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Monday, March 14, 2016

DUSTIN HOFFMAN, SPARE US THOSE TEARS - You affirm you are a Jew, and yet you support Muslim Palestinians who demonize and kill Jews and who promise to annihilate the State of Israel - US Jewish celebrities ongoing support for the anti-Israel movement

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DUSTIN HOFFMAN cried during the show Finding Your Roots, and expressed his deep emotions about his Jewish ancestry, repeating "I AM A JEW".  Rather curious, considering he has been a strong supporter of the Palestinian anti-Jewish demonization campaign.

One of the most disturbing characteristics of the entertainment industry is its enforcement of a far-left point of view.  Nobody in it dares to defy it, lest it may negatively affect their career - no matter how immoral and depraved their favorite causes turn out to be.
Thus we witnessed top Hollywood celebrities either remain silent or express warm support for Michael Jackson, although his proclivity for befriending little boys and then taking them to his bed was very well known.  He had even settled some lawsuits out of court on this matter.  But Hollywood's loyalty to Michael Jackson never wavered because he was one of them, and depravity in that milieu is now mainstream. 
Dustin Hoffman cries upon hearing
of Jewish ancestors who escaped death
so that he would live some day.
The entertainment industry's anti-Israel campaign is one of the top issues in their political activism, and too many stars with Jewish ancestry go along with it, and even become enthusiastic participants in the boycott and demonization of Israel.
Dustin Hoffman is one of them.  In 2013 he expressed full support for "Five Broken Cameras," a Palestinian-Arab film that viciously attacked Israel, calling the film maker "a voice of courage and conscience"
Listen to Dustin Hoffman's audio message apologizing for not being able to present an award to that film's Arab creator and Jew hater, due to illness. 

Emad Burnat, the storyteller in “5 Broken Cameras,” is from the village of Bil’in, which has been the site of a weekly protest by Arabs and leftist rioters intent on provoking Israelis. The protests are ostensibly about a security fence.  The 5 broken cameras refer, according to Burnat, to five different cameras of his which were broken by the Israelis.
Some questions for Dustin Hoffman, and other Jewish celebrities who support the Muslim Palestinians: 
Palestinian militia
making Nazi salute
Dustin Hoffman supports
their cause
  • Are they even vaguely aware of the history of Israel and of the Jewish lands liberated in 1967 that it is being accused of "occupying"? 
  • Do they remember that Israel has been attacked three times (1948, 1967, 1973) by a powerful alliance of Arab countries intent on committing genocide against millions of Israeli Jews?  And that they will try again when the opportunity presents itself?
  • Do they ever take a look at websites that publish the ongoing Nazi-inspired Palestinian demonization of Jews and their vicious incitement to murder them? 
  • Are they aware of the many Jewish men, women and children who have been attacked and killed by Palestinians just because they are Jews?
  • Arab rock throwing terrorists (file)
    Peaceful demonstration.
    Boulders used
    to kill Jews
  • Is Hoffman - who cried over his brave ancestors barely escaping persecution - aware that the Palestinian leader during the 1930s and 40s, the Mufti of Jerusalem, was a Nazi, and Hitler's close ally in Berlin in the design and implementation of the Final Solution?
  • Has he ever seen images of his beloved Palestinian militia routinely making the Nazi salute?
  • Do Hoffman and other Jewish celebrities ever reflec on the fact that not only the Bible, but history books themselves, acknowledge that Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem have been Jewish lands for thousands of years, and that Arabs living there are the descendants of the Muslim invader who conquered them in the 7th century?  How can Israel be an occupier of its own land?
  • Why are Jewish celebrities siding with genocidal and racist Palestinians and not with the Jews, who are struggling to stay alive in a world that hates them and wants them dead?
  • Where will Hoffman's grandchildren and those of other US Jews go when Muslim mobs and their leftist allies drive them out of the United States, just as they are driving Jews out of Europe at this very moment? To Israel, perhaps?
  • American university campuses already have teachers, student associations, and an environment that are strongly anti-Semitic, making Jewish students afraid for their safety
  • Shouldn't Dustin Hoffman do the honorable thing and stop lending his support to Nazi Palestinians - or does he fear that a courageous pro-Israel stand will be bad for his career?
VIDEO:  The Nazi origin
of the Palestinian movement

