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Saturday, January 23, 2016

BOOK: LOOK AT COLONIZED LONDON AND SEE YOUR FUTURE, EUROPE - London now has a non-white majority - THE RACIAL CLEANSING OF EUROPEANS and widespread third world criminality - Poetic justice: England helped redraw the Mideast map after WW1 while stealing Jewish land to create the kingdom of Jordan, unleashing conflicts and wars that today reach Europe itself.

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In some countries, this might be called racial cleansing. In London, it is simply the result of the failed policy of multiculturalism.
How Labour has turned London into a foreign city: Fewer than half the capital's population are white British.  Gangsters from Somalia terrorise the suburbs and even the tramps are immigrants, reveals astonishing new book  
Labour has let London turn into a foreign city where even tramps are immigrants, writes Harriet Sergeant
 "I emerged shaken. I had glimpsed a London I did not know existed — one of Third World poverty, exploitation and criminality."

The following article based on the new book This Is London: Life And Death In The World City by Ben Judah.  Its scope appears to be aspects of migrant crime, exploitation, and poverty. 
HOWEVER, the Labour Party policy of open migration into Britain from Muslim countries has brought terror, Muslim radicalization, the sexual exploitation of thousands of British girls by Muslim gangs - a huge scandal that authorities failed to keep secret anymore - and Muslim indoctrination in British secular schools.
So, what this article touches on is barely the tip of the iceberg.  England is lost.  The British who so valiantly fought Nazism, have completely surrendered to Islamo-Nazi supremacy in their own home, without firing a shot.
It is interesting to note that a few years ago a Labour Party insider turned whistleblower told The Telegraph how his party had deliberately set out to change Britain's demographics in order to destroy traditional values and at the same time create an expanding voting base for the party.  See summary and link to that article further on this page.
Today Angela Merkel is engaged in the same plan to replace the indigenous European population and European culture, with those imported from the most backwards places in the Muslim world.   And, like the Labour Party, she expresses no regret. 
Continue reading about the criminal underworld of London imported from the third world and now dominating the city, about other EU cities lost to Muslim dominance, statistics about NO-GO ZONES in Britain, and about Britain's betrayal of the League of Nations Mandate by redrawing of Mideast borders, which has sown perpetual conflict.

An Afghan and I once broke into a small house in Peckham. I had met him while researching a report on immigration for the Daily Mail.
We were on a rescue mission. Inside the two-up, two-down property in South East London, every room was packed with beds, mattresses and migrants.
On the landing, grey and scarcely breathing, lay the man we had come to rescue from this awful place.
The other migrants who were there started to shout at us. Apparently, the sick man owed them and their trafficking gang money. We had to hustle him out fast.
I emerged shaken. I had glimpsed a London I did not know existed — one of Third World poverty, exploitation and criminality.
It is writer Ben Judah’s great achievement to reveal that hidden city in his new book, This Is London: Life And Death In The World City.
A young war correspondent, Judah examines his home city as the foreign metropolis it has now become.  Since 2001, immigration has transformed the capital. More than half of Londoners are now not ethnically British.
As he says: ‘I was born in London, but I no longer recognise this city. I don’t know if I love the new London, or if it frightens me: a city where at least 55 per cent of people are not white British, nearly 40 per cent were born abroad and hundreds of thousands are living illegally, in the shadows.’
Who are these new Londoners? In order to find out, Judah immerses himself in the migrant world.
Homeless Roma immigrants, pictured, can now be found sleeping in doorways in Mayfair
Homeless Roma (Gypsies)
sleep outside a Mayfair home
He spends a night with the Roma beggars who camp in the tunnels beneath Hyde Park. He stays in a doss-house in Barking, East London. He cajoles an astonishing array of migrants from across London to describe their lives.
Whether a mini cab driver who also washes dead bodies, a Romanian prostitute in a blonde wig, or a wealthy young African with bodyguards hired from his own tribe, they open up to Judah.

