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Sunday, February 15, 2015

THE ETERNAL JEW - New video made by Israelis denounces TREASON by Jewish leftists who are paid by Germans and Europeans to lie, to denigrate Jews, and to undermine the State of Israel - Watch stinging video that the Jewish left wants banned.

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The video has the same name as that of a Nazi film denigrating Jews. 

This new version is unsophisticated and offensive, but it's factually true.  It intends to shock, and in this way to reach a particular audience.
The new version makes it clear that Israelis paid by Germans and Europeans to harass, to lie about, and to denigrate Jews living in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) are nothing less than traitors and collaborators.

During World War II there were Jews paid by the Nazis to denounce Jews in hiding.  There were other Jews called "Kapos" who brutally kept order in concentration camps in order to get more food and other privileges from the Nazis.

Jewish traitors still exist.  They roam Judea and Samaria looking for Jews building homes.  They team up with Arabs to frame Jews for vandalism, and then blame Jews to the media.
Jews who are generally characterized as "leftists" do not share a common political philosophy or vision for Israel. 

Some would like the full dismantlement of Israel and the handing over of the land to the Arabs  

Others want the expulsion of Jews from Judea and Samaria, and the partition of Israel to turn it into an indefensible state with what are generally regarded as "the Auschwitz borders" (map on the right).
What all "leftists" share is a visceral hatred for religious Jews and for all Israelis who defend Israel's legal and historical right to their ancient Jewish land. 
These leftists are part of an informal activist army.  Those organized into NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) are paid for by Germany and other European countries.  They work side by side with genocidal Arabs for the undermining of Israel. 
George Soros, a Jewish billionaire and Holocaust survivor, funds anti-Israel activities. 
NGO Monitor:  More than $27 million of foreign donations flowed into the bank accounts of radical NGOs in Israel during 2012-14.
They participate in  riots and in the harassment of Jews living across the Green Line (West Bank).  They have been caught on camera framing "settlers" for vandalism that they and Arabs personally perpetrate.
Continue reading about the treasonous Israeli left, and the millions paid by Europeans for the destruction of Israel from within.
and watch video The Eternal Jew

