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Monday, May 11, 2015

ISRAELI JUSTICE MINISTER AYELET SHAKED IS UNDER SECURITY PROTECTION DUE TO THREATS BY TREASONOUS JEWISH LEFT - Leftist leaders and activists have also issued sexist attacks on her for being beautiful and a Zionist, with one former minister dismissing her as a "calendar girl" - Ayelet Shaked has taken a strong stance in favor of MEN'S RIGHTS

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Ayelet Shaked, Justice Minister
Computer Engineer,
married with two children
The treasonous Israeli left has gone on a full and vicious attack against new Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, fearing she will curtail their treasonous collaboration with anti-Semitic European and Arab organizations that undermine Israel at home and internationally.
People often have the impression that Israelis are unified to face the many threats against them.  Nothing could be further from the truth.
For many decades there have been Jewish individuals and organizations dedicated to denigrate the State of Israel and Zionism. 
This attitude dates back to the early days of Zionism in the 19th century when - motivated by different ideologies - they fought against the notion of Jewish statehood in the ancient land of Israel.   
In the last few years the Jewish left has been particularly adept at obtaining funds from European anti-Semitic organizations to organize and agitate against Israel's security, and even its very existence. 
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Some delusional Socialist and Communist Jews used to envision a world where Arabs and Jews would embrace in brotherhood singing the International, and live happy forever in a democratic, peaceful, tolerant state with an Arab majority.
Those who now understand how unrealistic this notion is still want to see Israel dismantled out of spite against Jewish patriots, very especially those who are religiously observant.
So it is routine to see leftist activists taking the side of Arab terrorists, telling outright lies to denigrate Israel, and even collaborating with Arab subversive and violent activities.
Those leftist individuals and organizations take money from anti-Semitic organizations from Europe - the same continent that spilled so much Jewish blood over the centuries - in order to undermine their own country and fellow Jews.
One of the latest chapters in this treasonous war against Israel is the way in which they are attacking the new Justice Minister, AYALET SHAKED, a woman known for her patriotism, and her commitment to the Israel's justice and security.
Leftist Tzipi Livni
A previous Justice Minister, leftist Tzipi Livni, was in charge of negotiations with the Arabs for the partition of Israel. 
In those talks she offered the Arabs all they wanted territorially, including Jerusalem.  The talks failed because Arabs always demand more.
In the latest electoral campaign Livni and her party coalition (misnamed 'Zionist Union' to confuse voters, since there is nothing Zionist in her ideology), availed herself of a White House propaganda team to manipulate voters.  
Her attempt failed and tarnished even further her reputation because of her clear collaboration with a US president so hostile to Israel.
Now several leftist factions have joined forces in attacking the new Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked for being a true Zionist. 
A leftist former government minister dismissed her as a "calendar girl" and as beautiful as Nazi women.
Other leftists have taken to social media to make explicit threats to her safety.  This is upsetting to Ayelet Shaked, who is married with two children.  The Knesset is now providing her with extra security.
Ayelet Shaked Her greatest obstacle is the one presented by her own Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is limiting her powers by arrogating to himself a veto over her decisions, in case they threaten the power of the left. 
PM Netanyahu has implemented left-wing policies for years, while enjoying the undeserved prestige of a hawkish reputation. 
Netanyahu's invitation to the right wing Jewish Home party of Ayelet Shaked was made in desperation to form a coalition in the aftermath of the latest national election.
 Times of Israel reports:
The Maariv newspaper revealed Sunday that one of the Likud-Jewish Home negotiation’s sticking points was Netanyahu’s insistence that he retain oversight and the ability to veto decisions made in Justice Minister-to-be Ayelet Shaked’s Ministerial Committee for Legislation, which determines what legislation the government will back. 
Ted Belman of Israpundit: 
The reason Netanyahu would love to kick Jewish Home (Ayelet Shaked's party) out of the government is that they challenge his fundamental policies. He wants to protect the (leftist, pro-Arab) Supreme Court’s power, and wants to stay in a holding pattern regarding the new construction freeze in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria (West Bank), whereas Jewish Home wants aggressive action on these fronts.   

Biography - Ayelet Shaked (Hebrew: איילת שקד; born 7 May 1976) is an Israeli politician and computer engineer. She is a member of the Knesset for the Jewish Home in the 2013 Knesset elections, and currently holds third place on the party's list.  She is a secular politician, who began her career in the Tel Aviv hi-tech industry.  She is married and has two children. She campaigns for women's rights and for the integration of women into the military. Shaked is the recipient of the Abramowitz Israeli Prize for Media Criticism. In 2012, she was included in the Globes list of the 50 most influential women in Israel.(Wikipedia)
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Portrait of Ayelet ShakedMore news on Ayelet Shaked on Israel National News archive

Knesset page



Security Detail Assigned to MK Shaked after 'Explicit Threats'
A security detail has been assigned to MK Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) due to threats against her on social networking sites.

