A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ISRAELI TELLS THE WORLD "HANDS OFF MY COUNTRY" - The international conspiracy to topple PM Netanyahu - The 'too little too late' PM fighting for his political life after years of appeasing the White House, the Arabs, and the Jewish pro-Arab Left

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PM Netanyahu's speech to Congress against President Obama's bad deal with Iran was too little too late.   PM Netanyahu sat on his hands for several years, missing the opportunity to destroy the then incipient Iranian nuclear program when it was still possible to do so.
At this point all that even the strongest diplomatic and economic sanctions against Iran can do is to delay the inevitable.
By the same token, Netanyahu's assertion a couple of days ago that his much touted idea of "Two States for Two Peoples" was not practical because any territory vacated by Israel would inevitably fall into jihadists' hands, was also too little too late.   
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declared Sunday that the 2009 Bar Ilan speech in which he voiced support for a demilitarized Palestinian state is no longer relevant. 
In a Channel 2 interview in January, Netanyahu said that the Bar Ilan speech (supporting "Two States for Two Peoples") was not null and void, “but the Palestinians have emptied it of content. Under the conditions they want at present, it is simply not something we can consider. There is no partner for an agreement.”
 That has been obvious for decades.  But the PM  has plowed ahead not only in words but in allowing the Arabs to establish facts on the ground to enable them to eventually claim much Jewish land - including Biblical Jerusalem - as Arab land.
Sadly, instead of reaffirming his new stance, the Prime Minister's office rushed to deny that the PM had meant that he was revoking his support for a Palestinian state, saying that such idea had been expressed by another Likud MK.
PM's office rebuts publication that claimed the Bar Ilan speech was 'void,' saying that isn't his position but rather (MK) Hotovely's.
Tzipi Hotovely, Binyamin Netanyahu
MK Tzipi Hotovely with PM Netanyahu

Had PM Netanyahu courageously taken on a reasonable but genuine right wing agenda from the start, he would be the nation's hero. 
In spite of its often leftist and accommodating appearance, Israel yearns for a leader that will stand up to the Arabs and to the White House, and assert Jewish rights. 
Benjamin Netanyahu could have fulfilled at least some of those yearnings.  He is intelligent, personable, eloquent and - unlike other Israeli political leaders -  he speaks American English like a native.
Netanyahu, however, has done exactly the opposite, with a long history of appeasement and surrender to the Arabs, while clamping down hard on Jews who demand their legal rights as determined by international law and the courts.
His coalitions have empowered the Israeli pro-Arab left wing, allowing them to carry on a steady effort to reach an agreement with the Arabs for the  partition of Israel and the establishment of an Arab terror state.  
Rumors and leaks surface every once in a while exposing how far PM Netanyahu has been willing to go in ceding land to the Arabs.  While he reassures Israelis that Jerusalem is sacrosanct, he does not specify how much of it he is willing to give away.  

PM Netanyahu has been an actor often expressing right wing ideas, while implementing policies agreeable to the Jewish left, and to the pro-Arab and anti-Israel US State Department.  This has made him indistinguishable from the left wing in all but the tempo of his surrender.  

The left says let's retreat to the 1967 lines right away and hope for the best.
Netanyahu says let's retreat to the 1967 lines with a few modifications, and with a fig leaf insurance for Israeli voters first - such as "security arrangements" - that would be certainly violated by the Arabs once they achieve statehood.  

But a fake right wing PM is better than an all-out pro-Arab one, so the right wing is holding its nose and supporting Netanyahu as the best alternative among less experienced fake-right wingers to defeat the ever more popular left wing.
Now, you may ask yourself why would Israelis support Labour when they openly advocate for the partition of Israel and the empowering of the Arabs.  It makes no sense for tiny, besieged Israel to disregard the internal and external Muslim threats.  But polls indicate Labour on the rise and with a very good chance of forming the next government.

In fact, given the history of genocidal Arab hatred against Jews with its several war and non-stop terror, the popularity of pro-Arab Jewish political parties makes no sense whatsoever.  

But that is Israel for you, a mysterious land where the impossible happens with regularity - in terms of miracles and utter political absurdity.

