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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

THE FEMINIST CULTURE ALLOWS WOMEN TO GET AWAY WITH DENIGRATING MEN - The new inequality victimizes boys and men - British author debunks many myths about male privilege - AND IN THE US THE ARMY HUMILIATES SOLDIERS by making them wear red high heel shoes in a demonstration of solidarity with women

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How did we get to this point where Hillary Clinton, with a disastrous record as Secretary of State, and with disturbing issues in her career prior to her husband reaching the White House, is being regarded as deserving to be president of the United States - just because she is a woman?
Facts show that women in power can be just as incompetent, ruthless, corrupt, and dangerous  as men.   
It is a myth that women's nurturing disposition will make them more compassionate leaders or CEOs.  Any woman who has to jump the necessary hoops to reach an executive position must have  a heart of steel.
Males have a reputation for having an aggressive nature.  They have to.  They are often the defenders of the herd and the family across the animal kingdom.  Nature does not like wimpy, sensitive males, and they don't get to mate very often. 
Hormones make men more prone to solve matters using violence.  But women's violence is hidden.  Women abuse their children and even abuse their spouses.  But whenever they have to face justice, women are turned into victims, and their crimes are blamed on men and society. 
Many accusations of rape and child molestation against men are made up with the intent of destroying  a man's life not with a bullet but with a lie.

In a dangerous situation it is men who will risk their lives to protect women, even at the cost of their own lives. 

It is men who build our homes in all kinds of weather.  They fix the plumbing.  They defend the country against enemies. 
The following article is based on a book by British author Peter Lloyd, and presents observations that apply to Britain in particular, but the principles are the same all over the West. 
Women are indeed allowed to get away with the denigration and disempowering of men.  If men were to regard women in similar ways, they would be called misogynist and shunned from polite society, (unless they are Muslims, and in that case we look the other way). 
 Feminism' s social destructiveness and hypocrisy
  • Men are responsible for many great achievements but getting a raw deal
  • New book claims men have been unfairly undermined by modern feminism
  • Men are doing more, working harder and getting none of the credit, it says 
  • And while Western men are being denigrated, our authorities and feminists look the other way, and even excuse the epidemic of rape of very young girls and women by Muslim men, particularly in the UK and Scandinavia. (See articles at the bottom of this page.)
  • Ridiculed, abused, exploited - the triumph of feminism has made today's men second class citizens, argues a deliciously provocative new book.   And it's time the chaps fought back.

  • The denigration of men

    By Peter Lloyd
    In our anxiety to support women’s emancipation — which men agree with, by the way — we have allowed our intellectual ability, our emotional intelligence and our capacity for commitment to be endlessly ridiculed.
    Rubbishing the male of the species and everything he stands for is a disturbing  21st century phenomenon
    Men are brilliant. Seriously, we are. We invented philosophy, medicine, architecture, cars, trains, helicopters, submarines and the internet. Not to mention the jet engine, IVF, electricity and modern medicine.
    We’ve led all the industrial revolutions and sent rockets into Space. We’ve fought wars with tin hats and bayonets and won them.
    The world we live in would be nothing without Alexander Graham Bell, Sigmund Freud, Horatio Nelson, Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare and Albert Einstein.
    The geniuses Leonardo da Vinci, Stephen Hawking, Michelangelo, Beethoven, Charles Darwin and Michael Faraday have all contributed immeasurably to our modern lives.
    So why is it that, today, there has there never been a worse time to be a man? Rubbishing the male of the species and everything he stands for is a disturbing — and growing — 21st century phenomenon.
    It is the fashionable fascism of millions of women — and many, many men, too.
    Instead of feeling proud of our achievements, we men are forced to spend our time apologising for them.
    When people chide us for not being able to multi-task or use a washing machine we join in the mocking laughter — even though we invented the damned thing in the first place.
    Continue reading this article, a news report of the army forcing cadets to wear red high heels in a symbolic sign of support for women, a report of a UK politician who recently called to "kill all men," and miscellaneous reports of the epidemic of rape perpetrated by Muslim men on Western European girls and women - while feminists remain silent because the perpetrators are Muslim.

