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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Sunday, January 8, 2017

USING A TRUCK MUSLIM ARAB TERRORIST MURDERS FOUR SOLDIERS IN JERUSALEM - Comrades hesitated to shoot attacker out of fear of being court martialed, as in the recent case of Israeli soldier Elor Azariya convicted by left-wing military commanders of killing a dangerous terrorist

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Four victims (left to right) of today's truck ramming attack:  Shir Hajaj, 22; Erez Orbach, 20; Yael Yekutiel, 20; Shira Zur, 20.  May their memories be for a blessing. There are many more injured.

The attack happened on the Armon Hanatiziv promenade overlooking the walled Old City 
Four Israeli soldiers in their twenties were murdered by a Muslim terrorist driving a truck.  Three of the victims were women.  One of them lies among first responders.
Israeli soldiers inspect the scene where a Palestinian rammed his truck into a group of Israeli soldiers on a popular promenade
This was obviously a well-prepared terror attack.  Cadets usually visit this same place near Jerusalem as part of their educational training.

  • THE IDF ROUTINELY SACRIFICES ITS OWN SOLDIERS SO AS TO SPARE ARAB LIVES.  During war with Gaza, soldiers were expected to put their lives at risk to spare the lives of terrorists and their human shields.
  • Although the excuse of 'political correctness' is often cited, the ugly truth is that there is a pro-Muslim bias in the left-wing top brass of the Israeli military and in many civilian authorities. 
  • A similar case of national betrayal is that of European Union leaders, notably Angela Merkel, who have imported millions of Muslim migrants, and continue to protect them although they rape women and children and perpetrate criminal and terrorist acts.  READ:  GERMANY: Muslim invaders commit one crime every two minutes
  • Merkel and her EU minions repeatedly proclaim that Islam is a religion of peace, and that Muslim migrants are a great addition to their societies, while they tell the media and police to hide reports of massive Muslim crime. 
  • The Obama administration itself has repeatedly sides with BLM thugs, and with Muslim migrants who hate the United States.  The Democrat bias towards black criminals and Muslim terrorists has emboldened these groups and their crimes are now skyrocketing.  
  • Israel has its own layer of politicians, judges, and politically-appointed IDF commanders who sympathize with Muslim Arabs, and go easy on them as they rampage and attack Jews.   
  • Through their appeasing efforts, military and civilian authorities embolden and encourage Arab terror. 
  • Every once in a while the Israeli government frees hundreds or thousands of Arab criminals and terrorists in exchange for the dead bodies of Israeli soldiers or in so-called "gestures for peace" . 
  • See the disgraceful list of this quaint Israeli government custom of freeing Arab prisoners that only encourages more terror here:   WIKIPEDIA
  • But it is by instilling fear of court martial and loading soldiers with long and confusing lists of what is permissible to do to rampaging Muslims that authorities do irreparable damage to the morale of thousands of Israeli soldiers and police and to the country itself. 
  • For many years now Israeli soldiers have hesitated to respond to Arab attacks directed against them, such as firebombing and rock throwing, or against civilians, out of fear of spending months or years behind bars.
  • A tragic example of that inability to effect a proper and timely response to Arab violence is how the truck driver in today's terror attack managed to run over not once, but twice over dozens of young soldiers.  Nobody dared to shoot, until their leader did so. 
Today a Muslim terrorist used a truck to run over twice over a group of soldiers in Jerusalem.  According to accounts, the soldiers chose to run rather than shoot the terrorist because they have internalized this  fear of becoming the victim of their own pro-Arab Israeli commanders.  WATCH VIDEO:
The attack occurs against the group of soldiers in the distance at 1.8 min.  Watch as the truck runs over them, then backs up to do it all over again.  The soldiers in the foreground disperse.  Nobody fires a shot until one of the leaders decides to use his gun.   Three of the murdered victims were women, while all four were in their 20s.  
All of the victims of today's attack were believed to have been in their 20s

Chaos broke out at the scene when the truck ploughed through the crowd, with hundreds of soldiers having arrived there as part of a tour for troops about the history of Jerusalem.  

'A lone terrorist drove his truck into a group of soldiers standing on the side of the road,' police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told reporters at the scene.  'They got off the bus, and as they were getting off the bus and getting organised, he took advantage.' 

PM Netanyahu tried to link this attack to ISIS, which it may be.  But Palestinian Arabs were the first to use vehicles as a weapon of terror against Jews.  These Arabs do not need inspiration by ISIS as they have been massacring Jews for decades, even before there was a reconstituted State of Israel, before the so-called occupation, before there were communities built in the Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria. 
Muslims have been massacring Jews and other non-Muslims since the seventh century.  The toll reaches 270 million victims, most of them Africans and Hindus.  

