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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

THE VATICAN'S BOUNDLESS HATE FOR JEWS - Although Christians are being slaughtered by Muslims in the thousands, the Pope recognizes the Islamic State of Palestine, where Christians are being harassed and persecuted - The Christian Church's wicked alliance with Islam as long as Muslims keep killing Jews and threatening to destroy Israel

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How hatred for the Jews brings the Palestinians
 and the Vatican together.
During World War II the leader of the Palestinians, the Mufti of Jerusalem, lived in Berlin and worked hand in hand with Hitler and other top Nazi leaders in the implementation of the Holocaust. 
The Mufti of Jerusalem even created his own Waffen SS division with Bosnian Muslims that was involved in gruesome war crimes in Eastern Europe.
(See historical video further on this page.)
At that time the Vatican looked on with silent satisfaction as the Jews, were being exterminated by the Nazis.  After the war the Vatican issued false identities to around a thousand Nazi war criminals so that they could escape Europe through the Rat Lines.

By Giulio Meotti
The writer, an Italian journalist with Il Foglio, writes for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the book "A New Shoah", that researched the personal stories of Israel's terror victims, and of "J'Accuse: the Vatican Against Israel".. His writing has appeared in publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Frontpage and Commentary.
The Vatican’s decision should be read as an historic stance against the rights of the Jewish people to their own land.

It is since 2012 that the Vatican, under Pope Benedict XVI, spoke of the “State of Palestine” in its official documents. So the decision of the Holy See to recognize this non-existent state should not be a surprise. 

But the treaty is the first legal and bilateral document in which the Vatican speaks of the “State of Palestine” and no more of the “Organization for the Liberation of Palestine” (PLO): it is, in fact, an official recognition. A symbolic and historic breakthrough.

When the Vatican recognized Israel, at the beginning of the Nineties, it happened within the framework of Oslo Accords: Israel fatally recognized the PLO and the Catholic Church in exchange recognized the decades-old Jewish State. A big mistake, but many mistakes occurred in that period.


Today the situation is much different: the Palestinian Arabs are internationalizing the conflict with Israel and avoiding sitting at the same table with her, while the Arab-Islamic world feeds an enormous hatred for the “Zionists” and masses of Christians are driven out of Islamic lands, including the Palestinian Authority areas.
The Vatican’s decision should be read as an historic stance against the rights of the Jewish people to their own land.
For over forty years after the Jewish State won independence in 1948, the Vatican adopted a diplomatic policy copying that of Israel’s enemies: total non-recognition of the Jewish statehood.
Despite the acceptance by all Western nations, including, at the beginning, the Communist bloc, the Vatican's recognition of Israel occurred only in 1993.
The same Church that didn’t recognize Israel opened diplomatic relations with the PLO, a terror organization whose goal is the “liberation” of the Holy Land from the Jews who live between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River.
The Church formally recognized Israel’s existence only two decades after Israel’s foe, Egypt, signed a peace treaty with the Jewish State.
And the Vatican had diplomatic relations with over 130 states. It acknowledged their legitimacy even as it disputed, in some cases, their borders.
Why has such a different standard been applied to Israel? Because of anti-Semitism and the aversion they felt upon seeing Israel again among the family of nations.
For the Vatican, an independent Jewish State bearing the name “Israel,” with Jerusalem as its capital, and a renewal of life in the land of the Bible, has been the most complex theological Christian problem and a total contradiction to Church dogma (which wants to arrogate to itself the exclusive right and inheritance to the Jewish Bible, ancient Jewish history, and the Holy Sites, an ideology known as Replacement Theology).
And now, because of the same anti-Semitism, the Vatican has hurried to recognize the “State of Palestine”, this Trojan horse against the Jewish people, a tool to dismantle the State of Israel and a proto-Nazi entity from which all the Jews are to be cleansed. 
We note in shock Pope Francis’ eagerness to recognize the “State of Palestine” before it has even yet arisen and we recall the eagerness of another Pope to recognize the Nazi regime just four months after it was established.
They are both declarations of moral war against the Jewish people. 


The Vatican Recognized Palestine
in 2012—Not Today
The Tablet  -  This morning, the Associated Press broke what appeared to be a big story: The Vatican had just officially recognized the state of Palestine.
But there was just one small problem with the news driving the whole hullabaloo: the Vatican had actually recognized Palestine in 2012, after it declared statehood at the United Nations. This fact, which is evident from a cursory search of the Vatican’s official news service, was quickly noted by several experts in Palestinian politics. Others observed that during his trip last May to Israel and Palestine, Pope Francis had explicitly heralded the “good relations existing between the Holy See and the State of Palestine.” As Ramallah-based journalist and former Al Jazeera producer Dalia Hatuqa put it: “For years, Vatican has referred to it as State of Palestine. Nothing new here.”



The following article was posted on this blog
on September 28, 2014.   Link


 And their steady disappearance from ancient holy land
 Official Muslim discrimination, harassment and violence has driven them away

Main points followed by column by Pierre Rehov
  • The Palestinian Authority (PA) rules over Arabs living in Judea and Samaria (West Bank).  This was the result of the US-instigated Oslo Accords of the early 1990s.
  • Although not an independent country, it has its own government, judiciary, and police.
  • A set of laws concerns Dhimmis,  - Christians and other non-Muslims living in a subservient status, and subject to discriminatory regulations. 
  • Once Muslims invaded the land of Israel in the 7th century, they tried to force conversion on the inhabitants of the land (Jews and Christians) and imposed Islam's dhimmi laws on them.
  • Because, under dhimmi laws, non-Muslims under Muslim rule may not testify against Muslims, it is virtually impossible for Christians to use the judicial system to recover lands and property stolen by Muslims.
  • The erosion of the Christian presence has peaked under Palestinian Authority rule. 
  • Bethlehem went from 60% Christian in the 1990s to just 10% today.  
  • In the meantime, Christian population inside Israel continues to grow and has now reached approximately 140,000. 
  • In spite of factual evidence of persecution of Christians by Muslims in the Palestinian Authority, Christian churches in the West continue with their vicious campaign of demonization and boycotts against Israel.
  • Photos below:  Pope John Paul II (left) met twelve times with terrorist Yassir Arafat.  Pope Francis (right) has met numerous times with Mahmoud Abbas, the financial mastermind of the Munich Olympics massacre of Israeli athletes, Holocaust denier, and who routinely eulogizes terrorists who kill Jewish civilians.

Holy Land: The Perils Facing Christians
by Pierre Rehov, Gatestone Institute
  Continue reading

"All this talk about Israel being behind the pain of Christians in the Palestinian Territories is nonsense. Muslims intimidate us. They burn our stores, steal our real estate. They build mosques beside our churches, and make sure that the calls for prayer disrupt our services. They attack our daughters. There are many cases of rape that have never been reported. Families hide it out of shame, they move away. They flee." — Christian official.
Under dhimmi laws, non-Muslims under Muslim rule may not testify against Muslims, so it is virtually impossible for Christians whose lands have been stolen, or whose lives have been threatened, to appeal to the local legal system.
Apparently the story is only appealing when Israel can be blamed.
If you ask anyone in the Middle East the meaning of the saying, " First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people," he will answer with a smile: "First, we will get rid of those who pray on Saturday, and then we will get rid of those who pray on Sunday."
A recent survey conducted by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs shows that the Christian Population of Bethlehem dropped from 90% in the 19th century down to 60% in the 1990s. Today Christians make up less than 10%. What happened?
Of course, many Christians fled in the 1940s and 1960s, out of fear of the war, or as a result of intensive anti-Jewish propaganda. At that time, Christians already suffered discrimination from Muslims, and many also opposed the rebirth of the Jewish nation. Their views, apart from their faith, were more influence by the local, Arab culture, than by the European Enlightenment.
Arafat is put in charge  -  The Oslo Accords
The real drop in Christian population, however, took place as a side-effect of the Oslo process (that put Yassir Arafat in charge of the Palestinians living in Judea and Samaria (West Bank).
As soon as Yasser Arafat and the PLO had established the Palestinian Authority [PA] in the West Bank and Gaza, Christians began to be persecuted.
Dhimmitude for Christians
Despite the official stance of public figures, such as the mayor of Bethlehem, for instance, Christian residents of the PA (among them, Hanan Ashrawi, the first elected woman in the PA), live in these Muslim-controlled areas as dhimmis: according to Muslim laws, second rate citizens, protected by Muslim authorities, as long as they accept certain rules.
One of these rules forbids a Christian to sell his property, whether a shop or a house, to another Christian if he decides to move abroad. Only to Muslims. But that is just the beginning.
Another practice used by PA, especially during the Second Intifada in the early 2000s, was to enter the houses of Christians and fire across the valley at houses of Jews. What the Israeli soldiers see is just a muzzle-flash coming from a window, so they return fire and shoot back it. They do not know if it is coming from a "Muslim" window or a "Christian" window. The Christians, tired of having their apartments and houses shot into, moved out -- and their neighbors moved in.
The desecration of the Church of the Nativity
During the siege of the Church of the Nativity in 2002, terrorists used the same strategy, firing at Israeli troops from within the holiest Christian shrine in Bethlehem, meanwhile desecrating the inside of the Church. Nuns and priests called for help, but nobody heard their voices. Apparently the story is only appealing when Israel can be blamed.
During the pope's visit, Muslims make it clear who is in charge
Two years earlier, Pope John Paul II, while visiting Bethlehem, had, in silence, to face the insult of being interrupted during his speech by the Mufti's call for prayers... even though it was not the time for prayers. The scene, filmed by Italy's Rai2, was later on erased from its archives, at the request of the Vatican.
The same type of proceedings occurred during the recent visit of Pope Francis, who was led to stop and pray in front of the security barrier, which had been first freshly covered with inflammatory graffiti, even though this stop was not included in the protocol, nor, probably, would it have been had his delegation received the courtesy of a request.
Harassment as a means of ethnic cleansing
In any event, in 2006, Hassan El Masalmeh, a Hamas member of the Bethlehem City Council, publicly announced his intention to implement a discriminatory tax on non-Muslim residents. This tax, called jizya, has existed since the birth of Islam as part of dhimmi laws in many Middle East countries.
In the meantime, many Christian families complained that their daughters were being threatened with forced conversions, and, as they did not dress with sufficient Islamic modesty, were often faced with rape.
Christian clergy have officially sided with the Muslims 
Official complaints, understandably, are rare. After years of persecution, dhimmis, are afraid of retaliation and often, if they want to keep on living in their neighborhoods in what they hope will be peace, take the side of their persecutors.

