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Monday, January 4, 2016

NEW YEAR OF MUSLIM RAPE AND TERROR IN EUROPE - Raping women travellers at COLOGNE train station, stealing, terrorizing the public, torching hundreds of cars in PARIS, and plotting mass terror attacks at various European cities

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On this page:  The New Europe:
  • GERMANY:  1,000 migrants brawl, rape, and steal at Cologne train station on New Year's Eve.
  • PARIS:  Over 800  cars torched in what is now a Muslim tradition in France.
  • GERMANY:  Authorities close Munich train stations over credible reports of impending carnage by Muslim terrorists.
  • BRUSSELS:  Migrants set fire to a Christmas tree in a public plaza. 

UPDATES January 06: 

    Photo published for 'They surrounded us full of anger' Victims tell of horrific sex gang attack in Cologne
  • Massive PEGIDA anti-Islamization rally planned.  It follows spontaneous protest last night in Cologne.  (More further down this page.)
  • Read accounts by some of the victims   One of them felt "so dirty, so used".  When another victim reported the assault to a police officer, he sent her to the police station.
UPDATE January 05:


Rather than addressing the root causes of the violence — unlimited mass migration and a totally failed system of integration — the newly elected pro-migrant mayor instead blamed the victims of the sexual abuse for having failed to defend themselves against the immigrant attackers.  (Learn to live with Muslim rape, girls.  It's their culture.) 
Speaking on live television this afternoon mayor Henriette Reker, who was near-fatally stabbed in the run up to October elections by an anti mass migration campaigner, said in future women would have to be better prepared in her city to deal with migrants.
She remarked: “The women and young girls have to be more protected in the future so these things don’t happen again. 
READ MORE further down this page.

REVEALED: 1,000+ Migrants Brawl, Rape, and Steal in Germany's Cologne Train Station On New Year’s Eve
By Oliver Lane, Breitbart
Cologne ExplosionJust five arrests have been made by German police after central Cologne was transformed into a war-zone on New Year’s Eve, as an estimated 1,000 migrants celebrated by launching fireworks into crowds and sexually assaulting German women caught up in the chaos.

The sordid details of the horrifying sexual assaults and attacks made against ordinary Germans by large gangs of migrants in Cologne in the early hours of Friday morning are just now emerging.
Far from a small number of sex assaults reported to have been made by German speaking men in initial reports on New Year’s Day, dozens of women are now reported to have been molested and “raped”, while dozens more men have been assaulted and robbed.

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One victim, 28 year old ‘Katja L’ spoke of her ordeal as she tried to make her way to the waiting room of Cologne railway station with two other girls and a boyfriend in the early hours of new year’s day.  
Cologne train station in 2015:  
"Refugees Welcome" with smiles. 
2016 New Year's Eve:  Just hell.

She told Der Express – one of the largest regional newspapers: “When we came out of the station, we were very surprised by the group that met us there”. She said the group was “exclusively young foreign men”. Keeping close to her friends, they pressed on:
“We then walked through this group of men. There was an alley through [the men] which we walked through.

"Suddenly I felt a hand on my buttocks, then on my breasts, in the end, I was groped everywhere. It was a nightmare. Although we shouted and beat them, the guys did not stop.

"I was desperate and think I was touched around 100 times in the 200 meters.  Fortunately I wore a jacket and trousers. a skirt would probably have been torn away from me”.
As Katja L and other witnesses who have since come forward said, as they were molested by the gang the men were laughing and pulling their hair, and there were shouts of “ficki, ficki” (fucky fucky) hurled at them as they were called “sluts”. Treating her as “fair game”, there had been so many men groping at her Katja L said she would be unable to positively identify any of the perpetrators to the police.
Others were less lucky. One woman had her tights and underwear torn off by the crowd, and a police source quoted said there had been “rapes” at the station that night.  So far, police have identified 80 victims of the gangs, 35 of which were subjected to sex attacks. 
Others were assaulted or robbed. Officers suspect there are many more as of yet unreported cases from the night, and are appealing for victims to come forward after their ordeals.
A press conference hosted by Cologne’s chief of police Wolfgang Albers this afternoon confirmed the attacks had been perpetrated by migrants, all of whom were found to be carrying official immigration paperwork by police officers at the time.
Mr. Albers said “the crimes have been committed by a group of people who mostly come from her in appearance from the North African and Arab countries”, and that he found the situation “intolerable”.

