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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Thursday, November 19, 2015

WHY ONE ISRAELI REFUSES TO POST THE FRENCH FLAG in solidarity with Paris in the aftermath of the massacre - ALSO read about French collaboration with Muslim terror against Israeli Jews - UPDATE - France will take 30,000 more Muslim 'refugees' in the aftermath of the latest carnage in Paris

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Jewish deli massacre survivors
Paris, January 2015
Murdering Jews is not regarded as terror.  Last January, 2015, a Paris Jewish deli was attacked by Muslim terrorists.  They murdered some Jewish customers, and took others hostage.
During the same terrorist spree, Muslims massacred cartoonists of the Charlie Hebdo magazine.
France rallied around the cartoonists' murder.  There were signs everywhere in the streets and on printed and online media with the message "JE SUIS CHARLIE - I AM CHARLIE". 

Paris is Charlie
in honor of Charlie Hebdo victims
the only ones that counted
But there was never a sign saying "Je suis Juif," or "Je suis Super Kasher" (the name of the Jewish deli where Jews were targeted and killed). 
The French government organized an international rally in Paris attended by heads of state from a variety of countries to show solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo victims and with France. 

The Jewish victims were not mentioned.  They did not count.  As Jews, they were not even regarded as victims. 
To add insult to injury, the French government even invited Palestinian arch-terrorist Mahmoud Abbas to the march. 

Abbas smiles at paris march
Photo of terrorist Abbas, surrounded by heads of state at a solemn moment at the "Je Suis Charlie" march in Paris, January 2015 - Invited to the rally by the French president, he is seen smiling at the absurdity of being included in an anti-terror march. 
Mahmoud Abbas, chief of the Palestinian Authority, was at one time the financial mastermind of the Munich Olympics massacre of Israeli athletes, and is a inveterate inciter to terror against Israeli Jews.   
But the insult does not end there.  The French government told Israeli PM Netanyahu not to attend the march because his presence would make the participant heads of state and the French government "uncomfortable".   The PM ignored the snub and attended anyway.
President Hollande was not the only one showing affection to Mahmoud Abbas during the march.  Angela Merkel too was photographed giving him a warm smile. 
For the longest time Jewish victims of terror have not been regarded as victims.  The implied message is that they deserve to die.  Even if they are not Israelis.  Just for being Jews. 

US Secretary of State Kerry:  If you're a Jew, or if you offend Islam with a cartoon, those are good rationales for Muslim terror.  It's understandable.
US Secretary of State John Kerry just remarked that unlike the latest terror attacks on November 13, the ones in January 2015 had had a "rationale" behind them.  Sure.  Muslims were angry at the cartoonists for drawing Muhammad.  And they were angry at the Jews for being Jewish.
Europe has contracted out the Arabs to finish the job Hitler left undone.  For decades European governments, France and Germany included, have expressed support for anti-Semitic Arab terrorists.   Europe and the media wrap their inner genocidal attitudes under the rubric of  "support for the Palestinian people".  
But what do the Palestinian people want?  Not just a state.  They want Jews out of the Middle East, even if it takes another Holocaust to do it.  

Europe and the White House are funding Arab terror.  Billions of dollars/euros have been spent keeping the Palestinians on life support in order to destroy the Jewish state. 

The tiny state of Israel against hordes of Muslims - Three times in modern Israel's short history Arab armies have ganged up against Israel with the clear intention to wipe out the entire population:  1948, 1967, and 1973.  
Grossly outnumbered and out-armed, Israelis fought back and won.  Right now there is a truce while Arabs recoup waiting for the day when they can attack again.  Or maybe it won't be the Arabs, but Iran that will try to destroy Israel first.  The Iranian government keeps making open threats to do it and they mean it.
France, the European Union and the White House ally themselves with genocidal Muslim states.  France, as well as the rest of the European Union and the Obama administration are close allies with the genocidal Arabs and Iranians.     

