A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

THE CAMPUS FASCIST WAR ON FREE SPEECH, the leftist alliance with Islam, and its collaboration with capitalists to implement the globalist agenda of opening borders to mass migration and ending nation states' sovereignty

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The Soviet regime dictated harsh rules and established censorship. However people remained normal human beings. They laughed at authorities, composed jokes about Brezhnev, made satirical films in spite of the censorship, and learned to read newspapers between the lines. This primarily referred to intellectuals.  Western cultural totalitarianism succeeded in doing much more. It turned people into sterile zombies, brainwashed them, perverted the minds of men and women, and subdued intellectuals that have responsibility for the future of their people.  (Alexander Maistrovoy)
This post includes a column by former Soviet citizen Alex Maistrovoy, and one by Daniel Greenfield.  They both call attention to alarming trends in western society to muzzle free speech, and to dismantle basic notions of morality and human rights.  Universities are now at the forefront of these trends.
All our lives we have perceived political differences along a left-right divide.  We put liberals, anarchists, progressives, socialists, and Communists on the left, and freedom-loving people and conservatives on the right.  If you happen to support the left, you could add racists, capitalists, and fascists on the right, 
That was a convenient formula to simplify our world view.  But this divide has been profoundly deceptive.  The truth is that there was always a blending of the extremes, and a common ground in the middle.  One salient example is the case of China, where Communism, capitalism, and plain tyranny combine in a single system ruling over almost one and a half billion people.
While the left purports to uphold ideals of democracy, equality, compassion, justice, and so on - today it has wholeheartedly allied itself with the most cruel and repressive ideology in the world:  Islam. 
Leftists denounce western nations' crimes, but are silent about the 270 million non-Muslims killed by Islam 's holy wars since the 7th century, with the victims being mostly Hindu and African.  Details here:
This leftist alliance with tyrannical regimes is nothing new.  For decades the left allied itself with the Soviet regime, although it was engaged in atrocious oppression, persecution and genocide. 
Following the Soviet example, the left now supports Muslim Palestinian terrorists, while waging a vicious propaganda war against the more democratic and tolerant Israel.  The left also agitates for increased Muslim migration into the west, in spite of nefarious consequences for the general population, as it is very clear from the European experience.  
The hypocrisy of the left is dramatically exposed in their blaming capitalism alone for depredations against the environment, while they turn a blind eye to the much worse effects of Communism. 
The Soviet regime left a trail of environmental disasters in its wake, and China is to this day engaged in the industrial poisoning of air, water, and land.  We see recurrent images of crowds wearing surgical masks wading through thick clouds of poisonous smog in Chinese cities where air pollution is completely out of control.
The  conservative brand has been seriously fraying, as left and right are in cahoots in western parliaments for the promotion of the same agenda:  increased Muslim immigration, greater restrictions of basic human rights, and the expansion of globalism through trade agreements and elimination of national borders. 
In Europe left and right are behind Angela Merkel's replacement of the native European population with millions of imported migrants from the Middle East and Africa. 
In the United States the Republican establishment, or RINOS (Republicans In Name Only), oppose Donald Trump's plan to curtail immigration from Muslim countries and from south of the border.  These powerful Republican politicians have worked hand in hand with Democrats in eroding immigration laws and the security of the country.
So it is time to take a fresh look at politics and ideologies, and see beyond  political parties' self-identification and slogans, in order to expose their true agendas.

After centuries of fighting each other, the two apparent opposites have finally and openly come together to promote common goals.
They include:
-  the weakening and eventual disappearance of nation states for the formation of multinational blocks that can be more easily controlled (such as the European Union),
-  the active replacement of European civilization and races with the imported values from backward nations under the cover of 'diversity',  and
-  the government-imposed suppression of free speech under the rubric of 'political correctness' and anti-racism.  While the globalists' intolerant allies enjoy official protection, their victims are not only sacrificed but demonized as well. 
Those opposing the globalist agenda have been characterized as populist, racists, fascists, and other epithets that demonize them to the point where calls for their assassination have become mainstream and well tolerated by social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter.
I have posted a column by author Alexander Maistrovoy, a former citizen of the Soviet Union now living in the west.  He knows first hand what is like to endure tyranny, fear, self-censorship, and the constant threat of arrest.  But he finds the current cultural tyranny in the US and Europe much worse for society than the Soviet political dictatorship.  
I have also posted one by columnist Daniel Greenfield, who exposes the degree of censorship being imposed on US university students.  Institutions that used to allow the free flow of ideas now are at the forefront of censorship and mind control. 
But before you read those interesting columns, watch this video where average New Yorkers express their full support for the notion that living under US martial law is better than allowing Trump to become president. 
This informal poll of people passing by Times Square shows how uninformed and vulnerable to globalists' emotional manipulations they are.  The Orwellian Trump-Bad/Hillary-Good slogan was swallowed whole by millions of even university-educated citizens.   