The quantity and authenticity of his interviews build up an irrefutable argument. Here, as opposed to what the Left is always telling us, are the real effects of immigration.
Immigration, Judah makes clear, has touched every aspect of life in London and utterly transformed it. 
The English upper classes no longer inhabit the splendid townhouses in Mayfair. Suburbs such as Edmonton in the north of the city are no longer home to the aspirational, largely unionised, English working-class.
As for white, East End gangsters such as the Kray Twins, you will only find those in movies.
The same goes for the prostitutes who used to inhabit Soho. Even tramps, for goodness sake, are rarely English any more.
Such is the level of liberal propaganda that we have largely remained blind to this startling transformation of our city.
Judah systematically maps these changes — the result of Labour relaxing immigration into the UK.
Left-wingers and the business establishment pat themselves on the back for creating an open city that welcomes the world. In fact, we have lost control of our borders and have no say who comes here.
Muslims demonstrating in London
EU BLACKMAILING BRITAIN INTO SELF-DESTRUCTION - This week, it emerged that Brussels is attempting to blackmail Britain by saying that if we don’t take as many as 90,000 migrants a year, we will not be able to send failed asylum seekers back to safe countries on the Continent.
Then came the story that a tribunal had ruled that a group of migrants in the Jungle camp in Calais had a ‘human right’ to join family members in Britain. It is a precedent that could have far-reaching implications.
Aside from legal rulings, the truth is that much of our immigration policy is now dictated by criminal trafficking gangs who make a fortune smuggling people into Britain — not our elected leaders and certainly not voters and taxpayers.
It is criminal gangs who decide who comes into the UK and in what numbers. They largely decide what happens to the migrants once they arrive.
In handing our immigration system over to them, we have allowed conditions of unimaginable squalor, misery and criminality reminiscent of Victorian times to take hold.
So how has it happened? Well, get rid of any notion that we are doing the world’s poorest many favours.
Judah quickly discovers that multiculturalism for many migrants is a euphemism for slave labour.
It starts when would-be immigrants listen to the sales pitch of the agents for the people-traffickers. They promise that London is ‘a second paradise’ where ‘every man is rich’. 
On offer is free NHS treatment, free housing, free schooling and countless welfare benefits. It is a place of opportunity, security and, above all, available women.
This was a definite pull for one young Afghan working in a butcher’s in Neasden, North West London.
As he put it, in his village, if you slept with more than one person in your life, ‘they shot you in the back’. In Britain, however, sexual opportunities were immense.
The agents explain how to take full advantage of the UK.‘London is a country of rights,’ they say. How very true! If you tell the correct story, they are informed, ‘you will never be sent home’.
And yet, when migrants manage to reach the UK, they all have to pay back the people-traffickers who got them here.
Indeed, it is this debt, sometimes with interest rates of 100 per cent, that lies behind the often appalling working conditions they are forced to accept.
This is the simple fact that the immigration lobby ignore — with appalling consequences for the migrants concerned.
Typical of the views of those Judah met was someone who said: ‘I thought the money would be growing on trees. Six months later, I was crying myself to sleep. I was homeless.’
A Roma violin player in a tunnel beneath Park Lane explains what this means.
‘We’re all here to beg, to work off our debts. We give the enforcers all the money. They told us to come here. But we are never going to make back the loans they gave us to come here. We’re trapped.’
He explains that the people-traffickers are a constant threat to the children migrants have left behind in places such as the Romanian city of Slobozia. Defiance could bring brutal retribution on those they love.
Judah quickly learns that the people who make it here are ‘virtual slaves’. And it is the same wherever he goes. In a hotel laundry room, Africans curse the tricksters who brought them here on counterfeited visas and passports.
A Ghanaian came on a student visa with plans to set up an international business. All he wanted, he said, was to wear a suit and work in an office.
Yet the traffickers never told him what would happen when he tried to work as an illegal migrant.
He used up his savings of five years in a matter of months. Instead of running his own business, he stacks shelves in a warehouse. 
Frustrated, angry and exhausted, he knows he has ruined his life. He can never escape, never get home to his children, because his low wages mean he cannot imagine ever paying off his debt.
There is a whole illegal city in London of several hundred thousand people, and nearly half of them are thought to have arrived after 2001.
This is a city hidden from official statistics, but not hidden from employers who take on the workers, no questions asked, through agencies.
Legal workers also have problems because the sheer number of new arrivals push down wages. 
A Polish builder explains that, on his work site, the English builders tell him angrily they used to be paid £15 an hour. Now it is £7 an hour. ‘They hate me,’ he says simply.
But then he gripes about the newly-arrived Romanians who, he says, are pushing wages even lower.
Tragically, politicians appear blissfully oblivious to the new realities. They solemnly debate the merits of a ‘living wage’ over the minimum wage.
What planet are they living on?
Certainly, it’s one as far removed as possible from the reality of daily life outside Wickes, the builder’s merchant in Barking, East London. 
A sea of burkas in some neighborhoods, now expanding all over the city.
Here, Judah joined 80 or so Romanians, ‘blank eyes wide with hunger’, touting for work.
‘They pace up and down in their work boots for the next 11 hours, muttering tensely, ‘waiting for a white van’. 
This is a reference to the fact, they tell Judah, that the proverbial White Van Englishman is the best type of employer. Whereas Pakistanis, Turks and Poles are the worst.
One explains: ‘They make us fight for work. And they know we have no choice. That we are hungry.’
