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Monday, September 19, 2016

MUSLIM RAPIST OF TODDLER IN GERMANY IS GIVEN A LIGHT SENTENCE BECAUSE COURT SAYS THAT SINCE THE ACT "WAS NOT VIOLENT, IT WASN'T RAPE" - GERMANY'S TRAGEDY: A still weak opposition while the country spirals down into cultural, demographic, and moral suicide - READ SUMMARY of A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism - July 2016

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  • Muslim Afghan migrant who raped toddler in a German washroom got only a light two-year sentence because the judge decided that, since the rapist did not use violence, it cannot be called rape! 
  • Furthermore, the judge made use of several circumstances (such as the claim that the rapist was drunk) to minimize this horrible, traumatizing act.  
  • The 22-year-old perpetrator showed no remorse in court. He referred to himself as a "superstar".
  • Sex with children, and boys in particularly, is sanctioned by the Koran
Bacha Bazi - The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan 2JIHAD WATCH:  In Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Islamic world, this kind of behavior is broadly tolerated. Women are so devalued, men look to other men and boys for sexual pleasure. Also, the Qur’an promises not just virgins to the blessed, but boys like “scattered pearls”:
“Those are the ones brought near in the Gardens of Pleasure, a company of the former peoples and a few of the later peoples, on thrones woven, reclining on them, facing each other. There will circulate among them young boys made eternal with vessels, pitchers and a cup from a flowing spring.” — Qur’an 56:11-18
“And they will be given to drink a cup whose mixture is of ginger, a fountain within Paradise named Salsabeel. There will circulate among them young boys made eternal. When you see them, you would think them scattered pearls. And when you look there, you will see pleasure and great dominion.” — Qur’an 76:17-20

While the lapdog German media and German authorities cover up Muslim crimes, they are increasingly embracing Muslim backwardness and depravity, not just as support for multiculturalism, but in an effort to obliterate German culture.

The situation in Germany
is worse than you think
  • Yesterday's results in the Berlin election have been celebrated because Angela Merkel's coalition parties went down several points, while the anti-Islamization of Germany, the AfD (Alternative for Germany) obtained less than 13% of the vote.    
    German males taking refuge in
    their own fantasy world
    But that percentage by AfD is pathetic.  If the shock of daily rapes and acts of violence by the Muslim population does not have Germans voting en masse for the anti-Islam opposition, then nothing will do.   
  • If anything, Germans are getting used to the new reality of depraved and violent multicultural enrichment, and appear resigned to live with it. 
  • German men, who should be at the forefront protecting their wives and children are AWOL.  Neutered by the feminist culture, they have become timid and girlish specimens who are men in name only - with no dignity, no sense of responsibility, no balls whatsoever.  And so it is across Western Europe.   
  • The combined effects of post World War Two families being raised by women - with the men having been wiped out or too traumatized to be of any use -  added to increasingly rabid feminist culture that denigrates Western males, put an end to the notion of men as defenders of their families and their countries.    
  • In two recent regional elections most German men voted for Merkel's coalition parties, indicating that they either don't care about migrant violence, or they like Merkel's economic policies too much to desert her. 
  • It's a tragedy, no doubt.  
  • When you compress Germany's 20th century history you see the wasted opportunities, the sacrifice of millions of soldiers fighting unnecessary wars, and civilians killed in the violence of war and post-war ethnic cleansing.   
  • You also see the destruction of a valuable gene pool, that of the Jews - brilliant and patriotic - who were eventually replaced by a population of Muslims with lesser intellectual attributes and an unshakeable allegiance to the supremacist ideology of Islam.   
  • The first wave of Turkish workers never truly integrated.  The new wave of Middle Eastern and African Muslims is at war with the native population through general intimidation, the rape of women and children, criminal gangs, and a readiness to inflict extreme forms of terror on their generous host country.  
  • That is part of the tragedy, of course.  The worst part is the moral decay of the German population, unable and unwilling to fight back to protect their families and their country.  They would rather eliminate themselves by not having enough babies, and by being replaced by a backward and violent population from the third world.
  • German history and identity is not all about the Nazis. 
  • Although a significant part of German cities were razed, and the human and economic losses were massive, Germany recovered and became a prosperous and free country.   And then they self-sabotaged it all. 
  • They stopped having enough babies to replace their population.  Then they started importing Turkish workers and their families.  And then, in the past few years they extended their arms wide open to Muslim migrants, most of them falsely claiming political asylum, and quite incapable of making a positive contribution to the country.  
German police bravely issues traffic tickets to motorists
while ignoring widespread Muslim crime and violence against Germans
 WHY DO GERMANS TAKE IN MILLIONS OF MUSLIM MIGRANTS?  The notion that Germans ever felt guilty for the Holocaust is a myth  
  • Whatever you think of the motivation for Germany's cultural and demographic suicide, it is NOT guilt over the Holocaust and a need to expiate their sins.
  • In fact, most historians and journalists have reported that after the war Germans generally felt sorry that the Nazi dream of world domination had crashed.  They were NOT sorry for the genocide of Jews and the mistreatment of other people -  just sorry they lost the war. 
  •  When journalist William Shirer - who had worked in Germany during the Nazi years - published his masterpiece The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich in 1960, he was vituperated by German authorities, intellectuals, the public and the media for bringing up a chapter of their history that they wanted so badly to put to rest. 
  •  Furthermore, after the Nuremberg Trial show that punished just some of the most notorious Nazi criminals, the rest of them still in Germany went on to live normal and rewarding lives, to the point of even being elected to public office, or hired by government to positions of power.

Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F024017-0001, Oberhausen, CDU-Parteitag Rheinland, Kiesinger.jpgKurt Georg Kiesinger (photo), West German Chancellor between 1966 and 1969, was a member of the Nazi Party ever since Hitler took power.  Other German government officials: 

Leftist Social Democratic Party (SPD) mastermind Erhard Eppler (Minister of Economic Cooperation),  Conservative Christian Social Union (CSU) agitator Richard Jaeger (Minister of Justice), had been part of Hitler's paramilitary organization, the SA (since 1933, in Jaeger's case). Even FDP luminary Hans-Dietrich Genscher (first interior minister and later foreign minister),  is listed as a Nazi Party member. Read more 

In an ironic twist, the European Union itself
 was created by Nazis in the aftermath of WW2. 
SHOCKING VIDEO - The  Nazi Roots of the European Union 
  • And then, most convincingly, the strongest proof that Germany never regretted the murder of six million Jews and the theft of their property, is that Germany has enthusiastically and generously supported the Palestinian Arabs while scrutinizing and condemning Israel's survival policies.   
  • As a matter of fact, Nazi Germany and Palestinian Arabs were close allies during the war.  The Mufti of Jerusalem was very active in Berlin, working with Hitler and other top Nazis in the implementation of the Final Solution.   
    Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel shakes hand with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during a solidarity march (Marche Republicaine) with Heads of state i...
    Merkel warmly greets
    Palestinian terror chief
    Mahmoud Abbas 
    After the war the Germans had to pay reparations to the State of Israel, the Mufti, a war criminal, was allowed to flee back to the Middle East, and the genocidal Muslim Palestinians got rewarded with a promise of a state of a State of their own.
  • That state would be in addition to Jordan, which was created by the British on land that the League of Nations had agreed to return to the Jewish people. 
  • Germany continues to this day to fund the Palestinian Authority, which uses that money to pay salaries to terrorists and their families - the more Jews killed, the larger the reward. 
  • Germany, and other European countries, have contracted out the Palestinian Muslims for the killing of Jews.  The European war against the Jews did not end with World War Two.
Notice that the following report by The Express does not give the rapist's full name.  Maybe the courts did not reveal it.  Somebody is protecting the criminal, but not the victim.
Also be aware that Afghanistan has a widespread tradition of men raping little boys.  When Western troops called attention to that and a need to publicly denounce it, they were told by their commanders to be quiet and to respect local customs. 

 Sohrab S.

The Express - Jama B., 22, showed no remorse as he was sentenced to just two years and four months behind bars on the milder charge of sexual abuse of the four-year-old boy at the centre in Boostedt, Schleswig-Holstein.
The toddler, from Iraq, was lured into a toilet cubicle at the home in March this year.  The court heard the Afghani forced his penis into the child's mouth.  Afterwards the distraught youngster was returned to his father with his trousers down around his ankles.

During the trial Jama B. boasted:  "I'm a superstar in Afghanistan, a singer." 
NOTE:  As you can see in the photo at the trial, although he is an adult, both the rapist's name and his face have been protected from identification by the German state.   He will fight deportation after a likely early release, and conveniently disappear to somewhere in Europe, to commit more crimes.  And nobody will ever know his perverted nature and crime because the German government has protected him. 
Continue reading this and related articles, watch videos, and see a summary of multiculturalism horrors in the month of August in Germany.