Shaked with activists.Fighting for men's rights a priority for Ayelet Shaked
One of the first matters the incoming Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked, intends to tackle as she begins her new job, is the cancellation or alteration of State Attorney's Office Instruction 2.5, which many jurists see as encouraging women to file false accusations against men.
Photo:  Ayelet Shaked with activists


Ted Belman of Israpundit,
comments and video interview with Ayelet Shaked

PM Netanyahu limiting his Justice Minister's powers 
(see last paragraph here)


SEXIST Ex-Minister calls Shaked "Pretty Like the Women of the Reich"
and a "Calendar Girl"
Yosef Paritzky
Yosef Paritzky

Yosef Paritzky, a former Infrastructures Minister in the secularist Shinui party, attacked incoming Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) in a particularly vile fashion at week's end.
He wrote on his Facebook page, after news of the appointment was confirmed: “Well what do you know? This is the first time in Israel that the justice minister can star on the calendars that hang in garages.”

On Friday, Paritzky was interviewed on Radio Darom and instead of apologizing, explained sarcastically that “One has to say a kind word about Shaked, and that is the only kind word I found.” 
He then added that Shaked “appears day and night on all sorts of magazines, in various fashion shows. I mean, this is not a person who avoids presenting herself before the camera. It's not like I took someone who had never struck a model's pose to exhibit her beauty, and she is very beautiful – like many of the Reich's women. Oops, sorry, one must not compare.”
Then Paritzky continues his verbal assaults
against Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked
He says he despises her, and that her beauty was the only good thing about her.
Former minister Yosef Paritzky continued on Sunday to fling out sexist remarks against incoming Justice Minister and Jewish Home MK, Ayelet Shaked. 
"I am a lawyer and need to congratulate the incoming Justice Minister by saying something good," Paritzky sarcastically explained during an interview on Channel 10 morning program "Orly and Guy."
"So I thought to congratulate her as a champion of human rights, or perhaps in continuing the glorious heritage of previous justice ministers...but she doesn' the only good thing I could think of is what I said."
Last Thursday, Paritzky wrote on his Facebook page, after news of Shaked's appointment was confirmed, that "this is the first time in Israel the justice minister can star on the calendars that hang in garages.”
His statements created an angry stir, with even Meretz MK Michal Rozin rushing to defend Shaked against "chauvinistic comments."
The day after posting the repugnant status, Paritzky was interviewed on Radio Darom. Instead of apologizing, the former minister exclaimed that “one has to say a kind word about Shaked, and that is the only kind word I found.”
Paritzky then added that Shaked “appears day and night on all sorts of magazines, in various fashion shows. I mean, this is not a person who avoids presenting herself before the camera." 
"It's not like I took someone who had never struck a model's pose to exhibit her beauty, and she is very beautiful – like many of the Reich's women. Oops, sorry, one must not compare.”

"The woman is advertising herself on every occasion," Paritzsky said, continuing his assault. "I despise the new justice minister, and not women in general...I will not take my statements back. That's the truth. Defend the truth."



Columnist denounces both Netanyahu AND Churchill for their anti-Jewish policies
- The unshakeable grip of leftist pro-Arab authorities on Israel 
 - The pogrom by Israeli police against Jews in Amona, and the ongoing war of the Israeli left against the Jews 
 - Videos exposing the truth behind the leftist pro-Arab agenda.
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March 7, 2015:
Prominent Israeli security officials organized in calling for suicidal policies, and one even dismissing Iran's nuclear threat - Is it a conspiracy? - What could be behind it?
See links to articles addressing POLITICAL CORRUPTION in Israel
How the Israeli left undermines Israel's survival by agitating for further Land For Peace withdrawals - where Israel gets neither land nor peace - The discredited Israeli Left and their disproportionate and fatal influence in government.
And how it undermines the security and the very existence of Israel

Martin Sherman:  Israel’s Left:   Ludicrous, loathsome and lethal
Originally published on the Jerusalem Post,

Martin Sherman:  Can Israel survive the (leftist) Jews in power?
The vindictive, borderline treasonous malevolence of the Left and the inept, borderline imbecilic impotence of the Right are emerging as the gravest threat to the sustainability of Jewish political independence.
Read more of this article as it deals with particular individuals in the Israeli Jewish elite that are undermining the very existence of Israel.  It may be a bit detailed for those not familiar with Israeli politics, but it is lucid and factual, and by one of Israel's top thinkers.