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In addition to the sex attacks, there were several brawls between migrant gangs at the railway station, and large numbers of fireworks were fired into the crowds and at the hapless police.
A witness said: “There were thousands of men. Simply firing into the crowd, and as my girlfriend and I wanted to get us to safety, but they blocked our way. We were so scared! We fled from the station”.

The famous Cathedral and the main train station in Cologne.

Despite dozens of men and women having been attacked, the area being comprehensively monitored by CCTV, and having thousands of potential suspects, Cologne police have arrested just five men so far in relation to the new year’s eve attacks.
The police chief may yet have serious questions to answer on the attacks, which follow a year of record breaking migration, after it emerged that just ten officers were dispatched to the station after the report of a gang sex assault in the early hours of the morning, and unverified accusations started to circulate on-line of officers even ridiculing a victim for not having been vigilant enough to avoid being attacked. Breitbart London has approached Cologne police for comment.

The police union said of the incidents: “This is a completely new dimension of violence. This is something we have not known”.  Before the New Year some German towns cancelled fireworks displays for fear of upsetting migrants who would associate the loud noises with the sounds of a war zone.


The Telegraph reports:

A 27-year-old witness named only as Anne told Spiegel magazine’s website she was shocked by the crowds when she arrived at the station with her boyfriend.
“The whole place was full and almost only with men,” she said. “Only a few frightened women, who were being stared at.”
A short time later, she said, she “felt the first hand on my behind”.
The men began firing fireworks directly into the crowd.
“I saw people jump and run, because a rocket had been fired at their legs,” she said.
“Shortly after midnight, the first women came to us,” an unnamed police officer told the local Express newspaper.
“Crying and in shock they described how they had been severely sexually harassed. We went to look for women in the crowd. I picked one up from the ground. She was screaming and crying. Her underwear had been torn from her body.”

One MP from Angela Merkel’s party called for the numbers of refugees in the country to be reduced in the light of the attacks.
“It can’t go on like this,” Steffen Bilger wrote on Twitter. “Urgently needed: reduction of influx, secure borders, intensifying of deportations and meaningful justice. #Cologne.”
There were allegations of a police “cover-up” on social media after it took five days for the scale of the incidents to emerge, with some claiming the authorities wanted to hide the ethnicity of the perpetrators to avoid social tensions.
An unidentified male witness told WDR television he and his girlfriend had been surrounded in Cologne by “drunk and aggressive” men who threatened them and groped her.
 “They weren’t of European appearance,” he said.
“The crimes were committed by a group of people who from appearance were largely from the North African or Arab world,” Wolfgang Albers, the Cologne police chief, told a press conference.
“It is intolerable that such offences are committed in the heart of the city,” he said.
In Hamburg, witnesses described groups of young men who followed women calling out “Bitch! Ficky ficky!”
“Some girls were chased like cattle,” a 17-year-old woman told Bild newspaper. “I’m stunned that such a thing is possible in Hamburg. It makes you scared to celebrate in the neighbourhood.”
Police in the city said they had received six criminal complaints.
There have been suggestions that those behind the attacks may have been organised criminals using sexual assaults to distract their victims while they were robbed.
Some three-quarters of the criminal complaints filed in Cologne were for robbery.
“We know this sort of behaviour as a pickpocketing trick,” a police spokesman in Hamburg said. “But this phenomenon is unusual.”
Henriette Reker, the mayor of Cologne, has called an emergency meeting of the city authorities on Tuesday to address the incidents.
“We cannot tolerate a legal vacuum here,” Ms Reker said, describing the attacks as “outrageous”.
The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia, where Cologne lies, vowed to take action.
“We will not take gangs of North African men humiliating defenceless women with brazen sexual attacks,” Ralf Jäger, the state’s interior minister, said.



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Tells them to prepare themselves for more mass rapes. 

