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Saturday, January 14, 2017

OBAMA FIRES NATIONAL GUARD CHIEF DURING INAUGURATION, as Soros-funded mobs and organizations threaten chaos - THE TRUMP TEAM OFFERED HIM TO STAY, BUT SCHWARTZ CHOSE TO LEAVE and then complain to the press, says Fox News

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National Guard chief Errol Schwartz
  • President Obama asked National Guard chief Errol Schwartz to quit during inauguration
  • Contrary to tradition, the National Guard will be left without a top commander as the new president takes over
  • The power vacuum at the National Guard will put the population and Trump in danger. 
  • What is interesting is that President Elect Trump offered Schwartz to stay on the job, but Fox News reports that he declined.
  • Then General Schwartz complained to the media, but did not reveal Trump had asked him to stay.
  • During the Ferguson riots, which spread to many other cities in the nation, the black mayor of Baltimore ordered police to stand down and give space for rioters to express their feelings. 
  • The result was disastrous.  Pictures of the riots in Ferguson and other cities are posted below. 
  • The following report (which was written before the update by Fox News) is based on news sources listed at the bottom.
Something unusual is set to happen during Donald Trump’s inauguration:
The commanding general of the D.C. National Guard, Maj. Gen. Errol Schwartz, has been ordered to leave his post on Inauguration Day after he spent months preparing for the event.   Schwartz told The Washington Post that the order is effective Jan. 20, 12:01 p.m., which is when President-elect Trump will be sworn into office.
His departure will come in the midst of the presidential ceremony, classified as a national special security event — and while thousands of his troops are deployed to help protect the nation’s capital during an inauguration he has spent months helping to plan.

UPDATE…  The Trump administration told FOX News the story is a crock.  Schwartz was offered to stay on his post until after the Inauguration but decided to quit during the ceremony and then he ran to the press to complain.

According to FOX News, “The Trump Transition team reportedly offered to let him keep his job until the ceremonies were over. Maj. Gen Schwartz refused. It appears he would rather argue his would rather argue his case though in the press.”

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Nearly 8,000 National Guard troops protecting the nation’s capital will lose their commanding general, Major General Errol R. Schwartz.  He would normally oversee 2,700 troops in DC’s Army and Air Force National Guard during the inauguration. 
Schwartz also commands an additional 5,000 unarmed troops from 40 states and military air support that are part of the Joint Task Force-District of Columbia (JTF-DC).

What Schwartz told the National Post was not the whole story
Schwartz told the Post that “the timing is extremely unusual,” given that the commanding general is tasked with overseeing military operations, including air support, during the inauguration.  
“My troops will be on the street,” Schwartz told the newspaper, adding that he will “see them off but ... won’t be able to welcome them back to the armory.”   Schwartz also said that he did not know why he has been asked to leave his post.  “I’m a presidential appointee, therefore the president [has] the power to remove me,” he said.
Schwartz said that he has not been told why he was asked to step down. “I’m a soldier,” he said, noting that he was following orders and has no regrets. “I’m a presidential appointee, therefore the president has the power to remove me.”
Immediately following his departure, Schwartz will be replaced by an interim chief who will continue to oversee the military operations during the inauguration.
DC City Council members decried the announcement and the timing of the removal.  “It doesn’t make sense to can the general in the middle of an active deployment,” Council Chairman Phil Mendelson told the Post. “He’s been really very good at working with the community and my impression was that he was good for the Guard.”  Washington DC has a large black population.
Well, it does make sense if Obama is trying to cause a National Guard stand down which will allow anti-Trump rioters to wreak havoc on DC.
Schwartz was blindsided by his firing and said he would “never plan to leave a mission in the middle of a battle. 
It is traditional for political appointees to tender their resignations ahead of the inauguration, regardless of incumbency. Since Schwartz, 65, was appointed to head the guard in 2008 by President George W. Bush, he offered resignation letters ahead of the 2009 and 2013 inaugurations of President Barack Obama, but those were not accepted, Major Byron Coward, a guard spokesman said.

While the transfer of power between Obama and Trump takes place, Schwartz will transfer command of the DC Guard and the JTF-DC to Brigadier General William Walker, who currently serves as both the commander of the joint task force and the guard’s land component commander. 
The situation is reminiscent of the Baltimore riots in which city officials with close ties to the White House ordered police to stand down and give rioters “space” to destroy property.  But there are more protestors expected for the inauguration than there were in Baltimore. 
Radical leftists from all over the world want to make January 20th the most chaotic Inauguration Day in American history. 

Their stated goal is to ‘disrupt’ the Inauguration festivities as much as possible, and they are planning a wide range of ‘actions’ to achieve that goal.

Some of the more moderate groups are using terms such as ‘civil resistance’ and ‘civil disobedience,’ but others are openly talking about ‘blockades,’ jumping barricades, throwing projectiles and ‘citywide paralysis.’” 
stop trump flyer
In fact, just recently one activist group took out a full page ad in the New York Times
Thousands of activists, journalists, scientists, entertainers, and other prominent voices took out a full-page call to action in the New York Times on Wednesday making clear their rejection of President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence with the simple message: “No!”

