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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

HOW THE CATHOLIC CHURCH FINANCES HATE, SUBVERSION, AND DELEGITIMIZATION AGAINST ISRAEL - Islam is the Church's last chance for the destruction of Jews and Israel, and so it remains mostly silent about Islam's persecution and murder of Christians - The Church's wicked alliance with Islam for the sake of depriving Jews of their land and their lives

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The Catholic "charities" war on Israel

Lamenting they can no longer use the Inquisition to torture and murder Jews, or incite the mobs to massacre Jews, or quietly support the Nazi Holocaust, they now use more subtle means to delegitimize Israel, thus perpetrating an attack on all Jews and fostering another genocide.
NGO Monitor reveals how largely tax-funded Catholic aid societies channel funds to subversive and anti-Semitic politicized NGOs attacking Israel.
By Ari Yashar,
Israel National News - Arutz Sheva
The Jerusalem-based research institute NGO Monitor on Tuesday released a detailed analysis of how Catholic charity NGOs operating in Israel are propping up political campaigns to delegitimize and economically attack Israel.
Pope Francis
Pope Francis and the Church's
sinister world of intrigue and Jew-hatred
A tradition going back 2000 years.
Focusing on the period from 2008 and 2014, the analysis found that 7.4 million euros (approximately $8.2 million) were allocated by ten Catholic charities to 37 NGOs that feature an extreme anti-Israel bent and take part in the BDS movement to boycott the Jewish state.
The Catholic charities included Caritas Internationalis as well as Caritas members in the UK, US, the Netherlands, Canada, France and Ireland, as well as three other groups in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.
"In the Arab-Israeli context, Catholic aid charities distribute funds to NGOs that inflame conflict, dehumanize Israelis, and delegitimize Israel," said NGO Monitor's chief programs officer Yitzhak Santis.
Continue reading, including links to related articles on the Vatican's historical war on Jews and Israel

According to Santis, "this funding is contrary to the powerful message sent by Pope Francis during his visit in May 2014, of the Vatican's recognition of the right of the Jewish people to sovereign equality in a state of their own."
So where do the Catholic aid charities get their funding from to be distributed to these politicized NGOs?
NGO Monitor revealed that a majority of the budgets come from various governments, with most of them being European.  
In this way taxpayer dollars and euros are funneled by the Catholic aid societies not to humanitarian NGOs to provide assistance as they were earmarked for, but rather to politicized organizations using their funds to delegitimize and attack Israel.
The radical NGOs include Zochrot, Coalition for Women for Peace (CWP), as well as Breaking the Silence, which uses unverifiable anonymous "testimonies" to delegitimize Israel and claim war crimes charges against it.
Zochrot has gone on record supporting a "one state" solution consisting of a "de-Zionized Palestine," and got a full 35% of its budget from the Catholic organizations between 2012 and 2015.
CWP is a leader of the global BDS movement calling to boycott Israel, and its officials took part in an event in which they flew flags of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist organization.
The pope says one thing for the news headlines, but supports Catholic organizations undermining the legitimate right of Jews to their ancient land.
"Last week Pope Francis was quoted as saying that 'anyone who does not recognize the Jewish people and the State of Israel - and their right to exist - is guilty of anti-Semitism,'" recalled Santiz.
He concluded, "the Pope's statement is fundamentally correct. NGO Monitor urges the Vatican to act on the Pope's words by calling upon Catholic aid agencies to cease funding those NGOs that are working to delegitimize Israel and deny the Jewish people the right to sovereign equality."


NGO MONITOR (excellent website, recommended)

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 - Although Christians are being slaughtered by Muslims in the thousands, Pope Francis recognizes the Islamic State of Palestine, where Christians are being harassed and persecuted
 - The Christian Church's wicked alliance with Islam as long as Muslims keep killing Jews and threatening to destroy Israel
-  Pope John Paul (photo) met twelve times with his dear friend, arch-terrorist Yassir Arafat, who had the blood of thousands of Jews on his hands.  Pope Francis continues on that tradition of supporting genocidal Palestinian leaders, and Islam in gerneral.

How hatred for the Jews brings the Palestinians and the Vatican together.
During World War II the leader of the Palestinians, the Mufti of Jerusalem, lived in Berlin and worked hand in hand with Hitler and other top Nazi leaders in the implementation of the Holocaust. 
The Mufti of Jerusalem even created his own Waffen SS division with Bosnian Muslims that was involved in gruesome war crimes in Eastern Europe.
(See historical video further on this page.)
At that time the Vatican looked on with silent satisfaction as the Jews, were being exterminated by the Nazis.  After the war the Vatican issued false identities to around a thousand Nazi war criminals so that they could escape Europe through the Rat Lines.