He claimed no-one could prove what was alleged, admitted he drank alcohol before the crime but showed no remorse whatsoever during the proceedings on Thursday last week at the court in Kiel.
A second man, Sohrab S., 29, was alleged to have stood guard outside the toilet during the boy's ordeal but he was acquitted for lack of evidence. 
"The incredible verdict of the prosecutor and the court," stormed the popular Bild am Sonntag newspaper.  
"This is the verdict that shames you all."
Child protection groups demanded to know why Jama B. was not charged with rape.  
Prosecutor Axel Bieler said: "Rape charges are brought only if it was enforced with violence or the threat of violence. We do not assume this was the case.
"Therefore he was indicted on a charge of serious sexual abuse. The penalty doesn't matter - it is between two and 15 years in jail for rape or for serious sexual abuse."
Karin Witt,  a spokeswoman of the Kiel court Karin Witt, said: "The court found no reasons for an increased penalty, such as for example a criminal record for the accused.   
“The fact that he was under the influence of alcohol and the high sensitivity towards detention of the offender were both factors in the sentence.
"He is young, knows no German and has already been attacked in pre-trial detention. The victim has also dealt well with the experience of what happened to him and there are no serious consequences to be expected."
Judge Stefan Becker refused to comment on the verdict but Peter Boysen, the lawyer who represented the family of the child, said: "it was a one-off act that did not take very long and hopefully will not have harmful long-term effects on the child.
"Therefore there is no reason to complain, even if the sentence could have been maybe half a year longer. I have not therefore advised the parents to appeal against the verdict. He's better again, the boy, but is still in therapeutic treatment of a child and adolescent psychiatrist.
"The family is glad to be out of the home. Today they live in another home in northern Germany."
In Germany no verdict is final for around a month after the verdict - a time period in which prosecutors and defence can appeal any court decision. It is unclear whether the prosecution will demand a higher penalty.
But what is certain is that Jama B. will not receive any asylum hearing and will be deported to his homeland after his prison term is served.
Child sex abuse in asylum centres, along with the rape and molestation of women, has been on the increase in Germany over recent months.  
Critics have said more needs to be done to protect women and children in the centres where they are housed.

- The machete attack against Kay Wilson and Kristine Luken.
 - The murderers and all other terrorists receive salaries paid for by British, European, and US taxpayers through generous funding of the Palestinian Authority
Aid to Palestinian Territories marked in red
Muslim migrant sexually assaults six year old in changing room in Munich.

The youngster was with his father and younger brother at a wrestling event at the sports hall in Munich.  The father said he noticed at the time that his son was taking a long time to get changed, and that evening the boy told his parents what had reportedly happened.  He told his parents that the man followed him into the cabin, pulled down his trousers and interfered with him. Police arrested a 20-year-old refugee from Afghanistan in connection with the attack…. Munich Police said in a statement the migrant later confessed to the sex attack….
Read more


 - She ended up in a wheelchair with mental breakdown
- Swedish Left says it would be racist to expel rapists 
 - Read also about the Afghan custom of raping little boys. US and Canada military commanders in Afghanistan have ordered their soldiers not to meddle.
- One American who intervened was dismissed from the US Army


RECAP: Seven-hour non-stop gang rape by 12 Afghan Muslim refugees was the ‘most gruesome rape marathon in Sweden’s history,’ say prosecutors. The rape was oral, anal, and vaginal, with up to three rapists in her at the same time.

Only 7 of the 12 rapists were convicted. But now, one who wasn’t convicted, but passively participated by masturbating next to the woman’s face while his comrades raped her, is going to get more than $20,000 in compensation because of a clerical error.





