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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Monday, March 2, 2015

THE WHITE HOUSE TWO-FACED POLICY TOWARDS ISRAEL - OBAMA TURNED IRAN INTO HIS MAIN ALLY IN THE MIDDLE EAST - Secret talks and secret arrangements - Helping Iran become a nuclear power and a regional thug tasked with keeping order and subduing the Sunnis - Iran's military already THREATENING ISRAEL IN THE NORTH

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  • Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu is accused of jeopardizing the bond between Israel and the US government for denouncing the US-Iran deal that allows Iran to develop nuclear capabilities.
  • However it is President Obama who long ago broke the bond between the US and Israel and discarded Israel as a Middle East ally while covertly throwing his support for Iran's ayatollahs.
  • The White House has been holding meetings - some secret - at different levels with Iranian officials and middle-men.
  • Although the following article does not say so, this US administration's has supported the most fundamentalist sects of Islam, to the detriment of more secular regimes (which fell like dominoes during the US-endorsed Arab Spring).
  • President Obama's goal is to empower Iran's Shia faction in the Middle East and to let the Ayatolahs become the ME policemen.
  • Shia and Sunni factions of Islam have been slaughtering each other since the 7th century due to a disagreement over Mohammed's succession.
  • Sunni countries are extremely alarmed at the White House empowering of Iran.
  • In Obama's envisioned Middle East, Israel would be in extreme jeopardy.
  • Iranian military commanders are already assembling local forces against Israel on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights (see previous DEBKA article linked below).
  • Iranian aggression and ambition will be compounded with nuclear capabilities, and President Obama is helping with that.
  • President's Obama Middle East policies may be ushering in an unprecedented catastrophe in the area. 

Illustration by Mark Langfan -
DEBKAfile reports:  It took time to catch on to Obama’s two-faced policy towards Israel because it was handled with subtlety. 

On the one hand, he made sure Israel was well supplied with all its material security needs.

This enabled him to boast that no US president or administration before him had done as much to safeguard Israel’s security.
But behind this façade, Obama made sure that Israel’s security stayed firmly in the technical-material-financial realm and never crossed the line into a strategic relationship.  That was because he needed to keep his hands free for the objective of transferring the role of foremost US ally in the Middle East from Israel to Iran, a process that took into account the ayatollahs’ nuclear aspirations.

This process unfolding over recent years has left Israel face to face with a nakedly hostile Iran empowered by the United States.
Tehran is not letting its oft-repeated threat to wipe Israel off the map.
Its nuclear aspirations are assured of consummation under the negotiations continuing later this week in the Swiss town of Montreux between US Secretary John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minsiter Mohammed Javad Zarif.
In the meantime, without President Obama lifting a finger in defense of “Israel’s security,” Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps officers are drawing Israel into a military stranglehold on the ground.
Netanyahu’s political rivals, while slamming him day by day, turn their gaze away from the encroaching Iranian forces taking up forward positions in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, where they are busy fashioning a Shiite Crescent that encircles Sunni Arab states as well as Israel.
US Sec of State John Kerry and
Iran's FM Mohammad Javad Zarif

It must be obvious that to bolster its rising status as the leading regional power, Iran must be reach the nuclear threshold - at the very least – if not nuclear armaments proper, or else how will Tehran be able to expand its territorial holdings and defend its lebensraum. 
This is not something that Barack Obama or his National Security Adviser Susan Rice are prepared to admit.
They are not about to confirm intelligence reports, which expose the military collaboration between the Obama administration and Iran’s supreme leader Aytatollah Ali Khamenei as being piped through the office of Iraq’s Shiite Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.
Washington denies that there is any such collaboration - or any suggestion that the White House had reviewed recommendations and assessments of an option for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Al Qods Brigades to take over the ground war on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria as American contractors.
Al Qods chief Gen. Qassem Soleimani is frequently spotted these days flitting between Baghdad, Damascus and Beirut, while his intelligence and liaison officers file reports to the Obama administration, through the Iraqi prime minister’s office, on their forthcoming military steps and wait for Washington’s approval.