To such men, the minimum wage is a luxury that they can only dream about. They often work for much less — or, as one put it, for nothing more than ‘one chicken and chips’.
But this story is not just about brutal exploitation. It is also about crime.
Along with immigrants, we have imported the criminal gangs who blight their countries. When it is so easy for migrants to get here, it is just as simple for the world’s nastiest criminals to relocate to the UK, too.
Thus many Somalian gangs terrorise estates in South London and Turkish gangs control North London.
Kurds and Albanians launder their money through the car washes in Tottenham and Kilburn. Vietnamese gangs grow and distribute two-thirds of the strong cannabis on the capital’s streets.
Judah encountered a Grenadian, now a successful cocaine dealer, who recalled moving to the White City estate in West London with his mother when he was 12.
‘We pitched up for a better life, but found ourselves right in the middle of a war zone,’ he recalled.
He said the estate ‘was way more corrupt . . . way more dangerous, more full of disillusion than anywhere in Grenada. Within six months of being here, I had lost 75 per cent of my morals.’
After a few years here, and now a heavy cocaine-user, he woke up to his mother screaming. She’d found his gun in the fridge and bullets on the sofa.
She was crying: ‘Please, please, the police will kill you, the gangsters will kill you! My baby, why, why did I ever bring you to this country?’
A typical London street scene these days.
The sex industry is another area where our flawed immigration policy has had a malign effect. Now, 96 per cent of prostitutes are migrants. In the main, Albanians have taken over.
Typically, they lure girls from Moldova with promises of modelling jobs, but then rape and traffic them.
I saw the results of this myself when a brothel opened in a house on a quiet, residential street near my son’s primary school in Hampstead. 
The mother of one of my son’s friends lived opposite. She was intimidated by the sinister men in leather jackets who sat in the nearby coffee shop all day.
She reported to the police that the girls on the top floor looked underage and never went out. In due course, her car was smashed up. 
She suspected this was done as a warning to keep her nose out of it. The police did nothing and she never raised the matter again.
Finally, migration has even changed the nationality of London’s vagrants.
There are now around 5,000 — mostly Polish and Romanians — living rough on London’s streets. In North London, they unload trucks for Turkish shopkeepers in exchange for nothing more than their drink of choice, White Ace cider. 
Others have been found roasting rats for food in the back alleys of Tottenham and Haringey.
In this new London, increasingly there is one nationality significant for its absence — white, British-born. Nearly all the migrants comment on this phenomenon.
Ben Judah meets a Pole who works as a registrar — recording births and deaths — in Catford Bridge, who says she works in a position that is perfect to spot the ethnic changes.
She describes the new London where 57 per cent of births are to migrant mothers. 
But when she enters the names of the recent dead, they are nearly all of them old white British. Another migrant comments: ‘The English are dying. They are declining fast.’
He recalls in the street markets, there used to be only English voices shouting out, ‘advertising their wares in the Cockney accent. But they’ve gone now’.
A Met policeman, who was born in Nigeria, says: ‘The English are vanishing. London is no longer an English city at all . . . London is a patchwork of ghettos.’
Between 1971 and 2011, the white British share of London’s population slumped from 86 per cent to 45 per cent, overwhelmingly the old Cockney working-class. Cockney, in fact, is predicted to die out in 15 years.
I once visited a school in the East End displaying photos of a class from the Thirties and today. In the first photo, the children were all white. In the second, none of them were.
In some countries, this might be called racial cleansing. In London, it is simply the result of the failed policy of multiculturalism.
On the Old Kent Road, Judah found only one English shopkeeper left — a plumbers’ merchant. He charts the gradual disappearance of the English by the fate of their pubs.
Along this road, there used to be 12: one has been turned into a Nigerian mosque, another into the Afrikiko nightclub, the rest have simply been demolished.
Across London, it is the same story. African churches move into abandoned bingo halls, cinemas and pubs vacated by the old white working-class.
In Brent and Harlesden, the white population has fallen by 30 per cent since 2001.
Suburbs such as Edmonton, once ‘terraces of white respectability’, where the Tory politician Norman Tebbit grew up for goodness’ sake, have now turned into tenements for migrants. 
This huge demographic shift is as true for wealthy areas as for deprived.
Half of Kensington & Chelsea’s inhabitants were born overseas — a third arriving since 2001. Forty per cent do not have a British passport. 
Global immigration has transformed these areas as radically as it has other parts of London.
The English upper and upper-middle classes find themselves elbowed out of Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Notting Hill Gate — as surely as the white working class has been out of London’s East End.
So how can the relatively honest, tax-paying English compete to buy property with a global elite who, as one wealthy young Nigerian explains, are not paying taxes, and are making their money in countries rife with corruption?
Instead, the next generation of these English retreat to places such as Peckham — as Judah put it, ‘mourning their postcodes’, and ‘bitter like refugees’.
Judah has done an extraordinary job in painstakingly building up a vivid and desperate portrait of London today.
His observations turn an unsparing spotlight on how the British people have been so befuddled by Left-wing dogma and political correctness that too few people have noticed the utter transformation of our capital city.
Too many have failed to question why we lost control of our borders and, having done so, allowed immigrant gangs to exploit migrants.
Also, we have failed to wonder if we are comfortable with this new London, with its extremes of foreign poverty and wealth.
Uncontrolled immigration has changed London for ever. And, most shamefully, not one of our leaders has lifted a finger to stop it.
  • This Is London: Life And Death In The World City by Ben Judah is published by Picador at £18.99



