A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 - THE YEAR OF ABSURDITY - Muslims cause terror, so GERMANY invites millions of them to settle in Europe - LIBERALS cry over one baby migrant drowned, while they support the murder of millions of babies through abortion - Europeans worship Jesus but push for the surrender of the Holy Land to Muslims who persecute Christians all over the Islamic world

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2015 was a year that epitomized human irrationality, with ominous signs for the future.  Following are just three of the most salient examples of human absurdity.
(1)  While people in the west expressed their deeply felt compassion and sorrow at the sight of one little migrant boy who drowned while in transit from Turkey to Greece, and loudly demanded the admission of millions of Muslim migrants into their countries  -  these same good-hearted people support the torture, dismemberment, and death of MILLIONS of little boys and girls at abortion clinics all over Europe and America.
22 Week Abortion (01)
On the left the recovered body of little migrant Alan Kurdi.  - On the right the remains of a 22-week-old aborted baby, no name, just discarded tissue.  One of millions of innocent western babies condemned to torture and death by abortion.   In the US their organs are routinely harvested by government-funded Planned Parenthood and sold for a profit to research companies, as exposed by secret videos released in 2015. 
No compassion for victims of Muslim rape either.  Liberals don't reserve any compassion for the thousands of young girls who are raped by Muslims in Britain, Scandinavia, and other European countries.  Islam has a culture of rape because it regards non-Muslim women as fair prey for all kinds of degenerate and violent acts.  ISIS rape and torture of non-Muslim women is sanctioned by the Koran and the Hadith.
VIDEO - The Rape of Sweden - Pat Condell
The same western liberals who excoriate white males for even the smallest offense against feminists, remain silent at the epidemic of violent rape perpetrated by Muslims. 
oxford-muslims-guilty2In Britain Muslim have organized in gangs to sexually exploit girls as young as eleven years old.  When one gang was exposed, there was the added horror of implicating  British police in years of coverup. 
It turns out that police did not want to create more antipathy against Muslims by disclosing these crimes, so they decided to ignore them until the scandal broke open.   This police coverup in several British cities seems to indicate that orders came from authorities at the top.  It is now called the Rotherham scandal, but the practice was widespread across Britain.
(2)  Never mind terror.  Angela Merkel wants millions more Muslims in Europe. 

In spite of the disturbing nature of Islam, Muslim high crime rate, and continuous threats of terror, Angela Merkel is determined to Islamize Europe through demographics. 

Indigenous Europeans are not reproducing enough to replace the existing population, so at some point Muslims, who have a large number of children (usually with more than one wife), will outnumber all other European ethnic groups.  This is the future, based on simple math and demographics.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel
Whatever Merkel's personal motive is, it seems to be quite strong because she is ignoring widespread popular and party opposition to migration, the reluctance or outright refusal of several countries to admit any more Muslims, and the rise of anti-Islam fascist and populist political movements that could eventually take over Europe.  She is plunging straight ahead while recklessly ignoring the consequences.  
Merkel is not the only one facilitating the Islamization of Europe.  Socialist governments in countries such as France and Sweden have been notorious for their strong support for Islam, for Muslim migration into Europe, and for increased accommodation to their customs and beliefs.
Quran839wagewar-viIt should be obvious by now that Islam is an ideology completely adversarial to the West and its culture.   Islam has a history of conquest, and to this day it has the explicit goal of reconquering European lands they used to rule, and beyond. 
muslim-immigMuslims are openly contemptuous and even hateful of western culture.  The estimated 54 million Muslims already in Europe are doing everything possible to demand - by propaganda, activism, and intimidation - the imposition of Sharia law on the European continent.  And some countries are beginning to comply, among them Britain.
Muslims' message is clear:  It's invasion and conquest by migration and domination by terror.  That is the nature of Islam in Europe. 
prantsusmaa-67539442There was a dark shadow of fear and terror during the recent Christmas and New Year celebrations in Europe.  The heavy police and military presence in major cities, and the suppression of outdoor activities out of fear of Muslim terror, did not stop violence.  Muslim youth torched hundreds of cars in the Paris region, continuing a tradition going back several years.
And threats of massacres continue.  Two main railway stations in Munich were closed due to credible information of a jihadist plot.  Remember that it was the physical intervention of three American military that stopped a Muslim from carrying on a massacre aboard a Paris-bound train last year.   Train stations in Europe now are now forcing passengers to go through check points. Just like in Israel, which has been so criticized for their checkpoints. 