America understandably lacks the will to have its ground forces embroiled in another Middle East war. Washington is therefore not about to turn away a regional power offering to undertake this task – even though it may be unleashing a bloody conflagration between Shiite and Sunni Muslims that would be hard to extinguish.
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Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the rest of the Gulf are as dismayed as Israel by Obama’s regional strategy, which, stripped of its diplomatic veneer, boils down to a straight trade: The US will allow Iran to reach the status of a pre-nuclear power and regional hegemon, while Tehran, in return, will send its officers and ground troops to fight in Iraq, Syria and even Afghanistan.
It is the Obama White House which is trifling with the Israeli-USA bond – not Netanyahu, whose mission in Washington is no more than a tardy attempt to check Iran’s malignant machinations which go forward without restraint. 
Also by DEBKAfile:
Iranian military in charge of Syrian forces in the Golan.
  • The Iranians' aim to drive the Syrian rebels off the Golan and occupy Quneitra as a major military outpost and the seat of their forward command.
  • An Iranian command post has reached to within sight and firing range of Israeli military forces.
  • The Iranian military will also bring over from Iraq short-range cannon, various types of missiles and T-72 tanks to face Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on the Golan.
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    130,000 Iranian Fighters on Israel’s Border?
    Reported details of a possible U.S.-Iranian nuclear deal indicate more than ever that President Barack Obama is under the deadly delusion that he has the magic power to transform the Iranian regime into a responsible, peaceful player on the world stage. As Times of Israel editor David Horovitz sums it up:
    Iran is to be allowed to keep 6,500 centrifuges spinning, and there will be a sunset clause providing for an end to intrusive inspections in some 10-15 years…. Some of the terms reported by the AP are even more worrying than those that were leaked in Jerusalem: “The idea would be to reward Iran for good behavior over the last years of any agreement,” the AP said, “gradually lifting constraints on its uranium enrichment program and slowly easing economic sanctions.” There is also no indication of restrictions on Iran’s missile development—its potential delivery systems.
    Meanwhile the Middle East Media Research Institute—or MEMRI, an essential resource for translations of Middle Eastern media—has published an alarming report on Iran’s growing military presence along Israel’s border with Syria.
    The authors are Yigal Carmon, founder of MEMRI and a former counterterrorism adviser to two Israeli prime ministers, and MEMRI director Yossi Yehoshua.
    Iran Is Increasing Its Physical Presence Along the Israeli Border
    Carmon and Yehoshua note that whereas “in the past, Iran preferred to manage the conflict with Israel exclusively through its proxies and allies—[Syrian president Hafez] Assad and Hizbullah…, there has recently been open physical presence of [Iranian] IRGC and Qods Force soldiers in Syria, specifically in the Syrian Golan”—meaning directly across the border from the Israeli Golan.
    Reports of Iranian Solders Along the Golan Have Been Censored
    Carmon and Yehoshua further cite published statements in Iran from May 2014—which were censored immediately after they appeared—that “130,000 trained Iranian Basij fighters [are] waiting to enter Syria” for deployment at command posts on the Syrian Golan.

    Meanwhile, with Lebanese Hizbullah in control of Lebanon, Iran is reportedly now building a new force, Hizbullah Syria, that already numbers 70,000 fighters.
    Israel’s standing army, it should be noted, numbers about 200,000, along with another few hundred thousand reserve soldiers.
    For Iran, the aim of deploying such forces across the border from Israel is not only to confront Israel militarily but also, say Carmon and Yehoshua,
    to limit…Israel’s ability to use military measures against Iran’s nuclear program…. In the past, it was Hizbullah Lebanon that deterred Israel, to some extent, from acting militarily against Iran’s nuclear program. Today this deterrence is significantly strengthened by the advent of Hizbullah Syria and the direct presence of Iranian forces in the Golan.
    Iran Remains Intent Upon Destroying Israel
    Along with those aims, Iran’s overall objective (among others)—the destruction of Israel—remains the same. Carmon and Yehoshua quote Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, on July 23, 2014: “the only solution is to destroy the Zionist regime.” Some other recent quotes from top Iranian officials (see the article for further details):
    Iran’s sword is currently stuck in the throat of the accursed Israeli regime…we must remove this oppressive regime from the world map…. The Imam Khomeini saw the Basij [as a force] that would destroy the Zionist regime, and today, thanks to divine grace, Iran has besieged Israel with those same popular forces.
    Destroying the Zionist regime is a very simple matter…. [It] will take place gradually. It is a matter of divine faith, [it is] more than a mere wish for us.
    [Israel] will be eliminated from the world map in the near future thanks to the resistance of Basij and Hizbullah members throughout the world.
    All this should put into sharper relief Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming speech to Congress on March 3. There have even been calls in Israel for opposition leader Isaac Herzog, whose bloc will run against Netanyahu in Israel’s March 17 elections, to join Netanyahu for the speech and present a united Israeli front on an existential issue. So far Herzog has rejected these calls.
    The Obama Administration Continues To Treat Iran Like a Partner in Reconciliation
    Iran’s emboldenment versus Israel in Syria is part of its consolidation of power in the region as Yemen falls to a pro-Iranian militia, directly endangering the strategic Bab el-Mandeb Strait, and Iran creates a Shiite arc stretching from Iran itself through Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.
    The region, in other words, “burns” while Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry—ostensible leaders of the Free World—“fiddle,” treating Iran as a partner in reconciliation and a tacit strategic ally.
    Clearly there are also Sunni threats in the region, particularly Islamic State. But pretending Iran is a friend and winking while it goes nuclear is a recipe for disaster.
    Netanyahu Will Deliver His Message Directly to the American People on March 3.  He will be highlighting the interrelated conventional and nuclear threats posed by Iran, which has been and remains an expansionist, apocalyptic regime since it was inaugurated by the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979.
    Indications are that Netanyahu has despaired of getting his message through to an administration that views him as a thorn in its side. That’s why—even if it infuriates Obama—he’ll be turning to Congress and the American people
    P. David Hornik is a freelance writer and translator living in Beersheva and author of the book Choosing Life in Israel. In addition to PJ Media his work has appeared on Frontpage Magazine, New English Review, American Spectator, American Thinker, the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Press, Ynetnews, Israel National News, Moment, and others. David grew up in the U.S. and has long made his home in Israel.
    Op-Ed: It’s the 6,000 Centrifuges, Stupid
    By Mark Langfan
    In July of the 1973 Season, Yogi Berra’s Mets trailed the Chicago Cubs by 9 ½ games in the National League East.  That’s when Berra coined his famous phrase “It ain’t over, till it’s over.”  Berra’s Mets when on to rally, and win the division title for a pennant ride which ended with the Mets losing in the 1973 World Series. 
    If Israel waits “till it’s over” to criticize Obama’s tacit nuclear-weaponization of Iran, it will be over for Israel.  The final countdown to Iran’s annihilation of Israel will have begun.
    John Kerry and Barack Obama aren’t as honest or as funny as Yogi Berra.  But, they are trying to use a variant of Yogi’s famous tautology to deceive people into accepting a fait accompli Iranian nuclear deal when it will be impossible to improve any of the terms.  At a recent Senate hearing, Kerry bloviated:
    Kerry: "I can't state this more firmly, the policy is Iran will not get a nuclear weapon. Anyone running around right now, jumping to say we don't like the deal, or this or that, doesn't know what the deal is. There is no deal yet.
    "I caution people to wait and see what these negotiations produce.
    "Since 2013 we have been testing whether or not we can achieve that goal diplomatically. I don't know yet. But it's the most effective way to solve the problem and we will prove that over the course of these next weeks and months.”

