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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Monday, February 23, 2015

PALESTINIANS SHOOTING DOGS AND THROWING THEM INTO GARBAGE TRUCKS - VIDEO - Palestinians have thrown bags with live puppies over a wall at the IDF - What Islam's sacred texts say about their hatred for dogs - Australia suspended cattle exports to Gaza due to their sadistic cruelty during slaughter - See links to related news stories of JIHAD AGAINST DOGS and other animals

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The animals may still be alive, for all we know, when they are disposed of in a garbage truck.

The Palestinians claim the homeless dogs belong to the Jews.

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  • Palestinians torture cattle.  Australia suspends exports of live cattle to Gaza after seeing video.
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  • The Eid Festival, where animals are tortured and have their throats slashed fully conscious
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  • Palestinians kill Jews the same way.  They cut their throats.  The case of the Fogel children. 
  • Palestinians weaponize innocent animals to detonate them in Israel.
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Palestinians throw live puppies
 at the IDF over a wall

March 2014
From 0404 News:
A sickening development near the security barrier in Abu Dis, East of Jerusalem. Arabs threw four bags with live puppies from behind the high concrete walls at a border police patrol while on duty.
These are exclusive images of the puppies in the bags from 0404 news.


Update: The source for this post is the 0404 News“, an internet based outlet that report predominantly about Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, IDF.
More often than not, they are tipped directly by IDF and Police personnel about items, especially items that do not gain media attention, like rock throwing, firebombs, and other attacks on armed forces and civilians, often accompanied with private photos taken with their cellular phones. 
Horror: Arab residents of Abu Dis Arab threw four puppies at a border police patrol, causing them deaths.
A heartbreaking action near the separation barrier in Abu Dis, East of Jerusalem.
Arabs threw four bags with live puppies from behind the high walls at a border police patrol while on activity.
The stunned police were still able hear the puppies whimpering. They opened the bags and found three puppies had died on the spot, and another puppy dying.
The cub was transferred immediately to a vet, but died a short time later. The policemen were horrified by the brutality against the pups, and the talk of the day amongst their company dealt with the incident.



Arab Bedouin children of Rahat in Israel mutilate and burn dogs alive for fun

As reported by Haaretz:
Children in the southern town of Rahat, near Be'er Sheva, have taken up a new and cruel pastime - burning dogs alive.           
A resident of the predominantly Bedouin city, Salam al-Huzeil, recently filed a complained with the police over the new phenomenon, but said that they did not heed his complaint due to lack of proof. 
Al-Huzeil decided to provide the police with proof, and videotaped some children burning a dog alive on his digital camera. 
According to Al-Huzeil, the children habitually pour gasoline or another accelerant on the dog's fur and then set them on fire. He adds that the hobby does not end with burning the dogs' fur, but that in some cases the children tie the dogs up to a pole and cut off their legs, leaving them crippled
"This is a terrible thing, a really ugly phenomenon," said al-Huzeil. "How can you set a dog on fire while it's still alive? These children's behavior is really disgusting. It cannot be that everyone turns a blind eye and no one does anything about it." 
Al-Huzeil added that he complained with the Rahat police, but that so far nothing has been done to stop the phenomenon.
Samson Blinded reported:
Arab residents of Rahat settlement in the Negev have demanded that police investigates Bedouin children who thus amuse themselves. The residents recorded burnings and mutilations on video. Police did not react to previous complaints because, naturally, they cannot change Arab culture.

