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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Monday, August 10, 2015


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Ted Cruz
Senator Ted Cruz warned a conservative audience that many of his Republican rivals are faking conservative credentials in their bids to become the GOP nominee. 
“I’m pretty sure not a single person in the debate stood up and said, ‘I am an establishment, moderate, squish. I stand for nothing,'” Cruz joked to laughs. “Have you noticed that they run as us! That’s how they run.” (As genuine Republican conservatives.)  Time Magazine 

If a guy can't even get his hair to look right, can he fix the country?
By Zbigniew Zwgstkstwig

Any action elicits a reaction.  And the pernicious ways in which president Obama has been trying to force its leftist agenda onto the United States is beginning to irritate even some in his loyal liberal constituency. 
On the Republican side the politically-correct candidates have been feeling the heat from voters demanding to know what they plan to do to counteract the effects of the Obama revolution. 
All this discontent was quietly boiling in the Republican background, silenced by terminal political correctness, until Donald Trump stepped up to the podium.  Then all hell broke loose. 
Image result for donald trump pictures
He dared to call attention to criminal elements among the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants that have been allowed into his country. 
The politically-correct media winced and then unleashed a counterattack. 
However, the public nodded in approval saying that Trump had simply exposed a fact backed by solid statistics, which is affecting their lives and their communities.
So, good for Trump for opening up the dialogue on an almost taboo subject.  But is he good president material?
Continue reading, including crime statistics, and  links to what is really happening with the refugee resettlement program in American cities.

Looking at former presidents in the last decades you realize that the bar has been set very, very low.  Just about anyone can - with enough money and a well-crafted propaganda machine - become president. 
If the president is a Democrat, like most of the mainstream media, all scandals are buried, all uncomfortable questions are silenced.   And if ugly issues do spill over, as in the Bill Clinton case, the accused continues to enjoy superstar status after leaving the Oval Office.
The fact that nothing seems to stick to a US president, particularly if he is a Democrat may be a reflection that at some level we all understand that he is basically an actor mouthing a script, with forces behind him choreographing his agenda and everything else.
Donald Trump appears to be speaking for himself (nobody could script so many blunders for him in such a short time) but let's not be fooled.  He also represents forces that at this moment are unknown.
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Nobody is questioning Trump's patriotism, but let's face it.  He has dedicated  his life to enriching himself and having a nice time while doing it.  He can be a cool and charming guy - to those who haven't been offended by him yet - but now he is behaving like a demagogue.

What is extremely disturbing is to see right wing media and politicians lauding Trump and defending him even when his performance is rather poor. 

They are latching onto him as their savior just because he said one - JUST ONE - important thing that rings true that other candidates had so far avoided.  That deserves applause.  But to SERIOUSLY consider him a worthy candidate?  That is naïve.
Even his position on immigration is wobbly.  The staunchly pro-Trump Breitbart reported on him fumbling on the subject.  This has not stopped Breitbart from faithfully supporting him, though. 

