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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Monday, August 3, 2015

TERROR IN ISRAEL AND RUMORS OF CONSPIRACY THEORIES - The arson of two Arab homes by four masked men, and the stabbing of Pride Parade marchers by a known Jewish fanatic - Questions regarding both crimes that have been overlooked by the media and police

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  The left's war against the Jews in Israel 
As you read this please bear in mind that the Israeli ruling elite regards active opponents (such as settlers) to the partition of the country to create a terror Arab state as enemies of the government.  There is a special police unit to deal exclusively with them.  Police use harassment, coercion, and even violence to try to break their spirit.
Police treatment of nationalist dissenters is harsh.  Those suspected of being involved in vandalism or mere verbal dissent - including young minors - can be detained by police for weeks and months at the time without pressing charges, and often without legal assistance. This rush to blame settlers for the arson of an Arab home shows such attitude.  As facts become known, it is apparent Jews were not involved.    Read

Within the space of a week in Israel:

Two Arab houses in an Arab settlement were firebombed by four masked individuals resulting in the death of an infant.  
A Jewish fanatic stabbed several people at a Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem.  A Jewish young woman later succumbed to her wounds. 
Israeli and world reaction
The Israeli media reported all the gruesome details in both incidents blaming the settlers, the Orthodox, and the right wing. 
The international media blamed Israel and the Jews.  
The same international media that carefully avoids linking hundreds of thousands of Muslim terrorists with Islam - the 'religion of peace' -  blames the settlers, the Orthodox, the Jewish right wing  and Israel in general  -   for the act of one Orthodox Jew and four masked arsonists suspected of being Jewish.
The fact is that there is NO EVIDENCE linking the arson attack to Jewish nationalists.  Read more further down this page.
Just about everybody in Israel demanded the harshest punishments against the Jewish perpetrators, and much stricter controls against settlers, the Orthodox, and the right wing - for what they might be thinking.
Silent when the victim is Jewish, the Israeli left marched en masse in Tel Aviv to protest the death of one Arab baby.
Anti-violence protest in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv marchers, their philosophy akin to US flag burners.
  Jewish leftists never express support for Jewish victims of Arab terror.  They only show compassion when the victim is an Arab, even in cases when he is a terrorist.  These Jews think that by loving Arabs and hating Israel they will garner approval from the anti-Semitic world.
A settler riding a bus filled with Jewish leftists on his way to visit the Arab village and offer his condolences describes his experience on board the bus:    "A horrific scene of hatred-filled talk.  Hatred of settlers, hatred of the religious, hatred of the State of Israel; and explanations why it was a moral imperative to leave and move to another country."
Arab firebomber
- Daily occurrence in Israel
For a country that suffers multiple acts of Arab terror DAILY,  the hysterical Israeli reaction to the death of a single Arab baby was characterized by some analysts as unjustified "self-flagellation".

At least a couple of thousand innocent Jewish civilians (including babies and children) have been murdered by Arabs since the first Intifada in 1987, and many more maimed for life in terror attacks. 

By the way, Arab terror against Jews dates back to the 7th century, with the creation of Islam and its violent expansion throughout the Middle East.  Even before the State of Israel was reconstituted in 1948, Arabs were already massacring Jews.
Israeli officials who don't bother to contact the families of Jewish victims of Arab terror, even when the victim is an infant, went out of their way to express their condolences to the Arab family while condemning Jewish "terrorists" even before there is any evidence to prove their involvement.   
What a coincidence!
The government IMMEDIATELY hardens already existing dictatorial measures against settlers.
Within a day or two of the baby's funeral the government enacted laws to battle "Jewish terrorism" - talking openly of hardening the implementation of "administrative detention". 
Administrative detention allows the arrest of anyone for what police say he may be THINKING of doing, or for something he may have done, when there is no legal evidence to prove it.  
The detention lasts for three months, a period that can be renewed indefinitely under completely arbitrary police demands. 

Moshe Yaalon
Defense Minister Ya'alon
Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said Monday that the government would not hesitate to jail Israelis under those conditions.  "We will use [administrative detention] in cases where it is clear that individuals are involved in terror, but we do not have the evidence to arrest them,” he said at a press conference.  (Arutz Sheva)

Conspiracy theory:
Why was a fanatic who had been jailed for the stabbings of gays in a previous Pride Parade released from prison just in time for this year's Pride Parade?
Conspiracy theorists find the release from jail of a well-known religious fanatic THREE WEEKS before the Gay Parade in Jerusalem as rather peculiar.  It gets even more peculiar considering the fact that police were not alerted regarding his release.  There were no photos distributed to police or parade marshals.  Nothing.   