Islamic Dog Hatred &
Animal Rights Activists’ Silence 

There have been many cases, both in Europe and North America, of Muslim taxi and bus drivers refusing to let dogs in (even guide dogs for the blind); of police not letting dogs near Muslim suspects or prisoners; of Muslim prison inmates being given new clothes and bedding after police sniffer dogs search their cells.
Pronouncements about dogs are not in the Quran but are numerous in the various hadiths, collections of traditions containing sayings and deeds of the prophet Muhammad which form the basis of Islamic law.
Dogs for Muslims are “impure,” “unclean” and “evil.” For example, the Muslim website Islam Q&A says:
It is not permissible for a Muslim to keep a dog, unless he needs this dog for hunting, guarding livestock or guarding crops… 
With regard to keeping dogs, this is haraam [forbidden by God] and is in fact a major sin, because the one who keeps a dog, except those for which an exception has been made, will have two qiraats [a measure of rewards for good actions] deducted from his reward every day. 
It is by the wisdom of Allaah that like calls to like and evil calls to evil. It is said that the kaafirs, Jews, Christians and communists in the east and the west all keep dogs, Allaah forbid. Each one takes his dog with him and cleans it every day with soap and other cleansing agents. But even if he were to clean it with the water of all the seas in the world and all the soap in the world, it would never become pure! Because its impurity is inherent, and inherent impurity cannot be cleansed except by destroying it and erasing it altogether.
Another Islamic site, Albalagh, explains:
Jibra’eel (Álayhi Salaam) said that we, the group of Angels do not enter a house wherein there is a dog or pictures. (Sahih Muslim Hadith no.3928)
In the light of these Ahaadith and other narrations it is not permissible to keep dogs as pets. The household is deprived of the Mercy of Allah Taãla.
While this is from Islamic Concern:
Religious traditions hold that if a dog – or woman – passes in front of you as you prepare to pray, it pollutes your purity and negates your prayer. Dogs are permissible as watchdogs or for other utilitarian purposes but not simply for companionship. Abou El Fadl says this zealous adherence to doctrine led one religious authority to advise a Muslim that his pet dog was evil and should be driven away by cutting off its food and water.
Hasan Küçük, a city councillor for the Islam Democrats in the Hague, the Netherland’s third city, even proposed that the city ban all dogs, which was promptly rebuked by Paul ter Linden, the councillor for Geert Wilders’ PVV party, who told him: “In this country pet ownership is legal. Whoever disagrees with this should move to another country.”
What is interesting is the reaction – or rather lack thereof – of the animal rights movement, too afraid, if it means touching Islamic sensitivities, to speak up even for animals.
The Dutch Party for the Animals started the controversy by proposing to make the Hague more dog-friendly, meeting the strong opposition of Küçük, who in response called for dog ownership in the Hague to be criminalized.
The Dutch Party for the Animals, with 2 of the 150 seats in Holland’s House of Representatives, 1 of the 75 seats in the Senate and 20 seats in provincial and local councils, is the most successful party of its kind in the world.  If you search “Islam” on its site, you find the word only in reference to Geert Wilders or his PVV party, to castigate them for “unnecessarily” upsetting Muslims.
“Halal,” “Muslim” and “Islam” do not appear at all on the site of its British equivalent, the Animal Welfare Party (AWP), which describes itself as the “UK Political Party for People, Animals and the Environment” (but only when it does not offend Muslims).
Even considering only the two areas of halal and treatment of dogs, there is plenty to keep a true political party or association for animal rights well occupied with the problems and threats that Islam generates for creatures. But clearly this does not happen.
A Google search I made on the Animal Welfare Party’s website in 2010 did return a result for “Islam.” The site’s only reference to Islam was on a page, which has now been removed, commenting on the outcome of the Dutch general election held in June that year.
The AWP people were “obviously shocked by the PVV victory” but congratulated the voters because they showed to be
fed up with Christian politcs [sic] which only focused on protection of short-term human interests ahead of nature and the environment.
A coalition will be difficult, and fingers crossed it won’t be a coalition of VVD (right wing liberals), PVV (anti-islam party for freedom) and CDA (Christian Democrats) but rather a centrist (with Green Left) coalition.
It appeared that for the AWP (which was then called “Animals Count”), being anti-Islam was a no-no, but being anti-Christianity was perfectly kosher.
They were more shocked by the victory of the “anti-islam party for freedom” (which is not its name, its English translation being “Party for Freedom”) than by the way Muslims treat animals in Holland.
The problem here is that both the UK and the Dutch animal parties have a problem in deciding — or maybe have already wrongly decided — who their enemies and allies are.
It all depends on what their goals are.
If their goal is political correctness, their friends are the Muslims (including Hasan Küçük, the Turkish-Dutch representative on the Hague city council calling for a ban on all the city’s dogs) and their enemies are the PVV.
If their goal is improving the animals’ condition, then the exact reverse is the case: not only did Küçük oppose the Party for the Animals’ proposal to make the Hague more dog-friendly by calling instead for the dogs’ extermination (I wonder how else he could have banned them) or at least removal from their homes and human companions, but Paul ter Linden of the PVV told him what the Animals’ Party should have told him: here in Holland we love dogs and, if you don’t like it, leave.
He was the only one who defended the dogs, the only one who had the courage to stand up to the Muslims without fear of being called “Islamophobe.”
In substance, the Dutch self-proclaimed Party for the Animals supports the enemies of animals and attacks the protectors of animals.
I think that we’ll see more and more of these cases, in the Netherlands and elsewhere. Then we’ll see where the “animal defenders” really stand and whether they consider their Leftist ideology more important than the animals’ well-being or not.
Just in the same way as European police, social services, school teachers and even parents are prepared to throw children under the bus, so animal rights people are ready to sacrifice animals: not being considered racist or Islamophobic is more important for all of them.
That this is the case is obvious from the way groups for animal welfare are – and want to remain – blissfully ignorant of what Islam is, the threat that its growth poses to the West and in particular the danger that Islamization represents for animals.
There’s hardly any point in fighting for the advancement in the status of animals in law and public conscience when in a few decades our countries will regress to being dominated by a 7th-century cult replete with superstitions about black dogs and whose “religious” festivals are celebrated by slaughtering millions of fully-conscious animals in front of children who will quickly learn how to use a butcher’s knife.




