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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Thursday, June 9, 2016

FOUR JEWS MURDERED BY ARABS IN TEL AVIV TERROR BLOODBATH - ISRAEL BETRAYED BY ITS OWN AUTHORITIES - They enable Muslim terror by (1) allowing Arabs to infiltrate freely into the country (2) by allowing them to steal IDF weapons and keep a massive arsenal in their towns (3) by providing Arabs with radio and TV frequencies to incite for the murder of Jews (4) by their appeasement policies, and much more. It's a slow-motion weakening and surrendering of the country leading to its demise.

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The Max Brenner restaurant was packed with diners just as the gunmen began to open fire with machine guns-  Muslim Arab terrorists shot and killed four Jews in Tel Aviv, and injured many others. 
-  But how did Arabs from across the security fence get to downtown Tel Aviv? 
-  And how did they obtain their weapons? 

CCTV footage have revealed the moment customers desperately ran for their lives to escape the gunmen, who opened fire at random with machine gunsPhotos on the right:  Before the massacre, during the shooting, and the aftermath.

Investigating: Forensic scientists examine the evidence at the scene of the horrific gun attackIt has been suggested that Israeli authorities are playing a game.  While they appear to be protecting the country with displays of anti-terror force, in reality there is an underlying level where they are actually slowly - very slowly - facilitating Arab facts on the ground and Arab empowerment, all leading to their eventual takeover of the country.  

Some speculate that their motivations may be ideological, or maybe they are being pressured through blackmail. 

It is part of the political folklore in Israel that when voters elect a right wing politician, once in office he invariably implements pro-Arab, leftist policies. 
Two shocked members of the public embrace each other after witnessing the horrors of the attack 
Israelis also notice that police often initiates corruption investigations of politicians, and wonder whether this is to keep them in line with the leftist agenda.  With this being the Middle East, it's hard for any politician to have a perfectly immaculate background.  

Israeli doctors try to save the life
of injured Muslim Arab terrorist
involved in the murder of four Jews in Tel Aviv
so that he can try again.
PM Ariel Sharon, PM Ehud Olmert, and controversial minister Avigdor Lieberman have come under police investigation, among others.    

The Supreme Court, IDF top brass, the media, universities, and many other Israeli institutions and individuals with influence, are supporters of a pro-Arab leftist agenda. 

The left, although small in numbers, controls Israel from the top and from behind the scenes.  Democracy in Israel is a sham.  The left is entrenched in positions of power and the will of citizens counts for very little. 
VIDEO - The moment of the Muslim terror attack at a Tel Aviv cafe
Those in power know that there would be a Jewish popular uprising if they were to hand everything over to the Arabs at once.  But ever since 1967 Israel has surrendered Temple Mount (the most sacred site for Jews),  the Sinai (larger than Israel itself), Gaza, and given the Palestinian Authority the means to operate as a separate country within Israel, with its own armed militia.
Enabling Arabs to spread incitement by providing them with radio and TV frequencies.  The Israeli government enables the PA to raise generations of kids brainwashed to hate and kill Jews.  Much of this indoctrination takes place through children educational TV, which demonizes Jews and encourages their murder.   Many of the stabbings in the past few months were done by minors.  
On May 9, 2016 this blog posted an article on how for decades the Israeli government has been providing the PA with radio and TV frequencies for the dissemination of vicious incitement to hate and kill Jews.  Very curious.  Something is not right here. 

Enabling Arabs to build illegal towns with impunity, while freezing construction for Jews.  The government turns a blind eye to Arabs building homes and entire towns without a permit on both sides of the Green Line.  But Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria is forbidden.  Recently a soldier who became seriously disabled during the Gaza war was denied a home renovation to accommodate his disability because he lives in Samaria, where all new construction, home additions, and renovations are forbidden.  But Arabs continue to build illegally.  Those are facts on the ground.