Their goal is to ratchet up the demonization of Israel in the already pro-Arab Western media.  With the help of Arabs they organize what is known as "Pallywood", or situations that are fully fabricated for the media in order to increase international hatred for Israel and the Jews.
Paving the way for another Holocaust
Jewish leftists are already savoring the results, with the widespread and single-minded international campaign of BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) against tiny Israel  -   indifferent to the rest of the Middle East that is awash in bloodshed.
Jewish leftists are also witnessing the increased anti-Semitic wave of murder and harassment of Jews in the West, particularly in Europe - which puts more pressure on Israel to accede to partition.  Another proof that their perverted hate campaign works.
The participation of Jews in  treasonous anti-Israel activities lends legitimacy to those who support anti-Israel campaigns, or engage in them from purely anti-Semitic and genocidal motives - such as Muslims and Neo-Nazis - and from historical anti-Semitism from non-Muslims, particularly from the Church. 
Churches are at the forefront of this BDS campaign, and so they have openly allied themselves with Arab terrorists with the implicit goal of bringing on the genocidal destruction of Israel.  A goal which the Church, the Left, Europe and the White House euphemistically call "peace".
A scene from "The Eternal Jew" video produced by the Samaria Settlers' Committee. (YouTube screenshot)
Video screenshot
The grassroots Samaria Regional Council (West Bank) has produced a highly controversial animated video  that shows leftist groups that “tattle” on Israel and the IDF in a way similar to how Nazis depicted Jews in their anti-Semitic propaganda.
The video's message is that while leftists may think that Europe has changed since the Holocaust, the Europeans see them in the same way that they saw Jews in those dark days – as they pay them money to betray their countrymen.
It is called “The Eternal Jew?” – just like the title of the infamous 1940 Nazi propaganda film, but with a question mark at the end.
The video shows a hook-nosed figure accepting repeated payments of euros from a German-accented master for carrying out various provocations that are used in leftist-controlled media to portray Israel in a bad light: from sawing down trees in order to blame “the settlers,” to manufacturing faux news reports about supposed IDF cruelty and abuse of Arab human rights.
The video ends with the German master suggesting that the Jew “take care” of himself – and the Jew ending his own life.
Hasmol Settler Video
Video screenshot  -
Satisfied German boss reads distorted
anti-Israel leftist media
The Samaria Regional Council's head, veteran Samaria settlement leader Benny Katzover, told Army Radio that he had “censored” some elements in the video and that the version uploaded was actually softer than the original. However, he noted – “we included some sharp elements in it on purpose.”
"The video is about the shameful phenomenon in which Israeli leftist groups receive funding from anti-Semitic Israel-hating elements in Europe,” Katzover told Channel 2. “What would you call a Jew who collaborates with them? A lowly 'Jew-boy' whose acts need to be publicized, so that maybe he will stop them.”
“The huge nose is an anti-Semitic motif,” Katzover admitted, and we used these motifs because these are lowly 'Jew-boys' who are able to receive their payment from anti-Semitic elements.”
"The Jewish nose is their symbol and they are the ones who want to continue what Nazi Germany started, and finish off the state of Israel – and it is a disgrace that there are Jews who are ready to collaborate with them.”
The video, which has been viewed close to 30,000 times in less than a day makes clear allusions to the Nazis.
In the clip, an unseen character named “Mr. Stürmer” (Der Stürmer was the name of a Nazi newspaper that spread anti-Semitic propaganda).
He sits behind a newspaper titled, “Hasmol” (Hebrew for “The Left”). This unseen character orders a hook-nosed Jew to dig up and bring him untruthful news items for his newspaper about Israel and the IDF.
Each time the obsequious Jew brings him this “information,” he tosses a Euro coin at him. Eventually Mr. Stürmer has no more use for the Jew and tells him to take care of himself.  The video ends with an image of the Jew hanging from a tree.
Next to him are the logos of 10 different left-wing Israeli non-governmental organizations, including the New Israel Fund, Peace Now and B’Tselem and the following sentence: “The Europeans maybe seem different to you today, but to them…you are exactly the same.” 
(From reports from Israel National News (Arutz Sheva) and Times of Israel)
and Jewish Press -


It is worth noting that those who criticize this video
for using anti-Semitic imagery  to expose Jewish traitors,
the anti-Semitic Nazi imagery used by Palestinian media 

Please
Palestinian Media Watch.


Jews and Arabs paid by Germany
and Europe to denigrate Jews and Israel
Europe paying millions to radical NGO groups
operating in Israel and engaged in the advocacy of violence ("resistance") and the destruction of the state.
Read more:


that Haaretz, one of the most quoted Israeli newspapers -  and openly pro-Arab -  is partially owned by a German family of Nazi collaborators?
Read article by Professor Steven Plaut
Source -

The Christian-Muslim wicked alliance against Israel
Christian churches (with the exception of most Evangelical churches) have been at the forefront of the decades long  campaign of delegitimization of the Jewish state, while offering warm support for Arab terrorists who kill Jews. 
This genocidal alliance is what prevents Christian churches from expressing greater criticism of Islam's bloody persecution of Christians in the Middle East and Africa.
Read more

Paid for by the same Europe that persecuted and murdered
Jews for centuries,
culminating in the Holocaust 

Activities by leftist Jews allied with Arabs and paid for by Europe are numerous and very serious, and threatening the viability of the State of Israel.  
You can read more about them on NGO MONITOR
But here are samples of how they frame Jews for crimes they commit themselves.

014 -10 - Leftists and Arabs in their annual cutting down Arab trees to blame Jews
The Arab Olive Tree Blood Libel 
Read more

Caught on camera - Arabs perpetrating vandalism to blame it on Jews
2014-01 - Volunteers from the Shomron Residents Council on Monday filmed Arabs and a foreign leftist activist cutting down trunks of olive trees and branches next to the community of Elon Moreh, to create a provocation.
Read more

And here:
2012 - 10 - Pictures show Arabs chopping down their own trees. Then, they painted 'Price Tag' in Hebrew.
Read more


Jewish Leftist "human rights" organization B'Tselem
obtains fake Arab casualty figures from informal telephone call surveys.  They admit it.  Then they report those figures to the United Nations.
Read more