Tear-choked Dustin Hoffman may want to take back support for anti-Israel film  

Jewish Press - Having discovered the depth of his Jewish connection last week, Dustin Hoffman may want to reconsider the support he lent back in 2013 to a Palestinian-Arab film that viciously and unfairly attacked the Jewish State, using misleading cinematic means to paint Israelis as monsters.
There were few dry eyes in many Jewish homes last week, when Academy Award winner Dustin Hoffman discovered on the latest episode of the PBS series “Finding Your Roots” that both his Jewish grandfather and great-grandfather were killed by the Soviets. His great-grandmother spent five years in a Soviet concentration camp before arriving in America. 

For some reason, Hoffman’s late father, Harry, hid this information from his wife and two boys, possibly because in 1940s and 50s America Jews avoided anything that connected them to their Russian roots.
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“My father … told me he was an atheist,” Hoffman said in a 2006 interview. “About the time I realized we were Jews, maybe when I was about ten, I went to the delicatessen and ordered bagels and draped them around the [Christmas] tree.”
It turns out that Hoffman spent much of his adult life unaware of his Jewish heritage, despite the fact that he may be one of the most Jewish-identified Hollywood stars, both because of his very Jewish nose (“My mother asked me to [get a nose job,” he told an interviewer.
“When I was a teenager, when she got her nose job, I remember she wanted me to get one, too. She said I would be happier.”) and some of his film choices — “Marathon Man,” “Lenny,” and “Meet the Fockers.”
Hoffman began to see himself as a Jew when he married his second wife, businesswoman Lisa Gottsegen Hoffman, in October 1980. “My wife changed everything,” he confessed. “Two sons barmitzvahed, two daughters batmitzvahed.”
Hoffman believes his father wanted to shield his family from the tragic stories of grandfather Frank and great-grandfather Sam Hoffman. “Who knows,” Dustin said, “My father could have been crying, grabbing his father’s leg, saying, ‘Daddy, please don’t go.’ … My poor dad.”
Now, having learned the truth about the horrors his relatives experienced as Jews, he feels closer to his Jewish roots. “People ask me today, ‘What are you?'” Hoffman said, tearfully. “I say, ‘I’m a Jew.'”
So, now that he’s a Jew again, Hoffman may want to reconsider his April, 2013 enthusiastic endorsement of the film “5 Broken Cameras” for the Muslim Public Affairs Council’s 22nd Annual Media Awards Gala.
Dustin was unable to attend the gala, but he delivered the following audio message for the event, praising Arab director Emad Burnat, a favorite of the Academy and the American left.
“But the protesters portrayed in ‘5 Broken Cameras’ were revealed as frauds even before the Hollywood crowd took a shine – it was nominated for an Academy Award – to the film,” Lowenthal Marcus reveals.
“For those who maintain a vigilant watch on news reports about the Arab-Israeli conflict, [the village] Bil’in is known for a very different kind of revelation – it is one of the few times the pro-Israel side was able to capture – dead to rights – the Arab Palestinians in a flat-out lie.”
Perhaps now, having discovered that his own family members fell victim to an anti-Semitic campaign intended to annihilate the Jews of the Soviet Union, Dustin Hoffman will find the time to express regret for legitimizing a similar campaign—albeit via its refined propaganda rather than its murderous terrorist arms.
You made a mistake, Dustin. Please fix it.

Link to this story:  Jewish Press


April 28, 2013

Dustin Hoffman, latest Jew to give an Israel-hater an award  -  With Jews like him, who needs enemies?

