A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Monday, June 5, 2017

EUROPE AND ISLAM, HOW FAR ARE THEY READY TO GO? - What the future perspective of 2117 will tell us about today's treason and submission in Britain and Europe

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Former Conservative PM Cameron submits to Islam
Like so many people of my generation I spent time reading about World War Two in order to understand the ideas and forces that brought about such a bloodbath in a continent so admired for its culture. 
This historic period defines humankind in all its range of cruelty and heroism.  If you want to teach your children about real life and humanity, just concentrate in the study of those years.
But three generations have grown up since then and they have learned nothing, or they have misused those events to mislead us.   In fact many people cite Nazi Germany in order to  push an insidious leftist agenda.  They have weaponized World War II for political gain.
The situation reaches grotesque proportions now when anyone who does not agree with the left and the globalist agenda is branded a Fascist or a Nazi, thus shutting down all arguments, and even justifying physical violence against their critics. 
But an honest understanding of World War II shows the many opportunities that generation had to prevent the rise of Nazism, Hitler's takeover of Europe, the war, and the Holocaust. 
That war did not bring about real peace, although it seemed so for a while with the creation of the United Nations and the European Union, both of which would become disappointing.  In fact, those post-war decades full of hope and economic progress would be actually the prelude for the final destruction of Europe and its civilization.
I would like to invite you to play a game of time travel. 
Just as we can look back  and watch our ancestors' path into WW2 self-destruction, let's imagine ourselves as someone of a future generation, say in the year 2117, learning how Europe committed suicide.
We don't know whether books or  electronic data telling the truth about European history will exist at all.  But let's pretend that you managed to get a bunch of books published by the underground where there is an accurate record of how European civilization was destroyed from within.
What would that future record tell about us?   
  • The European political leadership of the globalist left, right, and center deceived the population and committed outright TREASON. 
  • Educational institutions from kindergarten to universities instead of teaching critical thought and appreciation of their civil and human rights engaged in a process of political and social indoctrination. Tyrants always start with children, to ensure future passivity and compliance.
  • Politicians and educators with the help of the corrupted media proceeded to erode and break the traditional system of moral values that had sustained and guided society.   They undermined the family, sexual morals, and even the concept of biological gender. 
  • The elites distorted and weaponized notions of  human rights in order to impose censorship and the criminalization of free speech.
  • Governments weaponized our fear of terror in order to subject the population to heavy surveillance and censorship.
  • The elites managed by stealth to replace the indigenous populations of western countries with those from the Third World.  For years they warned against having too many babies because overpopulation was bad for the planet, and when we the European population rate actually declined, they said they needed to open the borders to millions of migrants from Africa and the Middle East.
  • This migration was unneeded due to growing automation, and it was the wrong population anyway, because of their low literacy and their unwillingness to integrate.
  • In a matter of a few decades those migrants and their descendants became the majority.   It was not just an ethnic replacement, but one of culture as well.  Relentless terror, misogyny, corruption, and abuse of human rights became the norm.  Just as in the Middle East and Africa, only tyrannical rule was able to keep order on multi-tribal populations.   Just as in South Africa and Zimbabwe today, white people became hunted and murdered by the new majority.
The signs are here, do the math
The British and European war on domestic terror is a choreography of deceit.  Authorities appear to be doing something because they are expected to, but they know that the war is lost.  They just go through the motions.
There are 3000 jihadists under surveillance in Britain ready to perpetrate acts of terror.
There are 20,000 more jihadists with the same mindset that British police can't keep an eye on because of lack of resources.  
In the meantime the British Muslim population keeps growing, meaning that in ten years those numbers of jihadists will reach into the hundreds of thousands, and acts of terror will be an everyday occurrence.  It is a sad fact of life that the second and third generation of Muslims not only refuse to integrate, but become even more orthodox in their beliefs.
if current trends continue, Britain will have a Muslim majority by 2050 or sooner.   London already has a non-white majority and a Muslim mayor.  Britain has legalized sharia courts, that bypass secular British courts.  The same situation is developing in the rest of the European Union, particularly in Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands.
Quoted years before the Muslim mass migration
 into Europe that accelerated from 2015 onwards
Someone in the far future will ask, could Europe have been saved? 
When was the tipping point when fate was sealed?  Personally I think that we are well past it.  Europeans just do not have the spirit to defend their countries and civilization. 
Just look at our leaders today.  Angela Merkel is still popular and will very likely be re-elected.  Marine Le Pen got just a third of the votes in the latest French election against a very unpopular Macron.  There is no viable nationalist opposition in Germany, or in any European country. 
Britain is also facing an election in a few days and the two contenders are head to head.  There is the status quo candidate, Conservative Theresa May, and Labour Jeremy Corbin.  Corbin promises to open the country's borders even wider to all migrants, no questions asked.  
The fact that the polls suggest about half of the voters favor Corbin, and that there is no nationalist option, goes to show that the British people have completely surrendered to their eventual demise.  There is no new Winston Churchill in sight, and if the old one was still around he would be charged with racism and Islamophobia and incarcerated because of critical comments he made about Islam. 
The current British population would much rather lose their country and be massacred in recurrent acts of terror than be called racist.
Paul Weston
British politician Paul Weston has a list of extreme measures that have absolutely no possibility of ever being implemented.   They are not only too politically incorrect, but they might cause popular opposition and even violent resistance.

