A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

NETANYAHU'S SPEECH TO CONGRESS - A forceful speech but too little too late - Israel made the mistake of submitting to White House threats, and missed its chance to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities when it was still possible to do so.

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It had mostly symbolic value because current attempts to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power are just too little, too late. 
All anyone can do now is to stall the process and prevent the Obama administration from facilitating it through a very bad deal.
There was a time when Israel could have bombed Iran's initial nuclear sites, the way it did in Iraq.   But the White House told Israel, don't you dare.  And Israel acquiesced.  Now Iran has greatly advanced its program and has hidden nuclear facilities that nobody outside Iran even knows about. 
While this pro-Iran US administration is not expected to do it, increased sanctions against Iran could curtail that country's ambitions to dominate the Middle East, while delaying its nuclear development.  
It's a tinder-box neighborhood.  But instead of lending support to Israel -  the only democratic and civilized country in the region -  the White House has endeavored to humiliate, pressure,  relentlessly attack the Jewish state, and demand its partition  - while praising the values of Islam at every available opportunity. 
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US government's betrayals of Israel
On his speech to AIPAC on March 2  PM Netanyahu listed the many times when Israel challenged US government directives and did what it had to do to survive.  
Netanyahu showed how in each case it was Israeli decisiveness that had saved the country.
PM Netanyahu said:
"In 1948, Secretary of State George Marshall opposed David Ben-Gurion's intention to declare statehood. That's an understatement -- he vehemently opposed it. But, Ben-Gurion, understanding what was at stake, went ahead and declared Israel's independence.  

"In 1967, as an Arab noose was tightening around Israel's neck, the United States warned [the prime minister] that if Israel acted alone, it would be alone. But Israel did act --acted alone -- to defend itself.  

"In 1981, under the leadership of Prime Minister Menachem Begin, Israel destroyed a nuclear reactor at Osirak (Iraq). The United States criticized Israel and suspended arms-transfers for three months.   

"And in 2002, after the worst wave of Palestinian terror attacks in Israel's history, Prime Minister Sharon launched Operation Defensive Shield. The United States demanded that Israel withdraw its troops immediately but Sharon continued until the operation was completed.

Weak Israeli politicians
The difference between then and now is that the Israeli government at that time did its duty by placing the safety of Israel and the Israeli people first, regardless of diplomatic fallout - instead of meekly submitting to the dictates of the arrogant US government. 
The US president places his own interests first.  Sometimes those interests coincide with those of the American people.  Most often, they are purely political.   
In the case of the current administration's policies towards the Muslim world and its empowering of Islam (and Iran in particular) to the detriment of Israel - those policies seem to be at odds with the interests of the American people.
It's all the more important then for Israel to stand for what is right. 
However, ever since 1967 -  and even more in the years coinciding with the Obama administration - Israeli officials have been increasingly buckling under US pressure.
Israel was almost destroyed in 1967.  The USA made it clear it would not come to its aid.  The odds were greatly in favor of the Arab invader.  But Israel prevailed.  Not only that, it also liberated ancient Jewish land that had been under Muslim occupation.
The US government has been trying ever since to make Israel part with that land.  And it succeeded, in part because Israeli governments have been weak.  Israel ceded the Sinai and Gaza without firing a shot. 
Israel could have destroyed Iran's nuclear facilities many years ago.  But it didn't  out of fear of what the Big Bad USA government might do.
The State Department micromanages Israel
It should be noted that no matter how much savagery goes on elsewhere in the Middle East, the US government reserves considerable human and financial resources to maintain its tentacles inside Israeli government and private institutions.  It carefully nurtures relations with the Israeli military, media, business, and politicians.
Right now it has an army of White House operatives working in Israel with the left-wing opposition to manipulate the coming elections and topple Netanyahu. 
The US government micromanages Israel, and has no shame in pushing its way around whenever government officials show any reluctance to follow Washington dictates.
The US Consulate in Jerusalem is for all purposes a consulate to the State of Palestine.  They have said so more or less openly.  The White House regards Jewish presence in Jerusalem as "illegitimate," and does not recognize the ancient Jewish city of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  The US embassy is not in Jerusalem but in Tel Aviv.
From the US Consulate in Jerusalem Americans monitor Israeli activities in the whole country, and very particularly in areas the Arabs want for their own Islamic terror state.
A few weeks ago the US Consulate - at the request of Palestinians - sent a group of armed guards to trespass into a Jewish farm to "investigate" an issue concerning trees.  When the farm owners confronted the foreign trespassers, they were threatened with guns. 
Some months ago the White House made headlines when an American journalist quoted a senior White House official (most likely the president himself) referring to PM Netanyahu as "chickenshit" because he had failed to take action against Iran.
Unleashing a media storm, pro-Obama journalist Jeffrey Goldberg wrote on THE ATLANTIC :