Pro-Arab and anti-Jewish bias among leftist authorities - 
Influence from foreign governments - 
Recurrent cases of corruption.
How corruption is alleged to have been behind Ariel Sharon Disengagement from Gaza

THE "PEACE" HOAX - THE LIES THAT ISRAELI POLITICIANS TELL THE COUNTRY - Policies based on those lies cost Israeli lives and put the country's survival in jeopardy - Nixon got kicked out for much less.

A scene from "The Eternal Jew" video produced by the Samaria Settlers' Committee. (YouTube screenshot)
THE ETERNAL JEW - Controversial cartoon video made by Israelis denounces TREASON by Jewish leftists who are paid by Germans and Europeans to lie, to denigrate Jews, and to undermine the State of Israel - Watch stinging video that the Jewish left wants banned.   The character carries a saw.  Jewish leftist traitors, along with Arabs, frequently cut down Arab trees to blame the Jews and then tell the media about it.  They have been caught on camera doing just that.

Pro-Arab Jewish activist confesses:  We are all on the payroll (of the Europeans, the same ones who murdered 6 million Jews).

Exposing the campaign against the IDF
Denigrating the IDF through unchecked reports, while being financed by anti-Semitic and Arab sources. -  The truth behind "Breaking the Silence"


Sexism and Death Threats -  
Why the Left is afraid of Ayelet Shaked
By Ari Soffer, Israel National News

From crude, sexist comments to outright death threats, the hysterical reaction to the appointment of Jewish Home MK Ayelet Shaked as Justice Minister has been shocking even by the low standards of the far-left.
Now, the incitement has reached such levels that Shaked will be assigned a personal security detail - a rare occurrence in Israel, where MKs and ministers can regularly be seen walking in public safely without bodyguards.