Although Iran has sworn to destroy Israel, the EU and White House have formalized an agreement to lift sanctions against Iran.  The European rush to profit from the Iranian market has already begun.
Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem
 in conference with Adolf Hitler
The hidden connection between the Palestinians and Hitler.  There is a complicity of silence over the Palestinian collaboration with the Nazis in the design and implementation of the Holocaust. 

The Palestinian leader at that time, the Mufti of Jerusalem, lived in Berlin during World War II and collaborated with Hitler and his top henchmen on plans for the extermination not only of European Jews, but of Middle East Jews as well.
While the West fights terrorists, Israel is expected to give them a state.  And the many Muslim terror attacks against Israeli and non-Israeli Jews that have occurred through several decades already are played down, while the killing of Arab terrorists by Israeli armed forces is internationally regarded as unfair and regretful by European governments and media.

Embedded image permalink
The same terror inflicted sometimes against Paris and New York
Israel suffers every single day of the year
Read the latest on Israel's war on terror here:
As I post this article, two more Israelis have been murdered, and seven wounded by Muslim Arab terrorists in Israel during a shooting spree against motorists. Read more
Will you show some restraint, president Hollande?  We don't hear calls for restraint now that France is in a STATE OF WAR - in the words of President Hollande himself.   But when Muslim Arabs kill Israelis, the international consensus is that the perpetrators should be treated with a minimum of force and with due consideration to their status of "freedom fighters".
While the Middle East - that was never a peaceful place to start with - erupted in conflagration, chaos, and mass murder as a result of the so-called "Arab Spring," the French government, the European Union, and the Obama administration have gone out of their way to continue to put pressure Israel to make suicidal concessions to the Palestinians. 
Israel, the only Middle East country with the rule of law, human rights for minorities, and democratic institutions, is singled out for international opprobrium - just because it is a Jewish country.  

While the US and the EU try to keep hellholes like Iraq and Syria from splitting up, they demand the partition of Israel - the only Mideast country that lives up to the much touted European and US values of democracy and tolerance

France embraces a Jew killer:

French President Francois Hollande welcomes Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at the Elysee Palace before attending a unity rally “Marche Republicaine” on January 11, 2015 in Paris in tribute to the 17 victims of a three-day killing spree by homegrown Islamists. (Photo credit: AFP/ DOMINIQUE FAGET
French president Hollande embraces his friend, Muslim terrorist Mahmoud Abbas at the I AM CHARLIE march in Paris held  in the aftermath of the massacre of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists  and in defiance of Muslim terror. 

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel shakes hand with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during a solidarity march (Marche Republicaine) with Heads of state i...
 German Chancellor Angela Merkel's warm look of affection for Jew-hating Mahmoud Abbas at the same anti-terror rally.

Why Ari Fuld, an Israeli paratrooper, does not feel morally obligated to post the French flag at this time.  
but will post the Israeli flag instead
By Ari Fuld 
Sorry people!
I know it’s sensitive but I can’t hold back anymore!
The terror attack this Friday evening in Paris was horrible! Families have been destroyed and the devastation is horrific! I know how they feel, anyone who lives in Israel knows what it feels like to live through terror attacks.

