A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Saturday, March 14, 2015

WELCOMING REFUGEES INTO YOUR HOME TOWN? TEN THINGS AMERICANS NEED TO KNOW about what the White House calls immigrant "seedlings"

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Some important points to consider before reading the article below:
  • It is neither racist nor paranoid to be concerned with the unintended consequences of a sudden high influx of refugees and immigrants from countries with a culture of high crime (Central America), tribalism, and jihadism (Muslim countries). 
  • The European experience should serve as a warning.  Most European leaders have been forced to admit the fact that certain cultures, such as Islam, DO NOT ASSIMILATE WELL   French, German and British leaders admitted Multiculturalism has utterly failed.
  • Worse, those immigrants bring with them hatreds and conflicts that result in violence in their host countries, causing non-sustainable expenses for welfare, policing, and extra anti-terror security measures. 
  • Traditional European cultures and values are being diluted or suppressed, while Muslim traditions are imposed on the ever decreasing percentage of indigenous European citizens. 
  • The policy of importing a large number of Muslim immigrants and refugees into the West has NOT been inspired by compassion but by crass political expedience. 
  • As European and American populations lean to thee right of the political spectrum, leftist political leaders have resorted to promoting the importation of foreigners to create a future voting base. 
  • In the case of Britain, the Labour Party did just that.  This was confirmed by a Labour Party whistleblower.  
  • The US administration is also legalizing undocumented migrants and importing millions of refugees, a large proportion of them from Muslim countries, in order to IRREVERSIBLY change the demographics, THE VALUES, and the fate of the United States of America. 
As reported by the UK newspaper The Telegraph a few years ago:
The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity" according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to PM Tony Blair, Jack Straw, and David Blunkett. 

He said Labour's relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to "open up the UK to mass migration" but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its "core working class vote".   As a result, the public argument for immigration concentrated instead on the economic benefits and need for more migrants.   

 By Ann Corcoran,
Refugee Resettlement Watch 
President Barack Obama, flanked by Cecilia Muñoz, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, left, and senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett are changing the people by ‘planting’ immigrant “seedlings” in towns across America!
The current Administration has a plan to “seed” towns and cities across America with diversity.
‘Seed’ is their word!  Your community is the soil into which the migrants of all sorts (legal and illegal) are being planted according to Obama’s Task Force on New Americans.    
We have long maintained a ‘fact sheet’ about how the UN/US State Department’s Refugee Admissions and Resettlement Program works, click here to learn more.
But, I realized yesterday, while thinking about the newest proposed seed community*** in Rep. Trey Gowdy’s backyard in Spartanburg, SC, that we needed a quick primer on what elected officials and citizens should know if they are being pressured to ‘welcome the stranger‘ (this guilt-tripping language is one way they pressure your town!).

So here are my Ten Things you need to know!

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1)  In most cases, the United Nations is choosing our refugees.  Topping the list right now are Iraqis, Burmese, Congolese, Somalis and Bhutanese.  The UN is pressuring the US to take a large number, 10,000 or so, Syrians.  We are bringing in refugees from countries which hate us. 
Your town does not get to choose who you get!  You will receive racially, culturally and religiously diverse people, usually very different from your local population and very different from each other.  That old ‘melting pot’ concept is dead because the numbers are too high.
2)  Often the US State Department’s chosen resettlement contractor for your town, sounds like a church group, or other benign-sounding non-profit.  They may have a religious-sounding name, but know that they are being paid by the head from the federal treasury to bring refugees to your town. 
It is not the case that they are passing a plate on Sunday morning to pay for this very expensive program. Here are the nine major contractors which have 350 subcontractors working for them (headquartered in over 180 cities so far).
3)  The contractor’s job is to get the refugee family their “services.”  That means they hold the refugees’ hands until they are settled usually in tax-payer subsidized housing, get them signed up for most forms of welfare including food stamps and other cash assistance, sign them up for health care and enroll the kids in school.
This special class of legal immigrant is entitled to welfare!  The contractor is also paid with your tax dollars to give refugees job counseling and training.  The contractor may also be working closely with some big business (and the Chamber of Commerce) nearby which is looking for cheap labor.
4)  The contractor’s job ends in 3-6 months at which point they move on to bringing in the next fresh group of “clients,” often the relatives of the first group.  Earlier, and still struggling, refugees are left in the care of your social services department.
At this point the contractors are entrenched in your town and will call you racists, rednecks and xenophobes if your citizens want to slow the flow.
5)  Your town will never get out of the program once the contractor has an office set up and staff to pay.  Many cities are trying to get out now and can’t:  Manchester, NH, Springfield and Lynn, Mass, Amarillo, TX come to mind. Because there have developed “pockets of resistance” (their words), the State Department is desperately out scouting for fresh territory.
6)  The greatest impact on your local social and economic welfare will be felt first in the school system, followed usually by the shortage of government subsidized housing.  Your school system may end up with 50 or more languages represented in the student population.  The number-one language of refugees entering the US right now is Arabic, Somali is number four.
7)  Refugees are permitted entry into the US with HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis among other medical problems.  Physical and mental health challenges will most likely overburden your local health department.
8)  Your local government is responsible (Clinton-era Executive Order) for providing costly interpreters for the myriad languages being spoken in the school system, the health system and the criminal justice system should problems arise.
9)  Refugees who do find work, work at entry level jobs and minimum wage so they will still be able to benefit from many welfare programs open to low-income Americans.  Elder refugees are eligible for SSI.   The refugees are Legal Permanent Residents and can begin the citizenship process quickly.
10)  If they say they are coming to your town with the first group of refugees, there is only one thing you can do!  ASK QUESTIONS IN PUBLIC. 