Esser Agaroth Blog:

Image result for yishai schlisselYishai Shlissel was convicted of stabbing three people in the 2005 Jerusalem pride parade, and was sentenced to 12 years in prison. He was released only three weeks ago, for "good behavior."  Yet, Shlissel has also made his feelings quite clear.

In a letter written two weeks before Friday's attack, Shlissel's intentions clearly remained murderous despite his years in prison. "It is incumbent upon every Jew to risk beatings and imprisonment... to come together to stop and reverse the blasphemy in the name of the almighty, may he be blessed," wrote Shlissel. (Ynet)

So, why then was Shlissel not given a restraining order, or even house arrest during the parade and all of pride week, as a condition of his release?
Why wasn't Shlissel's photograph distributed to each and every police officer on duty during the parade?

Who benefits from facilitating this crime?  Hard to say.  But just watch the results:  the unleashing of more hatred against the Orthodox, a group intensely hated by the Israeli left and seculars in general.
Conspiracy theory:
First evidence suggests that arson of Arab homes was not perpetrated by Jews.
  • Two houses were torched, not one.  The first one was empty  Both were located in the middle of the village.  Not easy for Jews to get in and out of it without being spotted.
  • The house where the infant died had protective iron screens and a wall surrounding it.  The arsonists had to go around the house, enter the yard, and maneuver the firebombs through the lattice.
  • Both torched homes are located in the center of a large and sprawling village.
  • The village of Duma itself is located near Shechem which is also a hotbed of terrorist activity.
  • Also, there are often guard dogs around. Even donkeys, sheep or goats in the area would likely have raised a ruckus, and that alone would have brought others to see who was there.
  • So how did the Jews get in, stay for so long, create so much damage and misery and get out without detection?
  • It is hard to believe that no one would have seen a group of four Jews sneaking around an Arab village, let alone sneaking through that village to torch two homes.
  • No one has mentioned the fact that the Bawabsheh family has been involved for the past 18 years in a blood feud with a second family in the village. 
  • The graffiti are also interesting, and are suspect for a number of reasons relating to the content and the style of calligraphy. Neither matches the typical “price tag” graffiti profile.  (Price Tag refers to acts of Jewish vandalism against Arabs or Israeli police/army.)
  • One of the two graffiti messages – the single word nekamah, meaning "revenge" – has calligraphic elements that raise the suspicion that it was actually sprayed by an Arab.
  • The graffito "Long Live the Messiah" sounds odd.  There is no living Messiah.  Jews are still waiting for him. 
  • UPDATE - Police admit THEY HAVE NO IDEA who torched the Arab homes and ask for the public to give them clues.  The public furious at police rush to blame Jews.  (Details further below)
  • UPDATE - Police officer sounded alarm on stabber Yishai Schlissel ahead of the parade, but police ignored him.  He also accused police of mishandling evidence.  Read more further down this page.
  • UPDATE -  The stabber had a history attacking gays, suffered from psychotic disorders, and was diagnosed as paranoid psychotic.  He was released anyway three weeks before the Pride Parade.  (Read more details below.)

Who benefits from blaming the settlers?  Many.  Mostly the Israeli elite, including the government, who detests those who oppose the partition of the country.  This elite needs to demonize and intimidate a largely passive population in order to eventually dismantle the settlements, the way it did in Sinai and  Gaza "for peace", and in Amona, and in other smaller communities across the Green Line that have been demolished with barely any media coverage. 

Also the State Department and the European Union - both of whom support and often finance NGOs engaged in pro-Palestinian activism and outright subversion.  Settlers are their main obstacle to the handing over of ancient Jewish land to Muslim terrorists. 

Arab terror in Israel
Every day, all day long.
According to Shin Bet (government security agency), in June there were 98 firebombs thrown by Arabs in June, 50 of them in Jerusalem. This was lower than the 129 Molotov cocktails hurled in May.

 Continue reading and see references, breaking news with the latest terror and arson attacks by Arabs, list of FIFTY Arab terror attacks this weekend alone, and list of Arab children killed by Jews (TWO, maybe one only), and 177 Israeli children killed by Arabs.


