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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

IS BIBI NETANYAHU THE NEW CHURCHILL? Columnist denounces both prime ministers for their anti-Jewish policies - The unshakeable grip of leftist pro-Arab authorities on Israel - The pogrom by Israeli police against Jews in Amona, and the ongoing war of the Israeli left against the Jews - Videos exposing the truth behind the leftist pro-Arab agenda.

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PM Benjamin Netanyahu is no hero. He is no Churchill. 
He is just the most effective politician available in a sea of political mediocrity and subservience to foreign powers. 
He has a history of appeasing the treasonous pro-Arab Jewish leftist minority, which is supported, organized, and financed by the anti-Semitic EU and US State Department.  
His resistance to a nuclear Iran has been weak, ineffective, all words and no action, leading to the present where all remaining options are too little and too late. 
His expected betrayal of election promises has already started. 
And yet, he is the best in the political bunch.


The so-called right wing Likud would be more credible if they had an actual plan for Israel that would significantly differ from that of the left wing.  This is not the case. 
Likud and Labour have the same plan:  Partition of Israel for the creation of an Islamist terror Arab state.  The only difference lies in the speed of partition.  The left says now, Likud says later, if certain fig-leaf security conditions are included - on paper.

Netanyahu has called for a "demilitarized" Palestinian state, as if such a notion was enforceable in the first place,  or had any meaning whatsoever.  Israel would be 9 miles wide at its narrowest point, and cut in half (which this map does not show) for a land corridor between Ramallah and Gaza, in order to allow the Islamic State of Palestine to have a "contiguous" territory.   


A right wing politician from a Likud faction that has been a long-time adversary to the Likud fake-right-wing component published a scathing column just the other day, where he denounces Netanyahu's political record of appeasement. 
His contempt is not without basis.  He lists PM's Netanyahu's record as a serial appeaser of Arab and leftist' demands. 
And regarding recent comparisons of Netanyahu with Churchill, he also exposes the British prime minister's disgraceful record regarding the Jews of Palestine.  Netanyahu a new Churchill?  Perhaps.
I have posted his entire article further down on this page, but what is really important to consider is that for decades now it has been other countries - mainly the United States and the European Union - that have produced "solutions" for the Jews of Israel.
Hitler also had a 'solution' for the Jews, and so do the Arabs of the Middle East.
The solution proposed by the State Department and US allies in Europe is more subtle than Hitler's.  No concentration camps or gas chambers, although they insist on expelling Israelis out of their ancient lands of Judea and Samaria and into 'ghettos' across the Green Line.  Their solution consists of indefensible borders intended to facilitate the eventual genocide of Israeli Jews at the hands of Muslims.  

They do this by using euphemisms such as "peace," which in this context actually means partition through an agreement, not an actual and lasting peace.
Years ago we referred to "Arabs" instead of "Muslims" as threats to Israel, but now the White House is enthusiastically assisting Iran into becoming a regional power to impose order on the chaotic Middle East.   Iranian generals are already at Israel's border on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights preparing jihadists to attack Israel. 

So it is in fact 1.5 BILLION Muslims against 6 million Jews in Israel.
Aside from this strategic empowerment of Iran, the White House is facilitating its development of nuclear weapons, perhaps precisely because Iran has made clear its intentions of wiping Israel off the map.
Israel is encircled both diplomatically and militarily. 
So, with all this considered, the obvious question arises again:  What does Israel want, specifically?
Right and center Israeli politicians have been clever enough not to spell it out.  They prefer to spout notions of "peace and security" - thinking that by being vague they can outsmart both Israeli voters and foreign mediators - while they enable Arabs to create irreversible facts on the ground leading to their own state.  
There has been an out-of-control illegal construction of Arab buildings on both sides of the Green Line - while Jews in Judea and Samaria are under a construction freeze heavily enforced by Israeli authorities.  And Muslims keep expanding their control over Old Jerusalem, while Jews retreat.
Neither Israelis nor Palestinians have ever been asked in a formal referendum what they really want. 
There are good reasons for this. 
If the Palestinians were to officially express their wishes, they would tell what they have been telling the media and surveys:  they want Israel to disappear. 
Palestinians don't mind living under the oppressive and violent rule of Hamas, or other Arab factions.  They just want the Jews out of the Middle East.
So in order to maintain the Two States Solution Hoax, both Arab and Israeli politicians make sure they never ask their own people what exactly do they want.  Negotiations, if they occur at all, are carried out at higher levels and behind closed doors. 
Palestinian elections are way overdue, so we can't even say that Abbas truly represents his people. 
And Israeli election campaigns are so vague with respect to specifics for what is to be done with the land in question, that the subject is broached only in generalities. 
The left says partition now 'more or less' along the 1967 lines. 
The Likud and other right wing parties say partition later, when conditions are right, and 'more or less' along the 1967 lines.