And one thousand Muslim migrants attacked Germans, raped women, and stole from men, during the New Years celebrations in Cologne railway station.

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One more absurdity:

(3)  While Christians celebrated Christmas all over the western world, their churches, top clerics, activists and organizations continued to wage war on Israel, the birthplace of Jesus. 

Christians effectively disown Jesus and their own doctrine. 

Christians read, study, and quote from the Bible - which is in part the history of the Jewish people in the land of Israel - and with a straight face they declare that the land does not belong to the Jews but to the Muslim invader who conquered Jerusalem in the 7th century AD. 

According to their view, Jesus would be a settler, an occupier, with no right to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and other holy Jewish places in Israel. 

It gets worse.  As Muslims oppress, persecute, and even murder Christians in countries ruled by Islam (see related articles further on this page), Churches in the West have closed their hearts to Christian suffering so as not to antagonize Islam. 

In the meantime they are busy organizing lectures and conferences about the Israeli "occupation," and engaging in BDS (Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions) against Israel - the only Mideast country where Christians are safe, respected, and enjoy full human rights.

Collateral damage from Muslim influx into Europe: 
  • Rising government security expenditures in the BILLIONS of Euros, and the collection of the extra taxes necessary to pay for them.  
  • More social benefits payments for unemployed migrants and their families
  • Expansion of security and military forces and intelligence personnel to try to keep up with ongoing terror threats and jihadist acts.
  • Due to the preponderance of terror threats, other types of routine policing will have to be neglected.
  • The tourist industry in Paris and other European destinations is considerably down. This means less employment, and less tax money collected. 
  • Private citizens will have to spend extra money on security measures, including guns
  • More checkpoints, less freedom of movement, and an overall diminished quality of life for all Europeans - because of the presence of Islam in Europe.
  • An epidemic of rape by Muslims in Britain, Sweden, and now Germany. 
  • And the never-ending many other acts of Muslim violence and terror against non-Muslim Europeans.
 Migrants burn Christmas tree in Brussels,
while shouting Allah is Great!
Cologne ExplosionNEW YEAR OF MUSLIM RAPE AND TERROR IN EUROPE - Raping women travellers at COLOGNE train station, stealing, terrorizing the public, torching hundreds of cars in PARIS, and plotting mass terror attacks at various European cities

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As Illegal Immigrants Enter Europe, Violence Increases
Migrants in one of many riots that erupted when
European police do not comply with their demands
fast enough.
WHY EUROPEANS WILL CONTINUE TO WELCOME MUSLIM MIGRANTS while funding the EU long economic, diplomatic, and propagandistic war against Israel and the Jews 

TWO BOOKS explore the European pathology of Jew hatred, as based on an underlying sense of inferiority to Jewish talent and achievements.  Europeans say so. In their own words
Muslims, however, with all their brutality and backwardness, make Europeans feel superior.
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- But where is the compassion for Western children who are victimized by Muslim migrants? 
 - The rape of children and young girls by Muslims is now endemic, particularly in Scandinavia and Britain

PLANNED PARENTHOOD ADMITS TO SELLING ABORTED BABY PARTS FOR PROFIT - Senior Doctor with P.P. caught on hidden camera discussing baby body parts and methods for extracting and selling them - This practice has been going on for years - Media mostly silent at the latest revelations

THE MUSLIM INVASION OF EUROPE - GOOD BYE SWEDEN, GOOD BYE EUROPE - The rape of SWEDEN and the epidemic of rape in Europe - Overwhelmed by Muslim migrants, the EU takes it out on the Jews by labeling and boycotting Israeli goods, inspired by the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses

Pat Condell's YouTube Channel on Islam versus the West

BRITAIN'S Rotherham rape scandal - Daily Mail

Daily Mail - Rotherham Asian rape gangs - news archive 

Angela Merkel wants unlimited Muslim migration into Germany and the European Union

Brussels migrant youths throw car down flight of stairs at metro station

Brussels Migrants burn down Christmas tree in public square

Christian Europe supports Muslim Palestinian terror,
while Islam persecutes Christians
JESUS WOULD BE CALLED A SETTLER IN ISRAEL, AND WOULD LIKELY BE MURDERED BY MUSLIM ARABS - The hypocrisy of Christian churches who worship Jesus, while agitating for the surrender of his land to the Muslim invader, indifferent to Christians being persecuted and slaughtered in Muslim countries

More news:
German police are covering up Muslim crime.
Munich, Germany - Two train stations evacuated over credible reports of impending terror attacks.


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