    If ever we do manage to do something well we’re told it’s because our achievements were handed to us on a plate — probably at the expense of women — and not because we’re skilled and work hard. And, naturally, the problems of the world are all our fault.
    In 2013 the Labour MP Diane Abbott made a damning speech about Britain’s men and boys, smugly announcing that masculinity was ‘in crisis’.
    The then shadow Public Health Minister declared that male culture is a ‘celebration of heartlessness; a lack of respect for women’s autonomy and the normalisation of homophobia’.
    She sneered that men were choosing to stay in ‘extended adolescence’ by living at home with their parents — which has nothing to do with rising house prices, of course, but everything, according to Ms Abbott, with men being ‘resentful of family life’. If it weren’t so tragic it would be funny.
    As it is, this kind of stiletto sexism — popularised by an army of female media commentators such as Julie Burchill, Suzanne Moore and Barbara Ellen — has become a depressingly familiar feature of modern British life. And it shows no sign of going away.
    Consider the statistics. If you become a father to twins — one girl, one boy — current data proves that your son will die younger, leave school with fewer qualifications and be less eligible for work than your daughter.
    Our universities and further education institutions are dominated by women at a proportion of ten to every seven men, with the Royal Veterinary College formally identifying boys as an under-represented group.
    Across the Russell Group of Britain’s leading 20 universities, just three have a majority of male students

    Across the Russell Group of Britain’s leading 20 universities, just three have a majority of male students.


    This means your son will be more likely to join the ranks of the unemployed, the majority of whom are now — yes, you’ve guessed it — men.


    The Office of National Statistics noted that in the summer of 2014 a total of 1,147,511 British men were out of work, compared with 887,892 women.


    Psychologically, your son will be more likely to suffer from depression and attempt suicide than his sibling, but there’ll be less support in place to save him.