VIDEO - AFDI ON THE STREET: New Yorkers Prefer Martial Law to Trump, Agree with Rosie O'Donnell  

Rosie O’Donnell recently called for Obama to impose martial law and postpone the inauguration of Donald Trump until the president-elect could be prosecuted for crimes she did not name

More videos by AFDI (American Freedom Defense Initiative)

Comedy of Terrors - Western Progressive Thinking Against Nature and Man     

Want to see Anti-Utopia? Look at the stand of mind of the Western establishment.
By Alexander Maistrovoy
Author of recently published “Agony of Hercules
 or a Farewell to  Democracy" (Notes of a Stranger)

After Trump’s  win, a huge part of enlightened America was plunged into mourning. Students were crying, teachers canceled lectures to calm them down, a “hotline” started working to help desperate people. 

In the USSR such mass hysteria happened only after Stalin’s death, when people cried thinking that it was the end of the world.  What brought American students to such despair? They are unlikely to be able to explain it, but it’s a very dangerous syndrome of mass insanity.

It’s a symptom that the cultural totalitarianism of the West is firstly far more effective than the Soviet political totalitarianism and secondly – it is much more deadly and poisonous. It has suppressed the will, consciousness and emotions of people – what Soviet party members didn’t achieve.

Continue reading


Soviet totalitarianism not only failed to suppress basic instincts, it did not even try to do so.

A man seeing a girl subjected to sexual harassment would stand up for her if he could. A situation similar to the one that happened in Cologne last year was unthinkable in Moscow or St. Petersburg.
It was absolutely unthinkable in the USSR that political officials would justify rapists and accuse their victims on the grounds of immodesty. It was inconceivable that the Politburo members welcomed the mockery of their own children and protected rapists as happens regularly in Western Europe.

I can’t imagine that the Soviet court would justify the rape of a child, as was the case in Austria; or care about the future of migrants, who mocked and raped a child, as occurred in Sweden. Authorities in Sweden decided not to deport Afghan migrants who committed a gang rape of the boy, because it was not safe in Afghanistan.
The Code of the Builder of Communism gave no sympathy for a rapist, whereas the Code of the Builder of postmodernism does.
Brezhnev would never say, if the situation in Cologne took place in St. Petersburg, that “Sexual harassment is not automatically binding to migration and immigration”, as stated by the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.
The Soviet regime taught the world philosophy through the prism of the “class struggle”. This is true. But it never, under any circumstances, fully canceled the existing world philosophy only because it is founded largely by the European culture.
Soviet students didn’t ask to remove Plato and Descartes from their syllabus simply because they were white, as students of London University did, when they replaced them with philosophers from Africa and Asia. Who exactly? Louis Farrakhan perhaps? Why not?
No one dared to reject the great culture because it was created by “Dead White European Males” (DWEM).
None of the Soviet Communists would have said what George Ciccariello-Maher, an associate professor of political science at Drexel University in Philadelphia said, “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide.”
Nobody could think to replace the picture of Shakespeare with the picture of Audre Lorde, an African American writer, civil rights activist and self-described “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet”, as students at the University of Pennsylvania did.
Soviet party members used Western colonialism in their propaganda. But none of them could afford to use such notions as “White savagery” and “White ferocity”, as a Rosa Amelia Plumelle-Uribe did. Nobody declared that the history of the white race had been an endless appalling horror, as claimed by Louis Sala-Molins.
Together with Arab countries the KGB created a fictitious “Palestinian people” and manipulated by it for political goals. Sure, it was dirty, cynical and despicable game. But no one in the USSR really cared about Palestinians, and immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union former communist apparatchiks established fairly normal relations with Jewish state.
For progressives including Obama, Kerry, Bernie Sanders the “Palestinian state” is “sacral dogma”, part of their pseudo-religious doctrine and the Palestinians themselves are a “Chosen people”, with all rights and neither responsibility nor obligations. And they try to realize their vision with religious exaltation and fanatical obsession. Isn’t it the greatest paradox that the Kremlin tried to postpone the anti-Israel resolution orchestrated by Obama?
The Soviet regime was atheist and suppressed religion. However it suppressed all religions, without exception.
It didn’t mock Judaism and Christianity, while at same time glorifying one single religion – Islam.
It didn’t ban the study of Voltaire, Holbach and David Hume because they had despised and rejected Islam as a primitive, patriarchal and aggressive religion.
No one invited a crowd of strong, aggressive, sexually unsatisfied migrants to the country only because they were Muslims.
The Church suffered from persecution in the Soviet Union. But nevertheless it remained the Church, not Sodom and Gomorrah. Priests and rabbis didn’t walk hand in hand, didn’t call for homosexual marriages and didn’t elect a lesbian pastor or rabbi just because of her sexual preferences.
The USSR was hypocritical – it’s true. But it supported the definition of the family as a “cell of society” and didn’t promote a homosexual ‘family.’
None of the Soviet scientists offered to use the gender-neutral pronoun ‘ze’ instead of ‘he and she’, as suggested by Oxford University. No one tried to get boys to urinate while sitting, like girls, in the name of gender equality, and no one thought to replace the term “boy” and “girl” by the word “it” ( «hen»), as occurred in Sweden.
Ultimately, Soviet party members were far from the ideals of humanism, but at least they were normal. They didn’t go against Nature.
The Soviet regime dictated harsh rules and established censorship. However people remained normal human beings. They laughed at authorities, composed jokes about Brezhnev, made satirical films in spite of the censorship, and learned to read newspapers between the lines. This primarily referred to intellectuals.
Western cultural totalitarianism succeeded in doing much more. It turned people into sterile zombies, brainwashed them, perverted the minds of men and women, and subdued intellectuals that have responsibility for the future of their people.
I feel sorry for these young people who cried after Trump’s election. But I am even more sorry for the nations whose progressive students will eventually become the elite of their societies. I am afraid we will return to the Middle Ages with a quasi-religious cult, where “progressive” Inquisition will rule.
Leonid Brezhnev, as compared to this regime of enthusiastic and fanatical priests of our future, will look like Marcus Aurelius.


