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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Monday, May 11, 2015

MODERATE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY HONORS TERRORISTS THAT LYNCHED AND DISEMBOWELED TWO YOUNG ISRAELIS who took a wrong turn on the road - The lynching of Vadim Norzhich and Yosef Avrahami in Ramallah. - Cannibalism of enemies is not an aberration in Islam and has been condoned by clerics - Mutilation and decapitation is commonplace and accepted by Islamic law.

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The following events that took place in Ramallah, the government center of the Palestinian Authority, are not an aberration.  A similar attempt to disembowel Israelis took place when Israeli soldiers attempted to intercept the ship Marmara breaking the Gaza blockade. 
When Islamists attacked a Jewish center in Mumbai, India, they mutilated the genitals of Jews and disemboweled the rabbi's pregnant wife. 
These customs of beheading, mutilating, and cannibalizing a body are a part of Islam, the religion of peace.  (See articles at the end of this page.)
From media reports:

A witness to the Ramallah lynching:  "I saw that it was a body, a man they were dragging by the feet. The lower part of his body was on fire and the upper part had been shot at, and the head beaten so badly that it was a pulp, like a red jelly."

Last week, Palestinian Authority Member of Parliament and Director of the PLO Commission of Prisoners' Affairs Issa Karake visited the families of three of the terrorists who took part in the lynching and murder of two Israeli reservists in 2000. Karake honored these murderers by giving their families "plaques of honor." [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 9, 2015]

Karake has stated that Palestinians have an
unequivocal right to "resistance" and "struggle" - PA euphemisms for violence against Israel. He calls the murderers of Israelis "heroes."

On Oct. 12, 2000, a Palestinian mob brutally murdered and mutilated the bodies of two Israeli reservists who had accidentally entered Ramallah.
A well-known picture from the gruesome murder showed a Palestinian raising his bloodied hands heroically, showing the crowd his hands covered in the blood of his victims.
The bodies of the two Israelis were thrown out of the window, and the mob dragged them through the streets of Ramallah. (Photo credit: Agence France Presse)
Palestinian Media Watch has documented the PA and Fatah's glorification of terrorists, their policy of rewarding imprisoned murderers with salaries in prison as well as numerous statements by Karake in which he has honored and glorified murderers of Israelis.

Continue reading - disturbing images

Lynching and cannibalism in Ramallah
The following is an excerpt of the official PA daily's report on MP Karake and the PLO's glorification of the terrorists involved in the Ramallah lynch and murders: 

"Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners' Affairs [and PA Parliament Member] Issa Karake...  [visited the] families of prisoners sentenced to life, together with a delegation of the commission... The visit began at the home of prisoner Muhammad Hashem Nawarah, 31 years old, who has been imprisoned since 2001... Karake also visited the family of prisoner Jawad Abu Qara, 42 years old,who has been imprisoned since 2001 and is now in Rimon prison. Abu Kara is married and has four sons, who grew and came of age without him being able to raise them and show them fatherly feelings because of the occupation. The visit ended at the home of the family of prisoner Habes Bayyoud, 42 years old, who has been imprisoned since 2002... Karake awarded plaques of honor to the prisoners' families."

[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 9, 2015]

Muhammad Nawarah, Habbes Bayyoud and Jawad Abu Qara - serving prison sentences for participating in the Ramallah lynching on Oct. 12, 2000, in which a Palestinian mob brutally murdered two Israeli reserve soldiers, Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami, who had accidentally entered Ramallah. Nawarah is serving one life sentence, Bayyoud is serving two life sentences, and Abu Qara is serving 25 years.

The Palestinian Authority routinely honors terrorists.  Here is another example:
Abbas on mastermind of Munich Olympics massacre:
"A wonderful brother, companion,  tough and stubborn, relentless fighter"

PA Chairman Abbas continues honoring terrorists.
Mahmoud Abbas, chief of the Palestinian Authority, was the financial mastermind of the Munich massacre.   Today he is regarded as a statesman.
Read more:


 10 Years to ‘Ramallah lynch’ Oct. 2000

* Two Israelis are nabbed –as they lost their way– by the “Palestinian” Police who beat them brutally.
* They then handed over the men to a mob to lynch, while they watch the scene.
* One “proud” Arab-Muslim “hero” had his hands covered in the blood of the Israelis and waved in a bragging manner through the window to the larger crowd anxiously waiting in the public square.
(* They were put on military clothes afterwards.)
* An Israeli is thrown out the window into the bloodthirsty [literally] mob waiting.
* They were beaten, stabbed to death, their faces disfigured…
* Their bodies were mutilated the ‘mainstream’ Arab-Muslim “Palestinians” screamed in ecstasy, moaning in beasty manners while waving the body parts in “joy”… all that savagery in broad day light in public square.
* The shameless pride doesn’t end there, their kids are –later on– taught to “cherish” such ‘blood-cult’ via glorifying the act in portraying a starring girl dipping in blood, all “for the cause.”
* It also marked the worsening conditions for any journalist in their areas, intimidation into telling, reporting ‘their version’ of “truth.”
* Just like the Arab-Palestinian dancing, celebrating the 9/11 Islamic massacre of 3,000 innocent people, the PA [Pallywood] tried to suppress the lynch from the world, first they denied it, but as the photos shot by an Italian crew already [exposed their true character] shocked the world, they quickly switched gears and attempted to lie that the Israelis were nabbed on “suspicion of spying… or something.
The lynching of: Vadim Norzhich and Yosef Avrahami.

How it happened:

On October 12, 2000, two non-combatant Israeli.. were lynched and brutally murdered by a Palestinian mob in Ramallah. Both were drivers, one aged 38 and the father of three, the other a 33 year-old newly-wed.

Since this lynching, the official Palestinian broadcasting stations have made every effort to hide the horrible pictures which were shown around the world.

According to reporters’ evidence on the scene, not only did the Palestinian police not protect the two men slaughtered while in their custody in the Ramallah police station, but they also tried to prevent foreign journalists in the area around the building from filming the incident.

Despite the attempts to distance reports, an Italian television crew managed to film several scenes.

The following is an ad published in the Al Hayat Al Jadidah newspaper, considered the main newspaper of the Palestinian Authority.

The ad, probably paid for, is evidence of the double standard which has come to characterize much of the reporting of the recent violence in the territories.
Note that the brutal lynching is described merely as “the events”.

Eyewitness to the Ramallah lynching
A British photographer working on a pictorial study of Palestinian refugees stumbled on the event after the initial attack in the Ramallah police station.

He did not witness that aspect. He subsequently described what he did see in The Sunday Telegraph, a respected British daily newspaper. The following is an extract:

“I had arrived in Ramallah at about 10.30 in the morning and was getting into a taxi on the main road to go to Nablus, where there was to be a funeral that I wanted to film, when all of a sudden there came a big crowd of Palestinians shouting and running down the hill from the police station.

I got out of the car to see what was happening and saw that they were dragging something behind them. Within moments they were in front of me and, to my horror, I saw that it was a body, a man they were dragging by the feet.

The lower part of his body was on fire and the upper part had been shot at, and the head beaten so badly that it was a pulp, like a red jelly.

I thought he was a soldier because I could see the remains of the khaki trousers and boots. My God, I thought, they’ve killed this guy. He was dead, he must have been dead, but they were still beating him, madly, kicking his head. They were like animals.

They were just a few feet in front of me and I could see everything. Instinctively, I reached for my camera. I was composing the picture when I was punched in the face by a Palestinian.

Another Palestinian pointed right at me shouting ‘no picture, no picture!’, while another guy hit me in the face and said ‘give me your film!’

I tried to get the film out but they were all grabbing me and the one guy just pulled the camera off me and smashed it to the floor.

I knew I had lost the chance to take the photograph that would have made me famous and I had lost my favourite lens that I’d used all over the world, but I didn’t care. I was scared for my life.

At the same time, the guy that looked like a soldier was being beaten and the crowd was getting angrier and angrier, shouting ‘Allah akbar’ – God is great. They were dragging the dead man around the street like a cat toying with a mouse.

It was the most horrible thing that I have ever seen and I have reported from Congo, Kosovo, many bad places. In Kosovo, I saw Serbs beating an Albanian but it wasn’t like this.

There was such hatred, such unbelievable hatred and anger distorting their faces.

The worst thing was that I realised the anger that they were directing at me was the same as that which they’d had toward the soldier before dragging him from the police station and killing him.