Continue reading

The French government has been condemning Israel at every chance they had!
While we are sending our condolences and support to France, they didn’t even bother to cover the attack on Friday when a Jewish father and son were gunned down by Muslim terrorists!
France took Hamas off the terrorist list and instead started labeling goods produced by Jews in Judea and Samaria!
With all due respect, I will not post a French flag on my Facebook profile and quite frankly I don’t understand why anyone would!
It is the French government who has been condemning Israel for fighting the same radical Islamic organizations that attacked Paris!
Some may call me insensitive, I agree! it is exactly this insensitivity that is the reason I am NOT posting a French flag on my feed!
What do you call the reactions (or the lack of) from the French government when Israel has been under attack day in and day out?! Should I call for restraint? Should I give credit to the claims ISIS is using to justify this terror attack?
So instead of putting a French flag up, I will raise the Israeli one. Why? Because Israel warned France and the rest of the world of the effect of radical Islam! We tried to explain who and what we are fighting but they would not listen!
We told them this was not about land or occupation but they didn’t listen! They pressured us to make deals with those who shoot us, blow us up and stab us and when we refuse to do so, they condemn us!
We warned them that this is about a radical culture that has no respect for life, but they ignored us and shook their finger at us for fighting the same radical Islamic ideology that attacked Paris. Only we fight it every day!
So here is the Israeli flag!
The one that is fighting radical Islamic terror every day!
The one flag that is condemned and yelled at from every international podium for fighting the same evil that murdered over 130 of French innocent civilians.

About the Author: Ari Fuld is a sergeant in an IDF reserves elite paratroopers unit. His is the assistant director of Standing Together, an organization that supports IDF soldiers.
His Facebook page


Paris attack sees 127 dead after Eagles of Death Metal concert hostages are killedNovember 13, 2015 ANOTHER MUSLIM RAMPAGE IN PARIS
 - EUROPE, THIS IS YOUR FUTURE - You love Muslims so much you have imported more than 52 million of them
 - This is the payback
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January 11, 2015 - THE "I AM CHARLIE" MARCH

- In spite of our defiant words, the West cowers in fear and surrenders to Sharia Law, while denying terror has anything to do Islam
  - At the same time the West funds and abets Palestinian terror against Jews
Image result for images i am charlie march  - THIS IS NOT AN "I AM JEWISH" MARCH, which is underlined by the announced presence at the march of their protégé - terrorist MAHMOUD ABBAS
-  The many victims of Muslim terror in France

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"The ZUS exist not only because Muslims wish to live in their own areas according to their own cultu

June 2015 - WHY IS FRANCE, BESIEGED BY MUSLIM TERROR, FINANCING SUPPORT FOR TERRORIST HAMAS and calling for the creation of an Arab terror state on Jewish land?


Murdering Jews is not considered terror.  

 A Palestinian journalist exposes the real motivations behind France's advocacy for a partitioned Israel. 

Key points made by Palestinian journalist's article: 
  • France's "peace initiative" will not promote peace between Israel and the Palestinians.  
  • It is a desperate attempt by the French government to buy a few more days of quiet from its Muslim community, all waiting for the order to run riot through the streets of France.
  • If it succeeds, it will lead to an ISIS and Hamas takeover of every inch of Palestinian soil from which Israel withdraws if coerced by the initiative.
  • There is no logical reason to create another Muslim state while the Middle East disintegrates and goes up in flames due to Muslim-on-Muslim violence.
  • The French initiative is not a benevolent gesture meant to help the Palestinians.    
  • The Palestinian Authority survives only thanks to Israeli support.  Once that support is removed, jihadist violence and takeover is sure to ensue.
  • European governments and the Vatican - in their openly anti-Israel activities  - are motivated not by compassion for the Palestinians but by their need for petrodollars. 
  • Europe and rich Arab countries such as Qatar have found common ground in their long-held hatred against the Jews. 
  • This is what the French peace initiative is all about.

Palestinian journalist Bassam Tawil wrote about the French "peace" initiative:


It is a desperate attempt by the French government to buy a few more days of quiet from its Muslim community, especially from the members of the Muslim Brotherhood and the terrorist organizations to which it gave birth -- all waiting for the order to run riot through the streets of France.

We, the Palestinians, have suffered, and continue to suffer, from the creation of the Islamist terrorist organizations within the Palestinian Authority territory; it is they who keep us from reaching a peace agreement with the Jews.One has to be deaf, dumb and blind -- or genuinely desperate, which is more likely -- to present a unilateral peace agreement like the French one. 

Read more about this article, plus other items related to Israel's war on terror and the French and European betrayal of Israel. 