NOTE:  Although the above paragraph blames 'fear' for ongoing Arab Christian clergy support for the Muslim Palestinian nationalism, anti-Semitism runs deep in Christianity. 

Support for Arabs who want Jews out of Israel is pervasive in Christian churches in the West.   Protestant churches (other than some Evangelicals) are actively engaged in boycotts and demonization of Israel.  The Vatican has solidly endorsed terrorists such as Yassir Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, with the pope frequently meeting with them and making official statements of support for their activities - even terror - aimed at creating a separate state.   Blogger

  In 2012, for example, the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation, known for its basic anti-Semitic views, fully backed the application for "Palestine's" membership to the United Nation by publishing a letter condemning Israel in harsh terms:
We, Palestinian Christians are the descendants of the first Christians. We are also an organic and integral component of the Palestinian people. And just like our Palestinian Muslim brothers and sisters, we have been denied our national and human rights for almost a century…  We have persevered through 64 years of exile and 45 years of occupation, holding on to His message of peace. We, Palestinian Christians say enough! Our message is simple: to achieve peace, the world must also say enough to occupation and the degradation of human dignity.
Other Christian officials, such as the then Archibishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and the Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, do not even hide their basic anti-Semitism when they blame Jews (and even Christians) for the suffering of their flocks under Muslim rule. What the letter does not express, is the reality of daily life in most of the Palestinian Authority.
A Christian official, who asked to remain anonymous for reasons of security said:
"All this talk about Israel being behind the pain of Christians in the Palestinian Territories is nonsense. Muslims intimidate us. They burn our stores, steal our real estate. They build mosques beside our churches, and make sure that the calls for pray disrupt our services. They attack our daughters and insult them. There are many cases of rape that have never been reported. Families hide it out of shame, they move away. They flee."
In 2013, a few families of Bethlehem and Ramallah finally wrote a letter to the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas.
More than 150 attacks on Christian properties had been documented and reported, including land theft, forces conversions, death threats, and physical violence.
Because, under dhimmi laws, non-Muslims under Muslim rule may not testify against Muslims, it is virtually impossible for Christians whose lands have been stolen, or lives have been threatened, to appeal to the local legal system. Many who have dared to file complaints are still waiting to receive an answer to them.
In the meantime, Christian population inside Israel didn't stop increasing, and has now reached approximately 140,000. 
It has been reported than an orthodox Priest, Father Gabriel Nada, recently created an organization promoting the enrollment of Christians in the IDF. The numbers have not been published by the Israel Defense Forces, but the hundreds of Christians who enrolled chose combat units.
Recently, an Israeli Arab film maker, Suha Arraf, presented her latest work at the Venice film festival, and received a lot of attention for labeling it "Palestinian" after receiving close to $400,000 from the Israeli Film Fund.
The film pretends to describe the life of a Christian Family in Ramallah, suffering from an identity crisis... due to the Israeli occupation.
But Suha Arraf is not a Palestinian. She is an Israeli Christian Arab.
Of course, the Israeli Ministry of Culture, feeling betrayed -- as its purpose is to participate in the production of films carrying Israeli identity -- asked for a full refund.
Interviewed on the matter by the extreme left-wing Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the film maker answered that she was Israeli, Christian and Arab but felt as "Palestinian" as most of the Arabs living in Israel.
What Suha Arraf tried to describe in a romantic way would have been far more scary if she just stuck to the facts, rather than the politically correct narrative, which is to portray all Arabs living in the Territories as "suffering from the occupation."
There might be a connection between the way Christians are treated inside Israel, despite Muslim and anti-Semitic propaganda, and this increasing determination to be able freely to live in the religion of their choice: as Christian-Israelis. Certainly not as Palestinians.
Sorry, you who think that all Arabs living in the PA are "suffering from the occupation." You got it all wrong.
Pierre Rehov is a reporter and a documentary filmmaker. He made two films on the situation of Christians in the Middle East: "Holyland: Christians in Peril" and "First Comes Saturday, then Comes Sunday".

The desecration of the Church of the Nativity 

What happened, and Christian clergy reaction

Where is the outrage?

Christian churches support for Arab terrorists who kill Jews

CHRISTIAN CHURCHES HAVE OPENLY SUPPORTED MUSLIM TERROR AGAINST ISRAEL, while silent about Muslim persecution of Christians - Now they are reaping the results of their wicked tacit alliance with Islam as Christians are increasingly abused and murdered

 Except when the terrorists are Palestinians who murder Jews

Israeli Christians increased support for Israel

says Father Gabriel Nadaf, leader of Christian Aramaeans in Israel

 Increased Israeli Christian support for Israel due to Palestinian Muslims persecution of Christians



Meotti explores the theological foundation for 1,700 years of Catholic enmity toward Jews that led to manifold persecutory actions and atrocities through the centuries and how it continues to play out in Church policy toward the Jewish State today.
Mr. Meotti explains how the Catholic Church has continued to undermine Jews through its politics, statements, and contemptuous relationship with the state of Israel.
Since Israel’s founding in 1948, the Vatican has consistently worked against the best interests of the Jewish state and aided and abetted its enemies.
This extensive, historical Church enmity toward the Jews and the attendant atrocities have led to today’s shocking alliance with Islam and, even more surprisingly, has prevented the Church from aiding persecuted Christians throughout the Muslim world.
By disavowing Jewish roots and forging a strategic Muslim-Christian alliance, the Church has embarked on a precarious path for the future of Christendom.

Mass anti-Jewish actions included the Crusades, the Inquisition, Russian pogroms, and ultimately the Holocaust, which annihilated one-third of world Jewry.

Meotti's book reveals that not only these actions, but the genocide that was the Holocaust were made possible by the fertile environment of anti-Semitism created over centuries by the Church.
Mr. Meotti reports that during the Holocaust, the British envoy to the Holy See provided daily briefings on the Nazi atrocities. Meotti reveals that Pope Pius XII chose to remain silent and resisted many calls for help from the Jewish people.
While Jews were being gassed throughout Europe, most Christian churches failed to respond. Some even collaborated with the Nazis.
Astonishingly, in 1943 at the height of the Jewish genocide, Pius XII reaffirmed in his encyclical, Mystici Corporis Christi, the supersession of Christianity over Judaism and the replacement of the Jewish Bible, which had been abolished, with the Christian Bible.
Read the entire column:
Book review by Janet Levy:
In his new book, "The Vatican Against Israel: J'Accuse", Giulio Meotti explores the theological foundation for 1,700 years of Catholic enmity toward Jews and how this is played out against Israel since the start of modern Zionism.

"The Vatican Against Israel: J'Accuse", by Giulio Meotti, Mantua Books Ltd., 2013 204 pp., $22.00
Meotti explores the theological foundation for 1,700 years of Catholic enmity toward Jews that led to manifold persecutory actions and atrocities through the centuries and how it continues to play out in Church policy toward the Jewish State today.

Since Israel’s founding in 1948, the Vatican has consistently worked against the best interests of the Jewish state and aided and abetted its enemies.
This extensive, historical Church enmity toward the Jews and the attendant atrocities have led to today’s shocking alliance with Islam and, even more surprisingly, has prevented the Church from aiding persecuted Christians throughout the Muslim world. By disavowing Jewish roots and forging a strategic Muslim-Christian alliance, the Church has embarked on a precarious path for the future of Christendom.