Somehow I escaped and ran and ran not knowing where I was going. I never saw the other guy they killed, the one they threw out of the window.

I thought that I’d got to know the Palestinians well. I’ve made six trips this year and had been going to Ramallah every day for the past 16 days. I thought they were kind, hospitable people.

I know they are not all like this and I’m a very forgiving person but I’ll never forget this. It was murder of the most barbaric kind. When I think about it, I see that man’s head, all smashed. I know that I’ll have nightmares for the rest of my life.”

BBC News | MIDDLE EAST | Lynch mob’s brutal attack Oct 13, 2000 … “Another horrific escalation on the streets of Ramallah … Lynch mob’s brutal attack. Crowd abused body of Israeli …Photographs show some of the doomed men were dressed in civilian clothes…

Palestinian Issue: Lynch in Ramallah & Yasir Arafat

Arabs Lynch Jews at Ramallah. What Else Is New!

Ramallah-Lynch Terrorist Nabbed – Defense/Middle East – Israel … Sep 26, 2007 … TV images of the lynching show a body of one of the two Israelis being … his blood-soaked hands out the window of the PA police station. …

How Palestinians intimidate the press into suppressing unfavorable coverage…Journalists describe constant Palestinian intimidation The lynching of two Israeli reservists in Ramallah last October proved to be a watershed in coverage of the new intifada. Up until that point, most Western …

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Man jailed over Ramallah lynching Nov 22, 2004 … A Palestinian man who waved bloody hands at a cheering mob is jailed for the murder of an Israeli soldier.

Ramallah lynch suspect arrested,7340,L-3055674,00.html

Ramallah-Lynch Terrorist Nabbed Defense/Middle East – Israel …Sep 26, 2007 … IDF soldiers have arrested the last of the terrorists responsible for the brutal lynching of two IDF reservists in Ramallah 7 years ago.

Last member of Ramallah lynch caught Sep 26, 2007 … Paratroopers arrest 36-year-old Tanzim terrorist who participated in murder of two reservists in 2000.

Institute for Global Jewish Affairs – Global Antisemitism, Anti … … al-Dura,” “The Ramallah Lynch Omissions,” “The Never-Filmed Palestinian … the day two off-duty Israeli reserve… were lynched in Ramallah.

The Middle East, abstracts and index
Library Information and Research Service [ Part 2] – 2006 [page 1]
…the lynching the Arabs … carried out in Ramallah was not done by guns, Arabs stabbed to death two Israeli soldiers that were being detained at an Arab police station. They had tossed their bodies out through a window to a mob below. Whereupon that mob inhumanely further stabbed and stamped upon the dead soldiers and disgracefully dragged their bodies through the streets of Ramallah. Their acts showed the depth of the Arab hatred of the Jews and the bitter fruit of Arab education… It appeared indeed to be a calculated act of violence, while the permissive PA police stood by and watched. Unfortunately, such inhumane acts are not atypical of Arab violence…

Scenes From Israel…
Vadim was lynched in Ramalla One of the … Blood on his hands, a Palestinian savage waves to the crowd after lynching …

A Wrong Turn In Ramallah, Reflections On A Savage People by Daniel Pipes

In Ramallah in 2000, two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped, beaten, stabbed countless times, had their eyes gouged out, and were literally disemboweled and dismembered by an Arab lynch mob. 

The people – and I use the term loosely – who carried out the initial beatings threw one of the victims down to the waiting mob, where his face was further crushed with stones, feet, fists and even a heavy metal window frame. One Jew was set on fire and dragged along the street as Arab onlookers danced and cheered.

Some of the butchers celebrated their crimes with the victims’ internal organs. One of the killers, famously captured on film, proudly displayed his blood-soaked hands to the cheering Ramallah crowd.

And it gets worse. In 2003, nearly two years later, Arab parents in Gaza cheered again when their little children dressed up as members of the Ramallah lynch mob, complete with hands painted blood red, for a kindergarten graduation ceremony…

This is the enemy. Don’t look away.

Perhaps when another rally is held in support of Iraqi “resistance” or “Palestinian liberation” somewhere in the world, counter-protesters can remind the ever-so-sensitive and progressive demonstrators of Nick Berg’s scream of pain, or of two-year-old Meirav Hatuel cowering in her car seat, or of the Ramallah or Fallujah savages dancing with human entrails.