Jewish money funding
anti-Israel campaigns

Multi-billionaire and Holocaust survivor GEORGE SOROS funds anti-Israel campaigns
Read more


now under the guise of pro-Palestinian activism - The historic alliance of Muslims and Germans for the destruction of the Jews dates back to the Third Reich
Photo:  Palestinian leader, the Mufti of Jerusalem, lived in Berlin and worked closely with Hitler and his henchmen in the design and implementation of the Final Solution
The Mufti also created a brutal Muslim Nazi SS Division guilty of gruesome crimes in Eastern Europe.  Here he is saluting his soldiers.

Photo:  Here he is meeting with Hitler

Read more

Palestinians - Nazis then, Nazis now
Photo:  Arab students at Jerusalem University rally make Nazi salute
Read more:


This blog's archive on the Israeli pro-Arab left


One of the latest Pallywood episodes: 
Elderly Arab woman is made to sit and cry on cue for the cameras

Pallywood - News archive -

Israel National News Pallywood archive

Pallywood - A history

Pallywood and the media - Wikipedia

What follows is an article that appeared on June 15, 2014 on this blog.
It contains references to a variety of sources
addressing the issue of Jewish treason:

 And how it undermines the security
and the very existence of Israel
AFTER I POSTED an article about a leftist Israeli journalist who had uttered crude and offensive comments about Israel to the US Secretary of State, I realized some readers might be puzzled as to why some Jews side with Arabs who hate and kill Jews, and support, and sometimes even join in, their subversive activities. 

It all goes way back to the 19th century and early 20th century when persecuted European Jews were attempting to resettle in their ancient Jewish land, then occupied by the Muslim Ottomans, but they faced strong opposition from other European Jews.

But anti-Israel attitude among Jews mostly originates with German Jews from Nazi Germany who sought refuge in what was then the British Palestinian Mandate, and later Israel.  Many of them felt more German than Jews, and sympathized with the Arabs and not with their fellow Jews. (See links below. )   
Their SUICIDAL ideological perversion was passed on to their intellectual progeny, who continue to undermine Israel.
The original German Jews and their followers have been exerting influence at the highest institutions of the country, such as the Supreme Court,  parliament, art, journalism,  universities and public school education - and have molded political attitudes among the general public, while undermining the security of the country and citizens.
It was the world-venerated Martin Buber, an Israeli professor and philosopher, who along with his followers asked for clemency and pardon for Nazi mass murderer Adolf Eichmann on trial in Jerusalem, and asked for the court to just sentence him to spend the rest of his life in an Israeli farm instead!  Adolf Eichmann - captured in Argentina and brought to justice in Israel - was a top Nazi who had been in charge of the murder of millions of Jews. 
That's how twisted these people' ideology is.  Their family loyalties were always with their European roots.  But fate, the Holocaust, and the devastation in its aftermath threw them into Israel.  It was not easy to escape to the United States or Britain at the time - all doors having been closed to Jews -  so they went to the only place where they had a chance of surviving:  The Palestinian Mandate and then Israel.  But their hearts were with European, not with Jewish culture, and they felt that by siding with the Arabs they would become a little less Jewish and pre-empt the development of a truly Jewish state. 
German Jews became the ruling elite during the pioneer years.  They were well educated so they grabbed jobs where even as a minority they could mold Jewish society in their own way. 
As university professors at Hebrew University they taught generations of Jews, who then went on to occupy positions of influence in the country.   

Although a minority, the intellectual progeny of those German Jewish professors continued to advocate for the same Arabs who were murdering Jews. 