Read more and watch related videos.
 Catholic Aid Societies and Political Campaigns Directed at Israel - NGO Monitor 
by NGO Monitor 
“Anyone who  does  not  recognize  the  Jewish  people and the State of Israel -- and their right to exist — is guilty of anti-Semitism.”Pope Francis I, May 28, 2015
This NGO Monitor report relates to Catholic aid charity funding for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, specifically to groups whose activities contribute to political campaigns that demonize and delegitimize the State of Israel.

During his May 2014 visit to the Middle East, Pope Francis I explicitly called for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. His laying a wreath at the tomb of Theodore Herzl sent a powerful and clear message of the Vatican’s recognition of the right of the Jewish people to sovereign equality in a state of their own.
The Pontiff’s invitation to the Presidents of Israel, Shimon Peres, and the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, to meet at the Vatican underscores the Pontiff’s wish to see a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Our detailed analysis demonstrates that, in many cases, NGOs funded by Catholic aid charities participate in international boycotts, divestments and sanctions (BDS) campaigns to isolate Israel diplomatically, economically, culturally, and militarily. Leaders of the BDS movement are on record overtly calling for the destruction of the State of Israel (see Appendix IX).  As such, in stark contradiction to the Pope’s message, a number of the NGOs receiving Catholic funding openly call for the dismantlement of the State of Israel.  Such a position veers the Church away from the peacemaker role of reconciling adversaries by becoming a participant in the conflict.

Further, most of the Catholic aid charities discussed in this report receive a major proportion of their total annual operating budgets from government frameworks in Europe, the United States, and Canada.    A portion of these tax-payer funds are meant to be distributed by the Catholic aid societies to humanitarian NGOs around the world for purposes of alleviating human suffering and providing assistance to those in need.  In some instances, however, some Catholic aid charities allocate these taxpayer funds to NGOs that enflame conflict, dehumanize Israelis, and delegitimize Israel.

Key Findings

1. NGO Monitor analyzed Catholic charity funding for NGOs claiming to promote peace and human rights in the Arab-Israeli conflict. We document how funds provided by ten Catholic aid societies are often used for highly politicized purposes, including activities that, contrary to the Vatican’s declared goals, intensify the conflict and undermine genuine efforts for peace.

2. The period studied is 2008 – 2014.  We determined that an estimated €7.4 million1 (approximately $10.1 million) was allocated to some 37 highly politicized NGOs as described above. (See Appendix I)

3. Due to a marked lack of transparency, a complete picture of the flow of funds from Catholic aid societies to politicized NGOs cannot be presented. Funding decision-making processes are unknown outside the aid agencies.  Often, various Catholic aid agencies are listed by beneficiary NGOs as donors, but funding amounts are not available on the grantee’s or Catholic charities’ websites.

4. While Catholic aid agencies receive taxpayer funds, they are not accountable to them. Taxpayers are unable to assess the criteria, if any, used to evaluate the competency and effectiveness of the NGO recipients, and whether their taxes are being used appropriately.

5. Most of the Catholic aid agencies in this study are members of Caritas Internationalis. Others, such as Broederlijk Delen (Belgium), Misereor (Germany), and Pax (Netherlands), are independent of the Caritas Internationalis network.

6. With 164 chapters around the world, Caritas Internationalis is headquartered in Rome and comes under Pontifical jurisdiction.  These chapters are country-based, and the activities on which they focus vary.  Projects respond to both domestic and international needs such as emergency aid, support for immigrants and women, climate change, and “peace and reconciliation.”  When it comes to the latter, Caritas chapters range from supporting projects with a strictly humanitarian focus to involving themselves in complex and controversial political issues embedded in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

7. The ten charities 2 covered in this report are:
I.   Caritas Internationalis and the following Caritas members:
II.  Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (U.K. – Caritas member)
III. Catholic Relief Services (U.S. – Caritas member)
IV.  Cordaid (Netherlands – Caritas member)
V.   Development and Peace/Développement et Paix (Canada – Caritas member)
VI.  Secours Catholique (France – Caritas member)
VII. Trócaire (Ireland – Caritas member)

The remaining three are:
I.   Broederlijk Delen (Belgium)
II.  Misereor (Germany)
III. Pax (Netherlands)