    He’s also more likely to endure everyday violence than women, with the latest crime statistics for England and Wales noting that two-thirds of homicide victims were men.
    If he’s seduced by his female teacher, she’ll leave court with a slapped wrist thanks to a legal system which is frequently lenient with women. But if your daughter has an affair with her male maths teacher he’ll be chalking up numbers on a prison wall before you can say: ‘burn your bra’.
    By the time your son is 18, he will probably have absorbed the social message that his dad is much less valuable as a parent than his mother — that fathers in families are an added bonus, not a crucial cog.
    Then, if he starts his own family and his relationship doesn’t last, he may become one of the four million UK men who have no access to their children, yet are forced to fund them.
    To cap it all, he’ll be progressively neglected by British healthcare despite being more likely to get — and die from — nine out of the top ten killer diseases. You know, the biggies: these include cancer, heart conditions, strokes, pneumonia, diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver.
    Fifteen years ago the UK Men’s Health Forum showed that, for every £1 spent on men’s health, £8 was spent on women’s. Since then little has changed, for no good reason. Or rather, one very bad reason: we live in a medical matriarchy. In other words, male life is cheap. Bargain basement, last-day-of-the-sale cheap.
    The ultimate insult? It’s all done at our expense. The National Health Service is funded by the public purse, but it’s men — yes, men — who pay a whopping 70 per cent of UK income tax. Yet we are thrown nothing but crumbs in return.
    Currently, women are screened for breast cancer, ovarian and cervical cancer. This is great, but excuse me if I don’t jump for joy. There’s still no screening programme for prostate cancer, even though it kills four times more men than cervical cancer does women.
    And while we’re on the subject of statistics, we men will die five years earlier than our wives, sisters, daughters and girlfriends in a life expectancy gap that’s increased 400 per cent since 1920.
    Oh, and if we are lucky enough to survive the NHS long enough to be able to go on holiday and sit next to a child on a commercial airline such as British Airways, he’ll be moved in case he sexually abuses them. Your grown-up daughter won’t, even if she has previous form.
    All in all, the outlook for your son is pretty bleak, isn’t it? Sadly, he will accept the way things are because over the past couple of decades or so it’s what men have done.
    In our anxiety to support women’s emancipation — which men agree with, by the way — we have allowed our intellectual ability, our emotional intelligence and our capacity for commitment to be endlessly ridiculed.
    Obviously, this isn’t to say that girls are having a brilliant time of it. Most of society is well versed in the problems and pressures faced by women — the same women who have spent years trying to prove their worth beyond motherhood and housework.
    But, unlike us, they get column inches and air time. They get government funding and MPs. They have a vocal community who will stand in their defence.
    We men, on the other hand, have nobody.
    We are of no interest to MPs, UN panels or charities. If we want somebody to fight our corner, we are going to have to do it ourselves.
    And fight it we must, before it’s too late. We don’t want to undo or compete with feminism — far from it. But we urgently need our own version of women’s lib to stop our sons being permanently deflated, downgraded and disenfranchised.
    Remember the suffragettes? We are the suffragents.
    So here are my suggestions for a new, improved approach to masculinity. It may not be politically correct, but look where political correctness has got us.
    Let’s start by ditching a few of those everyday myths about being a bloke in the 21st century.
    First up, the wage gap. For years men have been guilt-tripped over a supposed discrepancy in pay that apparently sees women lose thousands of pounds every year compared with their male colleagues.
    The great news? According to experts who understand it, this simply isn’t true.
    The claim has been debunked by leading economists, including Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz, both professors of economics at Harvard University, and Christina Hoff-Somers of the American Enterprise Institute.
    ‘The wage gap myth has been repeatedly discredited but it will not die,’ says Hoff-Somers. ‘The 23 per cent gap is the difference between average earnings for all men and all women, but it does not take into account differences in occupation, expertise, job tenure and hours worked.
    When it does, the so-called wage gap narrows to the point of vanishing.’ Essentially, this means a woman who works as a primary school teacher isn’t going to be paid the same as a man who works as a brain surgeon. Which is how it should be. This is about salaries structured on skill, difficulty and reward.
    Many women work fewer hours than men. Many choose comfortable, low-paying jobs that fit in with their many other commitments, perhaps to children and ageing parents rather than strenuous, dangerous and life-threatening ones.
    These naturally bring higher pay for men, but — according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health — also put male workplace fatalities at 94 per cent of the total.
    Which suddenly makes women’s career choices look very much more sensible, whatever the pay difference. And make no mistake about it, a choice there has to be. When it comes to careers and families, something has to give.
    But that’s as it should be.
    It’s a mathematical fact there aren’t enough hours in the day for anyone, male or female, to work 60-hour weeks all year, raise children and run a house full-time. So the idea that it should be split down the middle to prove some political point might sound right-on, but in reality it’s the cause of so much unnecessary marital conflict.
    Instead, let’s be realistic. Whether it’s an unwelcome truth or not, most new mothers like to nurture the baby they’ve been carrying for nine months, while fathers typically return to work and help bankroll it.
    This is absolutely OK.
    Think about it: women carry life. That’s the ultimate. We men can’t compete with that, so our purpose is to provide for that life.
    That’s our identity as fathers and what we bring to the table. It’s been this way since time immemorial because it’s cost-effective, practical and sensible.
    Recent legislative changes tried to rewrite this fact when the Coalition brought in extended paternity leave in 2011, taking it beyond the standard two weeks. But it failed miserably. Fewer than one in 50 used it. In fact, for various reasons, a quarter of new fathers took no leave at all.
    This is also absolutely OK if it’s what both partners want.
    Eventually, in every relationship, somebody will need to take the bulk of childcare responsibility, while the other manages the rest.
    Personally, I don’t care who assumes the traditional breadwinner role, but unless you can afford a nanny (or manny) to do the child rearing for you, it can’t be both of you.
    Whatever the outcome, just remember: it’s not a choice that must be adjudicated by feminist harridans. I say this because whenever working fathers are discussed in the media, the insinuation is that they don’t pull their weight.
    Actually, the opposite is true: aside from proving we can multi-task just fine, research collated by the Fatherhood Institute shows that British dads work the longest hours in Europe — an average of 46.9 hours per week, compared with 45.5 hours in Portugal, 41.5 hours in Germany and 40 hours in France.
    Around one in eight UK fathers works excessively long hours — 60 or more — while almost 40 per cent graft more than 48 hours each week. Contrary to popular opinion, we don’t leave the house every morning for the sole purpose of jumping into bed with our secretaries. And when we do get home to spend time with our children we’re no slackers either.
    In the late Nineties, fathers of children under five were devoting an average of two hours per day on child-related activities, compared with under 15 minutes in the mid-Seventies.
    Today, fathers’ time spent with their children currently accounts for one-third of total parental childcare, even though many of them are working full-time as well.