Cologne Mayor: Women Should Be More Careful After Migrant Mass Rapes, Promises ‘Guidance’ So They Can ‘Prepare’

By Oliver Lane, Breitbart

A political scandal is developing in Germany as ordinary citizens wake up to the scale of the migrant crime cover-up, and the callous reaction of the mayor of Cologne to mass-sex crime on new year’s eve.
Kölner Oberbürgermeisterin RekerThe Mayor of Cologne has spoken out about the attacks, but her carefully chosen words are unlikely to delight many.
Rather than addressing the root causes of the violence — unlimited mass migration and a totally failed system of integration — the newly elected pro-migrant mayor instead blamed the victims of the sexual abuse for having failed to defend themselves against the immigrant attackers.
Speaking on live television this afternoon mayor Henriette Reker, who was near-fatally stabbed in the run up to October elections by an anti mass migration campaigner, said in future women would have to be better prepared in her city to deal with migrants.
She remarked: “The women and young girls have to be more protected in the future so these things don’t happen again.
“This means, they should go out and have fun, but they need to be better prepared, especially with the Cologne carnival coming up. For this, we will publish online guidelines that these young women can read through to prepare themselves”.
Photo published for Köln: Frauen sollen zu Fremden 'eine Armlänge' Distanz halten
Mayor's response:  Women will need guidance to deal with rape in the future.
But what about the perpetrators? 
Only five have been arrested so far, despite the many security cameras at the site, and only after public outrage
What form this guidance will take is presently unclear, the mayor could take inspiration from young victim whose modest clothes protected them from the worst consequences of walking at night in areas controlled by migrant men.
The woman said: “Fortunately I wore a jacket and trousers. a skirt would probably have been torn away from me”.
Despite her words of warning towards women in the city they could prepare for more violence against them, she refuted the suggestion there was any link between the attacks and migrants, contradicting her own chief of police.
Silvester-Bilanz: Hunderte Täter, 118 Anzeigen, 0 Verdächtige

Mob setting off fireworks around Cologne train station
They  used fireworks as weapons firing them into the crowd to terrorize them and make them easier to rape and have their possession stolen.  Civilized people do not expect depraved mobs like this in their own home town.

