A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Saturday, March 7, 2015

THE EFFORT TO TOPPLE ISRAELI PM NETANYAHU - Prominent Israeli security officials organized in calling for suicidal policies, and one even dismissing Iran's nuclear threat - Is it a conspiracy? - What could be behind it?

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What exactly has given such sudden impetus, organization, and unity to the anti-Netanyahu front? 
Who stands to gain from Israel's partition?
And from Palestinians gaining a sovereign platform to attack Israel?

The issues of foreign interference and corruption
in Israeli politics.

It's only a few days before Israelis elect a new government, and an alarming number of signals indicate that something more than the usual dysfunctional Israeli politics is at work.
It is not easy to speculate on this matter, so all we can do is assemble some clues to the machinations that could result in a political coalition backing the suicide of Israel  -  in the name of "peace".
Martin Sherman
A couple of days ago Martin Sherman, a brilliant analyst and a man with vision and integrity, wrote an article that he called the saddest column he had ever written. 
In it he tells how Shabtai Shavit, former Mossad director, a man in whom he has entrusted his own life, a close friend and a mentor - had suddenly come out supporting a suicidal plan for Israel.  Sherman entitled his article "Selling surrender as strategy".

Security officers call for the partition of Israel
Shavit is not alone.  He has joined a new group of around 200 high-ranking former security officials called "Commanders for Israeli Security".

Last November 100 security and intelligence officials signed a public letter to PM Netanyahu asking for a resumption of talks aimed at the partition of their own country for the creation of a terror Palestinian State. 
Only in Israel would a group of top intelligence and security official advocate for the partition of the country in the name of "security".
No other country would, voluntarily and forever, part with its historical heartland in exchange for the promise of peace by undemocratic here-today-gone-tomorrow tyrants.
Bear in mind that Egyptians under the rule of former president Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood were calling for the abrogation or "modification" of the much touted Peace Treaty with Israel  This only a few decades after being signed by Anwar Sadat -  who was assassinated for doing so, by the way.  Giving land away in exchange for a piece of paper is suicidal.
Meir Dagan
Meir Dagan
Former Mossad director Meir Dagan went even further a few days ago when he characterized PM Netanyahu's speech to the US Congress as "bullshit".   He said Iran was not a threat to either Israel or the US.  
Dagan also called for  a Palestinian state to avoid Israel becoming "a bi-national" state, and gave a keynote address at an anti-government rally where he said he was more afraid of his own government than of his enemies.  

Netanyahu's appeasement - A secret document surfaces.
As a background for some of these clues we need to take into account that PM Netanyahu is not the hawk he likes to present himself to be.  Under his years of tenure there has been a constant series of gestures of appeasement   and surrender to the enemy that never bode well for the country.  
He still rides his hawkish reputation at election time, and today he is the most viable alternative to the suicidal left.
But the chickens have come home to roost.
The media have uncovered (possibly with help from the antagonistic White House)  a 2013 document detailing how far Bibi Netanyahu was willing to go in surrendering land to Palestinian terrorists. 
The government's giveaway, according to the documents, is not surprising because PM Netanyahu was the first ever PM who made the offer of statehood for the Palestinians an official one.  He did it at a 2009 speech where he called for two states for two peoples.
That in itself was a major concession to the Palestinians.   The land he felt entitled to give away is Judea and Samaria -  which has been Jewish for thousands of years, the Biblical and historical Israel.  He is willing to give it away to the Muslim conqueror for the purpose of creating another Arab terror state.
What prevented Netanyahu's vision from becoming a reality was the contentious issue of Jerusalem.  The Arabs covet it.  The Jews insist it is the foundation stone of Judaism and the reason why so many Jews came back to Israel.  Jerusalem is in Judaism's DNA.
Netanyahu would be willing to explicitly give it away, but he has always been afraid that the price is too steep:  his own political survival.  So he obfuscated, and allowed Arabs to build facts on the ground all over Jerusalem, as well as across the Green Line, to make their claims to the land irreversible. 
What Arabs want
They - the 'moderates' and the extremists - want the destruction of Israel.  The 'moderates' are willing to achieve their goal through a "Piece" agreement that will give them a sovereign launching pad for the decisive attack on Israel. 
The 'moderate' Fatah charter expresses this goal clearly.  And the 'moderate' Fatah has a militant wing called the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade that does the actual killing, while Fatah only pays salaries to the terrorists who kill Jews.  It only appears complicated, but in simple terms, all Palestinians want Israel to be wiped off the map.  They only disagree on the methods.
What Israelis want
Who knows?