ARAB CLANS NOW IN CHARGE OF BERLIN CRIMINAL UNDERWORLD SAYS REPORT, while North Africans turn BERLIN's Kreutzberg Kottbusser Tor into a NO-GO ZONE filled with crime

BERLIN A FAILED CITY says German national newspaper
- VIDEO: LIVING IN MULTICULTURAL GERMANY as Merkel's government warns citizens to stockpile emergency supplies and prepare for catastrophe
Photo:  Recurrent Muslim torching of cars in Germany.
 - VIDEO:  Intolerable Muslim violence in German schools
VIDEO:  A year of Angela Merkel Open Borders



ANGELA MERKEL SHOULD BE TRIED FOR WAR CRIMES, says writer Daniel Greenfield - Incidence of Muslim rape of European women and children is reaching epidemic proportions, particularly in Germany and Sweden
VIDEO - Muslims in Germany brag of the gruesome gang rape of a virgin teenager



July 2016
Europe’s Muslim rape epidemic:
 ‘Cologne is every day’
GERMANY, Sweden and other European countries are facing growing public unrest amid a wave of reports of sexual assaults since the Cologne attacks.
New York-based conservative think tank Gatestone Institute has compiled a shocking list of sexual assaults and rapes by migrants in Germany in just the first two months of the year.
Drawing only from German media reports, the list documents more than 160 instances of rape and sexual assault committed by migrants in train stations, swimming pools and other public places against victims as young as seven.
German police use terms such as “southerners” (südländer), men with “dark skin” (dunkelhäutig, dunklere gesichtsfarbe, dunklem hauttyp) or “southern skin colour” (südländische hautfarbe) to describe the alleged perpetrators.
Authorities across the country have been accused of downplaying the true extent of the problem by suppressing information about migrant-related crimes, ostensibly due to a “lack of public interest”.
Police are also wary of fuelling civil unrest amid a rising number of attacks on migrants and shelters by right-wing vigilante groups. In response, Germans are increasingly turning to social media to spread information.
A German Twitter account, @XYEinzelfall (“individual cases”), has created a Google map to track police reports of crimes allegedly committed by migrants across the region. “Cologne was just the tip of the iceberg,” the page says. “Cologne is every day.”
Most recently, three girls aged 15, 16 and 17 were assaulted over two hours by a mob of up to 30 migrants at a shopping centre in the northern city of Kiel.
Since the attack, which began when two Afghan men began stalking the teenagers and sharing photos on social media, other women have come forward to report similar experiences.

“Groups of young men gather at the Sophienhof [shopping centre] every evening,” a restaurant owner told the Kieler Nachrichten newspaper.
“What they do here is unacceptable. The moment they see a young woman wearing a skirt or any type of loose clothing, they believe they have a free pass. It is about time migrants are made to understand: things in Germany function differently than in their home countries.”
However, refugee advocates have warned against tarring all migrants with the same brush, noting that the alleged crimes are rare incidents in the context of the enormous number of migrants who have come to Europe.
More than 1.1 million migrants flooded into Germany in 2015 and the country is expecting 3.6 million to arrive by 2020, according to internal government estimates.
UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women Dubravka Šimonović told Time that “against this background, we are currently speaking about incidents that must be carefully studied to establish any patterns and links”.


A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: July 2016
"Islamist terrorism has arrived in Germany."
by , Gatestone Institute
  • Figures released in July by Destatis, the government's statistics agency, showed that more than 2.1 million people migrated to Germany in 2015.
  • More than 33,000 migrants who are supposed to be deported are still in Germany and are being cared for by German taxpayers. Many of the migrants destroyed their passports and are believed to have lied about their countries of origin to make it impossible for them to be deported. Others have gone into hiding so that immigration police cannot find them.
  • An investigative report by Bavarian Radio BR24 found that deradicalization programs in Germany are failing, because many Salafists do not want to become deradicalized.
  • "My impression is that we all underestimated a year ago what was in store for us with this big refugee and migration movement. Integration is a Herculean task that does not end with a three-week language course." — Jens Spahn, CSU politician.
July 1. A court in Bavaria ruled that a law that prohibits Muslim legal trainees from wearing headscarves is illegal. The district court in Augsburg ruled in favor of Aqilah Sandhu, a 25-year-old law student who filed a lawsuit against the state for barring her from wearing the headscarf at public appearances in court while performing legal training. The ruling said there was no legal basis for the restriction and "no formal law that obligates legal interns to a neutral worldview or a religious neutrality." Bavarian Justice Minister Winfried Bausback, arguing that legal officials as well as trainees in the court needed to present the appearance of impartiality, said he would appeal the ruling.
July 3. A 24-year-old woman, raped by three migrants in Mannheim in January, admitted to lying about the identity of her attackers. Selin Gören, a Turkish-German woman, initially said that her attackers were German nationals, when in fact they were Muslim migrants. In an interview with Der Spiegel, Gören, the spokeswoman of Germany's left-wing youth movement, Solid, said she lied because she was afraid of fueling racism against migrants.
July 4. The newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, reported that the 30 biggest German companies listed on the DAX blue-chip stock market index have employed only 54 refugees, including 50 who were hired as couriers by the logistics provider, Deutsche Post. The report casts doubt on Chancellor Angela Merkel's promise to integrate the 1.1 million migrants who arrived in Germany in 2015 into the German labor market as quickly as possible. Company executives say the main problem is that migrants lack professional qualifications and German language skills.
July 4. A court in Frankfurt sentenced a 35-year-old German-Turkish Salafist to two-and-a half-years in prison for weapons possession, but absolved him of charges relating to terrorism. Halil D. was originally accused of plotting to attack a bicycle race in Frankfurt. At the time of his arrest, police found an arsenal of weapons, including a pipe bomb, in his basement. Halil D. claimed he built the bomb to spring open the contents of a cigarette vending machine. Police also found Islamic State propaganda videos, as well as copies of Dabiq, the Islamic State's online magazine, on his computer. At the time of his arrest, Halil D. said: "I believe in the Sharia. German laws do not apply to me." The court said there was insufficient proof that Halil D. was a terrorist.