    So we’ve established that men are, in fact, pulling their weight at home, and that the pay gap is not what it’s cracked up to be.
    Indeed, in many cases it’s going the other way: the Chartered Management Institute found recently that female managers in their 20s are now bringing home 2.1 per cent more than men of the same age.

    So why, I ask, are men still expected to pay for nights out? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve sat in restaurants observing men financing lavish dinners while their glamorous guests freeze at the sight of the credit card machine — even though, dripping with jewellery, they could clearly afford to cough up.

    Don’t get me wrong. Plenty of women do go Dutch. Plenty more settle the tab themselves. We like these women. We like them when they allow us to treat them — and likewise, we enjoy it when they spoil us. What we’re after here is a mutually beneficial sharing of bills, as well as minds.

    That’s not to say we should throw out chivalrous behaviour altogether. There are plenty of aspects of it — otherwise referred to as ‘being nice’ — that are worth keeping. Holding a door open for a woman, for example, just makes the minutiae of daily life a bit easier for everyone. It’s a kind and respectful thing to do.
    All I’m asking for is that we men get a bit of respect in return. Because at the moment we’re being exploited and abused — not least, as I’ll explain on Monday, when it comes to our most important roles of all: as husbands and fathers.
    Stand By Your Manhood by Peter Lloyd is published by Biteback at £16.99.

    Army ROTC program allegedly pressured cadets to walk in high heels for ASU event
    ROTC cadets participate in a "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" event held at Temple University on April 1, 2015. (Image: Temple University Army ROTC)

    This doesn’t appear to be some sort of rogue action. According to cadets commenting on the subject the order comes from the top: MG Peggy Combs, commanding general of US Army Cadet Command. And it is highly coercive:
    A ding on an evaluation that you don’t support the command’s EO program is a guarantee that you won’t get promoted while on active duty. As a cadet it will probably prevent you from being selected to go on active duty rather than receiving a 90-day active duty for training billet and moved into the Guard or Reserve. It has also against Army Regulations to require soldiers to buy items of clothing for wear while on duty.
    The Washington Times reported:
    Army ROTC cadets are complaining on message boards that they were pressured to walk in high heels on Monday for an Arizona State University campus event designed to raise awareness of sexual violence against women.
    The Army openly encouraged participating in April’s “Walk A Mile in Her Shoes” events in 2014, but now it appears as though ROTC candidates at ASU were faced with a volunteer event that became mandatory.

    Source - 

    UK Feminist politician calls to "kill all men"

    A Liberal Democrat activist who sits on two national party committees has been suspended from her regional party after a string of sexist comments on social media. The activist in question, Sarah Noble, made multiple tweets of a disturbingly hateful nature, including “kill all men”.