America’s favorite serious Jewish actor for much of the 1960’s and ’70’s, Dustin Hoffman, is about to present an award to a filmmaker at an event put on by the Muslim Public Affairs Council.
Dustin Hoffman to present Muslim Public Affairs Council Media Award to anti-Israel film, "5 Broken Cameras" April 27, 2013
The recipient of the award is a professional Israel hater, and MPAC is led by someone who publicly suggested Israel was to blame for 9/11 and who advocates for the removal of Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad from the American terrorism list. 
With Jews like Dustin Hoffman, who needs enemies?
This Saturday, April 27, Dustin Hoffman will appear at MPAC’s Media Award Gala in Los Angeles to present MPAC’s Media Award to the anti-Israel film “5 Broken Cameras.”  According to MPAC, Hoffman is a “supporter of the documentary.”
The objective of  “5 Broken Cameras,” like that of so many Pallywood videos, is to portray Arabs as the innocent victims of the rapacious Israel.  This movie began as video clips of the protests that were submitted as “evidence” to Israeli courts and handed over to be used by mainstream media to show the sad plight of the Arabs. 
The videos which then became this movie were taken and put together by someone participating on one side of a propaganda war, and not by an objective film maker seeking to document reality – as is the role of documentaries – that fact should have sounded alarm bells for a professional actor of Hoffman’s stature.
In his very first film, “The Graduate,” (1967), Hoffman played a recent college graduate whose parents expect him to do great things, but who was stuck in an emotional and motivational dead zone. 
His character, Benjamin Braddock, is turned off by the plastic values of his parents’ generation, but has no passion or interests to replace them.  And so he is portrayed floating in his parents’ swimming pool, suspended below the water, cocooned in indifference, pondering the bizarre lecture given to him by a family friend about “plastics.”
Over the course of his career, Hoffman’s extraordinary roles included the disabled homeless vet Ratzo Rizzo, in “Midnight Cowboy” (1969), the highly talented yet self-destructive break-through comedian Lenny Bruce in “Lenny” (1974).  Hoffman won an Oscar for portraying a newly divorced father painfully attempting to know his young son in “Kramer v. Kramer” (1979), and was nominated for an Oscar for playing the opportunistically gender-bending actor/actress title role in “Tootsie!” (1982).
Hoffman’s stature as a great actor continued into the late 1980’s – he was riveting as an autistic man, Raymond Babbit, in “Rain Main,” for which he won his second Oscar (1988).  Hoffman’s movie roles have become more sporadic and less artistically and financially successful in recent years.
Perhaps that explains why he was willing to be used as the latest in a long series of Jewish “fig leaves,” for anti-Israel projects.  There seems to be no other reason why the Muslim Public Affairs Council would call upon Hoffman to present an award for a documentary film which portrays Israel in the worst possible light, with no balance or nuance.
Hoffman has never been involved in Middle East issues or interests – other than co-starring in a disastrous film set in Morocco. “Ishtar” (1987) was described in London’s Time Out as “so bad it could almost have been deliberate.”
There had been a rumor – which caught fire and remains rampant on the Internet – that Hoffman snubbed Israel and pulled out of appearing at a Jerusalem Film Festival in 2010 in the wake of the Gaza flotilla incident.
However, Yigal Molad Hayo, the associate director of the Cinematheque at which the festival takes place, was quoted in an article in the Jewish Chronicle that the account had not been accurate, and the discussions with Hoffman had not progressed even before the Mavi Marmara incident.
It isn’t hard to imagine why the Muslim Public Affairs Council would want a famous Jewish actor to give them the kosher certification of acceptability (“Dustin Hoffman, the famous Jewish actor, hangs out with us, we must be fine” is the not-so-subtle message). But why would Hoffman agree to participate?
Hoffman is someone whose Jewishness seems to have played very little role in his life other than as a trigger to anti-Semitic bullies, and the fact that his height, his nose, his nasal voice and his plucky, outsider roles are all stereotypically Jewish. 
Hoffman recently spoke about the complete absence of anything Jewish in his life growing up.  He did not become a bar mitzvah and he never learned any Hebrew.