More of this review here: 
With the election of Pope Francis this past March as the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church, hopes have run high for a much-needed turnaround in Jewish-Catholic relations that would finally extinguish centuries-old, Catholic anti-Semitism and its concerted efforts to sabotage the Jewish State.
Those hopes took shape when, as cardinal of Argentina, he maintained close ties with the local Jewish community, attended Rosh Hashanah services, co-hosted a Kristallnacht memorial ceremony, and was the first public figure to condemn the 1994 bombing of the Buenos Aires Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires by the Islamic terrorist group, Hezbollah.
But the jury is still out on how the relationship will progress with the new papacy, especially in light of a recent meeting Pope Francis held with Malaysian politician, Anwar Ibrahim, a prominent Muslim Brotherhood (MB) operative and founder of the MB front organization, the International Institute of Islamic Thought.
Ibrahim has kept alive charges of Islamophobia in the West and has close ties with Bosnian imam Mustafa Ceric, another Muslim Brotherhood member who himself is tied to controversial Egyptian Islamic theologian, Youssef Qaradawi, who has been banned from entering a number of Western countries because of numerous anti-Israel, anti-U.S. statements.
Pope Francis may indeed be struggling against the weight of the past. The Catholic Church has an extensive history of anti-Semitism beginning with a belief that the destruction of Judea by the Romans, the fall of Jerusalem, and the destruction of the Holy Temple in the first century signified rejection and punishment of the Jews by G-d.
The fall of Jerusalem, or “Deicide City”, is enshrined in Christian liturgy and teaches Christians that they have been substituted for the “broken branches” of the Jews and “grafted on the stem of the Covenant.”
Ostensibly a religion of “love and goodness,” Catholicism has harbored animosity and intense hatred for the Jews and been complicit, directly and indirectly, in many crimes and atrocities against them.
In his new book, "The Vatican Against Israel: J'Accuse", Giulio Meotti uses the famous title that publicist Emil Zola coined for his public revealing of the French anti-Semitism that destroyed the life of Alfred Dreyfus in the late nineteenth century.
Meotti explores the theological foundation for 1,700 years of Catholic enmity toward Jews that led to manifold persecutory actions and atrocities through the centuries and how it continues to play out in Church policy toward the Jewish State today.
Mr. Meotti explains how the Catholic Church has continued to undermine Jews through its politics, statements, and contemptuous relationship with the state of Israel. Since Israel’s founding in 1948, the Vatican has consistently worked against the best interests of the Jewish state and aided and abetted its enemies.
This extensive, historical Church enmity toward the Jews and the attendant atrocities have led to today’s shocking alliance with Islam and, even more surprisingly, has prevented the Church from aiding persecuted Christians throughout the Muslim world. By disavowing Jewish roots and forging a strategic Muslim-Christian alliance, the Church has embarked on a precarious path for the future of Christendom.
Furthermore, the Church’s adoption of the Muslim narrative on Palestine precludes the recognition of a very real problem jeopardizing the lives of thousands of Christians in majority Islamic nations.
The Church steadfastly ignores the reality behind the Muslim chant, “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people,” which scripturally links Jews and Christians as the infidel, “People of the Book,” making both targets for violence and repression.
However, for Church leadership to admit their vulnerability in this regard would require them to grant legitimacy to the Jewish people in their ancestral land of Israel, abandon the idea of punishment for the deicide, and bear the Jews' ultimate insult, namely, failure to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The Church and the Death of Jesus
In his book, Mr. Meotti explains that anti-Jewish sentiments were founded on Church pronouncements that Jews are responsible for the death of Jesus.
He shows how, until very recently, the Church taught that Jewish history ended with the appearance of Christianity and that Jews were a cursed people who killed Jesus, rejected Christ’s gospel, and were destined to wander the earth for eternity.
Catholic religious leaders have taken the position that the Church constituted the “new Israel” and Jews were forever abandoned by G-d. It is this well-entrenched theological doctrine, he says, that resulted in banishment of Jews throughout Europe, ghettoization and marginalization of the Jewish community, levying of heavy fines on Jews, forced conversions, kidnapping of Jewish children to be raised as Christians, confiscation of Jewish property (including synagogues transformed into churches), and the torture and murder of Jewish people.
Mass anti-Jewish actions included the Crusades, the Inquisition, Russian pogroms, and ultimately the Holocaust, which annihilated one-third of world Jewry.
Meotti's book reveals that not only these actions, but the genocide that was the Holocaust were made possible by the fertile environment of anti-Semitism created over centuries by the Church.
The Church and World War II
In "The Vatican Against Israel", the author examines how the Church has continued to be a willing and eager partner in the destruction of the Jewish people in the modern era.
The Church helped promulgate the anti-Semitic hoax of a Jewish plan for global domination as set forth in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The first translation of this damaging blood libel was translated by Arab Christians and published by a periodical of the Catholic Community in Jerusalem in 1926.
When Adolph Hitler came to power in Germany, the Vatican was the first state to formally recognize the legitimacy of the Third Reich and it maintained diplomatic relations with the Nazi government through the very end of the war.
Mr. Meotti reports that during the Holocaust, the British envoy to the Holy See provided daily briefings on the Nazi atrocities. Meotti reveals that Pope Pius XII chose to remain silent and resisted many calls for help from the Jewish people. While Jews were being gassed throughout Europe, most Christian churches failed to respond. Some even collaborated with the Nazis.
Astonishingly, in 1943 at the height of the Jewish genocide, Pius XII reaffirmed in his encyclical, Mystici Corporis Christi, the supersession of Christianity over Judaism and the replacement of the Jewish Bible, which had been abolished, with the Christian Bible.
At the end of World War II, in the vilest disregard for the memory of millions who perished during the Nazi genocide, the Vatican sheltered from prosecution a number of Nazis, in effect, granting tacit approval for the actions of these Nazi butchers. War criminals, including Adolph Eichmann, Dr. Joseph Mengele, Klaus Barbie, Franz Stangl, and others fled through Italy with assistance from the Catholic network.
Mr. Meotti reports that Vatican support and admiration for the Nazis didn't end there. In 1994, Pope John Paul II conferred papal knighthood on documented Nazi war criminal Kurt Waldheim, who had gone on after World War II to become Secretary-General of the United Nations. The papal honor, given despite a well-known 1985 controversy over Waldheim’s Nazi past, was in effect spitting on the memory of Holocaust victims, survivors, and their descendants.
To further confer disgrace on its actions, the Vatican recognized Waldheim's “efforts for peace,” demonizing Israel for defending itself against Arab-Palestinian terrorism which had occurred during Waldheim’s tenure as Secretary-General.
By welcoming Waldheim to the Vatican as an honored visitor, the Vatican was symbolically cleansing him of the stain of his Holocaust crimes and glorifying his work on behalf of the U.N. to destroy the Jewish State.
The Church and Creation of the Jewish State.
In "The Vatican Against Israel", the author reveals how the Church initially fought against the British Mandate for Palestine that established Israel and, after its founding, demonized and delegitimized Israel’s existence. Even as Jews were being gassed during the Holocaust, the Church was consumed with stopping the creation of Israel and the return of Jews to their ancestral land, because this ran counter to Church theology that Jews were condemned to eternal homelessness for their crime of deicide almost 2,000 years earlier.
The Church stridently maintained the position that Zionism was anti-Christian and anti-Catholic and that the sole route to salvation was through conversion. The ultimate founding of the Jewish State was problematic for the Catholic Church because it invalidated the church’s replacement theology and its doctrine about the Jewish people – that all Jews for generations to come were to be cursed and punished for deicide.
As late as 1904, Pope Pius X told Theodore Herzl, Zionism’s founder, that he would never approve the movement as “the Jews have not recognized our Lord.”
It was not until 1965, 1,700 years after the Church had condemned Jews for all eternity, that the Vatican issued Nostra Aetate, releasing the Jews of today from responsibility for the death of Christ.
However, the document failed to apologize for past Christian anti-Semitism and did not validate Judaism or recognize the Jewish State, which by then had existed for 17 years.
The Church and Arab Muslims.
As for political involvement in the Arab-Muslim war against Israel, Meotti describes how the Vatican made common cause with Arab-Palestinians, supporting their apocryphal claims to territory and even excusing acts of terrorism.
Pope John Paul II went so far as to publicly brand as an Israeli-initiated Shoah, what were actually falsified accounts of Israeli oppression of Palestinians.
Pope John Paul II granted several audiences to Yasser Arafat, the father of modern terrorism and the head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), who had ordered and carried out attacks against Jewish civilians and was seeking publicity and legitimacy on the world stage.
While openly proclaiming hatred of the Jews and plans to annihilate Israel, Arafat and his henchman were granted respectability by the Catholic Church.
In 1974, the Vatican formally recognized the Palestinian Liberation Organization. It wasn't until 1993, almost 20 years later, that the Church recognized the State of Israel.
When PLO Chairman Arafat died in 2004, the Pope eulogized the terrorist as a great leader in this “hour of sadness” and spoke fondly of his closeness to the Arafat family.
Meanwhile, Church acceptance of Israel has been tepid at best. Every attempt is made to demonize and delegitimize the Jewish State and support the Arab-Palestinian narrative even following scores of suicide bombings and tens of thousands of rocket attacks on Israeli land. The Church advances the view that Palestinian violence is a justifiable reaction to “oppression and humiliation” by the Israelis.
Never mentioned are the openly stated goals of Hamas and Hezbollah to destroy the Jewish state. No Vatican condemnations have been made for over 11,000 rocket attacks that have murdered and maimed hundreds of Israeli civilians. Israel's attempts to defend itself have been characterized as acts of aggression.
In 2002, at the height of the Intifada, the Church condoned and legitimized Palestinian terrorism by terming the attacks against Israel as a “cry for justice.”
At a pro-Palestinian protest parade in Rome in 2002, Archbishop Capucci, who had used his Vatican immunity in the past to smuggle arms and explosives to Fatah terrorists, defended suicide bombers and stated, “Greetings to the sons of the Intifada and to the martyrs who go and fight as if they were going to a party. . . . We want our land, or we will die with dignity . . . Intifada till victory.” No criticism or repercussions were forthcoming from the Vatican.
In addition to the above, Meotti lists a multitude of Catholic NGOs such as Trocaire, Pax Christi, Cordaid, and Caritas which legitimate terrorist activities and demonize Israel through boycott, divestment, and sanction (BDS) campaigns. The NGOs also compare Zionism to Nazism and stage events in which Israel's security barriers, which have saved Jewish lives, are labeled as “apartheid walls.”
Even today, many Vatican Christian pilgrimage and tourist tour maps fail to mention Israel. Instead, the area is labeled “Holy Land” or “Palestine.”
The Church's anti-Israel propaganda is intensified by tours that are purposely designed to cast the Jewish state in a negative light. Palestinian guides focus exclusively on controlled visits to the Palestinian territories and instill hatred of Israel by skewing the narrative and insuring that visitors leave ignorant of the true nature of the Jewish State, the only democracy in the region.
Meotti , in this excellent account of Vatican history, prophesies that the Church’s actions toward the Jews and Israel will result in tragic consequences for both Jews and Christians.
By attacking Israel and resisting significant ties with Jews and the Jewish state in favor of a deadly Christian-Muslim alliance, the Church is sowing the seeds of its own demise.
The future for Christians is glaringly spelled out by the drastically diminished populations of Bethlehem, Ramallah, Gaza, and the 'West Bank'", where Christians are used as human shields and Christian homes serve as rocket launch sites.
Throughout Muslim countries in the Middle East, Christians are being massacred and forced out of the land. The bombing of Christian shops, schools, and churches, and the torture and murder of priests has become almost daily fare, he shows.
This is the future that awaits the Church and its Christian followers if they persist in aligning with Muslims and fail to overcome their historic and current anti-Semitic acts.