What does it say about the country when someone like Trump can garner such overwhelming and uncritical support in such a short time?  Trump may not be someone to fear, but as the situation in America worsens, particularly regarding ethnic conflict - anyone with enough charisma could take advantage of the situation.     
This cartoon is from 2012  - The numbers are much higher now, the wave overwhelming the nation.
And it's not just Central American wishing for a better life.
Infiltrators include many from the Middle East with jihadist background.  They come in addition to a separate wave of Muslim refugees who may have participated in violence.
Trump Goes Mushy, Incoherent on Immigration
By Ben Shapiro, Breitbart
Asked point blank about his immigration policy, Trump dropped the brashness and the blurting, and suddenly went completely Hillary-vague on CNN.
We have to bring great people into this country, okay? And I want to bring — I love the idea of immigration, but it’s got to be legal immigration. Now, a lot of these people are helping us, whether it’s the grapes, or whether it’s jobs, and sometimes it’s jobs, in all fairness, I love our country, but sometimes it’s jobs that a citizen of the United States doesn’t want to do. I mean, there are jobs that a lot of people don’t want to do. I want to move them out, and we’re going to move them back in, and let them be legal, but they have to be in here legally.…Otherwise, you don’t have a country. You don’t have a country, if people can just pour into the country illegally, you don’t have a country, but I would expedite the system.
Trump later stated he would give such illegal immigrants “legal status” but not citizenship, then said that “later down the line, who knows what’s going to happen…[citizenship is] something I would think about, but I would say right now no. I’m not open to it. I would say legal status.” With regard to President Obama’s so-called DREAMERs, Trump explained with remarkable vacuity:
We’re going to do something. I’ve been giving it so much thought, you know you have a — on a humanitarian basis, you have a lot of deep thought going into this, believe me. I actually have a big heart.…I mean, a lot of people don’t understand that, but the DREAMers, it’s a tough situation, we’re going to do something, and one of the things we’re going to do is expedite — when somebody’s terrific, we want them back here, but they have to be legally…They’re with their parents, it depends. But, look, it sounds cold, and it sounds hard. But, we have a country, our country’s going to hell. We have to have a system where people are legally in our country.

Let’s break down what Trump is actually saying here. 
Over the course of just a few minutes, Trump says America should: 

(1) Deport everyone;
(2) Reimport nearly everyone;
(3) Expedite the system to accomplish (2);
(4) Allow everyone who came back in via (2) to gain legal status;
(5) Perhaps give them citizenship;
(6) Perhaps not give them citizenship;
(7) Do “something” with DREAMers.

For those who aren’t watching closely, Trump’s plan almost exactly mirrors George W. Bush’s infamous amnesty plan of 2007.   Under that plan, Bush pledged to solidify the border; utilize e-verify; create a temporary worker program; reject legal status for illegal immigrants who did not learn English, pay their taxes, pass a background check, and hold a job for years; and send all illegal immigrants seeking citizenship to the back of the line. 

This, by the way, is also Jeb Bush’s plan. The only real difference is that Trump says he wants to temporarily deport everyone, then let everyone back in because illegal immigrants do “jobs that a citizen of the United States doesn’t want to do.” 

And he says he wants to do “something” for DREAMers by using his managerial skills to expedite the process.


Of course, he’s already played that game with regard to ISIS


He said he had a secret plan to destroy them, then spilled the beans and announced that he would bomb the oil fields, not put troops on the ground, put oil workers on the ground, and then have to put troops on the ground.
He’s criticized Obamacare, but also said that he wants nationalized healthcare.
His latest expressed tax plan, circa 2011, embraces higher taxes. But we have no clue what his plans are on these issues as of this moment, because Trump probably doesn’t know.
Trump has now gone as far as he can go without having to express exactly what he would do. The time is quickly approaching when, if Trump wants to maintain his support, he’ll have to actually enlighten us as to what President Trump’s America would look like, beyond magnificent golf courses and top-flight hotels.


Illegal Alien Crime Accounts for
over 30% of Murders in Many States
Let’s look at a few numbers. You haven’t seen them in the New York Times, Atlanta Constitution, or the Miami Herald, nor have they been featured on NBC Nightly news or CNN. So, the average American is blissfully unaware of them.
  • Between 2008 and 2014, 40% of all murder convictions in Florida were criminal aliens. In New York it was 34% and Arizona 17.8%.
  • During those years, criminal aliens accounted for 38% of all murder convictions in the five states of California, Texas, Arizona, Florida and New York, while illegal aliens constitute only 5.6% of the total population in those states.
  • That 38% represents 7,085 murders out of the total of 18,643.
That 5.6% figure for the average illegal alien population in those five states comes from US Census estimates. We know the real number is double that official estimate. Yet, even if it is 11%, it is still shameful that the percentage of murders by criminal aliens is more than triple the illegal population in those states.

