arab journalist
Arab toddlers pose with knives - as future jihadists ready to kill Jews
If people had any knowledge that ‘Palestinians’ originate, not from Palestine, but from Egypt and the Arabian peninsula and made no presence in Israel until the 1920’s, they may start to question the Palestinian narrative. There are no “natural causes” to their violence except jihad.
Boy holding knife and wearing flag scarf


Palestinian Authority indoctrinates
 very young children to hate and kill Jews

Encouraging girls to participate

A win-win situation for the Palestinians.
  If the child hurts or kills a Jew, there is cause for celebration.
If the child is killed while waging jihad, he goes to heaven,
 and his image is used as anti-Israel propaganda.

Read more - Children as combatants

Gaza University Dean Of Quranic Studies Approves Killing Jewish Women And Children
Motherhood has a different meaning
in Palestinian society
The following story about a Palestinian mother is typical:  they send their sons, some as young as six- and eight-year olds, to stone civilians and soldiers in Israel, knowing that they could be killed in the process.  They don't seem to care.  Women, children, men - they are all expendable for the sake of the cause of killing Jews.   
Further down this page read how the massacre of Jews at the hands of Muslims has been going on since Islam's inception in the 7th century.  It has nothing to do with the so-called occupation, which is today's excuse.  Muslims murder Jews out of ideologically-motivated  hatred.
A Palestinian mother whose son Muhammad died in an knife attack against a Jew, celebrates his martyrdom and pulls out knife during a media interview threatening her own jihad. 
October 2015 -  Umm Muhammad Shamasne, whose son Muhammad was killed while perpetrating a terror attack on a bus in Jerusalem on October 12, was recently interviewed in her home by the Lebanese Al-Quds TV channel.  
Offering the interviewer candy to celebrate her son’s martyrdom, Umm Muhammad Shamasne said that she hoped her other sons would follow in his footsteps, and pulled out a knife, threatening: “My deeds will speak louder than words.”
Following are excerpts from the interview, which aired on October 22, 2015.
Umm Muhammad Shamasne: First of all, Allah be praised, Muhammad was martyred for the sake of Al-Aqsa, and for the sake of the young women of Al-Aqsa. Allah willing, all my children will follow in Muhammad’s footsteps. We knew [what he had in mind]. I did not cry, and I am angry that he didn’t take me with him. Muhammad should have taken me to be martyred with him. We regret nothing. We are proud of him. I’d like to offer you candy to celebrate Muhammad’s martyrdom.
Umm Muhammad Shamasne hands the interviewer a bowl full of candy.

Umm Muhammad Shamasne pulls out a knife from under her clothes
Interviewer: No, no, no…

Umm Muhammad Shamasne: I am concealing this weapon for Israel. Watch out, Israel! Watch out!
Umm Muhammad Shamasne makes stabbing motions
Interviewer: We don’t want to see such spectacles on TV, but let’s keep to the subject of Muhammad.
Umm Muhammad Shamasne: The home will be a sacrifice for the sake of Al-Aqsa. I will sacrifice my four children for the sake of Al-Aqsa, and I will be the first to sacrifice myself for the sake of Al-Aqsa. Watch out, Israel. You have brought the fire of Hell upon yourself, and you don’t know who you’re dealing with. You have brought the fire of Hell upon yourself, Israel. There’s no need for me to say any more. My deeds will speak louder than words.
Memri TV
 - IT IS PART OF OUR CULTURE says Palestinian expert 
 - Palestinian men regard women as property, and most Palestinian women say domestic violence is justified 
 - QUOTES FROM THE KORAN and the Hadith sanctioning violence against women 
 - The lives of Palestinian women

Key points on this article: 
  • Palestinian culture gives men ownership over their wives
  • Most Palestinian women agree with the notion that men have a right to use violence against women.
  • Gaza leads in the severity and frequency of male violence against women.
  • There has been a 100% rise in honor killings in the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, according to their own statistics.
  • Many of those "honor killings" are perpetrated for financial reasons. (See extended report further on this page.)
  • Mahmoud Abbas, chief of the PA, has failed to amend the law that authorizes men to kill their women if it's done in a state of "great anger".
  • Some Palestinian women and men activists are vocal in their denunciation of this violence and the law that sanctions it. 
  • But Palestinian criticism of violence against women may have more to do with concern with the Palestinians' image abroad than with genuine opposition to the practice. 
  • Much of the push for statehood is based on a carefully crafted public relations campaign portraying Palestinians as close to sainthood and deserving an independent state.
  • There have been attempts to blame the Israeli "occupation" for such violence, but the practice of honor killings is widespread all over the Muslim world, and it even happens among Muslims living in the West.
  • What is not always mentioned is that violence against women is sanctioned and encouraged by Islam's sacred texts such as the Koran and the Hadith. (See quotes below.)  Men who beat up or kill women think they are being good Muslims.
  • The rise in violence against women among Palestinians reflect a general shift towards increased orthodoxy among Muslims all over the world.
  • Rape coverup - A whistleblower exposed how pro-Palestinian peace organizations cover up cases of rape of pro-Palestinian Western activists by Palestinian men. (See article on this page.)
  • UPDATE April 7 - Palestinians' image problem:  mothers happy when their children die in acts of terror.  (Read article further below.)

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The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution has issued a press release saying that some 700 children were sexually abused in each of the past two years in Gaza, and over a thousand were victims of similar crimes in 2013.

The abuse includes molestation and rape.

The victims tend to be male and were most often between the ages of 7 and 12.

The attacks happened in family homes, but also in schools and even in public places.

Out of these thousands of cases, only 27 of the attackers have been brought to justice, according to the center's director Said Makadmeh. He blamed existing customs and traditions which influenced the judges and parents' fears of scandal as the main reasons.

The same organization has previously done a study that blamed Israel for Palestinian aggression in Gaza children.    (But there are no Jews living in Gaza since 2005.  Gazans run their territory as they please.)
Among all of the ANOVA methods and Scheffe tests and other tools meant to make the study sound rigorous, the basic information came from asking parents if they thought that Israeli practices made their children more aggressive.

Who would a parent rather blame for their kids' violence - themselves or Israel?

So it may only be a matter of time before Israel is blamed for sexual molestation of children in Gaza, too.



It started with Prophet Mohammad

It should be noted that the killing of Jews did not start with the so-called 'occupation' but with the inception of Islam in the 7th century, when the creator of Islam, Muhammad, ordered the massacre of Jewish tribes that refused to convert. 
Muhammad ordered the decapitation of ONE THOUSAND JEWS in only one day. 

The Banu Qurayza Massacre of Jews

 - The Religion of Peace has been massacring Jews since its founder MOHAMMED ordered the decapitation of ONE THOUSAND JEWS in only one day
 - Gaza Imam calls on Palestinians to form stabbing gangs to restrain Jews and cut them into body parts
 - Watch VIDEO
 - The myth of 'MODERATE' Islam

Read more

Palestinians key role in the Holocaust

Palestinian leader, the Mufti of Jerusalem
with Adolph Hitler

--- The historical record of the Palestinian role in the Holocaust 
--- So why is the PM willing to cede Jewish land to Muslim Nazis? 
 --- And why did it take so long for the government to denounce these historical facts?
--- The Nazi ideology of anti-Semitism and genocide is popular and part of the Palestinian movement TODAY

 Read more

VIDEO - The Nazi origin of the Palestinian movement


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