Halil D. was accused of plotting to attack a bicycle race in Frankfurt. At the time of his arrest, German police found an arsenal of weapons, including a pipe bomb, in his basement, as well as Islamic State propaganda materials on his computer. The court said there was insufficient proof that Halil D. was a terrorist.

July 7. The Bundestag, the lower house of parliament, unanimously approved changes to the criminal code to expand the definition of rape and make it easier to deport migrants who commit sex crimes. Under the bill, also known as the "No Means No" ("Nein heißt Nein") law, any form of non-consensual sex will now be punishable as a crime. Previously, the only cases punishable under German law were those in which the victims could show that they physically resisted their attackers. As Germany's politically correct justice system, is notoriously lenient when it comes to prosecuting, sentencing and deporting foreign offenders, however, the reforms are unlikely to end Germany's migrant rape epidemic.
July 7. More than six months after mobs of Muslim men sexually assaulted more than 1,000 women in Cologne and other German cities on New Year's Eve, a German court issued the first two convictions: The District Court of Cologne gave a 20-year-old Iraqi, identified only as Hussain A., and a 26-year-old Algerian, Hassan T., a one-year suspended sentence and then released both men. Hussain, who was 20 at the time, was sentenced under juvenile law and was ordered to attend an integration course and do 80 hours of community service. The newspaper, Bild, published photographs of a jubilant Hassan smiling as he left the courtroom. An observer said the light sentence was a mockery of justice and would serve as an invitation for criminal migrants to do as they please with German women.
July 8. Teachers at the Kurt Tucholsky secondary school in Hamburg boycotted this year's graduation ceremony to protest a Muslim student who refused to shake hands with a female staff member. The school's director Andrea Lüdtke, sided with the student: "I accept his decision," she said. A German columnist, Heike Klovert, defended Lüdtke by arguing that teachers should not be tasked with integrating students:
"She took her Muslim student seriously. She did not try to bend him to adapt to a supposedly German way of doing things. She understands that respect is not dependent upon a handshake, and that not everyone who does not want to shake hands is a misogynist extremist."
July 10. A Federal Criminal Police Agency (BKA) inquiry into the sex attacks in Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and other German cities on New Year's Eve found that more than 1,200 women were victims of attacks, which were perpetrated by more than 2,000 men, many of whom are believed to be from North Africa. BKA President Holger Münch admitted: "There is a relationship between the attacks and the strong wave of migration in 2015."
July 10. More than a hundred Shia Muslims took to the streets of Bonn to commemorate the death of Ali, the cousin and son-in-law of Mohammed. Ali was assassinated in 661. Evoking scenes from seventh century Iraq, 130 shirtless men, hypnotically beating their chests and chanting to beating drums, wound their way through downtown Bonn for more than five hours (pictures here). Local health officials reminded doctors they had a legal responsibility to treat anyone with self-inflicted injuries.
July 11. In a new survey, the Pew Research Center found that 61% of Germans believe the recent influx of refugees will "increase the likelihood of terrorism in our country." The survey also found that 61% of Germans believe Muslims in their country "want to be distinct from the larger society."
July 13. The Platanus-Schule, a private bilingual school in Berlin, apologized to a Muslim imam after a teacher at the school called him "misogynistic" and "ill-adapted to German life" because he refused to shake her hand. The imam's lawyer said the apology was insufficient; critics accused the school of "capitulating" and endangering the principle of gender equality in Germany. CDU politician Philipp Lengsfeld wrote on Twitter: "The essence of the handshake debate is not about religion or an individual's opinion, it is about the authority of the state and gender equality."
July 14. Figures released by Destatis, the government's statistics agency, showed that more than 2.1 million people migrated to Germany in 2015. More than 633,000 arrived from Asia, including 309,000 from Syria, 84,000 from Afghanistan and 65,000 from Iraq. More than 113,000 migrants arrived from Africa.