Even today this influential Jewish pro-Arab minority has the country by the throat, through legislation, court decisions, media, and advocacy groups which continue to weaken Jewish rights and Israel. 
Pro-Palestinian advocacy among Jews in Israel and abroad is used as a bleaching cream - making them a little less Jewish.  
This pro-Arab attitude now common among 'progressive' American Jews springs from a desire to fit in with the non-Jewish majority, using their anti-Zionism as a sort of 'bleaching cream' that will remove at least a little bit of their Jewishness.  So they join crowds and organizations that demand the partition of Israel and the surrender of Biblical Judea and Samaria for the creation of an Arab terror state.
European countries that either killed millions of Jews or collaborated in their demise love these treasonous and suicidal Jews.  They honor them.  They finance them.
They pour millions of Euros on Israeli leftist organizations that cloak themselves with "humanitarian" or "pro-peace" names in order to engage in activities that in any other country would be considered TREASON.
Why aren't they charged?  Because many authorities themselves are often sympathetic with those groups and their goals, so they give them free rein to do as they please.  And when they are forced to arrest them and charge them - even in cases of outright treason - they only give them a slap on the wrist and send them on their way to engage in further treason.

Residents of a Hevron-area town suspect that radical leftist groups tried to “lend a hand” to the kidnappers of three Israeli teens Saturday, when they entered a town in the southern Hevron Hills and began taking photos and video of homes in the town, forcing IDF soldiers to leave off the search for the missing teens and shoo away the “activists.”
The timing of the “invasion” struck one resident of the town, Elisha Medan, as strange.

“They have not been here in recent months, but interestingly they picked just this week to 'visit' our location,” said Meidan. “I don't see how you could not attribute this to efforts to help out the kidnappers,” he added.
Read more
(Blogger's note:  the three Jewish teens were subsequently murdered by their Arab kidnappers.) 

Leftist collaborating with Arab terrorists often harass. provoke, and even attack Jews living in the Biblical areas of Judea and Samaria that the Arabs want for their own terror state.

Read more
And here

The kind of Jew Europeans approve of:

LEFTIST ISRAELI JOURNALIST WHO ONCE URGED THE UNITED STATES TO 'RAPE ISRAEL' was awarded the Order of the British Empire.  DAVID LANDAU is former editor of Israeli newspaper Haaretz, part-owned by a German family with Nazi connections 
Read more -



By Professor Steven Plaut

Earlier this year Israel passed a law that would strip Israelis of their citizenship if convicted of espionage or treason. Condemned for this by countries all over the world, almost all of whom have far harsher anti-treason laws than Israel, the Israeli government has yet to apply the law to anyone.

Sometimes called the “Azmi Bishara Law,” it was motivated by the fact that an Arab member of the Israeli parliament, Azmi Bishara, from one of the Arab parties, had openly engaged in espionage and treason, including passing on intelligence to the Hizbullah terrorist organization while it was firing rockets at Israeli civilians. Bishara is now in hiding and has yet to be prosecuted.

The Anti-Israel Lobby denounced this law as “racist,” just as it denounces everything Israel does as racist (including rescuing Haitian earthquake victims). The bleating from Bash-Israel NGO groups about supposed Israeli “apartheid” sound particularly absurd when one realizes that Israel is one of the few democracies that has not utilized mass internment of hostile minority populations that identify and, in some cases, collaborate with the enemy in time of war. And Israel has yet to charge any of its extreme leftists with treason, no matter how brazen their words and deeds.

Treason itself is left undefined under Israeli law, and in general it has been interpreted by legal authorities in Israel so loosely that virtually no one has ever been prosecuted for it.

It should go without saying that no one has ever been sentenced to either punishment for treason in Israel. Only a few people engaged in actual espionage – including nuclear spy Mordecai Vanunu and some old-time spies for the former Soviet Union – have ever even been charged with treason.

The Israeli law against treason is little more than a joke. Nearly all the Arabs who sit in the Knesset openly communicate and even collaborate with the enemies of Israel. They support their agendas and some have engaged in violence.

There are far left Israeli Jews who work against the sovereignty and integrity of their own country every day. 

Examples of this would include issuing calls for Israel’s destruction or declaring support for international boycotts against Israel. No one has been prosecuted for any of that.

The Israeli attorney general is quite militant when it comes to prosecuting right-wing Israeli Jews for “incitement” and “racism,” including offenders who wear politically incorrect t-shirts or affix bumper stickers on their cars that some might find in poor taste.

Bear in mind that Israel is in a permanent state of war. Even so, Israeli Arabs and Jewish leftists never go to jail for collaborating with the enemy during times of war.