The long-held silence about Israel's right to the land
So there has never been a made-in-Israel proposal.  And no matter how intense the negotiations in the past, they have never taken into consideration Israel's historical and legal rights to Judea and Samaria (West Bank).

This is a map from the first century BCE.  The red line shows today's Israel, although it still includes Gaza, which was abandoned in 2005. 
Hidden behind the usual rhetoric about Two States, there is a slew of documentation that legitimizes Israel's right to the land.
The fact that politicians have deliberately avoided bringing this up is something that  many would ascribe to a tacit conspiracy and borderline treason.  
This cover up could be compared, in a way, with the American common held belief that the Federal Reserve is a government institution.  And that is how it was assumed for decades.  Well, it is not, and never has been one.  It is a private banking organization named "federal" in order to deceive the American public. 
And Judea and Samaria are not Arab lands.  They are Jewish - historically and legally.  The word Palestine was a Roman word intended to erase memory of the Jewish kingdom.   It was the Roman occupier's word.

The myth of the Jewish occupation 
Then there is the myth of the "occupation".  Jews had a state on the land today called "West Bank" thousands of years ago.  And in spite of Roman and Muslim invasions, massacres, and occupation, there were always Jews in the land.  

So how come the indigenous Jews became "occupiers" and the invaders became "Palestinians" with right to the land?  It's all propaganda.  Repeat it often enough and it becomes a belief.



The myth of the 'Palestinian People'
A related myth sustained by Israeli politicians is that of  "Palestinian" Arabs being a distinct people. 

Benjamin Netanyahu himself made reference to them at a 2008 speech, when he referred to "Two States for Two Peoples".  Two peoples?  Palestinians are no different in origin from their brothers in Syria, Egypt, and Iraq.  The PM knows that, and yet he distorts the historical facts. Why?
Many of the so-called Palestinians are descendants of Muslim invaders.  Many others are descendants of Arabs who came to the land of Israel during the Mandate looking for jobs when Jewish pioneers started draining the swamps, and making the desert bloom.  Those living in the Palestinian Authority used to have Jordanian nationality.  Those in Gaza were Egyptians.

VIDEO - Inventing the Palestinian People

The Palestinian false claim to Jewish land has been bolstered by the United Nations, which created a brand new definition of refugee just for the Palestinians:  one who had lived in the land of Israel for TWO years.  In any other country they would constitute ordinary migrants. 

The silence over the Palestinian connection with Nazi Germany and over Palestinian nationalism being steeped in Nazi ideas of anti-Semitism and genocide.

Two of the most baffling aspects of Israeli history are the leadership's silence about Israel's legal right to land now claimed by Arabs, and about the Palestinians' long record of association with Nazi ideology and with the Nazi regime itself.

By Francisco Gil White -

Nazi-Muslim ties were crucial in the Nazi regime.  They shared the same enemies:  the Jews.  The Arabs did not object to the Nazi theory of Aryan superiority - which placed Arabs in the category of "sub-humans" along with other non-Aryans - as long as they were slaughtering Jews. 

The Palestinian leader at that time, Haj Amin Al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, lived in Berlin, held regular conferences with Hitler and other top Nazis, and prodded them to expedite the extermination of all European Jews and those living in their ancient Jewish homeland.

In fact, Al Husseini was so involved in the Nazi genocide, that he contributed ideas for the slaughter of the largest number of Jews in the shortest possible time. 

He also created a Nazi Waffen SS Division, made up mostly of Bosnians Muslims, that perpetrated such gruesome acts of cruelty in Eastern Europe that even the Germans were shocked. 

The photo above shows Palestinian Al Husseini reviewing his Muslim Nazi SS troops.

After World War II Al Husseini managed to escape punishment for war crimes, and returned to the Middle East, where he trained and indoctrinated the next generation of Arab Nazis, among them his relative Yassir Arafat, and the current chief of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas - or Abu Mazen.