It's been said that - having lost all hope of a peace agreement with the Arabs - Israelis are now voting on domestic issues.  It could be.  Because in the important issue of borders the difference between the main parties is rather fuzzy.
Latest polls indicate that the suicidal left, that has misappropriated the word "Zionist" to its name,  and the fake-right wing Likud are neck-to-neck.
Why would Israeli voters lean towards a leftist Labour party that wants to openly give away the Jewish heartland to the Arabs?

Unfortunately, the alternative - Likud - holds secret talks with the same purpose, while proclaiming that "Israel's security is paramount". 

Substantially the same - with different tempo and styles.
Where are the true Israeli patriots in this game? 
Something that intrigues observers is how the pro-land of Israel movement has never solidified into a true national force.
It is possible that intelligence services control those organizations, never letting them get too popular or too powerful, and exerting control over their leaders.
Just a few years ago there was a coalition for the annexation of Judea and Samaria called the National Union.  They got enough votes to have a respectable representation in the Knesset, but once there they became rather passive and complacent. 

The National Union made no attempt to expand its base, to communicate its message across the country, to really make a difference.  They were apparently content with just being a token representation of the genuine right wing movement, and so in the next election they were wiped out. 
That leaves Israel with two choices:  the left that calls itself Zionist but that wants to empower the Arabs and give away the store, and the fake right wing Likud and other minor parties that  want to empower the Arabs and give away the store, but under certain conditions. 
The real puppet master in Israel:  The State Department
US Sec. of State Kerry
Everything is fair in love and war, and the State Department has been involved in a covert war against Israel for many years.

While publicly proclaiming support for Israel - to appease the pro-Israel American public - the State Department has been consistently pursuing pro-Arab policies and arming Israel's enemies to the teeth, in the hope that they will be able to crush Israel in the next war. 

The US also sells weapons to Israel, but that's just good business for their military industry.  They have forced Israel to become dependent on the US, thus preventing Israel from developing its own.  And in times of war, the US has withheld the supply of badly needed weapons and ammunition to Israel.

This US war against Israel has intensified under the Obama administration to the point where the usual diplomatic niceties that made it appear as if the US and Israel were friends forever have been tossed to the side. 
See links to a two-part timeline of the US-Israel history at the bottom of this page, showing how hostile and malevolent US policy has really been.
Their base is their Consulate in the Arab-populated area of Jerusalem.  A consulate to the Palestinians, not to the Israelis.  The White House has called the Jewish presence in their ancient capital of Jerusalem "illegitimate'.
The US Consulate keeps tabs on everything that goes on in Israel, no matter how minor.  They have connections with political officials, with journalists, with the military, and with whoever has some influence in the country.  And they develop their own  persuasive methods to gain influence over them.
The White House had no compunction about sending its own team of experts to advise the leftist parties on how to manipulate the electorate, mobilize the Arab vote, and topple Netanyahu.   This is interference of the highest degree, and yet, they did it.  Openly.  No shame about it.
That is what we see.  What goes on behind closed doors is much more insidious.
That's why it's not surprising that just before a key national election  suddenly an organization of security-linked Israeli officials springs up calling for the partition of the country in exchange for absolutely nothing.  In any other country this would be tantamount to treason.  Not in Israel.
Martin Sherman bitterly writes about his friend and mentor Shabtai Shavit's group :