She is, we are informed, a "danger to democracy" - for wanting to curb the powers of an unelected clique which currently has the ability to veto any Knesset legislation it so chooses: the Supreme Court.
Those votes you cast last March? Those legislators acting on your behalf? They are just putty in the hands of 15 people of the same political hue (guess which one), who "know better" - and who are by no means shy of "correcting" the State of Israel's democratic decisions (read: decisions not in-line with their own ideological vision), should they feel the need.
That, we are told by Shaked's ferocious critics, is the true face of democracy. And you'd better believe it!
For those unaware of just how undemocratic the Supreme Court is as an institution, look no further than the body which selects its judges, the Judicial Selection Committee. 
The Committee is comprised of nine members. Of those, two are government ministers (including the Justice Minister and one other), two are MKs (one each from the coalition and opposition), and another two are members of the Israeli Bar Association. 
So far, so balanced.
But the remaining three are sitting members of the Supreme Court - granting them an effective veto over any candidate. It's also worth noting that according to convention the committee members selected from the Israeli Bar Association traditionally come from the Association's two largest - and leftist-dominated - factions.
Once selected, the only way to remove a Supreme Court Justice (other than them retiring) is for the Court of Discipline - headed by judges handpicked by the Supreme Court President - to disqualify them.
A Justice can only be considered for disqualification if both the Justice Minister and Supreme Court President are in agreement, and after a majority vote by seven of the nine Committee Members.
Given that nearly all Justice Ministers have come from the political Left - with the remainder coming from the more "establishment" elements of the Likud party (Netanyahu's favorite was rumored to have been the distinctly anti-reform Likud MK Benny Begin) - the Supreme Court Justices have had a very sweet deal indeed: on the one hand, almost unlimited power to fashion the country in their image; and on the other, in the tradition of all Middle Eastern dictators, a phony legitimacy provided by an elaborate pretense of democracy in the shape of an opaque and cynically-stacked selection process.
To be sure, the issue is one of balance and independent oversight, and not any fundamental problem in having a robust judiciary (an important aspect of any functioning democracy).
To that end, Shaked's ultimate goal should not be to render it impotent but rather to knock it down several pegs and pave the way for a desperately-needed reform in both its composition and the limits to its power (of which there are currently none whatsoever). 
Were the Supreme Court to be more balanced in its composition, it would not have gained the degree of resentment it has.
Instead, the Court acts as the Left's insurance plan; even if they lose the Knesset, the "Bagatz" can always make sure the country's trajectory doesn't swing too far away from their vision to prevent them from pulling it back eventually.
The Right, on the other hand, has no such safety net.
This clear agenda is reflected in even a brief glance at the instances in which the court has intervened to torpedo Knesset and government legislation - as well as when it has decided not to.
Deporting illegal immigrants? That goes against Israel's democratic fiber, so shoot it down they will - repeatedly!
Deporting Jews from Gaza? Preventing the gross miscarriage of justice - which undermines their own courts - of releasing convicted terrorist murderers just for a place at the table with the Palestinian Authority? Suddenly, it is "inappropriate" for the courts to intervene "in matters of government policy."
And of course, it doesn't help that the Basic Laws (Israel's amorphous and poorly-defined version of a constitution) which define the Supreme Court's powers are subject to interpretation by none other than... the Supreme Court.
Take for example the way in which the Courts have alternatively implemented and ignored the "Basic Law: The Knesset" as it suits them, to take de-facto control over who we can or cannot vote for (Ayatollah Khamenei could learn a thing or two).
In 1988, the Court accepted a petition to ban right-wing MK Rabbi Meir Kahane and his Kach party from running for election, based on an amendment made three years earlier to the Basic Law.
According to that amendment, a candidate can be disqualified if he/she advocates for the "negation of the existence of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state; incitement to racism; [or] support of armed struggle, by a hostile state or a terrorist organization, against the State of Israel."
Rabbi Kahane's anti-Arab rhetoric was deemed to fall under that second category, and hence the Court upheld his disqualification.
Fast-forward to February 2015 and, for the umpteenth time, pro-Hamas MK Hanin Zoabi's ban on running was overturned by the Supreme Court - despite her being open about her negation of Israel as a Jewish state, as well as her clear and open support, again and again, "of armed struggle, by a hostile state or a terrorist organization, against the State of Israel."
Zoabi yes, Kahane no. The Court has spoken - and it needn't justify its double-standard to us mere mortals. No wonder Zoabi was laughing so hard.
Former Supreme Court President Judge Aharon Barak once compared his court to the sages of the Talmud (minus the commitment to halakha, of course) - fashioning the very shape of the Jewish people with a near-divine mandate. That is genuinely how they view themselves.
It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the appointment, for the first time, of a Justice Minister who has clearly voiced her intention to curb some of the Court's unlimited power, should be the subject of such ferocious hatred from the very political corner that Court has been doggedly advocating for and defending since the State's founding.
Even without the vulgar comments and threats to her life, Ayelet Shaked will face a tough time achieving the reforms she seeks to implement (which still require clear and comprehensive outlining to allow for public scrutiny).
Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett achieved a major coup in netting both the Justice Ministry and the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, but already there are moves to defang Shaked - for example by removing her from the Judicial Selection Committee in favor of a more pro-establishment Likud MK.
However, should she succeed against the odds, it will be nothing less than a revolution. By breaking the suffocating stranglehold of an unelected, leftist clique over Israeli democracy, she can pave the way for the Supreme Court's rehabilitation as a more balanced institution which actually represents the citizens of Israel.
Far from being a "threat to Israeli democracy," as the demagogues tell us, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked may well be its last hope.



Editorial advice to Minister Ayelet Shaked: 


By Ronn Torossian

Ayelet Shaked is now Israel’s Justice Minister – and she has been a clear voice of reason stating that the extreme, radical left must be stopped for their dangerous actions towards the Jewish State. 

One hopes this will see the radical, left-wing extremists of American Jewry, including Alisa Doctoroff, President of the UJA-Federation of NY, the Jim Joseph Foundation, Leichtag Foundation and others stop giving millions to the New Israel Fund (NIF).

The real Jewish extremists are on the left, and with Shaked as the Minister of Justice, it is possible we will see an enhancement of law enforcement against boycotts such as those practiced by NIF, which Israel’s High Court of Justice recently called “economic terrorism.”

Shaked previously told Haaretz that “To boycott Israel because of its policies and because Israel wants to defend itself is not only anti-Zionist... it's 21st century anti-Semitism." 

Shaked criticized those who “call for an academic and economic boycott of Israel and by presenting petitions against Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers and heads of the security forces. These organizations enjoy a great deal of power and invest millions of euros in their incitement activity — a sort of a “new anti-Semitism.” 
Shaked continued: “…foreign states damage Israel’s sovereignty with a heavy hand by funding anti-Israeli — not to mention anti-Semitic — organizations, while Israel stands by unable to respond.” 
She has proposed a bill – similar to America’s Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) – which will require foreign countries funding projects in Israel to pay taxes and obey disclosure laws. 