These facts prove that while Germans had to pay reparations, Palestinians Nazis never did, and Israelis are now expected to give them Jewish land to create a Nazi Arab state! 


The malevolence and corruption of the Israeli left, and their contempt for Judaism
The biggest and most malevolent cover up of all is the one perpetrated by Israeli politicians over the decades. 

Dozens of pages could be dedicated to only an outline of their corruption, their loyalty to leftist ideologies, their subjection to foreign influences - and their contempt for Judaism. 

This latter attribute has made them eager to discard Biblical land and heritage.
One of the first things that the Israeli government did after the liberation of Jerusalem from Jordanian occupation in 1967 was to hand over Temple Mount - the MOST SACRED Jewish site in the world (where Solomon's Temple and the Covenant used to be) - to the Jordanians, just because Muslim conquerors had built a mosque there. 
To this day Jews are not permitted to pray there, and are arrested if they only move their lips when visiting - if allowed to visit at all.

It is the Israeli left that clamors for partition.  They want to sever all Israeli connection with the Biblical heartland, even if it is at the cost of Israel's survival and their very own.

One anecdote here:  The Jews living on the Gaza Belt - mostly leftist Kibbutzniks -  used to demand the expulsion of the Jews from Gaza.  Once they got their wish in 2005, the - the kibbutzniks were in the line of fire. 

Then Hamas began digging tunnels threatening their lives and their livelihood.  They suffered through days of anguish during the last Gaza war, fearing that Hamas terrorists would appear suddenly out of tunnels in their own backyards.  To this day they believe they hear digging underneath.

However, in spite of all that, kibbutzniks faithfully voted for the most vociferous pro-partition party in the last election:  the Labour coalition. 

True, abandoning Gaza brought only more terror, they realize.  But  they don't seem to care if losing Judea and Samaria (West Bank) brings Israel to an end through a war of attrition through terror.  They just want those religious settlers they hate so much out of the West Bank.

Pogroms in Israel

Israeli police evicting Jews from Amona
in what was an actual pogrom.
While the expulsion of Jews from Gaza proceeded in a relative peaceful manner, that was not in the case for the Jews of Amona, who were subjected to such brutality that at least one of them was left with severe permanent disabilities as a result of blows inflicted by police.

The police in Israel are composed of Jews and Arabs.  Unlike the army, which is compulsory, police - particularly in certain divisions -  are selected for their abilities to deal with religious Zionist Jews. 

The girl on this picture is a religious teenager named Nili.  This photo taken at Amona by Oded Balilty won a Pulitzer Prize.  Nili is wearing several layers of clothing to protect her modesty and to protect herself from police violence.  It did not work.

Nili being brutally attacked by Israeli police.
Israeli police were engaged in forcibly removing many hundreds of protestors from the hilltop community of Amona, overlooking Ofrah in the Binyamin region of Judea and Samaria, in preparation for the destruction of nine Jewish concrete-and-stone homes. The Supreme Court had ruled that the homes were built on Arab-owned land - though no one had ever claimed ownership and the land had never been lived on or worked by Arabs.  (The Supreme Court is notorious for being extremely pro-Arab in its decisions.)

This is Nili holding the Pulitzer Award winning photo.
As you can see, she was jut a kid, like other teens resisting eviction at Amona.
(This photo by Guy Assiag.) 
She said: 
"The picture is simply an embarrassment to the nation of Israel. Instead of defending the people and land of Israel, security forces destroy Jewish homes. A picture like this one is a mark of disgrace for the state of Israel and is nothing to be proud of. The picture looks like it represents a work of art, but that isn't what went on there. What happened in Amona was totally different."

Buildings demolished in Yitzhar
Jewish home demolished in Yitzhar
The Amona expulsion, which was perpetrated while Ehud Olmert was prime minister (who has just been found guilty of corruption and faces a jail sentence),  is not an isolated case either. 

Jews had been previously evicted en masse by their own country from Sinai and from Gaza.

To this day there have been countless smaller expulsions of Jews, usually in the middle of the night, where entire families are thrown into the cold, children terrorized by masked police, their homes razed with bulldozers, their possessions strewn in garbage dumps for the Arabs to help themselves.

