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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Monday, February 15, 2016

WILL THERE EVER BE A NUREMBERG TRIAL FOR EUROPEAN TRAITORS who are handing over their countries to ISLAM, refusing to protect the population from Muslim crime and terror, and violently crushing citizens' protests and dissent? - The arrest of 75-year-old General Christian Piquemal, Commander of the French Foreign Legion, for speaking at a PEGIDA anti-Islamization rally - WATCH VIDEO of CALAIS mother denouncing city authorities collaboration with migrants violence and lawlessness

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What is the reason for this abject surrender?  Perhaps someday we will know what was behind politicians of all stripes facilitating the invasion and takeover of Europe by Islam.  Maybe some of those many pro-Muslim migration Europeans currently in positions of authority and influence in the media, government,  universities, and other national institutions, have accepted money from Muslim donors, or from their western sympathizers.   There is already much Muslim money flowing openly into those institutions in Europe and America.  Politicians need millions to run for office, and mainstream media have been struggling for years due to shrinking revenue.  Every dollar or euro is welcome.
The left sees migrants as future supporters for their parties.  Aside from that, the left and anarchists are quite open in their intent to demographically ethnically cleanse indigenous Europeans to replace them with migrants from the Middle East and Africa. 

But the moderate political elite, the ones who in some cases call themselves 'conservatives,' and who occupy posts such as ministers and heads of state, are facilitating, with feigned outrage, the surrender of Europe to Islam.  Why are they enabling the cultural and ethnic destruction of Europe?  Political correctness and fear of offending Muslims by placing a moratorium on further immigration does not fully explain it.
The opposition keeps growing.  Scared by popular opposition to Muslim growth and criminal behavior, authorities are now making a show of trying to regain control of their borders.   Too little, too late.  There are already 54 million Muslims in Europe, and they keep arriving and reproducing, while the white population keeps shrinking.  Just do the math.
Migrant camp THE JUNGLE at the French port of Calais.  18,000 Muslim migrants in a territory where France has apparently surrendered sovereignty.  They demand to be allowed to cross into Britain.  It was the Labour Party of Britain that got this invasion of Europe started with their open door migration policies.  The latest chapter in the destruction of Europe has been  German Chancellor Angela Merkel's invitation to millions of Muslims to settle in the European Union.   
Rearranging the deck chairs in the European Titanic.  Politicians' feeble gestures in appearing to stem the flow of migrants, shouldn't fool anyone.  They are meant to appease the opposition and thus save their jobs from the ever more popular far-right-wing political parties.  
The European political elite's agenda - from the left to the traditional right wing - continues to be one of allowing Muslim migration and the Islamization of Europe, albeit under the appearance of stricter controls.
In the meantime patriots who raise their still moderate voices to protest the end of Europe, are treated as criminals and called Neo-Nazis or fascists, to taint them with connotations that make most Europeans cringe with shame. 
Different levels of government COLLABORATION with the migrant invasion, their refusal to enforce the law in face of widespread migrant criminality, and their tacit decision NOT to protect French citizens from migrant violence amounts to something akin to TREASON. 
Piquemal2016BNI BlogRetired French general, Christian Piquemal, 75, who commanded the Foreign Legion and was advisor to three French presidents, was arrested at a large anti-Islam protest in Calais which he joined ‘to prevent the decline of my country from rapidly expanding Islamization.” 
The French government accused the demonstrators of being “neo-Nazis.”
General Piquemal was charged with “participation in an unlawful assembly which did not dissolve after warning.”  
BREITBART  A video has surfaced with Calais mother Simone Hericourt telling how life in the formerly pleasant French town has turned into hell for its residents, as 18,000 Muslim migrants have set up a camp they call THE JUNGLE waiting for the opportunity to smuggle themselves into Britain. 
The people of Calais suffer from constant harassment and violence from these migrants, who feel emboldened by police indifference to their crimes, and by support by the pro-migrant mayor of the city.

Following is a video by a middle aged French mother living in Calais, where she describes life under what could be characterized as a Muslim migrant occupation aided by a fully collaborative police and city government. 
From her account it's hard to decide  what is worse: 
  • (1) the state of fear, lawlessness, and violent criminality by Muslim migrants all over the city of Calais. 
  • (2)  Loss of national sovereignty.  Calais police and city mayor abstain from enforcing the law, and even act against citizens who report crimes or who protest this untenable situation. 
  • (3)  The utter cowardice of the French residents of Calais who - except for a small handful of protestors - don't dare to raise their voices out of fear.  The speaker derides them as "sheep". 
VIDEO - Resident of Calais speaks:
This is the end of civilization

Calais in happier times

Well, here we are. Pierre introduced me. My name is Simone and I live in Calais. I am of Calaisian stock. My parents lived in Calais. Calais is my life. It’s where I grew up and I’ve always lived there.