UPDATE - Police admit they have no clue who torched the Arab homes.  Ask for public help.
Arson at DumaPublic furious at police rush to blame Jews.  Israelis respond furiously online after police ask for 'help deciphering' arson on Facebook.
Israeli politicians from all ends of the spectrum rushed to condemn the arson attack as "Jewish terror." That condemnation has been followed by a wave of Arab terrorism, including attempts to burn down Joseph's Tomb, an apparent arson southeast of Jerusalem Sunday that released asbestos-laden ash on wide swathes of the city, a near-lethal firebomb attack in Jerusalem's Beit Hanina, and numerous other attacks of varying degrees.  Arab media reported that the IDF confiscated security cameras from Duma on Monday night. If accurate, the report would raise questions as to why the Arab village is apparently not cooperating with the investigation into the lethal arson.

Yishai Schlissel pictured as he walks through a Gay Pride parade and is just about to pull a knife from under his coat and start stabbing people in Jerusalem, Thursday, July 30, 2015. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)
Schliessel just before the attack
UPDATE  Police officer warned police of stabber Yishai Schlissel ahead of Pride Parade but he was ignored.  Further, police "lost" pieces of evidence.
Police officer  Yarden Noy, who was critically injured in the stabbing but has since recovered, criticized police for misplacing evidence following the attack.

According to Noy, police investigators managed to lose the blood-soaked shirt he was wearing at the time of the attack, as well as a transcript of testimony he gave immediately after he was stabbed.
Read more

UPDATE -  Stabber was a certified psychotic.  Police released him anyway. Police say now that they warned those watching the Pride Parade crowd about his possible attack.

Minister of Defense promises further use of Administrative Detention

What is administrative detention?  By Adina Kutnicki
Administrative Detention/Expulsion: Selective Enforcement Against Jewish Nationalists

The Israeli government war against the Jews  -  News archive
Conspiracy theory - Why were the Jerusalem Pride Parade Stabbings Allowed to Take Place? -  Why was the perpetrator loose in the city?
How did four Jews get in and out of the center of an Arab village so easily?  The many points that raise suspicion
A settler rides a bus with leftists to visit the burned Arab home to offer condolences to the family.  His impressions and questions.
Arab terror statistics according to Israeli government security




 Columnist denounces both prime ministers for their anti-Jewish policies
- The unshakeable grip of leftist pro-Arab authorities on Israel
 - The pogrom by Israeli police against Jews in Amona, and the ongoing war of the Israeli left against the Jews
 - Videos exposing the truth behind the leftist pro-Arab agenda.

Photo on top:  Israeli police dealing with peaceful Jewish opponents to the government destruction of their homes in Amona. 

Photo on the right:  This Jewish girl was brutalized by police in the same pogrom against Amona protesters.  A photo of her resistance against police goons won a Pulitzer Prize.
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 - Pro-Arab, anti-Jewish, and ideologically detached from reality
 - Jewish Israeli journalist who supports Palestinian rock-throwing was ejected out of an Arab conference for being Jewish - That's apartheid.
Read more
Hard on the Jews, soft on the Arabs.
Israeli police are notoriously pro-Arab (with many police officers being Israeli Arabs and Jewish leftists).
These are some of the Jewish victims of Arab terror whose death the police tried to ascribe to other causes.
The victims were eventually vindicated thanks to relentless pressure and investigation from family and legal organizations.
Netanel Arami, Rabbi Moshe Talbi, Shelly Dadon, Asher and Yonatan Palmer
And how the Israeli left erodes security, justice, and the viability of the country.
Police arrests Jewish bride for praying at Temple Mount, the Jews' most sacred site in the world.
Just after 11 am this morning (Thursday, July 30) Israel Police arrested a Jewish bride who ascended to the Temple Mount for a contemplative moment prior to her nuptials scheduled for later in the day.
The reason for the arrest is not yet clear.  Police on the Mount are known to arrest Jews for “infractions” as specious as moving one’s lips, and whispering words which might appear to be prayers — or even might actually be prayers — even though the Supreme Court legally upheld the right for visitors to the site to pray.
Only Muslims have actually been allowed by security forces at the Temple Mount to pray, however, regardless of what the law says.  Authority over the Temple Mount, although technically overseen by Israel, is actually controlled by the Kingdom of Jordan via the Islamic Waqf Authority.
Breaking news:  Arab man from Lod fabricates attack by right wing Jewish extremistsExcept that the attack was caught by cameras, and police arrested the perpetrators - all Arabs involved in a family feud.
Jewish residents of Lod - who themselves are often targeted in racist attacks by local Arab extremists - voiced their dismay at the rush by some media outlets to immediately buy Abu Sharikh's story without fact-checking.
Breaking news
The  media were not interested in reporting that six Arabs, including three minors, used brass knuckles, a knife and a club to assault religious Jews.  
They told the man to stay where he was and that the girl should go with them, saying they would give her back to him after 10 minutes.
The Arab attackers stopped the women from trying to call the police and assaulted her and the young man. They knocked his kippa off his head and attacked them both with brass knuckles. The girl began reciting the “shema” prayer that Jews say when facing probable death.
The man was knocked on the ground and lost consciousness momentarily. He suffered a broken nose, and the woman suffered cuts and bruises on her head and shoulders.