An opposition council member has today sounded the alarm bell on the deteriorating state of control the local government has over the city of Cologne, and in an official letter from the council group has warned those planning to come to the famous Cologne council next month “the city and the police… are unable to guarantee the safety of locals and tourists”.
Council group leader and lawyer Judith Wolter said in her letter to the people of Cologne today: “I want as a member of the Cologne City Council… to submit a travel warning for the carnival time in Cologne city centre.
“Especially the area in and around the central station, the cathedral and the adjoining area towards the banks of the Rhine for tourists (and locals) is no longer considered even in normal times as safe.
"For months, there is in these areas numerous thefts, open drug dealing, robberies and harassment of all kinds… Dozens of women were sexually harassed in public and there was at least one rape. 
Neither the city nor the police are able to guarantee the safety of tourists and locals in the area.
"Especially for women it must be assumed that a high security risk is here in the evening and night hours. At New Year’s Eve there was a legal vacuum and a no-go area for women. With the climax of the Carnival season it is unfortunately expected to be a similar situation”.
German police have admitted to losing several urban areas to migrant gangs as so-called no-go zones, but this is possibly the first time a public square in the centre of a European city has been acknowledged by officials as having been lost to criminality, and out of the control of police at night.
News of the attacks was suppressed for days, with just short reports of isolated incidents in Cologne city centre making it to local outlets on New Year’s Day.
The Kolnifsche Rundschau described the scene at the railways station as “largely peaceful” and made no effort to describe those who attacked the young women, one of which told press she had “fingers on every orifice” after she was stripped near naked.
Only after nearly 100 victims of assault and abuse came forwards to police, and stories of attacks started circulating on social media did the truth of the situation start to slowly emerge, forcing local police to hold a press conference on Monday afternoon.
Despite the chief of police admitting the enormous scale of sexual assault and confirming the attackers were of “North African and Arab” origin, much of the mainstream media is still in damage control mode, either trying to shift the focus from migrants, or avoiding the events completely.
Many have now spoken out to decry the self-censorship of the German media, and the apparent cover-up which only saw events truthfully reported after exposure on social media and the new media. 
Huffington Post Deutschland have published a scathing editorial criticising the police and media for their handling of events. Not just for failing to keep order in the first place, but for covering up events and even while appealing for witnesses obscuring exactly what was happening and not releasing descriptions of suspects.
The author said the fact Cologne police had so far only arrested five people in relation to the attacks — and even those only two days later — left people wondering “why precisely in places like train stations there is such enormous security camera surveillance if they obviously can’t be used to get more detailed descriptions of the perpetrators”.
The reason for the cover-up, it was reasoned, is a desire by the police to preserve public order — and any sort of violent reaction to the attacks.
Breitbart London was the first news site in the English-speaking world to report on the horrific attacks that took place against German men and women on new year’s eve by a large gang of migrant Arabs and North Africans. Since that time, Breitbart has received a number of messages from eye witnesses to chaos in other German cities.
The daughter of a priest described Munich on new year’s eve as a “warzone”, with “Arab looking” “foreign young men” deliberately launching fireworks into crowds of revellers.
Another woman emailed to report on girls being sexually assaulted and robbed in Stuttgart.
In Detmold, North Rhine-Westphalia local news media described an attacker there who assaulted two 21-year old women as “dark skin type” with a beard, but declined to say more.
In the United Kingdom, several news outlets have followed Breitbart’s coverage, including the Daily Mail which acknowledged Breitbart for breaking the story.
The BBC as usual very selective in its reporting.
Most remarkable is the coverage by the state-owned BBC. Despite the media giant even having their own offices in Cologne, their report published this afternoon sticks to the facts as published by Cologne local media days ago — and fails to mention migrants until the 18th paragraph.
In similar style, German BBC equivalent Deutsche Welle only mentioned the description of the attackers in the tenth paragraph of their reporting on Cologne published today.
Breitbart London is still waiting on comment from Cologne Police.
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Major Anti-Islamization Protest Planned Following Mass Migrant Rape Scandal
By Oliver Lane, BREITBART
A heavy police presence met a small, spontaneous protest in Cologne last night following the mass sex assault against German women by migrant males on New Year’s Eve.
Locals are standing up against the loss of their city to migrant gangs, and the politicians who apparently treat citizens with contempt for opposing the change.
German counter migration movement the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) have called a mass protest for this Saturday afternoon at the square outside the railway station where the attacks happened.
Announced within the past few hours, the march is likely to attract thousands, and not just of long-standing PEGIDA members, but also of ordinary Germans and the citizens of Cologne.
For many, the realisation that the German mainstream media and government have been apparently colluding in the cover-up of migrant sexual violence has provided a sudden and rude political awakening.
PEGIDA protests in the past have fielded upwards of 30,000 marchers to protest the Islamisation of Europe, and have been characterised by the broad cross section of society who have joined their ranks.
Also in the pipeline for Cologne is a demonstration by the emerging Identitarian movement. With a membership mainly comprised of young, middle class, students and educated professionals, the movement has in the past staged mock Islamist executions to highlight the dangers of mass migration, and even sent groups of volunteers to the borders of Europe to help build fences.
Separate from these organised groups, a spontaneous people’s protest took place last night in the Cologne cathedral square.
The government fears protests against Muslim violence, while it remains indifferent to Muslim violence itself - and so police were everywhere to intimidate a few hundred peaceful protestors last night.
While Cologne police were unable to field enough officers to repel the migrant attackers on New Year’s Eve, dozens of police vans were pictured lined up along the square to respond to the peaceful meeting of an estimated 300 banner-carrying locals.
The protest is understood to have been hastily organised by a local women on social media just hours before they met. After meeting in the square the group marched through the railway station.
Placards and signs contained a number of messages, some criticising the migrants for violence, others politicians for their actions.
Some opted for sarcasm, with one hand-drawn card declaring “Thank you, Mrs. Reker!”, a reference to the newly elected pro-migrant mayor of Cologne who in a press conference yesterday refused to criticise migrants but said women should be more careful to not make themselves targets for migrant sex violence.
Another sign was a message to the German chancellor, which read: “Ms Merkel, Where are you? What will you say? You are scaring us.”
In Germany it is said the migrants are the personal guests of the chancellor, who has been the main political driving force behind their arrival.
This is a point that has even been acknowledged by a German judge, who last year ruled that migrants who committed crimes in the pursuit of entering Germany could be forgiven.
He said: “Given the conditions at the frontiers, the legal system has been suspended by the German politicians, therefore no unconditional prison sentence is given.
“Asylum seekers are invited by the German Chancellor to come to Germany”, as reported by Breitbart London in November.