Following is an angry article by an Israeli writer who is disgusted by the international campaign aimed at toppling Netanyahu.  
The relentless bullying of a superpower
against the tiny and besieged State of Israel.
See comparison of territorial size. 
This campaign led by the United States State Department, and aided by the European Union and pro-Arab international and Jewish organizations has been a tidal wave that may well drown the prime minister and put Labour in charge.  (See link at the bottom of the page to this blog's article outlining the elements of the conspiracy to topple Netanyahu, and other related articles.)

The irony is that Netanyahu ENABLED all those forces that have coalesced against him - from the US State Department and White House, all the way to foreign-funded NGOs - while dismissing and even crushing the right wing he so desperately needs now.

The White House has had the temerity of sending its own team to assist the opposition and to manipulate the electorate against Netanyahu.  It has also provided unlimited amounts of money to organizations that encourage the Arab and leftist vote.

Not even his celebrated appearance at the US Congress a few days ago, when he denounced the White House's bad deal with Iran,  was enough to move his party ahead on the polls.  His speech was too little too late, both for any effort aimed at stopping Iran, and for saving Netanyahu's job.  If he wins, it will be thanks to a miracle, not to his mixed political record.

And, by the way, an estimated tens of thousands of Israelis attended a rally in support of the Left.   Why not in protest in front of the US Consulate that has been so detrimental to Israel since even before the reconstitution of the state of Israel in 1948?  Or in protest against DAILY Arab terror that victimizes Israeli civilians of all ages?   It's a baffling country. 
Hands off my country! 
Continue reading, and see links to issues discussed above

Supporters of the Obama Administration, like Eric Yoffie of the Union for Reform Judaism, pretend to be angered and offended by the “wildly inappropriate” action of PM Netanyahu in accepting the invitation of the Speaker of the House to address Congress.

They insist that protocol was broken, that the speech was a an attack on the President and that Netanyahu didn’t offer an alternative to Obama’s policy. And they view the speech as unwanted interference in American partisan politics.

All of these complaints are false, and one can only assume that, like their president, they didn’t bother to listen to the speech. But the part about “interference” makes me laugh.

There is simply no comparison. The US and Europe have been meddling in Israel’s affairs for years, and have recently taken it to a new level.

And they don’t do it openly, by making speeches (indeed, Obama declined to speak to Israel’s Knesset in 2013, possibly because it would constitute recognition that Jerusalem is our capital).

As we approach our March 17 election, the flow of foreign money into groups trying to defeat PM Netanyahu continues unabated.

The V15 organization is assiduously working to get out the anti-Netanyahu vote, in the cities and Arab towns. And they are not the only foreign-backed organization trying to influence the election against the PM. 

 The Likud made a complaint to the Election Commission against V15, but unfortunately they shot from the hip and failed to establish a direct connection between V15 and the PM’s electoral opponents.

This is nothing new. For years, the EU, individual European governments and the US-based New Israel Fund (NIF) have been funding non-governmental organizations in Israel which work against the interests of the state to the tune of millions of dollars.

These NGOs provided the raw material for the libelous accusations of war crimes against Israel made by the UN Human Rights Commission in the tendentious Goldstone Report about the 2008-9 Gaza War (since repudiated by the jurist whose name it bears) and the forthcoming Schabas Report about the more recent 2014 conflict.

The foreign-funded NGOs include some that engage in “lawfare” against Israel, including legal attacks against IDF soldiers and commanders; others that support boycott-divestment-sanctions (BDS); some that generate propaganda to demonize the state and the IDF; and some that engage in protests and vandalism in the territories.

 It has recently been made public that the NIF received grants of more than $1 million from the US State Department during the first Obama Administration.

 The NIF supports hundreds of projects in Israel, ranging from relatively harmless ones like groups favoring ‘religious pluralism’ to Israeli Arab organizations that want to change Israel from a Jewish state to a binational state, to supporters of BDS and anti-IDF troupes that travel the world accusing it of war crimes.

 But doesn’t Israel ‘meddle’ with US politics through the so-called ‘Israel Lobby’, in particular AIPAC?

Actually, no. AIPAC is an American organization, funded by pro-Israel Americans. Whatever influence it has comes directly from the fact that most Americans do support Israel, and members of Congress know this. Contrast this with Arab lobbies that recycle petrodollars to try to influence lawmakers, often in favor of policies that their constituents oppose.