Breaking news
27 year old Jewish woman burned in Arab firebomb attack on her car
Her husband was rescued from the vehicle and was not injured. The vehicle was completely burned.  The MDA ambulance also transported a young man of about 20, a volunteer with United Hatzalah, with burns on his upper limbs after inhaling smoke while trying to extinguish the burning car with a fire extinguisher to hospital for treatment. 
Breaking news -
Evidence that forest fire in Jerusalem was probably caused by Arab arson -
Firefighting planeForensic investigators concerned after incendiary material found near Even Sapir - which was decimated by a Jerusalem area fire Sunday.
Sunday's massive brushfire in the Jerusalem hills burned over 370.7 acres of land, firefighters revealed in its wake - and may have been deliberate. 
Forensic investigators examining the damage Monday found two canisters of flammable material in the debris, Walla! News reports, further strengthening suspicions that the fire may have been arson
Arab children killed by Jewish terrorists – 2
Muhammad Abu-Khdeir, age 16
Ali Saad Dawabsha, age 1 (possibly by Jews)
Israeli children (Jews and Arabs) killed by Arab terrorists – 177
Please note, this list of children murdered does not count the times Jewish children were specifically targeted but only adults were killed… for instance, the Kfar Darom school bus hit by roadside bomb (Nov. 20, 2000).
Leo Alexander Sendler, age 5
Gabriel Sendler, age 3
Daniel Aryeh Viflich, age 16
Elad Fogel, age 4
Hadas Fogel, age 1
Yoav Fogel, age 10
Jonathan Palmer, age 1
Shlomo Nativ, age 13
Segev Peniel Avihayil, age 15
Yonatan Yitzhak Aldar, age 16

Yonadav Haim Hirschfeld, age 18
Neria Cohen, age 15
Yochai Lifshitz, age 18
Avraham David Moses, age 16
Roey Aaron Roth, age 18
Anas Awisat, age 18
Khaled al Ziyadat, age 12
Fathi Assadi, age 4

Eliyahu Pinchas Ashrai, age 18
Raviah Taluzi, age 6
Mahmoud Taluzi, age 4
Mazal Zaribi, age 15
Daniel Welch, age 16
Muhammad Hamudi Faoure, age 17
Dua Abbas, age 16
Amir Naim, age 17
Shaked Lasker, age 16
Omar Manasseh Visachov, age 8
Ella Abuksis, age 17

Rachel Helli Ben-Abu, age 16
Oz Yisraeli Ben-Meir, age 14
Nufar Hurvitz, age 16
Avihay Levy, age 16
Aviad Yehuda Mansour, age 15
Yuval Ababa, age 4
Afik ZahaviOhayon, age 3
Lior Azulai age 18

Aviel Yitzchak Atash, age 3
Khalil Zatunyah, age 9
Dorit Masrat Binsan, age 2
Ronnie Sarah Hatuel, age 6
Meirav Rachel Hatuel, age 2
Hilo Esther Hatuel, age 10
Hadar Simcha Hatuel, age 9

Binaya Yonatan Zuckerman, age 18
Lior Liorinkha Niv age 3
Gilad Giladi Niv, age 11
Qamar abu-Hamed, age 13
Shaked Avraham, age 1
Tomer Almog, age 9
Haviv Dadon, age 16
Benjamin Bergman, age 15

Avraham Bar-Or, age 12
Samuel Zargary, age 1
Noya Zer-Aviv, age 1
Liran Zer-Aviv, age 4
Erez Gizro Hershkowitz, age 18
Tom Hershko, age 15
Daniel Harush, age 16
Shmuel Taubenfeld, age 1
Moran Menachem, age 17
Yuval Mendelevich, age 13

