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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Sunday, September 11, 2016

15 YEARS AFTER 9/11 MUSLIM ATTACK WE HAVE LEARNED NOTHING - Obama will veto Senate Bill allowing victims to sue the Saudis - SAUDI connection to 9/11 terrorists - HILLARY wants to increase Syrian immigration by 500% - AND YES, MUSLIMS IN THE USA AND MUSLIM PALESTINIANS IN ISRAEL CELEBRATED THE CARNAGE - WATCH VIDEOS

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    While we commemorate yet another anniversary of the 9/11 Muslim attack on the Twin Towers, and the murder of almost 3,000 Americans, the mainstream media takes pains to avoid mentioning Islam in connection  with this crime.
  • In defiance of public opposition to admitting more potential jihadists into the country, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton proposes to increase by 500% the number of Syrian migrants into the United States. 
  • This in addition to millions of Muslims already in the US with expired visas or no visa at all, (having infiltrated through the southern border), and holders of legal residency permits.
  • President Obama is about to reject a Senate-approved law authorizing Americans to sue Saudi Arabia for damages resulting from 9/11 Saudi terrorists. 
  • Months ago Obama also obstructed a judicial ruling making Palestinians pay compensation to American survivors of terror attacks in Israel. 
  • President Bush did everything possible, legally and by stealth, to protect the Saudis from responsibility for 9/11, although most of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi.
  • There is disturbing information that those terrorists received assistance from Saudi government and diplomats in the US.
  • While the Towers were still burning and all planes were grounded, President Bush managed to spirit Saudi diplomats out of the US to protect them from justice.
  • In other words, American  government authorities have taken the side of the enemy.  There is a name for that. 

PALESTINIANS have a special place in President Obama's heart. 

VIDEO - Documentation Vindicates Trump’s Claim of 9/11 Muslim Celebrations

VIDEO - Hero Dogs of 9/11 Legacy (very moving)

many of them censored by the mainstream media.
Some photos have shocking images.  


President Obama protects the Saudis,
betrays the survivors of 9/11

1214806756_37b724f8c4_o-viReuters  The U.S. Senate passed legislation on Tuesday that would allow families of Sept. 11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia’s government for damages, setting up a potential showdown with the White House, which has threatened a veto.

President Obama protects Muslim Palestinians and betrays American victims of terror in Israel 

“Obama Admin Moves to Block Restitution for U.S. Terror Victims,”

by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, August 13, 2015:


The Obama administration has intervened in a landmark legal case brought by the American victims of Palestinian terrorists, urging the court to limit restitution for the victims out of fear that a sizable payout could collapse the Palestinian government, according to a copy of the court filing.


Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken argued in a filing to a New York City court that a hefty payout to the victims of Palestinian terror crimes could burden the Palestinian Authority (PA) and interfere in Obama administration efforts to foster peace in the region.
The victims are entitled to as much as $655 million from the PA following the conclusion of a decade-long lawsuit that exposed the Palestinian government’s role in supporting and paying for terror attacks in Israel.
The administration’s intervention in the case has drawn criticism from U.S. lawmakers and some of those affected by the decision.
Ron Gould, a plaintiff in the case, told the Washington Free Beacon in an interview that there was no reason for the Obama administration to intervene.  “There was really no reason for them to even get involved,” said Gould, whose daughter Shayna was shot in the chest and nearly killed by Palestinian terrorists.
“For the Obama administration to stick their fingers where they don’t belong is unconscionable.”  The PA “still seems to have the money to pay the families of the terrorists on an ongoing basis,” Gould said. “They do have the money to pay the piper for losing the court case.”…