Other than being beaten up for being Jewish – something he then chose to deny in order to avoid getting hurt again – he had no connection to the religion until he married his second wife (the first was Catholic). 
His four children from his second marriage all became b’nai mitzvah and they celebrate Jewish holidays – but he said that was because of their mother.  And then in 2010 Hoffman narrated a documentary “Jews and Baseball.”
Of course, the fact that Hoffman is giving an award to the Arab Palestinian “filmmaker” of the “documentary”  “5 Broken Cameras,” is even more delicious for those seeking to demonize Israel.  What a thrill to use a very Jewish-looking and -sounding Hollywood icon to make the presentation.
The film, “5 Broken Cameras,” has a plot as thin as pita bread. You already know the plot, even if you’ve never heard of the movie: Israelis are very bad, they violently wrest away the land and the dignity from the poor victimized Arab Palestinians.  That’s the story, in a nutshell.
If you want more specifics, “5 Broken Cameras,” chronicles the weekly protests by the Arabs who live in the village of Bil’in, next to which, in 2005, part of Israel’s security fence was erected. That’s right, the security fence which has been credited with shutting down the horrific nightmare of homicide bombings that murdered and injured thousands of human beings – Jews, Arabs and Christians – before it was erected.
The five cameras refer to ones owned by the amateur filmmaker and Bil’in villager Emad Burnat – he’s the one getting the award from Hoffman – who purchased them in order to document the “horrors” of the Israeli encroachment (although some accounts claim the cameras were purchased for the birth of Burnat’s first and then subsequent children).
Burnat recorded the weekly “nonviolent” activities held by the villagers and international agitators who join them to protest the fence. He claims that all five cameras were broken by the Israelis responding to the weekly nonviolent protests against what they call the “Apartheid Wall.”
But the protesters portrayed in “5 Broken Cameras” were revealed as frauds even before the Hollywood crowd took a shine – it was nominated for an Academy Award – to the film.
For those who maintain a vigilant watch on news reports about the Arab-Israeli conflict, Bil’in is known for a very different kind of revelation – it is one of the few times the pro-Israel side was able to capture – dead to rights – the Arab Palestinians in a flat out lie.
Jawaher abu Rahma was an Arab woman who lived in Bil’in.  In late December, 2010, spilling on into 2011, news reports from dozens of mainstream media outlets claimed that abu Rahma was killed by the Israelis who threw tear gas at the “nonviolent” protesters near the Bil’in part of the security fence.  Those outlets got the information from the protesters lionized in Burnat’s film.
How awful.  Except that it turned out abu Rahma, who died in a Ramallah Hospital on December 31, 2010, died as the result of medical malpractice at the hospital, completely unrelated to any tear gas. 
In fact, abu Rahma wasn’t even at the protest that day.  A film about how Jawaher abu Rahma actually died, who exploited her death, and why the lies about it weren’t considered news is a film that never will – but should be – made.  Would Hoffman present an award to the maker of such a film?
Last month an Israeli NGO representing hundreds of IDF soldiers and reservists, Consensus, filed a letter with Israel’s Attorney General.  Consensus wants charges filed against the makers of “5 Broken Cameras” for incitement and slander.
“We can prove how the film was edited, clip after clip, shot after shot, to the point where it has no connection to reality,” the letter from Consensus explains.  “The film is ultimately baseless, false and absurd, and as far from reality as east is from west.”
So, in the end, Dustin Hoffman with his honking nasal voice and Semitic nose may be emulating the pattern of the mindless good-looking movie stars against whom he rose as the iconic non-handsome, non-sexy male movie star of the counter-culture years.
Just as the pretty boy actors and actresses were used solely because of their looks and not because of their abilities or range, Hoffman is being used for his looks and “Jewness.”
At the MPAC Awards Gala Hoffman will be a Jewish fig leaf, used for his “appearance” of Jewishness, not because he cares about whether the film he is honoring is honest or truthful.  Hoffman is a malleable material poured into the liberal, meaningless mold of  “pro-Arab Palestinian.” Perhaps when someone mentioned “plastics” to him in his first movie role they were being prescient.
About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the U.S. correspondent for The Jewish Press. A graduate of Harvard Law School, she previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools. You can reach her by email:

