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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Saturday, August 9, 2014

HOW THE ISRAELI LEFT UNDERMINES ISRAEL'S SURVIVAL by agitating for further Land For Peace withdrawals - where Israel gets neither land nor peace - The discredited Israeli Left and their disproportionate and fatal influence in government.

Israeli soldiers returning from Gaza
The nefarious influence of the political left in Israel.

While many people all over the world understands the righteousness of Israel's right to its ancient land of Judea and Samaria - the west bank of the Jordan river -  they are at a loss as to why the very government of that country supports its surrender.
In spite of unremitting rocket attacks by Gaza, Hamas terror tunnels, and the major expense of this conflict with Hamas (each Iron Dome missile intercepting rockets costs $100,000), what the Israeli left is clamoring for is another land surrender to the Arabs - that of Israel's historical Judea and Samaria.
GIVE THEM A STATE? Palestinian Nazi rally at university
Times of Israel - Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said she presented Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday with a diplomatic proposal to end the fighting in Gaza while restarting peace talks with the Palestinian Authority.

In other words, although Land for Peace is a failure, let's solve it by giving Arabs MORE land.

LAND FOR PEACE has demonstrated to be an utter failure in the Sinai and in Gaza (although the surrender of Gaza was done unilaterally, without a written agreement). 

Both withdrawals have resulted in a major threat to Israel's security.
The Sinai, surrendered to Egypt by Israel is overrun with jihadists that even the Egyptian government can't control.
Gaza is nothing but a giant launching pad for rockets fired against Israel, and where Arabs live miserable lives under the tyrannical and corrupt regime of Hamas.
The only place where Arabs are not murdering each other, or being murdered by their rulers is the Palestinian Authority, still under some sort of Israeli control.  The world calls it "occupation" and demands immediate independent statehood for the Palestinians.
Never mind that so many independent states in the Middle East are corrupt, dysfunctional, and in too many cases sites of carnage and utter devastation.  Muslims cannot govern themselves unless under the tight grip of a tyrant.  But the idea of a state for the Palestinians persists. 
JORDAN is already a Palestinian state.  Illegally carved out by the British out of Jewish land during the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, it already has a large majority of Palestinians in it.  The rest are Bedouin.  This state could be empowered by the West to become a successful Palestinian state.  Instead, billions of dollars continued to be spent maintaining the Palestinian Authority on life support - as a weapon to extract more land from the already tiny state of Israel.
The Israeli left is small in numbers but huge in influence in Israel.  They dominate the media, they have strong connections with the governments of the United States and Europe, and they control the Israeli Supreme Court.  At this time they are part of the government coalition, whose policies have been greatly adjusted to agree with leftist ideology.
The following column by Martin Sherman, one of the very best Israeli analysts, summarizing how the Israeli left has undermined Israel's survivability by pushing for suicidal policies of Land for Peace. 

The Oslo Accords Martin Sherman refers to were the 1993 agreements ostensibly aimed at peace, but which brought only more terror.  They empowered the terrorist PLO through land control concessions and unleashed even more discord between Arabs and Jews.  The Arabs never complied with any of their commitments under the agreements.  See more at the end of this page.
Photo of soldiers, Jerusalem Post.
Photo of Palestinian at Nazi rally Tom Gross Media
(Most of the subtitles below are by this blogger.)

Israel’s Left: Ludicrous, loathsome and lethal

By Martin Sherman

 Thy destroyers and thy demolishers shall emerge from within thee. – Isaiah 49:17
One cannot be both a Zionist and a Leftist. – Anton Shammas, Israeli-born Arab poet
Against the wishes of much – indeed, according to one recent poll, over 85% – of the public, the government has agreed to a cease-fire in Gaza.