Calais used to be a very pleasant town. I used to love going on walks. We had tranquility and safety.   There were always a lot of visitors, both in the summer and in the winter, even though God knows our summers are never that pleasant; the weather is never great here. But the place was alive.

Some time ago refugees came to Sangatte. Sarkozy decided to shut down their squatting zone there, and the refugees arrived in Calais. At first, even I considered them unfortunate people, deprived of means and ill-informed, whom we could perhaps give some help.


And I couldn’t tell you how it happened, but from one day to the next, we had thousands, thousands of migrants. Currently they number at 18,000 in what is called the Jungle. 18,000. It is horrible.
Continue reading and see images of The Jungle of Calais

They’ve downright made a city within the city. They’ve got a discotheque, businesses, schools, hairdressers… They even have… [pause] — I wouldn’t allow myself to say this, but I think you understand it concerns the needs of men. Of course.
They’ve made streets. They’ve given names to these streets. They elected a mayor. [Audience expresses shock] Yes! The police cannot at all enter what they call the “Muslim neighborhood.” It’s forbidden.
Up to that point, we perhaps might have been able to endure this. But we can’t endure the unendurable, when we see riots taking place during the night, every day, constantly.
They turn up in the center of the town, numbering 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, all over the place. They smash cars with iron bars. They assault people; they even assault children. They rob and they rape. What we endure is unimaginable.
They enter the homes of people, while people are at the dinner table, because they want to eat. They take what they want; sometimes they beat up the inhabitants. They steal what they want and smash what they can’t get. And when you defend yourself, the police get on your back [Audience expresses dismay].
For a long time now the police refuse to register complaints. My own son got assaulted. He was out on a walk in the town center, listening to music on headphones. Someone tapped his shoulder and he turned around, thinking it would be a friend.
Three “clandos” were facing him — excuse me, clandestines. He got hit on the head with an iron bar. My son is quite tough and managed to defend himself. So they got beat up.
But then he heard noise on his side: thirty migrants were now going after him. Being bold but not suicidal, he fled. When I saw my son return home my thought was that they could have killed him.
He isn’t alone. They assault kids on their way home from school, or on their way to school, to middle-school. They go so far as to get on school buses, with the kids.
On January 23rd, they did a big riot in Calais. It was horrible. It lasted the whole afternoon and the whole evening. They went so far as to tag the statue of General De Gaulle. They wrote “Nik la France” on it [“Fuk France”, sic], with the ISIS flag underneath.
DAILYMAIL Migrants set fire to their own Jungle camp during riots in January 2016. The footage was posted on Facebook by the French group Calais Libre with the comment: 'Here are the expelled migrants in action last night, and you can hear the pretty words that they use (f***, f***, f*** you)'. Meanwhile, a lorry driver was reportedly hospitalised after being robbed by a gang of migrants at knifepoint and sprayed with tear gas.  The Lithuanian trucker was allegedly attacked by three refugees at a garage in the French port. 
French riot police monitor The Jungle migrant camp in Calais after a night of rioting by hundreds of refugees
In the riot's aftermath.  Authorities will let them remain there, to continue their violence and crimes.

