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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Sunday, April 12, 2015

THE CULTURE WAR - THE LEFT'S CAMPAIGN AGAINST TRADITIONAL MORAL AND PATRIOTIC VALUES - Why it sides with our enemies - And why the left wants Iran to get the bomb

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Following are two columns by Daniel Greenfield that address the pernicious influence of the leftist agenda on the morals and the security of the United States and other Western countries. 
First, under the guise of "tolerance," and above all "peace," the left has been forcing society to accept the erosion of traditional values and a dangerous weakening of national security.  

The left's goal is the total destruction of traditional values and America's power, and will stop at nothing to achieve it.
On his second article, Greenfield shows how the left has a history of viewing nuclear power as good when in the hands of the enemies of America - such as the Soviet Union and now Iran -  and bad when in US hands.

There are two important related issues not addressed on these columns but that need to be mentioned:  

1)  How the left attacks Christian values, but ignores egregious abuses of human rights in the Muslim world while agitating for more tolerance for Islam as if it were a victimized minority, instead of an ideology responsible for atrocities, oppression, conquest, slavery, and genocide for the past 1400 years.  And the left will call you "intolerant" or worse if you dare to point this out.

2)  How the left has distracted our attention away from the ever present danger of nuclear power plants and focused obsessively on global warming and fossil fuels.  As indicated on an article posted here this week, an EMP event caused by a nuclear bomb or a solar flare could unleash multiple nuclear power plant meltdowns, which would erase millions of lives and civilization as we know it.

Some key points:

The Culture War we're in
  • How are wars won?  By destroying the other army as an organized force  and their perception of self-worth.
  • A culture war is a war of values. The left seeks to destroy you by degrading the things that you value.
  • The purpose of the counterculture was to shatter the dominant culture. Once that was done, the counterculture became the culture.
  • The much touted calls for "freedom" morphed into conformity and control.
  • The new culture of conformity and control is still being sold as 'rebellious' when it's just the new establishment.
  • The left is a pyramid of organizations and institutions.
  • It needs the support of wealthy entertainment and media industries. 
  • The left is destroying a civilization that it cannot survive without.
  • The culture war begins by attacking abstract ideas. Then it attacks organizations. Then it attacks people.
  • At the individual level, the goal of the culture war is to destroy your will to resist them.
  • It will shame you. It will bully you.  It will use your children against you. It will make you question your sense of right and wrong.
  • The left's goal is to break you as an individual, to take away your values and to replace them with their own.
  • If it cannot do these things, it will try to destroy you and even use you as a cautionary tale to warn others.
  • There are no credible organizations capable of fighting against the left.  The GOP is a joke.  But the left is afraid of individuals
  • By being who we are in the face of their oppression, we become cultural guerrillas.
  • Our family is our army. Our religion and our convictions are our organization. Our mind is our weapon. Our battle is keeping these alive.
  • We do not get what we deserve. We get what we are willing to fight for. 
Why the left wants Iran to get the bomb? 
  • For the same reason a previous generation wanted the Soviets to get it.
  • The left does not believe that nuclear weapons are evil. It believes that American power is evil. 
  • The left supports Iranian nuclear weapons because, like Soviet weapons then,  they weaken America.   And a weaker America to them means a better world.
This culture war we're in
By Daniel Greenfield

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.
How are wars won?  To win a war you don't need to kill every soldier on the other side.   What you need to do is destroy the other army as an organized force.
You destroy the ability of the officers to command and the morale of the men.   You destroy their perception of the worth of their side and of their own self-worth.
All wars are culture wars. To win you must destroy the values of the other side.  That is one reason why we're losing to Islam no matter how many times we beat them on the battlefield.   You must destroy their sense of purpose and the values instilled in them to break them as an organization. 