THE BIG DIFFERENCE between terror in Europe/USA and terror in Israel is that in those places Muslims primarily want to terrorize the population, while in Israel their ultimate goal is not a Palestinian state but the complete GENOCIDE against the Jewish people.  That is why they keep rejecting offers that grant them 99% of their demands (all except the return of millions of Arabs to Israel.) 

During World War II the Palestinian leader, the Mufti of Jerusalem, worked alongside Hitler and his cohorts to expedite the Final Solution for not only European Jews, but for Middle Eastern Jews as well. 
TODAY'S TERROR ATTACK - Four Jews are dead, one critically wounded, and ten lightly wounded as a truck rammed into a group of soldiers near the promenade of Armon HaNatziv in Jerusalem just before 1:30 PM Sunday afternoon.  The soldiers were getting off a bus when the truck rammed into them.
The terrorist was Fadi Ahmad Hamdan al-Qunbar, 28, a released prisoner who lived in nearby eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukabbir. He carried an Israeli “blue card” and an Israeli driver’s license.  Another example of Israeli pro-Arab authorities being nice to Arabs, even after they have committed crimes.
Source  Professor Bill Warner  -

VIDEO:  The Palestinian Cause is a big lie - Pat Condell
VIDEO:  A special kind of hate - Muslim hatred of Jews goes back 14 centuries - Pat Condell
Members of an Israeli funeral service carry away what is believed to be a body, past the truck and tourist bus
Three of the murdered are female soldiers, and the fourth is a male soldier. Thirteen more soldiers were wounded.

The tour guide who accompanied the IDF cadets on their visit to Armon Hanatziv in Jerusalem Sunday afternoon told Army Radio that they hesitated to shoot at that truck as it was speeding in their direction.
He attributed their fateful pause to last week’s manslaughter conviction of Sgt. Elor Azaria by a military panel of judges for his shooting of a subdued terrorist in Hebron.
The tour guide spoke to Army Radio from the back of an ambulance, and sounded highly agitated. He said every IDF soldier has been keeping abreast of the Azaria trial and Thursday’s verdict affected them directly. “All they’re being told recently is – watch it,” he reiterated.
MK Oren Hazan (Likud) responded to reports that soldiers hesitated to open fire at the terrorist and in the end a civilian tour guide eliminated him.
"The bloody attack in Jerusalem is a direct result of the trial of Elor Azariya. Unfortunately the deterrent effect of the IDF has been severely compromised by the trial and the public debate which arose as a consequence. This encourages terrorists to go out and attack in the hope that soldiers and security forces will think twice about opening fire in order to eliminate them."
According to Channel 10 News, Arab passers by who witnessed the fatal attack stood and applauded.
Continue reading this article, see more images of this attack, and read more about Elor Azariya, the soldier convicted of manslaughter by the military in the death of a terrorist 

Shocking video shows the driver speeding through the soldiers giving them no chance of escaping from his truck 
The truck driver waited for the soldiers to disembark the bus before mounting the pavement
The killer drove his truck at the victims and then reversed over them when he was shot dead
Some of the victims were believed to have been trapped under the truck after it came to a halt
The driver of the truck is understood to be Palestinian although he has not yet been named 
Israeli soldiers inspect the scene where a Palestinian rammed his truck into a group of Israeli soldiers on a popular promenade

Four people have been killed and at least 15 were wounded after a truck attack in Jerusalem. Pictured is the white truck that drove into the soldiers 

The Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat said 'those who incite terror must pay a heavy price' 

Shocked witnesses comforted each other just yards from the scene where four people died 

Israeli soldiers stand in a circle of support at the scene after the truck ramming attack  in Jerusalem
After the attack, soldiers gather in a moment of prayer.
Article based on reports by:

Photos, posters


Arabs rejoice and celebrate by handing out sweets after the attack
An Arab tradition.


Military verdict unleashes a wave of public protests
Six Key Details the Media Is Missing About ‘Hebron Shooter’ Case Rocking Israel

Much of the international news media is portraying the story of Elor Azaria, the so-called Hebron shooter, as a clear-cut case in which an Israeli soldier killed a “neutralized” Palestinian terrorist in cold blood out of anti-Palestinian sentiment.
The details of the case, however, are more complicated and might help to explain why Azaria’s trial has captivated the nation here and why some prominent politicians from across the political spectrum – now including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – are calling for the soldier to be pardoned after he was convicted of manslaughter yesterday by a military court.
The incident in question occurred on March 24, 2016, when Azaria, an inexperienced army combat medic, cocked his gun and killed Abdel Fattah al-Sharif, a Palestinian terrorist who was shot after he stabbed an Israeli soldier and was lying on the ground supposedly neutralized.
Azaria’s case went viral when the far-left, anti-Israeli military B’Tselem organization captured part of the incident on video and posted it on YouTube under the title, “Extrajudicial killing in broad daylight, Hebron, March 2016.”
There have been mass protests against the Military Court decision to convict Azaria

Here are six key details of the case:
1 – Azaria said that he heard someone shout that al-Sharif might be wearing an explosive device.
Azaria reportedly claimed that he made the decision to shoot al-Sharif “in a fraction of a second” for fear the terrorist could detonate a suicide vest. He testified that he heard someone say, “Be careful, he has a bomb,” and that he fired “one bullet at his head to save the lives of the people at the scene.”