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Book reviewer Janet Levy MBA, MSW, is an activist, world traveler, and freelance journalist who has contributed to American Thinker, Pajamas Media, Full Disclosure Network, FrontPage Magazine, Family Security Matters and other publications.
She blogs at
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Israelis' security compromised by Vatican recognizing Palestine

By World Net Daily - WND

The diplomatic recognition of the “state of Palestine” by the Vatican will open the door to a new wave of anti-Semitism and endanger millions of Israeli Jews and Arabs, charge several leading evangelicals who have written about the end times.
And the controversial decision by Pope Francis is even leading to allegations the Roman Catholic Church will be an adversary to Christians and the state of Israel during those times.
New York Times bestselling author and filmmaker Joel Richardson slammed the decision as “an act of profound hatred toward the Jewish people globally.”
In an interview with WND, the author of “When a Jew Rules the World: What the Bible Really Says About Israel in the Plan of God,” observed: “To the uninformed, from the outside, recognizing ‘Palestine’ might seem to be reasonable. Certainly, the God of Heaven loves the Palestinian people as much as the Jew.
“But not to those who have a better grasp of the various political, religious and security related realities on the ground. None who are informed will deny that the establishment of a Palestinian state will compromise the security of the millions of Israeli Jews and Arabs in a profound way.”
Richardson explained the Israeli situation is akin to living next to a large family made up of many people who openly declare their intention to take your property and kill your children.
“Due to the very genuine threat that your neighbors represent to you and your children, you see to it that they are not able to attain the weapons and strategy necessary to carry out their evil plans.
Now imagine if the local Roman Catholic priest, all in the name of ‘justice,’ ‘compassion’ and ‘fairness,’ forced you to allow these neighbors to have their own weapons. Such would be a profoundly hateful act toward you and your family. In fact, it would be an act of violence,” Richardson said.
“To support a Palestinian state without demanding that they first unequivocally renounce and repent of their plans for the Jewish people is to have a hand in the violence that follows,” he said.
“Today the Catholic Church has committed an act deeply grievous to the God it claims to represent.”
Talk-show host, pastor and author Carl Gallups agrees that the impact of the Vatican’s decision will be catastrophic. However, the author of “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation” says he isn’t surprised.
Gallups told WND: “This really should come as no huge shock to the world, especially to the Christian world, because this pope has made similar statements supporting the Palestinian cause.
'As far as I know, this is the first time he’s called for a Palestinian state explicitly, however. And this is disturbing prophetically and geopolitically, because it will fuel the current wave of anti-Semitism that is sweeping the globe.
“It is important to remember there has never been a nation state in that area except Israel. So some kind of ‘Palestinian nation’ is only going to be used to fuel this fire by the leftists and godless who are mobilized by hatred of Israel and Jews.
'Though I’m an evangelical, I find it so tragic that this statement is coming from the pope, who so many believe should be a bastion of Christianity. But this pope is a leftist theologically speaking and politically speaking,” he said.
Richardson told WND: “Throughout history, the Roman Catholic Church has persecuted the Jewish people in ways unimaginable,” he said. “So it was wonderful step forward last century, when they officially repented of their historical sins toward the Jewish people.”
Richard said that in recognizing Palestine as its own state, the Catholic Church “has capitulated to the spirit of the age, has turned their back on the God of Israel, and has stumbled headlong into the darkness.”

Read full article here:


United Nations scathing report on Vatican's tolerance and coverup of endemic sexual abuse of children within the Catholic Church.

Pope says paedophilia not an absolute evil
December 2010 - Victims of clerical abuse reacted furiously to Pope Benedict’s claim that paedophilia wasn’t considered an “absolute evil” as recently as the 1970s … (he) also claimed that child pornography was increasingly considered “normal” by society. “It was maintained — even within the realm of Catholic theology — that there is no such thing as evil in itself or good in itself. There is only a ‘better than’ and a ‘worse than’. Nothing is good or bad in itself.” –

Vatican policies allowed priests to rape children

Link to this book review


During the Nazi regime in Germany, the Vatican not only refused to help the Jews, but it did everything possible to help Nazi murderers escape justice by creating the Rat Lines, which allowed them to flee to other countries. 

Excellent video on the Vatican and the Nazis - Interview with researcher John Loftus

The Pope, Eichmann, and the Nazi Ratlines

Vatican-issued passports allowed at least 900 top Nazi criminals to escape Europe
How top Nazis escaped thanks to the Vatican Rat Lines
More on the Vatican's Rat Lines  

This blog's archive on the Vatican






 Same genocidal ideology, same symbols, same goals
Read more -
The Religion of Peace website's list
of Islamic terror attacks on Christians since 2013 only 

This is a list of targeted acts of terrorism on Christian civilians and church workers by religious Muslims since September 11th, 2001.  These attacks have nothing to do with war, combat or insurgency. 
The victims are innocent Christians who were specifically targeted and abused solely on account of their faith by those who claim their own religion as a motive.
There may be a few anomalies on the list, as it is compiled by keyword search from our main database.  Neither is this a complete account of Islamic terror attacks on Christians since much of the violence goes unreported.
(Last updated on Friday, May 01, 2015)
For list including previous years, please see: 