And that is what the left has been doing to us.
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This culture war we're in is slow and subtle. It's not always as loud and as obvious as the counterculture was.
The purpose of the counterculture was to shatter the dominant culture. Once that was done, the culture could be slowly cannibalized at will until the counterculture became the culture.
And then it was no longer about freedom or free anything, those were the disruptive tools used to drive youth recruitment with a facade of anarchy, and it became about conformity and control.
This culture of conformity and control is still being sold as 'rebellious' when it's just the establishment.
We no longer have a culture. We have a counterculture that occasionally masquerades as the culture.
But it's not over yet. A culture war destroys the culture of the other side because that is the source of its values.
To completely destroy the other side, its values must be destroyed as an abstract, its organization must be destroyed to prevent those values from being conveyed and the individual's own values must be destroyed, in that order.
Destroying the values of every single individual is the most difficult part of this project.
Destroying values as an abstract idea is the easiest. That's why the left has made its greatest gains there.
Abstract ideas can be torn down. It's not hard. Any college freshman can tear down a set of ideas, honestly or dishonestly.
Indeed much of the purpose of modern education is equipping students to destroy the ideas and values of their parents (but obviously not those of their educators). What is difficult is using that to destroy the culture that is based on those ideas.
This is not an intellectual debate. People are defined by their values. They gain strength and identity from those values. To defeat them, you must devalue their sense of self. You must convince them that what they saw as worthwhile is really worthless. That will destroy their resistance and individualism.
The left attacked our culture in order to destroy our communities and then finish us off as individuals.
Americans believe that they are exceptional because their country is exceptional. So the left eagerly swarms to argue that America is not exceptional, except maybe that it's exceptionally bad.
Americans believe that individuals succeed with hard work. Obama and Elizabeth Warren bray that "You didn't build that." 
Americans believe in religion and family. The left sets out to destroy them by proving that these institutions are evil and oppressive.   Religious leaders are pedophiles. The family is setting for abuse that makes gay people feel bad.
When the dust settlers, the only 'good' religion and family are the kind defined by the left. Having destroyed the existing system of organization, the left replaces it with its own. That is the ultimate goal of a culture war. Not mere destruction, but absolute power.