The wages of war
As the dust of war begins to subside, it is far easier to see what Israel did not achieve in the four weeks of bloody fighting, than what it did.
True, Israel inflicted immensely more damage on Gaza than it suffered. However, despite this, opinion polls show that more Israelis believe that Israel did not win the war than believe it did.  
This war's failures
Israel clearly failed to impose a cessation of the rocket fire which continued to rain down on its civilian population centers across unprecedentedly wide swathes of the country until the very last minutes of fighting.
It failed to disrupt the senior echelons of Hamas’s chain of command and control. It failed to cripple Hamas as a fighting force, killing only a few hundred out of a total force reportedly numbering up to 20,000. Grave questions lurk in the minds of many as to what extent the threat of tunnels has been eliminated, and the speed with which they could be restored.
This surrender to Hamas created new Jewish refugees
This is reflected in a deep sense of insecurity in many residents of the South. Indeed, according to Channel 10 News, in large tracts of the western Negev, almost a quarter of the population is considering leaving the South, and relocating either to other locations within Israel, or abroad.
It failed to deny the enemy impressive – if short-lived – successes such as disruption of the country’s international air links, and supplied its detractors with week after week of graphic scenes of devastation, to use as ammunition against it in the ongoing war to delegitimize the Jewish state and to incite hatred against Jews across the world.
So many IDF lives lost - for nothing
No sense of victory For this dismal harvest Israel paid a heavy price – forfeiting lives of dozens among its finest sons – extracted by an adversary hopelessly out-gunned and out-numbered, confined within a defined, constricted area with its back to the sea and nowhere to run.

Little wonder that there is no sense of victory among the public, despite the bluster of the political leadership.
Out of decades of failing to assert its LEGAL right to the land, Israel reaps a devastating defeat on the diplomatic front
But if meaningful gains seemed meager on the physical battlefield, on the diplomatic front, impending disaster looms as Israel reaps the bitter fruits of decades of dereliction of duty in presenting its eminently just and justifiable case to the world.
Anti-Israel sentiment is building rapidly across the world. There has been harsh censure in the UK, strong condemnation in France, cancellation of a presidential visit from Ecuador, renewed efforts to have IDF officers tried for war crimes.
It is far from implausible that in the talks in Cairo, Hamas will receive support for at least part of its demands – no matter how outlandish; that it will wring tangible gains from the negotiations, to which Israel will be compelled to concede; and that it will emerge from Operation Protective Edge battered, but with its overall status perceptibly enhanced – as it did in the previous rounds of fighting in 2008/9 and 2012.
In light of this gloomy outlook, it is highly improbable that this round of battle will be the last.
Time for truth, not unity.
This is no time for platitudes about the need for a contrived show of unity. It is a time for unswerving pursuit of truth, no matter how searing.

