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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Monday, March 21, 2016

US JEWS NOT SO SMART, COMPLAINS AUTHOR JACK ENGELHARD - 80% of them keep voting for pro-Palestinian Democrats. - BOOK exposes the long anti-Israel history of HILLARY CLINTON. - One of her dearest advisors is virulently anti-Israel.

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Liberal Jews oppose Donald Trump speech at the pro-Israel AIPAC conference and intend to disrupt it. They would much rather have pro-Palestinian Hillary Clinton as president.  And this irks author Jack Engelhard.  What happened to American Jews IQ? What makes them so dumb, politically speaking?

Before you read the following post, it is important to clarify that Donald Trump knows very little about Middle East politics, so it would be unwise to trust him to do the right thing in the Israeli-Muslim conflict - even if he means well.   Ted Cruz, however, has had years of political experience, and a consistently pro-Israel stand.
Trump and Cruz during a debate

Trump is popular because he simplifies ideas  without bothering to elaborate.  But he is woefully unaware of the complexity of the Israeli-Muslim conflict, which is not a conflict about land, but a conflict with Islam itself - as 14 centuries of Muslim hate, massacres, and general violence against Jews prove it very well. 
Israel has been attacked three times by the combined armies of Arab countries intent on perpetrating genocide.  Iran keeps threatening to wipe Israel off the map. 
Trump says he will be neutral in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but one cannot be neutral in a situation that demands a moral stand.   

The partition of Israel will not solve centuries of Muslim violence, or mitigate Muslim hatred and terror against the West.  Actually, giving extra land to Muslims will only empower ISIS and other extremists now roaming all over the surrounding area. 

Israel's unwise surrender of the Sinai to Egypt resulted in it being overrun by ISIS jihadists allied with Hamas.  Hamas heads the Islamist dictatorship that now rules Gaza, another territory surrendered by Israel "for peace".  
IF Palestinians get their state, they will soon become refugees fleeing ISIS horrors.  So far it is Israel's deterring presence in the Middle East that keeps both the Palestinian Territories and Jordan from being invaded by ISIS.  

Partitioning Israel, giving Muslims the Jewish Biblical heartland, including Jerusalem, to create another terror state, and leaving Israel reduced to 9 miles wide at its narrowest point - and split in two to give the Palestinians territorial contiguity - is nothing but a moral surrender to Muslim genocidal racism and terror.
Arabs living in Judea, Samaria (West Bank) and Jerusalem, who have no Israeli citizenship, used to have Jordanian citizenship, which Jordan eventually cancelled. 
In fact, Jordan can be considered Palestine, since a majority of its inhabitants are Palestinians. 

Jordan's territory was ILLEGALLY carved out by the British from Jewish land during their League of Nations Mandate for Palestine in order to create a brand new country that had never existed before:  Transjordan, which was later renamed Jordan.  There you have it:  Jewish land already partitioned for an Arab state. READ MORE HERE 

Jack Engelhard: Trump AIPAC follies
- US Jews keep getting it wrong
One thing’s for sure. When it comes to politics, American Jews  are no Einsteins. It’s one folly after another. We constantly get it wrong.  We keep producing great medicines but nothing to cure our political stupidity.
Jack Engelhard 

Novelist Jack Engelhard (authored "Indecent Proposal" and other best sellers) has produced another point-blank column berating the stupidity of liberal American Jews.  US Jews' latest 'brilliant' activism is directed against Donald Trump, who will be giving a speech at the pro-Israel AIPAC conference. 
ENGELHARD:  Were there threats to disrupt or boycott John Kerry who sold us all down the river without a paddle? 
American Jews did NOTHING to stop Secretary of State Kerry from implementing Obama's policy of empowering a nuclear Iran in spite of - or perhaps because of - Iran's repeated threats to wipe Israel off the map. 
ENGELHARD:  Yesterday (and still today) we loved FDR even though he did practically nothing to stop the trains heading to Auschwitz.
President Roosevelt and PM Churchill refused to bomb the railroad tracks leading to Nazi death camps, or the gas chambers and crematoria, because, as they privately acknowledged, they did not want too many Jewish survivors after the war.  Survivors might demand entry to Palestine (which would upset the Arabs) and complicate the Allied administration of a defeated Europe after the war.
ENGELHARD:  Twice at a scale of some 80 percent, we voted for Obama, even knowing what we knew, that he was no friend of Israel (or of America).
So, what business is it of liberal Jews to try to silence a Republican candidate giving a speech to a pro-Israel crowd?    Would those anti-Trump liberal Jews prefer Hillary Clinton, with her long history of anti-Israel bigotry, to sit in the Oval Office? 
Oh, yes, they would.  
Lid Blog quotes Christopher Anderson's book American Evita.  On page 49, Anderson writes.