April 8, 2014
 5152046-3x2-940x627Australian authorities have effectively banned live cattle exports to Gaza while they investigate shocking images of animal cruelty in the streets of the Palestinian territory.

Photo on the left:  the practice of blinding animals to control them before slaughter.
 The Australian Ministry of Agriculture, DAFF, revealed that it had not approved consignments of cattle for Gaza since November when it began investigating allegations raised in the Israeli media.
"The allegations are serious and information obtained during the investigation is considered when assessing any application from any exporter to send livestock to Gaza," a DAFF spokesman said.
"Currently, all exporters to Israel are required to comply with additional conditions to ensure livestock are unloaded in accordance with international animal welfare standards."
 LSS said last week that a ship bound for Israel with 10,000 cattle had been stopped at Fremantle because of an alleged breach of the Commonwealth's exporter supply chain assurance system.
LSS general manager Garry Robinson suggested the delay was linked to the leakage of the handful of cattle from the approved supply chain in Gaza.
He warned a zero-tolerance approach to leakage could cost lucrative live trade markets.
The Bader III eventually left Fremantle on Friday.
The footage from Gaza shows a bull being "knee-capped" by a man armed with an assault rifle, another stabbed in the eye and others having their throats hacked open.
LSS, owned by Jordanian company Hijazi and Ghosheh Group, self-reported a possible ESCAS breach in November when it became aware of the footage.
Its own investigation found a discrepancy involving nine cattle it sent to Gaza. Two of the cattle shown in the footage could be identified by their ear tags. LSS said then that the release of nine cattle from the supply chain was "unacceptable" and it suspended exports to the Gaza facility.

 Gaza authorities denied the report, sort of. They deny that any cattle comes from Australia directly to Gaza, but they get their cattle from Israel. This story says that, though.
Here's an extended version of the video that apparently caused the ban: 
Caution - disturbing images

Source  The West Australian:
VIA Elder of Ziyon

How Gaza Palestinians slaughter animals -
Caution, pictures of extreme cruelty

Also see compilation of videos of Muslim animal torture here

They slaughter Jewish children that way too
Palestinians infiltrated a Jewish home and slaughtered parents and children, one of them just a baby. They slashed the children's throats the way they do to animals.
Disturbing images

Murderers of Fogel family proud of what they did 

Australian cattle brutalised by Palestinians
Animals Australia has lodged a significant legal complaint in relation to live export breaches in Gaza, the third such complaint in two months following breaches of regulations in Jordan and Mauritius.
The dozens of videos uploaded to YouTube show terrified cattle (in Gaza) tied to poles, trees and vehicles, being stabbed repeatedly in the neck, having their legs bound before being violently forced to the ground and 'strung out' for slaughter, being beaten and dragged off trucks - and in two particularly sadistic acts - one bound animal was stabbed in the eye, whilst another knee-capped with bullets from an assault rifle.
“There is now extensive evidence that Australian animals in three export markets were subjected to horrendous cruelty during the Festival of Sacrifice (Eid) in October - cruel treatment that live export regulations were put in place to prevent.
"The ineffectiveness of Australian regulations is obvious. This situation in Gaza would not even have been known had it not been for an Israeli media report. It is no wonder that at least some exporters are not taking their legal obligations seriously.