4/27/2015NigeriaGuma130Thirteen Christians are slaughtered in their homes by Muslim raiders.
4/19/2015LibyaSirte300The Islamic State releases a video showing the brutal execution of thirty captured Ethiopian Christians, at least a dozen of whom are beheaded.
4/17/2015PakistanLahore03Extremists open fire on a Catholic school.
4/16/2015ItalySicily120A dozen Christians on a refugee boat are thrown to their deaths by Muslims.
4/11/2015SyriaAleppo2024Terrorists shell a Christian neighborhood, killing twenty residents.
4/10/2015PakistanLahore01A young Christian is beaten and set on fire.
4/8/2015NigeriaGidan Maso10A pastor's daughter suffocates when Muslims torch a church over another Muslim's conversion.
4/6/2015BangladeshSreemongal02A pastor and parishioner are attacked and stabbed by a group of thirty-five Muslims.
4/5/2015EgyptAlexandria04Ajnad Misr members open fire on a church bus.
4/2/2015KenyaGarissa14879A handful of devout Muslims storm a Christian college, separate out the non-Muslims and execute one-hundred and fifty in cold blood.
3/27/2015EgyptMinya07Young Muslim radicals firebomb a church built to memorialize Coptic victims of ISIS beheadings.
3/27/2015SomaliaKismayo60al-Shabaab releases a video showing the brutal execution of six young Christians.
3/24/2015PakistanLahore02Islamists on motorbikes open fire on a church.
3/20/2015PakistanSheikhupura10A Christian youth dies after being set on fire by his Muslim boss.
3/15/2015NigeriaEgba820Fulani terrorists massacre nearly one hundred Christian villagers, mostly women and children.
3/15/2015PakistanLahore1770Targeted suicide bomb attacks by Jamaat-ul-Ahrar near two churches leaves fifteen worshippers dead.
2/26/2015Syriaal-Masamier150Fifteen Christians taken hostage earlier in the week are executed, including a woman who is beheaded.
2/23/2015Syriaal-Hasakah660Six people are murdered during an ISIS attack on a Christian village, including one woman reportedly raped and killed.
2/23/2015SyriaTel Goran490ISIS 'fighters' attack a series of Christian villages and kidnap ninety women and children.
2/14/2015LibyaSirte210Twenty-one Christians are abducted by Islamists, forced to their knees and then beheaded.
2/13/2015Egyptal-Minya10A Coptic youth is reportedly burned alive by Muslim miscreants.
2/5/2015SyriaDamascus1050The Army of Islam sends rockets into mainly Christian neighborhoods, killing ten residents.
2/4/2015IraqMosul10A priest is beheaded by the Islamic State.
2/2/2015BangladeshGaibandha03A married couple and one other are beaten by a Muslim mob angry about their conversion to Christianity
1/31/2015Egyptal-Arish10A 50-year-old Copt is shot to death in his home simply because of his religion.
1/31/2015SyriaRaqqa10A Japanese journalist who converted to Christianity is beheaded by caliphate members in the name of Allah.
1/23/2015NigeriaBantaje10Muslim extremists butcher a pastor and father of two.
1/21/2015SyriaNew Sabri235A Fedayeen suicide bombing takes out two Christians.
1/17/2015IndonesiaTamadue50Muslim terrorists murder five Christians in two attacks.
1/17/2015NigerZinder10An angry Muslim mob burns a church with one person inside.
1/13/2015EgyptLuxor10A Muslim radical shoots a 38-year-old Copt to death.
1/11/2015KenyaMombasa10Terrorists kill a priest during a church service.
1/6/2015EgyptCairo20Two men guarding a church are shot to death by extremists.
1/4/2015NigeriaKantoma210Two people preparing for church are shot to death by Fulani terrorists.
1/2/2015NigeriaAmbe-Madaki1540Fifteen villagers are massacred when Muslim terrorists attack a Christian village.
1/1/2015NigeriaGombe08A suicide bomber detonates at the entrance of a church service.
12/31/2014NigeriaKantoma30Three members of a church are cut down in a vicious assault by Muslim terrorists.
12/27/2014NigeriaTattaura100Muslims slaughter ten Christians.
12/27/2014IndonesiaTamadue12Three Christian are abducted by Islamic terrorists, one of whom is executed in captivity.
12/25/2014LibyaSirte10A 13-year-old Coptic girl is murdered and dumped after being abducted by Islamists.
12/25/2014SomaliaMogadishu40Four others are killed during an al-Shabaab small arms attack targeting Christians celebrating Christmas.
12/23/2014LibyaSirte21Muslim radicals murder a Christian couple and abduct their daughter.
12/17/2014NigeriaAngwan Dauda50A 1-year-old boy and his mother are among five Christians slaughtered by Muslim raiders.
12/17/2014NigeriaSabon Gida Shagogo100Fulani terrorists burn down a church and kill ten villagers, including the pastor.
12/16/2014CARMbres10Muslim terrorists kill a Christian with a grenade.
12/14/2014IraqMosul30Three Christians die after being tortured by the Islamic State.
12/11/2014UgandaKaliro11An imam beats his 15-year-old daughter to death for converting to Christianity. Her 12-year-old sister barely survives the same beating.
12/9/2014IraqBaghdad40A vicar reports that four Christian children were beheaded for 'refusing to follow Muhammad'.
12/5/2014CARBambari1213A dozen Christian villagers are pulled out of their homes and stabbed or shot to death by 'young Muslims'.
12/3/2014LebanonArsal12One person is killed by a bomb planted just outside of a Christian village.
12/3/2014NigeriaLassa1120At least eleven innocents lose their lives when Boko Haram go on a church-burning spree. Twenty girls are kidnapped for sex slavery.
12/2/2014KenyaKorome360Islamists slaughter three dozen Christian quarry workers after separating them from Muslims. Several are beheaded.
11/29/2014NigeriaShani400Scores are reported killed when Islamists ride motorbikes into a Christian town and fire indiscriminately at fleeing residents.
11/22/2014KenyaMandera280Religion of Peace proponents stop a bus, single out and slaughter twenty-eight non-Muslims (including nine women) after identifying them as Christians.
11/15/2014IndonesiaSulawesi10A Christian father is murdered in front of his family b Religion of Peace extremists.
11/11/2014NigeriaRim10Muslim gunmen target church-goers, killing one.
11/5/2014NigeriaWhitambaya20Two people are killed when Boko Haram invade a small town and burn churches.
11/4/2014PakistanLahore20A Muslim bomb burns a Christian man and his pregnant wife alive for alleged 'blasphemy'. The victims where tortured for two days prior to being shoved into an oven.
11/2/2014NigeriaSabon Gari120At least a dozen people heading to church are massacred by Islamists.
10/27/2014CARNana Bakassa20Two church workers, including a pastor, are shot to death by Muslim rebels in separate attacks.
10/23/2014CARYamale300Thirty Christians are massacred by Islamic extremists.
10/21/2014NigeriaPelachiroma40Four people are killed when Islamists burn down churches in a rural community.
10/19/2014NigeriaWukari310Over two dozen people, including two pastors, are massacred in church by Muslim terrorists.
10/16/2014SudanHeiban917Five children from the same family are among nine disassembled by a targeted Islamic Republic bombing of a Christian village.
10/10/2014NigeriaLwa70Fulani terrorists burn down a church and kill seven people, including a pregnant woman.
10/8/2014PhilippinesNorth Catabato27A nurse and teacher bleed to death after Islamists throw a hand grenade into a Church of Christ.
9/27/2014IraqBaghdad40A Christian mother and her three sons are murdered in their home by suspected Islamists.
9/25/2014PakistanRawalpindi11A policeman shoots a Christian pastor to death who was in jail for a false charge of blasphemy.
9/24/2014NigeriaShaffa200A pastor is among twenty villagers massacred by Boko Haram, which also burned ten churches.
9/17/2014NigeriaFadan-Karshi124A dozen villagers are burned to death by Muslim terrorists, including the wife of a pastor.
9/17/2014NigeriaUngwar Ganye215A pastor and one other person are murdered by angry Muslims.
9/15/2014IraqMosul10A Christian who refused to convert to Islam is beaten by the Islamic State and then executed.
9/14/2014NigeriaBokkos50Two children and two women are among five Christians shot to death by Fulani shouting praises to Allah.
9/14/2014NigeriaTunari2040Fulani mercenaries attack a Christian village en masse and slaughter over twenty residents, mostly women and children.
9/13/2014IraqGhadeer31Three members of a Christian family are taken out by Sunni bombers.
9/9/2014CARNgakobo130A priest and three members of his congregation are among thirteen massacred by Muslim 'rebels'.
9/7/2014NigeriaMbar40Four members of a church are murdered in two attacks by Muslim extremists.
9/6/2014NigeriaGulak1000More than a hundred innocents are thought to have been slaughtered during a two day binge by Boko Haram near a Bible college.
9/1/2014IraqBartala10A Christian is tortured and killed by the Islamic State after refusing to convert to Islam.
9/1/2014NigeriaMadagali3500Over three hundred Christians are reported killed when Boko Haram invade a series of villages.
8/30/2014NigeriaGamboru Ngala400At least forty more Christians are found hacked to death 'like chickens' by Boko Haram.
8/25/2014NigeriaAshigashya30Religion of Peace proponents butcher three people in front of a church.
8/25/2014NigeriaKafin Hausa60Six people are reported dead after Boko Haram attack two towns and burn a church.
8/24/2014NigeriaTaraba2085Muslim gunmen kill twenty villagers and burn two churches in a suspected sectarian attack.
