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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

PRINCE CHARLES MEETS WITH IRISH TERRORISTS AND CORRUPT ARAB TYRANTS, BUT WON'T VISIT ISRAEL because he thinks he might be used "to burnish Israel's image" - But why would Israel want his visit when the British violated the Mandate for Palestine swindling Israel of a large swath of Jewish land to create the invented kingdom of Jordan, and also blocked Jewish entry to Palestine during the Holocaust

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The following article by Edgar Davison seems to resent that the UK anti-Semitic Foreign Office does not allow their royals to visit Israel.  He has a point. 
But the fact is that Israelis should feel nothing but loathing towards Britain, considering how the British violated the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine by ILLEGALLY partitioning the land to give it to an Arab who became king of a brand new country:  Transjordan - today's Jordan.
That's not all that the British still have to answer for.  Although they had been entrusted with the administration of he Mandate for Palestine, they openly sided with the Arabs, many times allowing Arabs to massacre Jews. 
On top of that the British severely limited European Jews' entry into their ancestral land in Palestine - ancient Israel - during the Nazi years, and even immediately after World War II.  

Britain, with its anti-Semitism and pro-Arab policies, was responsible for the deaths of those Jews denied entry into Palestine.  

Furthermore, the British (and the Americans) refused to bomb the railroads leading to the death camps, or the gas chambers and crematoria.  According to reports, they did not want to deal with too many Jewish survivors after the war.
So until the British apologize for their crimes against the Jews they should not be welcome in Israel.  Unfortunately, the obsequious and spineless politicians in Israel continue to be all smiles whenever meeting a British diplomat.
See more about British crimes against the Jews further down this page.


From Edgar Davidson's Blog:

The future king of England meets these unsavory characters, but won't visit Israel because it would be used "to burnish Israel's image"

Prince Charles has upset some people by meeting IRA leader Gerry Adams, although nobody ever bats an eyelid when he - and the Queen - visit terrorist-sponsoring corrupt Arab regimes, which they do all the time.

Charles did make one visit to Israel in 1995 to 'represent the Queen' at the funeral of Yitzhak Rabin. It is the ONLY 'official' visit ever made by a member of the British Royal Family (his father Prince Philip visited his mother's grave in Jerusalem in 1994
but the Royal Family and the British Government made clear that this was only in a 'private capacity'). 
The anti-semitic Arab-friendly goons who have dominated the British Foreign Office for years have never allowed the Queen to visit Israel in case it 'upsets our Arab friends'.
But Prince Charles's aides went further than that in 2007 when they ruled out any official visit declaring:
"Acceptance would make it hard to avoid the many ways in which Israel would want HRH [Prince Charles] to help burnish its international image."
If David Cameron is even half the 'friend' of Israel that he and some of his naive Jewish supporters think then he should demand that the Queen finally accepts Israel's long-standing invitation to visit their country.

Prince Charles wearing traditional Saudi costume joined members of the Saudi royal family in an Ardah
Charles of Arabia dressed as a Saudi with his Saudi friends.
EXPOSED: THE UK ENCOURAGED GENOCIDAL ARAB ATTACK ON ISRAEL back in 1948 - And to this day it continues to support those same aims under the guise of "land for peace"
Intelligence obtained by the French secret services in the Middle East sheds new light on Britain’s role in the Arab-Israeli War of Independence.
Read more, including photos of the War of Independence
1948 War of Independence
Jews keep watch as genocidal Arab armies approach 
The League of Nations Mandate for Palestine - The Facts
How Britain swindled the Jews of two thirds of their ancient land. 

Continue reading, see pictures of Prince Charles dressed as an Arab performing the Sword Dance with his buddies, the Saudi royals, and read a brief summary of the history of modern Israel, how the British betrayed the League of Nations Mandate, and what Palestine really means.

Prince Charles in official visit to Saudi Arabia in February of 2014 enjoys himself performing a sword dance with his buddies, the Saudi royals.
Prince Charles celebrating Saudi culture:  
The Ardah features hundreds of Saudi Arabian men and boys dancing in formation with swords in hand
Here is Charles, at the center
Britain's Prince Charles (third right) wears traditional Saudi uniform as he dance with a sword with Saudi second deputy of Prime Minister (left) and Prince Waleed bin Talal (centre)
And here, third on the right
Looking daggers: Charles, in flowing traditional robes, tries to get into the spirit of things




So many beheadings that the kingdom advertises to hire EIGHT MORE EXECUTIONERS to carry out beheadings and amputations 

Beheading: A Saudi Arabian executioner poses with his sword. The kingdom is now advertising for eight new executioners, recruiting extra staff to carry out an increasing number of death sentencesThere are so many beheadings in Saudi Arabia, that the kingdom advertises for the hiring of EIGHT more executioners.  The beheadings are usually carried out in public, as mass entertainment. 

