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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

PORTLAND POLICE ERASES CRIMINAL GANG DATA BASE to spare the sensitivities of minorities - Most gang members are non-white - AND FINLAND'S POLICE SUPERINTENDENT calls for terrorists returning from Jihad in Syria to be admitted into high schools for the sake of integration and tolerance - Sacramento, California pays gang members NOT TO SHOOT PEOPLE

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There is an old proverb that says: WISDOM IN LIFE IS TO KNOW WHEN TO STOP. 
  • Many government authorities and social leaders passed that point long ago, and now their efforts to impose political correctness resemble self-parody.   
  • But as it usually happens, the pendulum will eventually swing the opposite way.  In high schools and universities it's cool to defy professors' and administrators' left wing ideology and political correctness.  Now it's a sign of non-conformism to be a conservative.    
  • However, there is always the danger that the pendulum may swing too far to the right.    Things could get very ugly in a severe economic crisis or a major natural disaster, when rules of civility break down amidst scarcity and lawlessness.  
  • The ingredients for social chaos are already here, exacerbated by the political exploitation of minorities' grievances.    
  • Miami Herald's headline:  As Hurricane Irma raged, thieves sledgehammered way into Little River businesses.  
  • It's very likely that there is going to be a rise in gun purchases in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, when people have felt so very much on their own. 
  • The following article exposes one more example of political correctness taken ad absurdum.  
  • And if you think this is bad, wait till you read article about the Finland's Police Superintendent who said that migrants who support terror should be admitted to high schools to expand tolerance and facilitate integration.  Yes, he really said that.  Read article further down this page.
Portland Police Erase Their Gang Database to Spare the Sensitivities of Racial Minorities, who Constitute the Majority of Gang Members 

Some police officers have voiced their concerns about the new policy, fearing it will impact their ability to tackle gang crime in Portland.  We should also question the lack of sympathy for gang crime victims' feelings.  This comes in the context of president Trump's promise to fight and destroy criminal gangs in the USA.  The decision by the Portland Police won't make that job any easier. 
Police wait outside a demonstration protesting the inauguration of U.S. President Donald Trump in Portland, Oregon, U.S. January 20, 2017.  REUTERS/Steve DipaolaPortland police will no longer maintain a database of suspected gang members, due to concerns that the vast majority of people with the gang label are racial minorities.  
Starting Oct. 15, the Portland Police Bureau will end the 20-year practice of issuing gang member designations, which police say can lead to “unintended consequences” and a lifelong stigma even for those who have given up the gang lifestyle.
Officials intend to notify the approximately 300 people on the gang list that the bureau will purge all records related to the designations, The Oregonian reported.
“There are still criminal gang members. That doesn’t go away because we don’t have a gang designation,” said Capt. Mike Krantz, according to The Oregonian. “We’re not pretending gang violence doesn’t exist. We’re just taking this one thing away.”

READ MORE about Finland's police superintendent calling for the admission of terrorists to the country's high schools, and about Sacramento, California, paying gang members not to shoot people (protection money on a city-wide scale)
And continue reading about Portland's police new rules for gang members

City officials and community activists had long urged the bureau to stop attaching the gang designation to criminal suspects, claiming the practice disproportionately impacted people of color. A review of police data by The Oregonian last year found that 81 percent of the “criminal gang affiliates” in Portland’s database were racial or ethnic minorities.

"This is too long coming,” said Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who is also the city’s police commissioner. “It was the right thing to do.”
Under the current policy, police officers can add someone to the gang database if the person self-identifies as a gang member, participates in a gang initiation ritual, commits a gang-related crime or displays two or more “observable signs” of gang membership.
Neither a criminal conviction nor an arrest is required to attach a gang designation to a suspect’s file.
Portland police label about 100 people as gang members each year, according to The Oregonian. When an officer runs the name of a person who has been flagged as a gang member, the label will show up in a special report that includes any known information about nicknames, employers, schools, vehicles and associates.
Officers will no longer keep those reports and flags, says Krantz. Instead, they will record only alleged criminal conduct such as illegal weapons possession or involvement in shootings.
Police say the gang reports aren’t necessary because “new processes and technologies” allow officers to investigate crimes without the need to identify people as members of a gang. 
“As times have changed, the Police Bureau in partnership with community members have realized being labeled a “gang member” can have a negative impact on the person who may be making attempts to overcome the life challenges they face,” the bureau said in a statement Friday.
Activists have been trying to abolish the database and gang designations for years, claiming they disproportionately affect minority communities.
Image result for images gang members
According to the data compiled by the paper, out of the 359 “criminal gang affiliates” listed in the police’s database, 81 percent were from an ethnic or racial minority.
Mayor Ted Wheeler – who also serves as the city’s police commissioner – welcomed the decision, saying the change was “too long coming” and “the right thing do to do.”
He added that the change shows the police’s commitment to rebuilding trust with the people.