Enabling Palestinian Authority Arabs to infiltrate into Israel by the hundreds each day.  
  • Just a few days ago Israel National News reported how easy it is for Arab infiltrators to get into Israel. 
  • Some are looking for work, others want to kill Jews. 
  • Yesterday some of these infiltrators managed to shoot and kill four Jews and injure several others 
  • Authorities condemn the terrorists, but not the enablers who allow these people to cross into Israel illegally.  
  • Some of those who facilitate these illegal entries do it out of personal interest - to benefit from cheap labor.  
  • Others do it out of a twisted leftist ideology that wants the Arab population to swell, one infiltrator at the time.  Hundreds get in each day.
  • The government too is to blame for its extremely lax enforcement of the law in this regard - perhaps out of a policy of appeasement of its Arab population.
  • A breach in one of the fences has existed for years, and none of the forces of order in Israel seems interested in repairing it.  Very curious.    
Nobody bothers to repair a breach in the security fence that has remained broken for years.  Arabs use it for easy infiltration into Israel
  • A single breach in the security fence near the town of Oranit has turned into a regular crossing point for Arab infiltrators.
  • Security officials admitted that Israeli army and police units catch between dozens and hundreds of Arabs each and every day illegally entering Israel through the breach, though many more are never captured.
  • The fence breach has remained unrepaired for years.  Very curious.
  • Israelis, either employers of the illegal workers or drivers paid to bring infiltrators over the border, regularly assist infiltrators, adding to the wave of unauthorized entries.
  • In the meantime, the breach in the barrier has been augmented by a number of secondary routes Means of entry.
  • Infiltrators use ladders, mattresses, and wooden planks used for makeshift bridges over the barrier.  The evidence litters the border area.
  • Due to the ease with which infiltrators now enter Israel, day laborers regularly cross into Israel in the morning for work and return in the evening with little trouble.
  • Security barriers - walls or fences - to keep infiltrators out have been erected in 65 countries all over the world.  We just don't hear about it because they can't be blamed on Jews.  Read article further down this page for details.
Masses of Arab infiltrators flood into Israel daily. Despite the security fence separating pre-1967 Israel from Palestinian Authority, infiltrators take advantage of bureaucratic gaps 

By David Rosenberg - June 5, 2016  -  Israel National News

When then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon began construction of the security fence more than a decade ago, he pledged that the barrier, which now separates the Palestinian Authority from Israel, would effectively block infiltrations across the Green Line.

Some sections are easily breached
Today, however, bureaucratic finger-pointing and indifference at the political echelon have enabled massive daily breaches of the security fence.

The issue came to light last week, as security officials in Samaria acknowledged the ease with which infiltrators from the Palestinian Authority enter Israel along route 505 near Rosh Haayin, about 10 minutes from Petach Tikva.

A single breach in the security fence near the town of Oranit has turned into a regular crossing point for Arab infiltrators.

Security officials admitted that Israeli army and police units catch between dozens and hundreds of Arabs each and every day illegally entering Israel through the breach, though many more are never captured.

Oranit Mayor Shlomi Langer notified the Defense Ministry and the regional commanding officer of the dramatic uptick in illegal crossings to, Shaar HaShomron reported. Yet no progress has been made in repairing the breach in the security barrier, which has been damaged for several years.

When pressed about the need for repairs, army officials said the Crossing Authority, a division of the Defense Ministry, was responsible for maintaining the security barrier.

Symbol of aggression: Palestinians climb over a section of Israel's separation wall near Qalandia checkpoint between Ramallah to enter Jerusalem for Friday prayer in the al-Aqsa mosque compound, Islam's third-holiest site, during the holy month of Ramadan last month
Wall near Jerusalem.
Not too difficult to get across

In the meantime, the breach in the barrier has been augmented by a number of secondary routes means of entry.

Ladders, mattresses, and wooden planks used for makeshift bridges over the barrier litter the border area. Due to the ease with which infiltrators now enter Israel, day laborers regularly cross into Israel in the morning for work and return in the evening with little trouble.

Israelis, either employers of the illegal workers or drivers paid to bring infiltrators over the border, regularly assist infiltrators, adding to the wave of unauthorized entries. Security officials noted that last week alone they arrested four Israeli drivers accused of smuggling infiltrators over the border.


Enabling access and ownership of weapons for Arabs - but not for Jews
  • The terrorists who struck in Tel Aviv were armed with shotguns.  Arab towns all over Israel on both sides of the Green Line have significant arsenals of weapons. 
  • In the meantime the government severely restricts Israelis' access to defensive weapons.  They would rather see Jews murdered than having them kill Arabs in self-defence.  It is next to impossible for an Israeli citizen to obtain a gun permit.
  • Some of those Arab arsenals have been built with weapons stolen from the IDF.  Theft of IDF equipment and weapons is endemic in Israel.  Nobody in the IDF brass seems to want to put an end to these thefts.  Very curious.

DEBKA FILE:  The mountainous quantities of illegal weapons, run-of-the-mill and exotic, in the hands of Israeli Arabs have grown to unmanageable proportions.

No Israeli civilian police, or even military force, has the scale of manpower required to mount raids in Israeli Arab population centers – ranging from Galilee in the North, the Triangle and Jaffa in the Center and the Bedouin of the Negev – for a comprehensive campaign to impound them – not even if backed by tanks and commando units.