Read more columns by the same author here:

BLOGGER'S NOTE:  The previous column is missing references to repeated murderous campaigns of persecution against the Jews by the Soviet regime. 
Stalin's purges often targeted Jews in particular, but officials used euphemisms so as not to mention the word Jew.  In one of those campaigns they were called 'rootless cosmopolitans'. 
In the "Doctors Plot" Jews were falsely accused of planning to assassinate government leaders .    Years later Nikita Khrushchev denounced it as a complete fabrication.  Stalin wanted to use the alleged Doctors' Plot to deport Jews to concentration camps to "save them from mob violence".   
Jews were not allowed to leave the Soviet Union, and it took an intensive international campaign to persuade the Soviet regime to allow them to emigrate to Israel or the west. 



European authorities fail to protect women and children. 
They routinely choose to protect Muslim rapists and criminals instead.

AUSTRIA SUPREME COURT OVERTURNS CONVICTION OF MUSLIM ACCUSED OF RAPING A TEN YEAR OLD BOY at swimming pool because he claimed he did not know the child was resisting

 - In another case SWEDEN police released a gang of Muslim rapists because police said the woman, disabled and in a wheelchair, did not try to run away



Anti-Trump Groups Threaten ‘Largest Civil Disobedience Action of the Century’

Safe Spaces for Fascists
Campus free speech was replaced with fascism.