Recently, however, Shavit has chosen to affiliate himself with a newly formed group of around 200 high-ranking former security officials (brigadier-generals and above in the IDF and their equivalents in the Mossad, Shin Bet and Police), which calls itself “Commanders for Israeli Security.”
CIS has taken upon itself to promote a “vision” for the resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, based on the Saudi Peace Plan – a.k.a. the Arab Peace Initiative (API), and a regional arrangement with the “moderate” Arab states. 
The API in effect calls for the return to the indefensible pre-1967 lines (with “comparable and mutually agreed minor land swaps” – whatever that might mean). 
In exchange for this the Arab states would, allegedly, consider the Arab–Israeli conflict over, sign a peace treaty with Israel and establish normal relations, within the framework of a comprehensive peace. 
According to CIS’s prescription, the durability of this unlikely arrangement will be underwritten by the goodwill and credibility of some of the most decadent, corrupt and unstable regimes on the planet, all located in the world’s most tumultuous region, in which uncertainty is the only certainty.

Divine justice? 
Among the most vociferous voices calling for the expulsion of Jews from Gaza back in 2005 were Israelis living in  the Gaza Belt, an area which consists in part of Israeli secular kibbutzim (communal farms) surrounding Gaza.  
Well, once the Jews from Gaza were gone, there was no barrier between the Hamas jihadists and the Jewish farms.  This past year this threat was made more obvious with the Hamas terror tunnels dug straight into some of those secular Jewish communities.
Many Jews living in the Gaza Belt were forced to evacuate until the IDF cleared the tunnels.  But they know that many of the tunnels remain, just waiting for the moment to strike one of those Jewish families who so wanted the Jews out of Gaza.

The same situation is bound to happen to all of Israel, if the Palestinians succeed in getting their state.  But it will be of many more orders of magnitude.

No inch of Israel will ever be safe again.  And Israel won't be able to hit terror tunnels or rocket launching pads because - unlike Gaza now - the state of Palestine will be a sovereign nation backed up by Middle East bullies such as Iran and Turkey.

Many people think that the State of Israel will eventually be dismantled, not because of a major military attack by its enemies, but as a result of a series of fateful decisions made by the secular pro-Palestinian  Israeli left - while patriotic Israelis slept.


Arab genocidal acts and threats against Jews date from before there was a modern state of Israel, way before there was even talk of an 'occupation'
Continue reading, access links, including a flashback to the 2005 Israeli withdrawal from Gaza - motivated by what it is alleged to be corruption on the part of then PM Ari Sharon, as well as other allegations of corruption against many top officials over the years.

Martin Sherman - Selling surrender as strategy
Israeli Security officials call for the partition of the country along the Auschwitz borders of 1967. 
Originally posted on the Jerusalem Post, this version on Israpundit has some interesting comments.    A reader posted part 1 of a video that exposes outright treason during the expulsion of Jews from Gaza.
-  Martin Sherman is the founder and executive director of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies

-  Read more of Martin Sherman's columns at his website -
-  And at the Jerusalem Post

2013 Document reportedly reveals Netanyahu's concessions to the Arabs
Israel National News - A document from August 2013 showing surprising concessions offered in secret talks between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's representative and a Palestinian Authority (PA) representative was reported on Friday by leftist journalist Nahum Barnea in Yedioth Aharonoth.
The Yedioth Aharonoth report claims the document offers a bevy of concessions including a return to the 1949 Armistice lines with land swaps on a meter for meter basis, certain recognition of PA aspirations for Jerusalem, a PA hold in the Jordan Valley, a possibility for "Palestinian refugee" return on an individual basis, the evacuation of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, and leaving some Jewish residents under PA rule.
"The sides agree that Palestine will be an independent and sovereign state on de facto territory that regarding its size will relate to the territory under Egyptian and Jordanian control before June 4, 1967," the document reportedly reads. (The state would include Gaza, now a cauldron of jihadists.)
Regarding Israel's capital city of Jerusalem, it reads "any solution must deal with the historical, social, cultural and emotional connections between the two peoples to the city and guard the holy sites."  (Language aimed at getting around the surrender of Jerusalem to the Arabs, as long as Jews can maintain some connection - such as authorized visits to the city holy sites.)
Read more