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Boy holding knife and wearing flag scarf

 - Man seals his crying toddler inside a bucket to take her to the butcher. Caught on camera, he later says it was a form of discipline 
 -  How Palestinians abuse women and children, and raise children to become martyrs



Arabs-waving-entrails-of-butchered-Israelis-in-Ramallah (1)
Palestinian Arabs eating the entrails
of two Israeli men they butchered
in 2000 in the city of Ramallah

-   The daily Muslim attacks on Jews in Israel

 - The lynching of two innocent Jewish men who took one wrong turn on the road in 2000, and were captured by a Palestinian mob, who tortured them and killed them, even engaging in cannibalistic behavior




Friday, May 29, 2015

SATIRE - A RECOVERING LIBERAL-HOLIC JEW ENTERS A "LIBERAL ANONYMOUS" MEETING - And confesses how he hit rock bottom in a gutter filled with ignorance, self-delusion, and a desperate need for acceptance by his fellow liberals 

 The following article is about one of the many terminally addicted liberal Jews - a liberal-holic -  unable to shake off his addiction to liberal causes, while not letting facts get in the way of his twisted thinking.
  • A liberal Jew like the ones who voted for Obama not once but twice, and who continue to support him, while financing other similar anti-Israel Democrat politicians and causes just because they are liberals like him. 
  • But this article also applies to non-Jewish liberals in general, such as the ones who denounce any criticism of Islam as Islamophobia, and who remain silent about the ongoing persecution of Christians in the Middle East - including in the Palestinian territories. 
  • Excerpts from the confessions of a liberal Jew at Liberal Anonymous meeting:
    “Any sobering thought of reality and common sense was immediately tossed out of my head for fear that I would be either shunned by the welcoming liberal community around me, by my parents and their friends or by teachers and professors who I so much wanted acceptance from.
    "I would sometimes have blackouts and not even remember what the purpose of a solidarity boycott stood for and what a liberal political candidate was even talking about.
    "I would wake up on a street curb with a ‘Save the Dolphins’ brochure in my torn jeans’ pocket and lipstick stains on my collar left by Ralph Nader. Children would pass by and taunt me about how I was the cause of their grandchildren’s monetary deficit.
    "Children, children, children was the magic mushroom that brought hallucinations of immediate self-satisfaction to my mind. Worry about the welfare of the children of terrorists, legalize drugs for our children, open the Arizona border for their children... as long as I put the word children in the serum I could stick the justification needle in my liberal arm and get high."