Although regarded as far right, Weston is no foaming-at-the-mouth fanatic.  He is a calm and articulate nationalist who proposes the reversal of current UK migration policies.  Although he has lost by a wide margin in several regional elections, he is popular online with his website and videos.  

In his view Britain can choose to be either politically correct and die, or it can  survive by restoring white majority.  He summarizes his philosophy here:
There is a simple law about Muslims and terrorism that seems to hold universally true: more Muslims equals more radicalism equals more terrorism.  That the majority of Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding and moderate is undeniable - and irrelevant. They are irrelevant. Because wherever the moderates go, the mad dogs are to be found. They may emerge from the community, or they may come from outside, finding there a safe space in which to plot and gather resources. 
It's a trade-off. It's whether or not you want to trade lots of dead Brits against being called a racist and asking Muslims to go back to Islamic countries. You have chosen dead British people rather than be called a racist and rather than deport the people who kill us. 

Although his proposals of non-violent ethnic cleansing have absolutely no chance at all, here they are for the sake of future intellectual speculation on what options Europeans had to alter their fate.  It will be up to coming generations to decide whether either submission or drastic anti-migration policies was the best choice.  The following video by Paul Weston itemizes his program.

VIDEO -  Paul Weston: London Bridge Islamic Terror

Continue reading, including transcript of the above video

I've just listened to Theresa May's statement about the Islamic terror attack in London, and it's a load of cowardly, disingenuous rubbish.
She claims she wants to take up the fight against an evil ideology, but the problem is that she won't name it for what it is, which is Islam.
Prime Minister May suggests the evil ideology is Islamism, and is a perversion of Islam and a perversion of the truth.
Well, that's rubbish, Mrs May. The only perversion of the truth is what you and the rest of the Traitor Class continually peddle.
Let's get one thing perfectly clear here: Islam is a violent supremacist political ideology established by the warlord Mohammed in the seventh century, which spread across the globe via violence and terror. And millions of its fanatical followers are now in our country.
I'm not going to talk today about this self-evident truth, nor why our Traitor Class are so keen on avoiding this self-evident truth. But what I will talk about is how we can deal with Islamic terror, and I mean deal with it, rather than doing what Theresa May is doing, which is pretending to deal with it.
One. We should stop all Muslim immigration today, completely.
Two. We should close down every mosque in this country which preaches Salafist or Deobandi Islamic supremacism - which means pretty much all of them.
Three. We should tell the truth about Islam, which means identifying all the calls for violence and terror in the Koran, and then ban the Koran as a book of hate.
Four. We should remove all funding from every public Muslim organisation in Britain.
Five. We should close down every Muslim charity organisation in Britain, many of which - and we don't know how many - are just fronts for terrorist fundraising.
Six. We should stop all further Saudi Arabian funding of Islam in Britain.
Seven. We should intern the thousands of Muslim terror suspects, immediately.
Eight. We should deport all Muslim criminals with dual passports.
Nine. We should close down all Sharia courts.
Ten. We should prosecute everyone who practices honour violence, honour killings and female genital mutilation, and deport the ones who have dual nationality.
Eleven. We should close down all aspects of Sharia finance and all Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds, which massively influence our political and media class via the thousands of millions of pounds they bring into Britain. As with most things in life, if you want to know why our Traitor Class behaves as the Traitor Class, it's simply a matter of following the money.
If all of these suggestions were in place in the future and we still suffered from Islamic terror, then the only, and logical response, should then be to deport all Muslims.
Now, liberals would be upset about this, but I think asking Muslims to move to a Muslim country is infinitely more moral than asking the native British to put up with murder and terror on a daily basis, in perpetuity.