January 2015:  Number of homeless Romanians in London triples following migration restrictions being lifted with 500 now on capital's streets

Homeless: Romanian migrants pictured camping in an underpass in Park Lane, central London, last October

Staying in London: European Union restrictions on migration to Britain from Romania were lifted last January



October 2014 - Homeless Romanians who sleep rough in Park Lane subway have demanded: 'We're EU citizens too give us a house' 

Hakan Altay, owner of this Park Lane hair salon, says the camp needs to go because it is costing him 'tens of thousands'

Raid: Police have broken up camps near Marble Arch on several occasions and the latest group is sleeping rough in an underpass



Tuesday, July 7, 2015
UK government officials condemn terror in Britain while condoning it in Israel 
 - The Labour Party opened the door to mass Muslim immigration, terror and corruption 
 - Terminal political correctness made police ignore mass exploitation of young girls by Muslim gangs 
 - UK officials admit that British jihadism is out of control.
Labour Party's whistleblower exposed sinister agenda behind the party's pro-immigration policies
The secret agenda behind the Labour Party immigration policy which allowed for the unrestricted invasion of Britain by Muslim immigrants and asylum seekers.  It was intended to demolish Britain's traditional social values, and to bolster Labour's future voting base.

As disclosed by a Labour Party insider just a few years ago and reported on The Telegraph:
The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity", according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.  
He said Labour's relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to "open up the UK to mass migration" but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its "core working class vote".   As a result, the public argument for immigration concentrated instead on the economic benefits and need for more migrants. 
Tony Blair, who was Prime Minister at the time of the attacks, has said that his first response was to try to 'bring people together' and deal with the 'huge trauma' suffered by the capital
Former British PM Tony Blair at Muslim terror attack remembrance ceremonies.  He and his Labour Party forever destroyed Britain.  After leaving politics he has conducted profitable business with Muslim countries.  His sister converted to Islam and wears the hijab.
Tony Blair's policies promoted the unrestricted influx of Muslims into the UK, too many of them advocating hate and terror.  The UK government never minded Jihadist ideology on their soil as long as the targets were not Britons. 