Read more
Cattle abuse by Palestinians as reported by this blog:

Read more and watch VIDEO

MUSLIM SLAUGHTERHOUSES IN BRITAIN DO NOT STUN ANIMALS BEFORE SLAUGHTER - They cut the animals' throats while they are fully conscious
Read more



Extreme Animal Abuse: Fat Palestinian zoo owner starves 65 exotic animals to death – blames Israel

Mohammed Awaida had enough money to import 65 animals from Africa and build enclosures while he fattened himself, but he blames Israel for ignoring to feed them or care for them. These animals have been starved for many, many months.
Dozens of neglected animals have died at a zoo in Gaza City after the facility's owner claimed he was unable to feed or care for them because of the Israeli Palestinian conflictIsrael doesn’t spend months on end initiating attacks on Palestine. They defend themselves against 2,000 Palestinian rockets a year.
Mohammed Awaida continues to use the bodies of these tragic creatures who had the misfortune of being imprisoned and tortured by him as additional zoo attractions in their starved state! Just horrendous abuse of animals.

Horrendous and barbaric animal cruelty is rampant through the entire Muslim world.

As usual the Muslim is blaming someone else for their own behavior. He could apparently afford to acquire two more new animals (last two pictures), who are health for now, waiting to be starved.

 Sentenced to death at the world’s worst zoo: Dozens of animals starve at animal ‘attraction’ in Gaza

Sentenced to death at the world’s worst zoo: Dozens of animals starve at animal ‘attraction’ in Gaza

  • Dozens of animals have wasted away from thirst or hunger at Khan Younis zoo in the impoverished Gaza Strip
  • Zoo owner Mohammed Awaida claimed staff couldn’t get to the zoo because of the Palestinian and Israeli conflict
  • Monkeys, lions, tiger, porcupines and crocodiles were all left to rot away in their enclosures at the animal park

Flies buzz around the emaciated body of a lion as it decays in the sun; nearby the mummified corpse baboon lies on the ground- it’s head still tilted up as though looking out of its enclosure, across from it a porcupine’s brittle spines protrude from its lifeless body.
They are among the dozens of animals which have died at Khan Younis zoo in the impoverished Gaza Strip after they were left without food.
Zoo owner Mohammed Awaida has blamed the Palestinian and Israeli conflict for the tragedy- claiming it meant that staff were unable to feed or care properly for the animals at the zoo.
Read more, disturbing images of mummified animals who starved to death


Palestinians weaponize innocent animals to detonate them in Israel

West Bank and Gaza Strip

  • June 25, 1995 – At approximately 11 a.m., a Palestinian rode a booby-trapped donkey cart to an Israeli army base west of Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip and detonated it. The Palestinian and the donkey were killed, but no soldiers were wounded. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack. Three soldiers were treated for minor shock.[9]
  • June 17, 2001 – A Palestinian man rode a bomb-laden donkey cart up to an Israeli position in the southern Gaza Strip and set off a small explosion. Israeli soldiers destroyed the cart, and no soldiers were wounded. The Palestinian man was captured by the soldiers.[10]
  • January 26, 2003 – Palestinian fighters strapped a bomb to a donkey and then exploded it remotely on the road between Jerusalem and Gush Etzion. No humans were injured in the attack. PETA director Ingrid Newkirk wrote to PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat asking him to keep animals out of the conflict. PETA was criticized for not objecting to killing of humans in the context.[11][12]
  • June 8, 2009 – Palestinian gunmen approached the Karni crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel with several trucks and at least five horses loaded with explosive devices and mines. The gunmen fired on IDF troops who observed them, and at least four gunmen were killed in the ensuing battle. A previously unknown organization called "the army of Allah's supporters" claimed responsibility for the foiled attack. The IDF estimated that the gunmen had planned to kidnap an Israeli soldier.[13][14]
  • May 25, 2010 – A small Syrian-backed militant group in the Gaza Strip blew up a donkey cart laden with explosives close to the border with Israel. According to a spokesman for the group, more than 200 kilograms of dynamite were heaped on the animal-drawn cart. The explosives were detonated several dozen meters from the border fence with Israel. The animal was killed in the blast but no human injuries or damage were reported.[15][16]
  • July 19, 2014 - Hamas militants attempted to attack Israeli troops in Gaza with a bomb-laden donkey. IDF forces operating in the Rafah area near the Gaza-Egypt border located the donkey suspiciously approaching their position and were forced to open fire at it, causing the explosives to detonate. [17]



Muslims consider dogs filth because their prophet Mohammed ordered all black dogs to be killed. He said: “It is your duty to kill the jet-black dog having two spots on the eye for it is a devil. Apparently, Muslims have expanded this order to include ALL dogs.





















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