8/20/2014KenyaLamu10Religion of Peace activists kidnap and behead a Christian.
8/15/2014KenyaNairobi01A convert to Christianity is left in a coma after being thrown from a balcony by devout Muslims.
8/11/2014IraqMosul10Islamists identify a Christian cab driver by his rosary and quickly butcher him.
8/11/2014NigeriaZarazong20Militant Muslims burn homes and kill two residents of a Christian village.
8/11/2014NigeriaYelwa140Fourteen Christians are 'killed for their faith' by heavily-armed Muslims.
8/10/2014DRCKivu30Three priests kidnapped in 2012 are reported executed after refusing to convert to Islam
8/10/2014NigeriaKaduna10One person is killed when militant Muslims fire into a Catholic church during worship.
8/6/2014IraqQara Qosh23A Christian woman and her baby are killed by ISIS shelling.
8/6/2014NigeriaGwoza99740One-thousand people are reported dead after Boko Haram fire indiscriminately at residents of a Christian village while praising Allah.
8/5/2014SyriaMaaloula10Video surfaces of a Christian man beheaded to shouts of 'Allah akbar'.
8/4/2014PakistanKarachi10The 65-year-old principal of a Christian school is gunned down in a targeted attack.
8/4/2014IraqTelkef16A Christian is killed by an Islamic State firing.
8/3/2014NigeriaKaduna117Muslims fire into a Catholic church, killing a guard and injuring several worshippers.
7/27/2014NigeriaKano58Muslim extremists throw a bomb into a Catholic church, killing five worshippers.
7/26/2014NigeriaHawul20Two Christians are beheaded by Boko Haram.
7/24/2014CameroonBargaram10A pastor's body is found after he is abducted by Boko Haram.
7/24/2014AfghanistanHerat20Two female aid workers for a Christian charity are shot to death by Muslim radicals.
7/20/2014IraqMosul10A university professor is murdered by Islamists for speaking out on behalf of abused Christians.
7/19/2014NigeriaSaha60Six Christians are killed by Muslim radicals, who also burn a church.
7/15/2014NigeriaHuyim90Nine Christians are slain by Boko Haram.
7/15/2014NigeriaDille3820Pro-caliphate militants slaughter over three dozen residents and burn churches in a raid on a Christian farming village.
7/14/2014NigeriaBorno270Over two dozen Christians are massacred by Islamists, in an attack on three churches.
7/14/2014NigeriaDille14A pastor is murdered by Boko Haram. His wife and three young children are kidnapped.
7/8/2014CARBambari2720At least twenty-seven people are killed when Muslims attack a Catholic church sheltering civilians.
7/7/2014KenyaLamu20Two worshippers are burned alive when Muslim radicals set fire to a church.
7/7/2014SudanSouth Kordofan100Ten Christians are targeted and murdered by the Islamic government, including four children and an elderly woman. Their church was also destroyed.
7/5/2014KenyaGamba10A 12-year-old Christian carrying a Bible is murdered by Islamic supremacists.
6/29/2014NigeriaChibok5491At least fifty-four people are massacred by Boko Haram in attacks targeting churches with grenades and guns.
6/29/2014NigeriaKwadakau100Devout Muslims open fire on church-goers gathered for a service, killing at least ten.
6/27/2014UgandaKyegegwa20An 18-year-old girl and an old man are murdered by machete-wielding Muslim radicals in an attack on their church service.
6/16/2014UgandaMbale10The 12-year-old daughter of a high-profile convert to Christianity is strangled as punishment.
6/15/2014KenyaMpeketoni10A father is gunned down in front of his family after Islamists identify him as a Christian.
6/15/2014NigeriaDaku2515Boko Haram militants storm a Christian village and open fire on a market, killing at least two dozen.
6/11/2014NigeriaTanjol90At least nine people are killed when Muslim radicals storm two villages and burn churches.
6/10/2014IraqMosul40Four Christian women are reportedly shot for not wearing veils.
6/9/2014YemenSanaa10A woman is burned to death by her brother for converting to Christianity.
6/7/2014NigeriaKunde70Boko Haram gunmen murder seven villagers and burn churches.
6/3/2014NigeriaJabril120Boko Haram gunmen murder a dozen villagers and burn churches.
6/2/2014NigeriaAttangara200Islamists fire through the windows of a church, killing twenty worshippers.
6/1/2014NigeriaAttagara11A 6-year-old boy is hacked and then beheaded by Boko Haram for being Christian.
5/28/2014CARBangui3010Muslims storm a church service and shoot thirty worshippers to death.
5/28/2014SyriaTel Hurmiz20Two Christian teens are picked off their motorcycle by Muslim snipers.
5/26/2014NigeriaChikide86Six churches are burned and eight civilians killed by pro-Sharia extremists.
5/26/2014NigeriaAmuda13A Christian is hacked to death by Boko Haram.
5/25/2014NigeriaGwoza210Twenty-one worshippers at a Church of Christ are machine-gunned in their seats by Islamic extremists.
5/25/2014SyriaHoms1240'God generously makes possible' an al-Nusra suicide bomb attack in a Christian residential district that leaves twelve dead.
5/20/2014NigeriaJos162120Pro-Islamic state activists set off two massive bus bombs at a packed market in a Christian district, taking out over one-hundred fifty.
5/18/2014NigeriaKano45Two young girls are among four killed when a suicide bomber detonates in a Christian district.
5/11/2014Pal. Auth.Bethlehem07A group of Muslims attack a church, injuring seven worshippers, one of whom was stabbed.
5/11/2014CARKaga Bandoro130At least thirteen Christians burn to death after being rounded up and forced into a burning house by Muslim 'rebels'.
4/30/2014NigeriaKubla811At least eight people are killed when Islamists attack a village and burn down a church.
4/24/2014AfghanistanKabul32An Afghan cop opens fire at a Christian hospital, killing three American doctors.
4/23/2014NigeriaKauyen-Yaku174Muslims attack a peaceful Christian village and massacre seventeen.
4/22/2014SomaliaMogadishu10A girl is pulled out of her home and murdered in front of her parents by al-Shabaab for proclaiming her faith in Christianity.
4/19/2014CARPaoua10Muslim radicals kill a priest and mutilate his body.
4/16/2014PakistanLahore10A 22-year-old Christian is shot to death for refusing to embrace Islam.
4/15/2014SyriaDamascus161Sunni extremists fire a missile at a Catholic school, killing a child.
4/15/2014NigeriaNwokyo90Women and children are among at least nine who die when Muslim militants torch a Christian worship center and hospital.
4/7/2014SyriaHoms10Suspected Islamists assassinate an elderly priest.
4/6/2014UgandaKawaga11A teen girl is quickly killed by her father for leaving Islam and embracing Christianity.
4/6/2014NigeriaYar Galadina10550Fulani militants attack a Christian village and massacre over one hundred residents.
4/3/2014PakistanIslamabad10A young girl is murdered by the Taliban for helping her cousin convert to Christianity.
4/2/2014EgyptMinya10Muslim students shoot a Copt teacher in the head.
3/29/2014LibyaBanghazi10A young Christian is executed by Islamists at his workplace.
3/28/2014EgyptAin Shams40Four people are reportedly killed when an Islamic mob lays siege to a church.
3/28/2014EgyptCairo10A Coptic woman is stabbed to death by Islamic radicals.
3/27/2014SyriaKassab10Islamists invade a town, destroy churches and behead a resident for standing up to them.
3/23/2014NigeriaGbajimba3610Muslim raiders massacre three-dozen villagers and burn churches.
3/23/2014SyriaKessab800al-Nusra and Ansar al-Sham overrun a Christian village and massacre eighty residents, mostly elderly. Thirteen were beheaded.
3/23/2014KenyaMombasa617Six people are shot to death when gunmen burst into a church and begin firing - after shouting 'Allah Akbar'.
3/16/2014NigeriaTaraba350Thirty-five people are reported dead following a Fulani attack on a Catholic church and village.
3/16/2014NigeriaPela Birni20Boko Haram attack a Christian village, torch a church and murder two people.
3/15/2014EgyptMinya10Muslim extremists shoot a Christian in the head.
3/15/2014LibyaBenghazi10A Christian dies two weeks after being shot in the head by Ansar al-Sharia.
3/15/2014NigeriaChenshyi15048A pastor and his family are among over 150 people 'shot, burned and hacked' by Muslim herdsmen in attacks on three Christian villages.
3/6/2014NigeriaRiyom1610Armed Muslims raid a series of Christian villages, burning churches and killing sixteen, including women and four children.
3/4/2014SomaliaBarawa20A woman and her cousin are beheaded in front of her young children for being Christians.
2/27/2014NigeriaAdamawa3720Boko Haram Islamists burn churches and massacre nearly forty people, including students at a Christian seminary.
2/26/2014NigeriaMichika30Three catholic nuns are feared dead after their church is torched by Islamists.
2/26/2014NigeriaAyekale13A 19-year-old woman is hacked to death inside a church for leaving her Islamic faith. The pastor and his family are seriously wounded as well.
2/24/2014LibyaBenghazi70Seven Christians are shot execution-style by Muslims who first confirmed their identity.
2/17/2014EgyptAlexandria40A 6-year-old girl is among a Christian family of four found murdered.
2/16/2014EgyptTaba413Three Christian tourists and their driver are killed as Shahid suicide bomber detonates on board their bus.
2/15/2014NigeriaIzghe1210Over one-hundred mostly Christian villagers are rounded up and summarily hacked to death by militants shouting praises to Allah.