Abigail Leital, age 14
Noam Leibowitz, age 7
Samich Sarsur, age 10
Muhammad Sarsur, age 12
Tehilla Natnazan, age 3
Elisheva Mashulmi, age 16
Elizabeth Liz Katzman, age 19

Assag Balondi Tzur Tzolinger, age 17
Smadar Firsteter, age 16
Assaf Shteir, age 10
Issachar Dov Reinitz, age 9
Tal Kerman, age 17
Shani Avitzedek Abotzedakah, age 16
Osnat Abramov, age 16
Matan Ohayon, age 5

Noam Levy Ohayon, age 4
Yael Ohana, age 11
Orly Ophir, age 15
Noa Auerbach, age 18
Dvir Anter, age 14
Yaakov Avraham Eliyahu, age 1
Lidor Ilan, age 11
Oriya Ilan, age 1
Gal Eisenman, age 5

Galila Bogela, age 11
Hodaya Hodiyosh Asraf, age 13
Noi Anter, age 12
Shoval Tzion Dickstein, age 9
Elmer Dazbrailov, age 16
Adi Dahan, age 17
Yehonatan Gamliel, age 16
Hadar Hershkowitz, age 14
Rachel Gila Teller, age 16

Gabriel Choter, age 17
Shmuel Efraim Yerushalmi, age 17
Atara Libna, age 15
Rachel Heli Levy, age 17
Shiraz Nechmad, age 6
Shaul Nechmad, age 15
Liran Nechmad, age 3
Avraham Eliyahu Nechmad, age 16
Baruch Asher Zvi Marcus, age 18

Aviha Malka, Age 1
Nehemia Amar, age 15
Lino Sarussi, age 14
Avraham Yosef Haim Sitton, age 17
Gaston Farfi Farfiniel, age 15
Ilan Perlman, age 8
Aharon Mordechai Eric Karogliak, age 18

Sinai Keinan, age 1

Tal Zvi Talik Kurzweil, age 18
Ran Korn, age 18
Gal Korn, age 14
Assaf Moses Tzfira, age 18
Abraham Neriah Shebo, age 16
Avishai Joseph Shebo, age 5
Keren Shatsky, age 14
Netanel Riahi, age 17
Erez Shlomo Rond, age 18
Ofer Ron, age 18
Yafit Revivo, age 14

Daniel Bat-El Shefi, age 5
Adi Shiran, age 17
Sarah Tiferet Shilon, age 1
Gilad Stiglitz, age 14
Tzvi Yaakov Yisrael Shebo, age 12
Hadas Turgeman, age 14
Michael Szerszevski, age 16
Assaf Avitan, age 15
Irina Osdetchi, age 18
Yosef Ish-Ran, age 14
Yossi Elezra, age 18
Yuri Gostz’inm age 18
Marina Berkovsky, age 17

Shoshana Rachel Shushi Ben-Yishai, age 16
Adam Weinstein, age 14
Israel Yaakov Danino, age 17
Jenia Dorfman, age 16
Ido Cohen, age 18
Maria Tegiltzab, age 14
Tamar Mesengiser, age 8

Jacob Koby Mandell, age 13
Aliza Malka, age 16
Mariana Medvedenko, age 16
Naftali Ben-Zion Lentzakron, age 13
Ronen Landau, age 17
Alexei Lufalo, age 17

Raya Sachiweschurder, age 14
Hemda Bracha Sachiweschurder, age 2
Abraham Yitzchak Sachiweschurder, age 4
Irina Nafomniastzi, age 16
Raisa Nemirovsky, age 15
Yerena Nemilov, age 18
Julia Nemilov, age 16
Avraham Nahman Avrum Nichni, age
Shalhebet Tehiya Pas, age 1
Yair Amar, age 13
Julia Yael Sklianik, age 15
Liana Sakian, age 16
Michal Sarah Raziel, age 16
Malki Chana Roth, age 15
Eliran Rosenberg, age 14
Simona Rodin, age 18
Menashe Manny Regev, age 14
Katrina Arias, age 15

Anya Aniota Kazachkov, age 16
Golan Turgeman, age 15
Yocheved Shushan, age 10
Judah Shoham, age 1
Ophir Rachum, age 17
Gil-Ad Shaar, age 16
Naftaly Frenkel, age 16
Adelle Biton, age 4
Yael Botwin, age 14
Chaya Zissel Braun, age 3 months
Terrorism Against Israel:
Comprehensive Listing of Fatalities
(September 1993 - Present)
The many centuries of 
Muslim aggression against Jews

Memorial in Ramat Gan, Israel, in remembrance of the Iraqi Jewish victims of the Farhud,
the massacre of Iraqi Jews by their Arab neighbors
It should be noted that Arab terror against Jews began long before there was what they call "the occupation", and long before there was even a reconstituted State of Israel. 
Arab terror against Jews began with Islam and their violent conquest of the Middle East starting in the 7th century. 