July 14. During a parliamentary investigation into the migrant sex attacks in Cologne on New Year's Eve, it was revealed that one of the women who was raped became pregnant. She failed to report the attack to police because she felt ashamed.
July 14. Ruprecht Polenz, a former secretary general of the ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU), said that the German law which regulates name changes (Namensrecht) should be amended to make it easier for Muslim migrants in Germany who feel discriminated against to change their legal names to Christian-sounding ones. German law generally does not allow foreigners to change their names to German ones, and German courts rarely approve such petitions. By custom and practice, German names are only for Germans.
July 15. At least 24 women were sexually assaulted at a music festival in Bremen. The attacks were similar to the "taharrush gamea" [collective harassment] attacks in Cologne on New Year's Eve. Police have been able to identify only five perpetrators, all of whom are migrants from Afghanistan. Harald Lührs, the lead investigator for sex crimes in Bremen said: "We have never experienced such massive attacks in Bremen. That groups of men surround women in order to grope them, this has never happened here in this magnitude. This is a new problem that the police have to deal with."
July 16. A document leaked to the newsmagazine, Der Spiegel, revealed that more than 33,000 migrants who are supposed to be deported are still in Germany and are being cared for by German taxpayers. Many of the migrants destroyed their passports and are believed to have lied about their countries of origin to make it impossible for them to be deported. Others have gone into hiding so that immigration police cannot find them.
July 17. An investigative report by Bavarian Radio BR24 found that deradicalization programs in Germany are failing because many Salafists do not want to become deradicalized. The report also showed that many jihadists who have returned to Germany from Iraq and Syria are producing propaganda videos for the Islamic State.
July 18. An Afghan asylum seeker wielding an axe was shot dead by police after he injured five people on a train in Würzburg. The man shouted "Allahu Akbar" ["Allah is the Greatest"] during the attack. Green Party MP Renate Künast criticized the police for using lethal force. In a tweet, she wrote: "Why could the attacker not have been incapacitated without killing him???? Questions!" Künast's comments provoked a furious backlash, with many accusing her of showing more sympathy for the perpetrator than for the victims. The outpouring of anger against Künast indicates that Germans have had enough of their politically correct politicians.
July 18. Lutz Bachmann, the leader of the anti-migration Pegida movement, announced the formation of a political party, Popular Party for Freedom and Direct Democracy (Freiheitlich Direktdemokratische Volkspartei, FDDV). The move is in response to government threats to ban the Pegida movement.
July 19. Three teenage jihadists who bombed a Sikh temple in Essen on April 16 were formally charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and "bringing about an explosion." The teenagers, who said they were upset about the way Muslims are being treated by Sikhs in Northern India, were not charged with terrorism offenses.
July 19. The managers of a German Red Cross refugee shelter in Potsdam were accused of covering up the sexual abuse of women at the facility.
July 20. The Federal Labor Office (Bundesagentur für Arbeit, BA) reported that the educational level of newly arrived migrants in Germany is far lower than expected: only a quarter have a high school diploma, while three quarters have no vocational training at all. Only 4% of new arrivals to Germany are highly qualified.
July 22. Ali Sonboly, an 18-year-old Iranian-German who harbored hatred for Arabs and Turks, killed ten people (including himself) and wounded 35 others at a McDonald's in Munich.
July 23. A mob of men shouting "Allahu Akbar" barged into a nudist beach in Xanten and "insulted and threatened" the beachgoers. Police kept the incident hidden, apparently to avoid negative media coverage of Muslims "in these sensitive times."
July 24. Mohammed Daleel, a 27-year-old migrant from Syria whose asylum application was rejected, injured 15 people when he blew himself up at a concert in Ansbach. The suicide bombing was the first in Germany attributed to the Islamic State. Daleel had fought with the Islamic State and al-Qaeda in Iraq before coming to Germany. In a cellphone video made before the attack, Daleel vowed that Germans "will not be able to sleep peacefully anymore." Although German authorities had tried to deport Daleel in early 2016, the effort was blocked by German Left Party MP Harald Weinberg, who demanded that Daleel get medical care for a knee injury. "After everything I knew at that time, I would decide the same today," Weinberg told the newspaper Bild.