2/11/2014CARBangui10Muslim target a Christian man carrying wood, slitting his throat
2/11/2014PakistanIslamabad10Muslim cops arrest an innocent Christian father of two and torture him to death.
2/10/2014SudanDamardago12A Christian is killed, and two others badly burned, in a targeted bombing on their village by the Islamic Republic of Sudan.
2/2/2014KenyaMombasa10A 59-year-old pastor is murdered for sharing his faith near a mosque.
1/31/2014NigeriaGarin Yamdula110A pastor is among eleven people slain by pro-Sharia activists.
1/31/2014NigeriaUnguwar Kajit70Seven members of a Christian family are murdered in their own home by Muslim gunmen.
1/29/2014IraqCamp Sarah30Three Christians are shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
1/28/2014EgyptCairo12Islamic extremists gun down a guard at a church.
1/26/2014NigeriaWaga Chakawa5325Fifty-three people at a church service are slaughtered by pro-Sharia gunmen.
1/19/2014NigeriaAgatu79Muslims fire into a Christian village, killing seven residents.
1/12/2014NigeriaSabon Gari83Muslim terrorists attack Christians on a Sunday morning, killing at least eight and maiming others.
1/11/2014BangladeshGaibandha10Islamists murder a young Catholic man for organizing a demonstration against anti-Christian violence.
1/10/2014SyriaDeir Hassan20Two Christians are kidnapped and beheaded by Religion of Peace extremists.
1/9/2014SyriaAleppo10A Christian is executed for refusing to convert to Islam.
1/8/2014SyriaMarmarita11A young Christian is beheaded after Islamists discover him wearing a cross necklace.
1/5/2014BangladeshJamalpur08Eight Catholics are injured during a targeted attack by Islamic extremists.
12/31/2013EgyptAin Shams10Muslim Brotherhood members shoot a young Christian in the head outside a church.
12/31/2013NigeriaMaikatako316Fulani gunmen fire into a church during a New Years Eve service, killing three worshippers, including a 14-year-old girl.
12/29/2013NigeriaKwajffa40Boko Haram shoot four people to death at a Christian village.
12/25/2013IraqBaghdad2638Over two dozen innocents outside a Catholic church are massacred by Religion of Peace bombers.
12/25/2013IraqBaghdad1121Holy Warriors target a market in a Christian area, killing at least eleven patrons in two blasts.
12/21/2013SyriaDaraa1210Twelve people are reported killed when Islamists shell a church distributing aid to the needy.
12/17/2013NigeriaGwol64Four very young children are among a family of Christians massacred in their own home by Fulani militants.
12/14/2013NigeriaArboko40Islamists attack a Christian village, slaughtering four inhabitants and burning on-hundred homes.
12/14/2013CARBangui10A Bible translator is shot and killed by Christian-seeking Muslims.
12/7/2013SyriaHoms70The bodies of seven Christians are found brutally tortured and beheaded by Islamist 'rebels'.
12/5/2013CARBangui30Three pastors, including a father of eleven, are murdered in a Muslim rampage.
11/30/2013EgyptMinya014Muslims rampage through a Christian village, burning homes and throwing children from roofs.
11/26/2013NigeriaBarkin Ladi3712Thirty-seven Christians in four villages are slaughtered by Muslim raiders. The dead included children and pregnant women shot at close range.
11/24/2013NigeriaKuka530Five residents of a Christian village are shot dead by Muslim terrorists.
11/24/2013IraqMosul10A Christian journalist is gunned down in a targeted attack.
11/13/2013CameroonAshigashia10Islamic extremists murder a Protestant missionary and set several churches ablaze.
11/13/2013SyriaDamascus27Terrorists send a shell into a Christian neighborhood, killing two residents.
11/11/2013SyriaDamascus927Nine children are reportedly crushed to death when an Islamist mortar round hits a Christian school.
11/9/2013SyriaAshrafieh66Six children are killed when Islamic 'rebels' fire a rocket into a Christian neighborhood.
11/7/2013SyriaSadad60The bodies of six more Christians are found. The victims were of the same family and included teens and two elderly members.
11/5/2013SyriaSadad300The bodies of thirty Christian civilians are found in a mass grave from a 10-21-2013 massacre by Islamists.
11/5/2013TanzaniaGilgal12Religion of Peace proponents hack a young man to death at a church service.
11/5/2013NigeriaRantis42Two young boys, ages 2 and 4, are among a family of Christians massacred in their home by militant Muslims.
10/29/2013IraqMosul10A Christian woman is shot to death in her own home by Muslim extremists.
10/28/2013SyriaHaffar1340At least thirteen innocents are slain when Islamists assault two Christian villages.
10/20/2013KenyaKilifi10Muslims pull a Pentecostal church cleric into the bushes and strangle him.
10/20/2013EgyptWarraq418Muslim radicals open fire at church, murdering the pastor, one woman and two young girls.
10/20/2013KenyaMombasa10Islamic radicals shoot a Christian pastor in the head as he is preparing a Bible study.
10/20/2013SomaliaMogadishu10Islamists murder a father of five young children for spreading his Christian faith.
10/17/2013IraqBaghdad815Islamists set off a bomb in a Christian neighborhood, killing at least eight residents.
10/10/2013SyriaJaramana1123Eleven people are killed when Sunni terrorists fire mortars into a Christian neighborhood.
10/5/2013CARBangassou90Nine Christians protesting violence by Muslim 'rebels' are killed when their demonstration is attacked.
10/4/2013PakistanIslamabad03Two Christian teens and their uncle are badly beaten in their own home for refusing to embrace Islam.
9/28/2013NigeriaZangang1512Muslim militia attack a Christian village, hacking to death fifteen residents and burning down their homes.
9/26/2013NigeriaDorawa30A Pastor and his son are among three people machine-gunned by Religion of Peace enthusiasts.
9/25/2013KenyaWajir13al-Shabaab claims credit for a grenade attack near a Catholic church.
9/25/2013LibyaDerna20Two Christians are invited to embrace Islam, then tied up and shot when they refuse.
9/23/2013Syriaal-Thawra10A Christian is killed in a targeted attack by Islamists.
9/22/2013PakistanPeshawar105150Two Jundullah suicide bombers obliterate over one-hundred worshippers at a church service, including many women and children.
9/14/2013PakistanKarachi10A Christian's throat is slit on the street after being branded an 'infidel' and blasphemer.
9/13/2013TanzaniaZanzibar01Muslims throw acid on a priest, badly burning him.
9/12/2013EgyptSahel Selim20Two Copts are shot to death for refusing to pay Jizya to Muslims.
9/10/2013EgyptDalga10A 60-year-old Copt is killed while defending his home from a Muslim mob.
9/8/2013SyriaMaaloula36Three Christians are murdered in their home, and six others taken hostage by Islamists.
9/7/2013SyriaMaaloula30At least three Christians are shot to death after declining an offer to embrace Islam.
9/4/2013SyriaMaaloula827At least eight defenders are killed when Islamists storm a Christian village and shell a church.
9/4/2013SyriaMaalula10Islamists slit the throat of a Christian for refusing to deny his faith, then taunt his fiancee.
9/3/2013NigeriaKunte-Kuru60A brutal assault by Muslim militia on the home of a Christian family leaves six members dead, including a 7-year-old child.
9/3/2013NigeriaGura Dabwam31Muslims gun down a devout Christian villager and his two teenage sons.
9/1/2013SomaliaBeledweyne11A Christian woman is murdered in front of her child, in a targeted attack by Islamic radicals.
9/1/2013NigeriaAdu93Nine Christian villagers, including two children, are machine-gunned in their own homes by Muslim terrorists.
8/29/2013NigeriaJos50Five Christians are ordered off a bus and summarily executed by Religion of Peace activists.
8/25/2013NigeriaNasarawa07Thirty Muslims attack a church armed with knives and clubs.
8/18/2013EgyptMinya20Islamists butcher two security guards on a boat owned by Christians.
8/17/2013Syriaal-Hasn1524Fifteen Christian villagers are reportedly massacred by Sunni terrorists.
8/17/2013EgyptSohag10A civilian is killed while trying to defend a church from the Muslim Brotherhood.
8/17/2013SyriaHoms60Six Christians are murdered by Sunni terrorists.
8/17/2013EgyptMinya01A Copt survives a brutal stabbing by Muslims while trying to put out a fire at a church.
8/16/2013EgyptAlexandria10Muslim radicals pull a Christian taxi driver out of his cab and decapitate him.
8/15/2013EgyptMinya248Two Copts are killed and dozens more injured when Muslim Brotherhood supporters go on a church-burning rampage.
8/14/2013SyriaRaqqa10An Italian priest is kidnapped and murdered by Islamists.
8/12/2013SyriaQusayr10A young Christian girl is reportedly raped, torture and murdered by Jihadis.
8/6/2013SyriaJaramana1856Islamists set off a powerful car bomb in a Christian suburb. At least eighteen people are slain.
8/6/2013EgyptSouhag13Muslims attack a store owned by a Coptic family, shooting three members and kidnapping a fourth.
8/6/2013EgyptAin Shams10A 10-year-old Christian girl is shot through the heart in front of her church by pro-Muslim Brotherhood activists.
8/3/2013CARBozoum1524A baby is among at least fifteen Christian refugees massacred by the Seleka Islamic militia.
7/29/2013NigeriaKano4515Forty-five people lose their lives to Islamist bombers targeting Christian districts and churches.
7/29/2013SyriaRaqqa10An Italian priest is kidnapped and reportedly shot 14 times by an al-Qaeda linked group.