The federal Bureau of Prisons category “criminal aliens” includes legal immigrants who have been convicted of serious crimes, but over 90% of incarcerated criminal aliens are illegal aliens, so it is reasonable to use these numbers as a close approximation of the extent of illegal alien crime.
Similar data is available at the state level if state officials have the desire to look for it. The Texas Department of Public Safety reports that between 2008 and 2014, 35% of the all murder convictions were illegal aliens—averaging 472 murders each year from 2004 to 2008.
about what the White House calls immigrant "seedlings"
1)  In most cases, the United Nations is choosing our refugees.  Topping the list right now are Iraqis, Burmese, Congolese, Somalis and Bhutanese.  The UN is pressuring the US to take a large number, 10,000 or so, Syrians.  We are bringing in refugees from countries which hate us. 
Your town does not get to choose who you get!  You will receive racially, culturally and religiously diverse people, usually very different from your local population and very different from each other.  That old ‘melting pot’ concept is dead because the numbers are too high.
2)  Often the US State Department’s chosen resettlement contractor for your town, sounds like a church group, or other benign-sounding non-profit.  They may have a religious-sounding name, but know that they are being paid by the head from the federal treasury to bring refugees to your town. 
It is not the case that they are passing a plate on Sunday morning to pay for this very expensive program. Here are the nine major contractors which have 350 subcontractors working for them (headquartered in over 180 cities so far).
3)  The contractor’s job is to get the refugee family their “services.”  That means they hold the refugees’ hands until they are settled usually in tax-payer subsidized housing, get them signed up for most forms of welfare including food stamps and other cash assistance, sign them up for health care and enroll the kids in school.
This special class of legal immigrant is entitled to welfare!  The contractor is also paid with your tax dollars to give refugees job counseling and training.  The contractor may also be working closely with some big business (and the Chamber of Commerce) nearby which is looking for cheap labor.
4)  The contractor’s job ends in 3-6 months at which point they move on to bringing in the next fresh group of “clients,” often the relatives of the first group.  Earlier, and still struggling, refugees are left in the care of your social services department.
At this point the contractors are entrenched in your town and will call you racists, rednecks and xenophobes if your citizens want to slow the flow.
5)  Your town will never get out of the program once the contractor has an office set up and staff to pay.  Many cities are trying to get out now and can’t:  Manchester, NH, Springfield and Lynn, Mass, Amarillo, TX come to mind. Because there have developed “pockets of resistance” (their words), the State Department is desperately out scouting for fresh territory.
6)  The greatest impact on your local social and economic welfare will be felt first in the school system, followed usually by the shortage of government subsidized housing.  Your school system may end up with 50 or more languages represented in the student population.  The number-one language of refugees entering the US right now is Arabic, Somali is number four.
7)  Refugees are permitted entry into the US with HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis among other medical problems.  Physical and mental health challenges will most likely overburden your local health department.
8)  Your local government is responsible (Clinton-era Executive Order) for providing costly interpreters for the myriad languages being spoken in the school system, the health system and the criminal justice system should problems arise.
9)  Refugees who do find work, work at entry level jobs and minimum wage so they will still be able to benefit from many welfare programs open to low-income Americans.  Elder refugees are eligible for SSI.   The refugees are Legal Permanent Residents and can begin the citizenship process quickly.
10)  If they say they are coming to your town with the first group of refugees, there is only one thing you can do!  ASK QUESTIONS IN PUBLIC. 

Demand that your elected officials get involved. Demand that a community meeting be held, for the US State Department, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (in HHS), your state refugee office (if there is one) and their contractors, to answer questions from the citizens of the town or city.
Get your Member of Congress and US Senators involved too!  Don’t forget your state legislators!   The State Department and its contractors HATE to answer questions!  Tell your local elected officials you want a public hearing!  Tell your elected officials that you want the federal government and its contractors to provide a plan!
Read more:
BY THE WAY the rising wave of illegal alien criminality in the USA coincides with a rise in black-on-white hate crimes, due in part to ongoing Democrat 'black victimhood' propaganda, and with the realization that the Afro-American status in the US has regressed, as illegal aliens and Muslims - two pet groups under Obama - are given preference.  Everything is connected   


Black on White crime wave 

June 3, 2015 - Fox News - “Police are killing minorities!” That's what the headlines allege. They would have us believe that law enforcement is the problem. But the facts prove otherwise.

