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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Sunday, January 25, 2015

THE PEGIDA ANTI-ISLAMIZATION MOVEMENT IN EUROPE - WHAT THE MEDIA ARE HIDING - A reporter's first hand account of a demonstration and his denunciation of media malpractice

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Wrapped under the banner of multiculturalism and anti-fascism there is actually a surge of violent intolerance against the rights to free speech and free assembly of anyone opposing the Islamization of Europe.
In fact, embedded within the "anti-racist" movement there is a pro-Islamization agenda prompted by the growing Muslim population of Germany and Europe, and their allies on the Left.
The government of Angela Merkel appears to be colluding with this agenda with its repeated attempts to ban anti-Islamization marches by branding them as "racist," although there is no evidence so far that they are being motivated by racism. 
Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, Aiman Mazyek (left) and  German Chancellor Angela Merkel (right) were among thousands at a Muslim community rally, less than 24 hours after a record 25,000 people attended a right-wing protest
Merkel and German Muslim leader
Having failed at banning them under the excuse of their being racist, the government banned a march a week ago based on vague allusions to death "threats" against one of PEGIDA organizers.
But neither the government nor the left-Muslim alliance can stop the increasing unease that Europeans feel at the negative consequences of Muslim immigration. 

Merkel has openly supported a German-Muslim organization linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, and has officially attended at least one of its rallies.   
As this blog stated already, if these so-far peaceful and non-racist demonstrations of discontent are stifled, the people will turn to the extreme right to protect whatever is left of European culture in their countries. And the right will have no qualms at using whatever methods they find most effective. 
"Mrs Merkel, this is the people"
By stubbornly ignoring the public outcry against the Islamization of the West and by denying the role of Islam in terror attacks, our leaders, media, and elites will help empower the extreme right and unleash disaster. 
The following article by Oliver Lane is a first-hand account, and therefore limited in its scope.  There is, however, much more that the media is hiding so as not to alarm the people about the nefarious effects of Muslim immigration to the West.  For more information please access the links provided as reference further on.    
What the mainstream media does not want you to know about the anti-Islamization marches
A first-hand account.
 by Oliver Lane - Breitbart
LEIPZIG, Germany – Wednesday night saw a flare of violence and an accompanying police operation on a scale without precedent in recent German history.
A group opposing militant Islam in Europe has called a demonstration, the city is deafened by political slogans played over loudspeakers, property is vandalised, and explosives are thrown at police in colossal running battles that involve thousands of people.
LEGIDA, the city of Leipzig's own PEGIDA organization. 
PEGIDA stands for Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes" or "Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West,"
Associated demonstrations have sprung up in several cities around Germany -
"Kagida" in Kassel, "Wügida" in Würzburg, "Bogida" in Bonn, and "Dügida" in Düsseldorf.
How the biased media picks, distorts, sensationalizes, and outright lies about what they want you to read. 
The case of a "racist" murder that was actually perpetrated by another black immigrant and out of criminal motives.

If you got your news from the mainstream media, what is increasingly known in Germany as the ‘liar press’ (Luegenpresse), the story might very well end there. Then again, the report might also throw in salacious details about the former leader of this movement and his colourful past, or the tragic death of an immigrant man who was killed shortly after a demonstration in Dresden last week.

There is no doubt about what these reports are meant to leave you thinking. Germans actually taking pride in their country, and very soon after in the neighbourhood a young Eritrean is murdered with no apparent motive? Must be a racist attack.
This has been a large part of the German establishment’s haughty dismissal of the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA) group: that they are cold, angry racists with hatred in their hearts.

The killing was reported in sensationalist tones last week by the British media. The Guardian claimed it “exposes racial tensions in Germany” and “anti-immigration sentiment”.
Vice News said “Germany’s recent upsurge in anti-Islam sentiment appears to have taken a dark new turn”, and reported the flat mate’s fabricated version of events as fact, stating Khaled had gone to buy cigarettes and never returned.