Israeli far-leftist groups, awash in funding from hostile anti-Israel foreign governments and organizations, engage in sedition and treason during time of war, led by Israel’s academic tenured Far Left. None of these have been targeted for prosecution by Israel’s legal system or police.

Why not? Why can Taliban John and Jihad Jane be prosecuted in the U.S. while traitors in Israel enjoy immunity?
Read more -

Also by Steven Plaut:
PEACE NOW, the well-known Jewish Israeli advocacy movement promoting Arab empowerment in Israel has crossed the lines into outright anti-Semitism.

More columns by Prof. Steven Plaut -




By Martin Sherman
The vindictive, borderline treasonous malevolence of the Left and the inept, borderline imbecilic impotence of the Right are emerging as the gravest threat to the sustainability of Jewish political independence.
Read more of this article as it deals with particular individuals in the Israeli Jewish elite that are undermining the very existence of Israel.  It may be a bit detailed for those not familiar with Israeli politics, but it is lucid and factual, and by one of Israel's top thinkers.
More by Martin Sherman -
International Leftists are the anti-Zionist and pro-Arab Israeli Left's allies:
The Communist Party’s support for the horrific Arab pogroms against the Jews across Palestine in 1929 set a precedent for the new left’s endorsement of Palestinian terrorism in the late 1960s.
I have been struck by how the far left’s virulent anti-Zionism – laced with anti-Semitism – has been given a platform and increasingly legitimized on contemporary American campuses, just as many American universities proved receptive to Nazi apologetics and anti-Semitic propaganda during the 1930s.
Read more -

Buber tried to save a Nazi mass murderer from justice, while caring nothing for the victims
Martin Buber confronts real life evil - and he doesn't recognize it, blinded as he is by his own philosophy
That same relativism and let's-accept-and-embrace-everyone attitude led Martin Buber to agitate for saving the life and freedom of Adolf Eichmann during his trial in Jerusalem.  

Adolf Eichmann had been charged with the task of facilitating and managing the logistics of mass deportations of Jews to ghettos and extermination camps in German-occupied Eastern Europe.


Martin Buber "was disconsolate, running from meeting to meeting, with other professors from the university.... writing letters and hoping against hope that Adolf Eichmann might be granted clemency and given a life sentence of agricultural work on a kibbutz instead".
Source - Page 282 of The Jewish State by Yoram Hazoni.
The trial of Adolph Eichmann took place in Jerusalem in 1962, less than 16 years after the Holocaust, when six millions Jews and thousands of other minorities and political dissidents had been rounded up and exterminated. 
As a good relativist, Martin Buber had no compassion for those victims or for the grieving survivors.  His compassion was for the butcher.
Read more -
His intellectual  progeny of leftist intellectuals in Israel today feels compassion for Arab terrorists who murder Jewish men, women and babies, but not for the victims.
Sometimes Leftist Jews are caught by cameras while causing vandalism and destruction so as to blame it Jews 
Members of a grassroots group filmed a group of Arabs and Jewish anarchists uprooting olive trees belonging to an Arab farmer in order to blame the Jews for it.
Read more -
Arab farmer exposes leftists lies:

A Jordan Valley Arab farmer has exposed the tactic of leftists accepting Arab claims and falsely accusing Jews of attacking Arabs. He admitted that the “burning sheep” libel against Jews was meant to disguise his own blunder of losing control of a brush fire.
Read more -