Well, they say, what about the nefarious Sheldon Adelson?

Adelson has given millions to the Birthright program, which brings young Jewish Americans to Israel for ten days to see the country with their own eyes. But he also is the major investor in the Israel Hayom Newspaper, which infuriates the Left. So let’s look at Israel Hayom.

The argument is that since it is given away free, it isn’t a ‘real’ newspaper but just propaganda. But all newspapers make most of their profit, if any, from the sale of advertising. And Israel Hayom has plenty of ads. Free distribution of a newspaper to maximize circulation — Israel Hayom now competes closely with Yediot Aharonot for the largest circulation of any Israeli newspaper — is a legitimate business strategy.

Adelson doesn’t hide his ownership, and Israel Hayom is the only major newspaper that supports PM Netanyahu (Yediot and Ha’aretz in particular are vehemently, even viciously, opposed to him). 

As the Election Commission and Supreme Court recently decided when they turned down a complaint against Israel Hayom from Netanyahu’s opponents, a newspaper is entitled to an agenda — indeed it is impossible to imagine one without a point of view.

I don’t (obviously) have a problem with Israel Hayom. I read it every day. Indeed, Adelson, a private individual, is doing Israel a great service by providing a vehicle for the presentation of a centrist point of view, when other newspapers and TV and radio channels are all biased to the left to a greater or lesser extent.

But I do have a problem with the US and European governments meddling in Israel’s politics and attempting to influence its elections to change our government to one which will be more compliant to their interests — interests which often oppose the continued existence of Israel as a Jewish state.

The left-wing politicians that think that they can accept the aid of these governments and still maintain their independence are fooling themselves.

There will be a day when the US and Europe will call in their chips (Kerry has already said that he will push for an agreement with the Palestinians after the election). You don’t make a deal with the devil and ask for your soul back.

Hands off my country!

The US State Department:

The Media:

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The Jewish Left in Israel and in the Diaspora:

 Dry Bones, Kirschen, cartoon,boycott, Jews, Christians, Israel,Jewish, defamation,

Systemic anti-Jewish discrimination in Israel
 - News file
(Photo on the right: Israeli police expelling Jews from their homes.)
Israel's LEGAL RIGHT to Judea and Samaria under International Law


Actual documents here:

AP Photo/Susan Walsh
US  SEN. TED CRUZ ASKS FOR INVESTIGATION : IS WHITE HOUSE USING TAX DOLLARS TO TOPPLE ISRAELI PM Netanyahu in next elections - White House not only works on partitioning Israel to create an Islamic Arab state, but now it appears to be connected to conspiracy to finance and influence who is going to be Prime MinisterSee March 13  UPDATE about bipartisan Senate panel to investigate whether White House (taxpayers') money has been involved in toppling Netanyahu.
Read more

March 8:  Netanyahu: Bar Ilan Speech for Two States is Dead

In his 2009 speech, Prime Minister spoke in favor of a demilitarized Palestinian state. Now, he says, the idea is null and void due to the violent radicalization of the region. 


March 10:  Netanyahu denies he rejected a Palestinian state
PM's office rebuts publication that claimed the Bar Ilan speech was 'void,' saying that isn't his position but rather MK Hotovely's.

Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades terroristsBreaking News:
Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas thwarts uprising by Hamas.  
Defense officials reportedly think the PA is arresting Hamas men to foil terror attacks that would have helped right wing at the polls Tuesday.
Read more:
Labour Party Agenda:  Spend on social issues before spending on defense.
Labor leader claims Israel's economy is suffering due to overfocus on defense, vows only to raise defense budget if social needs are met.
Israel's economy is doing quite well, according to a business magazine The Marker
A final estimate is still being calculated, but Finance Ministry officials said they are now expecting Israel’s gross domestic product to expand 3.5% this year. 

Behind the new optimism is preliminary data for the fourth quarter of 2014, which showed GDP surging ahead at a 7.2% annual rate, it fastest since the first quarter of 2008. That raised growth for all of 2014 to 2.9%.