The process is not one of expulsion alone, but one involving the deliberate terrorizing and humiliating of the Jewish victim.  Israeli government policies are aimed at breaking their spirit.

This does not usually make it into the mainstream Israeli media, which is generally sympathetic to Arabs and left wing Jews.  Other media don't want to air dirty laundry.  Israeli discrimination and brutality against Jews remains one of those things people don't want to talk about.

All it takes for villages to be razed is for some Arab to make a claim - without documentation - that the land is his.  The leftist Supreme court routinely sides with Arabs, who are assisted by Jews from pro-Arab organizations such as the disgraceful "Peace Now," funded by European governments - the same nations that either perpetrated the Holocaust or were complicit with it - and by the State Department.



The Marxist and anti-religious dogma of the original pioneers
Many of the original Jewish pioneers who came to the land of Israel were left-wingers, steeped in Marxist ideology.  They wanted to create a new man, a new Jew, free from religion and European Jewish traditions. 

They created the famed Kibbutzim, where all individualism, personal property and free will were obliterated to the will of the majority.
Another wave of immigrants were wealthy and well-educated German Jews fleeing Hitler, and who arrived in Palestine because no other place in the world would have them.  They were proud of their European culture, and always felt more German than Jewish.  They left their anti-Jewish imprint on many institutions, such as academia, the courts, the media - and government itself.
There is a very real attitude of discrimination against Jews in Israel.  I have documented some of it on previous articles you will see linked on this page. 


The following news report illustrates the depth of the leftist hatred for Jews who love their land and vote for the right wing (most of them observant Jews).  It is not an isolate case of Jewish self-hatred in Israel.  The leftist ideology is a twisted one, where they love the genocidal Arabs, but hate and despise the Jewish victims. 

Their attitude reeks of hatred for Jews, as it is evidenced by their books, editorials, news reports, comments online - and by their actions, if they are people in authority.

Left wing school teacher recently wrote this on an angry tirade against right wing voters on her Facebook page:

"wish to all right-wing male and female voters that you bury your loved ones. I don't care if it's in a (terror) attack or war. A (military) operation would be fine for me too. Preference for 1+1."

"I wish that you get brutally raped in synagogues that were built for the soul of the Maran (a reference to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef - ed.) and dance at the weddings of those who attack you, those same ones who won't receive punishment or (sic) just service work in kindergartens," she continued.

"I wish this to you all with my whole heart," she wrote. "Because I don't want to take revenge on Bibi (Binyamin Netanyahu - ed.). I want to take revenge on you. Every one of you, power-hungry murderers with blood on your hands."

Concluding her post, she wrote "my soul is scorched because of you all. And I won't sit in a square and explain the pain of the bereaved families. I won't include your fear in the name of tolerance. I won't eat any more ashes. Now it's your turn."

Read more

Some years ago David Landau, the then editor of the famous Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz - which is quoted worldwide - was heard telling US Secretary of State C. Rice that Israel needed to be "raped" by the US government in order to force it to submit to demands for partition. 

This caused such a scandal that Landau was forced to resign.  But that did not keep him from being awarded the Order of the British Empire.  That's the kind of Jew the British and the West in general really like.  

Moshe Feiglin, about whom you'll read next, has been banned from entering the UK - because he is an outspoken politician against the partition of Israel.

And by the way, Ha'aretz is partly owned by a German family with Nazi connections.

Read more
Member of Knesset Moshe Feiglin (Likud).
As mentioned on top of this page, this following column denouncing Netanyahu's record is by Rob Muchnick, of the right wing Manhigut Yehudit, a Likud faction headed by former MK Moshe Feiglin. 
Feiglin devoted many years trying to take over the Likud leadership, and to raising money for his political faction. 

Feiglin is a politician of principles, but too stubborn to admit that his long pursuit of the Likud leadership was unrealistic, wasteful, divisive and damaging to the  Israeli right wing. 
Feiglin squandered many years and precious resources trying to displace Netanyahu and the leftists  from power within Likud. 

Instead he should have tried to consolidate all right wing factions under one unified and stronger umbrella independent from Likud. 