“The moment I identified the danger, I acted,” Azaria further testified. “In the field, one second you’re alive and the next second you’re dead.”
In her extensive ruling, the presiding judge in the case, Col. Maya Heller, did not accept that timeline in part because no one can be heard shouting about the explosive device in the video, which begins a full minute and fifty seconds before Azaria shot al-Sharif.
Still, a civilian was identified by other witnesses as having shouted about the possibility of explosives; yet the timeline is unclear since Azaria’s lawyers did not bring that civilian to testify. Also, there are many muffled voices on the video and it isn’t clear what was being said.
Heller did question why Azaria cannot be seen on the video warning nearby soldiers of the danger of explosives if he thought they were at immediate risk. At the same time, other military personnel at the scene as well as military experts here testified on behalf of Azaria, stating that he was justified in believing al-Sharif could have been carrying explosives and should have been viewed as a continued threat.
Seeing the enormous popular support for soldier Azaria, even PM Netanyahu called for his pardon.  A politician's conveniently considered opinion.

2 – Al-Sharif was wearing a coat in mild weather.
“I was concerned because the terrorist was dressed strangely, in a furry, big, thick black coat,” Azaria told the court.
The weather in Hebron that day was between 63.3-66.9 degrees Fahrenheit, according to weather reports. When the sun is out, it can feel even hotter. Al-Sharif was wearing a coat, which could have been used to hide an explosive device. IDF soldiers and security personnel here are trained to be on the lookout for suspicious individuals wearing jackets or coats in warm weather. Al-Sharif had already stabbed a soldier so his terrorist motivations were not in question.

Still, the temperature that day cannot be considered undisputedly hot. Most civilians in the video can be seen in short sleeves, while another civilian is seen wearing a jacket. The IDF soldiers were wearing their required jackets.
3 – There was a dispute about whether the terrorist was alive when Azaria killed him.
Although the court ruled in favor of the prosecution, forensic experts testified that al-Sharif may have already been mortally wounded when he was shot after stabbing an Israeli soldier.
The Jerusalem Post summarized the dispute thusly:
The dispute is over whether these wounds led to his death or made his death inevitable, or whether Sharif would have survived had Azaria not shot him in the head. Azaria can be convicted only if the court rules that his shot to the head was what killed Sharif.
One forensics expert, Dr. Yehuda Hiss, testified for the defense and raised questions about the autopsy carried out by Dr. Hadas Gips, who was not allowed to examine the body for 10 days due to a dispute with al-Sharif’s family.
JPost further reported:
Hiss criticized Gips’ analysis as being contradicted by medical journals on what was likely to happen with Sharif’s injuries from his earlier wounds. He said that scans of Sharif’s wounds showed that, due to his original injuries, air that was traveling from the lungs to the heart could have caused immediate death or was about to cause his death.
He accused Gips of not performing all necessary aspects of an autopsy, listing other actions he would have taken had he performed the autopsy.
In contrast, Gips had said that such a theory for leading to Sharif’s death was unlikely and unreasonable, and that there were clear signs in Sharif’s body that he was alive up until the point that Azaria essentially blew his brains out.
4 – Azaria operated in a highly tense atmosphere.
The incident took place in the midst of the Palestinian “wave of terror” of stabbings, shootings and car-rammings and IDF soldiers are one of the main targets. Hebron is particularly tense and had been the scene of multiple terrorist attacks targeting soldiers and civilians.
5 – There is concern by some that Azaria’s case might have been used for political purposes.
International human rights organizations routinely condemn Israel for anti-terror activities while largely remaining silent about the use of human shields by Palestinian terrorists and the Palestinian Authority’s own direct involvement in terrorist activity and anti-Semitic incitement.
Still, the left in Israel has for months waged a campaign that Azaria’s case must be used to send a message to the world that the Jewish state does not tolerate “mistreatment” of Palestinians by IDF soldiers. Supporters of Azaria are concerned that his trial may have been colored by those concerns, which were also expressed by some senior defense officials here.
6 – There are disputes about what Azaria said following the shooting.
A witness, identified in court documents only as T., claimed that Azaria told him right after the shooting something to the effect that “they stabbed my friend, they wanted to kill him, so he also deserves to die.”
T. was quoted in court documents as saying, “He was still under pressure, and I think that even he didn’t really understand the gravity of his action. He said something like they stabbed my friend and tried to kill him, so he also deserved to die. … I think that Elor told the company commander [Maj. Tom Ne’eman] the same thing that he said to me, that they stabbed his friend and tried to kill him, which is why the terrorist deserved to die.”
The ruling of the presiding judge lent considerable weight to those alleged remarks, even though T. was paraphrasing Azaria’s statement.