 The culture war begins by attacking abstract ideas. Then it attacks organizations. Then it attacks people.
By attacking the ideas, it undermines the organizations based on them so that it can seize control of them or destroy them.
Once that's done, it controls a sector of society and begins enforcing its conformity agenda on individuals. Much of that is underway.
The war is drilling down to the individual level. We are approaching the tyranny threshold.
At the individual level, the goal of the culture war is to destroy your will to resist them. The left has many tools for doing this.
It will shame you. It will bully you. It will cause you to despair. It will convince you that your cause is hopeless. It will urge you to turn on each other. It will use your children against you. It will show you that what you believe in is a lie. It will make you question your sense of right and wrong.
All of these serve their evil ends.
The most important thing to understand about this phase of the culture war is that the left's goal is to break you as an individual, to take away your values and to replace them with their own. If it cannot do these things, it will try to destroy you and even use you as a cautionary tale to warn others.
This war may be fought with social media or in classrooms, it may be fought by bureaucrats with pens and by movie stars in front of cameras, but it's not all that different from a conqueror and his army of brutes riding into a village and enforcing his own rule of law. The forms are different, but the underlying dynamic is the same. We are being conquered. And we continue to resist.
The left is not fighting this as a war of ideas.
It attacks the area of least resistance with whatever slogan or argument is most convenient at the time. Don't debate its ideas. Indict its hypocrisy. It mocks the values of others, but demands that what is sacred to it be off limits. This is a weakness. Don't defend your own values. Attack its values. You aren't the establishment. You lost. You're the rebels. Be rebellious. They are the owners. Wreck what they have made without counting the cost.
The left is not an organic entity. It is a pyramid of organizations and institutions. It needs the support of billion dollar entertainment and media industries. Its community organizers need jobs with six figure salaries.
The left is destroying a civilization that it cannot survive without.
It is an artificial entity that is weak and vulnerable in ways that the organic systems it has declared war on, such as the family, are not.
The left is not human. It is a system.
It is a system of control. A system of organization. A system of indoctrination. Destroy the system and the left dies. Destroy the flow of wealth and the control of ideas and it withers.
Like every system, the left seeks to control organic human institutions. It fancies itself superior to them when it is actually a parasite living on their backs.
There are only two possible futures. Either the left will destroy itself. Or we will destroy it.
The only question is the human cost of the struggle. We have already gotten a taste of the cost of their tyranny. It will get worse and worse.
Ask a citizen of the Soviet Union in 1933. But resistance is not simply about winning fights. It is about the struggle of the mind and the struggle of the soul.
Winning is not always about beating the enemy. Sometimes it is about maintaining who you are despite it. It is about surviving in gulags and concentration camps. It is about passing on your values despite the totalitarian state growing around you.
It is a spiritual resistance. It is a resistance of the mind.
We are reaching the point where the left is running out of Republican "organizations" to fight.
There is no conservative organization on a large scale. Only a hollow business party, its crony capitalist attachments and its stunted media. The left will have to fight people if it wants to completely win.
It will have to stamp out all opposition to secure its totalitarian rule. That is what it's doing now.
Above all else, maintain your own values and your own sense of self-worth in this conflict. The left cannot win until it has destroyed your morale. To win this war, it has to finish the job of breaking the society by destroying any sources of resistance that might coalesce into a new organization.
That is why it was so threatened by the Tea Party. That is why it is so obsessed with destroying and controlling decentralized religious groups.
The remnants of the establishment are no threat to it. The Republican Party and mainstream leaders don't even know there's a war on. They've already lost.
The left has outmaneuvered GOP commanders. They still have plenty of troops, but no initiative. Their command lacks flexibility. They don't know how to use their forces and they're still playing by outdated rules of chivalry that the other side does not follow. They're a 19th century European cavalry formation and the left is the Viet Cong. They have long ceased to be a threat to the left.
What the left is worried about is that some of the remnants of the army that they shattered will gather together into new organizations with new tactics and strike them hard using guerrilla tactics.