Capt. Mike Krantz, who also supported the change, emphasized that the decision does not mean the police is not taking gang crime seriously anymore.
“Gang violence isn't going to go away. There are still crimes attributed to known gang sets. There are still criminal gang members. That doesn't go away because we don't have a gang designation,” he said, according to The Oregonian.
“We're not pretending gang violence doesn't exist. We're just taking this one thing away.”
In the past, Portland Police officers were able to include any individual in the gang database who self-identifies as a member of a gang, participates in a gang ritual, commits crimes related to a gang or shows at least two signs of a gang membership, according to The Oregonian.
No arrest or conviction was needed to designate a person as a “criminal gang affiliate." More than 100 people a year were put in the registry by police authorities.
According to Krantz, any reports indicating any person’s designation as a gang member will no longer exist from October 15. The police will instead record alleged criminal activities to help the officers evaluate whether an individual possesses a threat.
He added that some police officers have voiced their concerns about the new policy, fearing it will impact their ability to tackle gang crime in Portland
Looting in Little River

Jari Taponen, Superintendent, Phd Student, Police College University, stated that Islamic terrorists returning to Finland from jihad in Syria and elsewhere, should be allowed to attend public schools just like anyone else.

A Finnish police superintendent has caused controversy by suggesting that asylum seekers with terrorist sympathies should be allowed into schools to “expand tolerance”.
The discussion arose in response to the August 18 Turku terror attack during which a 22-year-old Moroccan asylum seeker, Abderrahman Bouanane, stabbed 10 people, killing two.
The incident was the first terror attack in Finland since the end of World War II.
A Finnish citizen expressed relief on Twitter that Bouanane didn’t try to attack a school given reports that he had multiple different attack plans.
“On the contrary, people need to be motivated to stay in school….whether it’s a child or adult,” responded Superintendent Jari Taponen.

He was then asked by another individual, “As a police officer you support terrorists being in our children’s schools?”

“Even a terrorist can benefit from good learning! It might widen views and expand tolerance!” responded Taponen.

Asked whether he thought that would pose a security risk to children, Taponen said he had confidence in teachers to guarantee their safety.

“I do not think that even a parody account tweets like that,” responded another individual. “You would think it too stupid or extreme to be even parody.”
The idea of “tolerance” expanding to the re-integration of terrorists into the community, often at the expense of the native population, has become a common theme in both Finland and Sweden.

Last week, it emerged that Finnish officials were considering “providing apartments and social services” to returning ISIS jihadists “while making ordinary citizens wait for long periods of time to receive state-funded housing.”
 Jari Taponen
Twitter Chain below:
Janne Lehtinen: Fortunately, the adult ISIS terrorist put into school with children did not carry out, according to police, an attack at school. (The Turku stabber had multiple plans)
Hannele: And certainly not the only one … Was something done to that other 20v to get him out of school???
Jari Taponen: On the contrary, people need to be motivated to stay in school on the bench-whether it’s a child or adult
Hannele: I mean, what! As a police officer you support terrorists being in our children’s schools?
Jari Taponen: Even a terrorist can benefit from good learning! It might widen views and expand tolerance!
Hannele: You don’t think it’ll pose a security risk to children? 
Jari Taponen: our schools are safe. It guarantees a professional teacher.
Jari Taponen: And smart Students.
(Tundra Tabloids published the original Twitter chain in Finnish.)