We will only reach a valid solution for Gaza if we grasp the truth of that situation and its significance for the safety of the state.
Much blood has been spilt because of sadly mistaken policies. Much more blood is likely to be spilt unless those policies are corrected.
Blame for the blood already spilt must be laid at the doorstep of the authors of incorrect policies implemented until now, policies founded on utter disregard for truth.
Blame for blood yet to be spilt will be laid at the doorstep of those who refrain from adopting necessary policies, refuse to recognize the truth and resist navigating with it as their lodestone.
Land for Peace at the root of so much bloodshed
The roots of bloodshed over the past two decades can be traced directly to the doctrine – dogma, rather – of land-for-peace and the notion that the Arabs can somehow be dissuaded from pursuing their Judeophobic intentions – if only Israel surrenders territory to allow them self-government.
The deadly delusion of the fatal Oslo Accord of 1993
This deadly delusion has brought death and destruction on an unprecedented scale to Jew and Arab alike for over 20 years: The initial withdrawal under the 1993 Oslo Accords sparked carnage in the streets of Israel. 
(The Oslo Accords, under the guise of "peace'  - and instigated by the United States government and the Israeli left -  empowered the PLO and significantly increased acts of terror against Israelis.  It carved out areas where Palestinians would have control. )
How the Oslo Accords unleashed more bloodshed.
The violence spiraled to unprecedented highs and culminated in a second intifada that compelled Israel to undertake Operation Defensive Shield (2002) in Judea and Samaria. The operation caused hundreds of dead and wounded on both sides, and gave rise to (unfounded) accusations of genocide in Jenin.
The Second Lebanon War (2006), precipitated by the government’s capitulation in 2000 to the clamor of the Four Mothers protest movement and the IDF’s unseemly flight from South Lebanon, left over 160 dead Israelis and thousands wounded.
Then came successive rounds of violence in Gaza – Operation Cast Lead (2008/9), Operation Pillar of Defense (2012) and now Operation Protective Edge (2014).
The pattern is depressingly clear. We are told repeatedly that if Israel would accept Arab demands to withdraw, peace will reign.
Yet with every withdrawal, the result is war.
Perhaps one of the most telling examples of how out of touch with reality the adherents of the deadly delusion really are is provided by writer Amos Oz, the darling-cum-guru of the refined bon-ton echelons of society.
Leftist intellectual tyranny & refusal to concede error
Several months before the unbecoming unilateral retreat from Lebanon in 2000, Haaretz’s Ari Shavit interviewed Oz on the importance of “emotional sensitivity in politics.”
In the interview, bizarrely titled “Try a little tenderness,” Oz gave an embarrassingly absurd assessment of the situation, which proved hopelessly misinformed ex-ante and wildly inaccurate ex-post: “The minute we leave South Lebanon we will have to erase the word Hezbollah from our vocabulary, because the whole idea of the State of Israel versus Hezbollah was sheer folly from the outset. It will most certainly no longer be relevant when Israel returns to its internationally recognized northern border.”
How’s that prophesy working out for you, Amos? Yet despite its glaring and gory failures, and the reoccurring tragedy it wreaks, the Left in Israel still clings desperately to its disproven doctrinal diktat of land-for-peace.
By the power of intellectual tyranny exercised through the Left’s stranglehold on the legal establishment, the mainstream media and much of academe, hence its dominance of political discourse in the country, the Left has imposed its mindset on successive governments.
With varying degrees of enthusiasm/ reluctance, they find themselves unwilling or unable to jettison the hazardous hallucination which jeopardizes the very foundations of the Zionist enterprise.
But for the grace of God
Adherence to this nefarious notion of trading Jewish land for Arab peace can no longer be excused or condoned by the assumption of well-intentioned naiveté.
In the light of objective experience, continued adherence to it, despite its failures, both flagrant and frequent, can only be explained by assuming motives that are either moronic or malicious, either imbecilic or insidious.
If the land-for-peace two-staters had their way, we would now be in a perilous situation indeed.
What if Golan was no longer Israeli?
If we had complied with their supplication to relinquish the heights of the Golan to Bashar Assad – a man whom, we were assured, we could do business with because he studied medicine in the West and surfed the Internet – we would be facing the specter of al-Qaida-affiliates deployed above Lake Kinneret and overlooking Tiberius.
What if Judea and Samaria were no longer Israeli?
Had we relinquished the heights of Judea-Samaria, as the Left beseeched us to do, we could well have been confronted with forces of the Islamic State group perched on the hills overlooking Greater Tel Aviv, with Ben-Gurion Airport within mortar range of their forward positions and hundreds of tunnels being burrowed under the security barrier.
Unlike Gaza, where the border is around 60-km.-long, abutting the relatively sparsely populated South, the border of Judea-Samaria is some 400-500-km.-long and adjacent to the densely populated Coastal Plain with its congested traffic arteries and vital infrastructure installations.
But for the grace of God (or good fortune) this would be the dread situation facing Israel today – courtesy of the “peace camp” and their perilous, puerile and petulant penchant for “peace in our time.”
Rank is no recommendation
It is no longer possible to reconcile genuine concern for the survival of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people and the Left’s unremitting support for the establishment of a Palestinian state.
The events of recent years – particularly those of recent weeks – have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the two dispositions are incompatible except under wildly optimistic, and hence unrealistic and irresponsible, assumptions.
It matters not who supports the disproven and dangerous idea, no matter how senior their former rank or how impressive the credentials of its advocates are. If anything, the past half-century of Israeli history demonstrates that an illustrious past and former glory is no guarantee of prudence in the present.
Revered warriors with reputable war record made fatal political land surrenders
After all, it was prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, hero of the Six Day War, who brought about the tragedy and trauma of the Oslo process.
It was prime minister Menachem Begin, the intrepid leader of the Jewish underground, who relinquished Sinai, which is fast becoming one of the most brutal places on the face of the planet, Pressing against Israel’s long southern border and threatening to obliterate tourism in Eilat, this is a place where trafficking in human beings and human organs has become the savage hallmark.
Prime Minister Arik Sharon, hero of the Yom Kippur War, jettisoned Gaza and leaving it to become a fearsome garrison for Islamic radicals that led to the devastation and abandonment of much of southern Israel.
Prime Minister Ehud Barak, the IDF’s most decorated soldier, instructed the IDF to flee southern Lebanon and abandon Israel’s longterm allies there to the tender mercies of Iranian proxy Hezbollah, permitting the area to become a bristling arsenal that menaces the security of Israel and the safety of Israelis throughout the country.
When illustrious warriors such as Maj.-Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin and V.-Adm. (res.) Ami Ayalon voice support for the establishment of a Palestinian state, their counsel should be viewed with the healthy skepticism that the disastrous mistakes of their erstwhile celebrated comrades-in-arms clearly warrant.