Meantime, Israel’s unemployment rate fell to 5.9% last year from 6.2% in 2013 even as the percentage of the working age population grew to a very high 64.2%. The economy bounced back quickly from the effect of last summer’s Gaza war while a weaker shekel has been spurring higher exports, mainly to North America and Asia.
Leftists, Arabs protest over 'Judaization' of Sheikh Jarrah (illustrative)

Leftist, pro-Arab, anti-Israel organization New Israel Fund - Received more than $1 million from the State Department.
US directly involved in million-dollar MEPI program - which organizes 'strikes and protests' from the Arab community.
New Israel Fund - Husband of NIF Director supports boycotts against Israel

Researcher Edwin Black:
The US State Department funding the subversive New Israel Fund. 
Vocal critics in both the U.S. and Israel charge that the New Israel Fund has knowingly financed groups that support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, and worked to get Israeli soldiers prosecuted for so-called ‘war crimes.”
Benny Yanay of an Israeli military organization called Consensus, representing some 3,000 members of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), stated, “The New Israel Fund acts against Israel — against the soldiers of our country. It is supported by foreign governments and organizations so that Israeli soldiers will be weakened.” Other Israel military men and women have alleged that the NIF is trying to “destabilize the IDF.”
Knesset Deputy Speaker Yoni Chetboun added that the NIF was bent on “erasing the Jewish identity from the Jewish State.” Chetboun adds that through its SHATIL subsidiary, NIF represents the biggest left-wing political lobby in Israel.
The newly examined State Department funding projects play into the growing Israeli complaint that the State Department is actively supporting political upheaval in the forthcoming elections – and therefore interfering in Israel’s voting process.
In spite of terror and Iran's threat, the Left could win
After decades of leftist brainwashing and divide-and-rule tactics, many Israelis are out of touch with cold, harsh reality.
Yitzhak Herzog, Tzipi Livni
Left wing leaders Yitzhak Herzog,  Tzipi Livni
This is a remarkable electoral situation, given the fact that the younger generation of voters grew up under the horrific terror attacks of 2000-2005.
This generation suffered repeated deadly campaigns of missile attacks that targeted all of Israel, and which were launched from areas Israel vacated in Lebanon and Gaza.
It has lived under constant existential threat from Iran, an extremist Islamic country that is developing nuclear weapons with the aim of annihilating it, and it has seen the obvious failure of attempts at diplomatic compromise with the Palestinian Authority.

Even given the fact that most scenarios envisioning a leftist victory March 17 are not feasible, the fact that this generation could still be likely to elect a defeatist government that believes in giving up yet more territory to the enemy, and that would have to lean on the support of unabashed enemy sympathizers like MKs Ahmed Tibi and Hanin Zoabi – is the true mystery in this election.
This reality is testament to the deadly efficacy of highly sophisticated leftist techniques of mass brainwashing, intimidation and divide-and-rule tactics, which have created a defeatist and confused atmosphere among Jewish voters.

Working over decades from power bases in academia and assisted by neo-Marxist techniques of subversion that enjoy unfettered funding from abroad, the Left has succeeded, in large part, in creating a false consciousness – to use a Marxist term – among Israelis.
PM Netanyahu's speech to Congress - Too little too late.
The US many betrayals of Israel.
Weak Israeli politicians.
The looming threat of Iran.
 For all the vitriol in the U.S. surrounding Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech last week to Congress, it was nothing compared with what the Israeli prime minister faced upon his homecoming. Israeli politics are generally more vicious than their American parallel, and Netanyahu returned to face what is almost a perfect storm raging around his re-election campaign.
List provided by Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu - If Israel had listened to the US government, there would be no Israel and Jews would have been massacred - Read additional facts behind the US consistent betrayal of Israel.
White House sends team of experts to Israel to assist the opposition and topple PM Netanyahu
TIMELINE by Prof. Francisco Gil-White (Prof. Gil-White is not Jewish)
Prominent Israeli security officials organized in calling for suicidal policies, and one even dismissing Iran's nuclear threat - Is it a conspiracy? - What could be behind it?  The roles of US interference and of Israeli corruption.

DON'T MISS the above article that has key information explaining issues such as the disproportionate influence of the left in Israeli institutions, the role played by political corruption, and a history of US foreign policy that - behind the diplomatic words - has been extremely hostile and detrimental to Israel.




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