The other day I was talking to a senior Obama administration official about the foreign leader who seems to frustrate the White House and the State Department the most. “The thing about Bibi is, he’s a chickenshit,” this official said, referring to the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, by his nickname.
“The good thing about Netanyahu is that he’s scared to launch wars,” the official said, expanding the definition of what a chickenshit Israeli prime minister looks like.  
“The bad thing about him is that he won’t do anything to reach an accommodation with the Palestinians or with the Sunni Arab states. The only thing he’s interested in is protecting himself from political defeat. He’s not [Yitzhak] Rabin, he’s not [Ariel] Sharon, he’s certainly no [Menachem] Begin. He’s got no guts.”
Iran's looming threat to Israel
So, in spite of Netanyahu's effective speech to Congress,  the very warm reception he received there and at AIPAC, and the soaring numbers of support for Israel among the American public, words and symbolic gestures now will accomplish very little.
Iran will weather the storm and -  with or without sanctions -  it will continue to march ahead towards nuclear power, regional hegemony and the destruction of Israel.
Iran and Israel are already face to face.
Iranian generals are at the Syrian border with Israel organizing jihadi troops for the purpose of attacking Israel. 
Iran  is determined to increase its influence and become the Middle East superpower that will take control over the many areas of conflict.  And the Obama administration is 100% in agreement with this.
The White House wider agenda, and Republican collaboration
The White House agenda is far reaching.  The Democrats want to counteract the will of the American people by legitimizing millions of undocumented migrants, and by bringing in millions more from Muslim countries, and even from jihadi areas as "refugees".
So the Democrats want to change not only the Middle East, but America as well. 
Yesterday's speech by the Israeli PM to Congress will be remembered fondly by those who uphold traditional American values.  But the Republicans' can't be relied on to stop the Iranian bomb enabled by the White House.  The Republicans are openly collaborating with the Democrat agenda.
On the same day of the speech, the media were reporting how the Republicans had voted in favor of funding DHS - and so leaving the president's executive amnesty untouched.  A cowardly act of collaboration with the Democrats' plan to radically change the demographics and the values of the United States.

The full funding of DHS through September 30 — leaving President Obama’s executive amnesty untouched — comes after weeks of wrangling. The measure passed 257-167 with majority Democratic votes. Seventy-five Republicans voted to pass the clean bill, 167 voted against passage. 
The White House has been consistently supporting Islamist regimes (such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt during the past Morsi regime), while encouraging the toppling of secular ones. 

Actually the whole US-supported Arab Spring had a hidden agenda for the empowering of Islamists connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. 
Flashback:  The Obama administration refused to lend support to the democratic movement in Iran back in 2009.  The activists warned the White House that the Mullahs would never give up their ambition to develop nuclear weapons, and how they were driven by religious zealotry to dominate the region.
February 28, 2012: a column byEd Morrissey:
Lost in the debate over whether the US should use military force to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons is the opportunity that arguably arose nearly three years ago to make the entire debate moot. When the mullahcracy that seeks the nukes in order to attack Israel rigged their presidential election even more clumsily than usual in order to return Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to office, Iranians poured out into the streets in protest for months. Curiously, Barack Obama made no public overtures for weeks to the opposition, and the White House at one point even confirmed the results of the rigged election.  Later, when the opportunity passed, Obama and the White House insisted that the Iranian opposition never asked for help from the US.   
The Washington Examiner reports that the leaders of the Green Revolution did indeed ask Obama and the West to help them push out the mullahcracy: The eight-page memo describes the current regime under Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as a “brutal, apocalyptic theocratic dictatorship.”  The memo warns that Iran “with its apocalyptic constitution will never give up the atomic bomb, nor will it give up its terror network, because it needs these instruments to maintain its power and enhance its own economic and financial wealth.” 
DEFIANT: Netanyahu said Israel will stand up for itself even if the Obama administration should decide not to offer support in its existential battle with Iran
 The greatest danger to the world is nuclear weapons in the hands of militant Islam - 
 Iran is already involved in spreading Muslim terror all over the region and the rest of the world. - 
 The current White House deal with Iran would allow it to quickly develop nuclear weapons.
Here is a list provided by Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu - 
 If Israel had listened to the US government, there would be no Israel and Jews would have been massacred - 
 Read additional facts behind the US consistent betrayal of Israel.
The Atlantic:  Senior White House official calls PM Netanyahu "chickenshit"
TOP WHITE HOUSE OFFICIAL WHO CALLED THE ISRAELI PM A COWARD AND CHICKEN MANURE won't identify himself or apologize. WH official only says statement was "inappropriate" - ONE REASON behind the White House hostility towards Israel and PM Netanyahu
Breaking news:  House approves DHS funding bill (and amnesty executive action)
AFPSurge of Muslim immigration into the USA
AS SOMALI MUSLIM GROUP AL SHABAAB THREATENS AMERICAN MALLS WITH TERROR, the White House is importing 800 Somalis a month - White House also to quadruple number of Syrian refugees allowed into the USA, among whom there may be jihadis
Brazen White House interference in sovereign nations
OUTRAGE IN ISRAEL AFTER US CONSULATE ARMED CONVOY WITH ARABS VIOLATES SEVERAL LAWS, trespasses on a farm, and uses guns to threaten Israeli farmers - US Consular staff said they were on an "inspecting" mission following Arab complaints about trees.
IRAN MILITARY IN CHARGE OF SYRIAN AND HIZBULLAH FORCES AT BORDER WITH ISRAEL IN THE GOLAN - SOON IRAN AND ISRAEL TO BE FACE TO FACE - White House still thinks Israelis building apartments in Jerusalem is the greatest obstacle to peace
IRAN GOES AHEAD WITH MILITARY UPGRADE - It unveils advanced long-range missiles, lasers, satellites - Meanwhile the White House is enabling Iran to become a nuclear power

What Iran really wants
John Kerry, Mohammad Javad ZarifExperts:  Iran one year away from the bomb. 
White House deal gives Iran a clear path to developing nuclear bomb.

FLASHBACK:  How the White House dismissed a plea for help from pro-democracy activists in Iran back in 2009
Netanyahu wants more room on the table for the military option to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
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Illustration by Mark Langfan -
 iran not halted

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