The anti-fascist fascists
In reality, the Left has no genuine concern for humanitarian values . All it truly desires is dominance over the political system. That is why they would shut down debate and dismiss all dissent as demagoguery.
They are willing to submit non-belligerent Palestinians to incessant rounds of death and destruction rather than relocating them to safe locations, where they could build better lives for themselves and their families, free from the cruel clutches of the corrupt cliques that have misled them for decades. Rather than debate options for humanitarian rehabilitation and economic enhancement, they perpetuate the Palestinians’ predicament.
Rather than relinquish the fatal and failed formula of land-for-peace, they prefer to denigrate competing constructive concepts as fascist ethnic cleansing.
That is why today, Israel’s Left is ludicrous (in terms of its doctrine), loathsome (in terms of its conduct) and lethal (in terms of its consequences).
Martin Sherman is the founder and executive director of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies
Read more of Martin Sherman's columns at his website -

Originally published on the Jerusalem Post, link this article on Israpundit -


And how it undermines the security and the very existence of Israel


Arabs don't want peace.  They want dominance over all of Israel.  Whether through the "piece" process, as in the case of Fatah,  or by jihad, as in the case of Hamas.

All of Israel is Islamic Holy Land, say Palestinians


Of all the countries surveyed, Palestinians were the most likely to support suicide bombings against civilian targets “in order to defend Islam from its enemies.” Sixty-two percent of Gazans said it was often or sometimes justifiable, while 36% of West Bank residents said the same.



Israel's Justice Minister calls for more land withdrawals
to solve the Arab violence caused by Israel's withdrawal from Gaza
Israel Awaits an Apology
From Architects of Accord Struck in 1993 at Oslo