    So, Kerry’s and Obama’s newest Big Lie is a retread of Yogi’s “Ain’t over” saying: “How can you criticize the deal, when the deal isn’t final yet?”  The answer is easy, stupid: It’s the range of the base number of centrifuges that the United States has already offered Iran it would agreed to let it keep.
    It’s clear Obama has already agreed to Iran to keep, at least, over 6,000 centrifuges.  Israel has maintained Iran cannot  be trusted with even 100.

    On to a concrete example. 
    Let’s say your husband is negotiating to sell your house.  You know the value of the house is over one million dollars: $1,000,000. 
    But, you overhear your husband secretly negotiating with the buyer where the buyer is offering $100,000 and your husband is asking only $125,000, or at least $875,000 less than you know what it’s worth. 
    Do you wait until your husband has signed the contract to start yelling at him?  You scream at him immediately, he is cheating his family out of $875,000 dollars.

    If your husband is as much of a liar as Obama is and slyly responds to you saying, “Well, we haven’t signed the final contract yet for the $100,000 the buyer is offering, so you don’t know what the final price is!”  
    File for divorce.  
    The issue isn’t whether the final number between 100k and 125k has been finally agreed to.  It’s the very range of the numbers to begin with that is the problem.  If the buyer accepts your husband’s current asking price of $125,000, you will have lost $875,000.

    With Iran, we are not talking about money.  We are talking empowering Iran to be able to nuke Israel, and wipe 6 million Jews off the map.  
    And from the very numbers of centrifuges that are now being negotiated between Obama and Iran, the “best” number of centrifuges Obama is now offering Iran to keep spinning and enriching is so catastrophic that one doesn’t need to wait until the “deal is done” to know it’s a horrible deal. 
    Obama is offering Iran to keep around 6,000 centrifuges and that is 6,000 centrifuges more than Iran should have.
    You don’t have to be a nuclear scientist in order to understand something is very wrong with Obama’s Iran-nuclear deal.  Obama and Kerry’s hysterical attacks against anyone criticizing the Iran deal’s general outlines is so false that it’s clear Obama has already anointed Iran as a nuclear-weapons’ state.

    PM Netanyahu is a modern day hero to fight for Israel and the Jewish people.  Anyone claiming, “It’s personal between, Bibi and Obama” is either delusional or lying.  It’s not personal, although they don't like one another.  But Obama is knowingly enabling Iran to wipe out Israel.  That’s not personal.
    AUTHOR - Mark Langfan
    The writer, who specializes in security issues, has created an original educational 3d Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water supply. It has been studied by US lawmakers and can be seen at

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    More articles by Mark Langfan


    By Prof. Francisco Gil-White (Prof. Gil-White is not Jewish)


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