According to the National Statistics on Police, Race, and Crime, 90 percent of black murder victims were killed by black offenders, not the police. 

13.6 percent of white murder victims were killed by black offenders.

And it's getting worse. The Wall Street Journal says we are in a nationwide crime wave. Violence in big cities is out of control. 

In Baltimore, gun violence is up 60 percent. Murders are up 180 percent in Milwaukee; in Atlanta, up by 32 percent. Shootings and murders are skyrocketing in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. And every one of those cities is governed by Democrats.


Also read:

Black-on-white violence
 US media coverup

he 4-minute, 28-second clip shows  McKnight getting into an altercation with a group of young black men next to a bus parked at Government Square


A Conservative view:  Contender for the Republican nomination, Senator Ted Cruz, calls Planned Parenthood ‘criminal’ and Iran deal ‘catastrophic’

Image result for senator ted cruz pictures

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz declared that President Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal is “catastrophic” and labeled Planned Parenthood a “criminal enterprise” during an exclusive interview with NBC News’ Hallie Jackson on Monday.


“The Iranian nuclear deal is catastrophic — the single greatest national security threat facing America,” Cruz said. “To allow a country led by a theocratic zealot who chants ‘death to America’ to have a weapon that could in the flash of an eye murder millions of Americans. We have to stop this deal.” He also called New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer “courageous” for recently coming out against the deal.


The Texas senator, who holds particular appeal among hard-line conservatives and tea party members, reiterated his views on some of the most hot-button topics of the 2016 presidential race while on a bus tour through Tennessee.
His comments came less than a week after the Republican presidential debates showcased Cruz and fellow rivals jostling for attention against the inflammatory remarks by current GOP front-runner Donald Trump. Cruz’s team said the campaign had pulled in more than $1 million since the debates.
“The question of, should we be funding Planned Parenthood? The answer is of course not,” Cruz added on Monday. “It ought to be a no-brainer that we shouldn’t be sending $500 million of taxpayer money — of your and my money — to be funding a criminal enterprise.”
The women’s health organization has been under fire in recent weeks over secretly taped and edited footage leaked by an anti-abortion group that allegedly shows Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of fetal tissue.
A Republican-led attempt to defund the organization failed in the Senate on Aug. 3.
Cruz spoke in Atlanta on Saturday at the RedState Gathering, a major conservative event attended by numerous Republican candidates — and one from which Trump was disinvited after controversial remarks aimed at Fox News host Megyn Kelly.
Cruz noted on Monday that wooing the conservative base represents an important part of his 2016 campaign strategy.
“There are about 90 million self-described evangelicals in America, that’s about 30% of our population,” Cruz said. “In 2012, 54 million evangelicals stayed home. They vote 80-20 Republican when they show up …. It’s the largest single bloc of conservative voters that are not voting right now.”
During a press event on Monday, Cruz also responded to questions about Trump’s controversial remarks. He emphasized the need for “respect and civility” among candidates, but also praised Trump for shining the spotlight on issues such as immigration.

Watch video of interview here:

Read more on the Planned Parenthood scandal:

High up: Dr. Nucatola has been the Senior Director of Medical Services at Planned Parenthood Federation of America since February of 2009 - Senior Planned Parenthood Doctor Deborah Nucatola (screenshot on the right) caught on hidden camera while enjoying her lunch and discussing baby body parts and methods for extracting and selling them 
 - This practice has been going on for years - Media mostly silent at the latest revelations

Read more


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