By Michael Freund, September 12, 2013

Twenty years ago this week, Israel committed one of the greatest strategic blunders in its modern history, one that is still casting a long and painful shadow over the entire Middle East.
Ignoring military intelligence, moral principles, and basic common sense, Prime Minister Rabin signed the Oslo Accords with Palestine Liberation Organization’s terrorist-in-chief, Yasser Arafat, on the White House lawn on September 13, 1993, setting the stage for unprecedented bloodshed and unparalleled instability.
Nonetheless, despite the passage of two decades, the architects of Oslo stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the error of their ways and continue to ignore the damage they have wrought. It is time for them to do so.
Under Oslo, Israel allowed Arafat and his cohorts into Gaza and gave them weapons as well as territory to control. In return, we received the worst wave of violence and terror in the nation’s history.
Instead of harmony, Oslo brought horror, resulting in an immediate, predictable, and painfully prolonged wave of stabbings, shootings, and suicide bombings.
Here is a simple fact which speaks volumes: in the five years after Oslo, more Israelis were killed by Palestinian terrorists than in the 15 years prior to the signing of the agreement. A total of 279 men, women and children were murdered in the half-decade following the accords, while 254 were killed in the previous 15 years.
And in the two decades since Rabin and Arafat exchanged handshakes with President Clinton looking on, more than 1,400 Israelis have lost their lives to Palestinian terror.
By all measures, Oslo was a disaster. It divided the people and land of Israel, failed to bring peace, established a hostile Palestinian entity, weakened the Jewish state’s deterrence posture and empowered Hamas.
One might have expected that the main culprits behind this catastrophe would at least have had the intellectual honesty to come clean and take responsibility for the fiasco. But like a fretful husband who has gambled away his paycheck at the blackjack table, they prefer instead to deny reality and blame the deck of cards rather than own up to their actions.
Take, for example, Ambassador Uri Savir, who took part in the talks with the PLO. Writing in the New York Times last month, Mr. Savir had the audacity to rewrite history in a pitiful attempt to salvage his reputation.
“Oslo,” he declared, “failed to meet the Israeli and Palestinian expectation of resolving their bitter conflict, primarily due to the election in 1996 of an anti-Oslo government in Israel led by Benjamin Netanyahu, and also Yasser Arafat’s failure to combat Palestinian terror and extremism.”
Amazingly, in the course of just one sentence, Mr. Savir manages to squeeze in not one, but two major distortions of history.
First, he places the blame “primarily” on the outcome of Israel’s democratic process, rather than on the Palestinian leadership’s nasty habit of violating every one of its major obligations, including the need to crack down on violence, disarm, and disband Hamas, and halt anti-Israel incitement.
Second, Mr. Savir also fails to note that his mentor, Shimon Peres, was actually leading in the polls in the run-up to the May 1996 election after the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. It was only after the wave of Palestinian suicide attacks in February and March of 1996, when buses were blowing up in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, that public support shifted.
In other words, even if one wanted to make the dubious assertion that it was Mr. Netanyahu’s election which derailed Oslo – it wasn’t – the fact remains that it was Palestinian terror and noncompliance which soured any hope of eventual progress.
Not content with mere obfuscation, Mr. Savir goes on to engage in chicanery: “The main lesson to be learned from Oslo,” he insists, “is that for the peace process to be successful, it must be inclusive, not elitist. It must be a peace by the people, for the people.”
Umm, no. The main lesson to be learned from Oslo is that Israel cannot and must not entrust its security to others, and that appeasement and territorial concessions are a recipe for ruin. All the rest is commentary.
Mr. Savir, of course, is not alone in his efforts to conceal the dark truths of Oslo and its aftermath.
Others, such as President Peres and a former deputy foreign minister, Yossi Beilin, continue to cling to their pseudo-messianic pretensions about the wisdom of the experiment.
This was most clearly on display earlier this year in an Independence Day interview that Mr. Peres granted to the Jerusalem Post.
As the Post reported on April 15, Mr. Peres said that he did not regret Oslo nor did he think that it had been a mistake. Instead, he defended the agreement, saying that due to the accords, there is now a Palestinian peace camp, whatever that means.
Needless to say, Mr. Peres did not offer a word of contrition or remorse, nor did he ask forgiveness from the victims of Oslo.
As it turns out, tomorrow not only marks the 20th anniversary of Oslo, but it is also the eve of Yom Kippur, when Jews around the world engage in soul-searching, grapple with our sins, and seek to make amends.
The intersection of these two occasions presents the perfect opportunity for Messrs. Peres, Savir, Beilin and all those who backed Oslo to give the people of Israel the belated apology that we deserve. Doing so would not only be the just and moral thing to do, it would also begin to heal some of the schisms Oslo caused in Israeli society.
The architects of Oslo might not be able to undo the mistakes of the past, but they sure can seize this moment to finally begin to atone for their transgressions. And acknowledging the failure of Oslo and apologizing for their roles seems like a good place to start.
From the Jerusalem Post.

Published by the New York Sun


Why the Oslo Accord failed - By Louis Rene Beres


How can the partitioning of that tiny sliver of land (in red) called Israel - bring peace to a region that is chronically engaged in terror and bloodshed?


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