The leaked document - What Netanyahu negotiated with Abbas
The document shows that Netanyahu had offered what appeared to be drastic concessions to the Palestinian leadership on a number of core issues, including land swaps, a potential deal regarding Jerusalem and even a limited right of return for Palestinians.
As part of a proposed land swap, the document lays out the framework for uprooting a large number of West Bank settlements and even stipulated leaving some settlers in the West Bank under Palestinian Authority control.
Regarding Jerusalem, which the Palestinians want as their capital and has been a non-negotiable point for Israel, the document’s wording is more careful, but not devoid of significance, offering an implicit recognition of the Palestinian claim over East Jerusalem.

Defense Minister Yaalon:  The leaked document is real but not relevant.  It was only a proposal by the USA.
November 2014 - WHO OR WHAT IS BEHIND DISTURBING PETITION FOR THE PARTITION OF ISRAEL? - At a time when Sinai and Gaza, given up by Israel "for peace," are riddled with jihadi violence threatening Israel, Egypt and the whole region - The US government's detrimental influence on Israeli policies and fate
December 2014 - Breitbart:   Israel’s Secular Elite Commits Treason with ‘Palestine’ Letter
Members of Israel’s secular elite–including renowned authors and former diplomats–have signed a letter that encourages European parliaments to recognize a Palestinian state. The letter, which was reportedly sent to the Belgian parliament on Sunday, comes after deadly Palestinian terror attacks, incitement by Palestinian leaders, and the collapse of the Palestinian unity government. It is self-deluded–and treasonous in effect, if not intent.
There is no other way to describe a gesture that is so callously indifferent to the lives of innocent fellow citizens, even if some of the signatories are among those who have sacrificed the most for Israel’s security in the past. 
Ex Mossad chief calls Netanyahu's assertions at the US Congress "bullshit". 
He ridiculed the notion that Iran is a threat to Israel (in spite of repeated calls by Iran to wipe Israel off the map). 
Meir Dagan, the former head of Mossad, eviscerated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress this past week.  As the prime minister was being applauded by US lawmakers for declaring that “Israel’s soldiers have boundless courage” and that “Israel was capable of defending itself,” Dagan said: “That’s a threat to attack.”

He said that while a nuclear-armed Iran would pose “an almost intolerable threat” to Israel, the public manner in which Netanyahu has challenged US President Barack Obama has hurt attempts to curb the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. (Word by word the White House position.) 
The former Mossad director, who will be the keynote speaker at a mass anti-Netanyahu rally planned for Saturday night in Tel Aviv, said that the prime minister’s policies “will bring about an end to the Zionist dream.”

Ex-Mossad Chief Meir Dagan at anti-Netanyahu rally:  Our leadership scares me more than our enemies.
Meir Dagan
Meir Dagan's interesting news archive at Israel National News

Giulio Meotti:  What makes Mossad and IDF Chiefs run?
Giulio Meotti
I always wonder what has made these former spies and generals act this way. It is a pity that Israel's establishment is in hands of Jews who are so morally bankrupt as to not stand up courageously for what is right and oppose that which is wrong.
They are all affected by the virus of the same malady: they did not do enough to protect Israelis during the '90s and the Second Intifada, they've all drunk the poison of Oslo (agreement that empowered the Palestinians), and above all, they can't face the truth of Arab hatred and anti-Semitism, so they all collect their pensions and release interviews to a media that hate Jews.  
And as long as they spout suicidal ideas, former spies and generals are guaranteed lucrative speaking engagements and writings. How coincidental.

The unspoken issue of corruption in Israel

Image result for ariel sharonGAZA - A HISTORY YOU MAY NOT KNOW - And the corrupt motives that may have led Israeli PM Ariel Sharon to surrender Gaza to terrorists in 2005.