During the lynch of the two IDF soldiers who had taken a wrong turn into Ramallah in 2000, one of the Arab murderers paused in his savage beating to answer a cell phone belonging to one of the dying soldiers.

He told the worried voice on the other end of the line, “We are killing your husband.”

When two Israelis were tortured and lynched to death by a Palestinian Arab mob (including Palestinian Authority policemen) in Ramallah in October 2000, Ashrawi justified the murder by falsely claiming that the Israelis were “undercover Israeli agents” who “were clearly infiltrated and planted into the midst of a protest march in the heart of the city.” (In fact, the Israelis were driving near the city, took a wrong turn, and were stopped by PA policemen, who arrested them, brought them into the city, and handed them over to the lynch mob.) (Jordan Times, October 29, 2000)

Gaza kindergarten graduation celebrates lynching of Jews – Likud … Jul 1, 2002… of the scene at the lynching of two Jewish reservists in Ramallah, … its youngsters dressed up as members of a Ramallah lynch mob, … Palestinian kid is taught how to dip her hands …
Jun 24, 2002 … A mob of Palestinian savages stormed in the PA police station and … in the manner of one of the perpetrators of the Ramallah lynching, …

This girl raises her ‘bloody’ hands in homage to the grotesque picture of the Ramallah lynch mob that tore three Israeli reserve soldiers to pieces in …
palestines lynch israelis- the ramallah lynch – Filestube Video Search On October 12, 2000, two non-combatant Israeli reservists (serving as drivers), Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami, mistakenly passed an Israeli checkpoint,1a9dadb29ae7d2c403e9/palestines-lynch-israelis-the-ramallah-lynch.html

What really happened aboard the Mavi Marmara when it tried to enter into Gaza.  IDF soldiers' accounts of Arab terrorists' near lynching of Israeli soldiers.
A soldier's testimony:  Upon landing on the middle deck, I fractured my arm, and a mob of dozens of people attacked me and basically lynched me – including pulling off my helmet, strangling me, sticking fingers into my eyes to gouge them out of their sockets, pulling my limbs in every direction, striking me in an extremely harsh manner with clubs and metal rods, mostly on my head. I truly felt that I was about to die, way beyond what we define as life-threatening.
Another soldier reports:  The people surrounding me have axes, knives, metal poles and clubs, and they’re running towards me – it’s a matter of a second or two before they reach me. I manage to cock the weapon and release two bullets.
Another report:  While they’re taking me down the stairs, my pants fall down and my shirt rises up – I see that I am bleeding massively, that is, I’m losing a lot of blood, and I can tell that part of my intestines are protruding (today I know that they came out as a result of pulling the knife out of my abdomen). I also notice a deep cut in my left arm, from which I’m also losing a great quantity of blood.
Read official testimonies here:
More on the Mavi Marmara lynching 
NOTE:  When you read the horrific accounts keep in mind that president Obama forced Israel to apologize to Turkey, where the flotilla had originated, for Israeli soldiers defending themselves against the murderous mob inside the ship.  
Mumbai jihadists sexually mutilated their victims, including rabbi and his pregnant wife
Syrian cannibalism
The Promotion of Human Sacrifice and Cannibalism in Egypt
A notable Muslim cleric wrote:  “One may eat the flesh of a human body. It is not allowed to kill a Muslim nor a free non-Muslim under Muslim rule (because he is useful for the society), nor a prisoner because he belongs to other Muslims. But you may kill an enemy fighter or an adulterer and eat his body.” 
The brutality of Arabs against Jews barely makes the news because it contradicts that ongoing media narrative of Palestinian victimhood. 
Just last year Palestinians decapitated four rabbis praying at a Jerusalem synagogue.  The event was so awful that the media had to report it, although they took care not to mention that the rabbis had been decapitated.
 Being a Jewish baby in Judea and Samaria today -
Arabs can murder her for just being a "settler".
What would they do to Jesus?

The murder of the Fogel family.  A 'moderate' Palestinian infiltrated a Jewish town and got inside a house where the family were sleeping.  The parents, the children, and even a baby, had their throats cut like animals. 
Read more - Caution - Graphic pictures

Photo:  Jewish baby Hadas Fogel, decapitated
by Arabs for being a "settler" in Judea - one of so many Jewish babies murdered by Arabs.

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