Police Superintendent Jari Taponen on Twitter

This is nothing new.  This is what private citizens living in high crime areas pay as PROTECTION money.  Now entire cities are held under threat, and Sacramento has decided to pay.
While President Donald Trump has vowed that United States authorities will “destroy” the gang MS-13 as part of his crackdown on crime, the Sacramento City Council voted unanimously last week to pay gang members $1.5 Million to not kill people.
The controversial program the city plans to adopt, Advance Peace, claims it “interrupts gun violence in U.S. urban neighborhoods by providing transformational opportunities” to gang members involved in weapons offenses… paying them not to terrorize and kill people.
The program, backed by the mega-Draper, Richards, Kaplan Foundation, was only founded in 2016 and first implemented by DeVone Boggan, a “Social Justice” warrior. His bio says he was the founding Director of Richmond’s Office of Neighborhood Safety from 2007 to 2016. Richmond has one of the highest violent crime rates in the nation, and earned the reputation as one of the most dangerous cities in America during that time.
“The program is funded through combination of government money and private donation,” Fox40 reported. “A third of the program’s costs, which goes toward evaluations and training, comes from the government.”
Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, the former Democrat Senate President Pro Tem of the California State Legislature, requested the vote in response to a shooting in Sacramento’s Meadowview park, which left one person dead and four injured, Fox 40 reported.
The city council vote was scheduled to take place in two weeks, but Steinberg moved it up. “Let’s get going on doing everything we can to save innocent lives,” Steinberg told Fox 40. The City Council voted unanimously to approve the scheme, rather than spending the $1.5 million to beef up Sacramento police department gang units.
Steinberg has an extraordinary record and has done more to harm Sacramento and its residents during his tenure as Senate Pro Tem than perhaps any legislator in history. He’s in the pockets of the unions, actively hostile towards democratic rights and open government, and is a doctrinaire hard-core left-winger. 
He is proving to be an utter catastrophe for Sacramento. Steinberg supported all of the gun control measures while in the Legislature, including increasing the depth of background checks on gun purchasers and all ammunition purchases, outlawing “assault rifles,” which aren’t actual assault rifles, and all of the other anti-gun bills violating our Second Amendment rights. Yet Steinberg thinks it’s a good idea to pay gang members not to kill people.

It’ll Never Work…

Office of Neighborhood Safety is “kind of on their own track and we’re on ours,” Richmond Police Officer Ben Therriault told ABC News in 2016.
 “I don’t know what they’re doing on the street level.” The ABC News story featured gang member Dawaun Rice who had “earned” the maximum amount available under the Advance Peace program for “choosing not to shoot,” but updated the article after Rice was charged with the murder of 29-year-old Javonte Prothro.
Compounding the issue, if the gang members involved are MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha), a trans-national criminal gang that originated in El Salvador and has expanded to the United States, Canada and Mexico, this strategy will fail. 
These El Salvador imports are in the U.S. thanks to former President Barack Obama’s disastrous open borders immigration policy during his second term. They are brutal and violent, and should not be paid to not kill; they should be imprisoned or deported. There is no compromise with these violent domestic terrorists.
“Advance Peace may also soon find its way to Sacramento,” Fox40 reported August 22, ahead of the city council vote. “Boggan says Sacramento city officials have been “assertive” in their pursuit of the program, showing that Steinberg already had this scheme in the works. “How bad has gun violence gotten in Sacramento, Calif.?” Fox40 asked. “City leaders now plan to pay gang members $1.5 million for a cease-fire.”

Sacramento’s Surge in Violence

But first let’s explore why gun violence has increased so dramatically in California, and why Sacramento is undergoing a surge.
We have Gov. Jerry Brown to thank for Assembly Bill 109, Proposition 47, and Proposition 57, which have undermined the rule of law in California.
AB 109, signed into law in 2011 by Brown, ordered the realignment or shifting of thousands of inmates from state prison to county jails.
The 2014 Proposition 47 ballot measure, pushed by Brown, reclassified many felonies as misdemeanors. California voters were sold on reforming the state’s drug laws with Prop. 47. However, the measure covered more crimes than non-violent drug offenders.
Moreover, drug addicts are likely to get less treatment in the state’s drug courts because prosecutors have lost a bargaining chip in the plea process.
Add to it the court-ordered prisoner releases as a part of the state’s prison realignment under the 2011 AB 109 law, and you have a state ripe for a surge in crime; such as in Richmond and Oakland, which even after Jerry Brown’s eight years on-the-scene as Mayor, the FBI still considers one of the most dangerous cities in America.
The 2014 measure’s backers and supporters told Californians that savings from releasing state inmates would free up “hundreds of millions of dollars annually, which would be spent on truancy prevention, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and victim services.
“Prosecutors and police chiefs across California say it is behind a wave of petty crimes as offenders who previously were locked away now quickly get back on the street,” Chris Reed wrote in 2016. “Statistics released by the FBI and the California Police Chiefs Association back up their assertions.”
Proposition 57, “The California Parole for Non-Violent Criminals and Juvenile Court Trial Requirements Initiative,” rounded out the undermining of law enforcement in California.
The proposition was poorly written and allows criminals convicted of rape, lewd acts against a child, and human trafficking to be released early from prison. Prop. 57 allows career criminals to be treated as first offenders, and it overturned provisions of victims’ rights legislation like Marsy’s Law, “three strikes,” Victim’s Bill of Rights, and the Californians Against Sexual Exploitation Act.
Government subsidies to gang members to “choose not to kill” will not do anything to help California’s gang-infested neighborhoods… it’s like paying ISIS a stipend to stop planting car bombs, suicide bombings and terror attacks.

“If you want more of something, subsidize it…” Ronald Reagan


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