Read this blog's article on the Farhud and other Arab massacres of Jews before Israel's independence:
THE FARHUD, the 1941 massacre of Iraqi Jews by Arab Nazis 
THE GRUESOME MASSACRES PERPETRATED BY MUSLIMS AGAINST JEWS BEFORE Israel's independence, and before there was talk of "occupation" 
 - ISIS reflects what Islam is like when unleashed against those they hate.
This article has compiled many sources describing the long history of Arab hate and murder of Jews.
Read more

HaKol Hayehudi has compiled a list of 50 Arab terror attacks and riots over the weekend.
This list is not complete…

Arab threw firebombs at Jewish residential buildings in Beit Hanina
Arab threw firebombs
at Jewish residential buildings in Beit HaninaPhoto Credit: OhevChadashot /
Sunday – August 2, 2015
0:52 Arabs threw stones at vehicles at the Zarzir intersection up north, damage reported

00:38 Arabs rioting in the Old City of Jerusalem

0:02 Arabs threw stones at vehicles on the road near Karnei Shomron
Shabbat – August 1, 2015
23:58 One lightly injured from stone throwing at the Givaot junction

23:50 Two Jews were slightly injured by stones thrown near the village of Duma
23:22 Fireworks and stones thrown at Beit Haddasah in Hebron

23:03 Arab punctured tires of a car belonging to a Jew and sprayed graffiti near the Leonardo Hotel in Jerusalem.

23:02 Arabs threw Molotov cocktails at vehicles at Hussan bypass road in Gush Etzion

22:58 Rocket fire, Arabs from Gaza fired rockets at Israeli communities. The rocket landed inside the Gaza Strip

22:51 Dozens of Arabs rioted in the neighborhood of Silwan in Jerusalem

22:46 Arabs set a fire near Post 670 near Yitzhar, from the village if Atzira

22:15 Dozens of Arab rioters in Ras al-Amud in Jerusalem

21:38 Arabs threw Molotov cocktails at Shiva House in Beit Hanina in Jerusalem, damage reported

21:17 Arabs set off fireworks, threw Molotov cocktails and stones at Border Police Old City of Jerusalem

21:11 Arabs threw stones at vehicles near the settlement of Efrat in Gush Etzion, damage reported

20:48 Arabs set fires in several locations in the settlement of Talmon in Binyamin

20:41 Arabs set fire to fence of Psagot

On Saturday dozens of Arabs rioted in Wadi Ara highway 65, blocked the road and threw stones at police

• Arabs rioted and set fire to tires on Highway 444 near Taibe Sharon

20:28 Arabs threw a bomb from the village Jalazun at Beit El’s fence

20:05 Arab rioting from the village of Jalazun

19:45 Arab prisoner lit a fire in a synagogue in Hasharon Prison. After clashes broke out between Jews and Arabs Prisoners

19:12 Arabs threw stones near the West Bank village of Beit Furik

18:23 Arabs threw stones near the village of Beit Ummar in Gush Etzion

17:30 Dozens of Arabs rioted rioted and threw stones at the Alon road near the village of Duma Benjamin. Arab report on the number of injured rioters instead

15:30 Dozens of Arabs rioted near the village G’izon and threw stones and firebombs at the Beit El settlement and at IDF forces in place

12:10 Dozens of Arabs rioted in Betunia

12:07 Dozens of Arabs rioted in Abu Dis

11:50 Two Arabs crossed over the fence along the Gaza border and were captured by IDF forces

10:20 A Border Policeman was lightly injured by stones thrown at him near the community of Aish Kodesh. Arab rioters began to set fire to the vineyards of the residents of the community

10:05 Arabs attacked residents of Aish Kodesh near the settlement of Shilo and threw stones at IDF forces

10:00 Arabs placed a bomb on a highway near Bethlehem. Bomb neutralized by sapper