The main role is ‘executing a judgement of death’ - but workers must also perform amputations on those convicted of lesser offences, according to the advert posted on the civil service jobs portal.

That's Saudi culture.  Prince Charles is impressed. 

Israel does not even have the death penalty, but Prince Charles is not impressed with the Jewish State.

Following are excerpts from the illustrated article on
The Balfour declaration of 1917 clearly states the Establishment of a Jewish homeland in the area known as Palestine. There was no split between the West and East bank of the Jordan River and the Jewish State was to be established on what was known as British Palestine, all of it. 
Although Britain promised a Jewish homeland throughout the area known as Palestine His Majesty betrayed those promises in 1922.

In September 1922 the Council of the League of Nations recognized Transjordan as a state under the British Mandate and Transjordan memorandum excluded the territories east of the River Jordan from all of the provisions of the mandate dealing with Jewish settlement.  
The country remained under British supervision until 1946.

What was promised to be the Jewish homeland of over 40,000 sq miles was now only 8,000 sq ml.
This deceitful betrayal of the British Mandate towards the Jews faced absolutely no consequence.
There was no Jewish uprising against the British, no terrorist attacks or murders. The Jews were happy with the 8000 sq. ml. homeland that was now promised to them.
From 1946 the State known as Jordan occupied what was 85% of British Mandate Palestine. The West side of the Jordan River was left for the Jewish homeland. 

Things could have ended there and we all could have lived happily ever after. However the Muslim population was not comfortable with Jews in the area. Over the next 20 years Arabs murdered raped and violently terrorized Jewish communities in the area of British Palestine.
The most famous of the massacres took place in the City of Hebron. 67 Jews viscously murdered by Arab rioters. The murders took place with the help of axes, rocks and knives. The Jewish population of Hebron was violently liquidated for the holy city of Hebron. Several Women were raped by Muslim rioters and others beheaded.

On November 29th, 1947 the General assembly of the UN adopted a plan to Partition the 15% of what was left of Palestine in order to create a SECOND Arab State in Palestine alongside a small Jewish one. 
The UN’s second partition of Palestine left the Jewish homeland with a mini State alongside an Arab Jordan and a second Arab State on the Eastern side of the Jordan River.

This Partition plan was a terrible slap in the face to the Zionist movement. The Jewish State would be tiny and the holy cities Jerusalem and Hebron would not be included.

The nation of Israel had waited two thousand years to come home and were not about to miss the opportunity to rebuild the Land of Israel. With mix feelings the Jews accepted the UN partition plan which left only 6% of what was originally promised to the Jews by the British.
Not surprisingly it was the Arabs who refused the Partition Plan. This refusal was not about land or about refugees or walls or occupation. It was about the refusal of Arabs to accept a Jewish State, anywhere and any size.

Let there not be any misunderstanding. It was not the Palestinian nation, State or leadership that refused the Partition. It was the Arab League. There was never an Arab Palestinian State or Government in the Area known as Palestine.  
Over the past 64 years of Israel’s existence she had to fight numerous wars. Neither of them involved a Palestinian army. 

After the 1948 Arab invasion of Israel and for the next 18 years the Arabs had control over the whole west bank, Gaza, Sinai and Jerusalem. In those 18 years there was never an attempt or even a request to declare a Palestinian State on the land conquered by the Arab armies.

This is a map of the Armistice lines after the 1948 Arab invasion of Israel. This is what is called the   GREEN LINE’.  As you can see on the map the Green Line has nothing to do with a Palestinian State or rights of any kind.
Jerusalem was in the hand of Jordan, Gaza belonged to Egypt and the Golan Heights was part of Syria.
Ignoring the fact that Israel liberated these areas after the Arab armies attacked again in 1967, the Palestinians have absolutely nothing to do with the GREEN LINE and Israel simply never occupied an Arab Palestine.
The next time you chose to argue with me (Israel_shield) on twitter, or scream from the top of your lungs that Israel “Occupied” Palestine I am going to kindly ask you to check your history.
Palestinian propaganda has lied to the world long enough. One would expect of institutions like the UN to learn history and not allow the Arabs to fabricate it in order to intentionally hold on to an anti Israel opinions.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE with additional illustrations here:

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