As part of Likud, all he did was to bring in votes to sustain Likud and give it an undeserved respectability as a right wing party.
Today Manhigut Yehudit members, bitter and bereft and without even a single representative in the Knesset, are examining their future options.   It is in this context of acute bitterness that we must read the following column.
How Long Will We Let Ourselves Be Made Fools? (Part 1)
By Rob Muchnick
"It is much easier to fool people than to make them realize they have been played for fools.”     -   Mark Twain

What is wrong with those of us who call ourselves “the right”? Are we gluttons for punishment? We keep putting our faith in false messiahs like Bibi and keep getting smacked in the mouth over and over and over again.

Before I go further, let me state clearly that I was one of only 3 or 4 right-wingers I know who haven't bought into any part of Bibi's act. 

I slammed Bibi for his recent speech in DC in which he begged the US to handle Iran's nukes, and after Bibi had another election-day right-wing conversion and said last week that ‘no Palestinian [sic] state will come into being on his watch’, I said that not one word out of Bibi’s mouth - no matter how good it sounds - should ever be trusted. Ever!

Upon Bibi’s election victory, I saw some of these doozies out of the pens of right-wing leaders and journalists:

“It is good to thank the Almighty”   -  “Post Purim miracle”  -  “Bibi's victory for the free world”  -  “Victory for Likud, Netanyahu and the Right. We can now breathe a collective sigh of relief.”  -  “Netanyahu has done his utmost to ensure Israel’s security…This is a brilliant victory for Netanyahu.”

Of course, let’s not forget that upon Bibi’s speech in DC, virtually all of the right were calling Bibi “today’s Churchill” and also nominating him “the leader of the free world”.    Can we all please come back to reality? 

So, is Bibi the ‘new Churchill’?

Churchill closed the gates of pre-state Israel to the Jews and left them to die in the ovens of Auschwitz! winston_churchill

He enforced the evil White Paper of 1939 which limited Jewish immigration to 150,000 through the end of the Mandate, and yet this ‘hero’ Churchill only actually allowed in approximately half of that number. 
Not to be content with keeping Jews out of their biblical homeland for which his country had pledged to create a Jewish state therein, he had his anti-Semitic goons scour the Land of Israel for Jews who didn’t have correct papers and he kicked them out and back to Europe as well. We all know what happened to them, too.

Churchill could have opened the Land of Israel to Jews, as he was legally and morally obligated to do, and by doing so he could have saved a million Jews. But, alas, he chose to keep them in Hitler’s reach, knowing full well what would be their end.

If you ask me, Churchill is roasting in hell.

So, is Bibi the ‘next Churchill’? Hmm.

Bibi has his goons scour the Jewish biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria for Jews who don’t have the correct papers for their homes. When he finds them, he destroys their homes.
Bibi even went so far as to destroy the homes of three heroic Jewish soldiers who were fighting in Gaza this summer, while they were actually fighting! They came home from risking their lives to find their homes destroyed by the ‘new Churchill’.

And here’s a small sampling of additional actions taken by ‘the leader of the free world’:

Highlights of Benjamin Netanyahu's political record

Continue reading, and see links to subjects mentioned on top

  • Bibi pledged to end the Oslo process when he first ran for PM, but 10 minutes after he took office, he changed his mind.  
  • He smiled and laughed when he hugged the Jew-murderer Arafat. 
  • He removed the IDF from 97% of Hebron (near Jerusalem, across Green Line), resulting in the murder of 10-month-old Shalhevet Pass. 
  • He released thousands of terrorists, including many Jew-murderers. One of these terrorists went on to murder 31 Jews in two bus-bombings.Many more Jews died because he released these animals. 
  • He has done nothing to help secure the release of the holy Jew Jonathan Pollard (charged by the US with espionage). 
  • He voted in favor of Sharon’s Expulsion a few times, and other times he abstained, thereby permitting Sharon’s Evil Plan to pass the Knesset.  
  • He then resigned from his ministerial position a week before Sharon’s Expulsion commenced, in order to make everyone look back and think that he actually opposed expelling the 10,000 Jews from Gush Katif and northern Samaria. He's got really strong principles, doesn't he? 
  • He issued a 10-month construction freeze for Jews only in Judea and Samaria in order to have the privilege of sitting at the negotiating table with the Jew-murderer Abbas.  
  • Bibi never actually calls Abbas a Jew-murdering terrorist, but only opposes Abbas because he has formed a unity pact with ‘the terrorists of Hamas’. 
  •  Now, of course Hamas are terrorist thugs, but to borrow a phrase from the anti-Semitic sitting president of the United States, let me be perfectly clear: Abbas and his PLO are bigger terrorists than Hamas!  
  • Abbas financed the Munich Massacre, is a Holocaust Denier, has said he’ll never disarm the terrorists (which of course he can’t because he is the biggest one), he’ll only recognize Israel after it has a Muslim majority, and he orchestrates and finances the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade and Fatah terrorists. 
  • Bibi has basically made eight neighborhoods of Jerusalem “Jew-free”, as he is obviously laying the groundwork to give parts of our holiest city to Abbas.
  • He says he wants Abbas to recognize Israel as “the Jewish state”, but he refuses to let Jews pray on our holiest site, the Temple Mount.
  • He says that he’ll do everything he can to ensure Israel’s security but he continues to attempt to create “Palestine” in our biblical heartland, even though it is clear that any future ‘Palestine’ will be a clear and imminent danger to Israel’s existence. 
  • Abbas even authored the PLO’s 1974 Phased Plan, in which the PLO states that they’ll take whatever lands that they can take from Israel through negotiations and use this land as a base from which to destroy whatever is left of Israel. Maybe Bibi can’t read?
  • He fights wars against Hamas but refuses to win, because winning would mean Israel annexing Gaza. He even has his soldiers stop fighting for two hours during the day to deliver supplies to the enemy civilians. Are we trying to win? Of course not.
  • He continues to provide electricity, fuel, cement and other essential supplies to the PLO and to Hamas, which use these in their attempts to annihilate us.
  • During the latest war, he agreed to a cease-fire after 2 or 3 days, and before Israel discovered the extensive Hamas network of terror tunnels. 
  • This was after an IDF officer declared that Israel had the best intelligence it has ever had against Hamas. Either Israel had terrible intelligence or Bibi wanted to let Hamas keep its tunnels. Either way, Bibi deserves the blame.
  • And on Iran, Bibi goes to DC to beg the pro-Arab/Muslim American President to take care of the Iranian nuclear problem, even though we all understand in our bones that Israel must handle this issue by itself. 
  • Every day that Iran has a nuclear program makes it harder for us to handle it ourselves. Also, by coming to America to beg for this help, Bibi gives up Israel’s legitimacy to handle it alone. As they used to say in the American west, ‘If you want to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.”
  • Then, to get elected, once again Bibi declared that he is opposed to a PLO state inside Israel, but literally 2 days after the election he reversed course once again saying that he supports "2 states for 2 peoples", even though the 'palestinians' freely admit that they are a 'nation' of Arabs that was invented by them recently simply in order to destroy Israel. 
  • Bibi further clarified that he is only against 'Palestine' right now because the Arabs aren't ready to make it peaceful.  
In one sentence, here's Bibi's philosophy: To get elected, veer right and oppose giving away any of the Land of Israel; once elected, do everything you can to give it away to modern-day Amalek.
So, yes, Bibi is well on his way to becoming the next Churchill for the Jews, unfortunately. G-d willing his selling out of the Jews doesn’t have the same disastrous results as when Churchill did it.

To quote one of the seriously wrong headlines of praise for Bibi’s re-election, “Yes, it is good to thank the Almighty.”

Yes, it is very good to thank the Almighty, but certainly not for Bibi’s re-election.

While the other choices for prime minister did not hide their desire to implement policies that would destroy Israel, all of Bibi’s actions are working toward that goal. 
The only difference between Bibi and the others is that Israel will probably die a slower death under Bibi (G-d forbid) than under the others.
Is this why we are so happy?
We need to do better.    Much better.

(In part 2, I'll look a little deeper at our collective right-wing psychoses. 

Look for upcoming Part 2 on Rob Muchnik's Blog archive at Israel National News


March 7, 2015:
Prominent Israeli security officials organized in calling for suicidal policies, and one even dismissing Iran's nuclear threat - Is it a conspiracy? - What could be behind it?
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How the Israeli left undermines Israel's survival by agitating for further Land For Peace withdrawals - where Israel gets neither land nor peace - The discredited Israeli Left and their disproportionate and fatal influence in government.
And how it undermines the security and the very existence of Israel

Martin Sherman:  Israel’s Left:   Ludicrous, loathsome and lethal
Originally published on the Jerusalem Post,

Martin Sherman:  Can Israel survive the (leftist) Jews in power?
The vindictive, borderline treasonous malevolence of the Left and the inept, borderline imbecilic impotence of the Right are emerging as the gravest threat to the sustainability of Jewish political independence.
Read more of this article as it deals with particular individuals in the Israeli Jewish elite that are undermining the very existence of Israel.  It may be a bit detailed for those not familiar with Israeli politics, but it is lucid and factual, and by one of Israel's top thinkers.