9:45 Fishing boats sailing went beyond the approved area near the Gaza Strip, were turned back by IDF fire

8:32 Arabs rioted and threw stones in Hebron

7:00 Arabs set fire to a monument to Joseph Shuk near the settlement of Beit Haggai in the Hebron Hills, damage reported

Friday – July 31, 2015

00:20 Jew was lightly injured by stones in Beit Hanina in Jerusalem

00:00 Two police officers were slightly injured in riots by Arabs in Jerusalem Isiwiya

22:56 Arabs threw firebombs at Jewish buildings in the neighborhood of Beit Hanina in Jerusalem, damage reported

20:50 Arabs firebombed a courtyard on Meir Nakar street in Armon HaNatziv in East Talpiot in Jerusalem, damaged

20:45 Dozens of Arabs rioted in the border fence near the Gaza Strip. The IDF fired and one Gazan rioter injured. Arab media reports he was killed.

20:40 Arab approaching Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus compound, he was removed by the IDF

19:15 Arab threw a Molotov cocktail at an IDF outpost in Binyamin Atarot checkpoint was shot by the IDF and was transferred to a hospital in the city where, according to Arab reports, died of his wounds

18:48 Arabs took over a ridge in Itamar in Samaria, lit a fire and threw stones

18:35 Arabs threw stones at vehicles on Route 443 near the Atarot

18:24 Arabs threw a Molotov cocktail at an IDF position near the settlement of Halamish in Binyamin. Fire broke out

18:02 Arabs rioted near the Beit Orot neighborhood in Jerusalem

17:45 Arabs threw stones at vehicles Hussan bypass road in Gush Etzion

17:41 Arabs from the village of Orif ignited near the settlement of Yitzhar in the Shomron

17:29 Arabs threw stones at vehicles at the intersection of Yakir in Samaria, damage reported

17:03 Arabs rioting and throwing stones at IDF forces near the village of Beit Ummar in Gush Etzion

16:40 Arabs threw stones at IDF forces in the village of Anata, Benjamin

16:36 Arabs rioted in Hebron Hills’ village of Aida

15:46 Arabs set fire on the way up to Har Bracha in the Shomron

15:45 Arabs set fire to a fire at the southern entrance of Kiryat Arba

15:44 Arabs threw Molotov cocktails and stones at border police forces in Jerusalem Isiwiya

15:22 Dozens of Arab rioting in the village Nabi Saleh

15:20 Dozens of Arabs rioted in the village Jalazun and threw stones at the settlement of Beit El

15:13 Arabs threw stones at the bus line 966 near Katzrin, caused heavy damage

15:11 Dozens of Arabs rioted in the village of Killil in the Samaria and attacked IDF forces

14:26 Dozens of Arab rioters in Hebron

14:16 Arabs threw stones at vehicles near the village of Halhul, Hebron Hills

14:06 Arabs fireworks and stones at border policemen at Qalandiya

13:59 Dozens of Arabs rioted in the southern Hebron, and attacked IDF forces

13:45 A policeman was lightly injured by a glass bottle thrown at him near the Huta gate in the Old City of Jerusalem

12:56 A shooting attack Arabs fired at vehicles near the town of Kochav Hashachar. The car was damaged but no injuries were reported. The driver returned fire.

11:39 Arabs threw stones at vehicles at the intersection of Azun in the Shomron, damage reported

10:55 Arabs hurled stones at vehicles on the road up to Har Bracha


If Israel and the Jews are the cause of Muslim violence and terror, why is it that anywhere where there are Muslims there is oppression, carnage, and unceasing terror?

So, you think the Ku Klux Klan
and the Spanish Inquisition are bad?
So do we, but...

Put the Numbers in Perspective

More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition combined. (source)

Islamic terrorists murder more people everyday than the Ku Klux Klan has in the last 70 years. (

More civilians were killed by Muslim hijackers in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. (source)

Islamic extremists massacred more Iraqis on a single day in June, 2014 than the number of American criminals executed in the last 40 years. (source, source)

Muslim fundamentalists kill more people everyday than were killed during the entire Salem Witch Trials.

Sunni supremacists slaughtered more Yazidi minorities on August 14, 2014 than the number of black Americans lynched by White supremacists in the previous 100 years.
(source, source)

The greatest genocide in the history of mankind is the one committed by Islam through the centuries:  A conservative count estimates at least 250 million non-Muslim victims.
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