Tony Blair's financial connections to the Muslim world are well known, and there have been allegations of conflict of interest and even corruption.   As a Middle East envoy he was a strong promoter of a terror state for Palestinians on Jewish land.
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The Express:  ‘Trump is right!’ Police say parts of Britain ARE no-go areas due to ISIS radicalisation

BRITISH police officers have sensationally backed Donald Trump’s controversial claim that parts of the country are no-go areas because of growing Islamist extremism.

Serving officers in terrorist hotspots including London and Birmingham said that forces are becoming increasingly nervy over the rising threat of Islamic State (ISIS) inspired attacks, with some telling staff not to wear their uniforms in their OWN patrol cars. 

One officer in London said the firebrand presidential hopeful was “pointing out something plainly obvious” whilst another in Lancashire said the police have to ask local Muslim leaders for PERMISSION before sending patrols into their communities. 

Their shocking testimonies are in stark contrast to the official responses from politicians and the Metropolitan Police, who have rounded on Mr Trump’s controversial claims. 

The Republican frontrunner provoked fury across the globe when he said that all Muslims should be banned from entering America to combat terrorism. 

One serving officer in west London said: “Islamification has and is occurring. You have to have extra vigilance in certain parts when you are working."

Speaking to Breitbart he added: “When I was a teenage lad in Burnley there were no go white areas. This is the case still nationally, including London where you have to have extra vigilance in certain parts when you are working.”

Another officer with Lancashire police said that officers have to “contact local community leaders to get their permission” before they are allowed to patrol in Muslim areas of Preston. 

And a policeman posted in Yorkshire said police top brass were so afraid of potential terrorist attacks he had been ordered not to wear police uniform in his own patrol car. 

Meanwhile in an interview last year Tom Winsor, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary, warned that there are “cities in the Midlands where the police never go” because local communities refuse to engage with law enforcement. 



Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said the decision to keep Brussels on lockdown was based on 'quite precise information about the risk of an attack like the one that happened in Paris'November 2015, in the aftermath of terror attacks in Paris
 - NO AMOUNT OF VETTING OF MUSLIM MIGRANTS can prevent their children from becoming radicalized

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A left-wing mayor facilitated the Muslim district of Molenbeek to become Jihad Central in Belgium

Molenbeek Belgium the Raqqa of Europe_2009_3410-copy-714x474

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Losing Europe



 - In spite of that, Norway is still considered the most anti-Semitic country of Europe and, along with other European Union countries, continues to enthusiastically fund and support Muslim terror in Israel

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On this page are a couple of videos by Paul Joseph Watson that denounce the anti-white and suicidal policies of European leaders and leftists who invite millions of improperly vetted Moslem migrants to come into the continent, regardless of the mayhem they are already causing.
Also, see links to articles that expose the depraved and abusive sexual traditions in Muslim countries that are if not endorsed by the sacred texts, fully tolerated by society.  That's what Europe is importing today.

Image result for otters and science news images

Read more and watch videos



Muslim Enclaves in Britain - NO GO ZONES

(2011 data)

An analysis of 2011 census data reveals the existence of more than 100 Muslim enclaves in Britain.  Today it is several percentages higher, due to both Muslim natural growth and immigration, while the white population continues to shrink.

The Muslim population exceeds 85% in some parts of Blackburn and 70% in a half-dozen wards in Birmingham and Bradford. There are also large Muslim communities in Dewsbury, Leicester, London, Luton and Manchester, among others.