It is pointless to call on all 1.5 million Arab, Bedouin, Druze and Circassian minority citizens to voluntarily surrender their guns. Almost every individual has at least one shooter. The accumulation would not shame any Middle East militia.

The authorities’ inability to deal effectively with this arsenal is not only shocking but has also made the Israeli underworld rich. And even more alarming, it provides a profitable link between terrorist organizations and both Israeli and Palestinian crime mobs and drug dealers. 
The failure to enforce order in some parts of the population, while other communities abide by the law, has created two parallel societies living by different rules.
No oversight in the IDF - It has finally been admitted that 90% of the weapons in illegal hands today were stolen from Israeli army depots, some by traffickers in uniform. Those soldiers were not averse to flogging arms to gangs capable of turning against their own units.
Officers and enlisted men whose weapons were stolen receive only light penalties. However, robbing arms depots has become endemic, with Bedouin in the south making the Negev training bases their “home ground.”
The problem could become more dangerous if the Bedouin, Druze or Circassian communities decided to rise up against Israeli majority rule, because their sons enlist for service in the IDF, the police and the prisons service. They are armed from head to toe, highly trained as soldiers and may be infected with the religious or national fanaticism sweeping the region.

The official data on the quantity of guns loose and unaccounted for are sketchy, bu the variety is hair-raising: grenade launchers; AT-3 Sagger and BGM-71 TOW antitank missiles; M-16 and Kalashnikov automatic rifles, submarine guns – mostly Uzis; heavy and light machine guns and mortars; explosive devices for remote detonation;  concussion, gas and stun grenades; diverse ammunition; magazines; IDF uniforms; protective and bulletproof vests; night vision equipment; and much more.

Enabling Gaza to build terror tunnels by providing them with cement.  Even the Israeli government itself admits that Hamas diverts its use from legitimate home construction into terror tunnel building.  The government is to this day providing Gaza with cement. 

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The Security Barrier explained
As you can see, there are measures to prevent infiltration, only that these measures are not properly applied.
From September 2000 to mid-2005, hundreds of Palestinian suicide bombings and terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians killed more nearly 1,000 innocent people and wounded thousands of others.
In response, Israel's government decided to construct a security fence that would run near the “Green Line” between Israel and the West Bank to prevent Palestinian terrorists from easily infiltrating into Israel proper. The project had the overwhelming support of the Israeli public and was deemed legal by Israel's Supreme Court.
Israel's fence garnered international condemnation, but the outrage is a clear double standard - there is nothing new about the construction of a security fence. Many nations have fences to protect their borders - the United States, for example, has one to prevent illegal immigration.

In fact, when the West Bank fence was approved, Israel had already built a fence surrounding the Gaza Strip that had worked - not a single suicide bomber has managed to cross Israel's border with Gaza.

Read more on the fence
Daily Mail - World of walls:
How 65 countries have erected fences on their borders – four times as many as when the Berlin Wall was toppled – as governments try to hold back the tide of migrants

Blocked: There are 65 countries either building walls, or which are already have them - including in Belfast, where they are called 'peace lines', as well as numerous in the Middle East, where countries are trying to protect themselves from the risk of terrorism

In July, Hungary's right-wing government began building a four-metre-high (13 feet) fence along its border with Serbia to stanch the flow of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.
'We have only recently taken down walls in Europe; we should not be putting them up,' was one EU spokesperson's exasperated response.
Three other countries – Kenya, Saudi Arabia and Turkey – are all constructing border fences in a bid to keep out jihadist groups next door in Somalia, Iraq and Syria.
Seven miles of barrier have already been erected along the border at Reyhanli town in Hatay province - a main point for smuggling and border-crossing from Syria - the private Dogan news agency said. 
The fence in Turkey will eventually stretch for 28 miles along a key stretch of its border with Syria. 
But the Turkish wall pales into insignificance when compared to the multi-layered fence which will one day stretch 600 miles from Jordan to Kuwait along Saudi's border with Iraq - a line of defence against ISIS.


How Israel provides radio and TV frequencies for the Palestinians spread of anti-Jewish hate

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
 - While Israeli officials knew it was being used to build tunnels 
 - How business influences policy
-  A cement factory in Israel has made millions by supplying Gaza terror regime, with government approval.
   - And the personal financial reasons that may have motivated former PM Sharon to expel Jews from Gaza in 2005, thus unleashing a disaster



Govt says Hamas stealing 95% of cement

Disabled soldier denied house adaptation for his disability

The Arab arsenal within Israel that threatens the country

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