“Stop the Trump/Pence regime before it starts! In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America!” the ad states, followed by a list of signatories that includes scholar Cornel West; author Alice Walker; Chase Iron Eyes of the Standing Rock Sioux; educator Bill Ayers; poet Saul Williams; CNN‘s Marc Lamont Hill; Carl Dix of the Communist Party USA; and numerous others.
The ad pointed people to, and it asserted that Trump must be stopped whether he was legitimately elected or not
Trump promises to inflict repression and suffering on people in this country, to deport millions, to increase violence up to the use of nuclear weapons on people across the globe, and to inflict catastrophes upon the planet itself. He has assembled a cabinet of Christian fundamentalist fanatics, war mongers, racists, science deniers. NO! His regime must not be allowed to consolidate. We REFUSE to accept a Fascist America!
If you go to, you will discover that the protests that they are organizing in Washington D.C. will begin on January 14th.  They say that they want to “stop the Trump-Pence regime before it starts”, and they hope to have protests going “every day and every night” without interruption through at least January 20th.
Another group that plans to kick things off on January 14th is DisruptJ20.  Of course that is short for “Disrupt January 20th”.  If you go to their official website, you will find a long slate of events that have already been scheduled.

According to Legba Carrefour, a spokesperson for DisruptJ20, one of the goals of the group is to block major transportation routes into and throughout our nation’s capital.  And he is not shy about the fact that they literally want to “shut down the Inauguration”
“We are planning to shut down the inauguration, that’s the short of it,” he says. “We’re pretty literal about that, we are trying to create citywide paralysis on a level that I don’t think has been seen in D.C. before. We’re trying to shut down pretty much every ingress into the city as well as every checkpoint around the actual inauguration parade route.”

If Carrefour and his fellow conspirators are able to actually accomplish that, it truly would be unprecedented.  And while DisruptJ20 is not publicly advocating violence, they are not exactly discouraging it either…
Carrefour says DisruptJ20 has no publicly announced plans to jump barricades along the inauguration parade route or throw projectiles at the new president, but that autonomous direct actions are encouraged.

“I can’t comment on specific stuff we’re doing like that, mostly because that would be illegal. But, yeah, it will get pretty crazy, I expect,” he says. “‘Have fun!’ I say.”
After the rioting that we have seen in Baltimore, Ferguson, Charlotte and many other communities around the nation in recent years, I hope that authorities are taking these threats quite seriously.
Once Donald Trump won the election, many conservatives seemed to think that the war was won.  But the truth of the matter is that many on the left were completely blindsided by Trump’s surprise victory, and now that they are fully awake they are gearing up for battle like never before.
And these protests are not going to end on January 20th.  In fact, abortion advocates are hoping to get close to a million women into Washington D.C. on the day following the Inauguration to protest for abortion rights.  Filmmaker Michael Moore is hoping that this march will be the beginning of “100 days of resistance” against Trump’s presidency…
Filmmaker and liberal icon Michael Moore has announced his plans to attend the Women’s March on Washington to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration later this month and has called for sore loser liberals to go further — by staging protests acts of resistance through the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency.

In an appearance, this weekend on MSNBC’s The Last Word, the 62-year-old Trumpland and Fahrenheit 9/11 director made a “call to arms” to those opposed to Trump’s presidency to join the Women’s March on Washington scheduled for January 21, the day after the presidential inauguration.
“It’s important that everybody go there,” Moore told MSNBC’s Ari Melber.

Actress Rosie O'Donnell (The View) called for martial law to stop Trump.

According to O’Donnell, the one way to stop Trump is to effectively end the Constitution and set up a military dictatorship, all because of documented disinformation spread by the corporate media about supposed Russian ties to the president-elect,” Alex Thomas with Intellihub wrote.

“O’Donnell continued with multiple follow up Tweets that described her thought process which is either completely brainwashed by corporate media disinformation or worse, is all part of a wider conspiracy to stop Trump from taking office.” 


Soros is in action again, as the blogger Dennis Michael Lynch reports.
“, a liberal activist group that has exploded all across the nation, is funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations. It is now well known that was responsible for many of the riots and protests at Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, some of which became violent and dangerous.
The day following Trump’s victory moved into action. The group put out a notice on their Facebook page, announcing they would conduct ‘peaceful gatherings of resistance’ all across the country Wednesday evening.”

Note the call to resistance – the logic being that these leftists are the ones under attack, and only reacting in rational defense.

This is what nearly eight years of an Obama administration, including a radical, activist Justice Department and a propaganda-pusihng Education Department, have brought. Perhaps a Trump administration means that come January 20, the adults are back in charge.
Of course it is easy to imagine how all of this could spiral wildly out of control.  If Trump cracks down on these protests really hard in an attempt to restore law and order, that could end up sparking a dramatic backlash against his “police state tactics”.  And if the protests become even bigger and more violent, Trump could respond by cracking down even more harshly.
Let us hope for some really cold weather in D.C. at the end of January so that as many troublemakers as possible get discouraged and stay home.  Violent protests, blockades and riots aren’t going to solve anything, and they could easily open fresh wounds in a nation that is becoming more divided with each passing day.

National Guard

GATEWAY PUNDIT debunks news story as told by General Schwartz  - VIDEO by FOX NEWS

More on the resignation of General Schwartz and threats of mob violence

The Middle East on fire, and the United States divided along identity politics and racial lines.  As whites become more tolerant, blacks, Muslims and other groups grow more violently intolerant.  Instead of promoting harmony, Obama deliberately incited more hatred, as a means to strengthen the Democrats.  His plan backfired..
George Soros funding and inciting much of the violence erupting in America and the world
More videos by Wild Bill For America

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