By Daniel Greenfield. Frontpage Magazine
Author is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center,
 and focuses on radical Islam.
Hammers, broken windows and fights. That’s what a safe space for free speech looked like at UC Davis. 
Safe spaces are places where everyone who isn’t a safe space fascist feels unsafe. The more safe spaces a campus has, the less freedom of speech the students and faculty dare to enjoy.  
UC Davis has a great many safe spaces. 
The University of California institution has safe spaces for illegal aliens (the Undocumented Student Center) and for asexuals (the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual Resource Center) which hosted a “Tampon Tea Party.”
It has segregated safe space housing in Campbell Hall for black students and the Women's Resources and Research Center will provide safe spaces and “Mind Spa Services” for anyone offended by Christian views on abortion.
But all the safe spaces were about making life unsafe for everyone who wasn’t a left-wing fascist.
A visit to UC Davis is a descent into an Orwellian dystopia obsessed with controlling everything with “resource centers” providing ready resources for censorship.
The LGBTQIA Resource Center’s posters warn students against saying, “You guys”.
 The Women's Resources and Research Center responded to a pro-life student event with “Report Hate and Bias” cards and attempts to prevent pro-life flyers from being distributed.
The "leaders of the African Diaspora on the UC Davis campus" demanded a policy "targeting anti-blackness." SJP and MSA did its own share of terrorizing Jewish students and silencing speakers while maintaining a safe space for their brand of hate.
UC Davis was named one of the top ten anti-Semitic universities in the country. It ran the board in all four categories. Disruptions of pro-Israel speakers and chants in support of terrorism are routine. Pro-Israel students said that the administration was too afraid to stand up to the anti-Semitic fascists.
When Trump won, it really all came apart. Crowds of marchers chanted, “F___ Trump.” The UC Davis riots were part of a frightening phenomenon. The phenomenon struck again when Milo Yiannopoulos and Martin Shkreli tried to speak on campus.
The “Dangerous Faggot Tour" event ended with fights, at least one arrest, thrown hot coffee, allegedly smashed windows and wielded hammers, and, eventually, a canceled event courtesy of the heckler’s veto.
Instead of addressing the atmosphere of politically correct intolerance, UC Davis Interim Chancellor Ralph J. Hexter spoke in generalities. Before the event, he had released a letter stating, “As a public university, we remain true to our obligation to uphold everyone’s First Amendment freedoms.” 
But UC Davis neglected that obligation when it gave in to the safe space censorship of left-wing fascism.
Hexter’s predecessor, Chanchellor Katehi, had been forced out in no small part by protests that included an “occupation” of her office. Hexter had been hounded out of Hampshire College by student protests.
Despite being among the founding members of LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education, he was accused of racism
Hampshire’s attempts to appear that it was divesting and wasn’t divesting from Israel didn’t save Hexter then. His current efforts to have it both ways at UC Davis, calling freedom of speech a “treasure” while administrators intimidate College Republicans into cancelling won’t work either.
Appeasing fascists never works.
UC Davis administrators had intimidated UC Davis College Republicans into canceling the event by warning them that they would be held responsible for the actions of the protesters. And then issued statements regretting the loss of free speech. But there’s no doubt whom UC Davis brass fear more.
Shifting the cost of protests to the event organizers is becoming ubiquitous at UC schools. UC Berkeley is attempting to shift the cost of security for a “Dangerous Faggot Tour” appearance to the student sponsors.
While UC Berkeley claims that the fee is not “content-based”, the heckler’s veto allows the left to shut down events by a combination of student protests and administration security fees.
Unlike NYU and DePaul, the University of California can’t move forward with an outright ban. But “fee bans” worked at Iowa State and North Dakota State. With the UC Santa Barbara event canceled, that leaves UC Berkeley.
University of Washington president Ana Mari Cauce had consulted the Attorney General to find grounds to ban the tour while warning, in a message to left-wing students, that the College Republicans would be “responsible for expenses, including any security costs.”
The message was none too subtle.
By contrast NYU had no problem when its Students for Justice in Palestine brought Max Blumenthal in to speak. Blumenthal’s attacks on Israel had been cited by the Kansas Jewish Community Center gunman and his book had blatantly anti-Semitic titles such as “How To Kill Goyim And Influence People.” 
At NYU, Blumenthal had taunted Jewish students in an “explicitly anti-Semitic” fashion, telling them that if they didn’t like his hate, they could go “to a Hillel house on campus, with 24-hour G4S security.” 
Blumenthal had appeared at NYU and DePaul. He had suggested that anti-Semitic hate crimes at UC Davis served the “goals” of Jewish students. There were no bans or even official condemnations.
There is always a safe space on campus for left-wing bigotry.
"It’s arguably now politically correct to be politically incorrect,” Jerry Kang, UCLA vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion, whined. But the responses by Kang, and others, show that is a lie.
Kang had played a key role in harassing Milan Chatterjee, president of UCLA's Graduate Students Association, into leaving the school over charges that he had rejected anti-Semitism from SJP.
He had attacked the Freedom Center for standing up to Islamic terrorists. But UCLA quickly removed the Center’s posters denouncing Kang. At UCLA, political correctness is still politically correct.
And dissent must be swiftly condemned.

Safe space culture is just another term for fascism. Hitler and Mussolini sought to create safe spaces in which only their views could be heard. Safe spaces aren’t therapeutic. They’re not the outcry of the oppressed. Instead they are sanctuary spaces for fascism.
Fascism begins with claims of oppression. The Nazis insisted that they were the victims. So did all their allies. But everyone can be a victim in their own narrative and victimhood provides unlimited license for abuses. It is not victimhood, but its rejection, that makes us strong and free. 
College administrators have turned over campuses to weeping thugs and social justice crybullies who screech about their pain even as they smash windows and wield hammers against their opponents. 
And free speech has been replaced with fascism.
Free speech, like all our freedoms, cannot be taken for granted. Instead every generation has to fight for its right to free speech. 

About Daniel Greenfield
You can read more by Daniel Greenfield on his personal blog:

So-called PROGRESSIVES are on the side of Islam, although this ideology is anathema to all the top concerns of leftists everywhere:  women rights, animal rights, children rights, gay rights, democracy, and many more.  

In fact both Islam and the left think they are using each other to destroy the west.  If Islam were ever to take over the west - and they are doing it through immigration - all those causes would suffer the most.


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