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At a time when elements of the American Left embraced the Palestinian cause and condemned Israel, Hillary was telling friends that she was “sympathetic” to the terrorist organization and admired its flamboyant leader, Yasser Arafat. When Arafat made his famous appearance before the UN General Assembly in November 1974 wearing his revolutionary uniform and his holster on his hip, Bill “was outraged like everybody else,” said a Yale Law School classmate. But not Hillary, who tried to convince Bill that Arafat was a “freedom fighter” trying to free his people from their Israeli “oppressors.” 
On page 50 Anderson describes another incident during the Clinton's visit to a Jewish home in Arkansas in 1973:
To his astonishment, as soon as Hillary saw the menorah, she refused to get out of the car. “Bill walked up to me and said that she was hot and tired, but later he explained the real reason.” According to the friend and another eyewitness, Bill said, “I’m sorry, but Hillary’s really tight with the people in the PLO in New York. They’re friends of hers, and she just doesn’t feel right about the menorah.” 
Anderson continues:  In November 1999, while on a purported State visit to the Middle East, she publicly appeared with Yasser Arafat’s wife Suha. Mrs. Arafat made a slanderous allegation:
“Our [Palestinian] people have been submitted to the daily and intensive use of poisonous gas by the Israeli forces, which has led to an increase in cancer cases among women and children.” Suha also accused Israel of contaminating much of the water sources used by Palestinians with “chemical materials” and poisoning Palestinian women and children with toxic gases.”
Hillary hugs and kisses Suha Arafat
moments after Suha's incendiary false
accusations against Israel
Mrs. Clinton sat by silently listening to a real-time translation, and gave the terrorist’s wife a hug and a kiss when she finished speaking. 

Glossing over this repugnant affair, Hillary Clinton has yet to specifically contradict and denounce the monstrous lies uttered by Yasser Arafat’s wife in her presence. Only years later did she make feeble attempt at an excuse, the translator screwed up.
Before her tenure in the State Departing, Bill and Hillary Clinton made millions of dollars from their extensive involvement with Dubai.
The Clintons also had a connection to the worlds biggest exporter of terrorism, Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Royal Family donated $10,000,000 to the Clinton Library.
During her Senate years Ms. Clinton became a vocal supporter of Israel because she needed the Jewish vote. 
Her tune changed once she became Secretary of State, when she criticized Israel for minor issues, while oblivious to the genocidal incitement by the Palestinian Authority leaders, and the carnage inflicted on Jews by Palestinian terrorists.  She also took a hard line on the issue of Jewish legal construction across the Green Line, while again oblivious to massive Arab illegal construction.
She also surrounded herself with anti-Israel advisors, the most notorious being US Jew Sidney Blumenthal, a close friend of the Clintons and close advisor whose multiple and consistently anti-Israel memos have been exposed in the current Hillary cell phone memos scandal.  Sidney's sons have written virulently ant-Israel opinions.  One of them, Max Blumenthal, wrote the book Goliath, calling for the expulsion of Jews from Israel.  His father forwarded Max's memos to Hillary - as background and advice.
The Observer:  Over Hillary’s four years as Secretary of State, Sid Blumenthal sent her email after email containing anti-Israel articles and advice. ...  In fact, if you do an exhaustive search of Hillary’s emails, you will not find a single pro-Israel article or piece of advice from Sid Blumenthal.  Clinton praised professional Israel hater Max Blumenthal as 'powerful and touching'
A number of columns have been written exposing how Mr. Blumenthal sent articles to Ms. Clinton from his son Max, one of America’s most notorious Israel haters. Ms. Clinton responded very favorably to them. Some of these writings would later be the basis for Max’s anti-Semitic Goliath, whose book launch was thrown by Sid at his own home. The disgraceful writings compare Israel to the Nazis, call for the expulsion of the Jews from Israel and whitewash Palestinian terrorism. For good measure Max also compares the Israel Defense Forces to the SS.
Ms. Clinton often responds positively to Mr. Blumenthal’s suggested reading, asking for them to be printed. In fact, she never once challenged Mr. Blumenthal on their anti-Israel content, and never asked him to stop.... Mr. Blumenthal’s anti-Israel articles were full of falsehoods that are very harmful to the Jewish state.

Hillary Tells AIPAC She Won’t Be Neutral,
And It’s True (She’s Always Been ANTI-Israel)
Hillary Tells AIPAC She Won’t Be Neutral, And It’s True (She’s Always Been ANTI-Israel)


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ABOUT the author:  Jack Engelhard’s classic international bestselling novel Indecent Proposal, which later became a worldwide hit movie, has been republished to meet readers’ demands. His other major works include Compulsive: A Novel, his award-winning post-Holocaust Montreal memoir Escape from Mount Moriah, plus Slot Attendant: A Novel About A Novelist. His website:

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