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 'They surrounded us full of anger' Victims tell of horrific sex gang attack in Cologne

Michelle speaks out about the Cologne attacks

Michelle, 18, said she was one of those who was in the main station in the city when attacks broke out.
She is one of 118 women who have come forward saying their were attacked by up to 1,000 immigrants.
She said: "There were 11 of us together at the time.
"At around 11pm we were at the main train station and wanted to travel on to see the fireworks, and that was when we first noticed all these men standing around.
"We managed to go into the cathedral and wanted to go past the Museum Ludwig to join everyone and watch the fireworks by the river, but suddenly we were surrounded by a group of between 20 and 30 men."
She said that she and her friends grabbed each other and started holding hands and added: "They were full of anger, and we had to make sure that none of us were pulled away by them.
"They were groping us and we were trying to get away as quickly as possible."
As they fled and were groped, the men also took the opportunity to rob objects from their pockets, stealing mobile telephones as the teenage Germans girls fled.
Later as they attempted to go home, they noticed how more men were shooting rockets and other fireworks at each other near the train station.
She said: "It was around 12:30 and we went back to the train station to catch a train that was supposed to go at 1am. But there were so many people around it was really difficult to get to the platform."
She said it was impossible for them to stay together and that her group got separated.
She said: "It was only when I got to the platform that I realised my train was not travelling, as I had to go back through the mass of men and walked the 3 miles home by foot."
She said her biggest worry now was about the upcoming Carnival festival, which traditionally sees loads of holidaymaking Germans celebrating in January and February in the festival season.
She said: "It is supposed to take place in four weeks and I really hope that the police have got the situation under control by then."
She was one of many victims to speak, with her were many other anonymous women who refused to show their faces.

Breitbart London reported on Monday of the story of Katja L, the first woman to come forward to tell her story and precipitate the media attention that has finally reached the attacks, which remained buried for days after the event. She said: 
“When we came out of the station, we were very surprised by the group that met us there,” before confirming that the group was “exclusively young foreign men.”
“We then walked through this group of men. There was an alley through [the men] which we walked through. Suddenly I felt a hand on my buttocks, then on my breasts; in the end, I was groped everywhere. It was a nightmare. Although we shouted and beat them, the guys did not stop. I was desperate and think I was touched around 100 times in the 200 meters.
“We then walked through this group of men. There was an alley through [the men] which we walked through. Suddenly I felt a hand on my buttocks, then on my breasts; in the end, I was groped everywhere. It was a nightmare. Although we shouted and beat them, the guys did not stop. I was desperate and think I was touched around 100 times in the 200 meters.  “Fortunately I wore a jacket and trousers. a skirt would probably have been torn away from me.”
German newspaper Bild reports the testimonies of other young victims. Using pseudonyms to protect the idenities of the young women involved, the paper reports the words of 18-year-old Annika who said of her first-ever trip to Cologne: “It was scary. Mainly because nobody helped. I feel so dirty. So used.”
“They all looked foreign. They managed to separate us in the crowd and got close to us… we tried to fight off their hands…. everywhere I looked I saw girls crying and being comforted,” she said.
Annika also added that her friends’ purses had all been rifled during the ordeal; and when she found a police officer later to report the assault, he just told her to go to a police station.
Another young woman, 25-year-old Anne who was waiting tables at a night club, said she went outside for fresh air during a break in her shift and was attacked by a group of Arab men. They pulled her dress and tore her panties off before running away.
One man spoke of his experience as he was walking up the road with his 31-year-old girlfriend. Unable to protect her as they were absorbed in an “artificial stampede” of “young, dark-haired men,” his girlfriend was “attacked in the crotch.”
He dragged her to a nearby nightclub to seek refuge. Two other unnamed women suffered a worse fate — both 20-years-old. While out partying together, one of them had every item of clothing torn from her body and the other was “abused with fingers.”
Cologne police announced they had made three arrests this morning in relation to the attacks, but just an hour later withdrew their statement saying it had been in error, and in fact they only had “suspects” at this time.



Muslims in Germany openly demonstrate support for ISIS
and a Caliphate that includes all of Europe  
Muslims in Paris celebrated the New Year with their traditional custom of burning cars.  That's one of their contributions to cultural enrichment.
Paris - Car torchings in Paris on New Year’s Eve totaled “only” 804 which is 14.5% percent less than last year (940) and more than 20% fewer than in 2014 (1,067) and 2013 (1,193), no doubt, due to the tens of thousands of French security personnel who were in the streets to prevent another Islamic terrorist attack. 
Brussels - Muslim teenagers celebrated New Year’s Eve by throwing a car down a flight of stairs onto the underground station platform. Fortunately, no one was killed or injured
Also in Brussels, they set fire to a large Christmas tree on display at a central plaza, just a way to show their appreciation to the country that welcomed them.  Watch them torch it while they shout Alahu Akbar - Allah is Great.