    By Rabbi Dr. David Nesenoff

    It's not easy to sober up and kick the habit - to it, you often need to hit rock-bottom...
    "Hi, my name is Heshy; I’m a liberal-holic.” Everyone in the synagogue basement room, sitting on folding chairs, responds, “Hi Heshy!”
    Heshy speaks: “I’m a little bit nervous to share my story. I guess I’ve always been a liberal-holic. Ever since I was a kid I can remember not really caring about anyone but wanting to make it look like I cared.” Moans of understanding emanate from the crowded room.
    Heshy shares: “It became so easy as a teenager to promote such irresponsible thinking as I had no responsibilities and never read the paper or intelligent political writings or had any concept of fiscal stability or global insurgent threats.
    "What made it worse was that everyone around me encouraged such behavior. It was the thing to do. Peer pressure dominated over sensibility. And then as I got older I learned to binge on the catch phrases ‘social justice this’ and ‘environmental that.’
    “Any sobering thought of reality and common sense was immediately tossed out of my head for fear that I would be either shunned by the welcoming liberal community around me, by my parents and their friends or by teachers and professors who I so much wanted acceptance from.
    “The television and radio broadcasted over and over again images and stories and concepts that made me drunk with self satiated aloof feelings of correctness and a dreamy false sense of security and elitism over my fellow citizens.
    "The media became my gateway drug fostered by my peers.
    "I couldn’t get enough of liberalism; and one useless futile liberal cause led to another.
    "I would sometimes have blackouts and not even remember what the purpose of a solidarity boycott stood for and what a liberal political candidate was even talking about.
    "I would wake up on a street curb with a ‘Save the Dolphins’ brochure in my torn jeans’ pocket and lipstick stains on my collar left by Ralph Nader. Children would pass by and taunt me about how I was the cause of their grandchildren’s monetary deficit.
    “I learned to hide my anti-social behavior and counterproductive mindset by labeling everything I did as 'human rights.' 
    "My liberalism got so bad that even if it would impoverish an entire community, I would support all types of programs and entitlements just to maintain my feel-good high. I was not a substance abuser; I was a form abuser.
    “Yes, now that I am socially sober and on a road of recovery, I can see everything more clearly. I had been living a life of form over substance.”
    Some in the room applaud, while others wipe the tears from their sympathetic once government co-dependent eyes.
    Heshy continues: “It was so difficult to try to go against or separate from the seemingly happy go lucky group who filled their bottles with terms like “open mindedness” and poured out the words “free thinking” into their mugs and steins.
    “I certainly didn’t want to be close-minded and obstinate. Who wants to be a downer? Who wants to be the killjoy of the (liberal) party? I didn’t want to be accused of attacking and standing in the way of races and genders and ovaries and sperms and cells and unwanted fetuses and bi, tri, and trans lifestyles.
    "I didn’t want to be a right wing religious nut. I just wanted to fit in and be liked; and that meant always being anti-war, anti-guns and anti-military; and blindly support any and all underdog global regimes.
    “I thirsted for the ‘saccharinated’ feigned sugary liberal Kool-Aid. I couldn’t give it up. I needed it. I was too weak to even try going dry. Do you know what it takes to not support UNICEF?
    "Children, children, children was the magic mushroom that brought hallucinations of immediate self-satisfaction to my mind. Worry about the welfare of the children of terrorists, legalize drugs for our children, open the Arizona border for their children... as long as I put the word children in the serum I could stick the justification needle in my liberal arm and get high.
    “I really believed at that time that the only way to stand up for justice, social issues and the civil rights of all citizens and humanity was to smoke the liberal pipe.
    "I didn’t know at the time that I could support real social justice issues and care about all races, religions, genders and lifestyles and still breathe within a different political community.
    "I so much wanted to be compassionate and caring and fair. That form over substance mantra kept gnawing at my gut. Did I care about the perception and the reception, or the consequences and the cost?
    “And then finally I hit rock bottom. There I was, smiling, holding hands with an entire community singing Kumbaya while chewing gum that was manufactured without the harming of baby seals; I was living the dream.
    “And then something happened. I noticed that I was holding hands and singing at a party that didn’t understand that Iran has nuclear weapons a breath away from destroying Israel.
    "I didn’t mind hugging trees but I was nauseous with the thought of embracing any faction or entity that did not understand the moral integrity of Israel and its right for security and a life without constant terror and fear. I was incensed with any group that didn’t comprehend that Jews are indeed indigenous to the land of Israel.
    "I was awakened with a cold wind of knowledge that I was standing with uncompassionate cold-hearted stoners who had no care for the fright of the citizens of Sderot and who rationalize and validate the murderous actions of Palestinian terrorism.
    “How could I hold hands with those who, for their own liberal political and religious agendas, would hi-jack Israel, threaten Israel, and extort Israel?
    "How could these people who supposedly stand for justice, civil rights, and social welfare try to suffocate the living breathing existing paradigm of justice - modern day Israel?
     “How could the liberal president travel all over the world and visit every dictator, monarch and despot while distancing himself from the very nation of social political democratic justice, Israel?
    "Israel, the place where all genders, lifestyles and social issues and causes are part of the fabric of its society.
    "Israel, where debate and ethical discussion live in democratic security, while being surrounded by a geography of lands that blatantly obstruct the downtrodden fight, the feminist plight, and the human right. I am shaking from such treatment; but I am in recovery, sober, and clear-headed.
    “My name is Heshy, I am a liberal-holic.”