January 2015 - Some customers at a Jewish deli survived Muslim attack by hiding in a freezer.  Others were massacred.  - Photos of the police rescue.
Police officers protect themselves with riot shields as a fiery blast explodes at the entrance to the supermarket in Porte de Vincennes


Kerry: Paris jihad massacre “different” from Charlie Hebdo jihad murders, which had a “rationale”
Kerry doesn’t acknowledge that Obama had already given them that legitimacy, in saying “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

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FAR RIGHT DEMONSTRATORS STORM VIGIL for the victims of the latest Muslim terror attack in France
Anti-Islam protesters armed with flares and banners 'Expulsions les Islamistes', which translates to 'Throw out Islamists',  descended on a quiet vigil being held for the victims of the Paris terror attacks in Lille, north France
 - We grieve after each attack but our governments keep bringing more JIHADISTS into the West
 - Writer MARK STEYN angrily dismisses candlelight vigils and asks governments, if they are serious, to just stop Muslim immigration

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German chancellor Angela Merkel
with Israeli PM Netanyahu
GERMANY AND FRANCE RUSH TO TRADE WITH IRAN, whose government swears to destroy Israel while sending weapons and cash to Palestinian terrorists to finance their killing spree 

 - The MYTH OF THE OCCUPATION and the history of Muslim carnage against Jews in the area long before there was an independent State of Israel

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EUROPE DECIDES TO LABEL AND BOYCOTT JEWISH GOODS from Israeli Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem on the anniversary of KRISTALLNACHT, the Nazi pogrom against German Jews of November 9, 1938. 
-  President Obama fully endorses the EU action.
 - The European Union shamelessly follows NAZI TRADITION, as they also boycotted Jewish businesses before implementing the Final Solution

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----  The hidden facts of Palestinian collaboration with Hitler, and the many Muslim Nazi attacks and massacres against Middle Eastern Jews during the 1930s and 1940s.

--- The Nazi ideology of anti-Semitism and genocide is popular and part of the Palestinian movement TODAY

Photos:  Palestinians - Nazis then, Nazis now

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There is a certain affinity between the Europeans and the Palestinians - They both share a deep-seated hatred against the Jews, and a shared history of genocide during the Holocaust.

The Nazis and the Palestinian Movement
The Palestinian active role in the Holocaust.
By Professor Francisco Gil-White


A special kind of hate:  Muslim anti-Semitism
By Pat Condell

Pat Condell's YouTube Channel


Read the latest on Israel's war on terror here:


The state of Israel, that tiny sliver in red on this map.
All countries in green are Arab.



DISPROPORTIONATE amounts of foreign aid (mostly from the US and EU) for the Palestinians (first bar in red)


Embedded image permalink
 What Muslim terrorists did in France at the Bataclan theatre-
Already apparently forgiven and forgotten by the ruling Socialists

SUICIDE WATCH - In the aftermath of this carnage by Muslim terrorists, the French government announces it will take 30,000 more Muslim migrants - so called 'refugees'. (More voters for the ruling Socialist Party.)
The Socialist president announced Wednesday France will accept another 30,000 “refugees” from the Middle East and North Africa.
French President Francois Hollande today promised that “France will remain a country of freedom,” defending his decision to honor a commitment to accept migrants and refugees despite Friday’s deadly terrorist attacks in Paris. 
“Life should resume fully,” Hollande told a gathering of the country’s mayors, who gave him a standing ovation. “What would France be without its museums, without its terraces, its concerts, its sports competitions? 
“France should remain as it is. Our duty is to carry on our lives.” 
In the same spirit, he added, “30,000 refugees will be welcomed over the next two years. Our country has the duty to respect this commitment,” explaining that they will undergo vigorous security checks. 
Hollande noted that “some people say the tragic events of the last few days have sown doubts in their minds,” but called it a “humanitarian duty” to help those people … but one that will go hand in hand with “our duty to protect our people.”
Read more

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