So, how does Europe deal with Muslim terror? 
The European Union has implemented the labeling and boycott of goods from Israel, in support of Muslim terrorists who demand the creation of an Islamic state on Biblical Jewish land, and eventually in all of Israel.   
The European Union's reaction follows centuries of anti-Jewish persecution and genocide, when Europeans routinely took out their frustrations on the Jews. 
EUROPE DECIDES TO LABEL AND BOYCOTT JEWISH GOODS from Israeli Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem on the anniversary of KRISTALLNACHT, the Nazi pogrom against German Jews of November 9, 1938. 
- The European Union shamelessly follows NAZI TRADITION, as they also boycotted Jewish businesses before implementing the Final Solution


As Illegal Immigrants Enter Europe, Violence Increases
Migrants in one of many riots that erupted
when European police do not comply
with their demands fast enough.
BOOK BITS - WHY EUROPEANS WILL CONTINUE TO WELCOME MUSLIM MIGRANTS while funding the EU long economic, diplomatic, and propagandistic war against Israel and the Jews 

TWO BOOKS explore the European pathology of Jew hatred, as based on an underlying sense of inferiority to Jewish talent and achievements. 

Europeans say so. In their own words.

Muslims, however, with all their brutality and backwardness, make Europeans feel superior.
Read more


Who are the migrants arriving in Europe?  The UN confirms that of the million migrants who arrived in 2015, about 75% were men.  Judging by many images of arrival, they are mostly of military age.  If they are fleeing war, why did they leave their women and children behind?

Political Correctness Protects
Muslim Rape Culture
An epidemic of rape cases across Europe has police in the U.K., Norway, Sweden, Germany and other nations worried. But you won’t hear much about it in the U.S. mainstream media because the epidemic is a byproduct of the influx into Europe of a million, mostly Muslim, migrants.
What has happened to put discussion of Islam’s rape culture out of bounds? Crime statistics in Europe are daily documenting the scope of the problem, but no one in the establishment press is reporting them.Of course, the Fatwa on the proper treatment of “sex slaves” did make news, but only because it was billed as a rebuke to ISIS’s “excesses.”

According to the mullahs, it’s quite okay to use captured 12-year-old girls as sex slaves, but you must follow proper Islamic etiquette. For example, you must not have sex with both the mother and daughter at the same time.