It's not afraid of the conservative establishment. It remains worried about a populist right that stops worrying about being nice or following the rules and hits them unpredictably and remorselessly.
It wasn't afraid of John McCain. It was afraid of Andrew Breitbart.
You are a cultural guerrilla in a war you never chose. You are an anonymous soldier who has been betrayed by his leaders. And you are a much bigger threat than they ever were.
Armies like fighting other armies. Armies are predictable. A Republican Party is a slow-moving elephant. It isn't a threat. It's easy to see where it's going and what it will do. It may win a battle or two, but it can't go far and it will quickly tire itself out. It has small goals and is satisfied with holding ground. It isn't interested in conquest.
No one likes fighting guerrillas. They're hard to find and you can never set aside your worries and enjoy the spoils of victory when they're around. And the left wants to enjoy its spoils of victory.
To destroy guerrillas, you either have to hunt them all down or destroy their values, the things they value, the hope that moves them forward and the goals they aim to achieve.
The left is good at tearing down a culture. But its swath of destruction creates cultural guerrillas who carry their culture with them. Men and women whose values cannot be broken by pop culture and social media mobs. When those men and women form families and communities, they become the counter-culture. And the final phase of this culture war will be between them and the left.
Either they will win. Or the West will die.
A culture war is a war of values. It is a war of worth. The left seeks to destroy you by degrading the things that you value.
It knows that it cannot dominate you as an individual until you abandon your sources of strength. Your weapons are those strengths. Your values are your resistance. Even if you cannot organize, to endure is also an act of resistance. To hold on to your values is a victory.
This culture war we're in will not be won tomorrow, but it may be lost tomorrow. Cultures have vanished before and been forgotten. The culture that produced the airplane, that stood on the moon, that changed the world, does not deserve be buried under a cringing crawling horde of commissars.
But we do not get what we deserve. We get what we are willing to fight for.
Wars are not always won with bullets. Armies are expensive. Causes take momentum to maintain. Cultures can outlast organizations. And it is an organization that we are at war with.
The left does not have an authentic culture. Its counter-culture culture is a machine of destruction, a clumsily slapped-together assemblage of tools for cracking open, destroying and dominating people. A collection of lies and excuses, smears and bad habits, laced over with cultural appropriation and the fetisihization of the minority 'Other' as its sole source of spirituality.
It has no tradition. It has no heritage. It has no culture. It's a virus, not an organism. It is utterly worthless and, like a virus, will not survive the destruction of its host.
It is our task to outlive it, if we cannot defeat it. It is our job to maintain our culture against its attacks. And it is our mission to expose it for what it is, a phantom made up of a million excuses for power. Its weapon is to destroy everything that gives us a sense of worth because it is a thing of no worth. It has nothing. We have everything. Its activists are a zombie army trying to fill their maws with something by destroying us because they have nothing. And they will always have nothing.
The left isn't strong. It's weak. It isn't moral, it's completely amoral. It isn't replacing our culture with something better. It's replacing it with an engine for destroying our culture. Once that's done, it will collapse as thoroughly as its regimes always have because they had nothing to keep them going.
It's not our cure. It's our disease. It's not a culture, it's an anti-culture. It's not a people, it's a system. It's an organization and those can be taken apart.
We are in the same place that the left was a century ago. We lack its organization, but we don't need its artificial organizations. Our organizations are organic.
To win, they have to completely dominate us with their organization. If we can maintain our organic organizations, our families, our communities and our religious and cultural groups, our arts and our skills, then we will have the natural building blocks for a resistance against them. Our lives are a natural resistance.
By being who we are in the face of their oppression, we become cultural guerrillas. Only our ability to maintain our organic organizations will make an ongoing resistance possible.
There is no party. There is no movement. We are all there is. And we had better make the most of it.
Our family is our army. Our religion and our convictions are our organization. Our mind is our weapon. Our battle is keeping these alive. Every battle we win organizes us, radicalizes us and builds us into a movement, a resistance of conviction and an organization of principle.
We are a human movement. Our resistance to the system defines us. Our victory will be a human victory. We will defeat the system by staying human, by keeping our families and our faith.
We will destroy the system by refusing to be controlled by it. We are not planning a revolution. Our lives are the revolution.


