A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Saturday, October 31, 2015

BOOK BITS - WHY EUROPEANS WILL CONTINUE TO WELCOME MUSLIM MIGRANTS while funding the EU long economic, diplomatic, and propagandistic war against Israel and the Jews - TWO BOOKS explore the European pathology of Jew hatred, as based on an underlying sense of inferiority to Jewish talent and achievements - Europeans say so. In their own words

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EUROPE, drenched in Jewish blood from centuries of massacres and pogroms, today pays millions of Euros to non-governmental organizations dedicated to demonize Israel and empower Arab terrorists.
At the same time Europe demands the partition of Israel - a land that has been Jewish for thousands of years - for the creation of a terror state for Muslims invaders that conquered the land in the 7th century.   Europeans did not want Jews in Europe, now they don't want the survivors to live in their own Biblical land of Judea and Samaria either (West Bank). 
After slaughtering their Jews, Europeans welcome millions of Muslims.  Fifty-two million Muslims living in the EU right now.
Muslims - of which there are already more than 52 million residing in Europe - have been wrecking havoc in their new home countries for decades, with their high crime rate, refusal to assimilate, backward traditions, an ideology of hate, and the cost of billions of Euros for social benefits, policing, and the ongoing war on Islamic terror within Europe itself.
In spite of that burden, Europe  has time, energy, and money to obsessively scrutinize, and too often condemn, every single Israeli issue where they can find an angle worthy of their attention - such as Jews building homes on their own Biblical land of Judea and Samaria. 
Anti-Semitism is a European pathology.  But why?
Writers and politicians in the late 19th century and first half of the 20th century explained their feelings regarding Jews - from uneasiness to outright hate.   

In a nutshell, what European intellectuals said in moments of stunning candor is that the Jew made them feel inferior. 
Muslims, however, no matter how brutal their behavior, and precisely because of it, make Europeans feel superior.

Jews -  with their Biblical values, high intellect, vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, generous giving to charity, and extraordinary accomplishments in the fields of science, technology, arts, literature, and other human endeavors - have made Europeans feel inadequate.
And this is at the center of their pathology, as they open their borders to an unlimited number of Muslims into the European continent - a suicidal act that is already having fatal consequences for Western culture.
Muslim migrants' behavior has been shocking in their rudeness and violence, and many Europeans who have made an effort to be charitable to 'asylum seekers' - perhaps to expiate for their genocidal past - find themselves appalled at what they are facing in the middle of their own villages and towns.
Muslim rape of indigenous European children and women, which has been endemic in Britain and Scandinavia in particular, is now spreading all over Western Europe.   Governments and media are silencing police reports of these rapes so that they won't cast a bad light on Muslim migrants, but the reports get into the alternative media anyway.  
Denmark has resorted to ordering mandatory sex education courses for Muslim migrants, to make them understand the notion of consent.  What the Danes don't understand is that Islam condones rape.      
That nagging feeling of European inferiority
There are a couple of books that were released in recent years that shed some light on the dark motivations behind the Holocaust and the lingering animosity against Jews and Judaism.  Those motivations date way back before the rise of the Nazis, festering rather quietly, just waiting for the moment when they could explode in one giant genocidal flame. 
One of them is WHY THE GERMANS?  WHY THE JEWS?  - Envy, Race Hatred, and the Prehistory of the Holocaust - by Götz Aly
Why the Germans? Why the Jews?In a nutshell the reason why Europeans resented the Jews even before the Holocaust was simply that European Jewish culture was one of innovation and hard work, while Europeans defended their own laid-back, rural culture, and felt they were being outcompeted by more entrepreneurial Jewish business.
The author made extensive research of primary sources, with German quotes that back this notion again and again.  This is an easy-to-read book, with just facts presented for you to use and make up your mind. 
The other book is THE EMBRACE OF UNREASON - FRANCE, 1914-1940, by Frederick Brown, and it's both surprising and bound to debunk many concepts we hold of French intellectuals. 
It follows a small number of nationalist intellectuals in France, and how their ideology was essentially one that rejected reason in favor of instinct, republicanism in favor of either monarchy or another sort of strong non-democratic nationalist government.  