As Israel’s incoming Justice Minister noted, “These NGOs cause Israel significant international damage, in general, and to Israeli soldiers, in particular, by helping draft petitions presented to various European courts.
One such example is the significant contribution of the Adalah organization to the Goldstone Report — Israel is still dealing with the fallout from that document. A
nother example is the expert opinion provided by the organization in a petition presented to a Spanish court against senior Israeli defense officials. The proposed bill seeks to curb the ability of foreign entities to influence activities of this kind.” 

As Democratic consultant Hank Sheinkopf and Netanyahu’s former Chief of Staff George Birnbaum have written often with me, “If you stand with New Israel Fund, you stand against Israel.” 

One should expect Ayelet Shaked to stand tall and loud – as she has already made clear she will not be silent in the face of haters, having said that, “J Street has taken upon itself the role of Israel's loudest critic.   Among its actions are the leading of a media campaign against the placing of sanctions on Iran by the US Congress; denunciation of the Cast Lead operation and its definition as 'an illegitimate and even criminal operation'; defining the takeover of the Marmara as 'brutal and cruel'; support for the US administration's demand to freeze construction in Jerusalem; pressure on the US administration not to veto the proposal by the Palestinian Authority to denounce Israel for construction in Judea and Samaria and more."

The New Israel Fund – and their donors worldwide – should not be able to continue harming Israel with impunity.



May 11, 2015
for Providing Cover to Anti-Israel Groups

NYC rally against BDS promoters in Israel Day Parade on May 11, 2015.

On Monday, May 11, several NYC-based pro-Israel grass roots organizations will hold a rally outside of the UFA Federation building. 

The groups are protesting the continued tacit (and even overt) approval of certain Jewish organizations that cloak themselves with a pro-Israel patina but are, in fact, supporters of economic and legal warfare against the Jewish State.

The UJA Federation and the Jewish Community Relations Council are the focus of the rally. Groups such as JCC Watch, the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET), the National Conference on Jewish Affairs, Americans for a Safe Israel, Americans for Peace and Tolerance, ZOA and others are behind the event at which they intend to blow 101 shofars (ram’s horns), hoping the New York City Jewish establishment will “Hear O Israel,” and come to their senses.

The problem, as these grass roots organizations have pointed out so many times, is that the major institutional Jewish organizations continue to allow groups who promote harm against the Jewish state to march in the annual Celebrate Israel Day parade.

The primary target of this coalition has been groups, such as the New Israel Fund, which financially support organizations which advocate economic warfare against Israel, such as boycotts against such iconic Israeli companies as SodaStream and Ahava.

The parade this year will take place on Sunday, May 31. And this year, just like last year and ones before, organizations like the New Israel Fund and others will be participating, right alongside all the freshly-scrubbed Jewish day school students.

If you were to ask those students whether they think it is right for anyone to boycott Israeli goods or products, they would undoubtedly answer “no.” And if you were to ask those students whether people who support such activity are pro-Israel, they would also answer “no.” Finally, if one were to ask those students whether anyone who tries to harm Israel either through economic or legal measures, should march in the Celebrate Israel parade, they would, undoubtedly, answer “no.”

But the executives at the New York UJA-Federation and the NYC Jewish Community Relations Council don’t appear to understand what is so plainly obvious to most Jewish day school students.

Richard Allen, the engine behind JCC Watch and one of the main supporters of Monday’s rally, explained to the one of the saddest ironies behind the BDS infiltration into what should be an event by pro-Israel supporters, for Israel.

“We call on the UJA-Federation to stop their promotion and support for groups that call for a boycott of Israeli companies Iike SodaStream and Ahava Cosmetics. The President of the UJA-Federation, Alisa Doctoroff is a major funder of the New Israel Fund, a group that finances the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel on a worldwide basis,” Allen said.

“The UJA-Federation protects and promotes the BDS groups in the Israel Day Parade and we insist this be stopped immediately.”

Sadly, this year there is perhaps even more stunning news than that ostensibly Jewish “leaders” are protecting and promoting those who engage in economic and legal warfare against the Jewish State.

As Allen shared with the, “the Israel Consul General in New York is being used by the BDS forces in the UJA-Federation to protect the New Israel Fund.  The head of the UJA-Federation, Eric Goldstein, is now hiding behind the Consul General. He said in a radio interview that the Israeli Government supports BDS in the Israel Day Parade. We are here today to demand that Jewish Charitable dollars and institutions not be used by the BDS forces to push their agenda.”

The rally is taking place today, May 11, from 5 – 7:30 p.m., outside the UJA Federation building, 130 East 59th Street, between Park and Lexington Avenues. If you cannot bring your own shofar, they will have extras to hand out.

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the US correspondent for The Jewish Press. She is a recovered lawyer who previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools. You can reach her by email:


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