Demand that your elected officials get involved. Demand that a community meeting be held, for the US State Department, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (in HHS), your state refugee office (if there is one) and their contractors, to answer questions from the citizens of the town or city.
Get your Member of Congress and US Senators involved too!  Don’t forget your state legislators!   The State Department and its contractors HATE to answer questions!  Tell your local elected officials you want a public hearing!  Tell your elected officials that you want the federal government and its contractors to provide a plan!
You want them to answer questions such as these below. 

Remember you have every right to know what is being planned for your town.  They will bully you, call you names and say you can’t stop them anyway, but refuse to be bullied!

Demand answers (in public)!
Who is coming?  From where and how many?
Will they stop the resettlement if the town is becoming economically or socially stressed?
What security and health screening have the refugees undergone?
How many will come each year?
Who is paying for their health care?
Who is paying to educate the children who don’t speak English and may never have attended school?
Does your town have an adequate supply of government-supported housing?  Will demands for housing crowd out American elderly, poor or disabled citizens?
Where will they work?  Do we have high unemployment already?
I’m sure you can think of others.  After getting answers (good luck!) and having a vigorous public discussion, then your town can decide based on all the facts whether you will eagerly “welcome” New Americans to your community, or not.
Endnote:  There are other refugee experts in the country, so let me know if I’m missing anything here and I’ll add it!

Update!!!  Call this #11: an experienced researcher just reminded me that concerned citizens must form a citizens’ group to research the structure of the program in your state to obtain the FISCAL and legal facts about the program as the structure can vary from state to state.
*** This post (on Spartanburg) brought in the highest number of readers we have ever had for one post over a brief two days!  P.S.  I will be in South Carolina this coming weekend, here.
An afterthought:  If you should get a public meeting/hearing be sure to educate yourselves on the Delphi Technique, a strategy often used by government agencies wishing to control the outcome of a meeting. 
Go here to see what Judy said about it in advance of the public meeting held in Hagerstown, MD in September 2007.
UK Labour Party immigration policy characterized as borderline treason. 
BRITISH GOVERNMENT SHOCKED AT DOMESTIC JIHADIS - But there has been a 40% increase in immigration, mostly Muslim, under the Conservative government - 
Labour opened the floodgates, and the Conservatives broke promises to curtail the invasion.
The dark motivations behind the Labour Party immigration agenda exposed by a party insider.
The influence of Muslim money in US government policy
FIVE DEMOCRATS RECIPIENT OF MUSLIM DONATIONS - Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, and Barack Obama
European leaders admit it:  Multiculturalism has failed
Back in 2011, before Muslim anti-Semitism had reached such virulent heights, leaders Angela Merkel of Germany, Nicolas Sarkozy of France, and David Cameron of Britain publicly admitted that their experiment with multiculturalism had utterly failed.  Islam did not come to Europe to integrate within the European culture, but to replace it.

White House to welcome an additional 100,000 migrants from Haiti  --  Immigration policy "disastrous" to Afro-American job seekers.
They are relatives of recent refugees from Haiti.
Also:   US immigration policy disastrous to the struggling black population who elected Barack Obama.  Jobs will be going to new immigrants instead of blacks from the inner cities.
August 2014  -  President Obama’s much-rumored executive order granting legal status to potentially millions of illegal immigrants will be “disastrous” to African-American job seekers and a slap in the face to others proceeding through the tedious legal immigration process, charges a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.
Peter Kirsanow, a black commissioner on the eight-member panel, warned in a letter to Obama this week that giving legal status to undocumented workers will pave the way for them to take the few jobs that blacks, especially African-American men, need.
US administration aggressively importing refugees from jihadi areas
White House also to quadruple number of Syrian refugees allowed into the USA, among whom there may be jihadists.

Six times the White House said its job is to promote Islam

300,000 Muslim immigrants came into the US in 2013 (numbers increased in 2014)

The four stages of Islamic conquest (when not by outright invasion, as in the case of ISIS)

What Are You Really Willing to Do to Stop Terrorists From Entering the U.S.?
For all too many of our leaders, while they claim that they would stop at nothing to protect America and Americans, the reality is far different. Despite their claims to the contrary, they will not do anything to truly secure our borders or instill real integrity to the immigration system or the process by which applications for visas or immigration benefits are adjudicated.



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