July 24. A 21-year-old Syrian asylum-seeker murdered a 45-year-old Polish woman and her unborn baby in a machete attack in Reutlingen.
July 24. A 40-year-old migrant from Eritrea raped a 79-year-old woman in a cemetery in Ibbenbüren. The woman, who lives in a local nursing home, was visiting the grave of her late sister at 6AM when the attack occurred. The migrant, who has been living as a refugee in Germany since 2013, was arrested at the scene. He is unlikely to be deported, however, because Eritrea is considered a conflict zone.
July 25. A 45-year-old Palestinian brandishing a "Rambo knife" and shouting "Allahu Akbar" tried to behead a doctor in Bonn. The attacker's 19-year-old son had complained about the doctor's treatment for a fractured leg. While holding the doctor down on the floor, the man said: "Apologize to my son. Go down on your knees and kiss his hand." The attacker was arrested and then set free.
July 25. Sahra Wagenknecht, the leader of the Left Party (Die Linke), lashed out at Merkel's open-door migration policy:
"The events of the past few days show that the acceptance and integration of a large number of refugees and migrants presents significant problems. It is much more difficult than Merkel tried to persuade us last fall with her reckless 'We can do it' ['Wir schaffen das']. The government must now do everything possible to ensure that people in our country can feel safe again."
July 25. Frank Henkel, a CDU Senator from Berlin, said:
"No one should delude themselves: We obviously have imported some brutal people who are capable of committing barbaric crimes in our country. We have to say this clearly and without taboos. This also means that we must deal aggressively with Islamism. If we do not, we risk that German politics will be perceived as being detached from reality."
July 25. Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière revealed that German authorities are currently investigating 59 refugees because of the "suspicion that they are involved in terrorist structures."
July 25. Following a series of Islam-related attacks in a week, the President of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer, said: "We must know who is in our country."
July 26. Seehofer, said: "Islamist terrorism has arrived in Germany."
July 27. Police raided a mosque in Hildesheim. They also searched eight apartments belonging to members of the mosque. Boris Pistorius, the interior minister of Lower Saxony, said: "The mosque in Hildesheim is a national hot-spot for the radical Salafist scene. After months of preparation, with these raids today, we have taken an important step towards banning the group."
July 27. Police in Ludwigsburg arrested a 15-year-old who they said was planning a mass-shooting similar to the July 22 attack in Munich. During a search of the teenager's home, police found more than 300 rounds of ammunition, as well as knives, chemicals and bullet-proof vests.
July 28. Speaking at an annual summer press conference in Berlin, Merkel insisted there would be no change to her open-door migration stance: "We decided to fulfill our humanitarian tasks. Refusing humanitarian support would be something I would not want to do and I would not recommend this to Germany.... Anxiety and fear cannot guide our political decisions." She also said: "Let me be clear, we are at war with Islamic State; we are not at war with Islam."
July 29. Thomas Jahn, the vice chairman of the Christian Social Union (CSU), lambasted Merkel's open-door migration policy: "We need to control our borders. That is the most important thing at the moment. And we need to send the dangerous people with Islamist ideology back to the countries outside Europe and the European Union."
July 30. CSU politician Jens Spahn said: "My impression is that we all underestimated a year ago what was in store for us with this big refugee and migration movement. Integration is a Herculean task that does not end with a three-week language course." He also called for a burqa ban: "A ban on the full body veil — that is the niqab and the burka — is overdue... I do not want to have to encounter any burqa in this country. In that sense, I am a burqaphobe.

Soeren Kern is a Senior Fellow at the New York-based Gatestone Institute. He is also Senior Fellow for European Politics at the Madrid-based Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos / Strategic Studies Group. Follow him on Facebook and on Twitter. His first book, Global Fire, will be out in 2016.


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