Birmingham: Bordesley Green (includes Small Heath) (73.9%); Hodge Hill (includes areas of Saltley and Ward End) (41.5%); Ladywood (35.2%); Lozells and East Handsworth (48.9%); Nechells (43.5%); Sparkbrook (includes Sparkhill) (70.2%); Washwood Heath (includes Alum Rock) (77.3%).
Blackburn with Darwen: Audley (68.7%); Bastwell (85.3%); Corporation Park (62.6%); Little Harwood (51.9%); Queen's Park (51.5%); Shear Brow (77.7%); Wensley Fold (39.8%)
Bolton (Greater Manchester): Crompton (32.7 %); Great Lever (36.6%); Halliwell (27.9%); Rumworth (51.8%)
Bradford (West Yorkshire): Bowling and Barkerend (45.8%); Bradford Moor (72.8%); City (57.3%); Great Horton (42.8%); Heaton (55.9%); Keighley Central (51.2%); Little Horton (58.0%); Manningham (75.0%); Toller (76.1%)
Brent: Barnhill (23.3%); Dollis Hill (31.3%); Dudden Hill (23.5%); Harlesden (21.8%); Stonebridge (28.2%)
Dewsbury (West Yorkshire): Dewsbury South (including Savile Town) (43.8%); Dewsbury West (46.7%)
Leeds: Gipton and Harehills (33.2%)
Leicester: Charnwood (38.7%); Coleman (39.7%); Spinney Hills (69.6%); Stoneygate (50.2%)
London Borough of Enfield: Edmonton Green (29.1%); Haselbury (25.7%); Jubilee (24.1%); Lower Edmonton (24.1%); Ponders End (29.0%); Upper Edmonton (26.4%)
London Borough of Tower Hamlets: Bethnal Green South (45.7%); Bromley-by-Bow (48.7%); East India and Lansbury (42.9%); Limehouse (35.5%); Mile End and Globe Town (34.3%); Mile End East (45.9%); Shadwell (46.7%); Spitalfields and Banglatown (38.6%); St Dunstan's and Stepney Green (48.7%); Weavers (30.3%); and Whitechapel (42.4%).
London Borough of Newham: Boleyn (40.5%); East Ham Central (39.6%); East Ham North (50.1%); Green Street East (49.1%); Green Street West (50.4%); Little Ilford (44.8%); Manor Park (45.4%); Wall End (33.9%)
London Borough of Redbridge: Clementswood (42.7%); Cranbrook (36.6%); Goodmayes (33.5%); Loxford (46.0%); Mayfield (34.6%); Newbury (29.4%); Seven Kings (31.3%); Valentines (40.0%)
London Borough of Waltham Forest: Forest (31.9%); Lea Bridge (32.3%); Leyton (30.2%); Markhouse (32.4%)
Luton: Biscot (64.6%); Dallow (includes parts of Bury Park) (61.6%); Saints (51.1%)
Manchester: Cheetham (43.3%); Longsight (53.8%); Rusholme (37.9%); Whalley Range (32.7%)
Oldham: Coldhurst (64.2%); Medlock Vale (32.3%); St Mary's (58.7%); Werneth (68.2%)
Pendle: Bradley (45.7%); Brierfield (38.8%); Walverden (47.1%); Whitefield (69.8%)
Rochdale: Central Rochdale (52.4%); Milkstone and Deeplish (67.1%)
Slough: Baylis and Stoke (44.7%); Central (40.6%); Chalvey (37.2%);
Westminster: Church Street (42.0%); Harrow Road (24.1%); Hyde Park (25.1%); Queen's Park (26.3%); Westbourne (33.1%)
Wycombe: Bowerdean (35.6%); Oakridge and Castlefield (45.7%)

Read full article


How Britain stole Jewish land for the creation of the State of Jordan (which they initially called Transjordan)

After the defeat of the Ottoman Empire during World War I, the big powers set upon redrawing the map of the Middle East.  The British were put in charge of a large swath of land that also included Israeli lands renamed Palestine by the Romans. 
The area of the Mandate for Palestine was originally 118,000 square kilometers (about 45,000 square miles).   Historically and legally Jewish, it had been recognized by the British government for the restitution of a homeland for the Jews. 
The British government was entrusted by the League of Nations with the administration of the Mandate for Palestine.  The British grossly violated that Mandate.  In order to ingratiate themselves with the Arabs and to ensure access to their petroleum, the British betrayed the Jews and stole their land to create the kingdom of Transjordan.
In 1921, Britain took the 91,000 square kilometers of the Palestine Mandate east of the Jordan River, and created Trans-Jordan (later the Arab country of Jordan) as a new Arab protectorate.
Jews were barred by law from living or owning property east of the Jordan river, even though that land was over three-fourths of the original Mandate.”

The original land destined to be the reconstituted state of Israel.

Selected paragraphs and maps from
To this day the British government demands the further partition of Israel for the creation of yet another Arab country, the Islamic State of Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capital.
While they, the British themselves, are being pushed out of their capital, London, as phase 1 of the Muslim takeover of their country.  That's poetic justice.

To read further on how the British violated the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, please read here:


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