After the Manchester bombing Dominic Grieve, the politician in charge of our national security, told us there is nothing we can do to stop every terrorist act. Well, there is actually, Mr Grieve, it all depends on whether you are genuinely serious about halting Islamic terror today and total Islamic subjugation in the future.
It's a trade-off. It's whether or not you want to trade lots of dead Brits against being called a racist and asking Muslims to go back to Islamic countries. You have chosen dead British people rather than be called a racist and rather than deport the people who kill us.
That's your choice. That's why you're a member of the Traitor Class. That's why Theresa May is a member of the Traitor Class. That is why all you do is talk and have words. You need to start putting things into practice. There's no point talking about something that you won't even name as the problem.
We will name it, Liberty GB will name it. If you want to do something about this, then join Liberty GB, because unless you know of another credible party or another credible person who's actually going to stand up and can talk about these things - and one day put them into effect -, then you need to follow us, you need to support us.
So please do support us, because our Traitor Class are simply betraying us, and their words are just words, made all the [more] worse because they still, even now, cannot even name what the enemy is.
They cannot even - and this is so important -, after yet another terrorist attack, you'd think that one of them would stand up and say, look, is there something about Islam - not Islamism, about Islam - that is behind this terror? Is there something in the Koran that suggests or promotes this sort of behaviour?
Well, yes there is, and unless you're prepared to identify it, you're wasting everyone's time, and while you're doing that, everything is getting worse.
Which is why you're called the Traitor Class.
Liberty GB

VIDEO  Muslim Demographics a threat to Europeans
Statistics on how Europeans are rapidly being replaced by Muslims from Africa and the Middle East


PAUL WESTON is not alone in calling for drastic measures to contain and reduce the jihadi threat to the West from within.  Here is another politically incorrect commentary by Faith Goldy from Rebel Media:

The Ramadan Red Pill

More videos by Rebel Media

By Zbiegniew Zwgstkstwig
You have allowed the entrance into Britain of millions of migrants from the most violent parts of the world.  Although not everyone is a bad person, it's a matter of statistics.  Even a tiny percentage of bad apples means the British people will continue to be victimized.

Jihad Report  (these figures before current Ramadan, when violence has spiked)
                                                    May, 2017

Attacks 207
Killed 1479
Injured 1656
Suicide Blasts 42
Countries 26
READ:  The Religion Of Peace:   List of Attacks
You have elected and re-elected governments that have refused to protect your borders, and who have turned a blind eye to the presence of foreigners with extreme and violent views, and criminal behavior.
You have refused to denounce organized Pakistani gangs that have groomed and gang-raped thousands of British girls, some as young as nine years old, out of fear of appearing to be racist.
You have refused to name the ideology behind recurrent acts of terror in your land, again out of fear of offending sectors of your population.
You have refused to even feel normal emotions such as anger at the repeated carnage against the innocent.
You continue to cling to the notion that flowers, songs, and teddy bears should be the normal reaction in face of so much hate and violence against you.
So many British men gave their lives during World War II in order to save your country from a crazy ideology - only to have your generation give Britain away to millions of foreigners who hate you.   
Dear British people, you are in denial when you assert that terror will not change your way of life.  This is absurd.  
If you go to Syria or Afghanistan or Pakistan, you don't carry on as usual.  You are more alert, you protect yourself, you don't send your children to crowded areas, you don't walk carelessly on the streets.
So why is it that after importing the culture from those and similar countries into Britain you think you can continue to live as you did before Tony Blair initiated the process of cultural enrichment?
Why are you still sending your children to concerts?  Why are you still enjoying yourself in the streets of your cities? 
Get it into your head, dear British people, you are under attack, although unlike WWII, you are not fighting back.  



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