Pro-Arab and anti-Jewish bias among leftist authorities - 
Influence from foreign governments - 
Recurrent cases of corruption.
How corruption is alleged to have been behind Ariel Sharon Disengagement from Gaza

THE "PEACE" HOAX - THE LIES THAT ISRAELI POLITICIANS TELL THE COUNTRY - Policies based on those lies cost Israeli lives and put the country's survival in jeopardy - Nixon got kicked out for much less.

A scene from "The Eternal Jew" video produced by the Samaria Settlers' Committee. (YouTube screenshot)
THE ETERNAL JEW - Controversial cartoon video made by Israelis denounces TREASON by Jewish leftists who are paid by Germans and Europeans to lie, to denigrate Jews, and to undermine the State of Israel - Watch stinging video that the Jewish left wants banned.   The character carries a saw.  Jewish leftist traitors, along with Arabs, frequently cut down Arab trees to blame the Jews and then tell the media about it.  They have been caught on camera doing just that.

Pro-Arab Jewish activist confesses:  We are all on the payroll (of the Europeans, the same ones who murdered 6 million Jews).


and the Israeli government ongoing war against Jews 

Girl subject of a Pulitzer Prize photo was beaten just minutes after the photo was taken
Read more about the Amona Pogrom

Photos of the Amona Pogrom

Amona police brutality - Photos, Video, text

Demolishing Jewish homes - an ongoing occurrence

2015:  Decorated soldier's home to be demolished

Arabs keep building - legally and illegally. 
Illegal Arab construction is almost never demolished.
Jerusalem Jewish Mayor Barkat's Arab Building Spree Exposed

Israeli government turns blind eye to widespread illegal Arab construction, much of it facilitated by the European Union. 

Hundreds of illegal Arab buildings went up in 2014 alone.  Israeli authorities look the other way.

Discrimination against Jewish building exposed by Regavim:
"Arabs have built thousands of illegal structures that the Civil Administration has ignored, despite the fact that these buildings have no permits. The group has filed numerous lawsuits demanding that the Civil Administration fulfill its obligation not only when it comes to illegal Jewish building, but to illegal Arab building as well."

MIRACLES IN TIME OF WARThe tragedy of the loss of Temple Mount
Liberated in 1967, at the cost of so much Jewish sacrifice,
the Israeli government at that time simply gave it away to the Arabs.



Same genocidal ideology, same symbols, same goals
Read more about the historical connection between Nazi Germans and Nazi Arabs
PHOTO - Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al Husseini with Adolf Hitler - allies in the Holocaust

Moderate Fatah boasts on their official Facebook page of having murdered 11,000 Israelis

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The historical record - By Prof. Francisco Gil White




The League of Nations Mandate for Palestine
How the British violated this mandate
How the land was internationally recognized as the Jewish Homeland
The United States, the United Nations and Israeli leaders themselves are BREAKING THE LAW

Jordan too was part of the Jewish Homeland under the Mandate for Palestine. 
There is no ancient Jordan.  Jordan was created by the British on Jewish land. 
It's now occupied by a large number of "Palestinians".  Many have suggested that the obvious solution would be to turn Jordan officially into the Palestinian state, and repatriate Palestinians - many of whom used to have Jordanian citizenship - back to Jordan.


News Updates
March 30, 2015 - Leftist Jewish mayor of Jerusalem plans to whitewash 3,000 ILLEGAL Arab housing units, and build 7,000 new Arab units, thus helping in the Muslim takeover of Biblical Jerusalem. 
March 30, 2015 - Former PM Ehud Olmert, during whose tenure police perpetrated a brutal pogrom on the Jews of Amona, was found guilty of corruption and faces a long term in jail
GAZA - A HISTORY YOU MAY NOT KNOW - And the corrupt motives that may have led Israeli PM Ariel Sharon to surrender Gaza to terrorists in 2005
Israeli government's anti-Jewish discrimination blog file 
More on the treasonous depredations
of the pro-Arab Israeli left blog file


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