Was it corruption that led Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to do the unthinkable:  to destroy the Gush Katif Jewish community of Gaza and brutally expel all its residents. 
The result of that Israeli pullout was the installation of a terror statelet ruled by Hamas, which has waged war on Israel, terrorizing Jews with rockets and infiltrators.

Israeli policies detrimental to Israel and the Jews.
Pro-Arab and anti-Jewish bias among leftist authorities - Influence from foreign governments - Recurrent cases of corruption.

While Israeli officials knew it was being used to build tunnels - How business influences policy in Israel.

Gaza Belt Israeli residents threatened by Hamas tunnels  - A preview of what Israelis will get once Palestinians get a sovereign terror state.

IDF map of terrorist tunnels that were found near Israeli communities near the Gaza border, identified and mapped. July 27, 2014. These were destroyed by the IDF. Residents fear there are more that have yet to be uncovered.
 The Jewish Left agenda
for end of Israel as a Jewish state
How the Israeli left undermines Israel's survival by agitating for further Land For Peace withdrawals - where Israel gets neither land nor peace - The discredited Israeli Left and their disproportionate and fatal influence in government.
And how it undermines the security and the very existence of Israel

Martin Sherman:  Israel’s Left: Ludicrous, loathsome and lethal
Originally published on the Jerusalem Post,

Martin Sherman:  Can Israel survive the (leftist) Jews in power? The vindictive, borderline treasonous malevolence of the Left and the inept, borderline imbecilic impotence of the Right are emerging as the gravest threat to the sustainability of Jewish political independence.
Read more of this article as it deals with particular individuals in the Israeli Jewish elite that are undermining the very existence of Israel.  It may be a bit detailed for those not familiar with Israeli politics, but it is lucid and factual, and by one of Israel's top thinkers.

The Arab-Jewish Conflict

VIDEO  -  THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BALANCE OF POWER IN THE MIDDLE EAST and how six million Israeli Jews face 1.5 BILLION well-armed Muslims - The Muslim agenda is the complete obliteration of the Jewish state, by war or one "peace" at the time

All of Israel is Islamic Holy Land, say Palestinians
Arabs don't want peace.  They want dominance over all of Israel.  Whether through the "piece" process, as in the case of Fatah,  or by jihad, as in the case of Hamas.

The US government nefarious policies towards Israel

THE WHITE HOUSE TWO-FACED POLICY TOWARDS ISRAEL - OBAMA TURNED IRAN INTO HIS MAIN ALLY IN THE MIDDLE EAST - Secret talks and secret arrangements - Helping Iran become a nuclear power and a regional thug tasked with keeping order and subduing the Sunnis - Iran's military already THREATENING ISRAEL IN THE NORTH

THE WHITE HOUSE BLOCKED ALL ARMS SHIPMENTS TO ISRAEL during the Gaza war - but sold $11 BILLION in weapons to QATAR, which arms HAMAS - thus the White House is indirectly arming Palestinian terrorists that kill Jews.


SEN. TED CRUZ ASKS FOR INVESTIGATION: IS WHITE HOUSE USING TAX DOLLARS TO TOPPLE ISRAELI PM Netanyahu in next elections - White House not only works on partitioning Israel to create an Islamic Arab state, but now it appears to be connected to conspiracy to finance and influence who is going to be Prime Minister

TIMELINE by Prof. Francisco Gil-White (Prof. Gil-White is not Jewish)

Please see articles under the files on the Israeli left and the shocking discrimination against Jews in Israel.  They represent a tiny tip of the iceberg of what goes on 10,000 miles away.  It is much, much worse. 
Israeli government anti-Jewish discrimination - News archive
The self-hating, treasonous Jewish Left in Israel and in the Diaspora  -  Agitating for Arabs and against Israel - News archive

 Israel is the country in red.  Countries in green are all Arabs.
Partitioning Israel will bring peace, says the world and the suicidal Israeli left



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