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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Saturday, May 9, 2015

DUTCH MYTHS OF WORLD WAR II - On the 70th anniversary of their liberation, no word about Dutch sympathies with the Nazis, their COLLABORATION with the Holocaust, and ongoing anti-Semitism, which leads the government to cut the pension of a Holocaust Dutch survivor because she lives on ancient Jewish Biblical land the Dutch says belongs to Muslim invaders

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CBC TV is gushing over the reception given to Canadian vets by Dutch citizens on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Holland by the Canadian Army.
Young Dutch children reach out to the hand of a Second World War veteran as he takes part in the parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands in Wageningen, Netherlands on Tuesday, May 5, 2015. The Apeldoorn parade, a special thanks to Canada, is Saturday.
Canadian army veteran who helped liberate the Netherlands from Nazi occupation is greeted by Dutch citizens on the 70th anniversary of the liberation..
The broadcast is genuinely moving, with the sight of all those still handsome vets in their 90s riding a motorcade while surrounded by the loving gratitude of the Dutch people. 
enter Netherlands
HOWEVER, what is never mentioned on these anniversaries of the Dutch liberation is that many Dutch were sympathetic to the Nazi doctrine. 

The Dutch chose not to fight back, and surrendered without firing a shot.   

A more negative view of the Germans developed only later, as a result of harsh measures imposed on all Dutch citizens by the Nazis.
CIA:  The initial years of the German occupation of Holland were characterized by the removal of Dutch Jews from their homeland and harsh economic and political measures. The Nazis set up a puppet government at The Hague and established a Dutch National Socialist Party. Some Dutch citizens eagerly joined the new party and took positions in the government. Read more

The Dutch in general did not help the Jews being persecuted by the Nazis, and many took part in rounding them up and in denouncing those in hiding, such as Anne Frank and her family.

Manfred Gerstenfeld:  Myth and Truth
The myth that the great majority of the Dutch people had a highly positive attitude toward the Jews during World War II, identified with their suffering, and took risks to help them has gradually been unmasked in The Netherlands itself over the past decades.  
The historian Nanda van der Zee summed this up in 1997: "The vain national self-image of the most tolerant people on earth, which had assisted its Jewish fellow-citizens so 'charitably,' was corroded in the 1960s when another generation born after the war started to ask questions."  Read more

Why were so many Dutch Jews murdered by the Nazis?
In their preparations for the extermination of the Jews living in The Netherlands, the Germans could count on the assistance of the greater part of the Dutch administrative infrastructure. The occupiers had to employ only a relatively limited number of their own. Dutch policemen rounded up the families to be sent to their deaths in Eastern Europe. Trains of the Dutch railways staffed by Dutch employees transported the Jews to camps in The Netherlands which were transit points to Auschwitz, Sobibor, and other death camps.   
Well before the deportations, the systematic looting of Jewish properties had begun. For instance, on German orders, the Dutch banks sent out forms to Jewish clients enabling the transfer of their deposits to LIRO, the "looting bank" instituted by the Germans to expropriate money from the Jews. Many Amsterdam stock market traders made good profits on the sale of shares and bonds taken from the Jews. Read more
 Jewish transport at Westerbork

, :

The Founding Myth for the Netherlands - A study in depth
  • Since the end of the Second World War, there has been a tendency in Dutch society to look back to the war and characterize the Netherlands’ role in the war in a positive and even heroic light.
  • This positive image of the Netherlands’ role in the Second World War and its opposition to the evil of the Nazi persecution of the Jews has become a founding myth for the Dutch nation.
  • According to the founding myth, the entire Dutch society, and not Dutch Jews alone, were victimized by the Nazi regime.
  • Since the end of the Second World War, Dutch society has been viewed largely as a collective body with a singular national history, in which collective resistance to and suffering of the Holocaust is central.
  • Jewish victimization has been denied a distinct place in this founding myth. This article explores the development of the founding myth and examines its consequences for Dutch society.
  • Not only did Dutch Jews return home to a nation attempting to rebuild itself, they also returned home to an unwelcoming and unsympathetic Dutch society. Although some Jews may not have been ready to express their suffering in a public forum, others were ready and indeed needed such public recognition and support.  
  • Specifically, this article focuses on Jewish victimization, both in the way it is remembered and constructed in the national myth and the way Jewish victimization has been perpetuated by the myth and its legacy.  Read more
The old tradition of Dutch anti-Semitism continues today and thrives, bolstered by its Muslim population's virulent anti-Semitism.  Politicians know how to woo their Muslim voters.
What is also being played down by the media is the intense and ongoing anti-Semitism in the Netherlands, much of it today disguised as sympathy for the Palestinians.
Holland cuts pension of Holocaust survivor because she lives on ancient biblical Jewish land that the Dutch government says belongs to the Muslim invader and colonizer

From Israel's News1: (via EOZ)
After labeling settlement products and boycotting Israeli companies, Europe exacerbated its anti-Israeli policy-and this time the decision is particularly problematic.

The Netherlands decided to cut pensions of survivors living beyond the Green Line. Channel 2 news reporter, Lee Na'im, reported that "D.", a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor from the Netherlands, had recently decided to immigrate to Israel and be with her ​​family. She moved to a neighborhood in the Modi'in area, just beyond the Green Line.

The son of D. says: "Mother immigrated to Israel a few months ago. After seeing what is happening in Europe, she decided she did not want to continue to live there and instead go to Israel."