By Paul Sperry - New York Post

Now we know why the missing 28 pages on 9/11 were kept under lock and key for 15 years: They show the hijackers got help across America from Saudi diplomats and spies in the run-up to the attacks. Because of the coverup, a Saudi terror support network may still be in place inside the United States.
A CIA memorandum dated July 2, 2002, stated unequivocally that the connections found between the hijackers, the Saudi embassy in Washington and Saudi consulate in Los Angeles are “incontrovertible evidence that there is support for these terrorists within the Saudi government.”
Continue reading this article, and one confirming Hillary Clinton promises to increase Syrian migration to the US by 500%, in addition to other Muslim nationalities.
President Obama bows to Saudi King
during his visit to the kingdom
“Numerous” FBI files also fingered two Saudi government employees who assisted the 9/11 hijackers as “Saudi intelligence officers,” the newly declassified documents reveal.
Though much is still redacted, they also show the Saudi government’s ties to the hijackers and other al Qaeda suspects were so extensive that the FBI’s Washington field office created a special squad to investigate the Saudi angle.
But this special focus on Saudi Arabia occurred belatedly, only after the 9/11 attacks, “due to Saudi Arabia’s status as an American ‘ally.’ ”
Astoundingly, investigative resources were not dedicated to Saudi involvement in financing and supporting terrorism prior to 9/11.
The explosive information was locked up in a top-secret, highly secured room in the basement of the US Capitol for the past 15 years, ostensibly to protect the Kingdom from embarrassment. (The Post helped get the declassification ball rolling with the December 2013 piece, “Inside the Saudi 9/11 coverup.”)
That means for 15 years, 9/11 victims and their families have been denied by their own government critical evidence they’ve sought to sue the Saudi government for responsibility in the death of their loved ones.
It also means Washington has misled the American people about foreign sponsorship of 9/11. For 15 years, we’ve been told that al Qaeda acted alone, with no state sponsors. We were led to believe that 15 Saudi nationals who barely spoke English received no help while in America; that they operated in isolation, like visitors from outer space.
It was all a monstrous lie.
FBI files show Saudi agent Omar al-Bayoumi provided “substantial assistance” to Saudi hijackers Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi after they arrived in San Diego in February 2000.
Hazmi was the leader of the cell that attacked the Pentagon, while Mihdhar was one of that cell’s muscle hijackers. The two even stayed at Bayoumi’s apartment, working out in his gym.
At the same time he was aiding the hijackers, Bayoumi was getting large salary increases from a Saudi defense front company tied to Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda, where he worked as a ghost employee.
Another alleged Saudi intelligence officer who handled the hijackers, Osama Bassnan, worked closely with Bayoumi.
According to a CIA memo, cited by the now-uncensored 28-page section of the 9/11 report, “Bassnan reportedly received funding and possibly a fake passport from Saudi government officials.”
More alarming, “he and his wife have received financial support from the Saudi ambassador to the United States and his wife.” That would be Prince Bandar, who was promoted to Saudi intelligence minister after 9/11.
The same report says Bassnan, described as a “supporter of Osama bin Laden,” also got “a significant amount of cash” from another “member of the Saudi Royal Family.”
 Saudi Ambassador to the US
Prince Bandar Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud
FBI documents and a CIA memo further indicate that the hijackers had contact with Shayk Fahad al-Thumairy, then a Saudi consular official in Los Angeles.
Records show the accredited Saudi diplomat had dozens of phone conversations and at least one meeting with Bayoumi in advance of the hijackers’ arrival.
But wait, the Saudi-9/11 conspiracy gets even worse.
A Saudi interior ministry official stayed at the same hotel in Herndon, Va., with Hazmi and other Pentagon cell hijackers on the night before they hijacked the plane that departed that fateful Sept. 11, 2001, morning from nearby Dulles airport.
FBI agents felt Saleh al-Hussayen lied about not meeting with or even knowing the hijackers, but when they tried to re-interview him, it was too late — he had been spirited out of the country along with dozens of other Saudi VIP suspects at Bandar’s request, and with the White House’s permission.
Speaking of Bandar, it turns out that an unlisted phone number connected to the good prince’s Aspen chalet was found in the phone book of senior al Qaeda operative Abu Zubaida when he was captured in Pakistan in 2002. Zubaida also just happened to have a contact number for Bandar’s bodyguard at the Saudi Embassy.
Nothing to do with Islam? 
Mind you, these stomach-turning revelations are gleaned from merely summaries of FBI case files and CIA memos. There is much rawer intel that remains classified about the Saudi government’s role in 9/11.
The treachery may still be worse than we know. And it may be ongoing. As the 28 pages warn: “Saudi government officials in the United States may have other ties to al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.”
Sperry is author of “INFILTRATION: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington,” which exposes the Saudi terror support network in Am