Why the left wants Iran to get the bomb
By Daniel Greenfield

Before Global Warming posters hung on the dingy walls of American classrooms, the atomic bomb was the original Great Bogeyman of the left.
 Nothing quite so demonstrated the madness of our war machine as our willingness to deploy weapons of mass destruction to stop Communism in its tracks.
The self-righteous antics over nuclear weapons in literature, art, film, at protests and in papers are far too numerous to document.
But you can still spot the occasional clunker with “One nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day” or “You can’t hug a child with nuclear arms” peeling off one lopsided bumper.
Just don’t expect its owner to oppose Iran’s nuclear program over its day-ruining hug-denying nature.
What made nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants bad was not that they killed children, mutated fish or doomed mankind. There was nothing wrong with Plutonium or Uranium. In Iranian or Soviet hands they are perfectly good substances. It’s when Uncle Sam gets his hands on them that they go bad.
Soviet nuclear weapons were never the problem. Now anti-nuclear activists are defending Iran’s nuclear program because they were never really opposed to nuclear weapons; they were opposed to America.
The anti-nuclear crowd isn’t against nuclear power plants or even nuclear missiles; otherwise it would be on the front lines campaigning against Obama’s nuclear sellout to Iran, instead of supporting it.
The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, which claims to be against everything from nuclear power to depleted uranium, cheered the Iran deal.
Ploughshares campaigns against WMDs while linking up with Iran’s lobby.
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is on the same page. The organization’s motto, “70 Years Speaking Knowledge to Power”, communicates that it isn’t against nukes. It is against “Power”.
The United States is defined as possessing that intangible quality of “Power”.
Not Iran, which is a victim of American “Power”. 
In his New York Times interview with Thomas Friedman, Obama said that he had told his team to be sensitive to the “defensive Iran that feels vulnerable”. That’s the Iranian inner child that, according to Obama, was scarred by the United States in the past. Nukes are just its radioactive security blanket against American imperialism. Our power is the problem. Not their nukes.
There is a long history of such reasoning dating back to spy-scientists like Ted Hall and Alan Nunn May passing along nuclear secrets to the USSR to prevent a US nuclear monopoly.
And the May case was very nearly covered up because it would have interfered with a plan to demilitarize the bomb and bring the USSR into the club.
As would so often be the case, the distinction between traitors and Democrats was that the former acted unilaterally while the latter put the stamp of considered policy on their treason.
Having created an atomic crisis by helping the USSR get the bomb, the left would then spend the bulk of the Cold War denouncing the “madmen” in the Pentagon for a mass destructive stalemate that the left had sought.
It was not the Pentagon which wanted to see the world balanced on the brink of destruction. It was the left which had broken the “American monopoly” that had wanted it to happen.
And once it did, the left turned a crisis that it caused into its own pet cause by promoting unilateral disarmament. Having destroyed the American monopoly, it sought to leave America utterly helpless.
There has never been a credible plan for a world without nuclear weapons. The only plan that has ever existed is a plan for a world without American nuclear weapons.
Nuclear proliferation was one of the means of realizing that goal. A nuclear crisis brings disarmament talk to the forefront.
The best possible way to promote the agenda of American disarmament is by helping Iran get the bomb.
After his original inauguration, Obama talked of a “world without nuclear weapons”. But what he really meant was a world without American weapons.
“As the only nuclear power to have used a nuclear weapon, the United States has a moral responsibility to act,” Obama said in that same speech. “We cannot succeed in this endeavor alone, but we can lead it, we can start it.”
The only American Exceptionalism that Obama has ever believed in is an exceptional American guilt.  As the first country to have used a nuclear weapon, against an empire that was engaged in genocide and cannibalism, America has to give up its weapons first. American nuclear weapons are tainted in ways that no other weapons are.
Our nukes are bad nukes. Everyone else’s nukes are good nukes.
The credibility of the other side doesn’t matter. As a dog returns to its vomit, Obama and the left eagerly tried to wrap up disarmament in a deal with Moscow despite a long history of nuclear treaty fraud.
When Putin decided to take advantage of Obama’s flexibility by invading Ukraine, there was always Iran.
And there has even been talk of renewing negotiations with North Korea. And why shouldn’t there be?
The Iran deal is just a replay of the terrible ideas that the Clintons used to let Kim Jong-Il go nuclear.
Disarmament is never the objective. Instead the negotiations invariably allow the other side to increase its arsenal and capabilities. That is what they are designed to do.
The left does not believe that nuclear weapons are evil. It did not believe that Soviet nuclear weapons were evil. It does not believe that Iran’s nuclear program is evil. It believes that American power is evil.
Iranian nuclear weapons are good because they weaken America.
Like Soviet nuclear weapons, they undermine American power.
They force the United States to “negotiate” and submit to international law. The more nuclear weapons spread, the more the “hawks” will have to realize that they have no option but to disarm the United States and put their faith in some international order to achieve peace.  That has always been the endgame.
The Council on Foreign Relations’ Foreign Affairs magazine had already run a piece promising that an Iranian nuclear bomb would bring stability to the region.
As usual the word does not mean what you think it might. Stability is yet another euphemism for weakening the American coalition to create a new balance of power through Iranian power.
The same arguments now being deployed in favor of the Iran deal will later be redeployed to argue that Iran’s nuclear weapons will actually create stability. And as a bonus, Iran will be able to drive up the price of oil which means more Green Energy subsidies. For the left, that’s a win-win scenario.
The spy-scientists claimed to be concerned with the “safety of mankind” rather than such petty trifles as the security and freedom of the United States and its allies.
Today men and women who think like them run the United States. And they are not concerned with the United States, but with “mankind”.
Obama intends to cut a nuclear deal with Iran on any terms and even on no terms at all. He intends to do it for the same old reasons. It’s not just about Israel, though as with regime change in Egypt, undermining the Jewish State is a nice bonus because it further weakens America.
A stronger Iran means a weaker America. And the left believes that a weaker America means a better world.


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