    Rabbi Dr. David Nesenoff is an internationally renowned speaker on Israel, anti-Semitism, Judaism, Chasidut and media. His video interview exposing and expelling the anti-Semite Helen Thomas from the Washington Press Corps went viral and became global news.  He speaks all over the world on topics of Women in Judaism, Shabbos, Anti-Semitism, Israel, Chabad and Chassidus. He can be contacted at:
    See more cartoons and satire on this blog



    What many people -- even Jews themselves -- don’t realize, is that far left, progressive American Jews are generally secular and have little, if any, connection to or affinity with Judaism and Israel.
    Their stance on Israel is consistent with the usual progressive tropes about Israel's place in the geopolitical world -- as an oppressive, apartheid-like force illegally occupying Palestine. 
    The Land of Milk and Honey has no religious or historical significance for these deracinated Jews, most of whom are agnostics and/or atheists, or just completely secularized. 
    Although they readily acknowledge a Jewish heritage when probed, that heritage bears little, if any relevance, to their lives or world outlook.  For them, “Jewish” is merely a designation that, only through the accident of birth and name, connects them to Einstein and Rubinstein.

    With 58% of Jews intermarrying, close to 70% of non-religious Jews marrying non-Jewish spouses, and only 25% of their offspring self-identifying as Jewish, someone with the name Goldberg voting for and supporting Obama (or any other Democrat) might not be Jewish at all.
    To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid.  Liberals think conservatives are evil. Charles Krauthammer
     Islam and Radical Leftists - Is there a difference?