MONEY TALKS, and each Muslim migrant represents another vote for the Democrats

 Politifact Says Trump Is Right: Hillary Clinton Supports ‘500% Increase in Syrian Refugees’
Politifact, the left-of-center mainstream media “fact-checker,” has some bad news for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.
Donald Trump was right when he said Hillary Clinton wants “a 500 percent increase in Syrians refugees” in his Manchester, New Hampshire speech on Monday:
Each year, the United States permanently admits more than 100,000 immigrants from the Middle East, and many more from Muslim countries outside the Middle East. Our government has been admitting ever-growing numbers, year after year, without any effective plan for our security. 
In fact, Clinton’s State Department was in charge of the admissions process for people applying to enter from overseas.
Having learned nothing from these attacks, she now plans to massively increase admissions without a screening plan, including a 500% increase in Syrian refugees. 
This could be a better, bigger version of the legendary Trojan Horse.
We can’t let this happen.
Altogether, under the Clinton plan, you’d be admitting hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East with no system to vet them, or to prevent the radicalization of their children.
The burden is on Hillary Clinton to tell us why she believes immigration from these dangerous countries should be increased without any effective system to screen who we are bringing in.
Politifact searched through some of Clinton’s previous statements on the issue and found this gem:
During a Sept. 20 appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation, Clinton was asked if President Barack Obama’s plan to increase the number allowed into the United States to 10,000 was enough. (The United States had accepted about 2,000 in 2015.)
“Look, we’re facing the worst refugee crisis since the end of World War II, and I think the United States has to do more, and I would like to see us move from what is a good start with 10,000 to 65,000 and begin immediately to put into place the mechanisms for vetting the people that we would take in,” Clinton said.
“A jump to 65,000 would be a 550 percent increase,” Politifact says.
Even the left-of-center Politifact was forced to rule that Trump’s statement was “mostly true.”
Our ruling
Trump said Clinton “plans to massively increase admissions (of Middle East refugees) … including a 500 percent increase in Syrian refugees coming into our country.”
Clinton has, in fact, said that in response to the refugee crisis she would raise Obama’s limit of 10,000 to 65,000. That’s 550 percent more, a bit higher than what Trump said. . .
Because the statement is mostly accurate but needs clarification or additional information, we rate it Mostly True.
Trump’s statement was entirely true, not merely “mostly true.”
But Politifact attempted to qualify Clinton’s claim.
“But Clinton has also made it clear that they would have to first be vetted by a screening process, an important detail in the context of Trump’s larger point that would-be terrorists have to be kept out of the country,” they wrote.
President Obama recently announced that he was accelerating the timeline for the vetting process of Syrian refugees from 18 months to three months in order to meet his target this year of 10,000 Syrian refugees resettled in the United States.
In the previous four years, slightly more than 2,300 Syrian refugees were admitted to the United States, almost all of them Muslims.
These refugees pose a public health risk as well as a security concern, and the current vetting process for both is questionable at best.
As Breitbart News reported previously, many of these refugees are arriving from Jordan, where recent medical studies have shown “[h]igh TB rates were found among Syrian refugees .”
The notion advanced by Politifact that Clinton’s caveat that these Syrian refugees “have to first be vetted by a screening process,” has no bearing on the validity of Trump’s assertion, since the current “screening process” already in place is being diminished, rather than improved by the Obama administration.
Increasing the number of Syrian refugees by another 550 percent next year, as Clinton proposes, will only make that vetting process even more of a sieve than it currently is.



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