But stories about the rape epidemic in Europe are rare.
Consider this recent news item from Germany:
A growing number of women and young girls housed in refugee shelters in Germany are being raped, sexually assaulted and even forced into prostitution by male asylum seekers, according to German social work organisations with first-hand knowledge of the situation.
Bet you didn’t read about that in the NY Times. Or this headline from Sweden:
In Norway at the end of November, police were called to an “asylum house” in the city of Nora because a group of male migrants were threatening to rape a woman to teach her a lesson: she had violated Muslim norms by going out in public unaccompanied by a man.
Why do we only read about this rape epidemic in Breitbart and the alternative press in Europe, not the BBC or CNN?
One case of organized Muslim rape in the U.K. did make the news in the U.S. back in 2012 because of its especially sordid character. Nine Pakistani Muslims were convicted of gang rape of scores of women over a long period of time in Greater Manchester.
However, what made the news was not the crime but the attempted official government cover-up of the Muslim identities of the culprits. The case was originally reported as a matter of “Asian culture.”
It’s just not politically correct to talk openly about Islam’s rape culture, but if it is an “Asian” problem, that’s different.
It’s not acceptable in polite circles to suggest that the “religion of peace” has another dark side besides a hundred thousand jihadist “extremists” waging war from the “Islamist State” — or the 10 percent to 16 percent of Muslims worldwide who, according to several polls, harbor sympathies for radical Islam.
Political resistance runs deep against admitting that the problem is rooted in orthodox Islamic teachings — in Sharia law. Acknowledging that would bring a plague of pessimism about the odds for successful assimilation of Islamic communities in Europe and the United States.
Suppression of Muslim genocide and rape against infidels is nothing new.
  • In 1971, according to historian Daniel Pipes, Muslims killed between 2.4 and 3 million Hindus and raped 200,000 Hindu women when Bangladesh was created as a Muslin country and the 25 percent Hindu population fled for their lives.
  • Not surprisingly, the horrific slaughter was not very newsworthy in the U.S.
When the New York Times two weeks ago conceded some significance to the “cultural issues” arising from the Muslim migration into Europe, the newspaper had to present the rising problem of rape as an educational issue, not a religious one.
The Times described the efforts in Norway to “educate” young male Muslim migrants to the different values and standards for the treatment of women. Yet, the Times discussed the issue extensively without once asking if the “aberrant behavior” involved in rape is sanctioned in the Koran or the Hadith, and thus, closely related to the second-class status of women in Islamic societies.
Back in November of 2001, TIME magazine ran a featured article on “The Women of Islam,” giving many concrete examples of women’s second-class status throughout the Muslim world.  Some nations were described as more progressive, like Egypt and Turkey, and others as more repressive, like Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Wife beating and honor killings are prominent and accepted in most Muslim societies.
So, when it is generally known that women are not allowed to drive an automobile in Saudi Arabia, why the new reticence in the media and among “centrist” politicians to discuss the rape culture that is part of that “multicultural” picture?
What’s new is this: With the explosion of massive Muslim migration into Europe and the U.S., what was once seen as a culture issue is now viewed as part of the political debate over Muslim immigration.
As a political matter, liberals and advocates of unrestricted Muslim immigration want desperately to censor open discussion and debate on the Muslim rape culture and related problems. They do this by labeling any dissent from open borders as an outbreak of racism and religious intolerance.
The good news is that across Europe today, there is widespread rebellion against political correctness when it comes to massive Muslim migration. When the consequences of open borders come home to roost in your own town and on your neighborhood streets, utopian delusions lose their appeal.
The unique cultural and political problems posed by Muslim adherence to Sharia Law are being buried under a mountain of dishonest sloganeering. Few people yet realize that the Obama administration has explicitly abandoned assimilation as an integral part of successful immigration, and if not reversed, that policy will have catastrophic consequences—as is now happening in parts of Europe.
It is true that a majority of the two million or so Muslims now living in the U.S. are not openly demanding that American courts follow Sharia Law. But that is because they are not devout in following the obligations of orthodox Islam.
Sharia is a basic pillar of Islam, and as the Muslim population of any community grows, demands will grow for allowing the practice of Sharia in the name of religious freedom. The expansion of radical Islam and the growing success of ISIS will inspire and empower advocates of Sharia to openly challenge the traditional values of assimilation.
The Muslim rape culture is not a “dirty little secret” — it is widely recognized as integral to Islam as taught in the Koran and the Hadith. Like honor killings and other parts of Sharia, it will not be wished away.
And like honor killings, with massive Muslim immigration on the horizon, it could be coming to a town near you all too soon.
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Munich, Germany - Two train stations evacuated over credible reports of impending terror attacks.

Some recent headlines
This is the New Europe
Germany: Muslims beat Christians after Christmas celebrations: “I’m a Muslim, what are you?”

German police covering up the extent of Muslim migrants' crime
German police: Only 10% of migrants are checked with terror databases
BELGIUM  Muslim motorcycle gang charged with planning New Year’s Eve jihad attacks in Brussels


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For a brief and fascinating look at Islam and why we are afraid, watch Professor Bill Warner's chat on the history of Islam.  He'll tell you facts that are being deliberately obscured by the media and other politically correct institutions.

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Gee, I wonder if these 3 idiots were among the German girls who were raped or sexually assaulted?
Cologne train station, a few weeks ago.
BRAINWASHED by leftist educators and media, Germans may not have known what kind of HELL they were importing into their cities.
For a country stained by their part in the Holocaust, the word "racist" operates as a Pavlovian bell to make them behave just as the pro-Muslim political left wants them to. 



 Merkel and like-minded politicians may be unleashing a future race war in Europe or, at the very least, the rise of the extreme right. 
Almost exactly a year ago this blog posted the following article:
The illumination of the world famous Cologne cathedral goes out during a rally called 'Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West' (PEGIDA) in ...Instead of shining a light on widespread Muslim persecution of Christians and other minorities, the Church appears to side with the perpetrators. 
Cologne Cathedral goes dark as a sign of solidarity with Islam during popular demonstrations against the Islamization of Europe.
Read more
Will the Christian churches continue to support Islam and mischaracterize it as a "religion of peace," or will they do the right thing and defend persecuted Christians and all those who are abused by Muslims, including Europeans.

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