D. was receiving legal assistance from the Justice Ministry to realize her rights as a Holocaust survivor in Israel. In addition, she receives from the government of Netherlands a 1,100 euro old-age pension and an additional pension she is entitled to because she was a Holocaust survivor.

She updated the Dutch government with her new address and received a surprising response.

The letter sent to her said: "Madam, due to living in the West Bank, an area that we do not have any agreement with, we are obliged to deduct a large percentage of your old age pension."

"It gave my mother such a shock that she just burst into tears," said her son. "She has not slept since. She lost her trust and want to go back out of Israel."

Within a few days D.'s allowance was cut to 740 euros, 35% less than she had received to date.

The official explanation of the Dutch authorities is that any settlement in Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights to be a separate political entity from Israel, with which no Dutch government has political agreements.

The family of D. is trying to fight and change the decision, and in particular find it difficult to understand the directive following a law passed The Dutch government.
This is sickening - and discriminatory..

Even if you believe that the West Bank is occupied by Israel, this woman's decision to live there was voluntary - which means she wasn't "transferred" in the language of the Geneva Conventions. The intent of the Geneva Conventions was to stop the forced transfer of citizens. It is perfectly legal for an individual to move wherever they want to under international law.

Except nowadays, when international law is twisted against Jews in Israel and only Jews in Israel.

Furthermore, if D. would have moved to towns occupied by Turkey or Morocco or Russia, there is no law on their books that would reduce the pension.

A pension agreement is between a country and its citizens, not between a country and the place that they live.

This law is only meant to punish Jews who don't have the right to live wherever they want, as opposed to everyone else.

The above news story about the Dutch pensioner appeared on:

The Dutch government says it will restore Holocaust survivor's pension, but it will issue a new policy that could penalize other survivors based on where they choose to live (Obviously the Dutch still feel no shame.)
(According to the Jerusalem Post )The spokesperson said that the woman shouldn’t be penalized since she didn’t know the consequences of her actions, but said that her government would “soon publish a modified policy regarding pension beneficiaries in the territories occupied by Israel.” She indicated that the policy would only apply to new cases.
The Dutch foreign minister was one of 16 EU foreign ministers who last month signed a letter to Federica Mogherini, the new EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, “urging her to move swiftly to ensure the labeling of settlement products.”
The report last week of the 90-year-old survivor prompted former Labour MK Colette Avital, who heads an organization that supports Holocaust survivors, to say, “It is hard to accept such harassment of survivors, whose welfare needs to be sacrosanct in the eyes of the Dutch authorities.”

An estimated 1.5 Million Jews served during World War II while attached to the Allies' armies, and 250,000 gave their lives.  The irony of it all:  Jews are now being forced to flee Europe due to violent anti-Semitism.
Read more

Continue reading and access references to the above issues, and to the historical facts that show how Islam conquered and occupied the land of Israel - making the Muslim Arabs the real occupiers.


CBC - Welcoming the Canadian liberators on the 70th anniversary -

Globe and Mail - Canada - The occupation of the Netherlands


Manfred Gerstenfeld - 1999
Wartime and postwar Dutch attitudes toward the Jews - Myth and truth

A Founding Myth for the Netherlands: The Second World War and the Victimization of Dutch Jews  -  Study in depth

CIA - The Dutch Resistance and the OSS

Deportations of Jews from the Netherlands

Manfred Gerstenfeld - 2014
Op-Ed: The Outburst of Dutch Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israelism
Manfred Gerstenfeld - 2014
Op-Ed: Dutch Islamo-Nazism, Where Did It Come From?
Islamo-Nazism has ugly, lengthy and strange roots in the Netherlands. In the previous century, long before Islamo-Nazis were a problem, some of their slogans were already popular phrases to be sung or shouted out in Dutch soccer stadiums.  The authorities did not react against catchphrases such as “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas”, and “Death to the Jews”. They in fact considered the stadium to be an extraterritorial location where Dutch law did not fully apply.

2013 - Report: Five Million Dutch have a Satanic View of Israel
Yesterday, the major Dutch news site Dagelijkse Standaard published an article by Israeli anti-Semitism expert Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld in which he wrote that there are currently more people with neo-Nazi views in the Netherlands than the number of Dutch collaborators with the Nazis during the Second World War.

2015 - Op-Ed: The Dutch Labor Party's Policies Support Islamo-Nazis

More by Manfred Gerstenfeld on European anti-Semitism today -
Archive of his columns

His Facebook page
Manfred Gerstenfeld is former Chairman of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Journal for the Study of Anti-Semitism.


Netanyahu And Jewish World War II Veterans: Another View
How they liberated other people, only to be hounded out of Europe again in the 21st century.


The Europeans never wanted the Jews in Europe.  And when the Jews left for their ancient land of Israel, Europe organized a campaign to delegitimize Israel and to falsely accuse Jews of being occupiers - in their own country -  after liberating lands that had been illegally seized by Muslim Jordan.
The Muslims are in fact the real occupying force, having come in in the 8th century from the Arabian peninsula, with additional waves of conquerors during the Ottoman occupation. 
If these historical facts are not stressed by Israeli politicians, it is due to the timid,  and often near-treasonous  nature of the Israeli leadership.

MUSLIM COLONISTS and Palestinian Arabs' identity theft -
The truth about the Arab claim to Jewish land
Read more



The invention of the Palestinian People
The origin of the Arabs in Israel



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