Author Aaron Klein is Breitbart’s Jerusalem bureau chief and senior investigative reporter. He is a New York Times bestselling author and hosts the popular weekend talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio.” Follow him on Twitter @AaronKleinShow. Follow him on Facebook.


The Azaria trial and the rift over orders to shoot

All three judges of an Israeli military court Wednesday, Jan. 4, unanimously found Sgt. Elor Azaria guilty of manslaughter for the fatal shooting of an injured terrorist in Hebron in March 2016, after an attack on soldiers. The conviction was announced after a three-hour reading of the verdict by the lead judge, Col. Maya Heller.
The court threw out the entire case for the defense in favor of the testimony given by the commanders at the scene of the incident and the prosecution. The cause of the terrorist’s death was judged to be the bullet Sgt. Azaria fired to his head, although the court ruled that there was no danger of the terrorist continuing his attack. Nor was the suspicion of the accused that he concealed explosives confirmed after the fact.
According to the verdict, Azaria was motivated purely by revenge for the terrorist’s attempt to stab his friend. Col. Heller rejected arguments that the court was influenced by social, political or military controversy surrounding the case and stressed that it was guided solely by the facts of the case. The convicted soldier’s lawyer said he would appeal the verdict. Sentence is to be announced at a later date.
Outside the court, hundreds of protesters demonstrated against the Hebron soldier’s trial.
Seven months ago, Sgt. Elior Azaria was put on trial before a three-judge panel of the Jaffa Military Court. He was charged with manslaughter for shooting dead in March last year a Palestinian terrorist, who had attacked soldiers with a knife and was already shot and injured.

 Release of the videotape which showed the terrorist lying prone on the ground but still alive when Azaria came on the scene went viral and made the case a cause célèbre.
The trial turned on the question of whether the terrorist was immobilized or still posed a threat. The popular controversy on this question led to Moshe Yaalon’s resignation as defense minister, after he argued that Azaria, then 19, was out of line and should stand trial for murder.
He was supported by the incumbent chief of staff Lt. Gen. Gady Eisenkott.
Azaria’s family mounted a popular campaign to justify his actions, claiming that he acted in the conviction that he was saving lives. His conduct was backed by many uniformed men through the social media, and a number of former generals volunteered to testify in his defense.
debkafile’s military analysts note that the controversy reflects long efforts to introduce politics – or a brand of political correctness - into IDF decision-making.
Soldiers are under orders to shoot terrorists in the heat of an attack – that is not in question, but since the Azaria affair, the army under Gen. Eisenkott, is working on refinements, such as when it is permissible and when it is not.
Both (Minister) Yaalon and Eisenkott went overboard in their attempt to improperly influence the course of the military trial sub judice by public statements disparaging the accused soldier.
Last week, in pursuance of this campaign, the former defense minister appeared before 1,000 18-year olds about to join the army for three years of compulsory service. First, he rehashed the events leading up to Azaria’s action and his own resignation.
On March 24, he said, two terrorists came up to the Gilbert checkpoint at Tel Romeida in Hebron and started stabbing a soldier and officer who were manning it. But then, Yaalon burst out:  “If we don’t preserve our human values, the IDF will be no better than Daesh!” the implication being that Azaria was no better than an Islamist State killer.

 This was a move to prejudge the trial and sway the three military judges, just in case they were persuaded that Azaria was not trigger-happy but had shot the prone terrorist in the belief that as a soldier it was his duty to protect the immediate environment from further menace.
The chief of staff had his say on Tuesday, Jan. 3, the day before the court was to hand down its verdict. He declared that he had a duty to “preserve IDF values.”
Our military analysts have searched in vain the IDF military codebook for a definition of “IDF values” among the often contradictory orders of when to open fire.
They wonder how a young conscript serving at a checkpoint -and knowing he is the target at any moment for a sudden knifing, shooting, bombing or vehicular attack - can be expected to decide on the spot which “military values” to apply.
In his basic training, he is taught that his duty as a soldier is to fight the enemy and protect civilians. Confusion at the vital moment of an attack could cost precious lives.
However, Yaalon and Eisenkott have made it crystal clear that, regardless of the verdict handed down by a court after a long trial and exhaustive questioning of a flock of witnesses – both for the defense and the prosecution – they are determined to perpetuate the divisive, politically-tainted controversy in the country and its armed forces.  


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