Despite the fact police have now recovered the murder weapon, that Khaled’s former flat-mate, a fellow Eritrean has confessed to the crime, and “significant” amounts of drugs are said to be involved, the story has been dropped like a hot stone by the English-speaking media.
Two days after the confession, and you’d hardly know from the mainstream British press: clearly mud sticks in a country which is still apologising for the early 20th century.
Protesters ready to stop at nothing to prevent the PEGIDA march from going ahead, including vandalism and aggression
"Respect for Negroes"
The activism by ironically self-proclaimed ‘anti fascists’ started well before the march was due to begin outside the Leipzig opera house.
Appraised of the fact that train-loads of PEGIDA supporters would be coming from Dresden, the home of the movement where they had their own march banned by police, they deigned to prevent their arrival by setting fire to the railway between the two cities.
Outside the central railway station I meet a group of left wing school-age students. They are friendly, polite, and laugh about their journey to Leipzig, one of them carrying a sign that reads “Respect For Negroes”.
When I ask them if they are concerned about the possibility of violence during the protest, the mood darkens. With complete sincerity one tells me they are desperate to fight PEGIDA and the police, remarking “we are ready”.
State of Emergency in Leipzig.  This is the largest police operation since the reunification of Germany.
It’s about this time, while large groups of PEGIDA supporters are being herded around by police trying to find routes around the blocking left-wing counter protestors, the mayor of Leipzig declared the city to be in a state of emergency. 
Upwards of 4,400 police officers are on duty and the entire route of the march is lined with police vans sitting nose-to-tail, creating a wall separating the stroll from the counter-demonstrators.
PEGIDA is a mass revolt against mandatory multiculturalism and authorities' characterization of dissenters as "racist" and "fascists"
Police guard Leipzig railway station, the largest station in the world by floor area.
Oliver Lane / Breitbart London
At the rally itself the preoccupations of the supporters of the wider PEGIDA movement and the local Leipzig branch (‘LEGIDA’) are clear to see.
What began last year as a movement opposing German involvement in foreign wars has become a revolt against the monolithic ‘grand coalition’ of German politics, in which a rush to the centre and mandatory multiculturalism is the order of the day, and all dissent is dismissed by the ‘Luegenpresse’ as nascent fascism.
One very clear concern, which is evidenced by the proliferation of flags, signs, and speeches is the looming potential of war with Russia.
Everyone I speak to articulates the view that German foreign policy is conducted in favour of the United States of America, rather than Germany or Europa, which is ultimately to the detriment of European people.
Flags show half and half German and Russian stripes joined together in unity. One speaker calls for “peace with all nations from Lisbon to Vladivostok”. One man tells me “peace between Germany and Russia is our goal. But peace between Merkel [The German Chancellor] and Putin [The Russian President] is impossible”.

Once the speeches are over, covering all topics from the danger of radical Islam being allowed to develop unhindered in Europe, to the benefits of direct democracy, the march around Leipzig begins.
PEGIDA protestors have learned from the 1980s anti-Communist peaceful marches.
What really strikes me is how remarkably quiet the PEGIDA strollers are. Some of them have learnt their art from their parents who opposed former Communist East Germany and Poland.
Taking weekly ‘evening strolls’, the protesters of the 1980’s combined non-violent civil disobedience with conveniently being ‘out’ while the state-controlled evening news was showing on the television.
Others marching were veterans, clearly proud of the fact that Saxony, the state containing both Leipzig and Dresden has been at the forefront of German “revolutions” for centuries.

A placard carried by a LEGIDA supporter celebrates Saxony’s rich history of revolution.
Dates indicate the Protestant revolution against the Catholic church in 1525, the revolutions that set Germany on the path to unification in 1848, the founding of the Weimar republic in 1918, the brutally suppressed uprising against the communist state in 1953, the collapse of communism in 1989, and finally the coming revolution in 2015. 
The great column of people, twenty yards wide and half a mile long proceeds with a gentle hubbub of conversation between its participants. At times voices are raised, as the line passes a police command vehicle, one man shouts out in German “thank you police officers for protecting us”, and the column is moved to spontaneous applause.
The strollers have good reason to be thankful.
LEGIDA Reuters
Anti-PEGIDA protesters held behind police barrier
Every street that leads onto the route is packed with counter protesters pushing against the police lines.
The entire stroll is punctuated with a regular din of exploding fireworks, deafening rave music, and left-wing slogans played over powerful sound systems.
In addition to the regular police, there are a number of water-cannon and armoured cars stationed in the city. Dating from before German reunification, the ‘special vehicles’ of the Federal police are painted in dark green and are fitted with bulldozer blades, but their presence is not enough to deter trouble.
At the railway station after the protests have officially concluded the counter-demonstrators have given up trying to attack PEGIDA and instead are going directly for the police.
I witness casualties lain out on the platforms of the tram station, the police searching and arresting dozens of young activists. A particularly large firework explodes outside the station just a dozen yards from where I am standing, and for a few moments the grand façade is shrouded in smoke.
Later in the evening I speak to a group of police officers guarding the station and without hesitation one tells me all of the explosives and bottles thrown that evening were by the left-wing counter protesters.
The next morning the newspapers are filled with discussions of the future of PEGIDA, and remarks that the numbers at the demonstrations were not as high as expected. Though Leipzig city had estimated 100,000 could march on Wednesday, in total including all comers there were less than 40,000. Wherever it goes now, in many respects PEGIDA has already served part of its purpose, in starting a debate on immigration, citizenship, and integration that has been silent for decades.
Many people in Germany are questioning the post-war consensus that unlimited immigration and multiculturalism (or ghettoisation) is inevitable and desirable for the first time in their lives, and the freedom of thought bug appears to be spreading.
The PEGIDA movement is spreading all over Europe.
A PEGIDA march has even taken place as far away as Bulgaria, with movements planned in many European countries.

Now PEGIDA seems set to come to the United Kingdom, Canada’s Globe and Mail asked yesterday whether Britain’s “Racial Tensions” would be tested by the first march which is set to hit a northern city in the next few weeks.
In any case, if the PEGIDA movement can circumvent a German elite desperate to shut it down, and break through 50 years of silence perhaps it could even kick-start a new era of openness and discussion in Britain too.
A native of New Zealand, now a resident of Leipzig tells me: “I’m a former leftie, but I saw the light. I’m a human rights campaigner now, I support PEGIDA because of female genital mutilation, and the sexual abuse of young girls in Europe by radical Muslims”.
Oliver Lane / Breitbart London



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