    The comments were brought to light by by HEqual, a gender egalitarian campaigning group. After being made aware of them, former Lib Dem Equalities Minister Jo Swinson was quick to condemn Noble’s comments. Writing on Facebook, Swinson said the comments were “completely unacceptable” and “in no way represent the views of Liberal Democrats”. The former Minister also said that Noble has been asked to delete her tweets and apologise. No apology has yet been forthcoming.

    Noble sits on the national committees of the LGBT Liberal Democrats and the Secular & Humanist Liberal Democrats. She has also been elected to the executive committee of the National Union of Students’ LGBT wing, which, like the LGBT Lib Dems, has a zero-tolerance attitude towards hate speech.

    Previously posted on this blog:
    By Tracy W.
    July 2, 2013
    At a time when popular media treats men with contempt and ridicule, and when our culture undermines their dignity as fathers and husbands, it takes a tragedy to remind us that it is men who still bear the burden of  the most risky and the most physically demanding jobs in society, often placing their health and their very lives at risk.
    The recent sacrifice of 19 men fighting an out-of-control fire in Arizona to protect their neighbors' property is only one example.  Although they are called heroes today, people do not put their act of heroism in a proper social context.
    Men constituted the majority of first responders killed in the collapse of the WTC Twin Towers in NYC.  And it was mostly men who did the cleanup in that toxic environment, and who were subsequently treated with contempt by being denied proper medical care.
    Men are the ones who are expected to go to war (when women do, it is out of their own volition). 
    War veterans who did not fall to enemy fire are now committing suicide at high rates due to insufficient medical care and to the abandonment by society and their own military. They often fall into states of homelessness, addiction and further sickness. 
    If you look all around you in your neighborhood, it is men who do the hard work building homes in all kinds of weather.  It is men we call to do the dirty job of fixing our house plumbing issues.  It is men we expect to protect us in challenging situations, and to stand aside in favor of women and children when it comes to being rescued.
    But our culture has declared war on men.
    It is destroying their psyche by denigrating them. This anti-men culture is affecting boys' achievement in schools and their masculine identity. 
    The anti-gun campaign is being waged on all fronts, by disarming men and by stigmatizing boys who want to play with toy guns.  Boys have been suspended from school for even making a gesture with their fingers in the shape of a gun. 
    We cannot have it both ways, by denigrating and ridiculing men and still expecting them to be heroes and do the hard work for us women.
    The Arizona fire and the sacrifice of 19 elite Hot Shot firefighters -

    A tribute to the Arizona Hot Shot firefighters -
    National Geographic feature on elite Hot Shot firefighters -

    At the same time another large fire injured 11 firefighters in the UK - Staggering pictures of the conflagration

    First responders decry exclusion from 9/11 ceremony -

    The connection between WTC air pollution in the aftermath of the attack and first responders' health problems. -

    Congress betrays sick heroes who toiled at WTC -

    Thousands of WTC first responders claiming compensation subjected to humiliating FBI screening to determine whether they have ties to terror organizations !!! -

    February 2013 - Active duty military and veterans committing suicide at a rate of 22 a day -

    July 2, 2013 -  Veterans must navigate up to 613 forms and more than a dozen agencies to get benefits  -

    Research determines that boys underachievement is due to negative stereotypes about males

    While Western men are denigrated, Muslim men living in the West abuse children and women with impunity, while authorities, feminists and the liberal media look the other way.

    The West that so easily denigrates men, is however bowing to misogynist Islam, admitting millions of Muslim migrants, adopting or accommodating Sharia Law, and - contrary to all evidence - defending Islam as a religion of peace.

    In the meantime, Muslims continue to rape and exploit children and women all over Western Europe, particularly in the UK and Scandinavian countries.  The response from governments, feminists, and police is a cover up, and when they can't hide it anymore, they call for tolerance of the intolerable.

    NannaSkovmandDenmark: Muslims who whipped woman in face with iron chains laugh in court

    Sweden, rape capital of the West - perpetrated by Muslim men

    British girls raped and exploited by Muslims gangs on an industrial scale


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