Read more -


The Supreme Court dictatorship
And how German Jews and their pro-Arab ideology took control of the Supreme Court by having judges select judges thus perpetuating the pro-Arab Left hold on that institution.
Zionists were originally a pretty tough folk, not incomparable to South African Boers. Economically leftist, they were ultra-right in political matters.
Kibbutzniks had common property, and the Histadrut code of ethics prohibited such “excesses” as owning paintings, but Jewish workers and peasants knew that they had to conquer the country and take it from the Arabs, and they had few qualms about retaliating against the Arabs. Before the 1930s, Jews knew their enemies clearly, and their enemies were Arabs.
The situation started to change with the Nazis’ rise to power. Arguably, it might have changed anyway, as the Jews matured and became moderate. Be that as it may, in real history the change began with the Nazis.
In repressions against Jews in Germany, Zionists saw a great opportunity to further their emigration to Palestine. Importantly for the fledgling Jewish Agency, the new immigrants were generally affluent, which also sat well with the British occupiers.
German Jews were normally able to amass the minimal amount required to qualify them for “capitalist” visas. Assimilationist Jews who wished to stay in the Diaspora screamed treason.  
For mainstream Zionists, the year 1933 started a windfall of haavara, an exchange in which Germany allowed its Jews to leave for Palestine with large amounts of money and possessions. Short of foreign exchange, the Germans devised a solution acceptable to the Zionists: the departing German Jews would pay for local goods with deutschmarks; the goods would be then exported to Palestine, where Zionist enterprises would sell them and pay the arriving immigrants. 
They were unlike those who had come before. The religious Jewish immigrants were not hugely productive but highly charged ideologically.  
Zionist immigrants were not religious but hugely productive.
German Jews (yekkes) were neither.
Like most of the 1990s Russian aliyah, the yekkes (German Jews) were fleeing domestic troubles rather than ascending to the Land of Israel.
The assimilated mob hardly even associated itself with Jews, and not at all with Zionists.
Many expected to return to Germany after the Nazis’ rule was over.
In the haavara scheme, Zionists played with the devil and lost: German Jewish immigrants amalgamated into a powerful anti-Zionist force.
They spoke German, scorned the redneck Palestinian Jewish culture, ignored religion, and snobbishly viewed themselves as Europeans in an Asiatic land.
Common Jews answered them in kind, and the alienation grew. Detested and scornful, German Jews were the Peace Now of that time. (Peace Now today is a pro-Arab, anti-Jewish group in Israel.)
Lacking Zionist ideals, the cosmopolitan yekkes became the major voice behind the idea of a binational state, or even Jewish autonomy under British rule. They advocated peaceful solutions and accommodation of Arabs.
The German Jews were remarkably pacifist as a matter of law-obedience. They had an aversion to mob violence, and they suffered from guilt. They lived under the tremendous guilt of “the drowned and the saved.” They could not forget that the immigration certificates handed to them were refused to others, who subsequently perished. By helping the Arabs, they mitigated their failure to help European Jews
The British occupiers turned the Jewish Agency (Sohnut) into a Judenrat. The British issued to the Sohnut a limited number of immigration permits, which it distributed at its own discretion. In effect, the British made Jews to perform selektzia, choosing between life and death for their compatriots.
But before Germany occupied Poland in 1939, Sohnut passed half its visas to German Jews who, at 500,000, were just 17 percent of the total number of Jews in Poland. 
Many German Jews who came to Palestine did not have a trade or means to secure productive employment. Nor did they want one, as they viewed redneck Jews with disdain. Later, the Israeli “cultural elite” became infected with this attitude.
When the Jewish state had been formed, the yekkes (German Jews) were the only educated class.
Automatically, they became academics, media professionals, and judges. They imprinted German values on their students. Those were the extremely nihilist values of the most assimilated Jewish community of the time.
Politically, the Germanized court system received a major boost when Herut-Likud first came to power thirty years ago. Socialists recognized that the changing Israeli demographics would spell an end to their dominance: Sephardic Jews had bitter personal experience with Arabs and would vote for right-wing parties.
Here came the Supreme Court option: if the court elects its own members, it becomes completely insulated from the changes in public opinion—and incidentally, from Zionism too. Common Israelis may vote for whomever they like, but in the end the Supreme Court would control legislation—striking down some laws, amending others still in the Knesset by informing MKs of the court’s opinion—and dictate new laws in the court’s decisions.
The Supreme Court has even assumed executive power by ruling on the army’s actions, the route of the separation barrier, and myriad other issues, which amounted to its managing the country.
Short of simply shooting the traitors, Justice Minister Friedmann’s battle to have the Knesset appoint judges was the next best thing.
Source -

FOR CLEAR UNDERSTANDING of Israeli politics and the evil role played by the Israeli left, please read The Jewish State, by Yoram Hazoni.   It presents a shocking and heartbreaking history of treason and self-hatred among Israel's Jewish traitors and enemies.

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