    Seven reasons why liberals
    cannot understand the world
    By John Hawkins
    Even liberals who've accomplished a lot in their lives and have high IQs often say things on a regular basis that are stunningly, profoundly stupid and at odds with the way the world works.
    Modern liberalism has become so bereft of common sense and instinctually suicidal that America can only survive over the long haul by thwarting the liberal agenda.
    In fact, liberalism has become such a toxic and poisonous philosophy that most liberals wouldn't behave differently if their goal were to deliberately destroy the country.
    So, how does liberalism cause well-meaning, intelligent liberals to get this way? Well, it starts with...
    1) Liberalism creates a feedback loop.
    It is usually impossible for a non-liberal to change a liberal's mind about political issues because liberalism works like so: only liberals are credible sources of information.
    How do you know someone's liberal? He espouses liberal doctrine. So, no matter how plausible what you say may be, it will be ignored if you're not a liberal and if you are a liberal, of course, you probably agree with liberal views.
    This sort of close-mindedness makes liberals nearly impervious to any information that might undermine their beliefs.
    2) Liberals sources of information are ever present.
    Conservatives are regularly exposed to the liberal viewpoint whether they want to be or not. That's not necessarily so for liberals. Imagine the average day for liberals. They get up and read their local newspaper. It has a liberal viewpoint.
    They take their kids to school, where the teachers are liberal. Then they go to work, listen to NPR which has a liberal viewpoint on the way home, and then turn on the nightly news which also skews leftward.
    From there, they turn on TV and watch shows created by liberals that lean to the left, if they have any political viewpoint at all.
    Unless liberals actively seek out conservative viewpoints, which is unlikely, the only conservative arguments they're probably going to hear are going to be through the heavily distorted, poorly translated, deeply skeptical lens of other liberals.
    3) Liberals emphasize feeling superior, not superior results.
    Liberalism is all about appearances, not outcomes. What matters to liberals is how a program makes them FEEL about themselves, not whether it works or not.
    Thus a program like Headstart, which sounds good because it's designed to help children read, makes liberals feel good about themselves, even though the program doesn't work and wastes billions.
    A ban on DDT makes liberals feel good about themselves because they're "protecting the environment" even though millions of people have died as a result. For liberals, it's not what a program does in the real world; it's about whether they feel better about themselves for supporting it.
    4) Liberals are big believers in moral relativism.
    This spins them round and round because if the only thing that's wrong is saying that there's an absolute moral code, then you lose your ability to tell cause from effect, good from bad, and right from wrong.
    Taking being non-judgmental to the level that liberals do leaves them paralyzed, pondering "why they hate us" because they feel incapable of saying, “That's wrong," and doing something about it. If you're against firm standards and condemning immoral behavior, then your moral compass won’t work and you’ll also be for immorality, as well as societal and cultural decay by default.
    5) Liberals tend to view people as parts of groups, not individuals.
    One of the prejudices of liberalism is that they see everyone as part of a group, not as an individual.
    This can lead to rather bizarre disparities when say, a man from a group that they consider to be powerless, impoverished victims becomes the leader of the free world -- and he's challenged by a group of lower middle class white people who've banded together because individually they're powerless.
    If you listen to the liberal rhetoric, you might think Barack Obama was a black Republican being surrounded by a KKK lynching party 100 years ago -- as opposed to the single most powerful man in America abusing the authority of his office to attack ordinary Tea Partiers who have the audacity to speak the truth to power for the good of their country.
    6) Liberals take a dim view of personal responsibility.
    Who's at fault if a criminal commits a crime? The criminal or society? If someone creates a business and becomes a millionaire, is that the result of hard work and talent or luck?
    If you're dirt poor, starving, and haven't worked in 5 years, is that a personal failing or a failure of the state?
    Conservatives would tend to say the former in each case, while liberals would tend to say the latter. But when you disconnect what an individual does from the results that happen in his life, it's very difficult to understand cause and effect in people's lives.
    7) Liberals give themselves far too much credit just for being liberal.
     To many liberals, all one needs to do to be wise, intelligent, compassionate, open minded, and sensitive is to BE LIBERAL.
    In other words, many of the good things about a person spring not from his actions, but from the ideology he holds. This has an obvious appeal.
    You can be a diehard misogynist, but plausibly call yourself a feminist, hate blacks, but accuse others of racism, have a subpar IQ and be an intellectual, give nothing to charity and be compassionate, etc., etc., and all you have to do is call yourself a liberal.
    It's a shortcut to virtue much like the corrupt old idea of religious indulgences. Why live a life of virtue when you could live a sinful life and buy your way into heaven? If you're a liberal, why actually live a life of virtue when you can merely call yourself a liberal and get credit for being virtuous, even when you've done nothing to earn it?
    The Jewish Left in Israel
    The unshakeable grip of leftist pro-Arab authorities on Israel
     - The pogrom by Israeli police against Jews in Amona, and the ongoing war of the Israeli left against the Jews
     - Videos exposing the truth behind the leftist pro-Arab agenda.
    -  See links to more items on this subject at the end of this article.

    A scene from "The Eternal Jew" video produced by the Samaria Settlers' Committee. (YouTube screenshot)
    THE ETERNAL JEW - Controversial cartoon video made by Israelis denounces TREASON by Jewish leftists who are paid by Germans and Europeans to lie, to denigrate Jews, and to undermine the State of Israel - Watch stinging video that the Jewish left wants banned.   The character carries a saw.  Jewish leftist traitors, along with Arabs, frequently cut down Arab trees to blame the Jews and then tell the media about it.  They have been caught on camera doing just that.
    Pro-Arab Jewish activist confesses:  We are all on the payroll (of the Europeans, the same ones who murdered 6 million Jews).


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