8. All these aid societies, to varying degrees, fund a range of NGOs engaged in highly politicized and biased activities in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Of these, four stand out for their consistent funding and promotion of the political war against Israel:

i. Trócaire (Caritas Ireland): Trócaire funds NGOs that support BDS, including Badil and ICAHD.  In the period studied, NGO Monitor was able to discover an estimated €573,000 that Trócaire donated to these and similar NGOs (most funding data is unavailable).  In September 2013, Trócaire was a co-sponsor of the “International Right of Return Conference,” which featured speakers from these groups and was organized by Zochrot.  The conference focused on the logistical and demographic reality of a complete return of all Palestinian refugees from the 1948 Arab-Israel war and their descendants to modern Israel, leading to a single bi-national state.  This would necessarily mean that Israel, as the national homeland of the Jewish people, would cease to exist.  In 2013 Trócaire received €18.5 million from Irish Aid, the Irish government’s assistance program for developing countries. The UK government contributed to Trócaire a grant of €5.2 million, and the EU/ECHO contributed to Trócaire €3.6 million.

ii. Broederlijk Delen (Belgium):  Most of the NGOs receiving Broederlijk Delen funds participate in global political warfare campaigns against Israel.  These NGOs support BDS efforts, and many oppose a two-state framework for resolving the conflict.  Broederlijk Delen beneficiaries include, but are not limited to, Zochrot, Badil, and Coalition of Women for Peace.  In the period studied, Broederlijk Delen granted €913,000 to these and similar NGOs (some funding data is unavailable).  Broederlijk Delen was listed as a co-sponsor of the above mentioned 2013 “International Right of Return Conference.”  Broederlijk Delen has been granted millions of euros from the Belgian government, receiving €3.6 million in 2012.

iii. Cordaid (Caritas Netherlands): Most of the NGOs receiving Cordaid funds participate in global political warfare campaigns against Israel, supporting BDS efforts and opposing a two-state solution.   In the period studied, Cordaid provided an estimated €1.1 million to these NGOs (some funding data is unavailable).  Cordaid joined a coalition of 22 European NGOs in producing the monograph “Trading Away Peace: How Europe Helps Sustain Illegal Israeli Settlements.” The report repeats the BDS agenda, calling on the EU and national governments to wage political warfare against Israel through various forms of economic sanctions. Cordaid has been granted millions of euros from the Dutch government, receiving €69.9 million in 2012.

iv. Misereor (Germany): Most of the NGOs receiving Misereor funds participate in global political warfare campaigns against Israel, some supporting BDS and opposing a two-state solution.  In the period studied, NGO Monitor was able to discover an estimated €337,530 that Misereor donated to such NGOs (much funding data is unavailable).  Misereor was also listed as a co-sponsor of the above mentioned 2013 “International Right of Return Conference,” organized by Zochrot.  Misereor contributed an aggregate of ₪393,282 (approximately €83,000 ) to Zochrot in 2011 – 2012.  Misereor has been granted millions of euros from the German government, receiving €116.6 million in 2012.


The Vatican has a unique opportunity to act as a peacemaker in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  As Christians who care about the Holy Land and the peoples and faiths living there, the Church holds a genuine potential for positive influence in the Middle East.

A substantial amount of funds provided by Catholic aid agencies, however, is working at cross-purposes to the peacemaking role of the Church.  Many of the NGOs receiving these funds are acting against peace in that they actively work toward the goal of dismantling the State of Israel.

In the interest of furthering the prospects of peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and on the basis of the detailed analysis provided in this report, NGO Monitor urges the Vatican to review its policies regarding the funding of NGOs active in the Arab-Israeli conflict.  Specifically, NGO Monitor counsels the Vatican to
1. formulate explicit criteria that should be met by all NGOs seeking funding from Catholic aid agencies.  These criteria would disallow funding to NGOs that engage in demonization, BDS, and other anti-Israel activities, which are contrary to and incompatible with the message of peace and reconciliation conveyed by the Pontiff during his historic visit to Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and Jordan.
2. communicate these mandatory criteria to those Catholic aid agencies involved in funding such NGOs;
3. dissuade Catholic aid agencies from participating in BDS and other delegitimizing campaigns against Israel;
4. increase transparency significantly in the reporting of funding for all NGOs active in the Arab-Israeli conflict.  

1 Amount is based on exchange rates at the date of this report’s publication.
2 The charities covered in this report are not all inclusive. This report will be updated periodically. At present, a number of other Catholic aid charities are being examined.

NGO Monitor




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