7/27/2013PakistanOkara10A Christian is beaten and executed in front of his children by Islamic gunmen.
7/12/2013EgyptDabaaya432A Muslim bomb attacks a Christian village, burning dozens of homes and killing four Copts.
7/11/2013EgyptZweid10A Christian is found beheaded several days after being kidnapped by Muslim extremists.
7/9/2013Iraqal-Tarmiyah10A Christian 'infidel' is kidnapped and executed by Muslim terrorists.
7/6/2013Egyptal-Arish10Islamic gunmen murder a Coptic priest.
7/5/2013EgyptNagaa Hassan44Four Christians are brutally hacked to death by Muslim Brotherhood supporters.
7/5/2013PakistanIslamabad10Islamic fundamentalists attack a local church, shooting one person to death.
7/2/2013NigeriaBorno10A Pentecostal pastor is gunned down by Boko Haram.
6/27/2013SyriaQatana10A Greek Orthodox priest is kidnapped and tortured to death by Religion of Peace proponents.
6/27/2013SyriaDamascus48A suicide bomber detonates outside a church, killing four innocents.
6/27/2013SyriaIdlib20Two Christians, including a priest, are reportedly kidnapped, bound and beheaded on video by Islamists.
6/25/2013IraqBaghdad22Islamists set off a bomb near a church, killing two people.
6/25/2013IraqBaghdad02Two guards are wounded when Muslims open fire on a Catholic church.
6/24/2013IraqBaghdad12Jihadis bomb a Christian-owned store, killing a father of three.
6/23/2013SyriaIdlib10A Catholic monk is beheaded Islamists for defending nuns.
6/18/2013NigeriaBakin Rijiya10At least one resident is killed when Muslim terrorists attack a Christian village and burn four churches.
6/15/2013NigeriaHwaa10A pastor's throat is slit by Islamists upon refusal to convert.
6/11/2013PakistanSheikhupura10A Christian teen is tortured and killed on (false) suspicion of relations with a Muslim girl.
6/9/2013KenyaMombasa017Islamists throw a grenade into a church during Sunday service, nearly killing a baby.
6/7/2013SomaliaJamaame10Islamists identify a Christian convert and publicly execute him.
6/6/2013BangladeshBolakipur05Muslim 'extremists' break in to a Catholic seminary and beat the rector and students 'with violence and brutality'.
6/2/2013TanzaniaGeita01Religion of Peace activists enter the home of a Christian pastor and nearly hack him to death.
5/26/2013EgyptCairo10Muslims abduct and kill a 6-year-old Coptic boy.
5/24/2013NigeriaGwoza20A pastor and a church member are brutally slain by Islamist gunmen.
5/24/2013NigeriaBorno10Members of Boko Haram murder an elderly Christian woman in her home.
5/22/2013PakistanKarachi10A Christian man is gunned down by two men in a targeted attack.
5/19/2013PakistanKhushpur13Angry Muslims fire on a Christian village, killing a teenage student.
5/17/2013EgyptAlexandria13A Copt is killed during an assault by a Muslim bomb on a church.
5/15/2013NigeriaMaiduguri10Religion of Peace activists shoot a pastor to death in his home in front of his daughter.
5/5/2013NigeriaNjilan100Islamic extremists stage a Sunday morning attack on a church and a nearby cattle market, killing at least ten.
5/5/2013TanzaniaArusha357A 9-year-old child, a teenager and a woman bleed to death when a Muslim convert tosses a bomb into a church.
5/2/2013PakistanManghopir22Two watchmen are shot dead during an attack by the Taliban on a Belgian missionary school.
4/13/2013SomaliaBuulodbarde10Islamists murder a Christian mother of five only four months after doing the same to her husband. Both were killed for leaving Islam.
4/13/2013CARBangui10A pastor is shot to death by Islamic militants at a funeral.
4/11/2013EgyptKhusus10A 26-year-old Christian is doused with gasoline and set ablaze.
4/10/2013IndiaSrinigar09Two children and five women are among nine Christians attacked in their home by a mob whipped into a frenzy by an imam.
4/9/2013NigeriaGwoza30Islamists shoot three people in the head while they are playing cards, including a pastor's son.
4/7/2013NigeriaMidlu Shalmi145Muslim radicals shoot, hack and slit the throats of fourteen Christians.
4/7/2013EgyptCairo289Muslim radicals attack a group of mourners leaving a church, killing one on the spot and another in subsequent clashes.
4/6/2013EgyptKhusus717Angry Muslims torch a church and kill seven Christians over alleged desecration.
4/4/2013PakistanManga Mandi10A 20-year-old Christian is shot in the head by Muslims calling their religion 'supreme'.
4/3/2013SyriaTel Goran10Jihadists kidnap and kill a Christian.
4/3/2013PakistanGujranwala018Eighteen Christians are injured by a Muslim mob whipped into a frenzy by a cleric.
4/3/2013TanzaniaTunduma23Two Christians are murdered by Muslim extremists for selling non-halal meat.
3/31/2013NigeriaAtaka1912Muslim 'nomads' attack a Christian village, butchering nineteen people, including women and children.
3/28/2013NigeriaBarkin Ladi93Nine Christians are machine-gunned during a Muslim raid on their village.
3/26/2013NigeriaRiyom3612Fulani 'militia' attack two Christian villages, hacking and shooting three dozen to death.
3/24/2013USAAshtabula, OH10A Muslim convert walks into a church service with a Quran and guns down his Christian father while praising Allah.
3/23/2013EgyptCairo01Muslim Brotherhood cadres abduct a Christian and take him to a mosque for a brutal round of torture.
3/23/2013SomaliaBulo Marer01A Christian convert is jailed and tortured for leaving Islam.
3/18/2013NigeriaKano4144Over 40 Christians are blown to bits by Shahid suicide car bombers in a brutal attack.
3/18/2013PakistanKalaswala01A Christian missionary is severely beaten by Muslim extremists.
3/17/2013NigeriaTorok23A Muslim fires on a Christian family, killing a baby and a 5-year-old and injuring three women.
3/10/2013NigeriaDakata53Five Christians are shot to death by Islamic extremists while returning home from church.
3/10/2013NigeriaJama'are70Ansaru Islamists summarily execute seven 'Christian' hostages.
3/10/2013LibyaBenghazi10A Christian arrested by Islamists for 'proselytizing' dies from 'natural causes' while being tortured.
3/9/2013PakistanLahore035A Muslim mob rampages through a Christian neighborhood, burning more than 100 homes and injuring three dozen.
3/2/2013LibyaBenghazi011A priest and ten parishioners are beaten and humiliated in their own church by Muslim activists.
3/2/2013EgyptCairo30Three Christian brothers are machine-gunned in their home by Islamists angered over a church-building rumor.
3/2/2013TanzaniaDar Es Salaam01An Islamist attempt to hack a church bishop to death is thwarted by a guard who suffers horrific injuries.
3/1/2013EgyptKom Ombo023Muslims firebomb a church on a false rumor of a conversion.
2/24/2013NigeriaFika53Islamists rampage through a Christian village, killing five people in attacks that included a church.
2/23/2013EgyptAlexandria50Islamists murder four Christians and a guard outside a church.
2/23/2013NigeriaAduwan511A baby and a 13-year-old are among five innocents slain when Muslim extremists rake churches with machine-gun fire.
2/23/2013NigeriaAbuja171Fundamentalists storm a factory, separate Christian from Muslim workers and then murder seventeen of the former in cold blood.
2/22/2013NigeriaKogom102Fulani Muslims hack ten Christian family members to death including five small children.
2/19/2013CameroonLake Chad21Two Christian converts are lined up and shot to death for leaving Islam.
2/18/2013NetherlandsBrabant10Islamists are suspected in the murder of a Christian convert from Iran.
2/18/2013SomaliaAlanley10A 42-year-old Christian teacher and father of four is brutally executed by al-Shabaab outside his home.
2/17/2013TanzaniaZanzibar10A priest is murdered by Muslim extremists on his way to church.
2/16/2013PakistanLahore10A 45-year-old Christian is murdered in cold blood by a Muslim arguing religion.
2/11/2013TanzaniaBuseresere10A pastor is beheaded by a group of Muslim youth.
2/8/2013PakistanPattoki03Three Christian women are beaten and tortured by a Muslim mob in their own home.
2/7/2013KenyaGarissa11Islamists shoot two Christian pastors, killing one.
2/7/2013USABuena Vista, NJ20A Muslim targets and beheads two Christian Coptic immigrants.
2/4/2013PakistanChaman10A Christian dies after being shot five times by Muslims angry that he would not embrace Islam.
2/2/2013PhilippinesZamboanga05Islamic terrorists throw a bomb into a Catholic church during a service.
2/1/2013EgyptAlexandria01A Christian woman is stabbed on the street by Muslim hardliners.
2/1/2013NigeriaSamunaka151Islamists attack and burn three churches, killing at least fifteen innocents, including two children.
1/28/2013TurkeyIstanbul10An 85-year-old Christian woman is stabbed to death by an attacker who then carves a cross on her body.
1/16/2013NigeriaJos42Four Christians are the victims of a Muslim drive-by.
1/16/2013AlgeriaTigantourine26Armed Islamists attack an oil field, killing two people they identified as Christians and kidnapping over a hundred workers.
1/15/2013NorwayHaugesund02A Muslim stabs two Christians who converted from Islam.
1/9/2013PakistanBahawalpur10Muslim stab a 19-year-old Christian to death for seeing a Muslim girl.
1/8/2013IraqMosul112A car bomb at a supermarket in a Christian area kills a medical student.
1/7/2013IraqMosul10A female Christian teacher's throat is cut by dedicated Muslims.

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