What else can I tell you about what we endure? They demonstrate to protest the standards of the welcome they have received. But the more you give to them, the more they ask for. It’s never enough. Never, never.
When we cross their paths, it’s always “give money”, “give phone.” And if you don’t give, you get beaten up. And don’t count on the police to help you. As I said, they don’t even register complaints anymore.
When we want to demonstrate, the police get on our backs. When we get assaulted, they tell us at the police station: “What do you want us to say; they all look alike. There’s nothing we can do.” I promise that what I’m telling you is the truth.
I used to love going to visit what I call my son’s tomb: the sea. I lost my son and we dispersed his ashes into the sea, in accordance with his wish.
One evening I asked my husband to take me to my son’s tomb, because I needed it. This is something I can’t do anymore. Merely crossing the town center of Calais during the evening means exposing yourself to danger.
As soon as it starts getting dark, it gets dangerous. I can’t go where I used to like to go anymore. It’s not possible anymore. I’m scared. And there are many of us like this in Calais.
What I also don’t understand is the attitude of the Calaisians. Yesterday again there was a demonstration. There were perhaps ten people from Calais participating. Where were all the others? Fear does not steer us clear from danger. The Government has abandoned us. They’ve decided to doom Calais.
If we from Calais don’t react to this, all the migrants in France will end up gathered here, and we’ll be done for; we’ll be dead. The Calaisians are like sheep. I don’t understand them.
Yesterday I participated in this demonstration. I was in the middle of it, with my husband, with my son, with friends. General Piquemal was there [Long round of applause].\=
After what I witnessed yesterday, I could not sleep, because I kept reviewing those scenes in my mind. The television, radio, and newspapers haven’t said what happened there. We saw him get arrested and mistreated like a racaille [street thug].
Retired French General Christian Piquemal makes an address during a PEGIDA-organized protest that was attended by activists against migrants, in Calais, France, February 6, 2016
(General Christian Piquemal, commander of the French Foreign Legion addresses an anti-Islamization rally organized by PEGIDA, on February 6, 2016.)
Arrested:  General Piquemal was among around a dozen of Pegida protesters arrested in Calais
(General Piquemal said he was shocked that the police used tear gas to break up the rally while the protesters were singing the national anthem, the Marseillaise. “I expected you to be standing at attention, singing with us,” he told them.  He was thrown to the ground by police, violently manhandled, and incarcerated.  The 75 year old general later was taken to hospital due to adverse health reactions to the conditions to which he was subjected inside his cell.) 
Image result for christian piquemal images
General Christian Piquemal, 75, being manhandled by police agents during arrest at PEGIDA rally.
The man is a French icon; he deserves the respect owed to his rank, and he got treated like a racaille (a thug). They manhandled him to the ground and a policeman placed his boot on his neck.
We saw it happen; I promise as I stand before you. Then they picked him up and dragged him; his feet weren’t even touching the ground. And then they charged us of course.
I was lucky, because my husband, in a clever move, took us behind the vans and the water guns of the CRS [riot police]. Otherwise they would have detained us and I’d still be in jail today.
And what offense did I commit? I had come there. I had come to protest the massive and invasive immigration we are subjected to.
Do you realize that local shops have lost between 40 percent and 60 percent of their business? Before this, Calais used to be thriving, lively, gay. Foreigners would always come during the summer vacation time, and during the end of the year festivities. Today, nothing is left of that. Nothing.
The shops in the town center have shut down, one after the other. Calais is a dead city, because of the clandestines we have there. When they descend upon the town armed with iron bars and even Molotov cocktails… Yes, they were caught fabricating those… I don’t understand why they don’t get punished for that.
Why do the police let them go so quickly, when they catch them? [Round of applause.] If we, the French, the Calaisians, step out of line, we immediately get detained and subjected to interrogation. We have no rights left.

 Let’s also talk about Natacha Bouchard. [The audience boos.] I call her the snail, because she has gotten fatter and fatter since she became mayor. She has done nothing for the inhabitants of Calais.
She received millions of Euros of help destined to support the local economy. The first thing she did with that money was to build containers to house the migrants. And those containers did not even come from Calais, they came from Brittany.

Natacha Bouchart-maire de Calais
"Clandestine immigrants can be
an exceptional cultural enrichment"
said Natacha Bouchart, mayor of Calais
The only jobs she created in Calais, and I know this through a friend who was offered such a job, were fifty long-term positions to clean up the migrants’ refuse in the Jungle.
Those are the jobs offered by Madame Bouchard. She has banned me from her Facebook page, so I can’t leave comments there anymore.
She doesn’t like me. The feeling is mutual. [Audience laughing.]
As Pierre said, I’m not an intellectual. I didn’t get a higher education. I lost my father at a young age and had to stop school early in order to help with the business.
But that doesn’t mean I’m an idiot. I see what’s going on and I know what I’m talking about. We live under it every day.
There’s been a new development recently: the No Border activists. They are the worst racaille on the face of the Earth. They are the ones inciting the clandestines to riot in Calais.
It’s even worse than that. They post themselves across the town and coordinate riots using walkie-talkies.
I’ve seen the CRS [riot police] give ground to the migrants. That made me weep. I felt this wasn’t normal. We’re at home. This is our country, our town. The migrants should have been the ones retreating, not the CRS.
Why are they demonstrating? They want 2000 Euros pocket money per month. [Hilarity among the audience.] I don’t have that, personally. They want a car, and also a house, naturally.
So let’s talk about housing. Madame Bouchard has expelled people in Calais from their homes because those were situated in the Dunes area, close to the Jungle.
Indeed this proximity meant that they were being robbed and beaten on a regular basis. So she expelled them, even though they were paying their rent.
I myself am being thrown out of my house next month. My house is being confiscated, even though we’ve always been honest people.
It would be too long to explain. A court decided to sell the house, even though we’ve done nothing wrong. My husband is suffering from cancer, but that doesn’t change anything.
The French must be crushed and thrown out, their property seized to make room for the racaille intent on colonizing us. [Round of applause.]
The racaille, we are being told, will be a source of cultural enrichment for us. But I wonder where their cultural wealth is. If what we need is to wreck, destroy, steal, and rape, and this is the short version, well then the French are quite able to do this on their own. You just needed to ask us. [Round of applause.]
I speak with my heart and my words. [Long round of applause.]
VIDEO TRANSCRIPT provided by New Observer Online
News reports:

Heartbreaking account of life in Calais

Migrants set fire to their own Jungle camp

French Foreign Legion former commander arrested for protesting

Arrested:  General Piquemal was among around a dozen of Pegida protesters arrested in Calais

General Christian Piquemal hospitalized after his arrest by French police


Second "Jungle" sprouting at Belgian seaport
Tensions are mounting in the quiet village on the Belgian coast which has seen a spike of refugees settling around its port which runs a P&O route to Hull. 
And port sources have told poor levels of security could also make Zeebrugge a soft target in comparison with Calais and Dunkirk. 
Belgian authorities have stopped 890 migrants without residency papers since January - 450 of which travelled to Zeebrugge which is seven miles from the tourist hotspot Bruges. Dozens of traffickers have also been detained.
Many locals fear the fishing port, which relies heavily being an industrial crossroads between the UK and the rest of Europe, could suffer the same crippling economic consequences as Calais after businesses threatened to stop transporting goods through Zeebrugge. 
While Zeebrugge does not run as many crossings to the UK as Calais, the comparatively weak security at the port could crack if the situation escalates, a source at Zeebrugge port told 
The source said: “Belgian authorities must improve and enhance security at the port in the next few months as a matter of urgency. 
“It is also of vital importance that the UK government supports Belgian authorities in securing the port.” 
Mayor of Bruges Renaat Landuyt said refugees in Zeebrugge were the “first group” trying their luck in the Belgian port but warned hundreds more migrants could follow. 

Men with bags and sleeping bags





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- Since Iran is an enemy of the USA, writer Daniel Greenfield thinks this is treason

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  • Names of individuals and organizations lobbying for Iran and donating money to top US government officials.
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Destroying society with just one law passed by Parliament

The secret agenda behind the Labour Party immigration policy which allowed for the unrestricted invasion of Britain by Muslim immigrants and asylum seekers.  It was intended to demolish Britain's traditional social values, and to bolster Labour's future voting base.

As disclosed by a Labour Party insider just a few years ago and reported on The Telegraph:
The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity", according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.  
He said Labour's relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to "open up the UK to mass migration" but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its "core working class vote".   As a result, the public argument for immigration concentrated instead on the economic benefits and need for more migrants. 
Tony Blair, who was Prime Minister at the time of the attacks, has said that his first response was to try to 'bring people together' and deal with the 'huge trauma' suffered by the capital

Former British PM Tony Blair at Muslim terror attack remembrance ceremonies.  He and his Labour Party forever destroyed Britain.  After leaving politics he has conducted profitable business with Muslim countries.  His sister converted to Islam and wears the hijab.
Tony Blair's policies promoted the unrestricted influx of Muslims into the UK, too many of them advocating hate and terror.  The UK government never minded Jihadist ideology on their soil as long as the targets were not Britons. 

Tony Blair's financial connections to the Muslim world are well known, and there have been allegations of conflict of interest and even corruption.   As a Middle East envoy he was a strong promoter of a terror state for Palestinians on Jewish land.
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COLOGNE police did nothing while hundreds of women were being sexually assaulted by a mob of over a thousand Muslim migrants on New Year's Eve, but came out in full force days later to confront peaceful protest against migrant rape.  Later it was revealed that the government had ordered police to destroy surveillance videos, so as to impede further investigation of the perpetrators.

 - POLICE use pepper spray and water cannons. 
 - Number of sexual assaults in COLOGNE's New Year's Eve now 379 - Migrant gangs committed countless acts of rape all over Germany, Sweden and Finland cities on New Year's Eve - This was planned.

Water cannon was deployed in a bid to stem the growing dis contempt among protesters

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VIDEO: Hateful Muslim crowd trashes everything in sight in a Parisian street.

PARIS no longer the city of love

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