Most of us regard French intellectuals as logical and lucid thinkers.  Lucid is a word the French love to use.  However, in the period covered by this book there was an upsurge of revolt against reason.  The Embrace Of Unreason: France, 1914-1940

Some of the proponents of this revolt were the Surrealists, and we are all familiar with their exploration of the subconscious. 
But aside from them there were intellectuals that openly expressed the support for concepts such as vitality, the power of instincts, heredity over reason, and the sacrifice of truth and individual rights for a higher goal of racial empowerment and solidarity. 
These right wing intellectuals despised the Enlightenment, the end of monarchy, and the enactment of laws upholding democracy, human rights, and equality for Jews.  For them the tribal interests of the nation should be uppermost. 
Some of the personalities explored by this writer include Maurice Barres, Pierre Drieu LaRochelle, Charles Maurras, and Leon Daudet - all very active and influential in French politics and in intellectual circles in the first half of the 20th century. 
This book is worth reading for the many surprises it offers about the French.  Reading it has a chilling and ominous effect, for it explains not only Vichy, but today's attitudes in France and in Europe in general.
Pierre drieu la rochelle.gifThe book explores the life and thought of Pierre Drieu LaRochelle, an intellectual who never did any real work, but devoted his life to writing.  He mostly financed himself by marrying or dating Jewish women with money, although he was intensely anti-Semitic.
At the end of World War II, after shameless collaboration with the German occupier, Drieu LaRochelle tried to hide from justice.  He finally committed suicide to avoid the ordeal of going through a trial. 
One of his quotes is quite revelatory.  The author says: 
He was unremitting in his anti-Semitism but occasionally lucid enough to recognize its ignominious source.  'I've always been scared to death of Jews, and terribly ashamed of my fear.  Not hatred, but repugnance.  The Jew succeeding as he has in France has branded me, even more than the Anglo-Saxon, with an impression of French inferiority."

There it is.  Today's Europeans don't mind putting up with Muslims' rudeness, violence, crude behavior, and terror - because they can still feel superior to the migrants' culture.  But they continue to hate and resent the Jews because the Jews make Europeans feel inferior.  

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Boycott the Jews
European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy promises to label products coming from Israel - as a preliminary step for their boycott (like the Nazi boycott of Jewish business).  This at a time when Europe is flooded with Muslim migrants - many of them jihadists.

After a two-day informal meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg that Europe will soon decide on the rules concerning labels that will inform consumers when imported Israeli products come from Jewish farmers in Judea and Samaria.
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GERMANY - Arab Christian refugees must now be separated from Muslim migrants for their own protection.  
Violence against Christians among refugees.   Muslims target Arab Christian women for rape, men get beaten up.
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European compassion for Muslim migrants but none for the victims of Muslim crimes in Europe, such as for girls victimized by rape

Denmark's mandatory courses on the notion of women's consent for Muslim migrants  -  It's not OK to rape women.

Norway: Muslims brutally gangrape 14-yr-old girl, get off with community service
The case again underscores the huge rape crisis that has enveloped Scandinavia which has been completely ignored by liberals and feminists because the culprits in many of the cases are immigrants. 
In Norway, almost half of all rapes committed in Oslo in 2011 were carried out by individuals of African, Middle Eastern or Asian origin, despite the fact that Muslim immigrants only represent 1.5- to 2 per cent of the population.
In addition, 100 per cent of aggravated rapes involving physical violence were committed by individuals of African, Middle Eastern or Asian origin.

UK: Muslim group boycotts, threatens police over investigation of Muslim rape gangs that destroyed lives of 1,400 girls

Rotherham is where police stood by and allowed Muslim rape gangs to abduct and destroy the lives of 1,400 non-Muslim girls, and did nothing for fear of being branded “racist.”
Now that that scandal has broken, however, Muslim groups are scrambling to recover protected victimhood status: “British Muslim Youth (BMY) warned its members would not be ‘held responsible for acts of personal self-defence’ and said it could no longer trust South Yorkshire Police because of the ongoing ‘marginalisation and dehumanisation’ of Muslims.”
Aside from the not-so-veiled threat, which is an indication of how aggressive Muslims are in today shattered, staggering, dhimmi UK, the rest of the British Muslim Youth’s statement is quite familiar: we have seen again and again and again, in the U.S. and elsewhere, Muslims claiming that counter-terror efforts are resulting in their “marginalization and dehumanization.”  Here the same risible claim is being applied to investigation of the Muslim rape gangs and their coverup.
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